Kuni Lexus of Portland in Portland, OR

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Our passion is providing you with a world-class ownership experience. We share the thrill our customers get from owning and driving a Lexus. Whether you come in for a new or pre-owned Lexus, to have your vehicle serviced or to arrange financing, we are committed to providing a Lexus experience that keeps you coming back.

Kuni Lexus of Portland

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 420-4771
Address:8840 SW Canyon Road, Portland, OR, 97225
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Kuni Lexus of Portland

Darin A. | 2015-04-02

as always a pleasure going to Kuni Lexus of Portland.

Laverne G. | 2015-03-12

Bill Turner is awesome! I brought in my 2004 GX470 for a thorough inspection, as I just purchased it from a wholesaler 4 days ago and wanted to be sure there wasn't anything major to worry about. Bill was wonderful, so nice  and very professional. I brought my 8 week old daughter to the appointment and he made sure we had a loaner car for the day and he even helped me install the car seat base in the loaner (which was a pain!) This is my first Lexus and my first experience with a Lexus dealership/service department and I was very pleasantly surprised! My vehicle only needed a few minor repairs, which they were able to finish the same day and for a fair price. Feeling great about my purchase and really looking forward to working with Bill anytime I need to return.

Merlynn A. | 2015-01-22

I've been a customer of Kuni Lexus since the late 1990's with the exception of a brief 3 year hiatus. I've always received top notch service and appreciated their attention to detail. My recent purchase experience was stellar as well. Everyone from the salesman to the service center and all persons in between were tops.

Phil C. | 2015-01-03

Excellent customer service! TPM light would not turn off. Checked the tire pressure including the spare. Finally, took it to Kuni Lexus. It was a simple switch under the dash. No charge. They washed and vacuumed my car, handed me a small box of chocolates and walked me to my car. Awesome service. Going back for sure when needed! Cheryl's great!!

Chris S. | 2014-12-20

Do you want excellent customer service and be treated like a valued customer?  Go here.   I have bought 3 cars from here and will be back again.  Friends and family have gone here and felt exactly the same.   Bergen Alle is the best sales person I have ever had and because of her, I continue to return.   She will go above and beyond to make sure you have one the best experiences ever.   If you are looking for a new or used Lexus, contact Bergen today.

M S. | 2014-12-20

My experience was excellent. The car is fixed and running great! I appreciate all the little extras, like the chocolate. The staff was wonderful and could not have been more professional. Thank you Jesse!!

D G. | 2014-12-12

Exceeded our expectations!
J. Louis Charmak was our salesman, and even though we were purchasing a pre-owned Lexus, we were given the time and attention that any other customer would receive. We told him our budget, what we were looking for, and he matched us up with exactly what we were looking for, and more than we expected. We had to wait a week for our car to be ready for delivery, and J. was excellent at providing  us with updates on our car, even on his two days off we received communication from him on the progress of the service department with the vehicle.
Our experience with J. at Kuni Lexis was one that was pleasant and positive from beginning to end. There was no typical car salesman pressure, or price haggling. From looking at vehicles to the financing of the car that we purchased, nothing but a positive experience.
Tony in the finance department was equally as great to work with and very personable. Once we were done signing our papers we were presented with a gift box that contained a bottle of wine and chocolates, which was another unexpected nice surprise!
When our car was ready to go, J. went over all the details of the car with us, and he was very knowledgeable about everything.
I left the dealership feeling fantastic about our beautiful car, the great service, and knowing that they care about their products and the satisfaction of their customers. I can't imagine going anywhere else to purchase a car!

Haley B. | 2014-11-12

Great product, and honest warranty coverage, but a terrible sales experience.

I had a terrible sales experience here. I made the mistake of coming in with my father because he happened to be in town and I figured I could use his advice.

From the moment I walked in, I was invisible. Todd greater my father and shook his hand. He did not even look at me. Even after we made it clear that the car was for me, being paid for completely by me, and my father had nothing to do with the process but was only there for moral support, every question was addressed towards my father and the cars were shown to him, even the test drive was offered to him initially. If my father had come in with his dog on a leash the dog would have gotten more attention and acknowledgement than I, *the person shopping for and paying for the vehicle* did.

