Wentworth Chevrolet in Portland, OR

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Wentworth Chevrolet is a New Chevrolet Dealer.   We specialize in Chevrolets.  We have a huge selection of Used vehicles with a wide variety of Makes to choose from.   Wentworth Chevrolet has a Full Service Department with Master Trained Service Technicians.  We have a large Parts Department with knowledgeable Parts associates to help you find the right part.  Wentworth Chevrolet has a Detail Department that can make your vehicle shine.  We also have two Body Shops.


Established in 1903.

Established in 1903 The Wentworth Family started in the transportation business before cars
traveled the roads of Portland.  George Wentworth started the business in 1903 selling horse drawn carriages.  The Wentworth family business was at one time located for many years where the Powell Bookstore is currently located before moving across the Burnside Bridge.  Wentworth Subaru is located  at the end of the Burnside Bridge at 400 E Burnside.  The business is owned and operated by the 4th generation of Wentworth's and has a number of 5th generation Wentworths working at the dealership

Wentworth Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 232-2000
Address:107 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR, 97214
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Wentworth Chevrolet

Alex R. | 2015-04-25

For Stingray buyers:
Attempted to test-drive the new stingray. Was notified of the requirement to "be serious" about it. Which meant paying cash upfront BEFORE seeing the car. Told them test drove Jag F that same morning with no such requirement and was advised by the salesperson to then go and buy that car instead.

So folks, take your money some place else.

Tony H. | 2015-04-23

Had a great experience purchasing a new Spark from Chris Briggs. He was helpful and friendly. And the credit manager was great too. Our deal wasn't complicated, but he seemed honest, was really friendly, and there were no hidden costs tucked into the agreement. I'd recommend getting your new Chevy here.

Brian E. | 2015-04-19

Worked with Vernon at Wentworth Chevrolet and it was a 5 star experience from the minute we met until I drove off the lot in my new Chevy Spark EV.  Very pleased with the experience and will continue to purchase my cars through Wentworth dealerships.  He was friendly, knowledgeable and was really able to answer all of my questions about electric vehicles and some of the nuances of owning them.  Excellent service from start to finish.  Best experience I've ever had buying a car.  Thanks!

Shannon H. | 2015-04-10

We went to Wentworth after the Portland car show to checkout an Equinox;  we had a Mazda 6 that wasn't roomy enough for our family and had issues, despite being less than three years old. We spoke with Vernon, who made our car buying experience so much better! Not only did he discover that we had been duped by the previous dealership and not informed of an accident on our Mazda had before we purchased it, he got us a great loan rate and got us feom out under the car we were upside down in after only a year of owning it! We will be back once it's timw for another car, and Vernon has our business!

Sean C. | 2015-04-04

I purchased my brand new Chevrolet Silverado at Wentworth.  It was a Great Experience, from the moment I showed up until I drove away in my brand new truck.  Even after the sale they wanted to make sure I was happy.  I look forward to doing business in the future.

Oren I. | 2015-04-04

I bought a certified used Subaru from Chris Briggs and he could not have made it any easier for me. I found the car online and he immediately emailed me. We set up an appointment and I was very early but Chris was completely flexible and accommodating. Every step of the way he was helpful and patient and not pushy in any way. Two days later I was driving my new car home and I love it so much . I recommend Wentworth Chevrolet and Chris Briggs highly!

Jeremy P. | 2015-03-31

Walked in to Wentworth with the plans to trade in my current ride and to buy a certified pre-owned something. I was thinking a Subaru, likely, but lo and behold the 2011 BMW 335d in the lot. Holy Smokes! That car felt GREAT, and Aaron, our sales person, was a pleasure to drive around with. He wasn't pushy, but was still fully engaged with us to make sure we were getting the service we needed. Jared was no slouch, either, and overall our buying process was pretty seamless, even with the trade in. I surprised myself by driving out of there with that car, but I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks to Aaron and Jared for making it happen.

S E. | 2015-03-01

Chris B. helped my boyfriend and I look for cars. We went into it not knowing what we wanted but left extremely educated and ready to purchase a car! Chris was friendly, knowledgable and, best of all, not pushy. He was patient with us and we'll be back soon - to get the car of our dreams!

B M. | 2015-01-28

I cannot say enough about the incredible service we received from our salesman Cleo and financial guru Jared. I read on the internet that Wentworth Chevy were willing to work with people with "challenging" credit issues. Cleo was an active listener while I explained that I needed a vehicle my husband could easily get in and out of due to health issues. He helped find us the perfect car and a payment we could afford. After a few weeks of sheer customer service hell( Jiffy lube ruined our engine on our trailblazer .... But that is entirely a different review!) it was refreshing to walk in and be treated like we mattered. Cleo is the man to see if you go, but I'm sure all the salespeople are equally blessed with finesse. Also there was no trying to squeeze blood from a turnip ploys. We stated what we could afford and they stayed well within the parameters. Thank you Wentworth Chevrolet!

