Land Rover Portland in Portland, OR

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Land Rover Portland in Portland, OR.

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Land Rover Portland

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 230-7700
Address:720 NE Grand Ave, Portland, OR, 97232

Reviews on Land Rover Portland

Jody T. | 2015-04-25

I had a recall on my 2006 Rover and I live in Eugene, when I called to schedule it I got amazing phone service. When I arrived 40 minutes early Randy in the service department got my car right in and the whole service experience was top notch! I wish all places gave that great of service and customer care! Extremely happy with my service, they went above and beyond making sure I wouldn't have to return from Eugene to have the part installed at a later date...thanks Randy!

Dario S. | 2014-11-21

I purchased a used Land Rover over the summer and what began as a great vehicle soon developed an unknown and difficult to diagnose issue. Jerry and Randy in service were exceptional and sympathetic to my situation. While trying to do the best they could to fix the problem (with very little charge to me) I eventually began talks with the sales department. Bjorn and Nate spent spent some time helping me choose an alternative to my vehicle and then worked a deal for me that I am sure was more than fair. I had been a customer in 1999, my brother in 2010 and now a return for me in 2014. I am extremely pleased with all aspects of LR Portland and will continue to do business with them.

ken n. | 2014-09-15

If I could give no stars I would. The most unwelcoming, arrogant and unprofessional dealership I have ever dealt with. Moving to Oregon in 12 months, wanted to order a RR Sport, said they could not do it because we were not residents yet. Porsche dealer in Bend had no issues with selling us a car. Were friendly, helpful and went out of their way to make the experience pleasant. Word to the wise, think twice about buying from these guys .........if you want to be taken for granted then this is your dealership!

Lindsey M. | 2014-08-14

This is the only place we've taken our range rover sport to as it's my hubby's baby and they've taken great care of us. Unfortunately our car has had some issues that have been a real hassle but the dealership has been great and everything has been free since it's under warranty. The oil changes are crazy expensive but you don't have to get them as often as normal vehicles so it balances out. They have us a loaner and have me no problem when I forgot to fill it up and helped me with my baby's car seat, which is so hard to install and take out. I appreciate how quick and friendly they were while not trying to nickle and dime us. I recommend this place although it's a bit pricey. At least you know things are done right and with factory parts.

C. A. | 2014-07-17

Just had my first experience taking my "new to me" Range Rover Sport to Land Rover PDX and have to say I received very good service.  

Even though I purchased used, from a private party, LR PDX gave me pricing as if I had purchased it from them.  I was given a quote over the phone and when it came time to pay the billing was a bit more but they honored the original quote without question.  

One issue arose after I brought my car home, I contacted Cheryl in the service department and it was handled quickly and with great customer service.  

Feeling very comfortable with having them do follow up service when the time comes.

Tonya H. | 2014-05-06

Jeff is the man in the parts department! Thanks for the awesome service and help ordering our parts. :)

Spencer B. | 2014-04-18

Ok, this is technically a followup to an earlier positive review.

Over the past couple of years I have tried to bring my service and parts buying needs to Land Rover of Portland but the price differential is just too much.  Good example is a recent simple repair job where the parts from the a good internet retailer cost $25 plus $6 shipping.  The dealership cost was $48, about 35% more.  I will say to their credit that they have them in stock, so if immediacy is important you would be paying a premium.

I have dealt with other dealerships in other areas and have found their pricing more competitive and their sales and service more ambitious.  I think being the only place in town makes LR of PDX not as competitive overall.

L J. | 2014-04-10

i probably should have checked the reviews here first! we just bought a very clean, relatively low mile 2006 LR3 from another dealer. we love the truck, however it only came with one key fob. i ordered the $288 key from this dealership and paid them $65 to spend over an hour programing it. i got there at 9am and we pulled out at 10:15 and we did not get the car wash service (because i requested not to as i was pressed for time and had a 3 year old with me).

i drove off and noticed when i got home that there is no jump ring in the key where i can attach it to the larger ring which holds my other keys. i drove right back and the service person said "yes, it is ridiculous that Landrover does not provide a ring with these keys" he then showed me a bowl of flimsy, thin rings that "sometimes work but don't really fit either" i tried one of those and he was right, it didn't really fit and it did not look secure. not secure enough for a key i just paid a total of $353 for.

