Central City Toyota in Philadelphia, PA

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Located at 4800 Chestnut Street in historic University City, Central City Toyota was one of the first Toyota Dealerships in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a Toyota Certified Center in the area for Used Cars, Toyota Certified Pre-owned Cars, Service, Parts, Finance and Rentals. Since being founded in 1969, our primary focus has been total commitment to our customers by providing an outstanding product coupled with premier service. With 24 Technicians and 38 bays to serve you six days a week, we are well prepared to service your vehicle. Our shuttle service will take you anywhere in Center City or the surrounding suburbs. The Used Car Sales Staff has over 100 years combined experience and are trained to not only sell you a vehicle, but to tend to your needs.


Established in 1968.

Located at 4800 Chestnut Street in historic University City, Central City Toyota was one of the first Toyota Dealerships in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a Toyota Certified Center in the area for Used Cars, Toyota Certified Pre-owned Cars, Service, Parts, Finance and Rentals. Since being founded in 1969, our primary focus has been total commitment to our customers by providing an outstanding product coupled with premier service. With 24 Technicians and 38 bays to serve you six days a week, we are well prepared to service your vehicle. Our shuttle service will take you anywhere in Center City or the surrounding suburbs. The Used Car Sales Staff has over 100 years combined experience and are trained to not only sell you a vehicle, but to tend to your needs.

Central City Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(215) 476-1200
Address:4800 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA, 19139
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Central City Toyota

Toki W. | 2015-04-02

Everyone who works here is pretty nice and friendly. However, every service trip has felt like extortion. My regular mechanic sees through their bullshit every time.

Kelvyn A. | 2015-03-15

Long time customer, bought my first car, bright yellow 1981 Corolla hatchback at CC Toyota. Excellent service and maintenance department as well.

Jake P. | 2015-03-10

Oil change was fast and they told me everything that they did.

Colleen M. | 2015-03-08

Update: I came back here to buy a car! Leroy was very friendly and not high pressure. I left feeling like I got a decent deal on the car I wanted. Overall very happy with my purchase.

John C. | 2015-02-01

This is the place I visit for everything I need for my Camry. Staffs are very friendly and efficient!

C M. | 2014-12-19

Had service on my non-Toyota vehicle using an Amazon Local Deal. This has been the second time I've been here. It took over 3 hours to complete and the only problem they found was a brake bulb burnt out and charged for $25 for the part and service. My first experience was better. I hope the wait time improves.

Joe A. | 2014-12-13

Central City Toyota strives to offer good customer service.  When I first took my car here, I had an issue with being overcharged.  However, after posting my review here, Central City Toyota called me and was very apologetic for what had happened when I was there.  The manager asked me if there was anything that my car needed, and that he would personally see to taking care of me if I returned to have my vehicle serviced at a hefty discount.  When I returned to have my vehicle serviced for new tires, the manager did personally see to my service concerns and, in his words, gave me "the best deal in the city."  Thank you for making things right, Jamie.

Darren S. | 2014-11-13

In for an oil change. Quick service and good price. Nice working with these guys.

Pavlos K. | 2014-11-10

I am writing a review for my car purchase after 2 years of purchasing the car. I do not do a lot of yelp reviews (so my credibility is at risk) however I tend to do for places that I think are worth and do not get much attention or for important purchases as vehicle or jewelery.

I bought my used car from CCT exactly 2 years ago. The sales agent assigned to me was Ricky. I found him to be extremely straight and honest. Didn't try to oversell the car, gave me all the freedom that I wanted and didn't talk a lot. This was not the typical car buying experience and I appreciated it. As a return I didn't even bother in my side to do crappy negotiations. I took the car to two mechanics (my own guy and a more distant to avoid any cooperation scams) and they found no problems. The car price was reasonable ~$8000 for a 41K miles 2005 (8 years old then) Nissan Sentra. It was around its KBB value as well.

It was a pretty painless and fast and I have to admit that until today the car has given me no troubles. I dont expect this to generalize to everyone's experience but this was my story in any case

Steve G. | 2014-10-13

I've been bringing my old corolla here for years. I'm a college student and it's great that they have a shuttle to go downtown after I drop my car off for service. This is also one of the few dealerships i can go to where i don't have to worry about going hungry for a few weeks after i pay my bill. They always explain what they're doing and why, so i trust their judgement.

Karrin R. | 2014-08-23

Staff is nice enough but an oil change took over 2 hours though I was waiting on site. Would never come here again.

