Ron Tonkin Toyota in Portland, OR

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Ron Tonkin Toyota is now a 13-TIME Toyota President's Award recipient for customer satisfaction. Experience our award-winning service today!

Ron Tonkin Toyota is your Portland Toyota Dealer. Find the Car, Truck, SUV or Certified Used Toyota of your dreams including handling all your auto financing needs throughout Oregon and Washington, serving Portland, Beaverton, Wilsonville, Gresham, Eugene, Salem and Vancouver, WA.

At Ron Tonkin Toyota we can assist you with buying or leasing a new or certified used Toyota Camry, Highlander, Tundra, 4Runner, Avalon, Camry Solara, Corolla, FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser, Matrix, Prius, RAV4, Sequoia, Sienna, Tacoma, Venza, or Yaris and are prepared to satisfy your Toyota finance, service, parts and accessories needs.


Established in 1960.

The Tonkins are most certainly known for their "Love of Cars", and also noted for their love of the Portland Metropolitan community. The Kidney Association, Doernbecher Hospital, The Make-a-Wish Foundation, The United Way, Metropolitan Family Service and the Oregon Schools Foundation are but a few of the agencies that have felt the impact of the generous spirit of this family-owned company. The Ron Tonkin Family of Dealerships is Oregon's 21st largest private employer and was voted "One of the Best 100 companies in Oregon to Work For." The family-owned business is a Portland icon and has been outfitting the Pacific Northwest in automobiles for over 50 years.

Ron Tonkin Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 255-0177
Address:750 SE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR, 97233
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Ron Tonkin Toyota

Kayla B. | 2015-04-20

This was hands down the best car-buying experience I have ever had! I worked with Justin Lemons, and he was by far the most helpful, down-to-earth and honesty salesman. I started communicating with him via email to start my search a few days before I met him in person. He remembered all of my personal details and was prepared with options for me. He went to bat for me with financing and seemed to truly care about my situation and getting me into the best car for my price range, while making sure it was a good investment for me in the long run.

Thank you Justin!!!

Wendy L. | 2015-04-11

Great. Bought a 2015 Prius from Justin today.. no pressure

I knew which car model I wanted.. did not want the typical pushy sales person and Justin was great.. he thoroughly went over the car my options and did not try to push any xtras.

I would highly recommend. Great prices. Great customer service. But you need to do your homework before going on what you want an price..

Mike D. | 2015-04-07

Excellent service. Kyle leased us a great car! Our family will do business in the future.

Miquel M. | 2015-04-07

taken my Scion xB here since I bought it 2 years ago for every oil change. To get tips on performance, upkeep, ect. They never made me feel dumb about car knowledge, and always made sure that when I left I had all the answers to every question I had. Now that my car is needing serious repair work, the service department especially Jack Lord is going leaps, and bounds above the call of duty to help me understand what's going on, and how about to go forward so my car can run at peak performance. After going to the dealership I bought am buying my car from. I Didn't even buy my car from this dealership, but as of yesterday I took off my plate covers, and put on Tonkin ones. They mean business when they say "LETS get this taken care of together". They will for sure be getting my business, and my recommendation to my friends, and family.

Margo O. | 2015-03-17

My fiance and I purchased a 2013 Pruis persona, special edition from this dealership a few weeks ago. We worked with Berkeley, and he was AMAZING! We were driving quite a ways to get this particular car, and he made the entire process seamless. He did quite a bit of leg work to ensure our paperwork was in order. He has been available to answer any questions or concerns we had. It was such a pleasure working with him. He provided excellent customer service. I would highly recommend my friends and family to go there, particularly to work with Berkeley. He was knowledgable, friendly, and a true pleasure to work with!

Julia S. | 2015-03-07

Scheduled an appointment at the service center here to get an oil change and a spark plugs replacement and the place was amazing! Great service and very friendly techs!

They have a very nice comfortable waiting room with several big screen TVs  and a free coffee machine that can make you anything from a simple America to a delicious triple shot cappuccino with foam!

You can find lots of coupons in the Toyota website too if you are concerned about the slightly higher cost of getting repairs done here. They do a quality job and will rotate your tires and do a quality multipoint inspection with your oil change and will break it down and explain everything to you in detail, so you actually understand anything wrong with your vehicle!

Dennis K. | 2015-03-03

I ended up buying a Prius from these guys last year. After a couple of days of persistent calling I was finally able to speak to a salesperson there (nobody is in a hurry to answer the phone, apparently). To his credit the salesman was very knowledgeable about the car, and most importantly they were able to work with me on the price - if just a little bit.

Car buying hasn't really changed in the 14 years since I bought my previous car. That is to say, they will drag the process out several hours so they can exhaust you and then serve you up to the finance department, where the real money is made. The finance department was unable to get me on the interest rate, but they repeatedly tried to shove the extended warranty down my throat. Repeatedly, as in, it was borderline uncomfortable.

