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MINI of Portland

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 291-4900
Address:9134 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, OR, 97225
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on MINI of Portland

Desiree D. | 2015-04-23

I've just completed the process of trading in an older (2003) Mini with some issues on one of MOP's "value cars", a 2003 Subaru Outback. I have been extremely impressed from day one with the level of professionalism and caliber of service I have received from this dealership. From the Service Advisor, Victor, to my Sales Advisor, DJ, and especially the Service Manager Brandon - every one of them was OUTSTANDING in the level of service provided and highly exceeded my expectations. I even had the occasion to meet the used car manager, Jan and he was super awesome too!

There was an issue with the check engine light in my new-to-me Subaru and Brandon worked through the issue patiently, doing his very best to solve the problem and minimize the impact to me, even asking if I wanted the car washed and vacuumed (even though it had just been done the day before when I drove it off the lot). I don't think I have ever met someone in this industry who is so knowledgeable, personable and polite, and genuinely seems to care about customers. This experience, along with my prior experiences with the service department's work on my former (and SO sad to see it go) Mini, has earned them a lifetime customer. My next car will be another Mini purchased from this dealership :)

Natasha M. | 2015-03-16

I am so happy to announce that I WAS WRONG! These are really good people in the service department at MINI of Portland, and I am so glad to know that I have a good and trustworthy lifetime relationship with the only experts in the area on my precious MINI.

Going into the situation I had a bad attitude because of things I had heard, which made my perception of each interaction negative. The non face-to-face communication strained the situation also, and I should have waited to take my MINI in until I could be there in person. I also learned that I was Victor's first client, so when he wasn't able to answer all my questions over the phone he was actually doing me a favor by checking with the shop foreman, which I perceived this as scheming (which makes me sound paranoid).

MINI of Portland contacted me once they received my survey response and I ended up making an unannounced visit to MINI during the week to see Rory in person, hoping to resolve the situation. He invited me into his office and asked me to tell him how I was feeling. I explained my displeasure in detail and he kindly listened, addressed each issue, and answered my questions (it turns out my battery did in fact need replacing). I ended up meeting with him for about an hour and a half and at one point Mike Ruef (the general manager) came in to make sure I was feeling better about my experience/relationship with MINI.

Rory gave me a generous refund, he noted that the refund was not for unnecessary work having been done, but that he wanted to resolve my dissatisfaction. For me that offer symbolized that MINI really did care about this potential lifetime relationship, and it did loads in building the trust for me. I asked for the amount to be credited to my account and requested that they proceed with fixing my car. Rory located an available loaner MINI which I was given to use while they kept my MINI.

While my MINI was in the shop I received calls from Rory and the shop foreman on more than one occasion to discuss the status. They requested to replace the JBE module, I approved, and it fixed my precious girl! :) Once all her problems were fixed I asked them to replace all 4 tires. I was offered a buy 3 get 1 free deal and now she's perfect.

In hindsight I can see that I was like Thorin Oakenshield in The Battle of Five Armies. I believed that MINI of Portland, the elves, was the enemy, but it turns out my JBE module was Azog the Defiler.

Ultimately, MINI of Portland and I both wanted the same things: the best for my MINI and a lifetime relationship.

Jake I. | 2015-02-03

The service department is genuinely bad. Some of the most unprofessional (in terms of skill not demeanor) folks out there. Avoid Clayton at all costs the other reps (namely Jared) are much better. We've been taking our mini there for 3 years assuming that the issue is minimal and they'll do a better job, unfortunately our loyalty hasn't been rewarded. Each time we've been met with a list of unnecessary repairs, but worse still general incompetence and lack of accountability. Like clock work, we bring it in and something else comes back broken. Our most recent issue occurred during a simple oil change (spoiler: ever since getting it changed it now leaks oil), where we were met with a list of items that needed repairing/replacement that had already had been repaired or replaced 15k miles ago. About 25% of the time they'll take responsibility and solve the problem they just created so we'll see if that's the case. Still, you'd be better off finding a skilled honest mechanic elsewhere.

Lin H. | 2015-02-02

I'm not the biggest fan of high pressure sales situations likely because I might accidentally walk away with a new car.  I could likely be congratulatory in that I made it to this age with never once buying a new car.  My roommate found it endearing that this is my first car with a rear window wiper.  And a CD player, if I'm being truthful.

That said, you may realize I need babying and hand holding to spend large amounts of money.  It could be that it was a slow day or that I had previously set up an appointment, but I got lots of one on one treatment and even time alone to text all my friends to ask them their thoughts.  I test drove a few cars after overly researching minis and drove a fiat to boot and I was sold.  I'm very happy with the sales team who took the time to show me numerous cars that might fit my needs but also my personality.  Fallon was very personable and understanding of my needs and foibles.  I can't wait to have time to take my new car for a scenic ride around Oregon asap!

Michael H. | 2015-01-23

Went to look at some used Clubmans I had seen in their online used inventory. I wandered the lot for over 30 minutes and was offered no help in or out of the showroom. Bad form. I ended up buying a used Clubman at McKenzie Ford later that day.