B C. | 2015-01-21

Went in to look and hoped to buy a 1500. It was a refreshing experience. There weren't busy and still didn't hound me. Some people would call it ignoring the customer but what do I know.
They also provided entertainment. A guy was going off on the service people. I later heard a conversation between two staff members taking about how to shine the guy on for a few more hours. Priceless.
I thought about telling the other customer that he was having a funny joke played on him. I didn't because I thought he would go active shooter on them. Some people don't appreciate a fun prank and seemingly over react.
Regardless, it was not my kind of place. All the hilarity and freedom to look around is not my style. If you like clowns and pie in the face humor, you can't beat wentworth.

Viktor S. | 2015-01-14

On Saturday  My GF and I went to buy her first OR car and she wanted a Subaru. so we went and had some trouble finding it but hey we got there. we went in and meet a young name named Spencer Drew who was very Professional and gave both of use a strong hand shake. to welcome us, after we started to talk about the paper work of the car We started to get into some small bumps lets call it. so spencer was a great guy and kept his cool and we cleared those bumps very quickly and professionally. we had laughs and one on one talks to get to know each other. Then the time came to get the car and drive off. so we said our goodbyes and we where very happy to have Mr. Drew take good care of us and to answer all the questions we needed. He answered all of them and did not get us any "whatever " answer and that's why I recommend you all to ask for Spencer Drew if you are looking for a Great Suburb.

thank you again spencer and I may be looking at getting one as will and if I do I know the man to talk to.

Ashanti H. | 2015-01-02

Called the service center because our 2003 Saturn Ion I got from a family member was having some problems with the power steering. The guy on the phone was really nice and told us that our problem might be fixed by addressing a recall on the vehicle. He said he could fit us in that Friday. We show up on Friday and the guy behind the counter will barely even look at us. After a wait he tells us our appointment was the previous Wednesday... Huh?

Eventually they agree to work us into their schedule, so we drop the car off and go about our way. We call to get the car back and they tell us the recall repairs were completed; but the issue we had brought it there for was NEVER EVEN ADDRESSED! Then the guy in the office talked to us like we were stupid for thinking our problem might be addressed. They wanted to charge us $109 to diagnose the problem and of course from there charge us more to fix it... I mean, it's cool that we got the recall stuff fixed, but we didn't ask for that.

We drove this car from 123rd and Foster all the way to the Burnside Bridge with no power steering. So whatever, they made a little money from GM and wasted a bunch of our time. We won't be going back.

Julie V. | 2014-11-23

Wonderful experience!! Kyle helped me times infinity!!

Justin R. | 2014-09-29

Yelp will not let me leave a review without any text

Spencer D. | 2014-09-19

I took my Toyota Tacoma in to get my bumper replaced this last week.  Brian is the manager of the body shop here, and is one of the most straight forward and easiest to work with service managers I've ever worked with.  The whole crew here at Wentworth knows what they're doing, and they were able to help me on my budget to make my truck look like new again.  Thank you Brian, Keith, and the rest of the crew here!  My '98 Tacoma doesn't look like someone punched it in the face anymore. Yay!

I highly recommend this body shop.  Good job guys.  Thank you again.

Nathaniel M. | 2014-08-26

I hate writing bad reviews and while my first experience over a year ago was horrible and worthy itself of a one star review, I specifically waited to write this review until I had finished going there for the second time just today.

You're probably wondering why, if my first experience was so bad, I would ever go back a second time.  The simple explanation is that I own a Chevy and my particular make/model has already been subject to two recalls.  Yes, two recalls. As this is not a review of GM, I will just leave you to come to your own conclusions about my GM vehicles.

Anyhow, I had to go to them twice because when a car needs repair related to a recall, the only place you can go to get the recall honored and not have to pay for it is a dealership.  As it so happens, this is the closest GM/Chevy dealership to central Portland and I'll be darned if I'm going to drive to Gresham or further to get my car repaired.