How is this different than other car dealerships? It isn't. These guys are the same as everyone else. Don't believe the funny Star Wars themed commercials, there is no sense of humor about buying a car. Go to your credit union or bank and arrive with financing in hand, or, if you are applying for factory incentives, be prepared for a long day - and be prepared to stick up for yourself at every turn.

Dave D. | 2015-02-21

I bought a Prius with Ron Tonkin back in 2005.  It was barely used (6000) miles.  I have about 160,000 miles on it now, and I plan on getting it to 300k.  It has been a great car -- no problems whatsoever.

But this review isn't about the Prius (which would be 5 stars), but rather for the Tonkin service department (which I'll give 4 stars).

The department was remodeled a few years ago (maybe 2013?), and it is fairly nice.  They have free coffee, and mediocre wifi (probably not good enough to stream Netflix, but adequate for getting some work done).

Back when I bought my Prius, they sold me a "lifetime" oil change.  I'm not sure if they still offer that deal, but if they do, I highly recommend it.  I've been coming here every 5000 miles for 10 years, and have never paid for an oil change.  I plan on continuing to do that for another 10 years until I get my Prius to 300k.  Of course, they use this as an opportunity to sell you things like new tires and air filters, although I've never felt like they were too pushy (certainly less-so than a typical quickie-lube type place).

Most of the people in the Service department have been working with them for years.  (I know because I recognize their faces!).  They seem pretty competent.  I'm sure that the service here is more expensive than some independent shop options, although I've never been concerned with the quality, and they seem to do a good job of handling customers who are concerned with things (e.g. I've overheard them interacting with other customers who have concerns).

I usually come in on Saturday mornings, without an appointment.  They are very busy on Saturdays (much less-so on weekdays), and so it can take anywhere from 1-2.5 hours.  I'm fine with this, since I just bring my laptop and try to stay productive.  I've also dropped the car off in the mornings before, and they'll give you a free shuttle ride down to the MAX station (so I can commute to work).

One minor annoyance:  Their website offers to let you "book an appointment".  But if you do that, they don't read your comments to schedule the appointment (for example, they could just email you back and say "Yep, you are confirmed for an oil change on Saturday at 9AM").  Instead, they call you back and leave a voicemail, and want you to call them back to schedule.  If I wanted to call, I would have just done that to begin with!  (maybe that's just me... I hate talking on the phone. Which is why I always let their messages go to voicemail).

On the plus side, their IT systems are getting better.  Today, they told me that they could send me a text message when my car was done, which is a nice automated touch.

If you have a Toyota and want some dealer service, go ahead and come here.  And if you are buying a new car and they offer you a "lifetime" oil change, go for it -- if you own your car for any significant period of time, it can be a really great deal.

Karen R. | 2015-02-03

We bought a used car from them last year and had a great experience, out of the blue they call us and tell us that we qualify to get into a new car by trading in the car that we had bought. We told them that we can not go much higher in payments and they understood this and was told it wouldn't be a problem since we had the trade in. After dealing with them for 6 days and calls gone unanswered by them, today we are told that they wont' trade our car in because we just bought it a year ago but they would get us into a new car with a down payment and of course another car payment  which means we would have two car payments. This is not what they told us when they first contacted us, they should have NEVER called us knowing that they would not trade in our car. They clearly lie to you just to get you in the door and then try to get you to buy something you can't afford just to sell you a car, we thought they were a good dealership but not now. We will NEVER buy a car from Ron Tonkin again. VERY BAD BUSINESS practice.

Lao Pao X. | 2015-01-29

Test drove a used CT200h.  Sales agent did not seem to like me switching the drive modes(ECO,Normal,sport).   More than half of the test drive was through a neighborhood(70% of time didnt drive above 35mph).  

Biggest issue really was the fact that they wouldnt negotiate on the pricing.  Even though I have ads from Dick Hanna and Mercedes of 2 other Fsport with lower price tags and mileage.  

I bought my CT200H Fsport from Dick Hannah with 20k miles less and $1500 less than Ron Tonkin.

No followup from their sales department since they took my name and number.  car ad is still on craigslist.

Ken B. | 2015-01-03

I purchased my Prius from them back in 2004.  Since the technology was so new I purchased the lifetime oil change from them because I did not trust other shops to service what was such a different vehicle back then.

I've been taking back here for oil changes ever since and have (until recently) watched the service center go downhill ever since with wait times in excess of 2 hours for a simple oil change.

Finally I needed some real service on my now 10 year old Prius so I returned quite reluctantly.  Today has been the first time in years that my vehicle did not spend the first hour sitting out on the lot untouched hence my rating.  Before today they'd have been lucky to earn one star much less three.