I loved the car and ended up purchasing the vehicle. When the dealership needed my proof of address, guess who they called? My father. To be clear, he didn't even co-sign or anything. When they decided that they might have to repossess the vehicle if they did not get a proof of address from me ASAP, I heard about it from my father. This was after I had already called  and emailed them several times to explain that I had just moved and did not have a proof of address yet. I got it all figured out, but when I tried to express my disapproval with how they went about it I felt very condescended to. Todd told me in a reproachful tone that it was because I wasn't getting my address to them in time, but I had been on the phone with them that day and yesterday trying to settle the issue. I tried to explain to him why I am upset by asking him if his bank ever called his mother when he had an overdraft.

The only reason they get a 2nd star is because Armando, the sales manager, was very attentive and seemed to care that I was upset.

Sanja K. | 2014-11-02

Tom and Nic in the parts department went above and beyond to help me when I got a flat tire and couldn't locate my lug-nut key.  Not only did they check in on me regularly to make sure I was ok (and when they said they would) but Tom sent Nic to help me on Nike's campus to see if they could find a match for my key. When we couldn't find a match Nic came back a couple of days later to switch out my lug-nuts for new ones and helped me change my tire...free of charge. He wouldn't even accept a tip. I didn't get my Lexus or my tires there... so I wasn't even a current customer of that Lexus dealership. And my Lexus is out of warranty.

Because of those two gentlemen I will come to Kuni Lexus of Portland for any maintenance/parts needs I have. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Patty G. | 2014-10-10

I bought a used car from them awhile back.  It was a pretty decent experience.  I appreciated that they drove the car up to me at the showroom as opposed to having me walk to it in the rain.  I was probably looking at the cheapest car on the lot but they didn't make me feel like I was less worthy of a customer.  They did recommend another car for me to drive, but it felt like normal customer upselling, and nothing overly pushy.  One of the cars had a crack in the windshield and I mentioned how of course I would expect that to be fixed and was told in pretty stern tones "oh no, this car is priced what it is because of the crack, you would have to pay more to have it fixed".  I didn't really say anything because, whatever, who is going to buy a car with a cracked windshield?  I did end up buying that car a couple of weeks later once they had lowered the price, and of course they fixed the windshield for free.  I did end up having some trouble trying to pay them the downpayment and their debit card machine was not working.  I had to drive to the bank for cash.  It really wouldn't have been that big of a deal were it not for the ridiculous rush hour traffic that made the trip to the bank take over an hour to do.  I thought they could have thrown in a free oil change for my trouble, but they weren't willing to do that.  So, Yelp says 3 stars is "A-OK" and I'd say that pretty much describes my experience.  I'd recommend them to friends with no problem.  I appreciate that they stopped mailing me literature when I asked to be removed from their mailing list.

John C. | 2014-09-18

We own a LX 570.
I hate that car. My wife loves it he car. I guess obedient husband makes a good marriage.
However we both love the Lexus service there. I feel uncomfortably pampered.

Erin P. | 2014-09-10

I had located 2 cars on their website that I was interested in. I stopped by the dealership to look at them and was greeted by Dave Bergeron. I told him I needed to discuss both of these cars with wife before committing to them, he didn't put any pressure on me to buy that night. I brought my wife in, we drove both cars and decided to take both of them. I made an offer and the manager accepted it, just that easy.  Dave and the whole staff were great to work with, no pressure or the typical sleazy tactics !  Thank again !!

Janis C. | 2014-08-29

Simply Fantastic, Fantastically Simple

From the minute my husband and I met Dick Wros, we knew we were in for a different kind of car-shopping experience.  Dick reflects the culture of the entire Kuni operation: low-key, helpful, honest, fun and above all, respectful.  

Some might call us methodical shoppers, spending months researching vehicles and visiting local car dealerships.  Our excellent experience with Dick brought us back to Kuni multiple times.  Did I mention he's patient?  He told us right up front that Kuni assumes their customers come armed with Internet research and are savvy about pricing; Kuni conducts sales transactions accordingly.  He would later prove that.

Prior to our last visit, we studied Kuni's website and noticed what we dubbed "the mystery RX 350," a vehicle listed only by year, with no photo, no mileage no price.  After driving and narrowing down our options, we wanted to see the "mystery" car before making a selection.  Dick spent considerable effort tracking down the vehicle, a new arrival which was tucked away in a back lot.   It was the car we would buy.

