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A dealer that is committed to the customer experience. We hire great people so that your experience can be great. Whether it be the purchase of a vehicle, parts or service for an existing vehicle you will be treated with honesty and fairness. In service our highly trained technicians work on all makes and all models. We are conveniently located near the corner of I205 & I84 near Portland International Airport. Drop your car off for service and we can shuttle you to your departure and pick you up when you return.


Established in 2008.

The dealership was purchased from the former Nissan Franchise in the later part of 2008.  In more recent years, we've been awarded the #1 High Volume Nissan dealership in 2012.  We have a large selection of both new and pre-owned vehicles, and a dedicated team of sales consultants that strive to make your car buying experience an easy and enjoyable one.

Nissan of Portland

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 251-3349
Address:1212 NE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR, 97230
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Reviews on Nissan of Portland

Wendi C. | 2015-04-22

We went to this dealer with our daughter and bought, what we thought, was a good vehicle for her first vehicle. Shortly after purchasing the vehicle one thing after another went wrong starting with the transmission. Which was apparently not covered under the expensive extended warrantly purchased to ensure she wouldn't have costly repairs. The repairs ran over $2000! Less than a year after she was forced to go to a Nissan dealer in Bend, where the vehicle broke down, for a final attempt to fix something that they couldn't find in the electrical system. They were wonderful to her and she ended up trading it in for a Nissan Rogue to get out from under the money sucking vehicle she purchased at Nissan of Portland. She has attempted several times to obtain the refund for her warranty, which Tony at Portland Nissan has promised her every time she calls. When she calls she is rushed off the phone by Tony. Hopefully this gets resolved soon, but this is the worst customer service experience I've ever witnessed with a company and very disappointing to have this happen for my daughters first vehicle.

Bob S. | 2015-04-09

Deceptive sales people.
I was told before signing the lease that the end-of-lease $395 "vehicle disposition fee" listed in the contract is "almost never charged."
Well big surprise. Upon hearing from Nissan Finance that I certainly WOULD have to cough up that extra $395 (this is after returning the vehicle in pristine condition with less than half the maximum miles on the odometer), I called Nissan of Portland and asked about the promise made that it was very unlikely I'd have to pay that fee. "Whoever told you that shouldn't have told you that" was the reply.
Not the sort of people I would ever want to do business with again.

Alex E. | 2015-04-02

I bought a used Nissan via private party a couple months ago and really disliked it to be honest. It needed constant repairs and the people at Alan Webb Nissan in Vancouver were being difficult about how much they wanted to charge me for unnecessary repairs. It has left a bitter taste in my mouth for Nissan in general so I've been trying to fix the check engine light to sell it. I have a buyer but I need the check engine light fixed first, so as a last resort i took it to Nissan of Portland today. Thanks to Tim and the service department, my car will probably be out of my life tomorrow morning and I don't need to pay more than I need to clear the light. I've never come across such honesty, understanding, and friendliness from a dealership. I wish we had this kinda service in Vancouver and I wish I could go back to Nissan of Portland more often but it's just not convenient. Maybe one day I'll move closer. Thank you again, guys.

Lori C. | 2015-01-26

I was driving home on Friday night when my 2012 Nissan Murano lost power and died.  I was sitting on the side of I-205 (which is very scary during rush hour traffic) when I called Nissan of Portland and spoke to Emily.  She was so kind and helpful.  It took a tow truck an hour and forty-seven minutes to get to me.  Emily stayed late so she could get me a rental car.  I called multiple times and spoke to all of the service employees, and they all were very reassuring that it would all workout. Emily and Courtney called and got all of my information so I could rent a car from them.  When I got to Nissan, Emily had all the documents ready to sign and she was so friendly and accommodating.  I highly recommend the Service department at Nissan of Portland.  This will be the only place I ever go to service my vehicle!

Charlie D. | 2014-12-28

THE WORST experience ever the rude and insulting sales staff, who mocks you when your back is turned ( little hint guys car windows show refections). I have never purchased a new car that did not come with a full tank of gas, we got ours with the low fuel light on. When we got home we noticed that the passenger door had a bunch of scratches in it that where not there before the "detail" and pre-delivery inspection, we go back to find out what happened.  They call in the lot guy who washed the car and right away everyone saw this huge belt buckle on this not so tall man. Long story short had to repaint the door of a new car and wait 3 days for this to happen..I would not step in this place again to get out of rain.