I sure hope that today is a sign of things to come and not just an anomaly since I hope to keep this car going for a few more years (the vehicle itself has been exceptionally reliable).

jeremy h. | 2015-01-01

This place lives up to every bad stereotype of a terrible car shopping experience.  We showed up to look @ the Yaris, and were greeted by a salesperson who said he would "try to find one."  10 minutes later, he came back saying he thought he might have one out back.  Upon getting to the car, we asked to look @ the inside so we could compare it to the comparable Honda + Ford models.  The sales person then admitted he didn't have the keys, and didn't know much about the car, but if we went back inside and waited another 10 minutes, he'd be able to answer our questions.  he said if we filled out some forms and provided our email + phone number, he could take us on a test drive.  We said no thanks and tried to leave so we could go elsewhere, but then were further delayed by a meeting with the sales manager and other time wasting tactics.  While we were walking to our car, the sales guy literally ran after us shouting "I think I found a car ...."  It was tragically bad and we bought a car @ elsewhere the next day.

Dylan C. | 2014-12-25

TAKE YOUR CAR SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR SERVICE!  Ron Tonkin used to be great, but it seems that the father passed away and the kids took over the business, and they're out to rip you off.

At my father's recommendation, I took my Yaris for a 60,000 mile service and two recalls (air bag and seat track). The service took all day, and at least they were nice enough to give me a free trimet pass to use.

I'm giving their service 1 star because my father (a 30+ year Toyota employee) looked over my bill and found I was charged for 6 hours of labor. For recalls, the service center is supposed to charge Toyota, not the customer. I was charged more than $1000 dollars, far far more than I was expecting to pay.


Jacob C. | 2014-11-30

VEN TSYTSYN does this company proud. If you can, try to find him. He is great. As this was my first official new car purchase from a dealership, I was very apprehensive and guarded walking into the dealership.

Upon entering the dealership building after looking at several cars with Ven, I definitely felt much more aggressive salesperson vibes from upper management. They were low key about it, but of course, they didn't get into their management positions for nothing.

Ven put me at ease immediately. So a little background: although this was my first new car purchase, I did not go into the dealership blindly. I did my research, gathered more information at the dealership, went home, compared more prices and trim options, and haggled with other dealers over several days to see what they had to offer. Although I received a great offer from a different dealership, the reason why I chose to stick with Ron Tonkin was solely because of Ven. Not only did he convince management to match the other dealer's offer, but over our 5-day long interactions, he was warm, genuine, and put me as a priority over closing a sale. He sat me down and answered every question I had. He acted as my liaison between the levels of management and the finance officer. THAT is the definition of excellent customer service.

In the end, I drove out of the dealership with my brand new 2015 Corolla S Plus with an excellent deal. Many thanks Ven!

Susan H. | 2014-11-19

My boyfriend and I have been hanging around here a lot lately. First, when he got his new Toyota Corolla, and secondly, when I went in to shop around for a new car myself. We had Mark K. helping us both times, and were delighted with his service. Mark is extremely patient and helpful, so much so that he even spontaneously appraised my Highlander on his day off, and subsequently emailed me options for what kind of vehicle I was looking for. It's totally my fault that I didn't leave with a new car, being as I hasn't worked out my budget quite right. But I did leave with a sense of guidance, options, and all my questions answered. I will be returning here as soon as I am able and making sure it is Mark who sells me a car, as he deserves my business after all the time he put into helping me.

Raymond B. | 2014-11-12

Well first, I hate being asked to write a review, I think it's wrong. But they have this sign up asking me to, so here goes.

First, I hate how they change their policies without telling me. One time I'm told not to make an appointment, and this time they tell me of course, you should make an appointment, it's been like that for a year! Well frankly, that's annoying.

Then, I try to work since I'm stuck here for 5 hours with a cold, but the wifi is terrible. I mean, I can get much better speeds with my phone tethering. So that's frustrating, because they brag about wifi, and that's why I decided to wait here. That should be fixed ASAP.

Lastly, I just feel like they're too pressuring with their sales pitches. I'm just getting new tires, but they don't tell me what the different costs are, only the different mileages. And somehow this will come to a thousand bucks. Can you please be a little more transparent and forthcoming about those?

I've been a customer here for a long time, but I really feel like the new interior is nice, but their services don't hold up to it. And the wifi needs to be better.

Jordan S. | 2014-10-30

Mizan was extremely helpful and very accommodating to my situation. I had friends in town from San Diego so my time was limited in figuring out the details of purchasing my FJ cruiser.  Mizan made the process quick and painless and got me a great deal!  When you go in there, I suggest you ask for him as you will be treated right and he will always take the time to answer any questions or concerns about the vehicle you are interested in.

Betty H. | 2014-10-25

Their service department has done all but one regular service on my 2005 Prius.  They have always behaved professionally & don't press you into getting unnecessary repairs.  I do think Toyota corporate prices on parts are ridiculous.  Jack Lord is the guy to call for A-1 service .