Dick made the transaction simple.  We shared our respective research on the value of our trade-in, tossed some figures back and forth and quickly agreed on a price that pleased both of us.  No muss, no fuss, no game playing.  

We highly recommend buying a car from Dick Wros.  

And we highly recommend Kuni Lexus of Portland.  The atmosphere is unlike any dealership I've seen before.  The entire staff treats you like a welcome guest in their home.  Customer-service consultants take note:  infiltrate this place and master their hiring and training practices.  You'll make millions.

Emily E. | 2014-08-19

Our sales person, J. Charmak was wonderful. This was by far the most enjoyable car buying experience ever (yes, a car buying experience was enjoyable). J really listened to my needs and wants and found the perfect car for me. He was nice, funny, helpful and not pushy. He really "got" what I was looking for and showed me a car I wouldn't have thought to consider & now it's my dream car! Corri Kolling did my financing and was great to work with! She really worked hard to negotiate the best rate for me. She was friendly, helpful and really held my hand through the process, explaining everything to me every step of the way. My experience with Kuni was fantastic. I highly recommend them. True professionals from walking through the door to driving off the lot with my new car.

Rose Z. | 2014-08-10

This was a great experience!

I had been searching for a Nissan for a few weeks as I was looking to get back in the saddle again after being without a car for 5 years. I've owned a Nissan previously and loved it. My introduction to Kuni Lexas was through that end, as I found a gorgeous Nissan posted through the Carfax website available through this dealer. I replied via the prompt on that website to check availability. I was contacted quickly by Bergen, advising that she had sent an email back with all the information on the car and wanted to make sure I got it and if I had any questions. Even just on the phone, Bergen is bright, cheerful, and bubbly; not in that fake way that leaves that saccharine aftertaste and makes me want to shower immediately, but in a warm, genuine "this is who I am" way. That was the first thing that made me feel good about this process because I don't deal well with that overly fake, pushy salesperson attitude anywhere in life, let alone when I'm making a stressful and overwhelming decision to purchase a car. I didn't feel pushed at all. I made an appointment to meet Bergen and see the car.
When I showed up, I had processed my hair that morning and, well, it looked a little ridiculous, but I didn't have time to fix it and still make the appointment, so I went with my haphazard color. Not one sideways glance from Bergen when she met me at the door and greeted me in her very warm way. Bergen was still working with another customer so she passed me over to Nicole. Nicole was amazing. Me and my sidekick were grabbing coffee and snacks and Nicole just waited for us patiently.
My wit never once offended Nicole, she just laughed along and never once pressured me, never made me feel like I was any different than any regular customer, even with as outside the mainstream as I am; I was never ONCE treated like I wasn't an equal to all the other customers. I really appreciated too that even though I was there to see the Nissan, which was a used car and obviously not a Lexus; not one time did anyone ever pressure me to get in a different car. That has actually happened to me in the past at other dealerships, probably due to commission structure as they are obviously going to earn more on a $50k ticket  than a $10k one.  Not once, not even a murmur of a suggestion of such a thing. Nicole was friendly, accommodating, concerned ('sorry for the wait' was a frequent thing from this lady, which was awesome) and genuinely part of the entire process. She made it painless to have to spend most of my Saturday afternoon in a car dealership (not really a fun way to pass free time). and was just really down to earth. which took some of the stress off. Janice took care of the finance end and that lady is just fantastic. She explained everything without making me feel beneath her; found ways to relate and engage and make me feel comfortable. She was conversational and just really easy to work with. The people there that I had the pleasure of working with and talking to made this less of a daunting task and found me the best possible financing. They really went out of their way to help me get in the car I wanted, not the car they wanted the commission on.
The car is a gem too. It's been less than 24 hours, so I am crossing my fingers, but I know I scored.
Overall, I'm extremely happy with how I was treated and how painless the staff that I had the good fortune to work with there made the process.  And the car-it's awesome!