About 1 year ago I took my car to get repaired for recall #1.  Their "office" for service repairs is a total disorganized mess and basically is just a trio of grizzled mechanics who are all too happy to treat you like crap both in person and on the phone while they endlessly type into their DOS computers and print sheet after meaningless sheet of dot matrix forms.  Just trying to schedule a day/time for them to fix the faulty car was like pulling teeth.  The earliest they could get me in, so they said, wasn't for a couple of weeks.  I wasn't at all confident that the guy scheduling my appointment was paying attention, so I decided to call again the next day to confirm my future appointment, and wasn't at all surprised to learn that they didn't have me down for any appointment.  When I finally did get an appointment scheduled and came in to have the car fixed, guess what?!  They didn't bother to order the part that needed to be repaired, so they had to re-schedule me to come in another time!!!!  So I come in again for them to actually fix my car, and after more than 2 hours, they give me my car to drive off, when...all the engine lights come on!!! They screwed up something else in my car so I had to turn around, go back to the dealership and the gauntlet of cranky mechanics to tell them something was wrong (and believe me, without looking they tried to tell me nothing was wrong!) Ultimately, I had to leave my car there for another 2 hours to fix it!  And guess what?  Absolutely NO apology for the inconvenience!  Not even an explanation as to what they did wrong and how they could just let the car leave when they screwed it up so badly.

Almost a year goes by, and my lemon gets another recall notice in the mail, so here we go again.  I call them to schedule an appointment and they tell me that they don't have the parts, so they can't schedule anything but will call me in 4-6 weeks. After 8 weeks and no call from them, I decide to take the initiative and call them. When I explain why I am calling, the guy gets really short and asks me why I am calling him if they didn't call me first.  I just ignore him and ask him to see if the parts are in yet and after a little more resistance, he agrees to check and confirms that, in fact, my part just came in that morning!  It must have been a miracle!

So I schedule an appointment, take my car in, get treated like crap and decide to ask if while they are fixing my lemon, if they could look at something that is making a strange sound (Please God, don't let this be recall #3).  The guy says sure they can take a look so long as I pay them $102 for them to look and that if they found anything, they'd re-quote me to tell me how much more it would cost for them to fix it!

This place is such garbage.  Only go here if a re-call forces you to go here, otherwise pick another garage.  I imagine many people see the old building it is in and trick themselves into thinking that anything cool and "vintage" must be awesome, but it isn't.  I can't even begin to tell you how shocked I am that this place has any good reviews.  They are horrible in just about every way a business can be horrible:

1) They are rude
2) They are incompetent
3) They overcharge / rip you off

If you need repairs, I STRONGLY recommend going to Bradshaw's or some other place instead.

Ann S. | 2014-08-25

I bought a used car and traded in a used one. Whole experience was professional and drama free!  Not to mention I bought the vehicle I wanted for a great price. Thanks Harry for being a great salesperson.

Patrick L. | 2014-08-17

Wow ... what a great experience!  First of all, this was the 9th car I have purchased from a dealer, either New or Certified Used in about 30 years of car buying.  This time I purchased a Chevy Cruze.  What a great car!! Love it!  But this is a review about the dealership and I have to say the buying experience was incredible.  CLEO SMITH was my salesperson and he was great!  He has been in the industry for  a long time and is very knowledgeable and professional.  He was friendly, and most importantly ... trustworthy.  He didn't make me crazy promises and told me straight out what Wentworth would do for me.  I have been shopping for a long time so when the right car was on their lot, I knew what it should cost and was ready to buy. They were very upfront and honest with me and did not play games in the finance room.  CLEO introduced me to all of the key people in the dealership, which has been around for 100 years or some crazy thing.  What does that say about a car dealership?   All around great experience!  Buy from Wentworth, and specifically, work with CLEO SMITH.  He is the best I have ever worked with.

Matt D. | 2014-07-02

I really enjoyed dealing with both Greg and Aaron from Wentworth.  They were a blast to deal with and made my experience, both as a new resident of Portland and as a frist time car buyer, delightful.

Jessica N. | 2014-06-27

Awesome experience today! I would highly recommend Wentworth Chevy if you are thinking about purchasing a new car.  
Greg Johnson was our salesman today and was fantastic, if your going to go ask for him!

Maggie G. | 2014-06-26

I accompanied my grandfather to Wentworth Chevrolet to purchase a new vehicle. He was apprehensive because he wanted to be able to take his time with the purchase and requires a little TLC as he is somewhat slow to speak due to his age, however very sharp and a veteran. He was afraid the sales staff would be pushy. Our experience was so wonderful. Right off the bat, our salesman Aaron Chapman greeted my grandfather with nothing but top of the line professionalism and respect. He provided him with good options for the vehicle he was looking for and allowed him to operate at his own pace. This experience was very smooth and easy and we appreciate Aaron's excellent customer service skills greatly. Thank you! I would certainly recommend Wentworth Chevrolet and especially Aaron to any of my friends and family looking to buy a car!

Willis O. | 2014-06-23

Do not do business with them you will regret it. If you have the option of taking your car somewhere else I strongly recommend it. Took it in for minor repairs and it took over 15 days. In addition clothing was missing/stolen from my car when I went to go pick it up what a pleasant surprise.

