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At Seaport Auto we have a very unique management team.  When it comes to car dealers Seaport Auto Wholesale has over 150 years of auto dealership experience in upper management alone.  It is very rare to find any other independent auto dealership in Portland that has this level of expert industry knowledge to serve our customers the way we do.


Established in 2001.

We are one of Portland's Largest Independent, Family Owned Retail Auto Dealerships specializing in used cars. Our mission is to help individuals obtain auto loans, including those with extreme credit problems. We'll work with any kind of credit to arrange an auto loan.  In house financing available with our buy here pay here program. Portland's Finance King!

Seaport Auto Wholesale

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 653-7400
Address:17225 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Portland, OR, 97267
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Reviews on Seaport Auto Wholesale

Scott K. | 2014-08-15


They sell salvaged title cars to people who don't realize what's happening until the VERY LAST pieces of paperwork are brought out.  It's legal, but so unusual that one doesn't hear about it often.

Here?  They do it ALMOST EVERY TIME.

* Salespeople/finance managers, practically everyone that works here ARE HIGH OR DRUNK OR SUBSTANCE ABUSERS OF SOME SORT.

This should bother you.


These low lifes are all from out of state and come from a group of well known shysters and hucksters out of Arizona known as the Van Tuyl group.

Put it simply:  they set up shop in Oregon because they think the local populace is stupid, trusting, and easily lead.

The worst reputation in the entire auto business;  they would never survive an audit, and overwhelmingly deserve to be in prison.

Ann W. | 2014-01-08

First of all, the cars there are dirty, not vacuumed. The salesman said all of the barkdust in the backseat "blew in the windows on test drive". One had an overwhelming smell of cat urine! We got in the cat pee car then got out immediately!  The salesman said it was not cat pee but anyone can tell that smell. During the test drive, that same salesman described his various personal medical conditions and asked us to change the radio station while we were testing the stereo system because he "hates rap music". He met every concern we had about each car we looked at defensively and at times was quite rude. There are lots of other car dealerships out there, my suggestion is that you run to them and beware of the cat pee car at this one!

Laren L. | 2013-10-14

I went into this whole situation with a fair share of skepticism about the whole process. In the end I am very happy about this, due to what I experienced. I'm going to relate my whole (long) story so you can make up your own mind about this place.

I went to the Gresham location. I stopped in because I was in the area to look at a truck at a different dealership. While I was there I thought I might as well see what they had.

Originally I was looking for a small truck with four doors. However, they had a huge Dodge RAM that ran on Diesel. Feeling happy about the gas mileage, I thought I'd see how it drove (but expecting to not like it's hugeness.)

Here's where I ran into the first issue. The truck wouldn't start! They laughed and said that the dome light probably got left on the night before. They tried to jump it, couldn't jump it. Bad sign, right? I waited around until they figured out it needed a double-jump since it has two batteries. Just as I decided to leave, they finally got it going.

My girlfriend and I jumped in for a test drive. The guy let us drive down the highway, playing on his phone and seeming generally disinterested. It drove nicer than I expected, for sure. We both kinda fell in love with the fact that we could have a huge strong truck that wouldn't be as terrible for the environment.

When we got back I asked if they would be okay with me taking it to a mechanic. They said I could borrow it for the day if I left my car for collateral. So, we did. I took it to a shop that charged me $95 for a full inspection.

The truck was in good shape, they said, except for two weak batteries, a frayed serpentine belt, and a broken air conditioner. There was some other internal engine part that had a slight leak, but the woman said that was not something to worry about.

I also looked up the car fax -- which led me to find out that the truck had been in one accident, something they had not mentioned at the dealership (but also, I had not asked about.) The mechanic said he saw a tiny little knick on the front frame, but nothing that would effect the safety of the truck's frame. Must have been a very small accident.

We took the truck back. I felt stressed out about the whole situation. Then again, I wanted to be done looking. I asked what they could do about the price. They went down $1,000 from a sticker price that wasn't that far off Kelley Blue Book. They also promised to fix everything the mechanic pointed out, plus some cosmetic issues (broken cup holder, missing light cover, missing seat belt cover.) They said they could do this, or go down $1,000 more as is. I took the former offer. I might have been able to bargain more, but I was fine with that agreement.