Kate D. | 2014-12-19

Little did I know that when I took my car in for maintenance, I was actually stepping onboard the Enterprise. The waiting area has this fancy, futuristic hot drink machine that makes your preferred beverage at the push of a button (but my attempts to tell it "Tea! Earl Grey! Hot!" were not successful). Though they haven't got the transporter technology down yet, they do have a convenient, free shuttle service from the dealership to wherever you want to go in town, and they'll come pick you up when your car is ready. Everyone who works there has been polite and friendly, and as far as I know, they've always done a good job with my car.

Glenn S. | 2014-12-18

Tim Orr is an amazing salesman. Very friendly, easy to work and extremely helpful! We came down from Seattle and he picked us up at the airport. He made the transaction smooth, easy, and fun! He basically had everything ready to go upon our arrival. Great sense of humor and family man. Was worth going to the next state. If we were to buy another Mini, it would be through Tim. Thanks!

Philip M. | 2014-10-27

Buying my 3rd MINI !! See Don Saucier, modest and unassuming salesperson. A dream to work with.

Megan M. | 2014-08-23

I moved to the area and I loved my dealership back home, which was a huge dealership, so I had high expectations. In many ways MINI of Portland is actually better. The only downside to MINI of Portland from my last dealership is that since they are a smaller dealership, they have fewer loaner cars. So if you need one, you have a make an appointment a week or two in advance, but they are always able to give you a ride to where you need to be, and usually have my car done same day, as long as I drop it off early enough. It is a more personal place and I can make my appointment with the same person every time if I want, and unless it is urgent and he isn't there, I always make my appointment with Jarid. He is super awesome and helpful and remembers me when I come in. He is always straight forward and does his best to help me out. I don't feel lied to or cheated when I leave, which can often be the case when you have your car worked on. My car is always sparkly clean and running great when I pick it up, thanks to Jarid and the team at MINI of Portland!

Kimberly B. | 2014-08-13

I have almost always had a bad experience buying cars until I went to Mini of Portland.  My husband and I had been looking for a nice family size SUV for more than 2 months before we came across the GMC Denali  we found there.  We went in on a Monday night 30 min before closing.  The staff was very busy however our sales rep. DJ did not rush us at all .  I fell in love with the SUV!!  It was so nice and clean inside and out it that it amazed me it was a pre owned.  I left that Monday night without the car but between Monday and Thursday the amount of work this team when though to get me this SUV was fantastic!  My brother is a mechanic over in Vancouver and DJ went in on his day off and drove the SUV in rush hour traffic to Vancouver so my brother could look the car over for me.  Now if that is not good service I don't know what is!!!!   My brother let me know it was a great SUV and the price was very fair.  I dont have the worlds greatest credit and Lonnie in financing was able to work a deal and get the payments close to what I needed. I also did most of the finagling over text or email which was very nice since I work and was not able to  be there in person for everything.  When DJ called me and said everything was set up go ahead come drop your car off, sign papers and your in your new car I thought there is no way it is that easy.... Well I was wrong!!!!  I came in and within 20 min was out the door in my new car!!!!!!  This place is amazing and has the greatest service.  If you can I highly recommend asking for DJ in sales he really goes above and beyond for you.  Thank you Mini of Portland I will definitely be referring friends and family your way:)

Christian F. | 2014-07-25

I am so grateful for the service and compassion I received from the Service Department of Mini of Portland.  My 2009 Cooper S broke down with zero warning on the day of my mother's Memorial.  They gave me a free 2014 loaner mini while my car was being serviced so I could continue to handle my mom's estate.  My car was out of the warranty (just barely), but they still completed the repairs for free as a sign of goodwill.  I feel so lucky to have been treated so well and I appreciate that they value relationships over revenue.  I will be a customer for life!

Karen T. | 2014-07-05

One of the best dealerships I've ever dealt with EVER! The staff is amazing, the sales people are great, the service department can't be beat.

The last few times haven't been that great of an experience.. Had to remove a couple stars.

Josh F. | 2014-06-21

As usual Jarid in service took  great care of us. Not only did he have the car finished early but they did a couple extra service related items as well and a wash and vacuum. I always have a great experience here. We just ordered our third Mini though them and Bob in sales did a great job too. NEVER been pressured or put on the spot to buy. What's with the bad reviews? I don't get it.