On top of taking way too long the repairs look terrible. Snooty service bad bad bad bad.

I had the option of going with Macco and sadly I went with Wentworth what a mistake.

Gerick L. | 2014-06-03

I just bought a new car from this dealership and I have to say I was very impressed with the service. The sales people were professional and we'll educated on their products. At the same time though, they were friendly and easy going. They didn't guilt you into buying a car like most dealerships do. They were honest with us and explained everything in detail so that we could understand it. I'm really happy that I went to this dealership and am loving the new chevy sonic I just got!

Paul O. | 2014-05-22

Check out the finished car images I posted.

You should know that the manager told me that they did not have to measure the car frame because my car had no frame, it was unibody.

Nothing fit right and they had to grind parts and glue on tabs to make things fit back together. The trunk lid shocks fell off when I first opened it and the trunk lid fell and hit me in the head.
I started looking closer and found filler and no paint inside. I asked the manager and she said, insurance does not pay us to paint inside the car, only the outside.
Rather than fix it they had more answers like this for every concern. The original repair bill was 5k and the repair bill to fix their work was over $10K.
Insurance agreed to just scrap it and the car was totaled.

Reason: Not measuring the frame of the frameless car, they missed buckles in the trunk, and that the back end had shifted to the left. They cut off and welded a new quoter panel crooked. The rear window broke when they tried to put it back on.   That is why nothing fit. The quarter panel would have to be cut off again, the whole back end pulled and re-welded.
You can only cut apart a car so many times before it's structure and the way it behaves in a collision are compromised.

So thank you Wentworth!
Rather than a simple repair, I was provided with a total loss.

P.S. Wentworth Chevrolet, in case you wish to answer to any of this, you know how to reach me.

Shirley T. | 2014-05-09

I wanted to give Wentworth on Ash Street 5 stars but cannot.  I bought a used 2004 Chevy Venture.  Being a  woman and, with my husband working a full time job, I hoped to find a mechanic I could trust.  I went to Wentworth to have a new key made which went smooth and price extremely reasonable.  Then I went back, after they ordered the remote for my van, to pick it up.  In Parts "I was told to ask" someone in service to program the remote to the van.  When I went down into service, I asked and Tim, an older gentleman, had asked someone else to handle it because he was in the middle of something.  It seemed they shrugged him off saying they were too busy so he said he'd take care of it himself which he did.  5 stars for Tim for being so helpful. In the meantime, I had made an appointment to come the next day for a New Owner's Inspection on the car...you know... the one you pay $89 for.  So, with appointment made at 10am, I arrived on time. I walked over to Tim in Service and told him I had an appointment for the service. He paged Bill, I believe he's a supervisor of sorts. Bill came into the service area to his desk next to Tim, working on something, when Tim mentioned to him that I had an appointment and could he handle the inspection.  Well, I'd driven all the way across town to be there and Bill replied by saying "There's no way I can get to it now, it will have to be this afternoon."  I said I couldn't come back and that I'd driven across town to have this done. In other words... I kept my word by being here, why can't you do your part as a business to "do what you said you were going to do!"  So, once again Tim, whom I'd give 5 stars, stepped in again.  He told me he'd find someone and make sure it was taken care of.  He led me to their waiting room. I went in and sat down waiting with 2 people.  Then another lady came in and another man. In the meantime, the other 2 customers had been taken care of.  Long story short, I was the last one waiting. I waiting upwards to 2 hours for them to inspect my car.  Tim came in and told me what all needed to be done. No "major" repairs so I told them to go ahead and take care of it.  They ordered a shuttle for a guy, Byron, to take me home. I was to call him when they finished to pick me up and take me back to Wentworth which should've been that afternoon around 4 or 5, which I think is a nice service.  Well, I waited at home and finally heard from Tim. He said all repairs went well but while they took the van for a last test drive that something wierd happened and half the panel shut down, odometer, gas gauge, radio, etc. and they couldn't figure out what caused the problem. Okay, this was at 4. I called them prior to their closing time at 6 and I was told they still hadn't figured it out.  The next morning at 7:30 I called to ask if maybe it was a cluster panel problem and he said he didn't think so since it was half the panel that shut down and they still couldn't figure what happened.  So, I waited until 9:30 and called again.  I just felt they were sitting on the van and c'mon, I needed my car.  Now, this is where it gets interesting...   I went on Yelp, which is what I should've done prior to taking my van to them, and found a mechanic with 5 stars across the board, raving reviews, etc.  At that point I had planned to call Wentworth, pay what I owed them via phone and the mechanic I found was happy to pick up my van, take it to their shop and fix the problem. They too couldn't understand why it was taking "hours" for Wentworth to figure out this problem. I called, intending to pay the bill and have my van picked up and ended up speaking with the manager of the Wentworth Service Department, a lady. She was insistent on finding out what was going on and why they couldn't figure this problem out.  She told me she'd call me back within 10 minutes.  I got a call within 5 minutes being told that "suddenly the panel began to work again" and that I could order the shuttle to pick up my van.  They also said they "wouldn't charge me for the diagnostics check."  Was that not part of the New Owner's Inspection?  This was just strange.  Maybe it's because I'm a woman and have a southern accent, who knows!!! Being a woman, however, we need a mechanic we can trust!  I really had hoped these were the guys but no.  There's no way I'll go back to them for anything ever again.  The trust was stripped from me when they pulled this shenanigan.  I'll be taking my van to this mechanic I found on Monday to have them take a good look at my van as it's knocking now when I make a turn and something doesn't feel right with the steering wheel when turning.  Also, the engine light comes on still as I crank the car. It wasn't doing that when I purchased the car.  I'm grateful for Yelp due to the fact that it has already saved me headaches from untrustworthy businesses.  I will be sure to read reviews on any and every business from now on to ensure I'll be taken great care of

