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Ron Tonkin Acura specializes in providing a great experience for you!  We feature new Acura vehicles, Acura Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, and a good selection of pre-owned from other makes.

Our award winning service and parts center is open six days a week to serve  you.


Established in 1986.

Ron Tonkin Acura has been serving the Portland area since 1986.  Did you know that we are the oldest continually operating Acura dealer in the United States?  Yes, we are!

Our staff shares a common goal; to ensure every client has an excellent experience.

Please consider us for your next new Acura, Certified Pre-Owned Acura, or premium pre-owned vehicle.

Our complete Service & Parts center is open Monday through Saturday to serve your needs.

Thank you for checking us out!

Ron Tonkin Acura

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 579-2873
Address:9655 SW Canyon Road, Portland, OR, 97225
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Ron Tonkin Acura

Rachel R. | 2015-02-25

Had I reviewed Ron Tonkin Acura the night I bought my car, I would have given them a 4 or even 5 star review. Ethan was my sales rep. Super nice kid. Seemed awfully new, but was really nice. It was the least hassle car buying experience I've ever had.
Problems occurred shortly after taking my brand new, 2015 ILX home. I had only a couple of hundred miles on the car before I had to take it in to their service department. The transmission feels like it's trying to shift between 50-60 mph when it doesn't need to, resulting in a jerking sensation of the car. Sometimes less obvious than other times, but it happens every day.
I dropped my car off with the service department on 1/3/15 and test drove it with one of their techs. He felt the issue I was describing multiple times. I left my car with them so they could test drive more and try to figure out what was going on.
James, the Service Advisor, said I would get a call on 1/5 with an update, though I never received that call. He did call on 1/6 and said they couldn't find any issues, but that they wanted to keep it to test drive it more. He said he'd call me the following day with another update. No call came in.
I called on 1/8 since i still hadn't heard back, and James said it the issue still wasn't replicating for their team, but that they wanted to test drive once more.
I picked up the car from the service department at 6pm on 1/8/15 from James. He briefly stated they couldn't get the issue to happen again - said something about they think it happened when they let go of the pedal a bit right at 50mph, but that when pressure was pressed again it went away. And as I had told them multiple times, the issue happened when you were at a steady speed, not when you let go of the pedal. I didn't feel like getting into any confrontation so I didn't ask anymore questions. Drove the car home that night and the issue was still happening to me.
Because i was still having issues daily with the same problem, I took the car back on 2/23/15. I did a test drive with another tech. He felt the transmission issues I was describing. Told him it happens between almost 50mph and up to 60 - feels like engine is trying to shift but it doesn't need to. They test drove my car with computer hooked up, took snapshots and noticed the issue as well. They said they called the Acura technical support line and they told them to test drive other ILX's that they have.
Chad Goodwin, service advisor (SO much nicer and more professional than James, BTW!), said to me when I picked my car up 2/24 that they test drove a few ILX's and noticed it on some, but not all. He said that the snapshots they took of mine look like a heart monitor and when the issue would happen, the rate on the "heart monitor" would slighting jump, indicating something was indeed not quite right. Though tech support said it's "normal" as long as other ILX's do it and it poses no safety issue. They "think" that it could be possible that the torque converter is engaging then disengaging. They checked for "DTC" and no codes were found. Dropped my car off at 1,116 miles and they returned it at 1,172 miles so I  know they test drove it quite a bit to really test the issue, which I appreciate.
So I feel a bit let down after all of this that my brand new car with barely over a thousand miles still has issues. It should be a smooth drive and it's not. It's frustrating, but there doesn't appear to be much I can do about that issue. So I wait until my lease is up to trade it back in or sell outright.
I've also had a plate issue with the dealership, which is just wasting more of my time. i did a plate transfer as I had 9 months left on my current tags. Somehow in the transfer, the title department (per the DMV) incorrectly stated my plate number, therefore causing me to get an incorrect registration in the mail from the DMV stating my plates had already expired. Ron Tonkin title said it's the DMV's issue, not theirs, that I somehow got plates of a 2014 Dodge Ram, even though I had a 2009 Jetta that I traded in. She told me that I was issued the wrong plates back in 2009, which makes zero sense since my car was older than the Ram. I don't know or really care if it's Ron Tonkin's issue or the DMV, but the point is I'm still being hassled by yet another situation that I shouldn't have to be. I had to spend an hour at the DMV, 3 phone calls, just to get a temporary tag for my car so I didn't get fined if I were pulled over, so that the DMV and the dealer can figure out the issue and fix it.
While this is a small complaint, it's still worth noting. Ron Tonkin gave me a brand new car that's missing a driver side fabric mat. The other cars I had as loaners - including an ILX, had this mat under the rubber ones. Looks like mine is just missing. Unfortunate, but again, not the end of the world.
All in all, not impressed with RTA thus far. I know the car issue isn't their fault, but it's their responsibility to please their customers.