Dan U. | 2014-12-10

Wish you could give a zero rating.  Came in because 2 cars online i wanted to look at while waiting for financing info from a credit union to come back from a 82nd dealer (the 82nd dealer is who i went with and they were far superior to freaking nissan, which is very weird to say your experience at a dealer off 82nd was better than a real dealer)  Anyway had us do financing stuff first, then take us out in a cube, THEN told us the cars i wanted to see were no longer avaialable and were sold weeks ago (then why still on your site?  oh to bait people in thats right)  Anyway we told them we can pay 100-150 a month (our limit was 200 so hoping for that) but you never tell them what you really can afford. Guy comes back with 425 a month for a 2011 cube.....Then tells us we can keep the 1000 down, and apply that to our monthly payments, and in 6 months come back and refinance for 200 a month.  Just spewing bullshit out his mouth like im a idiot.  Good luck if you cant refinance, then you are screwed.  
Anyway they tell us our credit score is only a 532....really?  The 82nd dealer just checked was a 635...and that morning we checked equifax which they all check was the lowest at a 632.  The finance manager at nissan tells us the 82nd dealer and us must of looked at a old report (funny since i JUST got a letter from oregeon credit union on the new car explaining what our financing was based off the credit lvl we had, which is right tere at 634.   So why is this nissan LIEING about peoples credit scores to them to THEIR FACE!!! oh yah to get you in higher payments.   I will NEVER be back, CARR nissan in beaverton was the only one i had luck with years ago, and next time i want a brand new car they will get my chance, hell the dealers off 82nd will get my business first before i ever go to no po nissan, or gladstone nissan.  Must be owned by the same place because they treat people like idiots.   Also my shop will no longer be using your parts department no po nissan, taking that to beaverton for my business.   so stay away people, this place is a joke.

Michelle R. | 2014-10-26

For me it is torture going to car dealerships with my boyfriend. Until we came here. Brent was awesome. Very knowledgeable and gave us a great test drive. While financing Nick was amazing... Some finance guys are asses, but this is a guy you would definitely befriend. I have never gone to a dealership where I wasn't constantly checking the time. The guys at Nissan made my day enjoyable. They went above and beyond service when Allwyn showed my boyfriend all the features after we had already purchased the car! It shows they care.....

Marie P. | 2014-10-08

I was in the market for a 2015 Altima, and had spoken to several dealerships before coming to Nissan of Portland. I first contacted them online, and was put in touch with Chris Harshman, who then helped me through the entire process when I came in. He were extremely respectful of my budget and my time, and super nice to work with. He didn't try to talk me into anything I wasn't comfortable with, while still making sure I knew about all of my options. I felt like my entire experience was straightforward and fair, and that I got a great deal on exactly the car I wanted. As a bonus, they also have a great service department, and I come over from Vancouver even for my oil changes.

David B. | 2014-10-07

We had a great great experience. Tyson was fantastic and helped is choose the best car for our current needs. I would defiantly recommend Nissan of Portland.

Jessica O. | 2014-09-03

The service here is wonderful. They are very accommodating and friendly especially our salesman, Parry. There was a misunderstanding about a feature that I thought was included in my car but actually wasn't and they fixed the problem right away without my asking.

Keith K. | 2014-08-22

Scheduling and rescheduling online was a breeze.  Took in for an oil/filter change.  Xterra was out of warranty, but they took a look at air conditioning unit, air bag sensor and other stuff FOR FREE!  That's a $130 value.  Running late to pick it up before closing, so I called to explain.  Their response: "No worries, we'll be here whenever you get here."  Outstanding customer service and friendly.  My Xterra found a new service center.  Yay!

Steve G. | 2014-08-13

Portland Nissan is a bit tight for my truck, but they are on point. I regularly have service done here, over the Nissan in Vancouver which is much closer to me. Idiocracy is more painful than the drive and inconvenience. Portland Nissan, your showroom sucks but your service department is outstanding!

Laura Z. | 2014-08-12

NOP is one of the best dealership/service department I have ever taken my Nissan to. I recently moved to Portland. After driving across the country I needed an oil change, also had a leaky tire. I didn't have an appointment for service today. But they were able to help me change the oil, patch up the tire (which the previous dealership service department couldn't find) and even cleaned my car! (Which had a coat of bugs on it after the long drive) all finished in a timely manner with a super reasonable price. I appreciate all their hard work.

