Ron Tonkin Honda in Portland, OR

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Ron Tonkin Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 262-6440
Address:300 SE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR, 97233
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Ron Tonkin Honda

Daniel B. | 2015-04-16

6 months ago we bought a 2002 Honda Civic from Ron Tonka, and I would rate the overall car buying experience 3 stars, but my most recent experience with Ron Tonka was tough to stomach.

We bought the Civic with 91,000 miles on it, and the salesman told us that it was "completely up to date on its scheduled maintenance".  Last week, I took the car to the Ron Tonkin service department to have some recalled airbags replaced and I was told that it was due for its 90k timing belt and water pump replacement...about $1000 worth of work.  It turns out that "completely up to date on its scheduled maintenance" means that Ron Tonkin did the 4 or 5 cheap items on the 90k maintenance schedule, but failed to take care of the big ticket item (timing belt).

Since I was sold the car under the impression that all 90k maintenance had been done, I went and talked to the used car manager.  He basically told me there was nothing he could do because I signed off on the condition of the car when I bought it.  He didn't seem to care, or believe me, when I told him what I was told by the salesman...because it wasn't in writing.  This is not the way to do business.

I am planning on trading in 2 cars in the next few months and was considering going to Ron Tonkin to do so, but after this experience I wouldn't recommend to anyone that they should do business with Ron Tonkin.

Katie S. | 2015-04-14

Speaking of rude customer service! I called to ask about a labor cost for my roof rail. I did have a price quote from 5months ago but couldn't remember the price. I called again today because I finally bought my rails and ready to have them installed. This one guy picked up and sounded very unpleasant to talk to. He told me the price is $158. I asked if the price has changed because I remember it was a little less. I was unsure so I tried asking him nicely. He then changed his tone and asked "why did you call and ask if you already got a quote?" I explained to him that I don't remember the full amount becuase it was 5months ago but the price was somewhere close to a hundred. He then said that's the price he got from the computer and nothing has been changed. I told him I will call back later. I did call again after I found the business card with the labor cost amount written on it. This time a different person picked up. He didnt sound any better but was a bit more helpful. He did say the price I got is for just for the roof rails, without the crossbars. Anyway, this whole confusion could have been handled professionally. In other words, don't question their price or they won't be happy.

Now I'm contemplating whether or not I should have them install anything on my car.

Katherine M. | 2015-03-11

I honestly was expecting the worst, judging from the previous reviews for this place. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the service I got.

I took my car here since it was included in the ongoing airbag recall. I figured that since I'm there, that I'd also include an oil change. I was told that the entire process would only take a couple of hours. However, when I got there, I was informed it would actually take four hours. Kinda sucks since I didn't plan out four hours for repairs. The really nice lady that we talked to (I unfortunately can't remember her name) gave us two bus passes each, and lowered the price of the oil change to $9.95. Definitely better than waiting four hours in the dealership doing nothing. And, I was expecting spending around $40 for the oil change, so that's even sweeter. When we got back four hours later, I promptly got my car back, complete with a comprehensive inspection. The nice lady also gave me a free carwash voucher, which was awesome since I was thinking of getting my car washed anyway. Everyone there was super nice and accommodating.

Overall, the actual wait wasn't fun. However, I truly feel they care about their customers, and it showed with the way I was treated. If it wasn't so far from my place, I'd most likely get my oil change here more often!

Evie E. | 2015-03-11

My husband and I recently bought a used CRV-from this HONDA dealership. First of all we had to bring our baby not recommended but we were in dire need of a safer and bigger car! We looked in advance and had our eye on a vehicle at another location -the dealership said they would pick it up so we could test drive it at this location. IT WAS A LIE-we got there and after an hour and a half they tried to say someone went to the wrong location and got the wrong car. I asked what car they picked up then and they wouldnt say and kept trying to get us to just drive a new car. Luckily we found a different CRV at a different location and asked if we could test drive a car there -to drive the CRV we wanted. On the way the salesman told us inaccurate information on the vehicle. We left purchasing it after seven hours and no one could tell us anything reliable about the vehicle,. THE ONLY good thing about this location was the finance guy. He was extremely helpful and went out of his way to make sure we got some information on our trade in and payoff. Basically coming here just confirmed every steryotype on used car salesmen...but we did get a great car for a great just come prepared and without a baby!!