Jim H. | 2014-06-07

The people that work here do not give a F#@K, All they want is to take your $ and get you out the door.. My wife wanted a mini and unfortunetely this is the only dealership around here. We went in and where directed to a salesmen. Who was nice and helpful. Of course cause that is their job and he wants to sell the car. So yeah, he did his job. And thats as far as that went. When my wife decided she wanted a copper S the salesman pretty much twisted our arm into buying a 2013 model that had 80 miles on it cause it was test drove a bunch and sat at the dealership for a while. He made it seem like we where getting a good deal on it.. My wife said she wanted a brand new one black with no stripes and somehow he convinced us that we would not be able to get one for months and this was pretty much our only option. They just wanted to sell the car. We picked leasing it cause of the warranty and service. Well after signing the deal we go out to get in the car and drive away and there is a huge hole in the front bumper. Apparently someone backed into it while we where signing all the paperwork? They didn't notice it and almost let us drive away with it like that.. My wife noticed it.. So they said no prob. We will give u a rental and fix it and have it back to you by mon (this was wed). They said they had to order a new bumper. Well mon cam and went. Finally wed we called and they never ordered the bumper. So then we had to wait another week almost. We go to pick up the car and we noticed that someone waxed the car and got wax on there moldings. Which doesn't come off once pits on there. It totally noticeable and this was supposed to be a brand new car. Now we are PISSED. Its been 2 weeks and now we have to leave the car AGAIN to get new moldings put on. So we get a rental AGAIN. We go back the third time and they missed one of the moldings. So now that one has to be replaced.. It was a nightmare and we wanted them to make up for it somehow with some free driving lights or something. Long story short they deducted 500 orr the car.. haha And made us feel like shit for even asking to make up for it. After all this they told us if we didn't like how it was being handled they would give us our $ back and we could leave the car.. Now we are furious. And mind you the whole time we never once heard from the salesmen again. Not a "I'm sorry" or "is there anything I can do" or "what cash i do to fix this" NOTHING. Now there is a knocking sound in the engine. I called today to make an appt and I got transferred to the service dept which every time I has to deal with this dept they NEVER pick up the phone. Apparently too busy ripping people off. So I called back and got the front again and she said I could leave a message and they would call me back. Well they never called back. No surprise there. Salah is the ONLY one who was helpful and made the whole situation "somewhat" more bearable. But as for the rest of the assholes there, they are complete incompetent scumbags. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE. THEY DONT CARE. As U can see from the various other bad reviews.. The ones that are good reviews just got lucky. A grizzly bear doesn't bite all the time but it doesn't mean u can trust him.. STAY AWAY. get a fiat next door or find another dealership..

Ed M. | 2014-04-22

I had a great experience at Mini of Portland. I went there to purchase a used car they took as a trade in.   They were easy to do business with and very low key.  I enjoyed the honest and casual style that helped make the car buying experience easy and comfortable.  I would purchase another vehicle from Mini of Portland.  Dale Dohman was a great salesperson too.  The financing department was great and streamlined so the process didn't seem very long. Overall very happy with my car buying experience there.

Jackie F. | 2014-04-19

I'm writing this review after working with Clint Morley. I cannot even begin to explain how positive my experience was in leasing a new Mini Cooper Hardtop. I saw the car I wanted online and decided to get in contact with Mini of Portland to see what my options were with a current lease that was only 16 months in. Clint was able to help with my negative equity and work with me to make the new lease affordable. He also made sure that when I walked out of the dealership I knew everything there was to know about the car, something that many sales reps I've dealt with in the past don't spend much time doing since they already know they have the sale.

Gary Monahan, the financial manager, was also extremely pleasant and kept me and my boyfriend entertained while we went through the paperwork that's usually so monotonous at other dealerships.

I highly, highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a new Mini. My experience was so streamlined even with the couple of hiccups we encountered that were out of the dealership's hands. I will definitely be back when my lease is up to work with these two again!!

Jenn S. | 2014-04-08

The general manager, Mr. Ruef, after reading my review, contacted me. Although I still am not purchasing the car, his follow through definitely helped to alleviate the negativity I experienced. My personal experience has been discussed with the sales team and I do believe future customers will benefit from this experience. I thought about removing this review, however I think keeping this in place will be a reminder for the sales team. I have increased the stars from one to three, because of the general manager's follow-up and his attempt at righting the situation. I am still out the money for travel/missed appointments, so I could not go any higher, however.

Janet W. | 2014-03-22

We unfortunately decided to purchase a new car here.  It's like you've stepped back in time to where the salespeople deceive you and treat you like you have an IQ of 10.  I'm guessing it's the way Lithia Motors runs their businesses.  Yes, I purchased the Mini, but had to take a long shower to wash off the ick after I was done.  I am so sad that Rasmussen sold to Lithia.  The service is poor and the salespeople treat you like scum.  But, I do have a nice Mini.  I will never buy one again....

BTW, they NEVER have loaners available when they work on you car anymore.  Even if you reserve one, it's not available.

Valerie S. | 2014-03-12

i give them ten stars for customer service!!!!!  the manager called me in less than 24 hours of my post to discuss this.  i am not calling back as my decision has been made and i have a new "X" vehicle.  

the only thing i can say is ... the tech was rude.  if you did not want my car - rather than tell me umpteen times it would HAVE to go to wholesale - just tell me straight out you do not want the vehicle.  btw - my vehicle was a 2002 in super  condition with less than 80K miles .. and always garaged and everything worked.

I really wanted a mini s .... and Bradley was great with the test drive and trying to set up reasonable payments.  

HOWEVER ... when the technician took my car (which was to be the trade-in) for a spin and came back and reported all sorts of mechanical problems.  so, i took my vehicle to my service department ant the "X" dealership only to find absolutely none of the problems existed.  i was very disappointed and this whole experience left a really bad taste in my mouth ... and left me very leery of doing business with this dealership.  i will stick with my "X" vehicle and trade in at my "X" dealership.

Jennifer G. | 2014-01-22

So happy with my entire experience at Mini. Kirstie was an awesome salesperson! She was no pressure and worked with us until we got what we really wanted. Everyone we interacted with was great and I love how dog friendly they were! I I never once felt like I was being "sold" on anything. I would recommend Mini and especially Kirstie to anyone.

David S. | 2013-12-29

Bought a Roadster thru DJ today. He was very helpful and  not  pushy at all. Very impressed with the dealership so far. I would recommend DJ if looking for a mini.