joe p. | 2015-01-03

Best customer service department. My Acura malfunctioned twice  as I was in town. Both occasions they saw me immediately and gave me a loaner car !! Thanks Ron Tonkin Acura  and thank you chad for keeping me informed of my car repairs


Jeanne R. | 2014-11-19

Visited Ron Tonkin Acura to begin our search for a new vehicle a couple Saturdays ago. Samuel helped guide us and defied car sales stereotypes. He gave us plenty of space to look around, but answered our questions and was very professional when we needed him. By Sunday evening we were driving an Acura RDX to it's new home. Samuel made the experience quick and painless. We really appreciated his service and professionalism. Great experience so far with our RDX too- Acura's simply don't disappoint.

John C. | 2014-09-18

People are friendly. I own 2006 acura RL. I can't criticize or compliment them. I mean they have a good staff and service but.......
I own a Lexus and a BMW.  Compare to those guys..... Couple of notches down. Compare to Honda and Toyota, they are one notch up. My cars earlier in life were Hondas and Toyotas.

Yuliya L. | 2014-09-01

We bought a car here a few days ago and I was extremely impressed with their customer service! After visiting a few dealerships and meeting some VERY interesting salesmen I told my husband I am ready to give up and can't handle anymore people that are trying to sell us cars that we weren't even interested in. Shawn was helping us the day that we went it and he was super professional and friendly. We went in planning to just take a few cars to test drive and walked out with a car that we love. Kem was also really helpful and took the time to really explain everything to us... Even financial advice that is just helpful to us as a young couple. Thanks guys! :)

Becky C. | 2014-07-19

I love this dealership! The service department is the best ever! I can even have a manicure done by Tina while waiting! She also is amazing! Thank you for making me feel comfortable while waiting and working fast to get me on my way.

Spencer R. | 2014-06-26

5 stars for me.  From the point that I bought my TSX...which I a # of service visits...Ron Tonkin Acura Rocks.  Very forward thinking people...and you can really tell they are interested and care.  Sounds pat...but it's true...they really go the extra mile!

MyatH M. | 2014-05-02

Been going here for oil changes, and other scheduled maintenance for my RDX. The Service Reps are always nice, and they do put the customer as the focal point of the conversation...unlike other places where they speak in a condescending way while pushing you into buying the expensive services you really don't need.

Richard B. | 2014-04-29

Ron Tonkin on Canyon Road in Portland is an excellent dealership.   We just purchased a 2014 RDX Acura from them.   Everyone from the manager, Jim Brown, to the person at the parts counter (picked up touch up paint) was excellent.  The experience was smooth, quick and professional.  We dealt with Shawn Freeman for our first visit who answered questions well.  Our sales person was James Lafleur who was great and would recommend him.  He has answered many small questions in a polite and professional manner.  My best experience in buying a car.  A five star dealership.

Hannah S. | 2014-04-07

We stopped by Acura really as an after-thought but Sam Kim and his team did such an excellent job that we quickly changed direction and went with their 2014 RDX over our other top choices; Mercedes CLK and Audi  Allroad.  

Sam was super pleasant to work with and was amenable to our schedule, restrictions, and priorities.  We can see how many of his customers become customers for life.  We highly recommend you stop in and give Sam a shot.  If he can't get you where you need to be, he will tell you.  Super friendly guy to boot.  No pressure, direct, and professional.

