Chapman Northeast Ford Volkswagen in Philadelphia, PA

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Established in 1973.

The beginning of the Chapman Auto Group dates back to the mid-1930's when Roy V. Chapman Sr. started selling  used vehicles from his gas and oil station. Roy V. Chapman Jr. (current retired chairman of the Chapman Auto Group), served in the Navy and fought in World War ll. When he retired from active duty, Mr. Chapman went to work at his father's station from 1945 to 1949. Roy V. Chapman Jr. went to work for John B. White Ford at 6600 N. Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA in 1949 as a sales person. In 1962, Mr. Chapman became the owner of John B. White Ford, until 1973 when he closed the dealership and moved to its present location (Chapman Ford Sales Inc.), at 9371 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia PA.  The Chapman Auto Group has continued to expand with new dealerships purchased over the years, and now includes .7 dealerships throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Chapman Northeast Ford Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(215) 698-7000
Address:9371 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA, 19114
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Chapman Northeast Ford Volkswagen

Rad R. | 2015-04-19

I Was assisted buy a guys named phill. I went there  to feel how a Passat feels like since I saw online that certified used ones are within my budget. They guy said we have none here and why shouldn't I go for a new one! (Because of my budget mister!)
The guy was rude and cursing every moment! I told him that I saw a 2012 SE at different dealer; he automatically replied why didn't you go there! Well I will go there and me sure everyone I know won't go to you! I work in retail myself and I know that have goals and margins to hit; however you need to match what you have to offer with the customers needs. Not your needs with my money!
I can understand  that you are trying to sale to me your car ( I would buy what I want at the end not what you want to sale to me ) but at least listen to me!!! And don't you the f word every second " this is a f@&$ good car!!!

Jax M. | 2015-04-14

I have been leasing cars with Chapman Ford for years now and could not be happier with the whole experience. I just got my third Fusion 2 weeks ago and moved into the Titanium Energi and am thrilled with the car, the payment, and how great it is on gas! My salesman, Ian McBride, has been an absolute pleasure to work with he is very knowledgeable about the vehicles and and has made this process an easy one for me.

I will always go back to Chapman Ford for my cars and will continue to go see Ian!

Andy C. | 2015-04-06

I've been dealing with the Chapman group since the mid to late 90's.I purchased (2) explorers well one was a Mazda Navajo++(Chapman in new castle De.) (92) basically, 2door explorer sport. I also purchased ford premium warranties on both trucks 2nd was a 2002 explorer xlt purchased from a rep named Harry Canter who was a great I stated earlier both trucks had the best ford warranty and I had both of my trucks service done by Steve Kelly (20+yrs ford experience at Chapman) has always been my tech and he's very knowledgeable.I have nothing negative to say about the service except its very busy and I understand Kudos, to them!!!!***FYI,Just something in general regarding automotive repair** Always try& deal DIRECTLY with the Tech/Mechanic,the service writer is basically a salesman and has a set goal/quota to make!!!
The Autobody shop,Now that's a different story.last summer,July 7th,(2014) my vehicle was slammed into by another driver who admitted fault.I insisted my truck go to Chapman ford because of all the great service I have received for the last roughly 20 years.once the other insurance company took ownership of the accident,
I brought my truck the bodyshop.1st delt with Lauren she& was fine,But Keith the manager,He was a totally different story,to make a long story short I had to get the owner(Nick)involved and he made everything right,I think when he looked up my name and saw the business relationship I had with the dealership he made things right and they did a great job repairing my truck.   The owner and the asst service director helped me instead of Keith and he was good to deal with as well.My only gripe was having to go to the owner to get the job done correctly Even though they charged the insurance company almost $3,700 for the repair and missed a few things. but I guess you have to do what you have to do...Lol Chapman is still the best in the area!I gave them a 3*  because of all the B/S I went through with Keith!!  At the end everything was done right!!

