Ron Tonkin Chevy in Portland, OR

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Portland's #1 Chevy Dealership serving Portland since 1960!

Ron Tonkin Chevy

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 258-6480
Address:22 NE 122nd Avenue, Portland, OR, 97230

Reviews on Ron Tonkin Chevy

Steve S. | 2014-10-31

Don't ever have any service done here! Sloppy, unprofessional and no accountability.. Had my car serviced here many times over the past seven years it's never gone smoothly... My Chevy was part of the GM recall. They had my car for nearly 3 months waiting for parts. When they called me to tell me my car was ready for pick up, I arrived to find out repairs really were complete. The new keys didn't open the door and my key Fob wasn't functioning at all! Said they had to reschedule the locksmith and I had my car for another week and a half. They refused to fix or replace the fob, claiming no responsibility. Cost me nearly $200 to replace it. Had replaced the fob just a couple years before & there was nothing wrong with it. Now, power unlock will not work on drivers door. That wasn't broken before you worked on it. Again, they say they're not responsible. More than $100 to diagnose the problem and they think the parts might be around $300+ technician time... You break my stuff and then I have to pay you to repair it? I've escalated my complaint to GM hopefully they can help me resolve this issue.