Best car buying experience yet!

Ira L. | 2014-02-15

I had some issues with my 2013 Acura TSX and I contacted the service department at Ron Tonkin Acura.  I explained the issues to service writer Chad Goodwin, who went above and beyond to make sure he fully understood what the issues were.  When I went in to drop the car off I was greeted with courtesy and professionalism.  The technician, Thai, was able to diagnose the problem quickly and without any "back and forth" that you can get with other dealerships. The parts were repaired/replaced quickly.

Not only was the service and repair stellar, my car was taken care of.  I love my vehicles, I try to take extremely good care of them.  I never have to worry when my cars are in for service at Ron Tonkin Acura.


Emily K. | 2014-02-04

This dealership truly deserves five stars. I called one day to try to schedule a test drive for the same afternoon. I had done my research already and knew the car I wanted to check out. Tommy took the call  scheduled me to come in an hour later. My mom and I came and were pleasantly suprised at how nice the experience was. Tommy was friendly, listened to what I was looking for, and was not in any way pushy or "salesy." My mom and I both took turns test driving the car and both loved it, but didn't decide to purchase it then. Instead we mentioned we'd like to try a few others out, which, we did and I ultimately chose Acura. Tommy even came in on a Saturday, his day off, to meet me and help set up the car for me to drive home.
Now, any car dealership you look up is going to have a wide variety of reviews.Car salesmen in general don't always have the best reputation. However, I honestly can say I had a fantastic experience here, and would recommend Tommy and his team to anyone. Way to go!!

Modele O. | 2014-01-11

Just bought a 2014 Acura ILX from Ron Tonkin Acura this morning. Huge shout out to Samuel Kim, who was extremely patient with me! I just moved here from DC and Sam helped walk me through my first car purchase ever.

I also appreciate Joe's hospitality and everything he did to try and help me get my car as soon as possible.

Customer service is impeccable, and they care about their clients. I even turned my back on them for a sec and checked out Dick Hannah's Acura of Portland, but it was amateur hour over there. I quickly returned to Ron Tonkin and happily handed my down payment over.

Hope these guys get some great business throughout 2014. They've got my stamp of approval.

Hunter S. | 2013-12-23

Shawn was our salesman; I helped negotiate for my girlfriend on a new Acura SUV.

There was very little back and forth; they did have a markup listed but we presented MSRP and market prices and Shawn came back with a very fair price.

Since then, every single time he's seen me getting our cars serviced, he's gone out of his way to say hello, shake my hand, give me a big smile and see how I'm doing.

He even noticed I was limping and expressed concern for my health.

Shawn is an excellent professional and a good guy.  I'm a big fan of this dealership, their service department, and their sales team.

Strongly recommended.

John P. | 2013-05-16

I bought my car at this place a couple of years ago. Salesman was nice at the beginning, their waiting room was cool and had amenities for their clients.

When I told him I was not interested in buying additional warranty for the car he invited me to a back office where their start salesman dwells along with some sort of computer server and loud fax machines.

I spent more than two hours telling this guy that I was not going to buy additional warranty. After a while he was rude, was pissed off and used every tactic he knew to scare me into buying that stupid warranty.

After two hours he told me --what if I give it to you for free?.  I don't want it. I told him. He was furious, and I believe junior salesman outside his office were laughing at his big defeated ego.

They had offered to take my old car home, so I could drive my new car out of the lot, but they didn't. They told me that I could park it in the street and come back later to get it.

Bottom line, don't let them take you to that stinky back office to close the deal.

Bryan I. | 2013-03-03

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting a reply from Tonkin regarding my recent review, but I was pleasantly surprised when the manager, Jim, messaged & called to discuss the experience, apologize, and refund the extra $300 charge.  

He made it clear that he addressed the issue in a meeting with his staff, and that this should not be a future problem experienced by me, nor any other future potential buyers.

Bravo.  This is the best resolution I could have hoped for, and definitely more on par with the other reviewers' reports.

Thanks, Jim!

