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The Ron Tonkin Family of Dealerships is Oregon's 21st largest private employer and has been voted "One of the Best 100 companies in Oregon to Work For" as well as one of "The 100 Best Green Companies." The family-owned business is a Portland icon and has been outfitting the Pacific Northwest in automobiles for over 50 years.

Ron Tonkin claims he was born with gas in his veins. Because of that passion, the Tonkin family has been providing Portland families with cars and trucks for over half a century. Since 1960 with one Chevy store, the Tonkin family now owns 16 auto dealerships and one exotic Italian motorcycle store - Motocorsa.

Tonkin Fiat

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 203-4600
Address:9008 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, OR, 97225
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Tonkin Fiat

Nick C. | 2015-03-23

Been dealing with William Pak who says he is the manager refused to give me a simple quote on a car. He was very rude and mocked me when  I just asked for a price. Good thing there are other dealerships in the area that can give me the quote I asked for without all the attitude

pamela s. | 2015-03-14

I've had to call their service department a few times. Always astonished by how rude and unprofessional they are on the phone. I love my Fiat but really wish I'd bought it somewhere else.

Jennifer C. | 2015-02-24

Leased a 2014 500e and proceeded to have the worst dealership experience ever. Can't wait for our lease to end and get a car somewhere else.

Leased: September 2014
Today's date: February 24th 2015
Total time with OUR fiat: 1.5 months TOPS!

We went through 3 loaner cars (would have been 4 if it wasnt bc we didn't have time to pick it up and all the electrical problems we had showed up again). The electrical problems we encountered, ended up being caused by a plug in from our insurance company that messed with the electrics of our electric car, but the interactions that followed from Fiat was absolutely unacceptable!!

When Fiat didn't know what the problems were, we went in trying to figure out what our options were - to either switch out the car etc (we got the fiat as a second car) - and one of the salesmen had the audacity to pretty much tell us to get a THIRD CAR and to just keep paying for this car (even though at the time it wasn't even working!!). What kind of STUPID solution was that?!?!

When we finally got our fiat back, they took out our plug that was in the compartment in the trunk. So, I called asking them to send it over to me or drive it over to my office, since I was planning on charging my car at my work's parking structure, and clearly couldn't do so without the plug. And the people there pretty much told me they couldn't FIND IT! WTH. The LEAST they could do was to take it from one of their loaner electric car and give that one to us, so we had it. And they called me pretty much telling me they had no idea where it was... then it was like radio silence for a WHOLE WEEK. How long does it take to give back MY plug. I finally just called the manager and told him that we NEEDED our plug back and requested that he deliver it to my office building the next morning. So a lady calls me and tells me she is in front of my building, but can't find the front door, so I proceed to describe how to get to our lobby and where the main entrance is. She pretty much tells me she's not sure what I'm talking about and cannot find the front entrance, so I head downstairs and she tells me she's in the pink fiat parked out front. SHE DID NOT EVEN BOTHER GETTING OUT OF THE CAR. She KNEW very well where the lobby was and where the front desk was - SHE WAS STARING RIGHT AT IT from her car. She was just too lazy to get out of her car, walk the 10 feet into the lobby and drop off our plug with the front desk guy. She could have just told me she was parked out front and if I would be able to come down and get the plug from her... but NOOOO she just had to lie and play dumb and get me out there bc she was just TOO FREAKIN LAZY to get out of her stupid car.


Dia L. | 2015-02-17

I purchased my adorable fiat 500 back in October....I thought I might not be able to have the chance to own even a pre certified owned vehicle.... Tony made magic happen, and that very same day, I walked out with my 2013 fiat 500 that I absolutely love!

I've been back a few times for maintenance for my vehicle (normal wear and tear), and the entire fiat staff, from the sales reps to the service department, to the wonderful Alan Bradway and his awesome boss Joss Greene, have treated me like a princess!  They're not only friendly, but they all have a wonderful sense of humor!

I am set to go back for some extra detailing to my car in the next coming of weeks and I'm surely looking forward to see the wonderful staff at fiat.  They helped this little old gal make her dream come true of being able to own a car and rebuild her credit.  I don't think I've ever had any one company go to bat for me, and I'd recommend this dealership to everyone I know!