Stephanie M. | 2013-12-13

This place is as good as it gets. They have a wonderful staff that is knowledgeable and helpful. I purchased my first Mini here and I will be a return customer! If you're in the market for a Mini go down to Mini of Portland! Ask for Bob he's the best! Thanks to James too for getting me to stop by here!

Brandon N. | 2013-10-24

Awesome experience! DJ was the best. Did most of it over the phone and then was treated fairly and quickly upon my arrival. Also, shout out to to Gary the finance guy as well.... Can't say enough.

George M. | 2013-10-18

Great service. DJ was great to work with in buying a pre owned vehicle. Highky recommend this team.


Andrew A. | 2013-10-16

Wow, my second positive car service review this month; this coming from someone who is quite wary of the entire industry.  

First, the Dealer is a business so an up and cross-sell is expected.  It's all about the way it's conveyed.  At Mini of Portland, there's one Service Specialist that's a little too salesman-like.  However, the others are a little more low-key.  And most importantly, Rory (who I think runs the show) was awesome: he answered questions thoroughly and I felt his concern for my satisfaction was genuine.  

Dealers are usually more expensive than independent shops for a number of reasons, so I don't think it's fair to slam them just because you can find a cheaper option.  At Mini of Portland, Mini's is all they do, so I'm inclined to believe they know the vehicle better than a place that services a variety of makes.  And Mini of Portland has lowered the cost for an oil change to closely match competitor price points.  So while I still might for opt for Dynasport and save a few bucks, I would rather pay a little more for Dealer service than for Oil Can Henry's and (God forbid) Jiffy Lube.

** We encountered a very expensive transmission issue that one Independent couldn't diagnose and another recommended a rebuilt transmission ($5500).  The Mini of Portland tech nailed the symptoms on the test drive and recommended a LESS EXPENSIVE option via a Transmission Valve fix (~$2800.)  Yes, they are two different solutions, but Mini of Portland could have also recommended a new transmission.  

I weigh a variety of factors when deciding where to open my wallet.  Free cappuccino and water, a comfortable wait room, shuttle service and car loaners sometimes become very appealing.  For example, I opted for an Independent a few times and saved about $100, but had to arrange for ride back home and was without transportation for a few days.  Sometimes the trade-off is worth it, sometimes it isn't.  In sum, I probably won't give Mini of Portland 100% of our service business, e.g., tires, air filters, etc., but feel they have the edge in some regular maintenance and high end fixes.    

And again, I applaud Rory and team for running a great operation.

jane h. | 2013-10-14


This place is the worst.  They smile and act so very friendly, and yet they make up HUGE LIES about the work that "must urgently be done."  I went here while on a road trip and was told that it was ESSENTIAL that I pay $1300 to replace the "broken alternator."  I decided not to go forward despite their "most urgent recommendation" and brought my Mini Cooper S to my trusted mechanic as soon as I returned to California.  They told me it was perfectly fine, and nothing needed to be fixed at all!!!

I wonder how many customers have received false claims and recommendations from these charlatans, and how much $$$ this place has raked in from manipulating their clients.  BUYERS BEWARE!!!!

Krista G. | 2013-08-27

Yeah I'm excited what!?! I have a new 2013 MINI S and I am really digging it!  I first came in about 2 months ago and Joe Smith, my sales guy, was happy to let me drive whatever I wanted.  I was hooked.  I swear it's the most fun you can have driving an automatic, which by the way I haven't had for over 20 years.  

I put together what I wanted online and went in and ordered my car with Joe.  $1000  down and they ordered my car.  Easy, I like.  I also got to track its journey online as it made its way to me.  I know it's all a bit cheesy but I loved every bit of it!  When I finally got the call that my car was ready it was time for the happy dance.  I'm still dancing:)  

Portland MINI is the only game in town but they don't act like it.  They took good care of me, THANK YOU!

Roberta R. | 2013-08-19

Love my Mini. The people at the agency are very nice but the prcess of having my vehicle serviced is so bad I would never recommend them to anyone. Stay away from here. I had an appointment 1st thing this morning. I drove up from my home on the Oregon-California border a day ahead to be at their door st 7am this morning. It is almost 3pm & my car is being serviced. BUT if I want the repairs completed I'd need to stay another night & miss another day of work. 2nd service & 2nd time this has happened in 6 months. The last time I was told they were reorganizing the service department. This time it's because they're so popular. Won't be if you continue to treat customers like this!

Chris D. | 2013-06-01

We'd been passively shopping for a used Clubman S for months when one came up at Mini of Portland in online searches. I watched inventory for awhile and strangely, it would go up and down by $2000 every week or so. I was going to be in Portland for an unrelated visit, so I decided to inquire about the car. Amusingly, the car went up again the night after I inquired. I pointed it out via email and got a coy response instead of a legit answer.

Since I was going to be around, I decided to check in on the car anyway. The car was exactly as described and I was seriously considering buying it, but it all depended on the final price for the Clubman and my trade in. Then, I waited... and waited... and waited. They said they were having trouble because their bank software was offline and I didn't get a price (for anything) until three hours after I arrived.

I knew the Clubman was overpriced because I'd been watching the market for months... but they did not move a single dollar below the (lower) list price. I thought that was pretty crappy until I realized they were offering $4000 more than I expected to trade in my car. I'd figured the Clubman was about $2000 high, so I didn't even bother negotiating. I signed the first offer... which was actually a pretty weird feeling.