E L. | 2015-02-18

I hope your math skills don't suck because RTH preys upon the mathematically-challenged. Our salesman was great. The car we found was great. The skinny finance guy was a snake. He was fast talking and nice but when he busted out the notebook paper and sharpie, I knew something was up. I did the math and knew my approximate monthly payment.  We told our salesman 48 months and no extended warranty. The snake changed our terms to 60 months and included extended warranty ($2500 extra!!) on the notebook paper. This kept our monthly payment almost the same as what we anticipated. I just happened to notice the 60 months and warranty on the paper work.

RTH almost got an additional $3000 out of us so be careful.

Finance%/100 = 0.0__
(Car + (car x 0.0__))/months

T M. | 2015-01-13

The 'service' in the Service Department is definitely hit or miss. It seems to be going downhill and the only way to get good customer service is to be a squeaky wheel and contact the Service Manager. The male appointment scheduler that has an accent, is super hard to understand on the phone (sorry, but it's true) and he is not very good at his job. He was going to schedule an appt for me and then when I asked if the parts were available he said no - so that meant I would have to come back twice, instead of getting all the work done at one - as I requested when he first answered the phone!! How is that being smart and doing what's right for the customer? Anyway, in the end they always make it right, but it's easier to do things right the first time and it feels bad to have to continually be a squeaky wheel!! Not sure I'd actually recommend them to others, but will probably keep going there because of convenience. It's definitely a no win situation.

Phelps W. | 2014-12-31

I've been taking my Accord to Ron Tonkin for the past 6 months now, and with every interaction I'm amazed with the professionalism, friendliness, and honesty of the staff. They've never once attempted to up sell me on anything, they're very straight forward, and best of all they fix the problem the first time. I was taken care of at Ron Tonkin Honda.

Elizabeth P. | 2014-12-30

Sales review: ok people, buying a car is never fun! I do recommend this spot for a Honda and you must must must ask for Matthew.  Happiest, nicest guy you'll ever meet.  Explained things well, met my requests, and I left very happy. Though the process took several hours, that's just how long it takes, everyone was friendly and nice and the salesroom is comfortable.

Rio C. | 2014-12-29

Recently I was at the Honda dealership, and was delightfully surprised by my wonderful service. Trudy was so pleasant & helpful, she almost made the $355 I had to spend today not seem so bad. Even pushed her lunch back to finish my paperwork to get me back on the road in a timely manner. During my visit, their shuttle driver Juan was also very polite and a safe driver.

Thanks! I'll be back again in the future.

Nikie H. | 2014-12-10

We recently purchased a used Honda Odyssey from Tonkin that was inspected at the service department here. Everything went great until the weekend after Thanksgiving when driving down the freeway our van started shaking all over the place. Once we got pulled over and inspected the van and the tires we discovered that the lugs on the back passenger side tire had completely sheered off and we had one lug left holding our tire on.

After getting a tow home (39 miles) the final lug sheered off while the van was being unloaded from the flat bed tow truck. After trying very unsuccessfully for a day and a half to get a call back regarding the issue, I finally got a call from Burton who immediately got the ball rolling. They towed our van to the dealership from our house and proceeded to look for the problem. As soon as Burton tore it apart and discovered the problem ( a bent screw in the brake assembly) he called me and let me know and informed me that Tonkin would be covering the cost of the repairs and the tow to the dealership.

This whole situation could have been much worse and granted, it should not have happened (they missed it upon inspection) they made the situation right and got my van back to me today. In total they had my van for 6 days but, 2 of that was a weekend and, they had to order a new wheel for my van.

BO Q. | 2014-11-13

Being worn out and talked into buying some device for $1500 by this Kirk "financial director" when we were buying a car. Googled the price later and found it's much cheaper elsewhere. Tried to cancel the device the next day, this Kirk yelled and called us "ridiculous" and refused the cancellation. Later on we complained to the sales manager, the manager said he will look "to the bottom of this", and guess what, nothing happened -- of course, they are on the same boat.