Mad W. | 2014-04-24

I found the staff at this establishment to be quite rude and obviously disinterested in me at all. My Chevy had a considerable recall, so GM was paying for the work being done. The work was completed,  I picked up my car and wasn't greeted at all. The guy who I last talked to just pointed and said go in there. I walk into the garage and that is all he said to me. No hello, or how can I help you, or welcome back. POINTED. That is a true customer service fail Bill. I think walk in to the cashiers room who just looked at me and waited for me to talk. Do these people not understand the meaning of a greeting?  When I got home the key didn't unlock my trunk. I had to return to the garage of unhappy rude people who then worked around me, as I just waited to be told whether I needed to leave the car and come back, how long it would take, or ANYTHING. I stood by my car for 10 minutes as 2 men check the key in the lock, slammed it in, checked in in the ignition, grumbled, and eventually solved the problem.

I can not get over how horrible the customer service was. They will leave you standing, they will not greet you, and you will have to guess how long ANYTHING will take. Whether it be them retrieving your car, them working our vehicle. Really. yuck.

M L. | 2014-04-10

My truck had a GMC service recall. I called the service department at Wentworth Chevrolet and spoke to Bill in service (Skip is his manager). I gave him my vin and the bulletin number for the Special Coverage Adjustment. BILL LAUGHED AT ME!!! He told me there was no such thing and that he couldn't help me. I called Ron Tonkin Chevy and they had no trouble addressing the issue helping me. I will never go to Wentworth again. They are terrible. Michael Lee

James D. H. | 2014-04-03

My Homie did an oopsie to his Mommies SUV and We came her as they were an Authorized Dealer. It was cool being in the Service Garage and seeing the "Ole School Garage" they made use of, even if they have "No Place For People To Wait, That Is Safe And / Or Out Of The Way". All that aside, they were fast and friendly and what more could you ask for......
Other than "Hurry Up, Please(?)".

Brian H. | 2014-03-03

Took my 1987 Chevy S10 Blazer here for an electrical problem that had been haunting me for months (couldn't use the headlights and radio at the same time). They were able to get me in the next morning and quickly found what I had spent months trying to figure out on my own. Service advisors and staff are very friendly. Prices seemed reasonable for a dealership repair. Maybe it's my former entitled Californian in me, but they could have gotten that 5th star by including a car wash with the service. Otherwise a great experience. Will definitely be back for future service needs.

Tony M. | 2013-10-22

We actually ended up buying a certified 2012 subaru outback from a chevy dealer here (all the subaru dealers were busy at the time). Vernon Bagley was more than willing to jump in and help us out even though it wasn't his usual side of the lot. If you want to buy a new car but hate dealing with the overly pushy sales people talk to this guy. On our first visit we told him we were only looking around at what they had and not necessarily wanting to buy today. He never brought up any financing or tried to push anything on us the whole time (minus a few little light hearted jokes about playing with his heart lol). Was more than happy to just walk around with us answering questions and letting us test drive what we wanted, making a few suggestions here and there. Honestly one of the most laid back, down to earth people I've met. Not just salesman. In general, Hes a good guy. Was more than happy to go back to him when we were ready to actually buy. Was again helpful through the rest of the purchasing process. Even came in to meet with us on his day off! Like I said, real solid guy. Thanks again Vernon!

LeeAnn O. | 2013-10-01

As a first time car buyer, I wasn't looking forward to dealing with the hassle of purchasing a car.  After doing quite a bit of research on which car I wanted, I stumbled on Wentworth Chevrolet because they had a used 2007 Honda Fit I was interested in.  I submitted an inquiry on Cars.com , and Spencer called me back that same day.  

