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LUXE Autohaus is an entirely new kind of dealership predicated on the belief that everyone can, and should, be a winner in a successful transaction. In the comfort of our huge indoor showroom just across the river from downtown Portland we offer late-model, low-mileage luxury, sport, and exotic European vehicles to the public at prices the big dealers wouldn't consider.

Luxe Autohaus

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 233-5893
Address:1635 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR, 97232
  • Monday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Luxe Autohaus

p s. | 2015-04-16

While we believed the dealer was trustworthy, we recently sold a car on consignment and now they can't pay us. We have to make a claim against their bond like several others. Not only must we wait 60+ days for our money while Travelers "decides" whether we get OUR money from OUR vehicle, if there are too many claims and the bond isn't large enough, we may only get a percentage back of the sale funds due to us. Unbelievable. we will never sell a vehicle on consignment again.

Demetri T. | 2015-02-26

I HATE writing negative reviews but my experience this week was brutal. I live in Seattle and found what seemed to be a great deal on a used Volvo on a craigslist post by LuxeAuto.  I spoke with Dan and he was very polite, knowledgeable, and helpful in our conversations. Given I live 3+ hours away, I asked a lot of questions before committing to the drive to Portland for a test-drive. Dan assured me that the car was in excellent condition and ran well. He was even up front about a gas-sensor repair that would cost me ~$500. He offered to have his own mechanic perform a pre-buy inspection of the car, but recommended that I use an "third party because it would be independent and set my mind at ease." He recommended Affordable Tire and Brake (see my next awful Yelp review) saying they had a good local reputation. At this point I was very impressed by Luxe and their staff. What nice guys! Well, I was decided to make the trip to Portland and I wasn't even past Centralia when the experience turned south. First, Affordable tire called me to tell me that the pre-buy inspection came back clean and that the car sold was as good as advertised. I asked how much the inspection would cost me (usually they run between $50-100) and the owner told me that "Tim from Luxe brings him a lot of business so let's just call it even, you don't owe me anything for the service." My BULL SH*T radar was going off loudly in my head. What kind of third party mechanic doesn't charge for a service unless there is some subterfuge/collusion taking place to screw over a potential buyer??? I showed up to the dealership and this time Tim was working. Nice guy, honest face, plain talker, easy to trust -- that was my initial take on the guy. I took the car on a test drive and was absolutely blown away at what happened next. The car was literally in terrible need of a new transmission. The shifting was horrible, it made loud noises, it was brutal to drive. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You are going to lie to me telling me the car drives great and convince me to drive to down from Seattle to Portland midweek during rush hour? Un-F-ing-believable. I asked Tim point blank why I shouldn't leave and write him a terrible Yelp review and he just said, "well, these problems weren't happening before you arrived" Bro, let me tell you, transmission issues don't just appear out of thin air. These guys are wolves in sheep's clothing. Clean showroom, hipster moterhome for an office, and very well spoken, but don't let that fool you. You are still shopping at a used car lot and the shady-sales tactics that are so cliche in that industry are all at play at Luxe. I don't get a lot of enjoyment bashing someone's business but in this case. F them... and Affordable Tire and Brake.

Eric Y. | 2015-02-20

These guys are shysters. They will tell you anything to get you to buy their car. They will sell you A vehicle that's in "excellent" condition. If something like say The sunroof doesn't work, well that's your problem not theirs. Also when you ask them about it they will lie and they will tell you they only made $300 on this whole deal which obviously is a lie. Because who would be in business to sell vehicles at $3000 over bluebook high and only make $300!!!! they're liars and cheats !!!!  I will never buy a vehicle from these huckster used car salesman again.

Brian N. | 2014-04-25

This is my second first one has suddenly disappeared!!! I bought a 2002 Bmw from out of state, had the car shipped and once titled and transferred the title came up BRANDED. I have made many calls without resolution. My Attorney wrote a letter and we received no response. My car is worth a fraction of what I paid for it. Stay clear, CROOKS, LIARS and CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin R. | 2014-04-24

I Finally was able to speak with Tim, the owner of Luxe Auto haus and there was definitely a miscommunication between the warranty holder and Luxe! I am satisfied with the outcome as Luxe has gotten back on the ball and cleared the issues up in regard to my warranty check!  Thanks Tim of Luxe Auto haus!

L J. | 2014-04-15

i used to work for a VW dealership and then later for VW/Audi bank. so i have seen car deal after car deal from both ends and as a result, i never buy new! we purchased a 2006 LR3 from Dan, which we spotted on the Luxe website. as promised it was super clean when we got there and had lower miles than most comparably packaged LR3's at this price point. we didn't haggle because the price was already more than fair considering what we got and even though they hadn't had time for an inspection yet they inspected it as promised and repaired a few basic things to make it as perfect as an 8 year old truck can be. and it's a great truck, most of our friends thought it was new.

if we are ever in the market for used BMW/Audi/Porsche (hard to imagine we would ever go porsche but he has several of them) i would start here first. i think everyone should shop around, but it's hard to imagine buying from anyone else. and this is coming from someone who previously swore to buy every car from private sellers (and did for many years) due to the shadiness i experienced at dealerships. one of the best things about this place, to me, is that no one is desperate or in a hurry to sell you something.