Rob W. | 2014-08-06

You should work with Nicole DuBravac at Kuni Lexus for your next car purchase.  Because of Nicole and professionals like her, Kuni Lexus of Beaverton receives my top rating for professionalism, service, and quality.  Beside their attractive show room, their service staff was genial, exceedingly prompt, very knowledgeable and frankly a joy to work with.  My wife I purchased a new Lexus working with Nicole DuBravac. She wasn't in the slightest bit pushy, and from the beginning you got the feeling that she was looking out for the long-term best interest in maintaining a solid commitment to customer care.  I look forward to working with Nicole and Kuni again in the near future; and would encourage you to check them out.  Lexus is a high quality brand, and Kuni reflects that commitment to quality by hiring and supporting the best staff I've had the chance to work with in over 20 years of buying cars.

Kevin S. | 2014-07-16

I have never been treated so good! We will forever return to buy from Portland Lexus and Dave. I got a 2013 300h from him and have never been treated so well at a dealership. The service was so good and we feel at home with his no pressure to the point sales, we returned 8 months later to get a 2014 Is 250 for my wife. If you are looking for a Lexus PLEASE stop in and get an appointment with Dave Bergen, you will not be disappointed.

Bodie P. | 2014-07-02

Kuni Lexus never disappoints.  Evan Whitaker is the best salesman I have ever dealt with.  In 4 years I have bought 3 cars from him.  He takes the time to serve to your personality which means everything.  Ask for him if you're in the market:-)

Larry L. | 2014-07-01

I was really surprised this happened, given the reputation of this dealership. My wife and I visited on Sunday and found two cars we liked - she found a CT200h and I found a RX350.  So, with a used CT200 for $32k and a new RX350 for $52k (or $42 for a used one), we were looking to drop at least 70 grand on two vehicles.  

The salesman said the CT wasn't ready yet, that it had to go through the inspection and get cleaned up, etc.  Later that evening we found out that the CT sold that Sunday.  I was really pissed that a dealership like this uses east county sales tactics, but then I saw where Kuni had taken over Lexus of Portland, and that seemed to explain things as I've had nothing but problems each time I've gone into a Kuni dealership (BMW and Cadillac).

Like another person who read all the glowing reviews, I think these were before Kuni took over this dealership.  Oh well, one less car lot to deal with.  If you must go there, don't deal with Dewey.

Stephanie R. | 2014-06-09

Just moved from Seattle. Jeff Miller is your guy!

My car was due for service and Jeff kept me up to date on some issues that my car was having and what needed to be done. He even sent me pictures of what had broken and needed to be replaced.

Really great customer service from Jeff, great to talk too and so upbeat. Love it.

Jeff, you're a rock star.

Dave J. | 2014-05-17

Took our RX330 in for an oil change.  They told my wife there was a drop of antifreeze on the radiator and we needed it replaced $1795.  We said NO, took it to another place for a pressure test.  Was all good.  That was 3 years ago.  Everything is fine, I think this dealership is out for some bucks on unsuspecting customers, BEWARE.  The Candy they give is is good....  Whatever ....

Paul H. | 2014-04-17

I recently purchased a NEW to me car from Lexus of Portland.  My wife also purchased a car the same day.  These car's come with a warranty.

Hugo and staff take the pain out of trading in and buying. They have food, TV's and plenty of comforts as you wait.  My only complaint I waited far too long to sign.

The best part of the experience is the absolute customer first attitude from everyone in the building.  The professionalism  ultimately set's them apart.  

I took my car home to find (now that's it's raining) a small leak around the window seal.  Hugo.. provided a quick and easy solution ... at my convenience to bring in the car and a loaner provided.

I can't give Lexus of Portland a higher recommendation.

T C. | 2014-04-05

I'm surprised to see so many good reviews on this dealership. My husband and I went there back in January '14 to look at a vehicle. We had done our research and knew what it was worth as well as our trade in. The car was listed at 32,500. We offered blue book at 28,500. The lady we dealt with was so condescending that she told us in a snotty way that when you deal with luxury cars you don't negotiate by the thousands. Keep in mind we HAD a luxury car to trade (Mercedes) and had been down this road before.  She was also brazen enough to tell us that she could show us how to use KBB because the value we pulled up didn't match theirs (they'd falsified some perks on the car they were selling and underbid ours). As if we don't know how to navigate a website!!! The really funny and satisfying part for us was that two months later the car was still for sale...for 28,500. Wouldn't it have just been easier to show us some respect and sell it at that price earlier versus letting it sit on the lot? We will never go back.