Ben C. | 2012-10-12

I bought a used RDX here a while back, love the car! It would have been a 5 star review if not for the paperwork part where the guy tried to get us to pay for more tinted windows, undercoating and a bunch of other things I specifically told them I didn't want. Once I convinced the finance guy that I didn't want it, he rushed wife and I through the process and wouldn't talk to us at all. I understand he needs to present the options, but the rudeness got to me so bad I almost called off the deal. Beyond that. The service has been great, we still love the car and would buy another one, assuming we could bypass the rudeness factor

Kelsie V. | 2012-08-28

Coming here was a chore as I get anxiety if I come close to Beaverton.  This was a painless visit.  I came for a quote and got honest and friendly service, I think.

The young guy that greeted me had an incredibly booming deep voice.  I had to look around to see who it was....

Anyway, I hate the idea of having to go to a direct dealer (they have reputations to rip you off)
But this was great. Needed wheel lock replaced and they quoted me some options and were quick to install them.

I purchased my Acura at the dealer in SE, so I'd never been to this one, but appreciate their attitude and help.

Neil W. | 2012-08-17

Some of the best customer service in the world.  Like Apple Store good.

Always call back, always give you a prompt, accurate bid, never push up-sells or shady diagnosis.  

They give loaners without question for anything more than an oil change.  

Their service alone will probably prompt me to never own anything other than an Acura for as long as their service stays at these high levels.  

Been going to them exclusively since I bought my used Acura with 88k miles on has over 128k on it and it runs like brand new.

Lirra C. | 2011-09-11

I haven't had any experiences with the sales department but the servce here is top notch!  I've been taking my car here ever since I got it and won't ever take it anywhere else.  They are always up front (there's never any surprises) and I scored big time with their "lifetime oil change" deal......and when you take your car there they always wash & vacuum your car at no extra cost.  If you take your car there during the week there's a couple of days when they have a nail tech there that will give you a FREE mani (nothing fancy but it's still FREE!)

Ryohei A. | 2011-08-26

One of the better services I've experienced at a dealer.  
You can see me that I hate dealers.  Period.  We were in search for a luxury SUV and we stopped by here to possibly trade our cars in.

Now I know how it all works in a dealer.  SO none of these BS tricks works on us.  We know better when to walk out and leave.  

With that said, these guys were much much better then those Lexus A$$holes and treated us with respect.  A little pushy but that push came with a decent offer.  

Word or advice, if you don't like a deal, just walk out!  We were going to leave (because the deal cannot be met)  then the sales manager came and gave us a deal that looked more like it.  THEN we negotiated again to the price we were looking for.  They knew we were leaving unless this deal is met so they said ok and you have happy customer and dealer.

(How hard is this really, though...)

Above all we bought the car with good price and they gave us way above average trade in.  Not too bad, and most importantly, they treated us with respect.  Just because we were young Asian family they did not assume we can't buy the car. (Like Lexus)

They get A-OK from me.

J T. | 2011-03-29

I wish they knew what it takes to sell "luxury cars", since Acura's supposedly is the luxury division of Honda, the dealership should act like one. Sad to say, they do not. Horrible experience with how they deal with their customers post sale. They promise everything prior to buying but under deliver when you have the vehicle. Imagine charging you $4 by using their loaner vehicle of which is part of their overall service to paying customers having their vehicles serviced. This was supposedly a "gas" charge ... wow - if they were selling non-luxury vehicles, I would understand the nickle & diming, but $4 for more than $500 service ? Go figure... Will not recommend, just go to a local Honda dealer who can equally service Acura vehicles. Checked with Acura directly & they do support customers getting their vehicles serviced by a Honda dealer.

They just lost my biz -- although it is just a speck on their total car volume, but hey, a good start.

Tamara Y. | 2011-02-22

Car sales is car sales. But the service dept is very nice and I usually do not need anything major Acura's are built GREAT!  I bought my car here 5 years ago and have loved the lifetime oil changes!

Yunny D. | 2010-04-23

I have to preface this that I think the salesperson one works with makes a world of difference and the jerk we ended up with turned me off from leasing their MDX.  I was ready and willing but could not believe how patronizing and confrontational our salesperson was.  I think he thought using intimidating tactics and authoritative language was going to persuade us to take their offer on our trade.  