Dominique R. | 2014-08-02

Really great service in that they are super friendly and accommodating. They even leave a thank you card after they're done! I knocked them down one star though because last time I went, I got a carwash that was supposed to only tack on an additional 15 minutes. Half an hour later, I was still sitting in the waiting area. Only when I went outside to ask about my car did they all of a sudden scramble to get it out to me. And there was still soap on it! It was pretty clear they forgot about it and just  had it sitting somewhere. Regardless though, I'll be back for my next regularly scheduled oil change.

Kekoa H. | 2014-07-29

We were very appreciative to have worked with Chris Harshman at Nissan of Portland. Since we were coming from out of town, he went out of his way to pick us up from the airport, and take us to the dealership after the normal business hours since our flight was delayed. He was very accommodating.
He also made sure that we got the best price possible.
I know that we, myself and my family are very appreciative to have such a good experience with Chris at Nissan of Portland.

S I. | 2014-07-26

2 months ago I was rear ended and my car was totaled out.  I did some research on a few cars and decided that I would be shopping for a Nissan Xterra, used and around the model year 2005.  I knew the Kelly book value and the NADA, and had also researched the local market to see what they were actually listed for.  I only went to the dealership to drive one, and see if they might be reasonable with a used one if they had it.  My expectations were pretty low but these guys took the cake.  The lot salesman was cordial enough and let me drive a 2008 model that they had displayed on the steps of the storefront.  Before we got in that car I told the guy that there was almost a zero chance that I would buy a car that day.  I told him that I could likely not afford anything on the lot.  I told him that the very most money I was going to spend was 8500 dollars.  Everything that I said was completely disregarded.   We drove the car and I, an experienced used car shopper, noted a dozen problems with this, "like new" car.  I kept them to myself as I really didn't expect to buy this car.  The salesman wanted to know if I would buy the car if they could fit it into my budget.  I hedged because it was a hard used truck with a lot of problems but I let them run my credit.  After that it was salesman city.  Guys were whispering with their backs turned to me.  I got all of the lines from, "what do I have to do to put you in that car today?  If I get you this payment will you shake my hand now?"  To "Oh it's your lucky day".   Once, when presented with a payment structure, I asked what interest rate it was at and the salesman said "Shake my hand and then I'll give you an interest rate." At no time was I presented with a retail price and a payment plan at the same time.  Save your time, patience, and money and buy your car from a dealership that respects people.  I've bought 4 used cars at dealerships and have had 4 better experiences.  These guys were jerks and they spoke to me as if I were a mark.

Joshua D. | 2014-07-09

Came to Portland on business and stopped at a local coffee stand before my first appointment. To my shock the driver side window would no longer roll up after paying for my coffee. After leaving my first appointment I called around and spoke to a lady named Wendy at Nissan of Portland who said they could help. Upon arriving she was very candid and honest that they would do their best to get me back on the road that day. She also quoted me a price to have it fixed and got one of their courtesy vehicles to run me to a Car 2 Go so I could continue to make my other business meetings. 1.5 hrs later as promised Wendy called, said they had the part, and requoted the price. Meanwhile I went about my day making my other 3 appointments. I showed back up to the dealership to find my truck ready. Made it back home that evening and have landed one of the clients I spoke to while in Portland. Not every day do you find a service department that understands your pains, makes your problems theirs, and does everything in their power to resolve the situation. Well done Nissan of Portland and Wendy, thank you!

R F. | 2014-06-23

My business with this dealer started of the back and forth emailing, of me asking the best price they would give me for a 2014 Nissan Altima. Chris Harshman, the internet manager, responded to each of my inquiries in a timely fashion. 1 point from minute 1 already!

As a car buyer, I knew I wanted to be efficient with my time and Chris definitely served me perfectly in that respect. After agreeing on a price, he invited me to view the vehicle, which I did the very next day. I must say I was impressed with how he handled a customer. Initially, I was looking into buying a Hyundai Sonata. Even though the car and the price were right, I was rather turned off by the Hyundai sales person in Vancouver WA. Meanwhile, Chris was courteous, attentive and time-efficient. I did love Altima, now it was a matter whether I could get an agreeable price and rate on the financing. Within 15 minutes of me walking into the NoP, we sealed the deal. After transaction was over, Chris was also very patient in explaining and demonstrating me the features of my new Altima.