Laura J. | 2014-09-02

My son and I bought a 2000 rav 4 back in May, a couple came in a good 30 minutes after us, they left an hour before us, salesman announced that there vehicle was gassed up and ready. At the time I signed the papers the loan manager told us we had a 2 year service plan that came with. We finally left with the car, they had washed it but I didn't notice it didn't have any gas we barely made it back to Tanasbourne.

   5 days later they phoned, told us we had to come back to resign the loan papers as they had messed them up, so we had to drive clear back to Gresham,  they did give us some gas after we mentioned leaving last time with an empty tank.

   Fast forward to 1 week ago, my son calls the service department to set up an appointment for an oil change, they weren't able to find the service agreement, after 2 days of waiting for a call back, going back and forth with them, my son gets a promise that Ron Tonkin would call him first thing in the morning, he did get a call back, but not from Ron. He was told that this once they would give us a free oil change, but that the Rav doesn't come with a service agreement. We never asked for it, we were told it came with it. I REALLY do not appreciate being LIED to and given the run around, we were planning on purchasing another vehicle, I would never EVER go back!!

Holley P. | 2014-08-14

I found Ron Tonkin Toyota on the web when I was looking for a place to change the oil for my Lexus.  I made an appointment and had a bit of a time driving around finding the service department.  Once there I was very happy with the gentleman who waited on me.  He was polite and efficient.  I looked around and the place was absolutely full of people. However, the waiting area was quite pleasant and the chairs were very comfortable.  I really expected to be there for hours, but less than 45 minutes later, the gentleman walked over to my seat and informed me that my car was ready.  Oh happy day!  What was really surprising was when I got home, I realized I was a day late on my appointment.  I would say this was great service indeed.

Oksana D. | 2014-08-13

We had purchased our Toyota Land Cruiser back in 2000, we purchased the extended warranty as well. I remember bringing the car in for an oil change, the salesman didn't even put the cap on and oil leaked all over! I took it back, they did another oil change and offered to clean the car and fill my tank. I figured when the time came to upgrade my car we would be loyal enough to come here instead of going to Gladstone. HUGE mistake!  Gladstone offers you better deals, and a sense of protection when you leave the lot. We ended up buying a Sequoia from Ron Tonkin. I noticed a few scratches on my console so I requested them to fix it after having the car for 2 days. They did. When I started noticing the trunk having the same scratches, I was confused. Apparently my stroller caused ridiculous scratches all over. What I find odd is that my in law had the same damage from her stroller on the trunk, but Gladstone is fixing it free, while Tonkin refuses to even call me back to schedule an appt. So much for being a loyal customer,  you might as well take your business elsewhere.  So I'm asking Gladstone to fix the car, which they will do at a discounted price, not even Tonkin will offer that, and I paid 60k for the car. Rest assured, I will be buying my next car at Gladstone.

Angela M. | 2014-08-05

I've gone to Gladstone Toyota for years, until moving to this side of town. So I switched to Tonkin, assuming they'd be similar. NOT SO. The service is slow, and I always feel like I'm being hustled for extra services ($$$). The girl at the cashier counter was down right rude, and when  I couldn't find my finished vehicle, I was curtly told to "walk around until I see it."
Jiffy Lube is cheaper and they vacuum out your car for free!  For actual repairs and maintenance, I'll happily drive across town to Gladstone before returning to Tonkin.

Russ B. | 2014-07-29

This review is strictly for the service department (I have had no experience with their sales department.)
After having a disappointing experience with another Toyota dealer, I brought my car to Ron Tonkin Toyota. Jack Lord was great to work with. He took the time to explain exactly what was going to happen, how much it would cost, and when he didn't know something for certain he was up front and honest about it. He also routinely followed up with me by phone and email. What a refreshing surprise.

Feng C. | 2014-07-23

Stay away from their service department!  
It was the day before my road trip from Portland to New York,
so I brought my car in for a complete inspection.
The inspection includes oil change, battery check out and many others.
The guy told me that my car was in perfect condition.
Guess what, it was perfect before they inspected it!
During my road trip I stopped at a gas station and found my car unable to startup.
I went panic and asked for help, it ended up that the battery terminal was not properly placed!
Imagine if I was to stop my car else where with no people around,
with my limited automotive knowledge and state of mind at that time,
I would have called for car tow!  All the way to New York!

There is a number on the invoice that they suggest calling incase you're not satisfied with their service, which I called but no one answered or ever call me back.
There should be an option for negative star because giving them a star would be compliment.