I had a class to teach that night, the salesmen ran around the store like crazy after the point at which I decided to buy. They had me out of there -- deal done -- in less than half an hour. Pretty amazing.

I went back the next morning and finished the paperwork. They sold me a Warranty Solutions used car coverage contract. This is where things got really shady.

I asked Matt, the financial guy, if he was selling me the Plus or Standard package. He replied, "oh, I would only sell the plus package." Cool, right? When I got home I noticed that the warranty document he slipped in with all the other paperwork said standard on it.

I had to go back anyhow, so I brought that along and asked him about it. He said, "oh, we have this problem sometimes where the paperwork prints out that way even though you have a plus contract." He then took it, checked the "plus" box and initialed it.

I thought that was a little weird, so I called Warranty Solutions directly. They said I, in fact, had a "standard" contract.

I called Matt. He acted surprised and said he would fix it right away. I called to check with Warranty Solutions the next day. They had no record of him calling, although they did have record of my previous call. I called Matt again. He told me he was waiting for them to get back to him.

I won't bore you with more details, but I believe i called Seaport Auto 9 times total and Warranty Solutions 6 times. Every time Matt was friendly and said he was working on it.  Finally asked to speak to his manager, Kim, and she has FINALLY corrected this. She cancelled my old contract and issued another one via email.

The truck has been great so far. I did buy two new back tires because one split a bit, but that was just because it's an older truck.

Seaport Auto on Milwaukee did all of the repairs I was promised in a timely manner. Christie Rose was awesome to work with.

So yeah... three stars because I love the truck. But man, all those calls about the warranty were super stressful and if I hadn't checked on it post-sale I would have been sold something less than what they told me.

Also, I would NOT buy a car or truck from them without having a mechanic check it first.

David P. | 2013-07-11

I worked with Josh and Joe at Seaport and found the whole experience exceeded my expectations. I know my own preconceptions of "used car salesmen" and can't imagine how hard it must be to work in this industry. Overall, through showing me specific cars and working within my limits plus needs, they really did earn my trust.

As far as the cars go, Seaport is definitely doing everything they can to keep prices down for the car buyer. The experience will feel that way: average detailing, good-enough servicing for the autos, limited repairs done to vehicles on display. But we found their prices beat most of the competition for similar cars. Total selection was much higher than I expected as well. I'm giving them 5 stars for offering an experience superior to other dealerships like them (not against new car dealerships).

Zara L. | 2013-03-26

Soooo fishy! Check out their "positive" reviews online and you'll see they are about one sentence long. I'm guessing they got their friends and family to write them.

The negative ones are a lot longer, with specifics, like this one.

They listed a car we had been searching for so my husband stopped by on his way to work. First guy told him it was at the Gresham lot, second guy told him it was already sold, third guy said it was in the shop. They continued to list it on their website and on craiglist. A week later my husband called to see what the latest answer was. One guy told him it was "in the shop waiting on a part". On a lark, he called the Gresham lot and the salesman he spoke to said he was "looking at it out the window right now."

A few days later my husband rolled through the McLoughlin lot just out of curiosity and saw the car. It had a plate from another dealership in town that is known in Subaru circles for taking in wrecked cars, repairing them, and selling them as "clean title". Then the thing showed up the next day for sale by owner on craiglist. Figure that one out, we can't!

Not worth your time!

Janice W. | 2012-10-14

We bought a car from Fred S. He was very professional, not pushy at all. The dealership was very patient with me as I was making the decision to purchase my car. They went over eveything in detail, there were no surprises. We came to a mutual decision as to what I could afford to pay for the car. My decision to buy there was because my daughter bought a car there and had the same experience. I highly recommend this dealership.

Lisa V. | 2012-09-16

Today we had the best experience buying a truck with NO pressure ZERO hassles and Best yet was the salesman"Isreal" who work for us above and beyond!!!!  Thank you so much Isreal!