Julianna R. | 2013-09-20

As I am sitting in the Lexus waiting room waiting for my car's scheduled maintenance I am compelled to write a review.  This is my third Lexus and I have always have had a good experience with this dealership.  Of course, when coming to the actual purchase of a car there is always at least a little edge of distrust but the satisfaction of purchasing a car here has always been high.

What I really want to write about is the waiting room.  I will always buy a Lexus if not for the waiting room alone.  It has a great coffee machine with a good selection.  Fruit, croissants, donuts.  There is a big TV area, a smaller hang out area and the business desk area with free wi-fi.  A guest can find magazines and newspapers.  The bathrooms are like those of a premium hotel.  All of this makes me not mind waiting for my car.

Gina W. | 2013-09-05

I am giving Lexus of Portland, specifically Matt Iburg (service), a 5-star rating.  He earned it.  I'm not sure what the standard practices of LOP are, but I know Matt went above and beyond any other service department I've dealt with.  I hit a deer on my way to work (Friday) and drove my car 25 miles to work (near LOP).  I didn't know the extent of the damage because it was not visible, other than some overheating issues on my way up 26.  I went online and tried to schedule an appointment and the soonest I could get in was Monday afternoon.  Feeling defeated and skeptical of driving my Lexus all weekend, I called LOP and was connected with Matt Iburg.  Matt was friendly on the phone, urged me to bring the car in and said he would handle it.  I shot over to LOP and within seconds was greeted by Matt and the rest of the service team.  They were fast!  They were helpful, they assisted me in getting my items from my car into my complementary, loaner car and I was back on the road in no time!  Matt checked in with me, daily, on the progress with the insurance company and my car.  My car was back up and running by Thursday, but couldn't pick it up until Friday.  Friday, when I went to retrieve my car, it was not only clean (inside and out) it also had a full tank of gas.  I was treated extremely well by Lexus of Portland (especially Matt Iburg) and I will never go anywhere else for service.  Thanks so much, Matt!

Alissa C. | 2013-09-03

I am from WA state and I had a hard time communicating with my local dealers as they were not willing to give me an internet quote on a lease for an ES 350 and when they called back there was nothing but pressure to come in and buy "the last silver ES they have"...even though I wanted a red one.

I loved working with BERGEN at the KUNI Lexus of Portland dealership. She replied to my quote request within an hour of opening the office and gave me a quick and compatible quote right away. I got the best deal and I got a pleasant communication via email with Bergen and a week later I was driving down to Portland to pick up my brand new ES 350. When I saw the car, it was just as advertised - clean, slick, pretty and luxurious. Everybody at the KUNI Lexus in Portland was super nice....from Bergen, to her manager, to the lady who went over the features of the car and how to use them, to the hilarious lady who processed our loan papers. This dealership has a lot of women working there and that is something I loved, because I felt comfortable the entire time. There was NEVER any pressure or any sales pitches, just easy pleasant experience.

I will be happy to recommend the KUNI Lexus of Portland dealership to anybody who is interested in buying a Lexus and I can guarantee it, that they will get a better deal then in WA state where our Internet sales managers are NOT willing and able to quote you online. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

P.S. Bergen and her team also took care of all of the licensing for my car as it was purchased out of state and the cost was all included in the original quote. No hidden charges upon pick up!!!!

Matthew G. | 2013-08-10

Purchasing a new vehicle from Lexus of Portland is a painless, fun and customer service oriented experience.  If you are in the market for an amazing vehicle and want to interact with outstanding and kind people Lexus of Portland is your place.  Thank you!!

@J. Louis Charmak - Sales and Leasing Consultant:  You went above and beyond in all aspects of the purchasing experience.  All future Lexus purchases will be made at Lexus of Portland through you and because of you.  Thank you so much for your tremendous patience and availability both before and after our purchase.  You are terrific and I highly recommend your service.