In general, if you don't mind being ripped of by these guys, then it's up to you to go there. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend this place and its people to anyone. Please, save yourself and go somewhere else

Mark R. | 2014-11-11

Sorry Ron Tonkin, you almost had a new customer, then I was put on hold...and then put on hold, and then put on hold...oh a ring, nope, back on hold.  So I decided to take the extra drive to go to T&C honda where they answer the phones and have AWESOME service specials as well as espresso.  Oops, your bad.

Melanie K. | 2014-10-28

Had a nice experience with the sales and finance teams. I didn't feel the typical force that comes with most car sales. I got a great car financed with Capital One which makes me happy. I would definitely recommend this dealership!!

Kyra N. | 2014-10-06

What the hell happen to the service department? I have been going here for years and making appointments over the phone for years. Just a few minutes ago, I tired scheduling an oil change. But was unable to do so. WHY? Because I never got a hold of someone in the service department. I got their voice message machine, then the receptionist, then the voice message machine, then the receptionist... This went on for several minutes until I got sick of going back and fourth and hang up. The receptionist was no help... She just kept transferring me over to the service department. TIP: Next time you get a call like this, get up and take the few steps over to the service department to see if someone could take the call. Instead of just transferring them over and over and over, etc... That is what GOOD customer service is call.

I can't believe I told my husband this place was great and my next car should be from here.

Lizzie A. | 2014-09-23


2 weeks after I bought the car, it started making a weird noise. I was totally freaking out! I took it in, they checked it over, and took about a half an hour to change out a broken bolt. My car now purrs like a kitten, and they did it for free. Once again, even AFTER the sale, I was treated with total respect and kindness. Kudos once again to these guys! I would recommend them to any of my family or friends!

KeshiaSkye S. | 2014-09-21

This review is for the sales department.

My husband and I were car shopping and had found a car on Auto Trader we came to this location to see. The woman sales rep who came out to us literally didn't say "hello" and just jumped into "is there a car I can help you find?" Could we have been anything more than a dollar sign to you!? We said "nope" and just left.

Nanick N. | 2014-09-13

"Don't trust website-- they list full inventories and don't update when they're out. Call them first. "We just sold 16 Fits!" Yeah right.

Marco L. | 2014-09-10

Fantastic, trusting, stress free buying experience with a very friendly staff. Highly recommend this dealer for anyone interested in a new car

Chelsie P. | 2014-09-06

They use scare tactics to try to upsale! I was looking for an older but reliable car... Which Hondas are known for, so I called in and the car salesman point blank told me "there's no such thing as $5000 cars and that $5000 cars are UNSAFE to drive." What a joke! Excuse me for not wanting to go into thousands of dollars in debt and pay interest! I maybe a woman but I'm not an idiot... Even if I wanted to buy a new car I wouldn't go there! Stereotypical car salesmen.

Peter Z. | 2014-09-04

Worst. Service. Ever.

I have driven a Honda for 14 years. I've had my Hondas serviced many times at dealers. I rarely write reviews, and when I do, they're usually five star reviews. But I've never had such terrible service at any dealership -- or at any auto body place in my entire life and thought that others should know.

I brought my Honda in last week with a damaged back bumper. They said it would cost about $700 to fix and that it would be done by Friday, in time for Labor Day weekend. That didn't happen. Then they said it'd be done by Tuesday. Then it'd be done by Wednesday. Then it'd be done by Thursday morning. Then that I would get an update at noon. Then I'd get an update in the afternoon. They didn't call that things were going slowly. They didn't explain why. They didn't keep me in the loop.

Now it's Thursday at 3 p.m. -- more than a week after the time I brought my Honda in -- and I still don't have the car. Snapping on a new bumper should not be that hard.

The person I worked with was named Zach.  I would avoid working with him. That said, Nicole in the service department did a competent job at keeping me in the loop and getting back to me on time about a broken windshield wiper motor.

The manager looked into what happened, said it was unacceptable and gave me a discount. So I'll give them two more starst for trying to remedy things.

