Wentworth Subaru in Portland, OR

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Subaru Car Dealership.  Wentworth Subaru has a great selection of New Subarus.  We also have a large selection of preowned vehicles ( Used Subarus and a wide variety of other vehicle models too).  Wentworth has a full Service Department, Subaru Parts Department, Detail Department and two Body shops.


Established in 1903.

The Wentworth Family started in the transportation business before cars
traveled the roads of Portland.  George Wentworth started the business in 1903 selling horse drawn carriages.  The Wentworth family business was at one time located for many years where the Powell Bookstore is currently located before moving across the Burnside Bridge.  Wentworth Subaru is located  at the end of the Burnside Bridge at 400 E Burnside.  The business is owned and operated by the 4th generation of Wentworth's and has a number of 5th generation Wentworths working at the dealership.

Wentworth Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 232-2000
Address:400 E Burnside St, Portland, OR, 97214
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Wentworth Subaru

Nicole H. | 2015-04-23

Spencer was a fantastic no pressure no haggle associate who was extremely knowledgeable & helpful. Best car buying experience yet. I would highly reccomend this office and Spencer in particular.

K K. | 2015-04-23

Spencer Drew!  I was hesitant about buying a new car, fearing the financing games and knowing I would feel like somehow I wasn't a good enough negotiator.  Well, that was not the case.  I first met Spencer when I went in to ask some questions about buying a car.  He was so helpful, kind and understanding.  I can't say enough how much of a difference that made.  I knew I would buy my car from him, and did thought he was so good we bought 2.

Erron S. | 2015-04-15

This review is kind of mixed because there were some ok experiences and some horrific ones.

My girlfriend purchased a impreza virtually sight unseen. It was still on the truck but it had the options we were looking for. I drove down and Ron raspberry helped me. We put a deposit down and waited for the vehicle to arrive. Overall my experience with Ron was very good for buying a vehicle. After this was finished everything went downhill customer service wise.

1) we picked the vehicle up at night and it was dark out so we couldn't check out the detailing. There was blue paint on all for rims from wheel balancing. Plastic on virtually every corner. I realize subaru are not Bentleys but you would expect some attention to detail in this regard.

2) A clear bra was purchased (huge mistake 300-400 cheaper elsewhere). The cut lines were horrific and bibles everywhere possibly due to the bad job washing the car. Under great pressure they agreed to redo this again with worst results. We think third time is a charm well they didn't wash the car just "cleaned the repair spots" which are now spider webs on a black car. Still looks horrible and to top it off park it under the trees in the service lot which drop large amounts of sap. One good thing they finally refunded the money.

3) radio fails we call to schedule service and the service counter proceeds to tell us give him a minute he wants to do this without costing him money. Really there are 2000 miles on a car we just purchased.

Long story short stay away from here if you want to be treated like a valued customer.

Marina T. | 2015-03-31

This review ONLY pertains to salesman Spencer and my buying experience. This review is NOT pertaining to the service center or Subaru as a manufacturer.

Spencer was great to deal with when purchasing my vehicle. He went way out of his way to find the color and trim package that I was looking for. They ended up bringing the car from another Subaru dealership in Bend and the whole experience was quick and smooth.

I already had my own financing in place so when I went to pick up the vehicle I was able to walk-in, sign and walk away in about 30 minutes! Best auto BUYING experience I've ever had!

Brandon P. | 2015-03-30

Working with Vernon Bagley was fun and simple. No pressuring or pushy salesmen at Wentworth. I'll definitely let everyone in the market for a car know about Wentworth.

Teresa K. | 2015-03-27

Thanks Sarah Puttonen for providing me a stress free interaction! Also, your email responses were timely and to the point! Thanks!

Chance W. | 2015-03-23

Great customer service. Sarah Puttonen helped me and she was so great to work with. Not pushy at all and really worked with me on the price I wanted. This is the second car I've bought from Wentworth and each have been great cars over the years I've had them. I definitely would recommend going here first to search for a car, and even requesting Sarah to help you :)

Andrea M. | 2015-03-16

We were super hassled, since in the space of just a few weeks, our Acura's transmission died and then when we took our Tundra in for body work, the excellent body shop told us the frame was twisted/bent. The insurance company totaled our truck. We had less than a week to find a replacement car, and we weren't able to to purchase a new car due to finances.

We walked into Wentworth Subaru and met Sarah Puttonen, who was super easy, low-stress, and took care of us even though we had to wait on the insurance company and there were other complications on our end. Throughout it all, she was friendly, easy, and her calm demeanor is something we've never experienced in anything related to buying a car.

When we go to buy a new car, we will be looking for her. Don't want drama? Want friendly, good, helpful service? Find Sarah Puttonen at Wentworth. You won't be sorry.

Thanks Sarah!

Lindsey K. | 2015-03-11

I recently purchased a new Subaru and had a great buying experience thanks to Sarah Puttonen, she made the entire process very easy! I started the search online and Sarah was great at returning my emails quickly and with answers to all my questions. She was honest, fair, non-pressuring and I'll definitely refer her to anyone I know!

Brad H. | 2015-03-07

Just went by to look for a Outback and wasn't able to get any help. Wandered around the showroom floor with my family for about 20 min while roughly 10 salesmen failed to engage us in any way. There were lots of employees and quite a few just hanging out chatting with each other.

I guess if you don't look like a "qualified buyer" they'd rather talk to each other. I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

Nicole H. | 2015-03-02

If I could give negative stars, I would.

My family has taken our subaru in for routine maintenance regularly with Wentworth for a couple years now and I can confidently say that we would never return or recommend their services to anyone. Even someone I hate.

On two separate occasions they told us that one of the tires had a nail in the sidewall and would require all 4 new tires. The first time, we ignorantly obliged without further inquiry (and used our extended warranty) and replaced all four tires. Our car was only 1 year old and had pretty low miles..

The second time they tried to pull this on us again, my husband grew suspicious. This time we took our car to Les Schwab where they told us that the nail WAS NOT in the sidewall and that even if it were, my tires had more than enough tread to not have to replace all four. (Typically you have to replace all four in a 4wd vehicle depending upon tread levels..). They patched my tire for free and sent me on my way.

Feeling scammed, I marched my babywearing ass into Wentworth to talk to the manager, Brandon, himself, hoping to gain some sort of justice in the situation. Instead, he was like a robot in his explanation of things and requested that I spend time waiting for them to further investigate the situation again. Firstly, I spent over 2.5 hours there the FIRST time they told me the car had an issue that it didn't (and with a toddler and 5 month old baby by myself!). Secondly, why would I leave my car with untrustworthy people again? He was not helpful, apologetic, or willing to do anything to fix the issue. At one point he flat out asked me if I was requesting financial compensation, when all I wanted was for some acknowledgment of their misdoings.

This business straight up tried to scam my family and then make me work very hard to get any sort of apology.. which I never received.

Amanda L. | 2015-02-28

I had an amazing car buying experience. No hassle, no haggling, no pressure. Spencer Drew is the guy you need to sell you a car! He is very knowledgable and just an all around sweet guy who wants to find something that will make you happy. He took the time to explain the loan process, my options and strategy to get the lowest payment. To me, that meant the world because he didn't have to, but he did. (I had some negative equity on my trade in) He also brought me back to reality when I asked about buying a car that was way out of my price range. (I tend to get starry eyed when I see a car I like) If you want to buy a car and walk away knowing you were cared for and not swindled, Spencer is the guy to see!

Krystine M. | 2015-02-24

We had such an awesome experience with Kaveen Maxwell (like the coffee)!! We knew the car we were going in for, Kaveen made it happen for us! Definitely gave me a new opinion regarding the whole car buying stigma!

He was quick, efficient and extremely kind! Best experience I have ever had!

Clayton B. | 2015-02-07

We bought a car at Wentworth Subaru and had a great experience.
Cleo Smith ( 503 ) 349-0132 was straightforward and honest and I enjoyed his company for our few test drives. Look him up if your in the market for a new Subaru/Chevy. We went to Wentworth and it actually was worth it!

Kathleen K. | 2015-01-19

I bought a used Honda last week from Daniel Reilly at Wentworth. Daniel was kind, patient, honest and did absolutely everything he said he was going to. I can't recommend him enough. Great experience!! Ask for Daniel.

M W. | 2015-01-10

Stopped in to check out the used car selection and had the good fortune of meeting Miguel. He was so incredibly accommodating, fun, and actually knew what he was talking about when I asked some specific questions about the cars! So many times the folks selling them don't really know the product, but Miguel knew his Subaru. I would definitely make an effort to give him my business if I buy a Subaru from a dealership.

Sarah O. | 2015-01-04

Excellent car buying experience with Carlos as my sales guy. He went out of his way to find me the best car for the price and he listened to what I wanted without trying to sell me something I didn't want. I felt completely satisfied with my purchase and I'm so happy he made it all work out. In no way at any time did I feel pressured and the whole process was very smooth. Thanks Carlos!

Heather E. | 2014-11-29

Excellent car buying experience. Joe was my sales guy. He was great. I was out of there with a new Subaru in about 3.5 hours. That's with explanation of my car and signing up for my free lift tickets!

See Joe! I can't guarantee everyone is so nice.

