Vespa in Portland, OR

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Vespa in Portland, OR.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Vespa, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Vespa in other cities in the Oregon.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 222-3739
Address:808 NW 23rd, Portland, OR, 97210

Reviews on Vespa

Anna M. | 2010-08-01

I went in here looking to get some advice about Vespas vs. Stellas. The lady there was little to no help. She had only superficial information to offer my very specific questions.

A few weeks later, I went in to make a service appointment to get my recently purchased used Vespa checked out. After being told that the soonest opening they had was two weeks out, the same lady went on to condescend to me, implying, more or less, that my scooter was doomed because I hadn't bought it from them. Living only a few blocks away, I would have liked to use them for my regular service. I won't be back.

But hey, if they don't want my business, I'll take it elsewhere -- to Ptown Scooters. They  welcomed my used scoot without any attitude or condescension.

augustus B. | 2009-07-09


I called vespa portland today and told them everything i have typed out here, and gave them the chance to make the issue right, and was told in a round-a-bout way that i was lying.

If you are buy a scooter, especially a genuine scooter, buy from here and get it serviced by P-town scooters, a place that knows what they are doing, and care about integrity.

I've gotten my scooter serviced at vespa portland a few times, and the first time, had an appt. They were late to open the store, causing me to be late for work. Since they were super apologetic, and they got my scooter fixed the same day, i let it go.

The second, and last time was about a month ago. I was getting something checked out that was under warranty. They found a way to say it was a battery issue( not covered, as it's a consumable item) but, this had nothing to do with the battery, since a large amount of people run stellas and vespas without the battery. The installed the battery without asking me, then charged me for the battery and the labor (installing a battery is something that is so easy, that anyone could have done it, but they did the unethical thing and installed it and charged me, even though they said it was to fix the problem i took the scooter in for (instead of charging me for the battery and letting me install it myself)

I also asked them to take care of a few other things that were minor warranty issues, but didnt want to take the scooter in for them individually, but since i was taking the scooter in for the other issue, i asked them to take care of them
they were:
replace the engine kill switch
fix the speedometer
tap out the threaded hole where the rearview mirror goes (which when it came off due to i believe the scooter not being prepped for sale properly, damaged the threads so i couldnt screw it back in)

These things "conveniently" were missing off the work order, but i was told that they were all fixed by the person who checked me out with i picked up the scooter, save for the speedo, which i noticed wasn't working on the way home from picking up the scooter. "eh, i'll just take it to p-town from now on" i thought.

When i got home, i noticed that the rearview mirror hole had not been retapped. I got slightly even more annoyed

today, (a month later) i was doing some routine maintenence, and noticed that the kill switch had not been replaced at all. It was still disconnected, which is a temporary fix suggested by the manufacturer.

This was the last straw, since it was obvious that they DO NOT check their work, and made me mad, since if this had been something system critical like the breaking system or the engine, i could have been injured by faulty workmanship.

Do i love my scooter? I do.


my scooter is a "new vintage" scooter, basically a recreation of a vintage vespa, quirks and all. When purchasing the scooter, this was not mentioned, just how much fun i would have riding it. When i started to call about service, i was then fed the line, "well, it's old technology, it will have some issues" Not that i mind the quirkyness of the scoot, it adds some personality and individuality to the scooter, my issue with this is that i was not told about this when i bought the scooter.

Vespa Portland is the mega dealer of scooters in portland. They place a premium on getting you out the door, but come glaringly short when it comes time to stand behind the products they sell.

As said before, If you buy a stella scooter, get it serviced at P-town scooters. You might also want to go the extra mile and contact genuine scooters and let them know that their reputation is being raped by a horrible dealer. Ask them to please let someone who cares about scooters and the people that buy them be their portland dealer, and to revoke vespa portland's dealer rights

Angela B. | 2007-06-09

I love the Vespa store! Nothing beats hopping on one of their sassy scooters and taking one out for a quick test drive.  The store is just as cool as the scooters they sell, with a sexy collection of clothing for the biker babe and biker dude in all of us. Ultra cool leather jackets, t-shirts that are rock star hot, and helmets so hip that you might just want to keep it on while you're walking around town.