i guess if i purchased a custom, brand new range rover they would have busted out the anvil and forged a 14 gauge jump ring (like the one on my original key) out of platinum. but, if you have two small children and a household to look after and you drive an 8 year old LR3 you get the "oh well" service and sent on your way. the funny thing is, i just now ordered a sack of 95 stainless steel 14 gauge jump rings off of amazon and with my trusty needle nose pliers i feel confident i CAN actually solve the problem. congratulations guys, a busy housewife with a public school education and a college degree in art just fixed a problem that is apparently beyond everyone who works for a Landrover dealership. nice work! i'll take my truck elsewhere for it's 90K service.

Chris L. | 2013-11-01

Was greeted by a gentleman by the name of Nate, with a cocky swagger that was waaaay an IMMEDIATE turn off! Then when I refused to fill out the credit application (for a car I wouldn't even be GETTING for at least 8 months!!) he accused my boyfriend and I of not being able to afford the car!! Look, you work at Land Rover dude, not Bugatti, take that attitude down about 6 notches, do BETTER on making customers feel comfortable and NEVER accuse or judge people! Felt very creeped out and angry when we left:(

B. W. | 2013-08-07

Land Rover SERVICE  is to total rip off. I had taken my Disco there 6 times in less than a year and it seems every time they touch it something else breaks a month later. I have asked for a full inspection and they say everything checks out and then few weeks later boom again. I know these cars are temperamental but seriously. They are very nice there and willing to get you in for service but you'll pay out the ass for it.  It is always more then they say it is going to be. Something tells me the service guys are on commission here.

Jag of Portland or PDX British are the way to go for service.

I have looked at cars there for purchase and the sales guys act like they are too cool or too important to help you. They seem almost inconvenienced and bothered. Lame


Sue H. | 2013-03-16

Went to the dealership today with the intention of walking out with a new land rover.  Checkbook and title to the escalade were in my purse.  After standing around for 10 minutes - we did pour ourselves coffee no one approached us.  There appeared to be 2 salespeople working, both with other people.  As we walked out a person came running after us to see if they could help.  UH NOOO!  Won't be dropping $60K in your dealership today.  Give me a break!

Dave M. | 2012-10-31

Randy, the service manager, and his team are great guys. They helped us sift through several Discos before finding one with a good foundation. He went out of his way to take care of my preggers wife in her hunt for a decent Disco.

Tami T. | 2012-09-30

I have been a loyal LR lover and driver for 13 yrs, however I will warn you about Land Rover Portland. Every time you take your LR in for service trust me it will always cost hundreds sometimes thousands more than they tell you. Yes they call you to tell you the price is more but it never fails more more more.
My last repair cost me 2600.00. 8 weeks later when the service engine soon light came on unexpectedly, they called to tell me it would be 7000.00 plus to fix what they said was a new problem???
I am done with Land Rover Portland and there shady service department. I think they believe that because you drive and expensive car that they can just milk you left and right in the service department.
You have been warned. (this was a certified used LR that I bought from them)

Moiz A. | 2010-11-04

I will not say much about the facility, product, and service. They are all that you'd expect from a premier automobile dealership. Excellent. What sets this dealership apart from other high-end shops is their passion for the Land Rover,  and their country club like treatment of clients. Every year they invite the customers to wonderful trips where you can caravan over scenic routes, and explore the Pacific Northwest while enjoying the capabilities of your Land Rover. They also sell used Rovers, and I saw one from 1972. Now that's passion for the brand.

Spencer B. | 2010-05-14

Two components to the buisness, Sales and Service.

I tried to buy a car, but they are not very aggressive on pricing.  By calling other dealerships, particularly Bellevue in Washington, I was able to get a much better deal.  There was some sour graps over not being able to go on the Rover Outings the local dealership sponsors.  I did not even buy a LR from the dealership in Washington and they have been emailing invites to me.  Oh well.

I have had one service appointment for some warrenty work.  I really liked the staff, they were patient enough to work with me on how to use some of the vehicle features.  They did a Blue tooth software upgrade that I paid for and did not work.  They were pretty cool about it and refunded my money.

I'll definately go back and get service.  Their prices seem comparable to the other independant rover guys.  They get the 5th start if I could go on their outings.