Brittany S. | 2014-08-18

So I wrote a review way back when they messed my car up but they reported it (I was highly upset and cursed like a sailor) but I had a lil hoopty so I guess they saw that as an opportunity to sell a car! But obviously I don't have it because well a duh! Look at what I'm driving already!!!! So they were suppose to be doing an oil change,never happed! They did their fake service with a smile,fooled the crap out of me!! 3 months later engine started acting up took it to another mechanic that's when they told me it looked like it hadn't been any oil in there for a few months so thanks a lot CC Toyota I really appreciate you all messing up my car!

Peter C. | 2014-08-08

Took my avalon in here to have a few recalls worked and also to have my yearly state emissions and safety check done at the same time. Things were done pretty promptly, but I was told that I needed new pads and rotors to pass the state safety test. I half expected this knowing my car, but I did not expect the price. $570 is outrageous for that kind of work. I called back and said that I couldn't commit to have it done for that price, but after some haggling (and a yelp discount!), things were brought down to 388. Not bad for the dealer. The staff were all very helpful and considerate. I feel like I was treated fairly and have read some pretty awful reviews for the service department. Keep in mid this is a DEALER. You will always pay a premium.  However, you can get a whole lot worse than this one.

Mattie J. | 2014-08-08

I've bought two Corollas from CCT.  The first was a 1996 Corolla which was bought in 1997.  It finally went to car heaven in 2011 with 147k miles on it, and I purchased a 2010 Corolla.  Now, the sales team left A LOT to be desired.  I felt so ripped off that I found the owner's email and sent a scathing letter on the importance of a repeat customer.  

As far as the service area...Brian and Jaime have been wonderful since I bought the first car.  Even when I needed repairs but was a tad short, they somehow made things right.  I also make it a point to reintroduce myself to Jaime if I see him on the floor.  

(This has nothing to do with service, I think it's just the car...I've had brake problems since bought this car!  Squeaking.  Grinding when I go over a rough patch and brake.  The pads were replaced after I kept complaining but still the same thing.  Never had this issue with the '96.  AND, these newer cars get hairline fractures and chipped paint a lot quicker.)

PS:  it would be nice if veteran discounts were offered :)

Yasser A. | 2014-08-02

its very bad company, it has very bad sales man.

Jay J. | 2014-07-22

Welp, i have just bought a brand new 2014 corolla from this dealership and Rick Roy was my sales associate and he is amaaaaazing, he gets the job done and I recommend that if u are looking to purchase a new or used car ask for Rick Roy!! He's very knowledgeable and gets results!!!

Franchesca G. | 2014-07-21

I took my car to get a tune up because my mechanic was on vacation. I took it to central city Toyota. it cost me 345.37. over the weekend My father who is a mechanic went under the hood to check and found out that there was clips missing and the car was making noises. I took it back to the service on Monday to explain to them that clips were missing and that I don't believe that they did the tune up. they stated that they wanted to work with me and spend more money on the car. they believed that I would not check their work because I am a women. They are horrible and I would not trust them again. I don't mind spending money for good work but when they treat you like  a DUMB WOMEN it really irritates you. I would never take my car there and I would tell my friends and family never to take there car there.

John D. | 2014-07-19

Made an "appointment" for 1:30 for a routine maintenance (nothing special) and they told me it'd be ready in 2 hours (1st warning sign).  I said no problem and returned In 2 hours only to find the hadn't even entered the garage yet!  They said 2 more hours.  What's the point if appointments if you can't even remotely keep them?  Need I say more?

Howard E. | 2014-07-16

I bought a certified pre-owned Toyota at another dealer, but CC is right around the corner, so it's my service spot. I took it in on a weekday morning without an appointment to get the free 20,000 service. They were able to fit me in and I had the car back by the early afternoon, they even replaced a defective component I was unaware of. I can't speak for the sales department, but the service people were great.

Michael L. | 2014-06-24

This review is for the sales department.

Shopped around at 4 dealerships in the area--davis honda and liberty toyota in burlington nj, a private lot, and then came to Central City. Bought a certified 2012 camry--final purchase price was something that was scoffed at when offered at the other dealers for similar cars.

Lewis was a great salesperson--not too pushy, patient, and willing to work with the offers. After purchase, initially had a gaffe involving sales management. However, after explaining my side of the story with upper management over email, Jamie and the service department were INCREDIBLY generous with their time and energy to win me back to being a happy customer.

I would encourage anyone looking at used cars to AT LEAST look at their selection/prices online before shopping anywhere else.