It was a bit ironic because he was a new salesman there, so it was a bit like the blind leading the blind, but it was incredibly refreshing because he did not go for a hard sell or otherwise try to talk me into buying something more expensive (or new even).  He even offered to pick me up at the train station as I was coming by train from Seattle.  It was a quick transaction and no one seemed to care that I was paying in cash.  I felt like they were really open to my questions, from who the previous owners were, why they traded in the car, and what work they had done on the car to prepare it for sale.  I was even able to get a small discount to forgo cosmetic work that was still planned but outstanding.

It's now been a month and 2000 miles since I purchased the car and I've had absolutely no problems with the car.  Spencer followed up to make sure everything was going well, and when the Washington state DMV delayed in sending my new plates, the folks at Wentworth were happy to write out a new dealer tag so I didn't have to drive around with expired tags.  I would gladly go here again for my next car purchase.

Julie S. | 2013-09-27

I just recently bought a car at Wentworth and must say the experience was great! If it wasn't for our sales person Spencer Drew I probably would have walked away!!! He was wonderful to work with and if I need another new car in the future I will definitely come see him.

Perry R. | 2013-09-10

I chose to go down to Wentworth Chevrolet because they had a really great rating on Yelp and I thought they would be good guys to work with since I was planning on buying my first new car. Mitch was my salesman. He and all of the guys there were really nice until they found out that I didn't have a extensive credit history and a 9-5 job.  I told them that I was self-employed and that I worked out of my home selling bodybuilding supplements and they looked at me as if I was lying. They even went as far as telling me to sit on the other side of the dealership so their  finance manager  could call me and act like he was calling from the bank on a Sunday afternoon. The funny thing is, I actually thought it was a phone call from the bank until my salesman came over and told me that they couldn't do anything for me because the bank was closed, oh I replied, " Someone from the bank just called me, I am confused." He replies back, "oh really... they must be working fast". At this point I knew these guys thought I was a drug dealer or something, wrong! If they would have asked me for  my bank statement to my business account they would have saw that I actually own a legit business, hell, all they had to do is Google Fittagious LLC and check the Oregon business registry. To make it worst, they said they would call me Monday and they didn't even have enough integrity to call me and tell me they couldn't get the deal done. The funny thing is I was willing to put down 7-12 thousand dollars on that ashen grey metallic Camaro!

After not hearing from them, I went down to Alan Webb Chevrolet in Vancouver, Washington and they were able to get the Job done for 11.5 thousand down.  They're rock stars over there  and true salesmen who understand that the sales process is something you do for people and not to them.

Wentworth  Chevrolet,  you guys are the epitome of  corrupted salesmen. Being prejudged is never a good feeling when it happens to a man or a woman. I hope you guys grow up one day.

Mark H. | 2013-08-08

We've had two cars in for body work after accidents. They've done perfect work, and their charges are very reasonable. They work very smoothly with my insurance company (Liberty Mutual), and the staff have always been very friendly and helpful.

Jacob P. | 2013-05-16

I'd first like to encourage you to read the review of my original experience, as it was inexcusably bad customer service. All I could really think through that process was "how much harder can they make it to give them money." Even after picking up the car I was contacted one more time by Del with yet another piece of paperwork they forgot to have me sign. At this point we were 21 days out from signing for the car, loan account yet to be opened.

I will give Wentworth's management team a fair amount of credit. I was contacted directly by Doug Wentworth, the sales manager who had read my earlier review. He apologized for the service, I let him know it was borderline insulting how poorly I was treated by Del. He said "we do not employee people like that here," which really isn't a true statement since the dealership would not really let go of either of these individuals I interacted with. Beside the point, Doug has my loan account open the same day he calls me (wonder why it took the team before 21 days) and invited me to drop the car off to repair the door, and take a look at any mechanical issues. I was treated very well, and received a loaner for the entire time my car was being repaired. No cost to me.

Alright, fast forward a week. I get the car back with a new right wheel bearing, a new set of tires which perform much better, and a freshly repaired door. I drive about 30 miles and the ABS light comes on. I accept that this may be a error made when repairing the bearing and email Doug, he invites me to bring the car back so it can be taken to a Honda Tech (I later discover this is really just a repair shop). He takes a test drive with me to hear the noise the car is making himself, which I appreciated. During this repair we replace the left rear wheel bearing, as well as undercoating the car. Doug calls to let me know the ABS light came on while he was driving the car back from the repair shop...so back it went. I receive an email that the car needs a new ABS module, which is a $1000+ repair job, still no charge to me but there is not really good reasoning as to why the car needed it. I get the car back, and after another 60 or so mile stint of driving the ABS light comes back.