Ashlyn M. | 2014-11-26

I came in on a Tuesday evening and worked with Jason picking out a car. We went through the models and what I was looking for and settled on a 2015 Subaru Legacy premium and negotiated the price. It was in the evening so I decided to come back the next day with all my loan paperwork completed to make it quick and painless (I am a loan officer for a bank so this SHOULD have made it easy.) When I came in with the completed docs, another saleman Todd tried to force me to fill out a credit application and have him pull my credit because he said it was Oregon law to do this unless I was walking in with cash (total bologna.) After he threw a fit and let out a huge sigh, I made him get a manager who was sitting on facebook (super professional) who told him I was right. After that, I sat in the saleroom for 2 1/2 hours waiting to fill out the registration and get the keys. They had forgotten to have the car detailed so they did a quick version of a clean up. He spoke to me like an idiot when explaining the maintenance (I may be a woman, but I understand that a car needs oil changes) and was so smarmy it was painful to sit through. He made very sure that I knew about their customer service survey and kept saying that the issues I was having while there weren't his fault so make sure to give him a good score. Again, incredibly unprofessional. The whole experience was awful. Cut to three weeks later and I have come to find out that Wentworth never sent in the loan paperwork in so my loan was never finalized. I have called three times to figure out where it is and what all they had not sent in and was told I would get a call back because everyone was too busy. I was denied a request to speak to a manager and not one of the people I spoke to apologized for the mix up or that I am not getting a call. Never buying here again. Ever.

aaron c. | 2014-11-09

Good experience overall!  Ron Rasberry, the sales associate, went to bat for me and got me a car that worked within my budget.
Please ask for him!

McLellan M. | 2014-11-03

I just bought a used car from Wentworth Subaru and had yet another great experience. I worked with Ron Raspberry. He was knowledgeable and courteous. I know that he wanted to make the sale but at no point did i feel pressure or feel that i was being lied to in order to get the sale completed (which I had at one other dealership around town). I was in-and-out in 2hr 15mins, talk about no waste of time. I am completely happy with my experience.

Kiki M. | 2014-10-22

I had a great experience buying a car from Kaveen.

I was immediately disarmed by Kaveen's courteous demeanor.  This was clearly not the alienating high-pressure macho sales environment I'd experienced elsewhere.  As a high-income professional young woman, I want to be taken seriously as an intelligent consumer, but I also want to be treated with genuine kindness.  This is exactly the kind of treatment I received.

He worked with me efficiently and made the car-buying process so fast and easy.  I genuinely felt like he was on my team, helping me make a large and important purchase.

I couldn't be more satisfied with my decision to buy a car from Wentworth Subaru.

T H. | 2014-10-17

This review is for the body shop. I was really happy with the service when I dropped off my car, but less thrilled when I picked it up. I had been rear ended and needed work on the bumper of my new 2014 Subaru Forester purchased recently at Wentworth. They promised to restore it to its previous condition.  When I arrived to pick up the car, the cashier pushed me to sign the paperwork before I had even seen the car! She acted put out when I told her I would prefer to inspect my car before signing off. I found the paint work sloppy and unacceptable. An employee took the car back to the shop, but wasn't able to correct the issue with a tool he had thought would work. He told me to take the car home and verbally promised a new bumper and loaner car if the paint still "bugged" me. I naturally asked for this is writing and was pleased when he agreed. Unfortunately he failed to include a loaner car in writing and became upset when I requested that he add it. He said if was to be a "trust" issue, I should leave the car and threw his hands in the air.  

It's been several months. I wanted to give it time before posting. They finished the corrections on the paint, but never picked up the tab for the extra days on the rental car. They didn't apologize and remained rude through the whole process. I do NOT recommend the body shop

Fabian N. | 2014-10-11

You can buy a new car anywhere.  Its how they help you after the sale that makes the difference between a regular car dealership and one like this.  Ask for Chuck or Doug great guys who above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your new car for the long term.  I tell everyone go talk to these folks if you are looking for a new Chevy or Subaru.

Tony M. | 2014-10-08

The lease was up on our Subaru Outback so we decided to get the Crosstrek. What a fun car! Dealing with Michael Earl, Doug Wentworth and the rest of the Subaru team was a pleasure. First class people, first class dealership! Our 5th Subaru!

We "went" and it was "worth" it.

Rich J. | 2014-09-19

I must start my review with a confession. I hate YELP. Working in the service industry I have come to hate this new passive aggressive way for asking for help. Hence this is my first and hopefully only review.
I was in a bind and without car. Also I had made some poor fanatical choices in my youth. I came into Wentworth and was greeted by Spencer Drew. I explained my situation and was treated with the utmost respect. Being a little panicked I had done my research and asked my bank (OnPoint) about a loan. Since both places came back with the same interest rate I knew I was getting a fair deal.
Although I left not with some brand new shiny car but a gently used 2004 Camry I felt more than confident in suggesting Spencer to two of my other co-workers, whom both bought cars and had great experiences.
If you are buying a car I highly recommend Spencer.

James L. | 2014-09-17

the attitude is so bad.

Carmen G. | 2014-09-11

We pre-ordered a new 2015 Outback here and had  a pretty bad experience.  We knew ahead of time exactly what car we wanted and did our research before coming in, which was a good thing because the sales people routinely fed us misinformation about the car. Not even that high level of stuff, they misquoted the MPGs and didn't know towing capacities, ect. We really liked the personalities of the salespeople we worked with, but the service pretty much ended as soon as we put down our deposit for the car. We were  quoted a date 3 weeks out that  the car would come in and excitedly prepped our insurance, sold our old car, and got the financing in place. Then we stopped in to get info on the accessories, at which time they told us it would be another week out. That's fine, things happen, we'll be without a car for a week. The day the car was supposed to arrive, we called them and we're told it was somewhere between the port and Portland, they had no idea where, maybe check back tomorrow? I can get a tracking number when I ship a $5 package, but a $30k car and you have no idea where it is???

Also: beware of the service department. They also do not let you know when things you order arrive (for us, trailer hitch and wheel arch moldings). we dropped the car off with them to get everything installed at 9am, they called at 4 and said it'd be ready in 40 minutes, we get there at 4:45 and STILL had to wait 1.5 hours for them to finish. Highly unprofessional. Lastly, they scratched the paint when installing the license plate, I called back when I noticed the next day to see how to fix it and they have yet to call me back. (Going on two weeks).

We LOVE the car, but do yourself a favor and shop around to other dealerships. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Scott K. | 2014-08-29

Creepy salespeople.  Expensive Japanese all wheel drive pregnant roller skates.  Inconvenient location.  Creepy salespeople.  Creepier finance guys.

liz l. | 2014-08-17

I have been meaning to write this review for months. We bought the car in the spring of 2014.

My husband and I did a lot of research when trying to decide which car to buy to replace an old vehicle. You know how they say that women and people of color get the worst deals on new cars? Well, I am a woman and he's a person of color, so we had that disadvantage. There were some negative experiences on the road with sales folks trying to "rip us off". Those dealers shall remain nameless.

All that changed when we started working with Wentworth Subaru. Ultimately we purchased a 2013 Subaru Legacy. We thought for a long time about whether or not to purchase the vehicle and even left and looked around for a better deal before deciding to come back. The prices here are good and the vehicle, while lightly used, was certified.

Over 2 days we worked with 2 sales associates (and it's been awhile, we THINK these are their names): Todd and Carrie. On the second day we had our 2 young kids with us. Carrie was very patient and helpful. When it came time to start the paperwork we all entered the showroom where there were snacks and a play area for the kids. They allowed us to fill out the paperwork in a comfy spot next to the kids.

We bought the car on a typical cloudy day. We had it at home when the sun came out a couple days later and we could suddenly see a lot of little dents on the hood and roof. Upon communicating with the Wentworth folks they had us bring it in and fixed it up like new.

Highly recommend.

Andrew K. | 2014-07-14

I purchased a 2011 Honda Civic here last week, and the experience was extremely smooth and comfortable. I spent some time online researching cars and dealerships, and I decided to pop in  without an appointment on my lunch break. I had never bought from a dealership before, so needless to say I was unsure of what to expect. I quickly met Cleo, who immediately showed me some Subarus and a Honda. He was friendly and not a bit pushy. He even encouraged me to get a less expensive car after hearing what I said I needed it for. I had to get back to work so I set up an appointment for 6:00 PM with Greg Johnson.

When I came back at 6:00, I knew I was going to buy the Honda but I wanted to ask all the right questions and feel comfortable. He was very patient with me as I asked quite a few questions. Their sales team is not pushy at all. Greg was very straightforward and helpful. I love my car and my experience was incredibly smooth! I would highly recommend Greg and Wentworth Subaru!

Patrick K. | 2014-07-05

I'm just now waiting to sign papers for my 13' Outback. If you're in the market for a Subaru or any other car, you've gotta check out Wentworth. Come in and ask for my man Ron Rasberry and he'll take care of everything you need. I thought I knew almost everything about the outback, but guess what nope. Ron was able to fill in all the blanks.  All the reviews you read about Wentworth service wise is absolutely true.

Come in and ask for Ron Rasberry and buy the car you deserve. Come on you owe it to yourself.

Dee S. | 2014-07-01

Buying a car as a female is a daunting process. The Hollywood portrayal of a car salesmen is as accurate as my 4 experiences buying a car have been.... preceding my arrival at Wentworth Subaru where GREG JOHNSON greeted me.

Greg, plainly said, is a genuinely good man. In fact, I actually got a better quote on a new Outback at a different dealership, but I did not want to give them my money because the experience was shady.  I came back and told Greg and he was able to meet the price from the other dealer which made me feel a lot better about making such a big purchase.  In the end, I felt like I was buying a car from a good friend who I trusted!  GO SEE GREG if you want a professional and honest experience while purchasing your new car!

Julie S. | 2014-06-29

Mitch! Mitch! Mitch! My fiancé and I lucked out and got Mitch on the phone when I called in to ask a few questions. He was so friendly right out if the gates, and not pushy at all. I had a million and one questions about the Impreza Wagon. He answered all of them, for days. Then I got too busy for cars and took about a month off of research. When we decided it was time to pull the trigger, we changed gears and went for an Outback. I set up a test drive w Mitch and he never ONCE said "what can I do to get you in this car today?" Man I hate that saying. He was just as friendly and personable and FULL of information.  We wanted a few days to think about it, Mitch checked their inventory and let us know they had 3 left. We came back at the end of the week and Mitch let's us take a second test drive just for fun, on his day off! We got a good deal on our trade and signed and it was a great day, thanks to Mitch!