Stephanie S. | 2014-05-28

So, I've been reading everyone's horrible reviews about this dealership.  I must be lucky, because my first and only experience here was very good!  I brought my car in to get tires replaced.  I pre-bought the tires from a discount warehouse online (since Toyota's were more expnensive), and had them shipped directly to the dealership's parts department.  I tracked the shipment, and made my appointment the day UPS delivered the tires to Toyota.  My service advisor was Brian, he called me right away and let me know the status with my tires arriving, and when the car would be ready.  Impressive!  I was also impressed with the free shuttle service to and from center city!  They picked me up at my doorstep and dropped me off!   The price to mount and balance 4 new tires was $25/tire, which is very reasonable according to my friend who works at the Land Rover dealership.  I was expecting a bill of $100, but my actual bill came to less, $91 (including tax!)  Of course, I checked into Yelp and got 10% off, but unfortunately it was after I paid, so I was too chicken to go back to the register and ask for another discount.  Oh well, I'll use the coupon next time for an oil change or something.

Alexander A. | 2014-05-21

I'm reviewing a year later, from a different state, if that gives you any indication for the contempt I have for CC TOYOTA. They talk a great game, pride themselves on cultivating longstanding relationship and will cheat you at every opportunity. I honestly don't know how much they ended up stealing from me before I caught on - they got greedy. Went in for an inspection and they passed the emissions then told me my brake lines were shot and it was a 900 dollar repair before it would pass inspection. I smelled something fishy... That was their "discount" price after telling me 5 other components needed to be replaced for a total that dwarfed the cost of the car. Got out of there.
I've had the car evaluated and worked on at four different places since and guess what? Brake lines are in perfect working order.

Lee B. | 2014-04-16

my service writer, brian mcdade, was cordial n professional...it is a pleasure to go to central city toyota for over 20 years....3 camry's n 1 prius later i am still pleased to remain at central city toyota.... my prius is superb n people like , my service writer, brian mcdade make it a life long relationship of trust....YOU GUYS STILL ROCK MY WORLD....thanx

Jason R. | 2014-02-26

Agree with the others that complain about state inspection costs. Rip off at 70 for an emissions sticker, which is NOT included in the safety inspection. The same combined costs 50 at PepBoys go there. And do NOT add any service agreement.

George S. | 2014-02-14

I am finally a believer. It's my second service appointment and I have to admit that they rip you off. When I bought my Prius from CCT, I purchased the "Preferred Customer Card" for around $500. This includes free oil changes and inspections. What they don't tell you is that only the state inspection is free, whereas you need to pay $60 for the emissions. This actually winds up costing the same or more than other inspection places.

Anyway, on to my bad experience. I get a call saying that they will not pass my Prius for inspections unless I pay $371 for a new wiper and new brakes. I had the car less than a year and it needs new brakes? A Prius uses the braking system to charge and usually does't need new brakes - look it up! Here's a quote I found online "The brake pads should never need to be replaced, they are hardly used due to the regenerative braking system. Look up pictures on the net of Prius with no appreciable wear on the brake pads. One great example is an owner who thought to take pictures of his Prius' brake pads at 8,000 miles and then again at 105,000 miles. The pads were measured with calipers and there was no appreciable wear after 97,000 miles. No cost there. "

No cost there.... unless you take your care to CCT where they hold your inspection hostage over things like this that they tell you NEED to be done. Anyway, I look on their website and see they have a $99.95 brake replacement special. I call back and am told they will give me the discount. When I get there, I show them the coupon and there is no coupon. I ask the woman at the counter to show me where it shows this. The counter people must know this happens a lot because they don't want to talk to me at all about the charges and make me talk to my service adviser who has NO time to talk to me. No one can show me where the coupon is on my bill and no on can tell me why I was told the total cost would be $260 on the phone and now it's $371.

Instead of wasting more time with them I just pay because I just want to get home after a long day at work. I pay and they say my car will be up shortly. As I wait I look over my bill, still confused, still angry, and thinking about my TERRIBLE decision to pay and to even take my car here. Then I see they gave me a free carwash... It says it on my bill at least. So there's one little thing to look forward to....

40 minutes goes by and my car is STILL not there. I go up to the counter and the woman are shocked that I am still waiting. They call again and apologize but seriously WTF! Now for the last stab from this place.... My car pulls around and it was never washed.... Anger builds even higher as I snatched my keys away and left.



Even though I purchased their PCC card.... IT WILL SAVE ME TONS to service my car elsewhere.


UPDATE #2: MY service advisor Brian McDaid from CENTRAL CITY TOYOTA called me because of this review. He decided to finally explain the charges and offer me $25 off my next visit. Unfortunately, the call turned for the worse when we laughed at me while I was explaining why I was upset with my service. HE LAUGHED AT ME ON THE PHONE!!!! Let's just say I couldn't control my anger any longer and needed to freak out on him after that!



GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M A. | 2013-11-02

I've been going here for years because it's conveniently located for me. The newly renovated waiting area with free coffee and wifi is nice too, and the employees at the payment desk are very nice. But I really hate this place. I've scheduled appointments online, on the phone, have had these appointments confirmed a day before by a friendly sales rep, but have not once in 5 years pulled into the garage with anyone knowing why I was coming in, what my requested service was, or that I had even had an appointment scheduled to begin with. Don't even bother with their online scheduling system, or calling for that matter. You'll end up waiting 2-5 hours regardless, sometimes just to get your car in the service line.  I can deal with that, though--I don't have high expectations for speedy service in general with car repairs, but I think it's fair to say that this place is kind of ridiculous.

Once you do manage to get service, be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars more than what you came in for, usually for unnecessary repairs that are aggressively pushed on you. It's happened to me and it's happened to a lot of people here. The most memorable instance was when I watched a service rep pressure an elderly German woman (in the middle of a lovely embroidery project she had brought with her) into purchasing overpriced brake pads during her routinely scheduled oil change. Due to a language barrier, fear, and general rudeness on the rep's part, she was persuaded. I've watched the same thing with young students, entire families, men and women of all ages, and pretty much anyone else who walks through the door.

In fact, nearly every time I've been here they've suggested at least $300 worth of additional repair. The last time a $100 repair somehow turned into a $700 nightmare. Because I am not an expert on car repair and generally don't do well with aggressive sales pitches, usually I reluctantly sign off on their suggestions. But I'm also not an idiot and know that my car can't be as irresponsibly dangerous as they make it out to be each time I'm here, or that any number of things they frighten their customers into buying are legitimate concerns.

But I come back, and hate myself for doing so. During my last pointless pre-appointment phone confirmation, the sales rep asked me if I'd like to get a trade-in quote on my car while I was in, which was followed by a sales pitch for a brand new Toyota. I declined, knowing I was in for the works the next day. How bad would they make my car out to be now that they were trying to  sell me an entirely different one?

I pulled into the service garage and almost to my relief this time nobody knew why I was there, if I had an appointment, and how long or expensive the wait would be. Thank god they didn't remember their sales pitch the day before. I fantasized about buying a nice new VW while I double checked my bank account, waiting for my name to be called back to the counter. Good thing I did, because they pulled the same up-sell tactics as always.

Stars for the waiting area and polite employees at the payment desk. I get the feeling that they understand.

Andrew U. | 2013-09-28

Had an oil change, tire rotation, fluid check service done here. Used their pickup and delivery service.

They didn't rotate my tires (I knew because I marked them). I called them, and they assured me they did. When I mentioned I marked the tires, they put me on hold and came back and said they determined I didn't need it. REALLY? I paid for it, and they didn't do it, and they still took my money after trying to assure me they did. They did offer a free tire rotation if I brought the car back, but sorry, but I'm not going to let them touch my car again.

Also, the delivery service lost my registration and insurance papers. They denied it at first and finally after numerous calls, I received it in the mail 2 weeks later with no apology or explanation. So much for a certified Toyota garage.

Dave N. | 2013-07-12

Their building is super clean, and the salesmen SEEMS really professional. However if you are looking to get a car repaired this is definitely not the place to go. I dropped my car off the other day to get my AC fixed, and when I went to pick it up, it seemed as if they didn't even touch my car. They literally did NOTHING to my car, my AC remained unfixed and charged me $200 for "fixing" it an complete IDIOT could tell that the car remained the same... They even had the audacity to say I ran out of gas even though I filled up the car prior to dropping it off  (I own a 45MPG hybrid) and I only left it there for 2 days.

Wow ever since I've gone there things have been worse, every time it rains my floorboard fills up with a puddle of 2-3 inches of Water now LOL!

I didn't realize until recently that their workers stole all of my quarters in my car which is like $5-$10. I dont really care about it, its just the ethics that pisses me off.

VoteWithYourMoney W. | 2013-07-08

Went here over the 4th of July holiday week to buy a car; I won't say they were bad, but they were definitely indifferent.  I suppose because I wasn't planning to buy a $40k car and my credit wasn't shot to hell (so that they could over charge me on a loan), I must not have been an easy enough mark to bother with.  Though the place was practically empty (just a lot of sales people talking to each other) and the lot was full of pre-owned cars, the idea of selling one to me seemed to be more trouble than it was worth.  I would say if they have what you want, go with cash, offer a price and leave in 20min if you can't get anyone to care.  Apparently they have just enough business to not need to be bothered by more.