Needless to say, I am a happy customer of NoP! Highly recommend this dealer, especially Chris Harshman, if you want to be time-efficient with your car purchasing experience. In addition, my partner and I also had a good time conversing with the jovial financing manager Tony Songvilay.

Kitty N. | 2014-06-20

While I remember. I have been meaning to write this review for a year and have been simply to angry to.

It boils down to this.

Buying my car from this dealership was the worst mistake of my life. I will never buy another car from them EVER.

Stephan K. | 2014-06-06

A usual trip to a dealership goes something like this:

1. You drive into the lot where a group of dealers descends on you like a pack of wolves.

2. One of the wolves then takes you on an awkward test drive, eyeing you up and down like a pork chop. (sometimes scratching with his hind leg for fleas)

3. Upon returning to the dealership one of the wolves puts on a voodoo hat and hypnotizes you into a crappy plastic chair, chanting, dancing and painting a ritual circle on the floor.

4. They then proceed to slaughter a chicken and feed the blood into the printer to make your contract and DMV paperwork.

5. The price isn't what was on the sticker, but they insist that $2000 above MSRP is a great deal. When you question the deal you hear the *-shik-* of a switchblade.

6. After you seal the deal in blood, you step into your new car realizing you are missing a portion of your soul.

Doing business at Nissan of portland was NOTHING like that! The person I called (Zain) about the test drive came out to the lot and greeted me (no pack of dealers in sight!). During the test drive we had a pleasant chat about sports and life in Iraq. After the test drive he didn't push me into the dealership, he took the time out to explain how the truck worked and let me inspect every feature.

I loved the truck and decided to take the plunge and attempt a deal. After just 30 minutes they hit may mark!!! Including the paperwork, I was in and out of the dealership with Truck keys in my hand in under 2 hours. That has to be a record!

Don't let your soul get robbed by voodoo wolves at other dealerships. Go to NOP!

Kelsey R. | 2014-05-20

I loved my experience at Nissan of Portland! I bought my car as a California resident who was going to college in Oregon.  They were really helpful in that process.  Sometimes there were things they didn't know but never said something and lied but looked for an answer.  
Nick and John were friendly, honest, and NEVER pushy in trying to get us to buy a car.  They wanted to find one that was right for us.  They go against the typical stereotypes of car salesmen.
I don't understand where the negative reviews come from.  All the workers are great!
I got a used 2011 Sentra from NOP in May 2013.  I've taken it into the service center for oil changes and "check ups".  Once I ran over something and my tire had a slow leak.  They were able to patch it because of where the hole was instead of requiring me to buy a whole new tire.  The woman in the service center are friendly and always laughing.  
There's free WiFi while you wait, but the oil changes are so speedy.

Leslie K. | 2014-04-21

My husband and I purchased a used Frontier from them. The sales portion of the deal was fine, however, the financing was a joke. My husband and I have credit scores between 700 and 750 yet the best Rustom could do was 6.25% interest rate through a nationally known bank.  I asked if we could go with a credit union, the same one our other vehicle is financed through, and was informed that they don't work with credit unions. The finance person stated that they have deals with certain banks, none of them being a credit union. The finance person informed us that our credit union denied our request for an auto loan. I called our credit union the next day and they said that they did not receive any requests from Rustom and that they would work with them if requested. For the next two months after we purchased the Frontier we received notification from at least ten other banks regarding a request for an auto loan from Rustom.  Now, our credit scores have dropped by about 20 points because Rustom ran our credit through so many different banks trying to get the best rate.  We are refinancing through our credit union because Rustom just couldn't do it. PLEASE DO NOT FINANCE THROUGH RUSTOM!!!

Erin S. | 2014-03-17

Service ends when you sign on the dotted line. Im sitting here at the dealership as I write this. I have two complaints:

1) While the salesmen I dealt with were pleasant enough, I feel like Sales Manager Gy exemplifies "car salesman" with his tactics. He chose his wording in a way that made it seem like if I chose the longer payment terms he'd include an extended warranty. Instead he fooled me and added it on without asking. JThe ridiculous thing is that had they just honestly offered me the contract, I might've been interested in it.