We also had a wonderful finance guy (Tim? Jim?). Thanks Wentworth!!

Ps. If you go to Mitch, tell him my name. He has a great referral system!!

Titus G. | 2014-06-20

Aaron was friendly and never pushy. He let us test drive all over town, different roads, we even changed drivers so my fiancé could give the subaru a try! It was painless when we went through buying and financing the car.  Aaron you rock! Thank you Wentworth!

Anastasia K. | 2014-06-17

I've never purchased a car from them so far, but when I get my new Subaru, I'll come here first.

Their service department is always friendly and quick. I believe them to be honest, which is why I'll pay $10 more to get my oil change through them and not jiffy lube.

Shelly C. | 2014-06-09

This was by far the best car buying experience and I owe it all to Spencer Drew. I love my new WRX and I can't thank Spencer and the Finance person (Mike?) enough for answering my 101 quesitons! Thank you again guys, I will definitely be talking about my new car and experience with Wentworth!!!!

JuJu B. | 2014-06-04

The purchase of a new car, while typically exciting can also lead one to a case of acid indigestion that rivals that after a huge bowl of your Nana's pasta. My experience yesterday changed my view going forth after working with Mitch T.at Wentworth Subaru. Bell to bell,I was in...looked at a couple cars, took care of financing (and my situation is no dream for that department) and was out in two hours. Then I was in to pick up my vehicle, freshly detailed, later on the evening. Mitch took all my wants and needs, put them together and laid out several car options. We knew I was going to trade in my 07 Outback for a certified preowned '13 or '14 Outback Limited and I was in no hurry. Cannot speak to how at ease Mitch put me so I knew that regardless of when I purchased...I was going to go through him...Fortunately he picked through the inventory and found me a stellar vehicle that superseded my expectations. I will come back to Mitch and to Wentworth, and I would recommend others in the market for a new or used Subie to do the same!

Destiny M. | 2014-06-04

I have taken my car (09 impreza) to Wentworth a few times for standard oil changes, body work, and most recently an unexpected new clutch. I walked in the door that day and they looked at my car immediately and verified that the clutch was done for. I kind of expected this as my car stopped a block away and I couldn't get it into gear. The tech I always see is Abel. Abel will always communicate what the problem is, cost and length of time needed with no judgment. My car was fixed in just a couple days (came in mid Friday) got my car back on Monday. They even provided me a loaner vehicle. I will definitely be back again knowing the service is quick, precise and friendly.

Pamela B. | 2014-06-02

We recently bought a 2015 Forester from Cari.  It was a very good and straightforward experience.  She quoted us a reasonable price right from the start so we didn't have to go into a long and protracted negotiation.

Jon-Michael N. | 2014-05-21

I purchased a new 2014 Crosstrek XV here back in January, and couldn't be happier. They gave me a very good value on my trade in, and made the process as simple as possible. I had originally gone to look at the Crosstrek, but given the offer they presented, and the service, I decided to jump on it.

The process of straightforward, simple, and enjoyable. Buying a car can royally suck - but this definitely was not such an experience. In addition, they honored the Costco discount easily and efficiently. I didn't bring my Costco card with me that evening since I wasn't planning on buying right away, but they were happy to make it all work out regardless.

I highly recommend Wentworth - two of my friends have since bought new Subarus here and they too had the same experience!

David W. | 2014-05-14

Wentworth has great pricing and a great staff. Spencer Drew is an amazing salesman. Make sure you ask for him! Wentworth has the best prices around and a very relaxed staff. They work very hard to meet your needs and have a great selection of vehicles.

Jackson R. | 2014-05-01

Absolutely the worst customer service I have EVER experience!  We were pawned off to three different sales men. They showed us one car that we loved,  but then tried selling us a different car, saying it was the same car. Gave us the run-around, and even went back on their offer? Who does that?!  The last sales person we got  dumped to said to come back the next day, but he wasn't even there. We went to Gresham Subaru and got the whole process completed in a short amount of time. Got the deal that was offered to us by wentworth, for an even better upgraded version of the car we wanted. F-U Wentworth. We went, and it WASN'T worth it!!!

Atomicron C. | 2014-04-27

Spencer Drew at Wentworth Subaru is the most genuine, helpful and transparent individual I've worked with in the past 22 years of my car ownership. He went out of his way (even on his days off) to check in on me, deliver a car to our work for a test drive and support our car-buying decision. Against a tight timeline with a new baby arriving, and without supply of the specific Subaru we needed during the exact weekend we needed it, he even supported my wife and I through ultimately acquiring it at another dealership that weekend. He and Wentworth went the extra mile and have earned the positive reviews received, as well as our future business.  

He and his team are just...so nice! Regardless of where we may travel in the future, the experience with Spencer and Wentworth to date, has likely endeared us to a lifelong of Subaru loyalty.

Devon D. | 2014-04-05

This place has bad service!! Really bad service! They never can get you in soon, they always have some issues with something, and they always talk to us like we are stupid. I have a 2012 Impreza, under warranty and extended warranty and maintenance packages. Every time we have taken it to them, they have tried to charge us for the covered service, argued when we said we had a plan, then taken 15-45 minutes to "find proof of our plan". Every. Single. Time. 3 times in total. We did the feedback call from them after the last time, and they immediately called and emailed to get the scoop. When the manager got me on the phone and I said what was wrong, he literally seemed relieved! He said "ohhh okay" after hearing about it, and then said he was sorry and hoped it was better next time. Mo retribution of any kind.

The last time my car was there, i had started having an issue with the tire pressure in a back tire. They filled the tire and said there was no hole. Within a week, its down again. Took it to Les Schwab, and they filled it. Few more days, and now its really flat. Called Wentworth to take it in, and they cant get it in till Wednesday. I asked when, and the guy said "any time, ill make it work". And I said "noon," to which he laughed and said "no, the techs are at lunch 12-1. Before or after!" Really... Then why did you not say that to start with. It was the last straw for me.

I just called another dealership and am on my way there, right now, same day, and he was able to tell me it would be covered in less than 3 minutes time waiting on the phone.

I bought from Bend Subaru. They were okay. We also have a new Nissan, and Nissan has been hit or miss. But, literally every single time with this dealership, there has been some issue. The convenience of the location doesn't make up for terrible customer service and being disorganized!

Amy R. | 2014-03-12

I am a middle aged woman who made an appointment to check out a new BRZ. I told the salesman I had read up on the car. As we were getting in the car the salesman says, "You're lucky to get a test drive". I ask what that means and he says something disparaging about "21 year old kids off the street" and then says, "I trust you."

Driving out of the lot I ask about a good test route for a BRZ and he suggests the freeway. There is quite a bit of traffic and the cars are known for great handling in corners and twisty roads so I ask if I can take us to Rocky Butte which is maybe 5 miles away. He really balked at that though he didn't outright say no. They don't like to put miles on new cars... He said more than once, "You should be able to tell what it can do from a few corners." Really? In town, in traffic? In no way was I indicating I was going to pull any Ken Block maneuvers. I wanted to feel the car. It is a sports car not a Forester.

I turned around and got back on the freeway. A big difference between my current car and the BRZ is that mine has a turbo. I mentioned this and that it was noticeable and maybe a concern. He said something like, "What would you use/need a turbo for?" A guy who sells WRXs and STIs said this.

We parted ways at the dealership door. I will never go back.

What he didn't know was that I had indeed driven a BRZ a number of times at Carr Subaru where I got enthusiastic, respectful help. They even let me take the car for TWO hours to drive across town, and I was given a great demonstration of what the car can do and all its features. I was doing due diligence at Wentworth.

I'm on the fence about the car but if I buy one I know where I'm getting it.

Akasha B. | 2014-03-08


I bought a brand new Subaru in 2012 from Dick Hannah. I bought the extended warranty.

Recently, I got a nail in my tire. The service center recommended I go to the Wentworth Service Center in Portland since it was closer to my home. No appointment needed!

However, when I showed up this morning the manager of the service was down right 100% rude. He told us he  was too busy to help us and laughed at us like he couldn't believe we would even attempt to come to HIS service center for help. When I told him what I had been informed from the Service Center in Washington and that our car was less than 2 years old and we had an extended warrenty he literally said he didn't care.

He was so rude and just plain mean. I really would have hoped that Subaru would have trained their service agents to have at least SOME customer service. I'm so disappointed in how I was treated that I will be filing a complaint with Subaru.

Pro tip : I went to les Schwab down the street and got it fixed in 10 minutes for free. FREE. And they knew how to smile. Go figure.

F B. | 2014-03-01

While my eyes were rolling in the back of my head combing through Craigslist for a used car I decided to jump over to Wentworth Subaru's website to check their used car inventory. My price range wasn't too high but I did find an Acura I was interested in. Did the test drive and they allowed me to take it for a pre-purchase inspection. I ended up buying the car knowing I need to put in money for repairs (my price range creates this problem).

This is more of a review about the process. I've been to several dealers and Kaveen was so easy to work with that I would come back when it's my turn to get a new car. Free coffee and sat by the fire while I waited. Buying a car is a headache and I'm glad Kaveen helped me forget about all of the frustrations I've had prior to stopping in.

Matthew K. | 2014-02-27

I wrote an email off their Subaru website asking for a price on a new 2014 Forester in a specific color and options.   Lynn, their internet manager, wrote back with a price that was about $1000 less than any of the other 10 or so Western Washington or Portland area dealers.  It took about a month to get our specific color and options (we knew we'd have to wait.)  The car came in and coincided with a trip we were taking out of the Portland Airport.  Lynn met us late in the evening on our arrival back in Portland and we picked up the car.  They held true to our agreed price, and even the finance department didn't attempt to hard sell any warranties or gap insurance.  And they beat my credit union's loan rate.