I ended up having to wait ANOTHER hour for them to do the paperwork, bringing my total time there to four hours. I thought I'd be done in three max, but I guess I'd rather leave with a new car at a good price than spend all that time and leave empty handed. At least they were nice enough to give me some leftovers for lunch since I'd been there so long after driving straight from Seattle without an opportunity to eat.

Buying a car from a dealer can be a pretty miserable experience. All in all, things could have gone A LOT worse.

Jeffrey M. | 2013-02-09

I've always had it in my mind that if you want your car fixed right, you take it to the dealer. Sure you'll pay more, but they are the experts on the cars they sell, right? They'll tell it to you straight with no shady diagnosis. Well, not here.

I have taken my car to the Canyon Rd location for service on two occasions (although it turned out to be two trips for each occasion - 4x total;  rework of their service, both times), and both times I've been disappointed. I did not have these bad experiences when they were Rasmussen BMW/Mini in Goose Hollow.

The people are friendly and accommodating, but their technicians are either not skilled or not trustworthy and the service reps will be happy to up-sell the uninformed.

My last visit, I brought my car in for steering wheel shake while braking. Anyone that knows autos knows that 90+ percent of the time it's due to a warped rotor. They glanced over it and noticed that I had replaced the pads with, *gasp*, non-factory pads. The rep, Clayton, then told me that I should replace the pads, rotors, calipers, and brake lines with factory components... that would be their first recommendation, without diagnosis. "Hmm... Did you check the rotors? Where is the problem?" "To be honest, sir, we didn't even look at them. We noticed that they weren't factory components and stopped there." *sigh* this trip cost me $1340 in general repairs and they wouldn't even inspect the rotors.

They let me know that a ball joint was wasted and that could contribute to the problem. Okay, fine - I don't doubt it after 125k mi. I had them replace the $45 component for $230.

Pick up my car and the steering wheel is now about 10-deg off center. (I bring my car in and the alignment was good. I pick it up and it's jacked). I set up a return visit and take the car back to them, thinking that they'll figure out what happened and make it right. I almost took it straight to an alignment shop, but I decided to give them the opportunity to correct the issue. They inspect it and say, "sometimes when repairs are made, people notice little inconsistencies - maybe you didn't notice it before; There is no way a ball joint replacement could have caused this; Does anyone else drive this car? We would start with a $130 alignment (Les Schwab charges half that). Blah blah..." They did everything except identify the problem, take ownership, and/or offer to fix it.

Truth is, I agree with their assessment. There is no way a regular ball joint replacement should have caused this - it could not be the ball joint replacement, itself. Yet, something happened at their hand. I don't know what happened, but the car came in with a good alignment and came out bad. I have owned this car since new. I drive it everyday. I have put 125k on it. There is NO WAY I wouldn't notice the steering wheel off-center by an 1/8th turn. I understand why the managers think I'm delusional with this point. However, a reputable shop would have identified that the steering was jacked after their repair, before handing it off to the owner, and determined the cause (come in good, go out bad; what happened?). A reputable shop would have resolved this before it became my word versus theirs. Instead, they offer to charge me more money to figure out a problem that didn't exist before they touched it.

I honestly do not know what they did to my car. I have no way of proving anything and, frankly, I don't care to. A good shop would have resolved this on their own. Now I am taking it to a second shop to fix their mistake and will not be returning to Mini of Portland.

**on a good note, they did wash and vacuum my car on the second visit (but not the first, when I spent $1.3k. It left with a Kaady Car Wash coupon the first time).

**The initial visit, they did provide transportation to my place of employment, ten miles away, but made it very clear that they disapproved of doing so. I actually felt a bit guilty after all the reminders that they don't go that far. The second visit, I was dropped off at the transit center down the street along with a complementary all-day Trimet pass. I sympathize with their dilemma; being the only Mini dealer within infinite miles, they can't be expected to drive everyone to Gresham, Bend, and whatnot. Although, within the Metro area seems reasonable to me, since they are the only dealer. It's not a complaint, though, just an observation. Also, all three of the drivers I had were super-cool.

**If it helps with credibility, I am a mechanical engineer that graduated from OSU, magna cum laude. I grew up building cars and off-road vehicles through my teens. I was formally trained as a machinist and spent several years in the tool and die industry. I can say without reservation that I understand mechanical systems, although I do not claim to be an automotive specialist of any kind.

H R. | 2013-01-25

When it came time to trade in my Prius, I decided to switch brands because the service people at Broadway Toyota--where I bought my car-- had treated me in patronizing and unprofessional manner. I so hated to go back there that I bought a Mini. It's been a night and day experience. The service pros at Mini Portland are caring, patient, and super competent. They have a can-do attitude that is extraordinary. I can single out Clayton and Jared and Connor. But everyone there who's checked my Mini for small things and found other fixes to make under warranty have been technically astute and beautiful human beings. Even if you don't own a Mini, drop by just to feel the love.

Amy D. | 2013-01-23

I will keep it short.  It started off shaky but ended with handshakes and smiles.
Had an issue with my sweet baby Mini that required overnight observation.  Rory and Jarid, mil gracias for your kindness and excellent service.  We will be back.

Sean W. | 2013-01-19

I just picked up my 2013 Mini Cooper S yesterday. Without even getting into detail (well, I will in a bit...) this was the best car buying experience I've ever had.