Erin F. | 2014-05-10

Hy husband and I came to Ron Tonkin Toyota to buy a newer Toyota for me. I had a 94 Toyota Corolla that we put over 250K miles on. We are firm believers of Toyota. Berkely was our sales rep and he did a FANTASTIC job. We appreciated his friendliness and customer service. Unfortunately, when we were sent to the financial manager, Steve Lucero, we had a completely different experience. Had we not already signed papers to buy the car, we would have walked out. We brought cash to pay for the car because we were either going to buy a car there at the dealer or move on to Craigslist to buy a car. Craigslist purchases work with cash. Steve treated us like children lecturing us on carrying around cash like we weren't adults handling our own money. He had no concept of customer service. He had to count the money and had to find someone else that worked there to count it and confirm it. He acted like a child having to do his job. It is amazing to me that people who are PAYING money for a service can be treated like such an inconvenience to them. We truly felt like it was an inconvenience to be PAYING this guy our money. We were truly dissatisfied with our experience after that. It is sad that one man can ruin an experience. We will not be returning because we generally don't like going back to a place that made us feel HORRIBLE about ourselves. On top of that, my husband's parents were there very interested as they will be buying a new car in the near future and were talking about coming back being that they saw the positive experience in working with Berkely. Due to how our experience ended, they will not be coming back either. I hope Steve can learn to do his job without whining about it and maybe learn to develop a sense of customer service that makes customers want to come back or get others to come back as well. I'm sorry for Ron Tonkin to have to lose out on business like that.

Nate B. | 2014-03-31

OK, this was an amazing experience.
Bought an '07 Camry I spotted online about a year ago and has been a fantastic purchase.
From walk-on to the lot, to test drive to sale, the entire process was 1000% zero-pressure and easy.  Seriously friendly and mellow.  Don't have any other experiences to draw on, but the car's worked out great, and my one-time experience w/ this dealer was excellent.

Will C. | 2013-12-14

I am SOOOO disappointed with this service department. I brought my car in for routine service yesterday. It was working fine when I drove it in.,After 5 hours and $1200, I drove away. Today the engine light came on, the car made weird noises and had a weird new shudder. I took it immediately back to the dealer. I waited 2.5 hours while they supposedly fixed it. Within 3 minutes of leaving the dealership, the light came on again. . 4.5 hours later it is still not fixed. I am unimpressed. Talk about incompetence. If you want to waste your valuable time and money, feel free to come to this dealership.

Michelle L. | 2013-11-14

Last Thursday I got the dreaded letter in the mail about my car being recalled.  It said that my car needed the IPM replaced to prevent the car from malfunctioning, shutting down and crashing.  I started to panic because in 9 days my family and I were leaving on a road trip to Disneyland and were driving in this vehicle.  I called Beaverton Toyota to schedule my appointment and was told they could get me in the following Wednesday for an inspection.  An inspection?  I asked the receptionist if they check to see if the car actually needs the work.  She informed me that all of the cars needed the recall work done and they inspected the car first and then ordered the part.  I asked her if they could order the part for me now because I was leaving on a road trip in the car the following weekend and she said no.  They have to perform the inspection before ordering the part.  As you can imagine, I was panicking as I didn't want to take my family in a car that could possibly crash.  She told me to contact the Toyota Customer Service line if I had any concerns (um, YES!) and provided me with the number.  I spoke with a very nice gentleman who suggested I try another dealership in the area.  That's when I called the service department at Ron Tonkin Toyota and got Rob Ritchey.  Not only did Rob feel my sense of urgency, he eased my mind and made me feel like a valued customer, even though I haven't been there in years (which he didn't even know).  He told me that they would take care of it ASAP and scheduled me for the following Tuesday.  The work is now complete and I can feel safe when taking my car on a road trip with my family.  THANK YOU ROB RITCHEY!  YOU ARE MY HERO!

Liz S. | 2013-10-23

Excellent work from the sales department. I came in looking for a good deal on a new Toyota Corolla and I got paired up with a great salesperson. They listened to my concerns, budget and needs. I did a lot of research on my own but was glad to have the opportunity to test drive the car, see different features and make a decision I felt comfortable with. No pressure, just getting a car I'm excited about. Simple as that.

Kelsie L. | 2013-10-18

First let me say that our sales guy, Berkley, was pretty good. He didn't pressure and we were able to get a really good deal. My husband and I were in a really awful car accident a few weeks ago and found ourselves in a position we didn't plan on being in, you guess it, buying a new (to us) car. We knew exactly what we wanted and how much we wanted to pay. We came in with a large down payment and our own financing to make up the difference. We wanted a certified pre-owned vehicle and that's what we got. We were able to get the price down even further below Blue Book value enough to cover the expenses of titling etc. Everything was on track for a 5 star experience, until we get to the financing, paper-signing bologna we're all familiar with.

We had spent a long time waiting and just wanted to get out of there. This is after spending the preceding weeks in a rental car and severe pain from an accident that wasn't even our fault. We didn't need BS we just wanted to go home. I think the guys name is Brad, but we went in with our check, the info from our credit union financing the difference and he was clearly not thrilled we were savvy buyers and was trying very hard to sell us more warranties. I stopped him at the first one and told him that we weren't purchasing anything else and if it was all the same we'd just like to sign the papers and be on our way. It was 7:30 on a week night with a 5 AM alarm clock looming in the very near future. He then claims that the "attorney general" requires him to go through all of this, so here we are in agonizing pain, tired, bummed out because we had no need to buy a new car just days before and this guy makes us sit through his speech anyway. In my opinion that's just bad customer service. I waited over a week to write this review because I wanted to make sure that I still felt the same way. And I do.

