Foreign Traffic Import Sales & Service in Allison Park, PA

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Since 1977, Foreign Traffic has specialized in bringing import automobiles to our customers throughout the U.S. Foreign Traffic Import Sales & Service is a family owned, full service dealership. We are passionate about the import cars we sell and service and are dedicated to our customer's complete satisfaction with their import purchase.

View Foreign Traffic's constantly changing inventory of top quality pre-owned import cars on our website or stop by our huge indoor showroom. We are conveniently located 1 mile south of the PA Turnpike at exit 38 near Pittsburgh, PA. We look forward to helping you find the import of your dreams!

Foreign Traffic Import Sales & Service is a full servicing dealership that is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Whether we are selling you one of our top quality pre-owned imports, or servicing your import automobile, we concentrate on your satisfaction. All of the foreign cars that we sell are hand selected on the merits of condition, mileage, options, pe


Established in 1977.

Foreign Traffic Inc has been in business since 1977, servicing every make and model of car. Through the years we have been particularly successful in delivering excellent customer service and our proud of our numerous awards (A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, Superior Service Award from Angie's List, and 4+ Star rating on Google). We also participate in many local charities like Toys for Tots, and are active in the community through many automotive events like the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

Foreign Traffic Import Sales & Service

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(724) 449-9999
Address:4813 William Flynn Hwy, Allison Park, PA, 15101
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Foreign Traffic Import Sales & Service

D F. | 2015-04-01

Foreign Traffic replaced a dashboard module (speedometer, odometer, gas gauge, etc) in my fiancés 1987 BMW 325i on September 16, 2014 because the speedometer was not working.  He has driven it less than 100 miles and the gas gauge meter is not functioning.  The unit was obviously defective at the point of sale or improperly installed. Also, when he picked up the car his electric windows were not working (It appears that a wire was disconnected when doing the install).  

My fiancé noted these conditions on a customer satisfaction survey card (returned via mail), but did not receive a response.  It has now become a larger issue because he is selling the car. Yesterday the car ran out of gas without warning because the fuel gauge indicated that a half tank was available.  

Based upon the aforementioned, he will be contacting Foreign Traffic to rectify this situation.  It seemed to be an impressive operation there and they were recommended by our neighbors who told us that they stand behind their work.

I hope to delete this review and replace it with a 5 star. I will definitely do so if they respond properly.  More to come....

Cindy S. | 2014-06-16

This business does not only try to rip you off, but they don't even given a reliable diagnosis.  We've had yet another problem arise due to their lack of competence.  Initially they told me we might need a new battery, I told them we had already purchased once because we had some battery concerns & could bring it over to have it installed. Once they learned they weren't going to profit by selling us a new battery, they back pedaled and said they retested it & it tested just fine and battery replacement was unnecessary.  Low and behold, the car battery is now totally dead & in need of replacement.  BEWARE OF THIS BUSINESSS!!!!

Devin C. | 2013-10-04

Read our epic nightmare below:

Stopped into this dealer with my partner who was looking to purchase a 2008 BMW 335xi. The car was advertised online for a great price and it was still in warranty. We ended up deciding to buy and started talking about our trade.

The business owner made the sales person check the entire trade in vehicle (a 2008 Audi Q7) with a paint meter. All four corners (fenders) were one thickness and everywhere else was another. They insisted that all of the fenders were repainted (on all 4 corners never the less) even though it had never been in an accident. They ultimately left it at "well the car must have been damaged when it was transported and the dealer you bought it from repainted it". Even then they had no qualms about buying it, it just seemed like a ploy to low-ball their trade offer.

When we first arrived the sales person told us a price of $31K. When we got to the paperwork it became $32K. We were certain he'd said $31K, I pulled up their website on my Smartphone but it said $32K. I had also seen the ad on Autotrader before we arrived but now it was gone! We battled over this and they finally agreed to honor the $31K price. THIS PRICE GIMMICK WAS FAR WORSE THAN WE SUSPECTED, PLEASE KEEP READING.

We finalized the deal after several hours of being at the lot, drove about 5-6 miles and the car literally died and would not start back up. This was totally unexpected as we weren't buying a junker, this was a $30K+ car. Once we got a hold of the business owner I was livid, I probably cursed a handful of times. He was still very eager to help and said he'd arrive shortly. I was very upset between the hassle with the trade, the bait and switch with the price, and now the fact we were now broke down on the side of the road in pouring rain. When he arrived he threaten to "knock me the f*** out" because I swore at him on the phone which he claimed his young daughter heard. Unless his daughter has extraordinary hearing I doubt she could hear the details of that call. The other 2 people with me deescalated the situation with the business owner and we all agreed to just cancel out the deal completely.

The absolute topper was once we got back home I opened my laptop up and the ads were still there from earlier. The car was actually listed for $30K and these shadies went on and changed their website once they had interested buyers to reflect a $2K higher price. They also removed their Autotrader ad completely but again I still had the page from earlier showing a $30K price.

All I can say to others if this is the experience we got from this place, I can't imagine what else goes on here. I guarantee this was not the first time these 2 jokers went on their website and ads to change the price. The salesperson raised the price $1K to $31K when we first arrived and we didn't notice. It took the second $1K price increase to $32K before we noticed and they had still "got" us for $1K. It's easy to be a victim when your dealing with pro-scammers.

Maher H. | 2013-02-06

After years of taking my car to the dealership (and getting admittedly good service), I received a HUGE repair bill estimate on my 110k+ mile A4. Enough that I seriously considered getting a new car.

A friend recommended getting an estimate from Foreign Traffic so I took her in. PC at Foreign Traffic explained the work that needed to be done and the prices for each part+labor. Their estimate beat my dealer's. So rather than junk my baby, I went with the repairs. They were done in a couple days and meanwhile, I was given a nice A6 loaner to drive. I also asked them to do my annual state inspections and while that resulted in additional needed repairs, I can vouch that the dealer would have charged way more.

PC was very straightforward and honest with me about the things I'd need to do in order to extend the life of the car for (hopefully) years to come.

In short, my baby's got a new lease on life. I had never really thought I'd take her past 120k but now I'm hoping for even more than that. While I have nothing negative to say about the level of service and professionalism at my dealer, the lower cost of work at Foreign Traffic combined with their also excellent work means I think I've found a new service partner for my car.

Robert S. | 2011-05-12

I am sadly writing this review in disbelief, that a diligently "dealer" maintained vehicle, with very low mileage has now been totaled by the insurance company due to a very mysterious fire in the engine compartment.  Foreign Traffic just completed a manufacturer recommended service, a couple months prior. One can potentially assume sloppy work or oversight on their part, during their overpriced service!  I had even checked them out through the Better Business Bureau,  I would be very cautious taking your vehicle to this company!

Mark T. | 2010-04-08

Foreign Traffic once was a refuge from stuffy high line auto dealerships but they have morphed into one themselves.  They now charge customers a 25% surcharge for bringing their own repair parts.  So if you have an older vehicle like a MG, Jaguar, Alfa, Triumph, etc. and want to bring your own parts to expedite the repair you will pay dearly.