S G. | 2014-08-30

Had one of the worst business transactions of my life here. I was stunned at the wildly unprofessional behavior I witnessed, and quit frankly, terrible customer service. Please avoid this place if you're an educated or savvy customer -- the response the minute you start asking questions is passive aggression and name calling.

I have NEVER been treated this way by a business.

Sherry G. | 2014-08-05

The only thing these guys are good at is lip service. Don't waste your time with these incompetent jerks. Zero stars.

Emily B. | 2014-07-20

I was trying to buy a Honda from here while I was on the other side of the country. David was extremely helpful and was great at keeping in contact with me despite the time difference.

Felisa H. | 2014-06-25

I am a woman who walked into a car dealership and got treated with respect. AMAZING!! All because Mike set the tone.

I just bought my second car ever from this place and Mike the sales guy was phenomenal. It's the first time I have ever been excited about a major purchase. The sales manger rocked too and the finance guy was awesome and an animal lover.

They answered all my questions, admitted when they didn't know something, gave me time to read the paperwork and listened to what I wanted and what I needed. Plus they did all of that with great senses if humor.

Cheers to Ron Tonkin Honda and always ask for Mike A.

Nam N. | 2014-06-11

This Review is for the PARTS DEPARTMENT and KEITH - Awesome Awesome Awesome just good ole customer service. Did I mention AWESOME? So my wife had a really bad flat tire and of course she lost her Honda lug key for the tires. Only way to match the key is to actually have the car at the Honda dealership.

My only option was to get it towed to Honda to get the key or to a tire place to break the lugs. Towing will cost $$$$$$ for losing a stupid $20 key. However - When I called the parts department at Ron Tonkin Honda - I told them my problem and asked if theres any other way. Keith, the gentlemen at Honda asked me where I was and he drove out to meet me with all his lug keys to figure out which one is the right one. Awesome right?

This is definitely out of the realm of normal protocol but above and beyond to the status of legendary customer service! Keith - he's the man! O-SO-VERY-AWESOME.

Alex B. | 2014-05-13

Don't misinterpret the 5-star review... it's not like I love going to the car dealership. 9/10 times I go to a place like this, it's because something is wrong. Yet the streamlined service of Ron Tonkin Honda made the chore of taking my car in almost pleasant.

I appreciate that service appointments can be made from their website, and often at the last minute. From the reception to the service person to the payment window, I have never experienced anything short of spectacular service. They are incredibly accommodating, even offering transportation options if service will take longer than expected.

Clearly, many others have had negative experiences here and I don't want to discredit anything that they have said. These experiences are real, and my experiences here are a small sample of what these guys do. Yet based solely on what I have lived, I cannot give anything other than five stars for a truly spectacular Honda dealership.

J Z. | 2014-04-02

These guys are a bunch of frauds.  I had my car there for a simple oil change, and they called to let me know they suspected a transmission leak. I brought it back two days later for a workup.  The shuttle guy, a car salesman (Don?) gave me a ride to work, and we talked about possible trade-in.  He certainly pushed that sales pitch. Fair enough - my car is a 2006, and I have been contemplating a trade-in.  He emphasized how low my mileage is, and that I could make out well with a trade-in.  I got a call from Ron Tonkin at lunch that day, stating my car's transmission was not only leaking fluid but "oozing" it.  I had them send me a photo.  It was very hard to determine anything from that.  The same salesman picked me up and expressed his sympathy, stating that they were initially really excited to potentially have a trade in car with such low mileage since I was contemplating it, but, oh, how devastating that my car had a terminal diagnosis.  He emphasized that well, "you still have a buyer in us, although all we can do is simply take it to auction, and we practically loose money doing that".  
Then he went straight into fear mongering - said he hopes I have towing insurance since my car could stop working at any moment.  Back at the shop, their estimate was $4000 for a transmission replacement.  
Today, I brought my car in for a second opinion to an independent auto shop.  They did a full work up on the transmission and found NOTHING WRONG with it.  No leaks.  Just dirty fluid that needed flushing, typical at 60,000 miles, and part of the service needed at that point in time.
Run out of there, they are predatory.