Clay H. | 2015-01-29

I'm definitely thinking 'Meh' on this one. I like my Fiat just fine. This is about the dealer. Since I haven't bought a lot of cars from dealers, my experience is limited, but this dealer needs to walk down the street to MINI and see how it is done.

The sales process was ok, but it took too long. After the test and approval, I want to be out of there quickly. I don't want a high pressure sales pitch from a smooth talking Texan trying to get me to double the price of the car with extended warranties. This whole thing is pretty much automated. Show me where to sign so I can go home!

Service was a mixed bag from redeeming, to awful. I took it in for an oil change and to see why it was making a creaking sound. They insisted that they have to charge me for the oil change, but didn't charge me for the creaking hub cap which I broke during a parallel parking maneuver. I checked my warranty document at home and found that oil changes were covered for 3 years. They did send my money back, but why the kerfuffel in the first place? Also, when they thought they were going to get my money, the put the 'be back in 3,000 miles' sticker on the car. Why? This car has the sensor that tells me when to get the oil change, plus the recommended interval is something like 7,500 miles for the car. With modern engines and oil, that is just money grubbing.

Then a few months later, we picked up a screw in our tire. I suggested to my wife that we call Fiat to see if they would fix it. They would, but for $25.00. Again, not your fault, but why charge? Seems silly. Oh, did I say that it took an hour and a half? Fellas, get it together. They did give my wife a grilled cheese while she was there, but that is crazy long for a 10 minute fix.

Micah D. | 2014-10-13

I had a great experience buying from Jordan Casner. Before I knew exactly what I wanted, Jordan was super helpful. And whenever he wasn't available, Joss Greene, the studio manager, would step in and promptly answer my questions.

Before physically going in, I knew I wanted to buy a 2015 Abarth. I was very picky about options, so I ultimately decided to custom order one. This process was quick and painless. A couple of months later, I received a call that the car was available and I could come pick it up. I wet in the next morning and bought the car. This was also a great, painless experience. Their finance manager Don was perfect. He did a great job up-selling, but didn't unnecessarily pressure me or make it uncomfortable. This was my first time buying a new car. I've been told by others that the car buying experience can often be so bad it negates the enjoyment of actually getting the car you're excited about. This couldn't have been further from the truth. I personally had a ton buying from Tonkin Fiat.

M S. | 2014-09-19

I just spent the ENTIRE day yesterday (open - close) at Tonkin FIAT!  Not intentionally, but that is how long it took me to test drive several different vehicles, ask a million different questions and finally... leave with the perfect car for me!
None of that would've been possible had I not been working with a fantastic salesperson...Robert Anderson!
He was beyond patient, courteous and incredibly knowledgeable.  Tonkin FIAT is lucky to have him on board!
I also met a few other very nice and helpful employees through out that very long day at Tonkin FIAT .... thanks to Don, Donna and Carlos !!!

Mia M. | 2014-08-15

Title: Gunk Car
*If I could give negative stars this would get negative 4 1/2 (five reserved for something like car found at bottom of swap and resold)*

I hate myself for even walking through the doors, let alone purchasing from this building. I wouldn't call it a dealership but walk toward rear of 'Studio' (their name for shiny front display) then run as fast as you can.

I purchased for cash (21000) bucks a brand new show room floor 500L. It looked pretty good, but that was an illusion. I bought car on a Saturday and told NAV couldn't be activated on weekend so come back in Monday. The man that does it had already went home. Monday morning bright and early I brought it in. Now the bottom row of buttons (not touch screen) stuck when you pushed them. Service supervisor M said that was common and would be fixed with download. He activated and told me to drive it around for a week and if the plastic button unsticks itself call and he would order a new radio (WTF). Of course little Gnomes didn't fix it while I slept, so I called and they ordered one. No one called me back so I called a week later and magically my radio was there so I scheduled appointment.