Peter A. | 2015-03-21

This has been my worst experience with a Volkswagen dealership ever. I contacted VW about it as well. While servicing my leased vehicle they tried to trick me into doing a wheel alignment (for a special deal that's available only today!) without any reason behind it. When confronting the mechanic he told me that they only recommend it for heavy city drivers. Well, I have an out-of-state tag and I haven't driven in a city for even 100 miles at all. So much for that.
I also got my car back dirty and unwashed - that's the absolutely bare minimum I expect from waiting an hour and a half for a mandatory service!
I will never go back to this dealership.

Chris C. | 2015-03-14

Here's a typical car dealership where the sales team's goal is to make as much money off customers as possible. I bought a "certified preowned" vehicle from here... Before I could even cross the 30,000 mile mark with my new car, I had to take it back to them 3-4 times...

The main issues were pretty serious ranging from the car shutting down during a drive and smoking through the vents to the whole engine actually shaking when it was revved. The car also had 2 recalls in the one year that I owned it.. Now all my repairs here were covered by warranty and the service department was good with all repairs and transactions.. The service department was able to work with me and around my schedule..

HOWEVER, this review is a two star because of the SALES team.. They were unprofessional with me from the start.. Very pushy, I should have listened to my instincts turned away after my first interaction with one of their salesmen when I first came for a test drive.. His tone and demeanor completely changed when I said I simply wanted to drive the vehicle because I've never driven a fusion before.. He actually took a smoke break while I waited at his desk.. A week later, because I was in a rush to buy a new car l, I came back and was able to negotiate with another salesman who was did not budge on the price, the sticker price was decent and I bought the "certified preowned"... After a year of use I realized there were so many issues with the car and there was no way it would survive long term.. I brought it back asking for a deal on any of their other vehicles because the first one they sold me could possible be a lemon in a few years... The sales team was still trying to make a major profit off me and did not negotiate on any of the prices.. Note: I was planning on keeping my first car long term but all the repairs in one year of ownership were big red flags for long term ownership.. I could have written a letter to the manufacturer but I decided yelpers need to hear about this..

Long story short...If this is the "highest rated ford dealership in the area".. I WILL NEVER BUY A FORD AGAIN mainly because of the dealer's inability to work with their existing customers to make sure they are happy with their vehicle... .
I now own a BMW, and I honestly still think the Ford Fusion titanium is an excellent vehicle but don't buy one from these guys..

Ian H. | 2015-01-30

Been bringing my trucks from Chapman ford for years. Excellent customer service and fair pricing, the best dealership in the area!

Philip M. | 2014-12-08

I bought a used piece of crap from Chapman. It needed a new alternator (which they never disclosed), so on the first day after I bought it I had a dead battery at the R-5 train station in 95 degree heat. UNDER PA law, (I found this out too law) you have 3 days to return a car to the dealer and they have to give your money back. They lied about the condition of the brakes, so I sued and got some money back from the courts. I spent over $1500 on a car they told me was road worthy. (and got $500 back because of the brakes, but I had to pay for other issues). LIERS AND THIEVES AND SCUMBAGS!

Christopher M. | 2014-09-15

Since October of last year I've been bringing my Fiesta in for oil changes/maintenance. Overall, I would say customer service has been "meh." Sometimes I haven't been able to get answers to issues I had, but in general it was acceptable. That all changed this weekend.

On Friday I called the service department to see about using a key drop in the early morning so that I could leave my car at the dealership for it's oil change while I ran some errands. The person I spoke to on the phone said, "yes we have a key drop, it's located near the cashier." Saturday morning I stop by at 7:30 (dealership opens at 8) but I didn't think it would be an issue since we've got the KEY DROP.

Turns out the key drop is in the actual building. Why? I have no clue. But that's not an issue because the doors are open and BOB KEISLER is on the job. I've interacted with Bob multiple times and have gladly handed my hard earned dollars to him and the Chapman team in the past, so I had no reason to expect what I got from him as I walked into the service area...