Nico L. | 2013-06-04

So my girlfriend's car battery died and the tow truck brought her Honda here for some odd reason. Anyway, they claimed that they never received any information and that this car just appeared (1 day). Fine, but probably bull. They looked into it a bit more and said that they didn't have the right battery and had to send out to get a Honda one (2 days). Ok, fine, whatever. Then they call back and said they tried turning it on with a new battery and smoke came out. They then said that they didn't know what to do and recommended sending it to a Honda dealership (3 days). It took three days for them to realize they couldn't do anything about it.

Go to the Toyota dealership "Just a needs a new water pump and battery".

Needless to say, I wouldn't trust these people with a safety pin.

Bhuvan W. | 2013-02-19

I bought a certified camry with less than 30K miles, but everytime i go and get my car serviced, it seems like something is wrong with my car. Last time i went, i had to replace brake pads and clean rotars - overall, i paid over 450+. I'm not going back to this dealer - i wish there was another Toyota dealer close to downtown.

Erica M. | 2012-10-20

I had an awesome experience with Central City Toyota. I called to see if they have a licensed inspection mechanic that could verify and sign off on my VIN number for a title transfer. I spoke with Jordan on the phone and he said to stop in and they would take a look. I came in, he dropped everything he was doing, had a licensed inspection mechanic check the VIN and sign off on the PA DMV form, and I was on my way. Although it only took them 2 minutes, they could've charged me and they didn't. Such awesome customer service....I will definitely go back!

Lisa S. | 2012-09-22

I have been going here for 6 years and i always get excellent service.  jaime and brian are the best.  very nice and always tell me the truth.  i wouldnt go anywhere else.

Louis D. | 2012-09-15

Some tightening up of communication between the garage and the clerks behind the desk would be greatly appreciated. There seems to be a lack of reasonable communication; for a recent repair I was told 45 minutes and ended up waiting 2.5 hours, later the wrong part was ordered and then it's delivery was delayed. There must be a way to pass word to the desk how far back in line my car is and when it is actually being looked at. I also once waited 20 minutes for them to bring my car from the garage to where I could pick it up.I've never used the shuttle, mostly because it seems inconsistent and was never leaving when I needed it to, I guess that's not their fault.

That being said, things could be a lot worse. It's nice that they have all my records on file, the people working there are fairly pleasant, the waiting area is fine despite being in a temporary trailer. I've never had a problem with the work itself. I even got a call recently from the vice president to see how my experience was (and to urge me to yelp about it), which was appreciated.

Overall, I'll keep bringing my car back here because it's very convenient and I think they do good work, but things are just a little scattered. Suggestions: Better communication, sync everything better (when a car is finished, alert the desk, alert the parking attendant, alert the customer).

Kristin S. | 2012-08-24

Although coming here for scheduled maintenance can be somewhat frustrating (I've learned to counter all recommendations with "is this ABSOLUTELY necessary?"), every time I've brought my car in with an actual problem, the staff at Central City Toyota has been wonderful.  

I've been unfortunate enough to get 4 flat tires in the last two years, and each time I've been in and out of here much faster than I expected.  My most recent flat was due to vandalism (someone came along and completely deflated my tire - thanks, Philly!), and the mechanics here refilled it and checked it out for actual damage - and seeing that there was none, decided not to change me a cent!

The building itself is currently under construction, so the waiting area is inside a large complex of trailers.  Although it's not the most attractive place in the world, the amenities are great.  Plenty of tables and chairs, free wifi, free bottled water, and free coffee - I've gotten tons of work done here; it's like sitting in a coffee shop to wait for my car!

Jean E. | 2012-08-22

The service dept does pretty quality work, but they take forever to do it. I usually go to my local mechanic for inspection/oil change which takes about an hour and a half while I wait, but I had a recall issue that needed to be fixed so I thought I'd do it all at once at CC Toyota. They had my car for about 7.5 hours for the above service plus replacing brake pads, and that was with a morning appointment.

While I appreciate the shuttle service since they take so long, it's not very convenient for returning to the dealership. Pickups are at 15th/Market and 34th/Walnut at 4pm, 5pm or 6pm, the closest of which is 18+ blocks from where I live. The bus would take me over an hour and the subway drops you off in the ghetto. I took the subway and walked 4 blocks through the projects. While I got verbally harrassed, I wasn't mugged, raped or murdered, so I guess that's a win...

While the inspection/oil change charges were pretty on target with what I usually pay elsewhere, I feel like they overcharged for the break pad replacment. I had a quote from my regular mechanic for $189.99 and they charged $248.78. I only agreed because they said I needed it to pass my inspection.