We had first rain in city for a month during the week I waited for appointment. The windshield wipers were sticking to windshield. I went to three stores but no one had blades. When I took it in for radio replacement I asked to purchase new blades. I waited about an hour and my car was brought out with new radio. I got in drove off, as I got out of parking lot I realized steering hand controls (for anything) didn't work. I drove around block and back in. M brought out tech and both said they should have checked it (duh). I then said what about blades, M said he would have them check that (thought he did) but didn't. Car went back to bay. .Part way through radio fix #2, M came out. M told me blades were fine but my car was covered in a film most likely sprayed and then transport adhesive. I told him that explains weird spots and streaking. He went to detail it. I waited.

Couple hours had passed, M said my car was ready , but not. Radio worked great but that film on car, he couldn't remove it. My car needed to go to an auto body shop to remove gunk. It would need to go for a few days and I would get rental/shop car but...they didn't have one that day. M said he would call and schedule when the car became available. He never did. I waited a week, then called. Got J on the phone, and he had no clue what I was calling for, but booked an appointment.

Yesterday was appointment. At 7:55 a.m. I arrived. J, M sat behind him, never moved or greeted me. I was walked outside by J and rudely asked to point out any 'gunk spots'. I told him M found this, and this and pointed to some, but that the whole car had a film. We went back inside. I then asked about a smell. The car has a weird fishy chemical smell, not new car. Both men laughed. M asked how many miles were on car. I said 500. He replied, drive it another 500 and see if it goes away. J then got my drivers license and insurance info and slid keys to the shop rental at me. He said it outside and looks like your older fiat (we have 2012 silver). He didn't get up, show me nothing.

I walked outside and I used alarm fob to find car. It didn't start until third try. Now J said I needed to return it with same amount of gas (it had one line left). I drove out of lot. One block away check engine lights, bells and whistle went off. A tire pressure light came on. I pulled off road and vehicle was running flat. I inched car back to dealer. J came outside and said it was just low with air.

I lost it. I told them I want my car done, that day. I was sick and tired of them punting, not following up, not check, not doing their jobs. I was about to get on a freeway with an unsafe car. He walked around my car, but just handed me keys to an unreliable rental.

J said he would see what he could do. I sat in lobby for the next three hours. Finally I asked them where we were at with car. J called and left message with shop. Then after three hours, he said oh we have a shuttle that can take you home and then we can deliver car when its done. I wanted to cry. Salesman drove me home. On ride sales man said this isn't first time stuff like this happened and I needed to make sure upper staff knew (wish I had known before purchase).

So now I sit, a day later, and got call from general general something manager that tells me car is ready but not. Apparently 'Gunk' on molding won't go away and they need to order it. I have no ETA, car, or money back which is what I wish I could have. Run far far far away from this place.

Renee K. | 2014-06-29

Don't buy a used car here.  I feel sour about the negotiating experience, when I was hoping to feel excited about my first car buying.  Hard core, unemotional sales reps and finance dept who push and push for add ons you do not need.   Not knowledgeable about their vehicles, I felt like they did not want to share information unless directly asked about it and then it was vague.  I hope my dream car isn't a lemon.  There are plenty of other "fish" in the sea to purchase your car.

Amber C. | 2013-12-18

My husband and I leased a Fiat in June of this year. We were skeptical of leasing but spoke with the finance manager (Pat)  in great detail. We asked if something should happen and we are unable to continue with our agreed upon lease, what would be the process. Pat said that we had 2 options, 1. Sell private party and pay off our balance or, 2. Fiat would take our vehicle back if we paid a fee of roughly $800. We agreed to the conditions. We decided to upgrade recently and called to speak with Pat regarding terminating out lease. Pat said he would have to look into this because he had never dealt with this before. It took Pat 2.5 wks to return my calls and messages. I spoke to several other people in the Finance dept. My husband called and surprisingly he answered! Yet, he still claimed to not have any answers yet. (Regardless if he had no answers, he should have had the courtesy to acknowledge my calls and messages) He finally called me back and proceeded to inform me that we could terminate our lease but, we would need to pay off the remainder in addition to the $800. To my dismay this was ABSOLUTELY NOT what he had told us. He claimed that was not that case at all. He said he would have never said that was the case because this is their policy. I quickly reminded him that, if you had been SO AWARE of the policy it absolutely should not have taken you 2.5 weeks to speak with a supervisor to find out what your policy actually is. Needless to say my he falsely stated the facts and was a smooth talker. It unfortunate that people like Pat give car sales people such a bad rap. WE WILL NEVER Purchase or lease a fiat from the snakes at Fiat!