Me: "Hi, how's it-"


Me: "Oh, but I spoke to a person yesterday, and-"


Me: "awesome..."

Now, I understand that miscommunications occur, that's the nature of customer service. But let me make it clear that this "conversation" took place with me about 15 feet away from Bob, a guy I've coordinated with multiple times in the past, basically yelling at my like I'm so goon off the street. To tell me to get out of the store, to not even attempt to listen to me and let me make my case, was unbelievable. Heck, i would've even been fine with a, "Oh ok, well you can't drop your car off right now, but maybe I can see if you can bring the car back later...". NOPE.

Long, story short, I cancelled my oil change, cancelled my clutch shudder appointment, decided not to even make my yearly inspection appointment, and have no intention of returning my loyal business to Chapman Ford.

Further note: I'm in my early 20's and a male. I believe that my age and gender both played a role in the poor service I received the past weekend. I really feel that had it been my mother or father who walked into the service area things would've been handled differently.

Timothy S. | 2014-08-18

RUN! I went into Chapman ford for a fiesta it was listed on fords website as in stock for $13,900 I was told they could beat my financing then I find out it was 8% higher and of course "we told you that" then the car now being sold for $15,400 and $300 of gap insurance add ons that I didn't ask for!! So paying double the interest rate and being lied too isn't worth it! Obviously the "family owned and operated business" is just a front I am just happy i looked at the paperwork! You can shop there .....just ask for all the paperwork upfront and READ VERY CAREFULLY!!

Joe N. | 2014-08-05

Cannot get much worse. First off, no one even greets you when you walk in. 2nd, dont even think about bringing your car in for a trade here. I've been shopping around my car for six weeks and they by far offered the lowest price. It was actually insulting and they knew I had traveled from far to come in. 3rd you will wait forever. no sense of customer service.

Management is arrogant and acts like they are above the customer. Another customer at the desk next to me was talking to me about what a joke the dealer is. He was also lowballed on his trade. Im not talking a $1000 less, I'm saying they were 20% below all 6 of the other dealers ive been to. Loss business and I will never ever be back.

Drew L. | 2014-05-20

For speed of service and quality of work, I can't give a negative review, but when it comes to prices, I can't be unhappy enough. I have never left the service dept for less than 1000 dollars. Today they gave me a new fuel pump, that cost about $1100 with tax. The last time I was in, I ended up needing a new timing belt, and while they were at it a water pump for 1500. The time before that it was 1900 to pass inspection. When I got the timing belt changed they also quoted me for a new catalytic convertor at 1800, a local mechanic quoted me $700. I know that oem parts are more expensive ten aftermarket parts, and the dealership is going to be more expensive than a local mechanic, but I feel like everytime I go there I need a 2nd mortgage. Rene at the service dept is helpful and professional, I can't say enough good things about her. I hope this is the last time I need service before getting a new car.

Tyneisha M. | 2014-05-15

Thieves Thieves Thieves !!!!

I bought my car from a Ford Dealer in New Jersey and have had it serviced there and at another Ford Dealer in Blue Bell, PA on several occassions and have never had a bad experience with a Ford until I came to this dealership. I called for an appointment on Thurs May 1st and the earliest the receptionist could give me was the following Weds May 7th. I wasn't thrilled but I took the appointment for 8:15 on Weds morning.

I arrived and was directed to the Ford representative Fran. He seemed like an upstanding person at first glance but this would soon change. I explained to him that I had already taken my car to a local mechanic and this mechanic stated that it appeared my power sterring pump was sucking in air and that's why it was difficult to turn and making a strange noise.

Fran stated that it would be $90 to take a look at but that this fee would be WAIVED if I got it serviced with them. I was skeptical of this as I have never been charged a diagnostic fee previously by the dealership but he assured me that it would most likely be waived.

I dropped my car off and took the shuttle to work and at 1:30pm I still had no word on my car. I gave Fran a call twice, (he was available on the second call) and he stated that they did take a look at it and it turns outs that it just needed power steering fluid. They did state however that I will need to replace the power steering and rack at some point and they estimated this to cost $1600.