Bottom line, not a bad place to buy a car. The salesperson we dealt with WAS very nice and low-pressure. I just really didn't appreciate the run around we received at the end. I would think they've dealt with people in our situation before and they could have just sucked it up and realized we weren't into any of their add-ons and let us go home hours earlier. 5 stars for Berkley 0 for the dude (maybe Brad, not sure) at the end.

Jay L. | 2013-10-11

Before you go you make sure if you have enough time ti spend.
Had an appt and they did not work for 1 hr. Asked to start diag after 1 hr and they figured out they don't work because it did get  enough money with their time. So that srv dept estimate 200 dollars first but it turned out 1300 dollars. And they recommended to find the body shop. Spent 4 hr without anything and pissef off. Never buy toyota and will not come back this srv dept. Toyota has many recalls but I did not get informed. Why? They did a recall fix without my permission. Din't get it

Kelly K. | 2013-09-14

I would rate this dealer "0" stars, but that's not an option. I have tried to work a deal with them repeatedly for a brand new car. First they give you the same speech they all do about how great they treat their customers and sure they can give you a deal.
Then they try and lowball your trade in. Then they reveal the "deal" car was stripped down (no matts, no cargo cover, no nothing but the car). Then they give you the runaround and hold your trade-in keys hostage for the next hour. Then they get nasty and tell you no other dealer will give you such a great deal and act like you wasted all thier time.
Don't even slow down. Just drive on by. No dealership could be worse then this slimy, two-faced one. Not even the internet "deal" guy is any better. Don't bother.

Kelsey C. | 2013-09-12

Took my 2008 Matrix in for a fix due to a Toyota safety recall and got my 100,000 mile checkup at the same time. From the moment I called to make an appointment, the staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful. The amount I was quoted over the phone was exactly what I was quoted when I arrived for my appointment, and when the service tech Josh noted that my tires didn't need to be rotated (which is a part of the standard 100,000 mile tune-up), they knocked twenty bucks off of my total. I was incredibly impressed with the friendliness of the entire staff, as well as the integrity of the service department. I will definitely be taking my Matrix here for any future service needs!

Lynn K. | 2013-08-30

Do not expect to get any service from Steve in the service department.

We had taken the Camry in a week ago to get the window fixed because it came off the track and was stuck rolled down. We had the same problem with another window and took it to a different dealership and they secured it in to place with no problems. So, we paid $110 dollars at Ron Tonkin to have essentially one screw put in to temporarily secure it until we had the money to buy a new regulator. However, after driving up to Seattle for the week we were driven insane by the incessant rattling because something wasn't fully secured. We figured we could take it back and get it fixed since they obviously didn't finish the job.

Unfortunately that was not the case.

Upon showing the receipt to Steve we were abruptly told since we didn't pay to fix the problem completely they weren't responsible for fixing the window since "we only paid to keep it from falling down". No apology for not warning us in advance of the hideous racket we were paying $110 for  .

After storming out and finding Trevor, the technician who worked on the window, he calmly explained it was the regulator inside the door and was pretty much impossible to secure until it was properly fixed. Why Steve couldn't have taken the time to tell us this, I don't know. But in any case I would avoid taking your car here unless you want to pay for a half baked job.

Kevin C. | 2013-08-26

I feel compelled to say what a great experience I had at Ron Tonkin Toyota over the past 2 days.  I was shopping for a car with great gas mileage that could also hold our dog in back, and it came down to the Jetta Wagon and the Prius V.  I visited both dealers and the difference in sales experience was jaw dropping.  My salesman at the toyota dealer, Mansour, was professional, knowledgeable about the car I was looking at, and had the used car manager evaluate my trade on the spot and gave me a reasonable offer for it.  He took the time to give me the exact price, with my trade, to walk out the door with the new car.  When I told him I wanted to check with the VW dealer to see what they would give me for my trade towards the Jetta, he wrote down his offer, and said he hoped to see me return for the Prius.  No taking your keys, no pushing you off onto 2 or 3 other sales people to wear you down. I came back to Ron Tonkin to make my purchase, and I am very glad I did.  Excellent, no pressure, knowledgeable, and professional sales staff that went out of their way to make me feel like a valued customer.  Highly recommended.