Okay, I drop it off again, thankful that I have not been told "too bad, your problem" yet. I am told by Grant Wentworth (Doug was out, understandably) that the shop they took it to stated that they installed a bearing without the needed ABS component. This really confused me, since there is no trim level of this particular car that came without ABS. And, After all, the original light came on after only replacing the right bearing, and remained after replacing the left bearing as well, and still came back after replacing the entire ABS module. The system is throwing a left speed sensor code, so I am wondering why we are not questioning the left speed sensor. So, not getting enough info from the dealership (not really their job, of course) I just call the shop, Dan's automotive, to ask. I really don't get far, they just tell me that the left bearing was not correct, there is no reason to suspect the right side and the left sensor is fine. I was not confident in the repair shops understanding of the problem, but I could easily be wrong.

Anyways, I have gotten the car back, and it seems to have no more issue. I am hesitant to say that as the issue has reappeared so many times now. I still have a feeling it will. I am deeply thankful that Doug did care enough to contact me and try to fix everything wrong with the car. It was truthfully going above and beyond. But, at the end of the day I still went through an inexcusable buying experience to receive a car in which so many things "slipped through the cracks." Not to mention it essentially took me 1.5 months to purchase a car. I can't help but think if I just walked out of the finance office when Del became irate and went elsewhere, as so many people said I should have, I would have saved myself so much grief.

Every customer should be receiving the same level of service, and each car on the lot should meet a standard quality. This is why people pay thousands extra to buy a car from a lot: there is some piece of mind that the car is mostly mechanically sound with no needed body work and and the buying process will be somewhat quick, easy and painless.  The simple fact that if I had not written a review about Wentworth, I would have not had any of these issues resolved should give you a clue of the typical experience of their customers. Hopefully they will consider this going into the future, and they do deserve a better rating for all of their attempts at remedying my specific situation.

P. P. | 2013-03-01

After doing a lot of research for my sister, I drove down from Seattle to help her find an economical car for her business. I'd searched online for a few weeks to narrow down our choices and we had a pretty good idea of what we were looking for. After getting to Portland and heading to Wentworth Chevrolet, we ended up not getting what she thought she wanted, but getting exactly what she needed.

The staff at Wentworth were truly wonderful. From Carlos, who helped us really define what she needed, and was tireless in his efforts, to Troy who helped us with the paperwork, and Grant who showed us around and went into the history of his family's dealership spanning back 5 generations, everyone was great. We really had the best time there and came away feeling like they were an extended family.

We couldn't be happier with her choice, or the team at this dealership. Thanks, you guys! We WENT and it was WORTH it!

Reid H. | 2013-02-21

Sales experience could not have been better.  Thanks Bob, Dan, Bob and Jared for a great sales experience all the way around.

Traci B. | 2013-02-01

I have purchased three new Chevy trucks from Wentworth in the past six years, and will continue to do so.  I was impressed with the knowledgeable and friendly staff, and the willingness to go the extra mile to find the exact truck I wanted with the exact features I wanted.  I got the perfect truck and would highly recommend this dealership to everyone I know.

My salesman, Chuck, never gave up, even when I changed my mind twice about which vehicle I wanted, both of which were out of state.

I am a loyal GM owner, and am thrilled to be a loyal customer to the oldest dealership in town.  I hope they stay around for another 100 years!  When you are ready to buy, give them a chance first!

Go Wentworth Chevrolet!

Bobby A. | 2013-01-11

I was looking for a new Equinox for my wife and opted to use the Costco Auto Program (@costcotweets) and go through Oregon's oldest Chevrolet dealership, Wentworth Chevrolet (@wentworthchevy).

The typical December Oregon rain was greeting us, testing our durability, but we persevered, proceeding to test drive one of the new Equinox models. Brent was good for conversation, naturally relaxed and not at all stuffy or pushy. The experience was great and we were able to transact a new Equinox without any stress or hassle.

It was dark when I left and wanted to take delivery in the light and have them finish up detailing it as well so I brought my wife down the next morning and they had put a bow on it for Christmas. My wife was super happy and although I drove it home that day, she is driving it everyday and absolutely loves it.

The deal was great, the ride is great, Brent was great, the service was great, and Costco Auto Program is great. Thank you all!

Brittni H. | 2012-10-14

I bought a used car from Wentworth Chev about 2 months ago and it was the easiest car buying experience ever. We worked with the Internet Sales manager, Dave I believe his name was.  We found a car we liked on their website, so I emailed Dave.  He immediately got back to us and accepted our online price so we went in later that day and were on our way home with the car in less than 2 hours.