The cost of them placing in the fluids and dyes was about $30 so that is what I expected to pay. I asked Fran to give me a call back when my car was ready and with the cost so I could have the shuttle pick me up and take me back to the dealership. And again I did not hear from him. I gave another call around 415/430 and he was leaving for the day and stated that he thought I was already on my way back to the dealership, which was a lie as he knew I asked for a call back when it was completed and for the accurate pricing.

When the shuttle got me back to the dealership, Fran was gone for the day  and I was given a bill for $130 !!! A $130 to put in some power steering fluid ! REALLY and after I gave you so much information about what the problem is steming from and the poor service I received. I asked for the service manager's contact information and I also spoke with another service rep and he agreed to take off the $30 for the fluid/dyes but not the $90 fee.

Overall this was an awful experience and this dealership will never get another dime from me ! And I will certainly spread the news of my horrible experience.

Angel C. | 2014-04-05

Avoid this place at all cost. I went in to buy a mazda they had on the lot. I get there the car is all scratched up then they wait until I get there to tell me the car has a check engine light on. So I ask can they fix it. And his answer was no since we aren't a mazda dealership we can't fix it. So I still try to give them a chance I asked what other hatchbacks do they have on the lot. And he tells me non in your price range. Only huge problem with that is it didn't tell him my price range I just really liked the mazda. For 10000 so I decided to just go elsewhere. Ended up going to sloane Toyota and got a mazda 3 for 14000 including tax. And I paid that in cash. People at chapman take one look at you and decide whether or not you can afford a car...

Nicole T. | 2014-04-01

(using the wifes yelp acct here since I dont have my own)

RUN. Go now. Go literally anywhere else and I'm sure you'll save some money than if you had gone to these liars thieves and crooks. My story:

I normally take the car to our local shop or another VW dealership thats closer, but the window was busted and I was already at work so I took it to Chapman since it was the closest place I could find. The inspection had just expired so I figured why not have them do it while the cars here.  I figured its just another VW dealership, and I have a VW (Jetta TDI) so how bad could it be, right?

Wrong. They fixed the window even though it was expensive, fair enough. Then I received the estimate for my car to pass inspection. Mind you last year my local VW dealership did the inspection with zero work needed. And 3 months ago we had the oil changed at VW which included a basic inspection- again no repairs cited whatsoever. The car also drives and feels great. The brakes, which the dealership claimed didn't pass inspection (both front and back with rotors), feel strong and work great- no grinding or mushiness like when your brakes go. I don't have the energy to write out the entire estimate, but I assure you its a hoot and I can give more detail if anyone is interested.

So I was quite surprised when I received an estimate for nearly $1,900.00. Although I could get away with roughly $1,600.00 if I only had the "necessary" work done without getting the "recommended" work as well.

I thought there must be a mistake. I mean, even the most evil of dealerships couldn't possibly make up that much in phony charges?! So I took it home and brought it over to my usual shop for inspection. I feared there would still be repairs but maybe a little bit cheaper if I was lucky. Well thank god I bothered to have somewhere else look at it because the other shop found nothing, NOTHING AT ALL WRONG WHATSOEVER. I was informed that the car passed all state inspection requirements just fine with no engine problems or mechanical repairs needed.  SO I WENT FROM A $1,900.00 ESTIMATE TO PAYING $50 for a car that passed inspection with flying colors. WOW.

I have since heard from the dealership asking me to come in so they can look at the car again, offering refunds, etc, which is nice and all, but I am not concerned with any of that. I consider myself lucky to get out of there paying the $100 or so that I did for the window and never having to go back. The scary thing is, this place would gladly have taken $1,900.00 from me without blinking an eye. And I would then go into debt for an inspection that should cost $50. Simply despicable.