I highly recommend using Wentworth and Lynn Shrubsole, specifically, if you live in the Northwest and are looking for a Subaru.

Catlin M. | 2014-02-18

We bought an outback from this dealership a couple months ago and have had an interesting but overall good experience. Chuck and Jared are great. If it weren't for their follow through and honesty, I would never recommend anyone to go here, because Mary Jane, their title clerk is HORRIBLE. I'm shocked no one's canned her for how rude and lazy she is. Hanging up on customers and passing them off to other people instead of solving a problem that is CLEARLY her job.

Eric P. | 2014-02-15

I made the mistake of purchasing my vehicle second hand from this dealership and while the quality of the vehicle is as expected (thus the 2 stars...Wentworth earned 1 or less) the buying experience was classic shysterism.

Most notably, as I was test driving the vehicle I told the sales guy that I was pre-approved for financing and the rate I'd gotten through my credit union. That rate - 2.99% was pretty solid and I expressed my complete lack of interest with working with them on financing.

As we were working on the paperwork, he started asking about my employment and after a question or two I reminded him that I had financing and wasn't interested in theirs. All standard questions, he assured me...and then passed me off to the credit guy - again against my wishes and I repeated that I had no interest in their financing.

Once in the credit guy's office, I stated, flat out, DO NOT RUN MY CREDIT. I'm approved for 2.99% (rate actually came down to 2.75% when the paperwork came through) and he assured me he would not.

Well, months pass and I look at my credit report. guess what? These slimeballs ran my credit (not just an inquiry - the kind of look-up that dings your report...).

Beyond that the repairs I had negotiated with them as part of the deal did not get done completely, and when I pointed that out (this was the second time I'd had to have them do additional work) they shrugged their shoulders and offered to keep the vehicle for several more days - disgusted at that point I simply accepted the vehicle and went about my day, knowing I wouldn't be back.

Avoid these people if you can, sadly I was looking for a specific vehicle and they had the only thing close after weeks of searching so I compromised - please learn from my experience!

Tim B. | 2014-02-11

I bought my 2007 Outback at Wentworth new in 2006.  The car buying experience was fairly straightforward, as I had decided that I could not wait 3 months to order a customized vehicle, so I would have to buy one of the lot models.  Figured out what I wanted, tried to get the best price though old fashioned negotiation techniques, but the really don;t work so well in the age of the internet, the dealers won't even knock $100 off a car to get the sale.  Anyway, Wentworth was most convenient to my house, so.

Overall they were at least a 4/5 stars for the sale, nothing awesome but competent.

However, the service center is a 2/5 stars.  I took my car there exclusively when it was under warranty for everything, including oil changes because I didn't want any BS if I needed warranty service.  I haven't had the car in for much, and have gone elsewhere for oil changes, but that only saves you about $5, so not a big incentive.  I also had them do the 60k service for good measure.

Anyway, the problem is that everything they sell parts wise is inferior quality for more money.  Tires (once again, went elsewhere after their crazy high quote for the mediocre stock tires), batteries (I was in a pinch, stupid expensive for barely good enough quality, ugh I regret that one) are all over priced and labor is absurd, even more so than most car mechanics.

Today was the final straw.  My airbag light is coming on, disabling the airbag system.  For $100, they read the codes and told me that it was the map light.  Stupidity of such a design aside, they want $300 to replace the freaking map light?  Also I have a cracked boot they say, and they want another $250 for that.  These prices are just crazy expensive.  If you want a good laugh, get some quotes for accessories, the prices are insane.

To add insult to injury, they provide a free shuttle, but it doesn't cover my work location.  They NEVER run on time, and always take much longer than they tell you.  The staff also seems to not give a crap about you as a customer, overpaying for every service.  Seriously, I feel like a mark in a casino at Wentworth Subaru service, like they are just there to bleed me for as much money as possible.  For in warranty repairs, maybe it makes sense, but for just about everything else, I will take my car elsewhere.  Too bad my favorite shop Tom Dwyer is now super inconveniently located.  I was teetering between 2 and 3 stars, but typing this out really tipped the scales.

S T. | 2014-01-26

Throughout our car-buying process Wentworth was the most up-front, respectful, punctual, and patient dealership.  The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and give every effort to make customers feel confident and comfortable.

-We worked primarily with John Cunningham, and also had a meeting with Todd Stevens.  These two were completely honest about their cars and prices.  They gladly answered every question we had (there were quite a few).  At one point we thought we'd need to purchase a more expensive model, thinking it had better safety features; however, we were assured our model was the same and, unless we wanted fancy gadgets, would fit perfectly within our lifestyle and safety needs.  We were so impressed that we weren't pushed blindly into a more expensive car.  Lots of smiles, laughter, and the feeling of security in making a well-informed choice rounded out the relaxed process.  I highly recommend either of these salespeople to give you a pleasant buying experience.  

-We quickly received the bottom-line price on a new 2014 Subaru Forester.  We gave them our offer, they told us the lowest they could go, and after research and comparison we found it to be a very fair price.  Very little haggling and negotiating.  

-We worked with Tim Boyle in the finance department, who led us through our options and gave us absolutely no pressure to add any extras we didn't need.  He fully explained the warranty and maintenance requirements and made sure we understood each paper we signed.  Further, when we came to the meeting expressing our desire to use our own bank for financing, he honored our request without pushing their own preferred bank.    

Again, I fully and highly recommend Wentworth as your dealership and John or Todd as your salespeople.  Thanks for giving us a respectful, confident, and successful car-buying experience!

Leah K. | 2014-01-24

I found a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee on Auto Trader that happened to be held at Wentworth. I called in one evening, the person quickly located the car, and within an hour, I was looking at the beaut. The representatives of Wentworth all welcomed me with a smile, but not one of those cheesy smiles, it was genuine. The rep I worked with was easy going and helpful, even though he knew little about Jeeps (he's a Subaru guy of course!). He offered me a test drive and we were off, navigating our way through 5:30 traffic.

Afterwards, instead of trying to take me through to the next steps of actually buying the car, I was the one who actually had to make convesation. I knew I really liked the car and needed to discuss it with my family, shore up my finances, etc. To all this, he responded, "sure, no problem." NO PRESSURE. I asked him for his contact info, I told him I'd be in touch, etc. What kind of sale person is this?? He wasn't SELLLING me the car, he was letting me ask questions and make my own decisions. And that made a world of difference in how I felt about the overall process, my comfort level with making my first BIG purchase since college. He worked calmly with my father, answering or investigating all of our questions with a smile on his face. Subaru even compromised and contracted that if I couldn't sell my current car within 30 days, they'd buy it from me at a below-market price! Luckily I did sell my other car for a good price but that type of commraderie was commendable.

I ended up buying the car within two days of driving it. No hassle, no fuss. Easy peasey lemon squeasy. The next time I need a car or service or anything, I will go to them. The representative was trustworthy, comforting, and welcoming. He even shared food with me when I was there later in the evening. I appreciated every bit of it which is why I'm writing this review and LOVING my new whip!

Tu T. | 2013-12-29

Just purchased a pre-owned Kia Spectra from here.  I felt like a traitor, I'm 100% in love with Subarus, but my mom had recently totalled her car and I had to find a relatively cheap replacement.  I'm still a college student paying off my own car, and I unfortunately can't afford to get myself or her a newer subie yet.  The pre-owned lot they have is immaculate.  If the cars don't meet their standards the go to whole sale.  

As any car dealer, when they come out with the whole "this is what our service shop did," it looks like there was ~$400 worth of maintenance done, be sure to look at what the charges were.  Mine was like $30 in parts and the rest in labor for detailing minus an oil and filter change.  Almost all dealers do this though so I'm not surprised.

I also wished they did routine tune ups on the cars before they sold them, but I don't think any dealer does that.  At least they could ask if the previous owner had done the routine maintenance.  All the work I have done in my car I keep records of, and when I sell them, the records go with the car.  However, a lot of people don't seem to do that.  I got the car at about 61k miles, and I have no idea if the 60k tune up was performed or if the routine timing belt/water pump was changed.  Just a down side of purchasing a pre-owned car though.  Looking at the timing belt myself, it looks pretty new, but there's no way to tell without speaking to the previous owner.  I just wish they had been more thorough in finding out details of the car before they got it traded in.

I was helped by Spencer Drew.  I was fairly thorough in my investigation and questions, and Spencer did everything in his power to answer them.  He didn't need to push the car onto me, he just let the car sell itself.  Last time I was at a dealership (Gladstone Toyota) I felt like I head a gun to my head and they were shoving all sorts of "*coughGARBAGEcough deals"  down my throat.  Spencer was very chill, new to the car business, but down to earth and seemed like he knew what he was talking about.

I had come in on an insanely busy day and he frequently came to check up on me and gave me frequent updates on the status of my car purchase as the finance guy was backed up.  Subarus looked like they were flying out the door.  I highly recommend this place.  The only down side was that he couldn't let me test drive the new WRX on the lot while I waited :(  I'll definitely check this place out again when I can afford my WRX after college.

Although I have mentioned some issues, I think 5 stars is relevant here, as most of the issues aren't really the dealer's fault, it's more of the previous owner.  Maybe they asked for more previous records, but the owner didn't have them.  Who knows.  As for the experience purchasing the car there, it was a breeze.

Rian R. | 2013-12-27

Wentworth Subaru was the third dealership we visited in our search for a lightly used Outback. It should have been our first stop. John Cunningham, Jared in Finance and even one of the Wentworth family members himself, worked to accomplish our goal of leaving the dealership with a low-mileage vehicle, in great condition, for a reasonable price.