PROS: Quality Work, Shuttle Service from CC Toyota, Coupons
CONS: Service Time, Hassle Returning to Dealership, LOCATION, Some Overpricing

Lesson learned. I'll be going back to my regular mechanic from now on.

P. S. | 2012-08-10

The free shuttle is not exactly convenient -- it was supposed to go at 9:00 and didn't leave until after 9:30.
They seem incredibly disorganized and there were a bunch of folks just sitting around. Pitch in and get the customers out the door promptly.
When the car was ready, I was told to hand my key to a valet, and no one was out there to help. The car was parked up on the sidewalk, wedged behind another car. I finally said -- fine, I'll do it myself!
It's just poor, slow customer service. I only needed an oil change and somehow spent an awful long time waiting around at each end of the day. I'm not going back!

Christine B. | 2012-08-08

I have a 2002 Toyota Highlander with $176,000 miles on it, and I always take it to Team Toyota in Bucks County.  Living in center city, this is a major hassle to get up there, particularly if its something that has to be done during the week, because it means taking off work.  My check engine light came on, and I really didn't have time to go up there, so I decided to give Central City a try.  I made an appointment the day before, and noted that I also wanted my AC checked.  I showed up early for my appointment, the valet who took my car called me sweetheart..ugh.  The guy at the service desk was pleasant and professional.  I didn't get charged for the check engine light issue (just a hose that was off), but I had a coupon so maybe that's why.  The other Toyota place would never charge me for something like that.  For the AC, they recommended cleaning out the system and re-filling the coolant.  It was $200.  I was probably there for 2 hours, and they had a tv with the Olympics on, but otherwise the waiting area is very run down.

Bruce D. | 2012-08-05

Their service department was awful.  Our Prius had an electrical problem and would not lock.  The car is under warranty but they charged us $170.  When I told the man at the service desk the car was covered by the warranty he stared at me blankly and was unhelpful.  I spent two weeks trading calls with the manager, Jamie Haverly, who after a week agreed that the work should have been covered by the warranty, but they wouldn't refund my money until Toyota paid them.  I asked several times that they refund the money to my credit card.  Haverly told me that Toyota has paid them, but five weeks later they still have not refunded the money on my credit card.

Plus, you know how late night TV car sales commercials have people shouting about the great deals they have on their cars?  For some reason, Central City Toyota has the same fake excitement on their telephone answering system, for the service department.

Mike G. | 2012-05-09

I was having problems with my power windows in my Camry.  I brought it to one mechanic and they said I needed a new window motor (expensive) and I brought it to another mechanic who said I needed a new master switch (expensive.)  
I then brought the car to CC Toyota and they said it was just a cable harness that was loose and it was fixed as part of the $99 that they charge to diagnose the problem.  
If you try to compare prices with other mechanics, dealerships may seem expensive but I feel they are more knowledgeable  and won't charge you for things you don't need.  If your car needs something routine a dealership may not be the best option, but for diagnostic issues I don't think I will ever bring the car anywhere else.
They are doing construction work here at the time of the review, but the waiting room is clean, it has a lot of tables, a TV, complimentary bottled water, etc.  They also have a shuttle to bring you home.

Sonya T. | 2012-01-04

Always slow, always expensive, but shame on me for not trying to find an honest mechanic sooner.  For years I've been paying them ridiculous amounts of money to get my car to pass inspection, just because I always waited until the last minute and didn't have time to get a second opinion.  One time they told me the "check engine" light came on during the inspection -- it just magically appeared while they were working on it.  I refused the repair that time, and when they gave me the car back the light was OFF and they gave me my inspection sticker.  Strange.  A few weeks ago I brought them a different car because the check engine light was on, and they said it needed $1500 of repairs.  I took it somewhere else, showed them the list of repairs CC Toyota had recommended, and they confirmed my suspicion that the repairs were unneeded; all it took was a new oxygen sensor.  Central City Toyota is unreliable at best...I would even go so far as to say they're dishonest scum bags!

Jeremy K. | 2011-11-14

They offer coupons to lure you in but 3 hours for an oil change is ludicrous. Had an 8am appointment and my car wasn't put on the lift until 1030am.  No matter how cheap the discount I've learned to pay a couple extra dollars to receive quality service.

The one redeeming component was that the service manager Ed White waived the fee for the rear break light bulb replacement and expedited my service after i complained loudly.

Michael M. | 2011-09-08

This review pertains solely to their service department.  If you're looking for honest. professional and reliable service then Central City Toyota is definitely the place to go.  