Reinaldo B. | 2013-06-29

I used this dealer to service my VW ...
Service is always outstanding ...
Staff is welcoming, professional and accommodating to your scheduled ...
I also recently lease a Ford Escape ...
Had a great experience with sales department as well...

Sunni K. | 2012-09-10

what a bunch of chowderheads ! took my E350 van in for service and discovered they put conventional oil in instead of the synthetic type the manufacturer calls for, the engine literally started knocking on way home, went to a local meineke and they instaled the proper type ( the knocking stopped ) if you value your vehicle i would steer clear of here because quite simply they just don't care !  rotten people !

Emily S. | 2012-09-08

Horrible service department!   Brought my 06 ford truck in for an inspection, sure enough they managed to find a reason not to pass me, and I was told the repair would cost $1100.  I refused to have the service done and told them I would be in to pick the vehicle up, when I arrived I just wanted to pay the "diagnostic" fee of $89 and leave.  I was told to take a seat and wait while the service manager Bob prepared my paperwork.  After sitting there for 25 minutes it became obvious that Bob was not handling my paperwork as he was engaged in conversations with other members of the staff that had nothing to do with printing up my paperwork.   I finally stood up and demanded my bill, Bob looked confused and then upset, he proceeded to print up my bill at which point I noticed that the total was a lot more than the cost of the diagnostic, when I questioned him about it I was told that they performed an oil change, an oil change which I did not ask them to do.   His response was " Well I put it on your paperwork so you must have asked for it".   I informed him that there was a Jiffy lube window sticker on the windsheild and that the next oil change was not due for another 2500 miles, why would I ask you to change the oil?  Bob turned a little red and did not know how to respond, he even got a little tongue tied trying to come up with a completely illogical excuse, finally when I pressed him a little further about whether or not he really thought I asked him for an oil change he grabbed the bill from my hand and said he would remove the charge for the oil change.   I have never had such a fiasco at an auto repair shop before, dont get me wrong its an industry full of crooks and comissioned service managers so I dont expect much but this place left a really bad taste in my mouth.  When I got home I popped the hood and found that not only had they not replaced the oil filter (standard at any $25 oil change place) the oil was a quart low, now I am not sure if they even replaced the oil at all or if they did and just shorted me a quart.  Considering the business practices at Chapman Ford I cannot recommend their service department and I can't imagine that the sales side would be any more ethical.   I was planning on upgrading 2 more trucks from my construction business but I will certainly be taking my business elsewhere, there is no shortage of Ford dealerships in the area.

christina g. | 2012-07-05

Don't go here if you want to buy a Volkswagen.  Maybe it was just our salesguy, but the sales manager still hasn't called us back.  We were ready to buy, they just didn't want to locate the model we were after.

Bolm X. | 2011-09-24

Sure their prices are slightly less then the nearby competitor, but just wait until you need service, and wait, and wait.

As my new Ford began to fall apart around me, the poor excuse for service mechanics try to fix the same things over again only to have me so discusted I went to another dealership to have it fixed right, and, yes I had to pay for the repairs all over again, but it was worth it to be done with Chapman FOREVER!

Michael M. | 2009-06-08

Ahhh, Good old Chapman Ford. My family has been buying cars here since they opened the dealership. There's a reason I drive form South Jersey to deal with these guys, they really care that you get the car you want and that you are happy. They're not in it for the quick deal, they want you to come back, bring your kids, tell your friends.

It works. My father bought almost all his cars form here or Reedman. I bought my last six cars from them. (Mike Fichetti, the GM who has known me since I was six, says every tenth car is free. We shall see.) My sister buys from them.

So why do I keep going back? They have a great selection, they give me a great deal, they don't haggle oppressively, and they really appreciate your business. Now yes, there is a bit of negotiation as there is at any car dealership, but in these days of Internet pricing and immediate cost comparison, they don't fool around. I showed them a comparable deal from another dealer and they matched it and threw in upgraded floor mats.

The service department is comparable to any in the area. Not speedy, but competent.