We sought out John to help us find our car thanks to another reviewer on Yelp and he proved to be helpful and straightforward. He was knowledgeable about the cars, and left the bullshit out of the equation. He went the extra mile, was friendly and communicative.

Car shopping is not my favorite activity, but the guys at Wentworth made it as painless as possible and I appreciated how pleasant they were, and how focused they were on us leaving happy. We did. I love our new 2012 Premium Outback with only 15,000 miles!

Dianne W. | 2013-12-12

This review is for the service department.  You guys rock.  My daughter and I pulled in at 1:30 on a Saturday to get a duplicate key and fob to her just purchased used Subaru. The service guy said we could get a key made but probably not the fob finished since it needed to be programmed and they were closing at 2 pm.  I let him know I was only in town this one day and he said, go get it and bring it right back.  We flew to the next room and got the key and the fob.  My daughter ran the fob back to the service adviser.  She also said she wanted a Wentworth license plate holder so the service guy went and grabbed us a set and had Sam, the tech assistant, go put them on the car for us.  Then I flew to the cashier and she was as helpful as the previous three staffers.  And not to get anyone in trouble, but the programming of the fob was gratis and the key and fob purchase were deeply discounted.  Maybe it was the time of year, maybe it was the excitement of a young person with her first car, but everyone worked like little elves to make it all happen for her.  But four out of four providing excellent service?  I think it is the hiring and training process.  If I lived closer I would come by more often!

Andrew A. | 2013-10-19

Two positives Service Department experiences a week after purchasing our '14 Outback.  There was nothing wrong with the car: we added a hood protector and rear bumper step guard (a high recommended product) and also swapped the rear view mirror.  The guy who handled the mirror does speak a little too fast, but he actually saved us money from original quote.  The turnaround time was about average, waiting room was decent, Cashier seemed rushed, but polite, and the Car Valet was very nice.  I appreciate that the Service Department is not in the congested area where Sales is located.

E K. | 2013-10-16

This review is for service. They were fast, their prices were reasonable, and their waiting area was very comfortable. I would come here again for maintenance or repairs.

Anthony S. | 2013-10-15

I was very pleased with the exceptional service given by Pat B in the Subaru sales department last month. He helped my father with the purchase of a new 2014 Subaru Forester. Pat was extremely helpful, honest and professional. My father was shopping out of state using the Internet department, spent weeks with Pat online and over the phone. I've helped my father and family with most vehicle purchases in the past, but was out of town during this time. Wentworth prides itself in excellent customer service having the most professional sales department of any dealership in the Portland area. A friendly family owned dealership, great selection, low pressure, honest sales pricing, no additional dealer markup.. There is a reason so many customers drive as far as Seattle and Boise to purchase vehicles here.

Brian F. | 2013-10-07

If you are looking to buy a subaru, ask for John Cunningham. He and I made most of our arrangements for my purchase of a new impreza via email, but I was just as pleased with his level of service in person. He provided absolute transparency when I asked for specific information, is knowledgable, patient, and all around helpful. John gets a five-star rating for sure.

The only reason I knocked a star off is because of my all too typical and mediocre experience when I had to deal with the person in the finance department. As soon as he learned that there was no way I was forking over more money for all the odds and ends he tried to sell me, his attitude change and he was rude. Also, part of my down payment was in cash, which he wasn't happy about. Who gets upset about a cash offer? What? Wasn't green enough for you?

James K. | 2013-09-30

So my wife and I bought a used 2012 Outback Limited with 15k miles last Friday, September 20, 2013.  I only showed up at the end of the deal to drop off a cashier's check for the entire purchase price, so I wasn't actually present for the test drive, etc.  Here is what I can tell you about our love/hate relationship with them from that afternoon:
1. Greg, our salesman, was great to work with , informative, good with my non-auto enthusiast wife, patient with our 2 year old, and made sure that he ran out as we were leaving to give us the extra key that he had found in his office.  5 STARS for Greg- good job, good service, good guy.

2. BUT, the finance guy was a total douche, and I mean total.  Of course he tried to hard sell us on the $3.5k extended after-market warranty (not even CPO warranty), and $1k in protective coverings, sprays, and clear bras, which I declined.  He didn't like this, so he asked why I wasn't interested in the $3.5k warranty, and I said that it still had 18 months and over 20K miles on the factory warranty, and plus, it is a Subaru, which is one of the most reliable cars on the road.   He then went on to tell me HOW UNRELIABLE NEWER SUBARUS ARE, and that he would expect it to be in the shop at lest as much as my '09 BMW, "if not more".  He then told me about all of his family members whose new Subarus keep breaking down.  He said "well keep track of all of the money you spend on that thing over the next 3 years, and I bet it is more than the warranty."   We shall see, I suppose.  If we actually end up spending over $3.5k on repairs on a 4 year old Subaru, we will probably just go with another BMW next time- LOL.  

It isn't good for business to tell people who just bought your cars that they will inevitably break down.  Management needs to train the finance folks to not undermine their operation.

0 STARS for the super douche-bag finance guy.

elizabeth r. | 2013-09-09

Service departments can be tricky if you don't know much about cars, but I feel safe asking for help or an explanation from these guys, especially from the service department manager Brandon, he took the time to make sure i left confident about my experience.

Robert L. | 2013-08-25

I probably shouldn't even review since I didn't stay long, but my experience is likely not unusual here...so I hope it's helpful.

I am a serious looker for a certain type of Subaru Legacy. So we stopped in.

1. Half the parking is for a pharmacy, so be careful or they threaten to tow you.

2. The selection is awful. Seriously. They have a handful of Imprezas and not much else.

3. We were walking in the door (what we hoped was the best entrance, it was hard to tell) where there was a "People love us on Yelp" sticker. So I whipped out the trusty app to check. Nope, not really, actually. They average 3 stars. Might want to take down the sticker, guys.

4. We walked around the whole small show room and were passed by, or walked by, about 5 shirted employees. No eye contact. No greeting. Nothing. We were opening doors and looking at price stickers and everything...INSIDE the showroom! Listen, I hate being pounced on as much as the next guy, but really? We have money and a paid off trade in and a strong desire for this Legacy.

5. After about 20 minutes of cruising the lot out of curiosity, a sales guy who was not wearing the same uniform blue shirt came to greet us. He seemed nice, but had to deliver the bad news that they didn't have the car they wanted. They could order it, but not one we could drive. Um, wait, you're a Subaru dealer in the middle of urban Portland (where Subaru's are practically the town mascot), and you don't have at least one of every offering? Especially not one of the most expensive ones? Ok. That is all.

6. One point that I'll make, at the risk of the tattoo and other communities call me a Judge Judy, is that I don't like when tatted up people want to come out and ask for $30k of my money. Now, don't be mad. I have more ink than you probably do. I work in high-end business. I make sure it's covered so that people don't get distracted by it. It's not too much to wear long sleeves, fella.

7. Here's the one really great thing: the sales guy was pretty nice. The minute he know that there was not one to drive, he wanted to save our time and told us where the other dealerships were and to call him if we wanted him to order one and that he was sorry (as if it was his fault). So, I appreciated that he didn't try to talk me in to some awful Tribeca or something.

There it is. My experience at Wentworth Subaru.

T. D. | 2013-07-30

This is a review of the Wentworth Subaru service dept. and based on three years of interactions/service.  

Just the fact that I maintained my business for three years says they must've been at least decent, which they were.  Timely, fairly flexible and not rude/arrogant.  What I started noticing over the past year was their lack of "care" when it came to explaining mechanical issues.  The best example was a week before moving across the country.  I asked the service rep to have my Outback looked over for any issues that might be a problem during a 2,500 mile drive in addition to replacing the brake pads and rotating the tires.  They replaced the pads without issue.  When I came to pick up the car, I asked if the tires were rotated as there was no comment.  The mechanic who was working on the car was no longer there and another mechanic said, "it looks like they were", but couldn't be certain.  Also there was comment to replace the air filter.  I've never known a service center of any type to not call you when issues come up during an inspection.  An air filter, of all things, is a no brainer.  Of course I'm going to want to replace it.  But what I really found frustrating is when I arrived across the country for a routine oil change, the service representative immediately noticed that my tread was in poor condition.  I believe he said 2/20 seconds?  Nonetheless, it's quite disheartening to have driven across the country on bald tires.  Especially when I asked Wentworth to make sure my Outback was appropriate for such a trip.  If I ever return to Portland, the service for my car won't be with Wentworth.

Trang T. | 2013-07-28

We had such a great experience here! They took really great care of us and the experience was quite enjoyable because of the staff. Kelly Smith our dealer was so great, very knowledgable and helpful. We got a great deal on our mini countryman. We have been to a lot of car dealers and this one was the best! Definitely recommend this place to all of our friends because of the great customer service.

Luke L. | 2013-07-07

I recently bought a new Subaru from Shelby Rice, and it couldn't have been easier.  I came in just before closing to test drive the car I wanted, then made an appointment for the next morning to go over the numbers, my trade-in, etc.  That morning, I was in and out in two hours, and not even half of that was spent in the finance office!  Nice people, and a convenient location too.