Monica c. | 2014-02-13

Not a god experience sadly.
I was looking for a new car  made an offer called left a message and no return phone call from internet manager  for 3 days!!! I called back and all he said was we can't accept your offer. It was a strange experience .
I would not refer anyone to this dealer .... Poor customer service to not return phone calls. That car is still sitting there!!!

Dena D. | 2013-12-16

I honestly have never had such a seamless car buying experience.  Everyone there from the Sales manager to sales people, to  finance went above and beyond.  I received more than a fair trade in value on my Audi, and I couldn't have asked for better lease payments.  My son (he is 8) always wants to go back there, claiming its one of his favorite places ever (they gave him donuts, and let him in all of the cars).  They really set a bar for great customer service, they made sure they were able to get me in the model of car that I wanted for the payments I wanted.  Love my brand new Honda Accord!

S L. | 2013-12-11

I was not extensively impressed. The costs of repairs are definitely "dealer prices", i.e., ridiculously expensive. They claimed they were going to follow up, but neglected to doing so, as well as not inform me that my car was done. It's a tough economy right now, Ron Tonkin Honda, please take care of your community.

Lauren G. | 2013-11-16

I was nervous about this place because the reviews were rough, but I needed to bring my civic in for an oil change.  
I liked that I could schedule online.
When I arrived, they were waiting for me and quickly got me checked in an organized.
I about froze to death in the waiting room, but other than that it was one of the best oil changes I've had.  this will be my new go to spot for car servicing.

Karey R. | 2013-11-07

I communicated almost exclusively with Trudi, a service center receptionist (don't know her exact title).  It certainly seemed like she did everything she could to keep the technicians moving forward with the intensive diagnostics my car needed (and I insisted on) in a timely manner.  She called after each step of the process.  
Ultimately, they are confident my car needs a non-essential $1400 module replacement.  Hubby and I decided the repair is not worth tapping the emergency fund for at this moment in time, and Trudi readily accepted our decision.
When we do decide to spend the money to make the repair, I will most likely bring the car back to this location to have the work done, but not without first considering other options.

A shining positive to note:
Whilst running all these diagostic tests, they discovered a seat belt sensor was failing.  They went ahead and replaced it, free of charge.  Yay!

A couple negatives to note:
1.  When Trudi would reach my voicemail, she would never leave the information about the car in a voicemail -- it was always a request to call her back.  Maybe this is how they are instructed but I'd rather just have the info than have to play phone tag.
2.  When I finally picked our car back up, a deck of playing cards that had been in their case on the floor of the backseat was mysteriously opened up and the cards dumped in a pile in the backseat.  What's up with that??

Heather S. | 2013-11-06

I don't understand all the poor reviews, and I feel badly for everyone's experience.  I don't want to discount anyone, but, I've had really great experiences at Ron Tonkin Honda.

Every time I go in, I am nicely greeted. I get my Honda Civic 2007 inspected and when there was an issue -- under warranty -- with my visor, they were able to replace it.

Recently, the brake pads on my car started to go, and they were able to service the car quickly and efficiently. I was given a ride to work through their shuttle (one person driving just me), and Trudy, the staff person taking care of my order called me multiple times to keep me updated on cost and repairs, asking my permission, giving suggestions etc before moving ahead. When she misquoted me the price, she took $80 off my repair bill.

Pretty awesome!

Buzz G. | 2013-09-17

Bought a 2013 Odyssey from Steve in Internet Sales.  He was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and attentive...and I got a great price.  What more do you want?  No, I don't have ANY connection with anyone there.  I did everything by phone and e-mail, I knew what I wanted, and Steve found it for me.  His follow-up has been great.  If you know what you want, try the internet sales dept...especially through Costco.

Ryan E. | 2013-09-16

It's like they don't want to be there. Not bad, nor good. Just... there. You'd think they want to, oh, I don't know, sell cars... but they don't seem interested in that.

Peter T. | 2013-09-02

I took my car in for a transmission fluid change. Before I took the car in my clutch was shifting smooth like butter, after the service I noticed the difference of my shifting. It got worst and hard to get in gears at times. I finally I had enough went and looked under the hood. I noticed the clutch line near the transmission was pitched, like they took a flat head and hammer it shut tight. I was pissed took it back and complaint to the manager and of course they denied the damage. I ordered a new Clutch line from them they did not fix my problem, instead gave me the clutch line for free and it was only $10. They tried to make me think i needed a new clutch or transmission.BEWARE!! They are liars and rip off. They will damage your car so you will keep coming back. Never trust these guys.

