M Car Company in Portland, OR

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Concierge, white glove customer service. We Sell, Buy, Consign and take care of all your Luxury and Exotic vehicle needs.

M Car Company

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 234-2900
Address:1925 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR, 97202

Reviews on M Car Company

Colleen P. | 2011-12-18

I bought a Living Social deal from M Car.  $100 for $200 in detail service.  I called and called and called and called. Left messages.  Emailed... No one ever returned my calls.  This put me in a bad position because I wanted to detail my car to get ready to sell it, so I held onto my car longer than I intended and this became a major stressor.  If they were slammed with LS, they could've called me back to let me know.  I could've planned around it.  The voice mailbox was full half the time I called.  The message for the VM was just the operator standard message.  No website, just a thrown together FB page.  ***Evidently, I was not the only person who had problems because after a month of this, LS gave me my money back.***

Edit: The following quoted text was sent to my inbox back in December (I just now checked it...).  I copy and pasted directly-- including the cut off sentence at the bottom.  I'm publishing it because it's perplexing and at very least, I'd like to give this company the benefit of the doubt.  I do, however, have reasons to doubt the "truthiness" of Kevin's claims since a Google search for 'M Car Wash' will bring up a link for M Car Wash @ mcarcompany.com/car-wash… aka the website for M Car Company.  Contrary to what Kevin writes in point "A" there at the end of his message, M Car Wash is/was associated with M Car Co thus I will not "reverse" (?) my review.  If, in fact, M Car Co has nothing to do with this Living Social deal, then they have my sympathy and I would encourage them to file a lawsuit because that is some serious defamation and/or negligence.  My hunch is... there is more to this story and concerned readers who do business with M Car or LS are free to investigate further.

"Goodmorning Colleen, you sent in a review of our company wrongfully. I can see from the review you were upset at the time. But First of all you made a review for the wrong company. M Car Company buys and sells and takes care of clients in the Exotic/Luxury high end car world. There is a seperate company M Car Wash company.  We never made nor will never make a living social ad. It was made fraudulently as attested by Trent Bach the Merchant Advocate for LIving social
His # is 206-456-3185
Living social is to blame for not monitoring that anyone can create a LS deal and put it out for the public to get taken advantage of, or be put into a situation like yourself. Please reverse the wrongful review of A. the wrong company
B. that it should to go living social for allowing anyone to make a deal on their site who doesnt own the business.
Hope your 2012 is starting off great....

We would appreciate if you"