A R. | 2013-07-02

This review is about the sales side (I have not interacted with the service center yet). I had just given up my car of 14 years and embarked on the very intimidating journey of buying a new car. After a horrible experience at Broadway Toyota (and I love Toyotas and was a loyal Toyota owner), I fled shaken and frustrated to the Subaru lot a few blocks away into the calming presence of Carlos Valdez.
From the very start Carlos was attentive, polite and and treated me with kindness and respect. He listened to my needs and showed me options for exactly what I was looking for. After seeing a few cars, I settled on test-driving one. He didn't over-sell or try to talk me up, and I never once felt pushed, pressured or rushed. He patiently answered my questions, even when I asked the same thing several times (I was still flustered from the sales guy at Toyota). He was knowledgable and genuine. And he spent A LOT of time making sure I had everything I needed to make a decision. At times when he sensed I needed it, he left me and my partner (who came with me for support) to discuss and regroup in private. So after much consideration, I decided to buy the car! Even after he made the sale, he took the same diligence and concern to explain every thing about the car, made me feel excited about my new ride, and sent me off feeling awesome about my decision. I felt encouraged and welcomed to reach out to him should I have any questions or concerns in the future.
Now a few days later, I still feel awesome about my purchase, and I want to thank Carlos for making this big step in my life so easy and relaxing. I would highly recommend him for even the most timid buyer! Carlos will put you at ease, and make sure you are informed and comfortable, and there's a pretty good chance you will drive off in a sweet new ride.
I was additionally helped by Brad Hayes when it came time to go over financing. He was just as diligent and patient as he explain every detail and option. All around the sales team seems like they go the distance to make car buying as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

Erin G. | 2013-06-05

These guys helped me the F out and saved me a ton of cash!!

I'm new to the area and googled a Subaru near the portland area, since my friend was driving my car to pick something up.  He got a flat tire, which was weird because the car is just over a year old and he didn't hit anything. When he changed the tire, it literally looked like the tire had blown apart at the seam.  We had both never seen anything like it.

At first the new guy at the desk told me it was only going to be partially covered by my road hazard warranty because the tread had worn down too much for it to be fully covered.  Sadly, even though the warranty covered 50% of the cost, I still didn't have enough cash to pay for 4 new Yokohama tires (if you get one new tire and have 3 used ones, it causes torque on the engine, and could harm the car later), which apparently I got when purchasing the car in the first place.  Having never bought new tires before in my life, I moved forward with some research, tried to figure out how to cut costs on all this, all while my poor friend was waiting there in the service area.

Anyways, new guy goes to lunch, and when I call back I get to talk to Abel.  Yes, I say "get to" talk to him because it was a privilege.  He knew exactly what he was talking about, knew how to help me out, offered me some cheaper tires, and understood where I was coming from financially.  After he talked to me about some cheaper Bridgestone tires, I said, let me call my Dad because I've never done this before and just want to make sure I know what I'm doing, and he said, no problem, here is my direct line, call me back whenever you're ready.  

Meanwhile, after he got off the phone with me, Abel got up from his desk and went back to check out my car personally.  He took a look at the tread and asked the guys to re-measure it.  They realized they had made a small mistake on the tread level measurement, and when he went back and entered the new numbers into the computer, the warranty came back as covering a new set of Yokohama tires 100%!!  I'm sure you can imagine how stoked I was when I got the news.

Way to look out for your customer's needs, Abel.  I'll for sure be bringing you back some business in the future!!

Becky W. | 2013-05-24

I walked in to get an estimate in order to compare with other dealerships (Carr) and walked out with a new Impreza, with everything that I wanted plus heated seats. I was taken care of by Lynn, who is totally awesome. She and Troy even went out of their way (all the way to Hillsboro) to ensure that a Power of Attorney was signed by my ex-husband on my trade-in. I got a great deal, was treated well, and would recommend to anyone that they should talk to Lynn should they want a new car.

Robb S. | 2013-05-10

I've now bought my second car here - another Subaru, and again from Lynn. Again, it was a great experience.

Hunter S T. | 2013-04-10

Terrible Experience at Wentworth's...Save your time and money going to Gresham Subaru.

Chuck and Anthony are the problem at Wentworths

Liars, Scheming, Rude, Con Artists are just some of the words i would use to describe them

My experience started well, it was the last weekend of 2012 and was super busy. we basically started talking to Anthony, went on test drives, and spent about an hour with him.  when we got back to the office to discuss numbers, we were right in the middle of negotiating when he steps out and says my appointments here so Chuck will take over. We basically had to start all the way over with Chuck , who was definitely more of the seedy salesman type.

We said we will come back and speak to Anthony the next day, Anthony tells us to come back after 4pm when we get off work.  When we got there the next day, we were told Anthony was out on a test drive and with another customer.  2 hours later we are still waiting in the waiting room for him. He got up and left in the middle of our first appointment, and when he arranged for us to come back, totally blew us off.

We wanted a model/color combination that was very popular,  and due to the end of the year, very few are were available and selling quick.  To keep a long story short, they lied about not being able to get the car because they wanted to sell us a crappy color they had on lot.  They even went as far as saying there were none available in all of Oregon and Washington State,  Nowhere! are you kidding me?....Sold out right? Nope

I called Gresham Subaru, they said there was one 30 mins away and he could have it in a couple days for a lower price. Wentworths says they underprice everyone but they were at least $500 more then Gresham. He also said he checked the pipeline and Wentworths had one the whole time, they just wouldn't give it up. Probably because they wanted to make more money on it.

They are Shady! Go To Gresham!!! They are Honest, Up Front , and Will Give You A Killer Deal!!

Im happy!! i got the car i wanted the whole time, no frills.

Thanks Gresham Subaru for making me a happy customer!

L P. | 2013-03-27

I have been taking my Subaru Impreza into Wentworth Subaru for service since I moved here two years ago, but they have now lost my business.

I did not have a great experience with the first staff member I worked with here and I do think it has shaded my judgement of this establishment overall. He was rude and condescending when I described a problem that showed up in my car during certain conditions and made me feel uncomfortable.

Twice they said they couldn't re-create this same problem, until I took it back a third time and this time asked to work with a new service member who was indeed nicer. They suggested a ride-along and the car demonstrated exactly what I said would happen and they assured me they figured it out and fixed it.

Only they didn't because the problem came back. And while I should've walked my business long ago, I took it back in this week for the fourth time because I felt it was their responsibility to fix the problem they said they had already fixed.  

They assured me this time that it was fixed, but I would be charged for the time spent on the car.  I said I was fine paying for some of the new things that I knew needed to be fixed, but I should not have to pay anything towards fixing this problem they assured me was fixed before.  The manager said he would split the cost of those hours with me. I was too tired to fight it so they made their $108, but I am gone for good.

Stuart B. | 2013-02-18

I've experienced both the sales and service side of Wentworth. Sales was 5 star, however I was paying cash for a new WRX and given the demand for them at the time didn't push too hard on the price - so needless to say everyone was in a good mood and I was treated very well. I'm also a car guy with a real passion for the technical details down to who made the turbo so I know exactly what I'm buying and thus there's not much selling going on when I buy one.

However,  service has been hit or miss. On average my services have been performed on time at a reasonable cost but there's been a few things that have ruffled my feathers:

- They broke the right hand air vent in the process of installing a footwell illumination kit, I just noticed this recently since obviously I don't ride on that side much.
- I had some warranty issues with the car that forced them to take my car about three different times to get it right. The third time my service manager, tried to basically tell me they couldn't keep paying for a rental. That is of course incorrect - I got a rental.
- I was offered a rental for an oil change, it wasn't there in the morning, had to go to a different location so I was two hours late to work.
- After one oil change I was a quart low on synthetic. I'd like to think this was an accident and not "cost control" on their part. If it happens again I'll be pretty upset. Combine a low fill with any oil consumption over the 7,500 mile interval on the WRX, with a little spirited driving, and you could theoretically run into an oil starvation situation, AKA very bad news.

So overall the jury is out on service. I'm about to go in for a major service tomorrow as well as having a couple minor things fixed, so I'll update my review then. If it goes really well I'd call them a 4 star biz.

Rob Z. | 2013-01-23

Shortly after moving to Portland, while visiting the Pittock mansion, my ignition lock cylinder broke.  It was after-hours, so I had it towed to Wentworth, the nearest dealer.  I had done some digging around and I knew the part was in the $180 range, OE retail.  Wentworth quoted me $700.  I think they saw my Illinois plates, knew I had the car towed and figured I'd be desperate.  I asked for a breakdown, the breakdown was ridiculous, everything was inflated, the parts prices were well above OE retail.  

So I had the car towed to Carr.  Carr quoted me around $400, and it ended up cheaper than that.

When I picked up my car at Wentworth, they gave me a hassle and tried to charge me $90 for diagnostics.  The key wouldn't turn in the ignition, there really wasn't much diagnosing that needed to be done.  I asked what they had done, and the service manager wouldn't give me a straight answer.  So I asked to speak to the mechanic.  She went to find the mechanic and came back out front without the mechanic - I guess she couldn't convince him to BS me to my face.  She acknowledged that all he did was spray WD-40 in the lock and ended up only charging me around $25 for that wonderful service.  What a deal.

In the end, I was out another hundred for having to have my car towed a second time, but I ended up finding Carr Subaru, who has treated me well, and I've been a loyal customer there ever since.

Eric C. | 2013-01-18

Talk about easy. I have not bought a car without assistance from friends in the biz in almost 10 years.
I walked in of the street with not a lot of opinions on what I was looking for. Over the course of a few days 2 salesmen from Wentworth Subaru took me on test drives, and answered the questions I had to more familiarize myself with the brand. Never with any pressure to buy.
Once I decided to pull the trigger the process was fast, the price was fair, and devoid of pressure to add additional services/options. Though all the options were laid out for me, and explained in detail.
This is the best car buying experience I have ever had, and totally changed my perception of how a car dealership can operate.