2) My new vehicle was supposed to include a retractable cargo cover. It wasn't in the vehicle when we test drove it (we put up the third row to try it out.) I've been waiting for 40 minutes now for him to okay ordering one.

I did research before coming here and chose this dealership because it had the fewest negative reviews- I won't be back.

Charlie B. | 2014-03-12

NOP and in particular Dino made the best of what we thought was an impossible situation. We had a NIssan Leaf that no longer fit our lifestyle but best case scenario were $5000 "upside down".  We didn't think there was anyway we were going to be able to get into a new car without additional money down but Dino (and his sales manager who was also awesome) made it happen.  I have done my research and I know that even with the factory rebate and us rolling some of the payoff cost into the new car, they made little if any on that sale.  Bottom line, if you think you can't afford to get into a new Nissan or are too far upside down in your trade there is a pretty good chance they can work something out.  We went in there fully intending to buy but I'm guessing they may come on a bit strong to those "just looking".  You will get the text book sales pitch but I believe you will get treated fairly if you decide to buy.

Peter W. | 2014-01-29

I stopped by to ask questions about my cars value and ability to get financing after a recent bankruptcy, Got the usual pressure to make a decision now and not leave without a commitment. I ended up with a car that was not quite what I had wanted. However I did leave initially happy with the car and my experience. I had been misdirected on a few points about to what extent I could have some factory level items changed afterwards on the vehicle which caused me grief.  I was not very happy with the result when I found I could not get what I wanted later and realized i was in a predicament. I expressed those concerns and management went over and beyond my expectations to make sure I was happy and correct the situation.  I am now exceptionally pleased with the results and my whole buying experience.

This was my 2nd car purchase there.  My first experience was awesome which is why I had gone back. They valiantly worked to make me a happy customer.  I can now state I would definitely recommend the dealership.  I understand sales people come and go, but when management steps up to make sure things are correct when a sales person makes statements; shows the true character of the dealership.

This is an updated review from a lesser review to which I was made into a very pleased customer.  Thanks

Travis R. | 2014-01-12

I was told the car I was buying was an All Wheel Drive multiple times by the sales associate. I referred back to that info multiple times with the associate and General Manager during price negotiation. Although I wasn't happy about price I was willing to accept because my wife wanted an AWD. I found out a month after purchase that it was NOT AWD and went back to get resolution for the gross misinformation from the sales associate. They refused to acknowledge that their associate misinformed me, but were willing to give me 3000 less for my car in trade than they sold it to me. After multiple conversations and my willingness to pay 1000 (which is what they documented as the amount they threw in to pay off the previous trade in) I am pursuing resolution with Nissan USA and filing a complaint with the NADA and Portland Area dealers.

Kami R. | 2014-01-12

A couple years ago I was happy with the sales people I was dealing with. NOW, however, it seems to be filled with unethical, greedy jerks! We were sold a Rogue under the CLEAR understanding that it was an AWD and soon after found that our vehicle is FWD!!  So far they have been completely unwilling to rectify the situation in a way that we don't lose $1,500+.
Save yourself the trouble and DO NOT BUY YOUR CAR HERE.

Jiyun K. | 2013-12-18

Terrible disrespect of your time don't go here. A couple years ago I bought a new vehicle here and felt great about it... this time I feel like I was conned. Weasels

christy w. | 2013-11-17

Had the most unbelievably bad experience here.  Came in for a pre-owned car advertised on their site, they convinced me to do the financing piece first while they had the car "brought over from another lot".  After 2.5 hours, I came to view the car, and it was no longer available.  They sold me another pre-owned car at a crazy inflated value (my fault at that point).  I called within days to express regret and they told me they would fix it and take care of it asap.  After 3 months of waiting to hear from them (mostly Barnaby), I asked for a bottom line.  They were offering me trade in on the car the JUST SOLD ME but at about $5,000 less.  I waited and waited for calls, info, but nothing.  Ended up getting a MUCH better deal somewhere else.  Another hint; Barnaby was a "friend" of the family and offered to get me a good deal.  Don't fall for that.  
I ended up getting several thousand dollars more on trade in somewhere else.  Oh, and also, they tried to tell me my original sales person no longer worked there, but that was dishonest too.  BAD experience.