He did everything wrong and nothing right to sell us the car.  Cause he wasn't selling the car as he was so self absorbed in himself.  
He was truly the strangest individual.  

He was very self righteous and even when I mentioned that I did not like the color, he just walked away, without even saying where he was going and backed in the other MDX in silver.  I don't know if that was part of his selling tactic (action oriented without communicating any of it) but in the end my husband was extremely annoyed by him and he is not a man to be easily annoyed.  We walked out and did not look back.  

We ended up buying another Toyota.
There's something to be said for high volume dealerships.  
They are interested in getting you in a car because their incentives come from volume sales.
Smaller volume dealerships are interested in getting the most dollars each sale because they don't have as much wiggle room.  

Our salesperson however was trying to charge us more than the nationally advertised leasing deals expecting more down than advertised and we would have been upside down on our trade.  He was not putting his best foot forward.  I don't know what he thought he was going to accomplish but he did manage to run us out the door.

The salesmanager did call us, trying to get us back in but I complained to him about the rude salesguy.  He offered for us to work with someone else but we were so not interested.

Lid C. | 2010-01-12

Disclaimer: I worked here for three months in 2008.

I am a jack of all trades and from 2007-2008 I tried my hand at car sales. I was actually successful but ultimately decided it wasn't for me. My best friend recently bought a car from Ron Tonkin Acura so I am going to give you my insider and outsider perspective of the biz.

I have probably set foot in at least 30 dealerships in my time and a good portion of them have that sleazy feel every car shopper dreads. Whether it's self-serving salespeople who will stop at nothing for a sale, overpriced vehicles you can't justify spending money on, devious tactics and overall unpleasantness, nobody likes car shopping. I don't blame you.

Ron Tonkin Acura is none of those things. They truly know the meaning of customer service and it is evident from the general manager down to the guy who washes your car every time you bring it in for service. The entire staff is friendly, courteous, professional and always happy to welcome you whether it's your first time or your hundredth.

After my best friend visited several lots and got the run around, misinformation and was shown unworthy vehicles, she was frustrated, exhausted and ready to give up. I insisted we go to Ron Tonkin Acura even though they didn't have the kind of car she was looking for in their inventory. We were greeted by Pat Tenud, possibly the most knowledgeable, professional and charming salesperson you will ever meet. He addressed all of my friend's wants, needs and concerns so effortlessly she was in a complete daze and had a silly grin on her face when she drove home in her new car later that night. Two months later I assure you the girl is still glowing over the entire experience and her amazing new car.

Looking for quality cars? Professional salespeople? Low pressure environment? A top-notch service department? A beautiful facility with complimentary manicures and cappuccinos? Look no further. Of all the dealerships I have visited in Portland, there isn't a single one that comes even close to matching the class of this one.

Manoj K. | 2009-09-25

These guys are just money minded; we went in to buy a car and there was this other couple who were looking at the same car. Our salesman did guarantee that its first come first serve so if we work out a deal with them, then the car is ours. 5 mins after that, the other couple put a downpayment and secured the car. We wasted all our time driving all the way from Seattle! So these guys are liars and don't keep up their word, Find a better dealer. The only positive things out of all this is we got a better car at a better price from another dealer which is running really well. So I guess we were lucky...

James A. | 2009-04-22

I just bought my second Acura from Ron Ghilchrist at this Tonkin location.  They are very nice and straightforward there, and my experience couldn't have been any smoother.  We talked about what I'd be using the car for, he made some suggestions, I had a test drive and that was it.  They made me a great deal, better than private party price on craigslist, plus I got a warranty.  too cool.  Ask for Ron Ghilchrist, he's easy to buy a car from.

John I. | 2008-07-03

As you would expect this dealer is all about the service.  I've never had such good service from a car dealer as I have with Acura.

I've owned a few new cars, and but this has been my best experience of them all.

You can tell by the number of cars that are 5 + years old, and still coming to the dealer for upkeep.  I see only satisfied faces, and am really happy that this is my dealership.