Cindy S. | 2013-07-09

I should have written this review back in January when I purchased my car, but I procrastinated and just thought of it when I scheduled my first service appointment.  The buying experience was awesome.  Fun, unexpected and I got a great deal.  Ryon Johnson was extremely helpful, friendly, easy-going and not at all pushy.  The atmosphere is nice and very comfortable, and I never felt pressured at all.  Highly unusual for a car purchase at a dealership!  And I love, love, love my used RX350!  Great service, great car.

I'll update my review after my first service appointment.

Diane C. | 2013-06-19

I had a test drive with Evan, and it was a really good experience.  I am looking to buy a hybrid and test drove the CT200.  Evan knew the car really well, had answers to all my questions and concerns, and all around just did a fabulous job.  

I am still in the negotiating phase of my car-buying experience and we'll see how that goes.  But so far, excellent.

Craig O. | 2013-04-14

I ran into trouble last Saturday morning with a missing wheel lock key on my Lexus.  Upon arrival to Lexus of Portland in my tow truck with Lexus LS 400 in tow, I was greeted by Darren at Service - who immediately looked after me.

He directed to me to the garage, where Tim had my problem solved in less than a minute. Tim later topped up my spare, and I was on my way.

These guys were lifesavers. Thank-you.

Brittany N. | 2013-03-20

I've never been to the dealership nor did I buy a car from them.  This review was for the excellent customer service I received from Jeremy Rupp.

I sent one of those stock emails from a car buying site in regards to a used Accord they had in their inventory.  Then I noticed the 19 mpg city which was far below what I was aiming for.  Jeremy quickly emailed me in regards to the car and I presented my objection.  Within minutes he sent me an email with similar cars in their inventory with better gas mileage.  I hadn't received this kind of treatment from many sales associates at other dealerships. Generally they just ignore me once I present an issue I have or try to convince me my concern isn't a big deal.  Clearly, he listens very well.  
A day later he sent me another email asking me if I had an opportunity to look at those cars and if I was interested in any of them.  I let him know that I had but had stumbled across a great deal on a privately owned vehicle and decided to go with that one.  Even though we hadn't done business, he congratulated me on my new car purchase, said he thought I got a good deal, and thanked me for the opportunity.  How awesome is that customer service?  Throughout my recent car buying experience I've discovered that most salespeople are either incredibly pushy or extremely aloof.  Not many seem to truly listen to you.  Jeremy was a total exception.  Just based on a few emails I would recommend this dealership confidently.

natalie p. | 2013-01-28

As long as Dick Wros is still at Portland of Lexus, I will continue to be a customer.

I recently purchased a 2013 Lexus CT200h, and had an amazing experience. From the minute I walked in the door to the minute I drove away, I was blown away by the service provided to me.

I'm pretty sure I walked in wearing gym clothes and leopard print clogs. I also may have spent about 2 hours deciding what color car to buy. And there was also the large percentage of time when I was either rifling in my purse for something or chattering away about horrible drivers.

After test-driving a couple different cars, I fell in love with the CT200h. I asked about 57 questions and Dick answered all of them. Do you know how rare that is??? He also took the time to go through the car with me piece by piece and even hooked his own phone up to the Bluetooth to show me how it worked.

From start to finish, the experience was A+. I had been car-shopping for a while, and Lexus of Portland was the first dealership where I felt as though I wasn't simply a sale. Let's be honest, I was expecting to be brushed aside when I walked in, or at least have someone ask me if my father needed any help. However, I was greeted warmly, offered coffee/water/snacks, and actually listened to. When I finally decided on the interior/exterior color combo, we found out that Portland didn't have it...and guess what? Dick facilitated the shipment of my dream car from Spokane within just a couple days!

A+, Lexus of Portland:
A+, Dick Wros
A+, Shaun Fleener
A+, Mark Seely

Goodgirl G. | 2013-01-25

My review is for Tom Tyson. He was the rep we met with. We purchased the hybrid ES and couldn't be happier with Tom's diligence and follow up. Right after the purchase, I had a slight issue and Tom made sure he followed up until we were satisfied. highly recommend him

David S. | 2013-01-06

My wife recently wrote a review of the great experience we had with Evan at Lexus of Portland. Because she doesn't post a lot of reviews it was "filtered" by yelp...(that means hidden)
Hopefully it will go through under my name since I've written a few....