Beth M. | 2013-09-11

We ended up loving this place. They made what could have been a nerve-wracking experience a positive one. They really worked with us to get the right car for us at a monthly cost we could afford even though the car wasn't old, had barely been used and we got the extended warranty. We didn't even expect to buy a car! But I'm sure glad we did. It's been a few months now and the car's been great. Just went on a roadtrip! Ask for Jimmy Six-he's hilarious. :)

Amanda R. | 2012-11-08

I have only taken my car to the service center at Rustom Nissan, I cannot speak to the car buying experience here at Rustom, at least not yet.

With that being said, my service experience was fantastic! My altima was making a horrible sound and after being quoted an unreasonably high price at a local shop for a timing chain replacement, I decided to call Nissan.  I spoke with Thinh, the service manager and he was SO, SO helpful. He quoted me a much more reasonable price for the repairs and had me scheduled within a day to get it looked at, for a real estimate.

It only took 30 minutes and afterward was told my car was fine, needed minor tweaks and an oil change. The awesome service folks had me in and out within 30 minutes with only the oil change fee and a promise to bring my car back in, in around 500 miles to recheck the oil levels.

I was able to just stop back in anytime for the re-check, and did so even before the 500 miles because I am paranoid. The service manager looked at a few things and again, sent me on my way with no charges!

I brought it back in for my 500 mile check, they topped off my oil and sent me on my way charges. I will be bringing my Nissan back to Rustom for all of my service needs and oil changes, and most likely for tires very soon!

Thanks so much, Nissan! You and your service team rock. :)

Moiz A. | 2012-10-10

We were shopping for a car for my daughter, and the search took us to Nissan of Portland. We test drove one car, asked a lot of questions, and then left the dealership to compare other cars. The one mistake we made was that we gave my phone number to them. What followed was a relentless barrage of phone calls asking when we plan to buy the car. Even after telling them that we have purchased another vehicle, the calls continued. Outright unprofessional and desperate way to conduct business.

Brooke A. | 2012-08-22

I went in for a trade-in/ get my car looked at and was instantly disappointed. I felt like the salesman would not listen to what I wanted and was quick with snarky comments. I just moved to Portland and I guess I will be driving to Seattle to get my car worked on from now on. They were little to no help and made me feel unwelcomed and aggravated. I want to get rid of my nissan (it has more problems than any new car should)

Blane K. | 2012-08-05

If I could put zero stars I would. I drove all the way there today from Hood River because the salesmen I talked to on the phone told me we had a deal for 28,000 out the door for a 2012 Nissan Quest SL van in black.  When I get there, I ask him if the car is still available and that of the deal is still on so I can send my mother in law on her way with our rental car and meet her at home.  He says yes.   So I tell them to leave and my wife and son stay with me and the car seat (he's 13 months old and feeling sick).  

After they leave he says the car is no longer available in black because it just sold.  Wtf!  So we go and try and find another SL in black.  No luck.  But there's one in silver.  I don't want silver.  I ask him for 500 bucks off our agrees price.  So 27,500 out the door and I'll still buy it.  He says he can't.  So I say okay, I'll take it at our agreed price even though it's not the color I want. He then says he can't do it for 28,000 out the door.  He says he asked his manager Pete and that he said no even though I just confirmed with them no more than 10 minutes earlier.   I wouldn't have drove all the way there and told my ride to drive off and leave us there with my wife, son and baby seat if I knew this bullshit would happen.  They pulled the old bait and switch on me.

Men don't keep their word anymore.  No one keeps their word anymore.  

All I can say is if this is the kind of business you want to support than by all means go ahead.  If not, support me in giving a big F U to them by giving a bad review on .

Warren C. | 2012-07-12

Gotta give it up for Ammar, Pete, and Romano for putting up with me during my parents car buying experience. I know for a fact that if you are a car salesman I can probably be your kryptonite. These guys were completely patient with me throughout this process. My parents are both retired so I had to look out for my parents best interest at heart. Gave them what my parents wanted in a car and what my parents bottom line was. I told Ammar to go ahead and give me a call whenever they were able to meet my parents needs and within a few hours I received a call from him telling me this was something feasible. I'm always reluctant about a phone call as it could always be a ploy to just get me in so the next morning I decide to look at the competition and see what they were able to do.