It started a few months ago... not that I was necessarily looking to purchase a car, but out of sheer curiosity I started to research the idea of owning a Mini Cooper hardtop. Sure, they may not be the most practical car for hauling furniture, helping friends with moves, etc. But to be honest with you, I try every which way to get myself out of those situations anyways. Sorry friends. Needless to started to do some serious research around the car.

Fast forward a bit and I've built "my" Mini on the website and sent it off to Mini of Portland. Within a few hours, Peter H gave me a call. Within the next thirty minutes he emailed me a batch of Minis that met my criteria, plus a couple optional things to consider- they were all on the lot, ready to go (to my surprise!) I'm not sure if you've ever tried to build-out a Mini, but the amount of options and packages at times seems endless. He offered up information and suggestions about all of the features in a completely honest and transparent way. It felt more like buying a car with a friend than from a dealer.

Anyways, that brings me to yesterday. "The Day" so to speak. I was excited. Peter and a couple of other members of the Mini team took the time to really vet through each and every feature of the few variations of the Cooper S I had my eye on. Hours later, I was signing paperwork on a car that I can't believe is mine and off I went. The whole transaction was so casual and stress free that it's the bar for how I'll rate big purchases in the future.

To Peter and the team at Mini of Portland, thank you!

Camron H. | 2013-01-08

I live in Boise Idaho and needed to have a water pump (recall) replacement as well as some minor repairs to my car.  Boise has no dealership to perform recall work, so I had to drive 420 miles to Portland.  I was a bit nervous about making such a long drive and wanted everything to go smoothly.  Brandon at Mini of Portland really went the extra mile for me with follow-up calls before I made the trip and several updates while the work was being done to my car.   I really couldn't have asked for better service from this guy!

I'd like to thank Brandon and Dave (mechanic) for their efforts in getting my car running in good order.

Sam J. | 2012-12-20

Servics Department -Worst ever services , unprofessional, not kind enough ,wrong scheduling, not finish in time, bad attitude to customer, arguing with customer,i dont want go there anymore

Jeannie J. | 2012-12-11

Service Department

It is true, the Mini of Portland Service Department had a rough go of it earlier this year being hit with the water pump recall right after or in the midst of moving to their new location.  Now that they are past that, they have exceeded my every expectation in terms of fast, friendly, and competent service.  

I would particularly like to mention service advisor, Jarid Perry.  Jarid exemplifies the meaning of excellent customer service, and the rest of the advisors should follow his lead.  Jarid is great about explaining problems and fixes, and he is always more than happy to take a quick look to see if my concern is something he can address without the need to make a service appointment.  

Most recently, I had a turn signal bulb fail.  Jarid replaced the bulb for me on the spot and didn't even charge me.  He is just great!  

As I contemplate my next car purchase, the excellent service I have received at Mini of Portland is a definite factor I will consider.

Jaben C. | 2012-11-28

I love the service department here. I have owned two minis over the years and have always gotten impeccable service. I also can have really odd issues. For example I got some weird thing stuck in a tire and they got it out.

I have worked with Brandon, Jarid, and Rory over the years and they are all awesome.

This last time they got all the service done and got me 2 new treads all while making sure that I got in a full day I work. I really feel that I as a person am more important than money while dealing with these guys.
I love taking my business to them.

I bought both my cars from them back on their old location and had great experiences as a customer too. For example: they called the credit union back and got me a lower rate when rates dropped.

Crista L. | 2012-10-16

Service Department

My 4 year old daughter disabled my Mini. It wouldn't even turnover. The Roadside Assistance had a tow truck coming for me in 2 hours so I tried troubleshooting via a phone call to the Service Department. Rory calmly walked me through a scenario that worked! (My sweet little girl had just slightly moved the gear shift out of park by the tiniest of fractions and the car wouldn't start). Rory saved my day and was my hero! I can't imagine the nightmare of having the tow truck, the delay, my missed appointments, etc. Thank you Rory!!

Alexis G. | 2012-08-14

I am still waiting for the first good experience with Mini of Portland. I do love my Countryman purchased in Dec, 2012. It is a good thing since the sales experience was a nightmare and the service experience is not going well. I called for an appointment, (their repeating recording says I can schedule on line but that function is not available per the web site),  and am told they are more than 2 weeks out for appointments. That is unacceptable. After more conversation, "Jim" and I agree that perhaps what I need is an initial conversation with someone in service and he "thinks" someone will be available on Friday, the day I will be in Portland from Eugene. I asked him to please check to ensure "someone would, indeed, be there and available and everyone would not in some service seminar or training or whatever," I was left on hold for over 17 minutes.. I am on a cell phone, it shows the the time. I called back in and it went through the "push 2 for the service department" cycle 4 times before it was finally answered, again, by "Jim" who stammered and said, someone would be there. When I asked who, so I could ask for her/him by name, he was defensive and hesitant to give me a name.

One of my issues is my second key fob was never programed at the time of purchase and Jim said that required at least a 45 minute service appointment. I have other issues, the milage shows it drops at least 10-20 mpg when going from 4th to 5th and 6th while maintaining the same speed on I-5. Also, the doors leak in a car wash.

If I ran my business like they run their business, I wouldn't have a business. Good thing Mini's are cute.