Aaron S. | 2013-08-25

Haven't purchased a car here but their service staff and parts staff are the friendliest around. So informative and helpful I would never go elsewhere and this is partially because I tried Broadway toyota after reading their horrible reviews and was treated like S*%$. Ron's my place (note: don't really know Ron but I'm sure he'd be a real hoot at a party)

Karl V. | 2013-07-26

Outstanding service department.  Yes, that's correct: an outstanding dealership service department.  The JBL sound system in my 2010 Prius lost its mind about six months ago.  Of course, it was a perfect angel when I took it out there, so the next time it happened, I got it on video.  Showed it to the service agent, Jack Lord, who had the tech look at the unit.  His analysis was that it was indeed possessed by Satan, showing hieroglyphics or nothing on the display and buttons acting all wonky.  So they ordered a new one from CA, due in a week.  Called me when it came in and had it installed in about an hour.  All on warranty.  Friendly people, competent, efficient, and know their jobs.  And they don't keep you waiting when you arrive at appointment time.

Jael J. | 2013-07-18

I called and spoke to Justin about the car I had to trade in and what I wanted (a car listed on their site).  I also told Justin my expectations payment-wise. He did some calculations over the phone and then assured me if my credit was good (which it is) and if my trade was in good condition (it is) that my payments would be right where I wanted them (within $10). I made a trip all the way out there and Justin wasn't there. No big deal - his partner was. Test drove the car and it was fine. Worth buying. We sat down to talk numbers and of course that's where it got ridiculous. His counterpart, billy graham (yes, real name) seemed like a rookie but whatever. He brought us payments $150 over what Justin had quoted me. They then told me I picked a different car than what Justin quoted me on, BS. Justin and I both knew the car we were talking about. Finally, I got fed up and left. It was a waste of time. And I told them that. Everyone was nice enough - we just weren't willing to let them screw us over and they weren't willing to do a good deal - greedy car dealerships. I suppose that's to be expected. Not sure if I would return...after is in Gresham.

Ryan F. | 2013-07-01

Make sure you ask for a free tank fill-up before they know they have the hook set.

Demitrius E. | 2013-05-24

Internet Sales/Finance Dept

Justin Lemons-Net Mgr @ Tonkin did an excellent job in helping me find the right vehicle-all from the comfort of my lazy-boy.  Props to the professionalism of all involved with an easy and nicely priced 1 owner vehicle. Thanks to Justin, Daniel T.,Mr Kemp and the sweet receptionist whom I failed to negotiate her name.  Overall, Tonkin came through.

Ashley S. | 2013-04-25

Just wanted to say Thank You to your wonderful staff. I've been a customer for years, but this was the first car we bought from you. I usually spend most of my time with Bob in service, or Bob in Part Sales. They've both always taken the extra time to make sure I'm satisfied before I leave. I loved the bright and cheery receptionist Sherry! I have nothing but great things to say about how fabulous and professional she is. Noah from sales provided the best car buying experience ever, we may have come to buy a used car, but I'm glad that he listened to our needs and let us make all the decisions on what cars interested us. So without pressure we bought our gorgeous 2013 Toyota Corolla S with the much required 5 speed with zero interest financing!

Victoria M. | 2012-03-14

My husband and I recently traded in our MDX, which we purchased from another Tonkin dealership, for the new Prius V & a used car off their lot. We were very please with our whole experience. Justin Lemons was our sales person. Even with a last name Lemons I would defiantly buy another car from him. In fact, I think we found our "car guy". Thanks for making our car buying experience a good one Justin & Ron Tonkin!

Anthony K. | 2012-03-05

Had a pretty decent experience with Ron Tonkin Toyota.  I actually prefer this place for their sales as well as their service.  I have previously used Gresham Toyota and did not care for them especially their service department.  I worked with Justin Lemons over at Tonkin and he took good care of us with the exception of a license plate mess up everything else went great.

Lynette Z. | 2011-11-12

My husband bought his first car here, and I thought he was just being loyal when he said I had to go here when I was looking for a new car.  I thought, I would check them out to see, but probably wouldn't buy.  So glad I went here.  

The sale person was very friendly, and patient and most of all showed me cars that met my criteria (including budget).  I left with a car that day.  Later that month I heard something odd in the car, took it to the service department and was treated with such respect and kindness.  They took care of the problem with the car very fast.  When I was living there I made it a point to take my car to Ron Tonkin Toyota for even oil changes because of the service I received.

My husband an I have since moved to Indiana, and hoping that the service we received was part of Toyota I took my car to get an oil change at a dealership close by and was hugely disappointed.  I miss you Ronnie and, and your entire team of customer service agents.

Megan C. | 2011-06-06

If zero stars was an option, it would have been chosen!

I took my Tacoma in recently to get a new catalytic converter after mine was stolen and was left completely in the dark.  After the insurance adjuster met with the shop I was told I would be called by Toyota to confirm repairs, I never got that call.  When I called the next morning to figure out what was happening I was asked "Well do you know if Andrew ordered your parts?  He isn't working today so we don't know what is happening with your truck."  I was then told I would get a call back in a few minutes after Jack, the service member I spoke to, figured out what was going on.  Big surprise, I didn't get a call back.  After several calls I had told exactly where they could get the part because I was told "we don't even know where we can order the part from" (?!?!?).  Even after it was delivered directly to them it took over 3 hours for them to find the delivery and they didn't bother to order nuts/bolts!  What happens next?  I'm told that they will have to order the nuts and they won't be delivered until Tuesday and my truck won't be finished until Wednesday at the earliest!  Seriously?!  A week to finish a repair that should take under 1 hour?