The car was in perfect condition and they provided us with a car fax and a list of all detailing that was done.  I would definitely recommend them for all future car purchases/repairs.  They seem very honest and easy to work with.

Scott L. | 2012-10-06

I recently got some yellow road paint on my 2010 Suburban and thought I would call the dealer to set up an estimate for removal or at least some advice for dealing with the paint splatter on my new truck. I have used Wentworth in the past for service issues and generally been happy. I called the body shop, explained my situation and was transferred to the detail dept.. The fella that answered was extremely rude and told me he could not help me because his boss was not at work that day and so no estimates could be made and he hung up.  I called back to the body shop again explained that I was only looking for an estimate to get the paint removed at a future time. I was told to stop by when I could so I went right over.
When I arrived I met with the head body shop guy who looked at the damage and said he would go write something up for me. 40 minutes later he returned with an estimate of $500 and told me it would take the better part of a day to remove the paint and buff it up.
It seemed like an expensive quote.

Later that day I was doing some errands and by chance stopped at a body shop in my neighborhood who I had no previous experience with. Showed them the damage and asked for a quote. Immediately they called another tech over to look at it and said they could take it off while I waited. I was there for less than 15 minutes, the areas where the paint was looks brand new and shines nicely. They didn't even charge me for their time.

Rosetta S. | 2012-09-21

I just bought a used car from Wentworth, the process was simple, stress free, and I didn't feel pressure to buy.

I had been looking for a used subaru wagon for about 6 months, both dealers and private parties.  I spotted a couple used Subarus online at Wentworth that I was interested in, and decided to head down and check them out.  I was happily greeted, and helped.  But not swarmed upon like I've been at other dealers. Neither cars were ready to go on the lot, and were in the back area.  But Brent tracked them down for me. One car was still being detailed, and the other needed to go through the service department.  I was able to check out both cars, and test drive them.  I was very interested in one. It had some minor cosmetic damage, that I was promised they would fix, if I bought the car or not.  They let me take it to my personal mechanic to have him go over it, and make sure it was worth the money (and give me some bargaining tools) The car was in very solid shape, just a couple of minor repairs but nothing to the extent of some similar models I had been looking at in the same price range.  After I was sure I wanted the car the negotiating process was easy. Just talking, and some double checking with the boss, no huge amount of time left alone, no scribbling of numbers on paper, and pushing it across the table.  Once we had agreed on a price, filling out the paperwork was easy, and everything was laid out clearly. The repair for cosmetic damage was in the paperwork. I didn't feel as if they were trying to hid anything, or rip me off.   I was able to walk off the lot with the keys to my new to me car.  I've set up a time to have them take care of the cosmetic damage.    I have no doubt they will repair it to perfection... but if not, yelp will be the first to know.

Brent was a huge help, especially with my small budget, and was fun, and relaxed to work with.  Go to Wentworth!

Bradford M. | 2012-07-06

My car was broken into earlier this week by some sucky person (which sucked). The miscreant used a crowbar to pry under the edge of my rear passenger window until it broke, and then in the process of rifling through the car busted the lid off of my center console. This is one of those frustrating things in life that you can do absolutely nothing about other than to deal with the aftermath and grumble. So after grumbling for a while I submitted a police report (which you can now do online, thank you City of Portland), called my insurance agency, and then called Wentworth Chevrolet. I arranged to drop my car off the next morning (Tuesday, July 3rd). When I dropped it off, the friendly and efficient staff let me know that they would have to order in a couple of items, so the car likely wouldn't be finished until the end of the day on Friday, or perhaps even the following Monday depending on parts availability. I shrugged (having a bike and a bus pass, this didn't really cramp my style), and agreed to check in Thursday to find out the status. From there, this pleasant experience just got better and better. Wentworth dealt with my insurance company directly, so my final interaction with State Farm was a phone call later on Tuesday to let me know that payment had been arranged and I was all set from their end. I went to a nice bbq on the 4th and didn't give the situation a thought (other than to grumble a little more to my friends about sucky miscreants who break my stuff). When I called on Thursday morning to check on the time frame, Wentworth informed me that they had managed to get the parts from a local dealer (at a discount, which didn't affect me but I'm sure made State Farm happy), and the car would be ready by the end of the day, a full day earlier than their best estimate. When I went to pick my car up, not only had they vacuumed the broken glass out of the passenger side, they had washed and DETAILED my car for me, at no charge. Seriously, my car hasn't been this clean in half a decade. The repairs were also done flawlessly, and the cashier and office staff were again friendly and efficient. The whole process really helped me lower my blood pressure over the whole car-break-in situation. I am happy to give Wentworth Chevrolet an unqualified five stars.

I'll post my one-star review of sucky, window-breaking (check-thieving) miscreants separately.