Marla K. | 2012-07-27

Heard minis had a recall for water pump back in Jan. Called and was told that my mini was fine. Two months later received a letter for recall. Made appointment for car and requested a loner. They said " no problem. Went to appointment and meet with Brandon..nice guy. He was sorry they didn't have a mini for me to drive, but rented me a car from enterprise . That was inconvenient , took over an hour and I was late for an appointment...still glad to have a ride. Over all, the experience wasn't bad, the new location was beautiful and again Brandon was helpful .

Tristan T. | 2012-05-16

Beautiful building. I did not get any service done, but the staff was helpful and attentive.

Neal P. | 2012-05-03

I would not recommend the service department here, under (almost) any circumstance. It took a month to get a service appointment, and when I dropped the car off last monday they told me it would be done "by the end of the day." It ended up taking 3 days, not one, as they had massively over-scheduled their service department (why didn't they say this when I dropped the car off? I was shocked when I called the following morning and was told our car was 21st in line, and hadn't been touched at all the previous day). I finally picked the car up, but it is still leaking oil even after they certified "no oil leaks" in the service report. I've been trying for the past 6 hours to get ahold of the service manager, but he is not returning my phone calls and the receptionist has been less than helpful -- "i'll patch you through to his desk" -- despite already having run that same charade several times this afternoon.

It's really irritating to be jerked around like this. I would rather they be honest and upfront with me, but I guess that's too much to expect from a car dealership. And it looks like i'm not the only person with this complaint.

William J. | 2012-04-30

I had an appointment for service on my Mini, which I made online more than 2 full weeks in advance.  You'd think that might ensure me timely service.  Incorrect.

In fact, I did not even receive timely acknowledgment of my existence.  I stood and waited a full 10 minutes before any of the d-bag dude-bro employees said anything to me, with at least one employee clearly not occupied.  Another 5-8 minutes passed before I was actually asked what I wanted.  Upon indicating that I had the appointment, the employee was apparently astonished, wondering when this appointment was made.  I was then told that their online reservation system should stop taking reservations for appointments past 11:00 -- so my 1:00 appointment was made in error.  (How long had they known of this problem? Could they have contacted me at any point in the 2+ weeks of my appointment having been made?)

Anyway, I was then told that because there are two people ahead of me -- one from Bend, and one from Idaho, that I was in for a long wait.  It would be at least 90 minutes' service to check on my car, but there's no telling how long before someone would actually have a look at my car.  When I pressed to know the worst case scenario, I was told the worst case scenario would be that I'm leaving at 4:00 with the car serviced.  I was not pleased, but would live with it, and took a seat and waited.

The one good thing I can say for this place is that the seats in the waiting area were comfortable and that there's an espresso/coffee machine that's not terrible, and bottled beverages, free for the taking for customers.  But if that's the one good thing I can say, do you really want to take your service to this dealership?  No, you don't.

At one point during my wait, I was asked whether I wanted to leave the car and come back tomorrow, to which I said no. (Again, what is the point of inviting me to make an appointment if you are going to waste my time and then make me show up the next day?!).

4:00 came, and I was told that they were still working, yada yada yada, their diagnosis of what the service needed was was incorrect, yada yada yada, it's something else and it should be wrapped up soon, yada yada yada.

I should mention that the employee who was speaking with me was sympathetic, and understood my disappointment at having the appointment rendered meaningless.  I don't hold any of this against him personally, and only use "yada yada yada" because it's fitting of a bad auto service experience: explanations/excuses for service that is totally inferior to basic human expectations of what it ought to be.

Eventually, I left with the car serviced -- in different, and more minor ways than I was led to think was needed in the first place -- and it wasn't yet 5:00.  So, it could have been worse.  But it sure could have been better, too.  I won't make the mistake of going there again, and you shouldn't either.

Elaine M. | 2012-03-18

I have a 1 year old MINI Cooper. It came with 3 years free maintanence, so I decided to call and make a appointment for an oil change and check up.

First, it took 2 days to actually schedule an appointment. The person who answered the phone the first time said there was no one available who could schedule appointments, and took my number. No one called me back until the next day. Of course I wasn't available to take that call, so I called back. No one answered in the service department at all, and I ended up speaking with someone in sales, who finally found someone to schedule my appointment.

When I got to my appointment 2 weeks later (the soonest they had available) I was told it would be 4 hours !!!!! until my car was ready. For an oil change!!!! Since I live all the way on the other side of town, I decided to just wait. It ended up being only 3 hours, but still ridiculous. They didn't wash my car, as they used to every time I came in for anything when it was owned by Rasmussen, And the free windshield wipers they gave me were streakier than the ones they replaced.

The waiting room was cold, and the furniture was super uncomfortable. The seating area was remote from the bathrooms and beverages, so I had to pack up all my stuff and trek across the showroom to get a cup of coffee.

If I didn't have to bring my car here for the free service, I'd never come back.

Daisy F. | 2012-03-08

It's me again. We've made up. I now love the Mini Service department almost as much as my Mini, Miss Daisy. Yes, I was in a tiff. You didn't call! You didn't write! What was I to think? But we patched things up, you said I'm sorry, I said I forgive you... and me and Daisy are tooling around Portland again (thanks to a new thermostat....) True, that was a tough patch, but I admire people who say "we messed up - sorry." So I'm back. And hey... you gotta like a service department that has a Foosball table in their waiting area... sure beats the popcorn machine at Les Schwab.