Lee B. | 2014-01-12

Tim at Luxe worked hard to find a vehicle for me. He was very responsive to my questions and did a good job of keeping me updated. A good dealership to work with.

Joe L. | 2013-08-11

very poor customer service after the sale - all I can say is "get a pre-inspection before you give them any money" - we had in the contract that any major defects would be covered - after inspection and a blown headgasket was found - they said the mechanic we took it to was wrong because their inspection had not found it - they never called back any time we left messages either - not looking for a free ride, just a little help with the cost of repair - what a way to run a company

Tea Z. | 2013-08-01

Just hit town and needed a car.  Tim and Sara assisted with the purchase and my experience was exactly as other reviews. No pressure, no usual used car games just upfront info about the car.  Lots of great cars to look at and they'll even help you find what you're looking for.  I'll be back for my next car as well.

Brannon R. | 2013-02-19

My wife and I visited last week to check out a Eurovan.  We may or may not end up buying it, but in any case, our initial experience with the place and sales people was excellent.  No pressure, no BS, no trying to switch us away from what we want into something else line we've been experiencing at so many other lots and dealers.  Their selection of higher-end used cars is  really well curated and totally drool-worthy.  We didn't end up buying a car there, but will definitely keep them in mind next time.

Roland B. | 2013-01-23

Similarly to Kevin C, my sales experience at Luxe was relatively easy and straightforward. However, no one ever seems to answer the phone, no matter what day or time of day I call. I purchased my Infiniti from them over a month ago and still have yet to receive any kind of paperwork for the registration.

I have left numerous voicemails and have yet to receive a single call back. Their service is alright during the sale, but afterward it is virtually nonexistent. Maybe they will read this and begin checking their voicemails.

As of now, I wouldn't recommend them.

Allison M. | 2012-01-23

L-E-M-O-N!!! Lemon would be what I would describe the car I purchased less than 70 days ago from Tim at Luxe Autohause. I was told this car was in "great condition" and that it would be a great car for me to drive my children around in. Ummm...absolutely not! In less than 70 days I have had the car in the shop multiple times. In the last week, I have spent over $3,600 in repairs. I am sick inside about this. This has been both heartbreaking and a horrible wake up call that I should not trust used car lots. I would urge you not to purchase a car from this dealership.

**I have never written a Yelp review or given a bad review in writing about any company before. I feel like this is a situation that warrants a review to urge anyone considering a purchase from Luxe to do your homework on the car and not trust the word of the sales people in the shop.

LA to PDX .. | 2011-11-04

I am impressed!
Luxe Autohaus, and the staff members I dealt with, Tim and Jacob in particular, have been nothing but courteous, low-pressure (actually no-pressure) in their approach, and astonishingly easy to deal with. Ever had a dealership actually accept your offer? These guys did, and it is because they LISTEN to their clients. I made a fair market offer for a vintage vehicle and they agreed with my assessment, so the deal was done in minutes.

We consigned a household vehicle there as well and have so far been pleased, and plan to consign others in the future. I like that they can arrange financing for buyers, and that I don't have to waste time waiting for buyers who miss appointments or never show up at all. Time = money!

They have a full spectrum of vehicles, ranging from nearly-new premium European cars to specialty vehicles such as those appealing to off-roaders (Gelandewagens, Land Cruisers), vintage collectors and marque specific enthusiasts (Porsche's galore). That makes for a cool mix of old and new, and vehicles in every price range so you can find exactly the car you want. Maybe not today, or next week, but keep watching their website like I did and sooner or later you will be tempted by some high-octane Siren that screams your name.

A heart felt thank you to the folks at Luxe for making this the easiest, fastest and simplest car deal I've ever been a part of.

Stacy J. | 2011-09-25

Seriously, I went here with a pre-set hatred of everyone inside the building.  Car shopping is about as bad as it gets, and after nearly an entire week of running as fast as I could from slimeballs, I'd pretty much given up on ever finding a new car.  Tim, and the whole team at Luxe, totally changed that.  I can accept that the good deal I got could maybe have been had elsewhere, this is probably true.  I can accept that good cars can be found elsewhere, too.  But I don't think I'll ever find another dealership like Luxe and its team of employees anywhere else.  I was treated with respect from the get-go, listened to, and most of all, was never patronized.  Tim helped me figure out which car would be a good fit for what I needed (ultimately, a snazzy 2006 BMW 325i that I L-O-V-E), but it wasn't easy and he was as patient as it gets.  I think I test drove seven cars before I landed on Lizzy (my BMW), and once I thought I knew which car I wanted, I was ENCOURAGED to sleep on it!  The rest was so easy from there.  Joshua helped me figure out what to do about financing, and in no time Lizzy was mine.  