Our car buying experience today was absolutely hands down the best car buying experience we have ever had.  Evan was our sales person.  He was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, straightforward, just downright the best auto sales person I believe in the City!! We left driving a beautiful Lexus ES350 and could not be happier thanks to Evan!  Kudos to this dealership and, of course, Evan!

No reason to hide a great review for of a great experience

Kat K. | 2012-06-13

After being sent around the barn by all the Dick Hannah & Kuni dealerships, I landed at Lexus last Sunday, June 10, 2012. I'd been looking for a used Passat wagon and when I went to Hannah and Kuni, the wagons they advertised had been sold only hours before I got there. Right! So off I went to Lexus to see a Passat I found on-line and what a wonderful difference. Not only was the car on the lot, it was the top of the line with leather interior. Did I buy it? Nope ... on the way to look at it I spotted a beauty of a black MBZ CLK 550 convertible. Sold. But wait, Brian, the salesman said to me .. we have another almost like it in red!

I test drove the Passat but couldn't get my mind off the MBZ.

I bought the 2007 MBZ CLK 550 cabriolet bright red convertible but without any pressure from Brian. I believe he had as much fun test driving it as I did. He is a splendid salesman ... never pushy, never condescending. The whole experience was uplifting from start to finish.

Stefanie S. | 2012-03-14

My "other-half" and I were carless for a few months...we wanted to find JUST the right car that met both of our needs. After quite a bit of research we settled on the Lexus RX 300 or 330. Now, it was time to wait for the right catch!

We waited...and waited...and then found! After quite the search, we found a used 2005 RX330 at Lexus of Portland. I was not too keen on the idea of buying from a dealer. I have gotten completely "played" in the past at large dealerships and went in with all my defenses up. After test driving the vehicle, we found a minor problem which the service department looked into immediately. JEFF - in sales - was responsive and assistive. We decided we would purchase the vehicle and after all of the paperwork and standard details, Jeff and a service tech MARC set us up with a loaner vehicle. The process was very smooth.

A few days later we went to go pick up our "new" car and were really satisifed with the service. ....day 1 of car ownership was great, same as day 2 and day 3....day 5, uh oh!

We tried to put a CD into the 6-disc player and it kept repeating an error message that didnt necessarily make sense (since neither of us had ever put a CD in). We kept hearing the shuffling around of mystery CDs and were a little dismayed. After playing with it over a few hours, we thought we would at least give Lexus a call and see if they can do ANYTHING! We knew that we had bought the car "As-Is" and it was used...it will come with problems, we just didnt expect problems 6 days in. I called and spoke with Jeff, our salesperson, who suggested we bring it in to the service department. The next business day I took it in...explained the situation to one of the service concierge's and waited...waited some more. We went to explain the situation to Jeff who had sold us the car and he spoke with the Sales Manager...and I waited...and waited. After 45 mintues, LONNIE, the Service Manager came to me and explained that he had been discussing the situation with the Sales Manager. They decided that rather than "fixing" the unit, they would replace the unit. ...I could NOT believe it! Really, honestly, truly could NOT believe it! THIS was customer service and I was so happy. Any other dealership would not have considered it, let alone suggested replacing the dysfunctional unit...especially since it was sold "As-Is". This was truly my problem, but they worked with me.

Trust me, there is something to be said for purchasing a pre-owned vehicle at Lexus of Portland. They have done nothing but taken care of their customer and I would refer anyone to this dealership in a heartbeat!

Thank you Jeff, Lonnie, and Marc (and all the other people involved in this) for making this car-buying experience an "unregretable" one!

J P. | 2012-01-23

Most people dread going to car dealerships and dealing with car sales men.  They are usually pushy and just want to make a sale.  Our experience at Lexus of Portland was the OPPOSITE.   Daniel, David and Shaun were EXCELLENT.   Daniel was calm, patient, thorough and projected a soothing demeanor.  He listened to our needs and provided advise and options.  He was very knowledgeable and respectful.  Not once did my partner and I feel disrespected or pushed; they are true professionals!  We love our CT200h.  This is the beginning of a very positive ownership experience at Lexus of Portland.  Daniel is the most knowledgeable car sales man; he knows his stuff.    Thank you Shaun for your patience as we could not decided on the exterior care.