Doug F. | 2012-02-04

Picked up my MINI JCW Conv this afternoon. Must say Kirsten was great. Made it all so easy. She is also the  cutest sales person I have ever purchased a car from. She rocks. Only buy from her!!!

Andrew M. | 2012-01-17


I'm definitely not afraid to admit when I'm wrong, and I want to admit that here on Yelp.

I recently completed the leasing of my new vehicle with Mini of Portland and now that the pre-financing jitters and anxiety associated with getting a new car have subsided, I am extemely satisfied with my recent dealings with Mini of Portland.

Unbeknownst to me, most of the staff who worked here when Rasmussen owned this dealership have stayed on now that it is run by Lithia.  The ease of buying my new car was just as smooth as when I leased back in 2009.

I am completely happy with these folks.  I have always been happy with their Service Department, but I would gladly recommend my Sales Associate to anyone who is interested in the Mini series.  

Thanks again, Mini of Portland, for making my recent experience a great one!

Sage T. | 2010-01-31

Had a great experience buying my MINI.  Opted for the S.  It's totally worth it, it's so much fun to drive.  Everyone at Rasmussen is very nice.  Our salesperson was Tyson.  He has given us great service every step of the way, even gave us his cell phone # to call in case we have questions.  We can call him whenever and have a couple of times w/ programming questions.  Really a great customer service experience.  I totally recommend the dealership and the MINI!

Kristin R. | 2009-03-18

I bought my mini brand new from Rasumssen 5 years ago (Delivery date June 04 '04) and have had nothing but FABULOUS experiences with them. After a 9 month wait on the waiting list Tony was finally here! Within the first month of owning my car it was in the shop every week because I felt the seat heater on the driver side wouldn't get warm enough. They looked at, played with it, then eventually replaced the entire seat warming harness for me (It still doesn't get as hot as I want it too but after riding in other peoples minis, it gets as hot as any other mini seat). I can't roast marshmellows on it but would be able to keep bread warm.  Every time I take him in for something they wash him and provide you with drinks and a good area to wait complete with newspapers and a TV. After falling on hard times (unemployment sucks) Rasmussen was kind enough to extend help to me when my Power Steering Pump failed and needed to be replaced. They're prompt with rides, to and from places, supplying you with a rental if needed, and get back to you quickly even though they're always swamped. Service appointments are usually within the week and you can always drop in to have something looked at quickly if needed. Anne always upfront and honest with you and is always willing to try to help save you money.
They're fantastic and I can't wait to get my next mini from them!!

Cam T. | 2008-10-02

dear NW Mini ,

when we talked about the move & the distance & how it would be better to see other people because we were moving in different directions it was in the spirit of "I want to do what's best for us."  why did you listen to me?  what the heck do i know?

so yes, here i am groveling on my hands & knees.  please take me back!  your "replacement," Ms. Rasmussen, is the evil substitute teacher from hell whose attaché case contains scary jingly things which rattle while she stares down her Dior bifocals at me.  and the waiting area outside the office is so microscopic it's a game of lord-of-the-flies-musical-chairs to get a seat.  the parking lot outside has the same predatory feel as a half-yearly sale during Shark Week.

you never truly appreciate something until you can't have it anymore, do you?  how was i to know that giving me updates on the purple jelly bean is considered elective?  that when i dropped it off on Friday morning after the emergency lights went berserk & we could barely eek out 20mph on the freeway that they wouldn't even move it into the garage to evaluate it until Tues??  i'm not one of those clingy girls who will boil a bunny in your kitchen but when i call & ask for an update after 3 days perhaps someone might want to call me back?  when you drove my Mini up to me at my work in another city because my work schedule was so crazy i couldn't pick it up for days i thought you were the nicest people ever but now i realize that you're saints!

so please, pretty please can we start over again?  i'll make you madeleines & i won't snigger when aunt Bertha comes to town.  promise!

kate m. | 2008-04-18

Took my MINI in for an oil change today.  It was free because I'm still within my first 3 years.  The folks at Rasmussen were really great.  They'll drive you wherever you need to go and pick you up after, and they have free max tickets as well. Also snacks and beverages in the waiting area if you decided to wait while they work.  The location is convenient and the people are super nice.   All in all they did a great job and even washed Sir Winston (yes, he has a name - got a problem with it?) before they gave him back.

A C. | 2008-01-24

I ordered a mini from here in November.  My "motoring advisor" was a little lackluster, and I had to correct my order with him after verifying it on the internet.  I could have gotten over this, until I got a sales survey from Mini in January, for dealer satisfaction.  Except, I didn't have the car. . .Turns out, it sat on their lot for TEN DAYS before they contacted me, and my salesman told me it would be ready in 2 more.  Frankly, since I had no options installed at the dealer, it made me suspicious that it had sustained body damage.  The salesman would not be straight with me, and kept sending me emails instead of actually picking up the phone.  People, I have been in there several times, and it is only busy on Saturdays.  I decided not buy the car, since I could not determine why it took twelve days to peel the plastic off and wash it, and when the dude told me to come in on a certain day to get my deposit refunded, HE WASN'T THERE!!!!!!!!!!  ARGH!  To top it off, the secretary is obnoxious.  I really wanted this car, but their absolutely ridiculous attitudes blew it.