Jordan S. | 2013-10-28

This was my first car buying experience and it was fantastic!  Chris was so helpful and understanding of all of my very particular needs!!  I had heard all kinds of horror stories and stereotypes you hear about car buying and none of them were present here.  The finance department even called me several days after I had signed and bought my car to let me know they had found me a better rate!!  They were all fabulous, but I cannot say enough nice things about Chris!!  Go see him when you want to get a new car and I can promise you will not be disappointed!!

Lyndsey W. | 2013-10-23

My son bought his first car here and we couldn't be more thrilled with the service we received! Chris was our salesperson and he worked very hard to find a car that would work for my son. Pat was the finance guy and he worked his bum off to make it happen for us.
Car shopping can be a nightmare but the folks at Tonkin Fiat made it a very pleasant experience.

Kim L. | 2013-10-21

Fabulous used car. Great deal. No pressure.  Will, my internet sales agent helped me find the car of my dreams and treated me (as a woman) and my budget/feature requirements with the utmost respect. That would be a first for me, as I've never had a good dealership experience until now. Thank you Will and the entire Fiat team for showing me how it's done right!

Ole O. | 2013-10-19

I went car shopping on my birthday, Oct. 13. I had done lots of research (for months) online and was pretty sure I wanted to buy a Fiat.
  I just want to say I had a terrific buying experience at Ron Tonkin Fiat. The saleman, Jordan, was super nice and really helpful. Neither he, nor anyone else at the dealership put any pressure on me to make up my mind. I test drove a 500L and a 500 POP Sport. They had a really good selection and I told them I may have to buy two or more cars! lol...
    I ended up buying the smaller, Fiat 500 Sport. Good on gas and easy to park. I had forgotten my checkbook at home. It was closing time. Jordan followed me all the way to Hazel Dell (after his work shift) and my house so I could hand him a check, paying for my new car. Great customer service!  
   I highly recommend Ron Tonkin and Fiats!!

p.s. I test drove a Chevy Sonic the day before and found Ron Tonkin Chevrolet on NE 122nd Ave in Portland to also have top notch sales staff.

B C. | 2013-10-17

I expect car salesmen to play games. Ron Tonkin dealerships are tops for pathetic games. My attitude was dealerships are all the same until I went to Tonkin. Salesman didn't have a clue or lied about the car. The rates quoted were low then high, starting at 2.9 and ending north of 9. If I heard the phrase "you deserve this car" one more time I would throw up. Just generally slimy.

Nancy B. | 2013-10-03

I thought I would take a moment to commend both Joss Green, and Todd Fitzgerald for their standard of excellence toward my purchase of my beautiful, fun little Fiat 500 pop today!  They definately exceeded my expectations in professionalism, and patience.  After years of dealing with preditory salepersons, they completely erased the emotional scaring that I experienced for years dealing with the "wolves" involving my prior purchases.  In the auto sales industry where customer service virtually never existed with dignity, honesty or professionalism, I without a doubt have seen a side of this industry that took me by surprise.  After reading the negative reviews attached for Tonkin Fiat, I can personally state that I never experienced any deception, nor pressure from any of the persons from Tonkin Fiat today, only professionals that conducted themselves beyond any normal expectations. I would like to personally pass on a commendation for their level of integrity, and hope that other automobile dealerships emulate their standards, so; that the industrie's reputation elevates to a much higher level of regard.

Sincere Regards,

Nancy Brennan

M D. | 2013-09-24

Tonkin Fiat is NOT the place to buy your Fiat.

The sales people are good, but out side of that you have to deal with a dishonest slick and straight up liar of a Finance and Service manager.