LA to PDX .. | 2012-12-06

We got an Impreza for the household from another Subaru dealer (who will be publicly shamed in the coming weeks for their total lack of professionalism and shadiness) but decided to bring the car in to Wentworth for service. Both Terik and Eric in service were prompt, understanding and helpful in correcting some issues that were neglected by the other dealer on a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle. We stated to the original dealer from the outset that we were buying a CPO used Subaru to familiarize ourselves with the brand as this was our first car from them and will be back within a year or so to buy a new car if we enjoy it. The car is great, but if we were forced to deal only with the original dealer and didn't have access to Wentworth, we likely would not consider a Subaru again. My thanks to them for stepping to the plate to correct the other dealer's errors, and also a note that Subaru of America is also very willing to keep customers happy when they feel wronged.

The customer lounge is comfortable and features a Starbucks coffee machine with many options, comfy chairs, and wi-fi. Both times I had an appointment I was in and out in the allotted time, actually well under the stated time on the second stop. Time is very important to me and they seem to respect this.

We look forward to shopping with Wentworth Subaru for our new Crosstrek or Forrester when the time comes and until then, they will be our source of dealer service.

John C. | 2012-11-19

I has a great experience with Michael Earl. I knew exactly what I was looking for before I showed up. They had a good price on my 2013 Impreza while other dealers were quoting about 1K more. Transaction was smooth and painless, and I didn't feel any pressure while I was there. This was my third dealership I visited so, I do have other to compare to.

When the time comes for me to buy another Subaru I'll be going back to Wentworth!

Frugal Gal G. | 2012-11-11

I detest car buying.  I hate almost everything about it.  I did a lot of on-line shopping, Consumer Reports research and polling of my friends and family when it came time to replace my 13 year old car with 205,000 miles on it.  

After test driving 3 different makes of cars I decided to go purchase a Subaru.  Wentworth's had the most selection in stock.  On my first trip I got a lot of information and what I would consider the average amount of pressure, especially the "well this car won't last on this lot long."  However, he did bring to my attention to a really good 2012 used car they had.  I brought my husband back to test it with me to test drive it and the used car was gone.

We looked at the new 2012s and the salesman asked if the car was $20,000 would we consider it and I said yes as that was the budget I gave him.  We went into the show room and that's where the stereotype experience really began.  We were the only customers in the show room and the salesman went back to "his manager"  twice and we waited for at least 10 minutes each time.  We did not make a deal as they did not bring down the price to the $20,000...the very price which was suggested by the salesman....not me.

I kept using the websites and found a car within my budget a bit later at this same dealership.  The purchasing process went well and the salesman was knowledgeable though a bit schmucky as he kept trying to make puns and jokes based on what he knew about me, my profession and what I was looking for in a car.  

Overall it was a decent buying experience for a shopping event I dislike to begin with.  They do have the most stock of any other dealership in the region.

Brie P. | 2012-11-08

I'm a fan!  If only for the fact that this is the costco approved vendor (meaning costco sets the price...no haggling).

I also get my car serviced here.  They are pretty fast

Chris L. | 2012-10-27

Came here looking for a used Outback to find out that they didn't have any in stock.  However, the sales associate was very helpful in answering all our questions and taking the time to show us some tips on how to track down what we were looking for.  Thanks Wentworth Subaru!

Judi L. | 2012-10-02

Very excited about our new Outback purchased at Wentworth Subaru. We test drove several crossovers and decided Subaru Outback was the best of them all!  Carlos Valdez was extremely friendly and helpful in arranging our deal.  He took time to go over all the manuals in detail and show us all the inside and outside features of our new vehicle.  Carlos gave us the best walk through we have ever had when purchasing a new car and we have purchased several cars.  The deal was hassle free and we highly recommend Wentworth and Carlos!

Jodell W. | 2012-08-14

I had the worst experience with 2 different salespeople at this dealership.  It was so bad it made me sign up for a profile here.  One guy named Del said that "if we weren't so picky there was probably 25 other cars on the lot for us."  This was after about 20 minutes with him test driving one truck. He was rude and didnt know anything about the vehicle. The other sales guy said he has about 250 other customers that will buy cars from them.  Never again..

Ivan S. | 2012-04-30

No hassle from these folks. I took my car to several repair shops and felt like I was treated the best at this place. The shop was also very clean and the waiting room very comfortable.

We did not buy our car from Wentworth. We went in with a leaking head gasket for our 2006 Outback. Knowing the mileage and what it takes to replace a head gasket, I asked them to replace the timing belt, and water pump as well. They recommended that I have them replace some additional belts as well as the thermostat. They did a fantastic job working with our 3rd party warranty. After all of these services we walked away paying $400 for a $2,200 service! They also loaned us a car for the two days it took to get the job done. The only complaint I have is that it took an extra evening to finish the repairs, but with a loaner car this wasn't a big deal.

I was very happy with the professionalism, friendliness and class shown by the service staff.

It's very possible that I will buy my next car here.

KJ H. | 2012-03-05

We had the best car buying experience here! Carlos was our salesman and he was fantastic! Never too pushy, made us feel like we were in control throughout the whole car buying experience! He helped us pick out our beautiful new 2012 Impreza Wagon Sport. From the second we walked onto the lot, and the day we drove off the lot, overall a great experience and I would recommend buying a car from Carlos anytime to anyone. We LOVE our new Subaru! Thank you!

Ashley C. | 2012-03-04

Written from boyfriend's perspective...

I went to Wentworth Subaru just to price out a couple cars(every spaz moment starts with a statement like this I think). I met up with a guy named Mike who was super helpful and bent over backwards to make sure that I could compare each vehicle I had eyes on.

In the end, Ash and I fell in love with a great Subaru at a fantastic price. Because I had a few obstacles to overcome in terms of insurance, the purchasing process was less than smooth. However, Mike helped me to find a good deal on insurance, assisted me on the vehicle registration and made sure that I drove the new car home that night.

Props to Wentworth. Customer service was 110 percent. I wish that I could give 6 stars.

Aki H. | 2012-02-06

Good and efficient service. The waiting room was pleasant, with options for complimentary coffee and Wi-Fi while you wait. Must show up early, as the line to get your car serviced quickly builds.  Once their driveway to the garage fills up, you're left wondering what to do, as there is really no parking lot to park and drop off our keys.

Olivia T. | 2012-01-09

Useless fact to know about Olivia T. is that I've never owned a car until this year (2012). I was a loyal Tri Met rider. I didn't mind the inconvenient of not having a car up until recently. Tri Met bus tickets and passes are getting more and more expensive and to combine that with Zipcar monthly fee and overage usage fees, I realized I actually can afford a car payment with this amount of $$$.

I've been reading many reviews of car dealerships and asked around of which dealership the best for first time car owner. Everyone told me that I should go to Wentworth Subaru. I started looking on their website and had my eyes set on 1998 pre owned Subaru Legacy Outback. The sales person Chuck contacted me and we made an appointment for Saturday at 1 pm.

Jesse and I went to our appointment and seemed like Chuck didn't work that day. How could he scheduled an appointment even tho he knew he was not working that day was still a mystery to me. We were worried that this car shopping experience was going to be a nightmare.

Luckily, Carlos Valdez our substitute sales person came to the rescue. He's very polite. He asked us what we were looking for and we walked through the car lot. He searched for the car and couldn't find it. He told us that they wholesaled that particular car. While we were waiting, we had our eyes set on the Cheverolet Aveo in certified pre owned condition and it's in our budget.

Carlos showed us the exterior and interior of the car. We went for the test drive and we loved the car. During the test drive, he had a conversation with us and genuinely sound like he wanted to know more about us. Of course, he still threw us his sales pitch, but not very pushy at all.

After we parked the car, we came in, and started talking numbers. In the past, I accompanied people to car dealerships and this part was not the fun part. Most of sales people will force you to death with their numbers. However, Carlos was super nice, calm, gave us his number, and asked us what we thought about the number. We negotiated back and forth and we felt that he didn't rush us at all.

4 hours later, we signed paperworks, and we drove in our new car. The process was long, but it was less painful, thanks to Carlos.  I'm sure there are other honest, not pushy, polite, and very easy to talk to sales people out there, but I don't know if there's another Carlos Valdez out there. If you are in the market for new cars or just shopping around, make sure to check Wentworth Subaru and be in contact with Carlos. It's not going to be a walk in the park process, but he will make it a much better experience. We love our car!

stacy f. | 2012-01-07

For those of us with shitty schedules, customer service and convenience have a strong influence on how I spend my money. And my recommendation is don't waste your time or money at Wentworth. Here's why:

I signed up online for a regular (oil change) service, tire rotation and to have someone look into why the tires were squeaking when I turned the steering wheel. I meant to do this in July/August but lots of work and little free time made my visit in January kind of a relief. Until I found out that the only work that was done/ordered was fixing the squeaking wheel. I know there are bigger problems in the world then me trying to make time to get my car service, but it will be another six weeks before I make another time work. I was told that someone would follow up and make it right. That was three days ago and there's been nothing.

Glenn R. | 2011-12-31

Disappointing experience for me--and I didn't even make it physically into the dealership to test drive the vehicle.  My initial car-buying experience started with reaching out to them through the website by requesting a vehicle quote and filling out the pre-financing paperwork.  I was then contacted by a sales person named Shelby.  Initially, she was helpful and responsive.  However, as the process wore on (she submitted my financing application to the bank), she became unresponsive and for some bizarre reason consistently avoided giving me a quote for a specific vehicle.  Why is this such a hard thing to do? Every other Subaru dealership that I've looked at here in the Portland metro area sent me a vehicle quote right off the bat.  Eventually, she stopped responding to any of my e-mails, so I gave up and let her know to please remove me off of any lists, as I would be shopping somewhere.  So without even stepping into the door, they lost a potential customer.  Extremely disappointing.

Ian W. | 2011-11-25

My parents and I had taken our subarus here for years for all services and repairs.  I hadn't raised any questions about their service until I felt like our bills were creeping up and up.  When I finally took it upon myself to cross-check their price for the replacement of a part I found that I was being charged more than twice the going rate!!  They told me that the cost was all in the labor because it was in a very difficult to reach place and would take a lot of time.  I took it to another place and the mechanic laughed at what I had been told.  He popped the hood and switched out the part in five minutes!  They were going to charge me $160 in labor.  I paid $30 instead.  I have since taken my business elsewhere and I am all the better for it.  