Robin W. | 2013-08-30

Came in for a Honda recall.  Extremely professional staff, superb waiting area.  Car was done when they said it would.  Overall great experience.  Then they told me that my engine mounts were broken and had to be replaced.  They said while car was ok to drive, engine could just fall out or torque out other parts of car and create more damage.  Got me a bit worried.  They wanted $700+ to fix.  I dont have that cash lying around!!!  Said I would think about it.  Took the car to my trusted independent mechanic and he said nothing was wrong with the mounts and that they were perfectly ok. SOB .... I was going to waste $700.  Last time EVER that I will go to them.

James G. | 2013-06-30

This place is a joke. They bait you in and switch up deals when you get there. Their cars are over priced and they give you crap for trade ins. Never going there again. Waste of time and gas.

John P. | 2013-05-16

I have taken my car to this place a couple of times to get minor things fixed, like replacing a sun visor under extended warranty. Service was good, staff was friendly, and they got my Civic fixed in no time.

Stephanie B. | 2013-01-20

As with so many car dealers, it's all about who you work with.  I detest getting stuck with whichever salesperson jumps on you when you set foot on the lot.  However, at Tonkin we had a great experience with Jess Haines.   He is professional, not pushy, knowledgable and a genuinely nice person.    We would recommend him highly!   Also, I think Tonkin overall made us a good fair deal.

LeAnn M. | 2013-01-09

Tonkin Honda is the best! I would suggest it to anyone and everyone. Michael T. is the most helpful and patient salesman I had come across during my search for a new vehicle. Michael is intelligent, informative, and not at ALL pushy. Throughout my buying process each employee involved was incredibly kind while assisting me in every way possible to make my monthly payments affordable. Tonkin Honda also offers awesome services after you purchase a vehicle from them! You cannot go wrong! If you are currently looking for a new or used car go to Tonkin Honda and ask for Michael Taggard.

-LeAnn McClaflin

carter f. | 2012-07-28

These are the rudest people I have ever dealt with when buying a car.

My mother, who's 70, was buying a new CRV. We were dealing with Rita who took us for a test drive and worked up a price, along with the sales manager. We didn't get much of a deal but were happy and they had our color coming in soon so we put down a deposit. The only red flag at this point was that the sales manager complained that they couldn't go any lower on the price because he wasn't making any money on the car.

Well, later in the week we got a better deal from another dealer. He had the same car coming in with navigation and was willing to give it to us for the same price as a CRV without it (1,500$ less).

So we asked Tonkin to match it. Rita called us back and called the other dealer a liar and complained about how hard she worked to get us the car - it was already coming in and she spent 20 minutes with us. Then the sales manager called us with the same attitude.

Needless to say, my mom hung up on them and we purchased the car with the other dealer.

I guess they are fine when you just fork over your hard-earned cash on their terms but as soon as you try to make a deal, they treat you like a piece of dirt.

Lemmy E. | 2012-07-23

Repair facility will try to charge you all kinds of extras.
I would not go here for preventative maintenance. My Subaru dealer is so much better about only doing and charging for what needs to be done.
Find a local Honda mechanic

Diana M. | 2011-01-09

We came here to buy a new car a few months ago. We knew what we wanted and we were communicating with a salesperson from the dealership before we came in to check out the car. We did our research and knew what the base model price was and what we wanted to pay.

Our salesperson was very personable and easy to talk to. The drive through went smoothly and we started negotiating. Of course they wanted a higher price since they never sell just the base model and it came with additional features that marked up the value of the car but that we didn't want. Another salesperson came along to help negotiate and after a few hours (yep, hours) of back and forth we settled on a price.

Overall, they were nice and professional and I felt like they were being fair. It did take quite a bit of work to get the deal we wanted but I feel like that is what you would find in any car dealership.

I was satisfied with my experience here and 7 months later, we still love and our completely satisfied with our purchase!