Do not, I repeat do not take any up sales that they dealer offers you, no matter how nice the Finance manger is he is just trying to sell you something you don't need and you will be getting ripped off.  This is at any dealer ship... do your home work and stick to your guns. Say no, you will have to do this at least 3 time for every up sale or you can just get nasty and ask him why No didn't work the first time.

Example Tonkin Fiat wants to sell you a clear bra for $1200+ What a joke. They claim they are the best in town. Not at all I've seen the work it's not and you can get it done anywhere else with the same warranty for half the price. Why spend $600.00 more! Another example is the bogus scotch guard, again don't do it.

My biggest problem with this dealership is that I had financing through my bank  (Chase). When you have financing through your bank, they Tonkin fiat and the Finance manager will say they can do better than your rate, in the end they can't and just say will match it.  On top of this they also tried to tell my credit rating was lower, but I have proof it is higher.

But back to the financing, they couldn't get a better rate, but said they could... This of course is found out after I leave the dealership the following day. I got sick of their crap after I ask for a few changes but they are un willing to help. I decide to have Chase cut a check to pay off the car. Guess what they don't accept the check or deposit it, will not communicate with the Bank as to why... Chase is completely baffled by the actions thus far with Tonkin Fiat and financing dept. They have spent 3 days trying to get things rectified. We have issued a second check to Tonkin Fiat to pay off the car and waiting to see what's up.

It's to bad that Fiat has these guys as a premier dealer. They are a joke. Don't trust them save yourself sometime and frustration and don't deal with them.  I have a long list of issues I will not put here, but I'm taking up with Fiat Corp, The State Attorney General. If you've had a problem with Tonkin Fiat, please address this with Fiat and the State Attorney General. It's the only way to get their attention.

I have never in all my life seen a dealer try and hold a car title hostage by not accepting a pay off check that was issued in the exact correct amount of pay of for the dealer and for them to not contact my Bank after multiple calls. I really can't stress how much these guys are crooked it's a shame.

Steve Y. | 2013-09-09

Awful service department. My car has a defective rear axle that is impossible to align. They have refused to repair the factory defect even after admitting it was out of spec. I have premature tire wear and a huge vibration.  I'm just glad I leased.

Ava G. | 2013-02-26

I will never buy a car from these guys again, and I tell all my friends likewise. I applied for financing through capital one blank check online. When I showed up to the lot they told me it would be better if I financed with them. But they could get anywhere near the interest rate I was approved for which was close to 4%. When I showed up to purchase my car "someone" mysteriously cancelled my blank check with capital one and it wasn't me. They then said the best they could do was 12.99%. I ended up trading my car and purchasing with another dealer who offered me an interest rate of 1.9% only a few months later. They upsold me on fabric protection and told me it was transferable if the car was ever sold which was NOT true. They also lied about the safety rating for the FIAT, and made other false misrepresentations about the car!

Steve A. | 2012-07-11

This was one of the most dreadful experiences I have ever had. I had a good experience with the salesman. I ordered the car. I put a $2000 deposit on the car. The car arrived. I arranged financing with my bank. I went over it with the salesman.

So I showed up to pick up the cr. it was not ready, despite my having arranged beforehand to pick it up. The finance manager lied to me telling me that I would need to fill out a finance application with his finance company because federal law required it. I asked him which federal law. He didn't know. He didn't know because he was lying.  After being caught in several lies the finance manager suddenly needed to make a phone call. I tried chasing him down, but another pissed off customer had cornered him. Finally, I left without the car. I just couldn't do business with these clowns.  And yes I did get my deposit back.

Robin J. | 2012-03-05

First let me say Mark, the service manager, is wonderful.
The salesmen are exactly that though, I found out a few months after purchasing my Fiat.  I was sold an unneccessary 'scotch-guarding' of my car they insisted was important but, I later found out from HQ, was not.  I also purchased a service agreement that became void when no local dealerships wanted to service Fiats.  Noone called me and, after multiple calls and a visit to a dealership and hours of wasted time, I had HQ tell me they'd refund me.  Still waiting for the call and the refund.  
Buy the car but don't let even a prestige dealership tell you you need anything else.  Very disappointed as I initially thought this was a fantastic sales experience.

Still waiting for my call from Fiat HQ any day now, guys!