Needless to say, I took my truck back from them, repairs undone.  I ended up having to get the part myself and take it to Midas where it was done in 45 minutes.

Would I ever recommend them?  Only if I wanted to waste someone's time, a lot of time.

jennifer w. | 2011-05-08

the staff here have been nothing but totally cool and helpful the years weve been buying toyotas from them. ya, i get that they have to schmooze you a bit when you are buying a 25k car, but, the follow up calls just to see how im liking my car and the card sent to our house were thoughtful gestures. i mean at this point i had already bought the car.

we will keep buying our cars here and taking them in for service. excellent experiences every time.

Tony P. | 2010-04-27

Great customer service.  I had a tire change that was taking longer than the usual amount of time and they drove me home and picked me up when it was convenient for me.  Not to mention great cars, haven't had one  single issue with my 4runner.  Good stuff.

Kyle R. | 2010-03-04

High average for this location.  I bought my Corolla here in 07.  The experience wasn't that bad -- although they didn't have the two colors I wanted in stock.  The eventual price I got was decent -- the salesman were nice.  They did their usual bartering back and forth -- and so the whole process took way too long...4 hours???  The usual.  Anyway, I had issues with the car right off the bat -- and the service department was SLOW.   The waiting area is strange -- they have like a gift shop -- and some random coffee machine in the hallway.  So two stars for the service department, quality of car, selection of cars, and overall satisfaction.  Two stars as well, 'cause I took two of my co-workers here a few months after I got my car -- and the salesmen were rude and not helpful.  Seriously.

LA to PDX .. | 2010-02-02

(This review pertains to the service department only.)
I am not a presently Toyota owner (I own a German car but am considering a Land Cruiser) but have picked up & dropped off my friend when his Matrix was in for service.  In each of three occasions where he suffered a flat tire it was replaced quickly under the tire's warranty at no cost and with no hassle.  Well, I must deduct two stars because a service rep allowed him to leave the dealership on his temporary "donut" spare tire and told him to drive it for the weekend until they got his correct tire size in.  This would be minor if it weren't a safety issue and any service person should know those tires are for getting you where you need to go in an emergency, not for running around town for three days.  When we immediately called back to complain the supervisor promptly had my friend return and he was given a non-matching tire for the weekend which was reasonable since they did not have the correct tire in stock.  He seemed very upset with the technician who released the car in that condition so I think it's more a case of a lazy service tech than a reflection on the service department as a whole.
It's too bad this blemished an otherwise positive review, I would give them 5-stars otherwise, but as far as general professionalism, courtesy, speed of repairs/maintenance, etc. these folks are excellent.  
While Toyota service will never be confused with that of the high-end German dealerships I must frequent for my own car, I was very impressed by Ron Tonkin Toyota and believe they go out of their way to keep customers happy.

Krissy D. | 2009-01-09

I had heard mixed reviews about Ron Tonkin, so it wasn't my first stop, but I wish it had been. I met a salesman named Jason Toth and he was awesome! I had some pretty specific needs and a small budget and he worked really hard to get me something that worked. He wasn't happy to just sell me with the first thing that worked, he did lots of research and didn't stop till he found something he was really excited about.

I ended up in a car way nicer than I thought I would get for the money and it met all my requirements. He never tried to upsell me and he was very respectful about what I needed (I am a big person, very tall and very wide and not only did he get that, but he never made me feel awkward or bad about it).

Jason saved me so much time and trouble by shopping for me and ended up getting me a great car. I highly recommend him.

The buying process was real easy through Ron Tonkin. I have a friend who had a great experience here at Ron Tonkin Toyota as well.

Cindy Q. | 2008-03-29

Loving my Highlander hybrid.  Loving that at $3.50 a gallon, I can go 165 more miles than I used to in my MDX.  Loving that there was no haggling, no getting handed off to the next guy in the cubicle, and no having to go the DMV to register my new car.

I ordered my car on the internet.  Ron Tonkin Toyota was the first to call us back with an ACTUAL car ready for me just like I requested.  These babies were hard to find last Fall and waiting lists were the norm.  I didn't want to pay more for navigation or for a rear DVD player (heck, got both of those portable style at Costco for a fraction of the price).

We arrived at 9:00 am with check in hand.  Less than an hour after, I was driving away in my new car, complete with registered license plates.  No hassles. No slimy car salesmen.  No pressure to buy extra warranties.  No way will I ever do car business again any other way.

Thanks, Ron Tonkin Toyota.