Was totally put off by the sales person at this other dealership as he was already demanding that prices are as is. Told him I worked in the car business as just small talk and he quickly starts backtracking what he was saying. Went and had lunch with my folks and during lunch got a call back from car salesman at the other dealership telling me he was willing to work with me. I gave him the price that Nissan of Portland quoted before we had left earlier and he told me over the phone that the bottom line he could do was "X" amount of dollars which was fairly feasible in my book. I didn't want to dismiss Ammar quite yet so I made my trek back to Nissan of Portland to see if their claims were true. Arrived here and was not quickly greeted by an entourage of sales consultant only having to walk in the showroom and find Ammar look at me with a smile waiting to assist us.

He showed me a variety of models in the price range stated and we began the paperwork process. Told them my parents were willing to just pay cash for the car and they gave us a different alternative to give us the best savings to keep us in the stated price range. Got us in and paperworked signed off at the finance dept. in about an hour and a half. The best part of the whole thing was that they gave us a complimentary tank of gas and had the car detailed. I found a couple minor issues on the detail and they were able to resolve these issues in a timely manner without a change in their composure or the feeling of trying to just rush me out of here.

Overall A+ customer service from these guys. I will definitely recommend any of my friends to come here and purchase a car from them. Thank you Nissan of Portland and Ammar, Pete, and Romano for making my parents buying experience a pleasant and easy journey.

debra b. | 2012-06-25

This review is just for the service shop; haven't ever tried to buy a car at this place.

Our Sentra's clutch decided to suddenly, completely bite the dust, mid-intersection, about 36 hours before we intended to embark on an extensive road trip.

Cue the panic!

This place was on top of things before the tow truck even dropped off our car- they were on the phone with us, asking about our time frame and reassuring us they'd do everything they could to get it done in time.

Nissan clutches took a week to order but they found us an after-market one and had our car ready within 24 hours- just in time to pick it up, pay our grand total of $750, pack it, and get a full night's sleep before heading off to California- on time!

Thank you, Nissan of Portland, for making our vacation possible and being so gosh darn nice in the process.

Renee R. | 2012-05-21

I went to test drive the 2012 Altima 3.5SR just to make my future father-in-law happy, and had no intention of liking nor buying a Nissan.  Kiwi (Steve) was so great & low key.  He showed us the car, and instead of trying to hard sell me on it, he just let me look around and play with the tech package, then drive it.  He's obviously very knowledgeable, but really let me guide the appt, which was a very fresh change from the annoying salesman we had at the prior dealership.  I respect someone that respects me enough to let me decide on my own.  By the end of the appointment I was 100% sold, and my fiance was talking me down!  We still had to check with friend who knows another dealer...but I was so excited when they got back to us & said no way can we beat that price and I should stick w NoP.  So, I went full circle from humoring someone else to driving away my perfect car, all with the help of Kiwi and the rest of the folks at Nissan of Portland.

Shari A. | 2012-05-15

My recent (last Friday) car buying experience was not planned, I took my car in for service at Rustom Nissan, while waiting for a ride to work I saw a car that I liked, but knew I could not afford. My driver told me about another car on the lot that was less expensive and that I should look at it.   Thought about it all day at work.  When I returned to pick up my car, I met Kiwi Neilson, he showed me the car which in my price range.  Test drove it, but still was not sure.

There was NO pressure at all which is amazing, especially with car dealers, anyway after many hours of thinking (overnight) and much indecisiveness on my part, and stress on them I'm sure, we made the deal.   It was totally fair and I feel they went far beyond the call of duty to put me in the car that I am sure was "made for me"

I have a beautiful SUV that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I highly recommend Rustom Nissan of Portland (Kiwi Neilson) to anyone looking for a fair, no pressure, pleasant, clean atmosphere and great people if you are looking  to buy a car.

Kevin W. | 2012-04-23

I purchased and have my vehicle serviced here.  

The sales process was easy.  I came in told them what I was looking for, they pointed me to a few options.  Got me a good deal on the one I liked, and even topped themselves in the Finance area with a super low rate.

Since I have my service done there, it's close, convenient and the service folks are always eager to help, get me in and out.  Keep up the great work!