Though I think Wentworth does quality work, they will charge you an arm and a leg for it and they may lie to your face about it.  Can't recommend them unless you have deep pockets.  Afraid I don't.

Laura G. | 2010-11-16

I wish it was possible to choose 0 stars. I've never actually taken my car in for service at Wentworth, because I was never able to speak to an actual service representative.

I called them, and was transferred to the service department, only to be on hold for 10 minutes. The operator came back on the phone to tell me that all the reps were busy, and transferred me to VM. I left a VM detailing the (time critical) issue, expecting a call back soon. Three hours later, I hadn't heard from them, so I tried again. This time, I was put on hold for an additional ten minutes. When the operator came back on, she asked again if I'd like to be transferred to VM, but I said no thank you, I had already left a VM and would take my business elsewhere. And what did the operator do? Hung up without saying a word.

GREAT customer service.

I called Carr Subaru in Beaverton, the service department answered immediately, and within 5 minutes I had an appointment for the next day.

Josie V. | 2010-09-14

Best Subaru dealership in town! These people are great and actually know their product unlike other dealerships I visited in the metro area. They run a clean and trustworthy business. The saleman who helped me was Andrew. He was great! I even saw him 6 months later when I was getting a routine oil change in the service department and he remembered me. I don't think he's there anymore, but the other guys are great! The whole process from start to finish was easy!

Jay B. | 2010-08-04

They should get zero stars. I tried to purchase a one or two year old Subaru and contacted them by the internet. It was a useless exercise. The responses ended up being that they lied to me in writing. Really, does the idiot not know you should never do that in writing? Bottom line, I purchased the great Subaru I wanted, on the same day but, had to drive across the river to buy it. It is a shame I had to leave the city to do this but, after reading the service there I am really glad I did!

M P. | 2010-05-20

I bought a preowned subaru from Wentworth.  We have purchased subaru's before from CARR and Ken Eby the internet manager and it would take about 1/2 hour to walk in and walk out.  
At Wentworth it took 2 hours (which I guess is pretty good by industry standards) but the salesman (whom I have no complaints) sat there waiting for a manager to get the paperwork ready.  
I had to ask them to put gas in the car that was flashing an empty light on the test drive and after offering to pay for it (whichI didn't have to) they put in a few drops to get me at least to a gas station.  
So the sale was ok, but based on others reports at the service department I will continue to go to CARR in beaverton for scheduled maintanence.

Silas B. | 2010-04-23

They pushed back the finish time for my factory recall repair four times, and never called me to let me know. I had to call or walk in myself each time.

They had to replace a fuel hose, probably a 3-5 hour job, but broke a turbo hose and had to replace that also. (Glad they were honest and up front about it.) I dropped my car off just after 9am and they still weren't done by 6pm. Estimated 10am the next day but pushed it back repeatedly until after 2pm.

Kinda frustrating and wish they had kept me updated.

The only reason they aren't a one star is that they have a shuttle service and offered me a loaner when they didn't finish the first night.

Kris J. | 2010-03-04

Finally some closure.  

I called them up after I picked up my car and told them that double sided tape really didn't fix the problem, only the symptom of the problem and that what really needed to happen was them ordering me a new part.  They agreed and said they would order it right away.

Fast forward five and a half weeks later and my part is finally here.  I called after three weeks of hearing nothing and they said it still hadn't arrived and that if it was longer than a month then I should be worried.  The second call was placed at week four and still no part.  After five weeks I called again but still no part.   The following exchange took place:

Me:  Is my part in?

Wentworth:  Nope.

Me:  It's been five weeks, where is it coming from Japan?  

Wentworth:  No Florida.  

Me:  Florida?  It takes over a month to get a part shipped from Florida?  Really?  

Wentworth:  Yes, really.

The next day I get a call from them.  They told me that there was a mix up and the part was there.  Thanks, you guys suck.

Jessica N. | 2010-02-11

I went here for an oil change.  They told me it was unsafe to drive my car because I had a water pump leak.  Went to honest mechanic and found out they MADE IT UP, along with 1200 dollars worth of other bs.  They won't take advantage of this woman!

Beth N. | 2009-12-30

i took my beloved subaru here to get an oil change. i made my appointment first online, but never got a response back, so a couple days later i called up their service center. the guy on the phone told me there was a delay in the internet booking, but that he would schedule my appointment for me manually. he also was nice enough to inform me that if i brought in some canned food for their canned food drive that i would receive a discount on my service. awesome!

i took my car in and left for some errands. they called back promptly and told me my car was finished. it was really really fast! their waiting room is pretty impressive with a fireplace and nice places to sit. though the staff was nice enough i felt they could have been a little more attentive. i stood waiting for a long time before anyone acknowledged i was there. maybe it was a fluke. either way i will be back.

Mark H. | 2009-07-25

I bought our Subaru at Wentworth several years ago. The sales experience was excellent,  no-hastle and no-bs, just the exact car we were after (they had one shipped in from another state) at a very reasonable price.

Subaru service used to be awful at the old location and we dreaded having to go there. But the new dedicated Subaru service is excellent, very clean, modern, efficient, and friendly, and the prices have been quite reasonable. Also had a bit of work done at their body shop and it too was a very good experience.

We're hoping to buy another Subaru next year to replace our aged truck. I did do a bit of preliminary shopping at Wentworth recently, and as my previous salesman has retired I was assign another salesman who was more of the conventional "say anything to sell a car" kind of guy (favorite lines: "I'd drive one of these if I could afford one" and "my sister has one of these and she loves it."), so hopefully I can work around that.

Tip for buying a car: if they ask you for your SS number before they give you a price (or at any other time), stand up and walk out and don't go back. They want your SS number so that they can run an (illegal) credit check on you, and then up sell or down sell the car. I've not had that particular experience at Wentworth but it's pretty common at car dealers.

UPDATE: my previous salesman is still there, his name is Michael Zimmer and I highly recommend him. He knows Subarus very well, and he's a no-BS guy.He worked very hard to get the car we wanted when we bought our Subaru there. I'm definitely buying my next car from him.

UPDATE #2: bought another car from these guys, again went with Michael Zimmer. Sub's are in short supply these days, he had to get one from Seattle, then held it for us while we got our financing lined up. Great experience.

UPDATE #3: the new service center is quite nice, BUT, they do have this line of BS about how often oil changes are "required" by the factory. My salesman warned me about this and other questionable practices that are common in the industry. I don't mind if they "recommend" services, but to flat out lie about them being "required" is not ethical in my opinion. One star off.

UPDATE #4: OK, the service department is really bad. They're happy to sell you services that you don't need, and reluctant to perform warranty service that you do need.  And rude about it to boot. Five stars for the sales experience, 1 for the service department.

Anne M. | 2009-04-05

I had a pretty good experience buying my used Chevy from Wentworth back in November, it was pretty straightforward and, needless to say in this economy, I got a pretty good deal. Avoid this place though for repair work. My car got hit and since my car had some warranty work  I decided I'd use their body shop--bad idea. They had the car almost three weeks and never got around to the rather dinky service work that was supposed to be coordinated with the other stuff. Basically the sales staff seem fine, but the service/body shop are really disorganized.

Jessica M. | 2009-01-28

This place deserves more than 5 stars!!

I met an employee of Subaru's distribution department at my work and he hooked me up with a discount and a dealership to check out.  So I made an appointment at Wentworth Subaru.

On my drive over I get a call that the guy I had the appointment with was not there and I would be meeting with Andrew... I had already had nice conversations with the other guy, so I was a tad sad but let me tell you... I am so happy I got Andrew!

We were greeted with a smile and sat down and went over my preferences. He was not pushy at all and just listened to what I wanted. Worked really hard to get a price that was reasonable and we went on some test drives...

Well, my credit is horrid apparently so there was no way I would be getting a Subaru unless someone else bought it for me... but Andrew continued to be gracious and answer more of my questions. He never once made me feel bad for my credit situation... he was very professional and I would love to get a car somewhere else and give him the commission.

Thank you Andrew...keep up the great work!

Lorri E. | 2008-02-10

Oh goodie, I get to be the first.  I bought my Subaru Legacy "dogmobile" used here about a year and a half ago.  So, the review might be a bit dated, but up until now when I discovered yelp, I had no place to state my opinion.  So, since it's a good review, here goes.

I HATE buying cars.  What an artificial complete bullshit-up-to-here experience it always is.  Seriously, how annoying can a simple business transaction be?  The sales dude stalking you in the parking lot, then acting like you're long-lost best friends, then the wheelie-dealie nonsense at his desk in the middle of a screaming loud showroom while drinking free nasty machine coffee with fake creamers, then the waiting while he goes off to get his sales manager and they start to work you over in classic goodcop/badcop routine.  Do I look friggin STUPID to you?  And, worst of all, it generally takes all day long, bantering back and forth, before they totally wear you down and you give up and sign on the line, and drive off both happy to have a new set of wheels, yet with a vague sense of unease that you just got ripped off.

None of that happened at Wentworth (except for the bad free coffee part).  I went in, had the bluebook already figured out on my trade, told him EXACTLY what I wanted and was willing to spend, and within a couple of hours we transacted the business deal, without annoying sales manager haggling and weird pressure tactics, and I drove off in my "new" car--a totally non-sexy, yet 100% practical all wheel drive Subaru for toting me, all my stuff, and two dogs any place I want to go.  NICE JOB SUBARU.  Even if I didn't want a Subaru next time, I would go back just because of the nice low hassle factor.