I have always been pleased with the service that I have received here.  Of course they are in businesss to make money so at times different servces may cost more but, I have never felt taken advantage of and I've always felt piece of mind that my car was serviced by a garage that knows Toyota's inside and out.  

They even contacted me when my car was recalled and of course fixed the problem for free.  Even though I didn't buy my car at this dealership.  That's service!

As long as I keep receiving service like this I will continue to bring my car here.  The staff is pretty nice too.

Aaron T. | 2011-07-27

The wait was longer than expected, but they did take me without an appointment.  Building is very outdated when compared to other dealerships in the valley.  Nevertheless a satisfactory experience.

Aruna A. | 2011-07-02

This is a review JUST for the service - which I appreciate greatly here at central city toyota! I have had many instances to visit them over the past five years, from regular service, oil change, broken glass, to flat tire patches. These guys are AWESOME.  They are really flexible, courteous, kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Additionally, recently, on a holiday weekend, I desperately needed a tire patched late on a Saturday - they close at 6, I called at 5 - hauled myself and my car over there - and they kept a mechanic behind to help me!! SO KIND! They were amazing.  I am such a fan!!

L R. | 2011-06-18

I got a letter stating the engine in my car had been recalled. I called Central City Toyota to see if they could check it out. The guy was very nice on the phone and told me to come right down. The process should have taken one hour (according to the recall letter I received) but the guy told me it could take three.
I left the dealership and told them to call when it was ready. The man called me two hour later. I missed the call but he didn't even leave me a message letting me know what was going on. I called him back a half hour later. The operator kept telling me should would transfer me to the service department but that he was "with someone" and probably would answer. She told me to leave him a message and he'd call me right back.  It has now been five hours since I dropped of my car, I've left three messages, and have heard nothing. Now when I call, no one answers-not even an operator. According the posted hours online they are open but no one will answer the phone or call me back. My fiance is now having to leave work early to go all the way down there and figure out what
is going on.

The vice president of the dealership saw the above post when I originally wrote it and called me within 30 minutes of it being posted. He was very upset to hear of my experience and and quickly rectified the situation. I was very pleased to get such a quick and sincere response. This is evidence that they do care about they customers and want them to have a pleasant experience. I would go again.

Scott H. | 2011-03-11

I'm actually generous to give 2 stars. First off, their wi-fi was locked and this place is due for a remodel. It can't compare with Ardmore or Langhorne. Now for my experience, it didn't go too well.

I brought in my 4 month old RAV4 to check out a problem with at least 4 electronic safety systems go on overnight. Turns out some animal chewed the wires underneath. The quote for repair was around $900! I refused the job. Instead, I had to pay $96+tax for labor. There was no record of duration and this finding didn't even take an hour! My options were to go to Ardmore or Langhorne. Since Ardmore pretty much owns this place, what are the chances of getting the same quote and service (and possibly based on origin of purchase, see below)?

So I drove to Langhorne, which is where I bought the RAV4. The service center looked brand new and very welcoming with free valet service. I was quoted for about $500+tax which was acceptable. This makes me wonder if CCToyota ripped me off just because I purchased in Langhorne.

Long story short, this place and presumably along with Ardmore (as they own this place) is not recommended nor to be trusted and I'm never coming back. Langhorne still remains the best in Philadelphia.

Sabrina R. | 2011-01-31

For three years I went to Center City Toyota to have my newly bought Corolla serviced. I bought it pre-owned from the dealership at only 12,000 miles. For the following three years, I was paying on average $450 for my REGULAR MAINTENANCE. I was pissed. They kept saying things were broke and needed to be fixed and would always tie it into my breaks. I finally decided to take my car to a different Toyota dealership a few hours away and they charged me $56!!! A Monro charged me $28!!! CC Toyota is a COMPLETE rip off. I practically bought a new car after 3 years of maintenance at $450 a pop each time. When I tried to talk to the higher execs about this, they pretty much brushed me off for being "female" and not understanding what goes into a car. NEVER EVER GO TO THIS OR THEIR ARDMORE DEALERSHIP TO GET YOUR CAR SERVICED.

Rln A. | 2010-11-01

Since I moved to Philly I have taken my car here... because I have a Toyota and didn't know any better. I liked that there was  always coupons for a full service maintenance and there is a waiting area with coffee and free wireless. What I didn't like was that it was always a long wait. They try to alleviate this by having the free wireless while you wait as well as the the car pickup and the shuttle service. I used the car pickup once but it took them almost 8 hrs to return my car. The person that did return had turned the speakers and the A/C to the maximum levels and left dirty footprints on my mat. Beyond immature and unprofessional. Central City I have other things to do with my day, afternoon and evening. I also thought they often recommended servicing I did not need and overcharged. I kept going back because they were always pleasant to deal with but I think their major problem is that they are toooo busy to be detailed with the servicing of my car, not cognizant of the ridiculous long wait, and apparently need more professional staffing.