The approach at Luxe is just right.  Buying a new car has always been an awful thing to do, and Tim (and Joshua and Jacob) made the entire process as fun as shoe shopping.  But Nordstroms doesn't keep beer on tap.  :)

Barclay B. | 2011-08-28

Just bought a Mini there and was extremley pleased with the whole process.  Relaxed atmosphere and good people, something unheard of in the auto biz.  Love the car and was treated very well.  I've read some of the mixed reviews and I'm a little puzzeled by some.  But as a business owner i know you can't possibly please everyone, but I think Luxe gives a real honest effort to try and please and in my case has delivered!!!!

David L. | 2011-07-20

If you into spray paint and losing thousands of $$$ this is the place for you, here is the letter that I sent the owners, still waiting for reply:

I purchased a 1974 FJ40 Toyota Lancruiser FJ40 Vin# (sent in email) from you two years ago 12-05-09. I'm active duty military and was stationed out in WA.  I was constantly on deployments so this is why it took this long to for me to contact you. I was sold this POS for $8k, since then I had to replace the engine,clutch,full electrical rewire, front drive shaft,and seats. I like how you installed a broken stereo and fake spears also. What is still wrong with it? Well now that the spray paint job is wearing off the tub is rotted out, the exhaust piping is embarrassing, wheel spacers? seriously? on a 4wd, new properly fitting rims, transmission and transfer case are also leaking now that the stop leak that was added has been change to regular gear fluid. If I hadn't been on so many deployments ( the week after I bought it)  I would have returned it. So far I have $12k on top of the $8k purchase just so I can drive it down the road, It has 700 miles since purchase and is only from driving it from repair to house then repair shop. I have around $20k invested in it, would you be interested in buying it back? Maybe you could make an honest sale?

Rob D. | 2011-01-29

Have you traded in a vehicle at an auto dealership before? How humiliating it is to find that the money offered for your trade-in is embarrassingly low?

Have you ever sold a car privately? I've sold a handful in my tenure as a vehicle owner and its not one of my most favorite things to do. Thankfully I have never had troubles with anyone but I've heard the same awful stories everyone else has.

I stumbled upon LUXE and learned of their consignment program. They did have a fee (of course) but once I factored in the following it seemed like a no-brainer:

- They had the ability to work with financial institutions to facilitate loans to the people who want to buy my car (I certainly didn't have that ability on my own).

- They explained that they would extend their specially negotiated savings on things like Auto Detailing and Mechanical Inspection of my vehicle. I took them up on that offer and once my lovely car was detailed it was so hard to sell it (it looked like it did when it was brand spanking new).

- They told me that they would have my vehicle professionally photographed and posted on their website as well as on Craigslist. They did just that.

- They have a sales staff who would be selling my vehicle for me! That meant that they would take all the calls, answer all the e-mails, show it, handle test drives, etc. I could never have the time to devote to all of that legwork.

It didn't take long before LUXE Autohaus sold my 2003 VW Jetta TDi Wagon through their amazing consignment program.

After a short period of time (while all of the funding and paperwork were completed/submitted) I received the check and was just thrilled!

I am planning on selling my family's mini-van through their consignment program in the next few months and look forward, once again, to a stellar experience.

Scott G. | 2011-01-24

I wish all dealership are like Luxe.  It was so easy.  I knew what I wanted went in, talk to Jacob about the BMW 540i that was for sale and 45 minutes later I was out of there.  You don't need to waste your time on negotiating since the price is the lowest of any dealership in town.  Car looked great, ran wonderfully and drove perfectly!!
Great experience.  Thanks Guys!!

Kerwin C. | 2009-06-02

Luxe just lost my sterling recommendation.  

I purchased a car two years ago Aug, and it was a smooth transaction, in a great, comfortable, casual environment.  Their selection was awesome, and the "sales pitch" was non-existant.  I fully intended to make Luxe my car shop for the future.  They had to send me three separate packets of documentation, after the transaction date, to get signatures corrected, but I passed this off as a fluke at the time.

However, recent "administrative" experiences have left something to be desired.  Repeated phone calls to their offices go to voicemail.  And paperwork turnaround is quite slow.  I recently returned a vehicle warranty to them, and it has taken over two months for them to get the paperwork processed, and check back to me.  And when I received the check finally, it was not for the amount I was expecting.  To date, I haven't received a clear answer as to why.

They need to step it up a notch, administratively, to earn my recommendation back.

Darcie A. | 2009-04-11

I wish Yelp had a ten star option, because that is what Luxe deserves. They made everything so easy. No pressure, no haggling. It was fast, fun and surprisingly simple. I drove off in my new car, left my old one to be consigned and they sold it in just 1 day! I am absolutely shocked by how painless this exeperience was. Thank you so much Luxe.

jen d. | 2008-08-19

luxe autohaus is THE coolest, most trustworthy place to buy a previously owned vehicle in Portland.  the staff is friendly, down to earth, and knowledgable.