Anka T. | 2012-03-22

We went by Nissan just to looks around and see what they've got in stock, not being yet ready to purchase as we were in process with our insurance paperwork for the totaled car we lost and the moment we walked a few feet into their parking lot, Evan 'attacked us'. The term, "we are just looking today" must have translated to him:  "please follow me around, keep bugging me with personal questions, and make me finally tell you to leave me the f$%# alone!"...or at least something like that. That's the kind of a pushy salesman you wanna stay away from, so we got totally turned off and left that dealership.
On the other hand, we went to Nissan of Gresham and Chuck over there was fantastic! What a great man! Maybe Evan there should give him a call and learn a thing or two about how to make a sale...

Laura W. | 2011-12-02

Kiwi helped my buy my Rogue and he was fabulous! In fact the whole staff at NOP was great. Very friendly and not pushy at all! I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the market who is looking to buy a new/used Nissan.

Nicole C. | 2011-11-23

I was treated quite poorly here.  I walked out after being shown a bogus credit report which they did not give me a copy of...big FCRA violation, btw.  If you don't plan to bring your big bad husband with you to do all of the really "complicated money talk," I suggest shopping elsewhere.   I promptly called Royal Moore on my way home and has new keys in hand within 3 hrs.

Benjamin G. | 2011-09-21

I visited almost every Nissan dealership from Eugene up to Portland and these guys were the best.  The place is clean, everyone is professional, and they don't try to haggle or do "dealer talk" with you.  

I thought buying a car was a horrible experience and wondered why people didn't talk about car shopping in the same way they talk about root canals until I finally came to Rustom Nissan.  It was so refreshing.

When you go, ask for "Kiwi" - The New Zealander really knows his stuff and has been at the job for a long time.  Polite, clean, professional, and above all, not pushy.   Wish I had saved myself a lot of time and gone there first.

Debbie M. | 2011-09-05

We did consider to buy a nissan car but before making that decision, we decided to check out a Toyota. We told our sales person that we will notified them after checking out the other car. Once the decision was made, we called the sales guy from nissan and he kept pushing his sales pitch even after we told him that we already the car we wanted. He called us again 2 more times. Finally after two weeks we got a call from the branch manager. One word to describe their business pratices and sales tactics; pathetic. Go somewhere else.

Tate B. | 2011-08-18

I attempted to purchase a Leaf from this dealer and I had a terrible experience.  They were basically trying to pawn off a Leaf without a quick charging station and threw some offers in front of me for "financing" as I was walking out the door and tried to get me to sign.  The person showing me the Leaf was very knowledgeable but it was her last day with the dealer.  

Bottom Line: I wouldn't recommend this dealer unless you don't care how much money you spend.

alien c. | 2010-12-20

Got an internet quote from Chris which was a good low price. Brought all my data in with me on a day he happened to be not working, was helped by Stephanie. She was very pleasant to work with, as was Chris on the phone. She quickly had me test driving a couple of cars I was interested in. I couldn't get them to go low enough on one of them so I brought out the print-out of the internet offer, which they honored. Had to haggle a bit on the finanacing which is to be expected, but we agreed to a rate I was happy with. I drove home with it and have been very happy, going on 2 weeks. The follow-up has been amazing, emails, calls, they seem genuinely interested in ensuring that I am happy with my car. Forgot to mention, the lady in financing was nice too. I've never bought a new car but these folks seemed much nicer and more honest than I might have expected. Of course to get a good deal you have to do you homework, otherwise you are asking to overpay, this goes for any dealership. Stephanie was very friendly and found answers to my questions, I would definitely recommend working with her!

Jess A. | 2010-12-11

I just bought a car from Steve "Kiwi" Neilson. Steve is a great sales consultant and I would definitely recommend him for your Nissan car buying needs. I was majorly impressed by the easy and comfortable manor of the entire car buying process. The staff were efficient and friendly and that meant my whole day wasn't wasted in the office. I was very well taken care of and was relieved to be treated like a valued customer the second I stepped on the lot. This was a no pressure environment where the staff listen and respect your choices.

tm m. | 2010-03-06

terrible customer service and rude salespeople

Jason D. | 2009-04-05

My wife and I had a very very refreshing car buying experience with Rustom Nissan of Portland on 122nd Ave.

Larry, the fleet director, and David the sales manager, were both great guys and we didn't have to go through headaches of haggling, and other b.s.

I recommend this dealer to anyone looking for a great car.  Ask for Larry or David, for sure.

I know, right?