1.5 stars

B. C. | 2010-08-03

Central City Toyota is located conveniently in West Philly - 48th St.  And, with a shuttle that runs into Center City & University City (near Penn at 34th & Walnut), they're easy to get to.  

That's about the only good thing about them.  I had a check-engine light come on, so I came by.  They claimed that it would be several hundred $$ to fix the problem -- and that without the fix, my car won't pass inspection!  

But, I decided to go elsewhere for my inspection...and my car completely passed.  I don't trust these guys.

Go somewhere more honest.

Zachary F. | 2010-07-30

My review pertains strictly to the used car and service departments.

My first impression of this place was great. My car broke down on my way to the airport and I called asking if they could hold on to it for a week, after which we would talk about repairs. They presented me with the repair options, which would cost me over 2/3 of the value of the car. I told them that's not what I would like to do, but I would be more than willing to do business if they had something in inventory that would match the trade they could give me.

These guys have NO ALIGNMENT. I was called by 3 separate people asking me what I want to do with my car, and I had to REPEATEDLY explain that I was waiting for sales to get back to me on whether or not they had something in my price range.

This place is horrible, and the service manager is useless. I will never step foot in this dealership again.

Sami D. | 2010-05-19

Normally I don't take my car to dealerships to get serviced (always like to find the honest, old-school mechanic, whose lobby smells like burned coffee and cigars), but after I bought my car at Ardmore Toyota, I decided to stick to the dealership. Maybe a little bit because I'm lazy. Also, I've only owned my car for about 7 months, so "service" means two oil changes, and some bodywork next door for when I scraped the car in my teeny-tiny Philly parking spot.

I have very little good to say about my buying experience (I'll review that on Ardmore's Yelp page), but the guys in the service center have made up for it, sweeping up the leftover hurt feelings the sales guy left behind. Jamie, the service manager, and Ed White, are two of my favorite guys. Ed is your typical straight-talking kinda guy, which can sometimes rub off the wrong way, but I enjoy him. Jamie aims to please, as he is in charge of customer relations as well, and when I gave him a earful about being unhappy about my sales experience, he took steps to try and win me over, which I appreciated.

They also don't treat me like a dumb girl. And I really like the shuttle drivers, who are always pleasant and fun to talk to. The ladies behind the pay counter are a little brusque and I wish they had a service person there to explain some of the invoice, which they are not able to do.

Anita B. | 2010-05-16

Sales Department is not trustworthy. Then again, who's ever heard of a truthful salesman???

I had a bad experience here with my most recent car purchase. The salesman and other staff who handled my purchase were initially very nice and they made a lot of promises that they later reneged on. It's funny how I went back to ask for the very things that they had promised me and they looked baffled, as if i made it all up.

Additionally, i found that there was damage to my car that was not on the carfax that they gave me (big mistake). As if that wasn't bad enough, i've been waiting for a refund of $650 for about 10 months. The run-around is an understatement!!!

Good customer service is mandatory if i'm spending my money.

It's such a shame that it had to come down to this. If you have to support the establishment, feel free to use the service department-- they're 1000% better. If you want a Toyota, try AutoLenders or Private Party Another.

Jean C. | 2010-03-17

I've taken my car here for service a couple of times.  They completed the oil change, rotated tires, etc. quite competently.  I do, however, have an issue with a practice that I find borderline questionable.

The last time I took my car in for basic service, they recommended that I have two issues that needed attention.  Given the expected outlay of cash, I decided to call later for a service appointment.  As I thought about it, I called them back to explain what the issues were.  It turns out that there isn't necessarily anything wrong with the part, but based on the mileage on the car they suggested it.  

I will continue to go there, but for very specific and minor maintenance.  This situation just highlights the fact that you have to ask questions, or get a second opinion.  Don't just blindly accept their suggestions.  They really typify the stereotype of a shady car salesman.

Afsheen F. | 2008-03-21

I took my car there recently for service, and when I got it back the bumper was scraped and there was a dent on the right front fender.  I took it back the next day and they agreed to fix it at no charge, without giving me any hassles (and it looked brand new when they were done).  Next time, though, I'm taking my car to Ardmore Toyota -- it's owned by the same people, but it's a newer building and nicer location, so I imagine they'll treat the cars with more care.

I've never had another mechanic wreck my car, and it's not something I would like to encourage, so the only reason I would go back is if getting to Ardmore becomes a major hassle.