Christina A. | 2012-05-20

Just like Kelly K's review these people are complete liars. We  called about an Element they had listed on Craigslist and when we got there the car wasn't even on their lot. The salesman said they can get any car we want because they are wholesalers but we just have to fill out some paperwork. I told him that I already scoured the internet and I know what is available and if the car wasn't on this lot then we were going to bounce.  He assured me that his internet guy knows about more cars that aren't even listed and he has 30 years in the business. I reluctantly came inside and told the guy what we were looking for. He came back with things we had already seen and had ruled out and after an hour and a half I was starting to get desperate. My husbands axle broke earlier that morning and we were in a pinch to get a new vehicle. The guy comes out saying he had found the car in our price range in a color we want. I looked at the pic and instantly knew it wasn't in the trim level I wanted. He said that it wasn't specified on the listing and he's got a call into the guy and so I pulled up the listing I saved on my smartphone that showed the trim level for that vehicle. So I  spent 2 hours in a friggin chair being showed cars I had already found myself . Then they tried to do a bait and switch with a shiny new suv and leather interior. I opened the door and immediately slammed it stating that the car had carpet and would not be ideal for the type of photography that I do. After a little talk with my husband we decide we can compromise on the trim level to get a newer vehicle so we told them to get the car. At the beginning of the process I made sure to tell them I was looking for an Element and I wanted it to be $15,000 out the door. They brought in a sales agreement that didn't come out to $15,000 and I said that is not the price I told you I would pay. The guy slams down his papers and says that he just can't afford to eat the tax on the vehicle. So I raised my voice and told him that I was very clear before he lured me into the dealership to waste my time that the price had to be $15 out the door. So the internet guy comes out and says he can eat the cost if  I finance through them and I said as long as they beat the current rate I'm already approved for I am good with that. An hour later they come out with financing that was 2% higher than the rate I already was approved for. Big waste of time!

Sam M. | 2012-02-08

I went down there to look at their cars. They didn't have what I wanted, which didn't bother me. But they kept asking me the same questions like "are you going to finance it?" I answered the same every time. "I haven't got that far, when I find the car I want I will think about it" They pressured me to buy a car that day when I didn't even see one that I liked. The first salesman was nice but didn't know much about cars. The second one was a jerk and after figuring out that I was just looking he just left me standing there without a "see you later" or anything.

Jim S. | 2011-06-23

I bought my TT from them a few months ago. I was pleased with the process. They voluntarily printed the CarFax, respectfully negotiated the price and presented me with good, better, best financing options. The F&I process went smoothly and quickly and my car has been trouble free.

It's a car lot, a lot of the complaints come with the territory unfortunately in any car shopping process. But, if you have some experience buying cars these folks are super easy and friendly to deal with.

I would return and probably will when convertible weather is over in the fall!

Kelly K. | 2011-02-11

Seaport Auto flat out lies. We came in based on online lists of SUV's they were supposed to have. I called hours in advance and spoke the them again three times before heading  down there for all the vehicles that were in stock an hour before to magically be gone. They will tell you whatever it takes to get you in the door. They leave vehicles on craigslist and on their website that are already gone. They have a million excuses as to where those vehicles went. They blatently accuse the consumer of lying if they have physical proof of the research they have done on the value of their trade-in. They mark their cars high, or try to sneak in extra dollars after a price is agreed to. They all lie and slime their way into a deal that they have no intention of honoring. There is no way half of the positive reviews are real. Run far away from this place and trust the negative reviews. These cars are the worst of the auction lot with lipstick on their rusted hineys that last barely long enough to get it sold. If it is not on thier lot, the vehicle is crap. If it is on thier lot, it is the best piece of machinary ever made. This changes based on inventory. They consistently attempt to redirect you to "all the pretty cars left" rather than play direct and to the point that they will give you nothing or next to it on your trade in. They call whatever value your trade-in has not "real" if they don't like the figures. They want to give you junk value, regardless of the condition. We should have left when we saw them jerk around someone else at the table next to us the first ten minutes we were there on his nice newer SUV trade-in. We wasted a couple of our hours. Please don't waste yours.

T. G. | 2010-05-02

Came here because we had tough credit, and they claim to be the credit kings. Not so much, because we had to basically get our own loan, after we spent a total of 20 hours there. the first two cars they trief to sell me were a 1995 mustang coupe convertible and a tiburon coupe (as i chase my three year old??!!) The car they sold us, hadn't even been through the shop, they came back telling us is had major defects, but we could take it if we knew a good mechanic????!!!! So we unwrapped the deal....
In sum, overly dominated chauvinistic attitudes. They told me the best I could get was maybe a Ford Taurus.... well, I'm now driving a Nissan Xterra, if that says anything.
Word of advice: don't waste your time.