Gay R. | 2012-01-07

Absolutely top notch. I didn't know buying a car could be so pleasant. Michael Hamilton in sales and Shaun in the finance area could not have been better to deal with. I give this dealership 5 stars with no hesitation at all. The service dept is meticulous, efficient and friendly AND they give you Van Duyn chocolates.... Now what more could you ask for?  I would encourage anyone looking at a Lexus to go to the Beaverton store, you will truly be treated like royalty. Enjoy!

Matthew W. | 2011-12-31

My wife and I purchased a 2012 ES 350 recently from Lexus of Portland. We found the buying experience to be easy and fairly stress-free. They were willing to offer a price that beat the Edmunds Fair Market Value and we got 0.9% interest during a promotional period.

Our sales person was a tad overbearing at times, but we didn't feel that we needed to shower after being there, so it was automatically many steps above most dealerships. The financing process was pretty easy and the representative didn't incessantly push the add-ons like other places would.

The service department is top notch and you probably could eat off the floor. They offer free WiFi while you wait too!

Steven D. | 2011-08-22

This review is for the sales department. No pressure, good people, and a fair price.

We started our search for a new car at the Vancouver Automall. Dick Hannah dealerships. The first sales person showed us 1 car and then handed us off to another sales person with no explanation. The second guy wanted to cut the list of six cars we wanted to test drive down to 2. I told him we wanted to drive all of them. They "allowed" us to basically drive around the block. No highway driving at all. 1/2 the cars we looked at had no price tag in them and the sales person was nosy and pushy.

The opposite end of the spectrum was Lexus of Portland. Their online website had a number of really great used cars we were interested in so I inquired via email to set up a time we could test drive them. Within an hour I was contacted by "Bergen" and we met her at 5:00pm on a Saturday. The receptionist greeted us with a happy smile and immediately offered us bottled water and soda. Bergen had us in the first car within 10 minutes of arriving. Without us having to ask she took us on an 8 mile round trip that included city, highway, and even a 1/4 mile stretch of speed bumps. She was very knowledgeable about the cars we were test driving and was in no hurry for us to buy a car. We drove everything we wanted to drive, got all our questions answered, and never once felt like we were being pressured. The next day I sent a fair offer for a car via email and was counter offered only 800 higher. So we went in Sunday eve. to purchase the car. We traded our old car in in pretty bad shape and got just $400 under blue book for it (Trade in Value). The final purchase price for the car we were buying ended up being 1500 under retail blue book. They knocked another 350 off the price without me even asking.

All the paperwork, negotiations, and loan application took exactly 1-1/2 hours. Unbelievable considering I was trading in my old car. When it came time for the up-sale (you know the dreaded extended warranty) the finance guy put no pressure on us and we did not feel like we had just had our annual physicals. I told him I would not make a decision on the spot and he told me to take the info home. if we decided we wanted to add an extended warranty he would redo the paperwork.

I can't morally give any car dealership 5 stars.

John M. | 2011-08-04

This was the best experience I've ever had buying a car--it was actually fun. How many folks can say that?

The sales guy (Kory Jones) was friendly without being smarmy, didn't pull any "Let me talk to my manager" hijinx, and in the end I felt I got a very fair deal. I knew what I was going to buy, so that helped. But even the finance manager was a pleasure to deal with. So many times that step in the process seems like a hotbox situation.

I'd recommend Lexus of Portland to any of my friends and colleagues who are looking to buy a luxury car.

Mary G. | 2011-06-14

This review is for the service department.  I had a minor repair that needed to be done, and I called the service department.  They advised me that I did not need an appointment, and I could just come in.  As soon as I arrived, someone came out and took care of the problem. I did not have to wait, and 10 minutes later I was on my way.

Great customer service!

Ryohei A. | 2011-06-04

This review has been brewing under here for a long time.

I know that the "stealerships" are scums in general, but also can be a decent experience if you can meet a sales manager that can compromise.

When you go Lexus, you would picture a classy, respectable, and upper scale image.  These guys are Kuni, and I always had wonderful experiences at Kuni of BMW.  

Keep in mind this is for sales department.

I was there to help my good friend negotiate a possible purchase of a vehicle last summer.

Hint: We are young Asians in late 20's and early 30's.

Stereotype, stereotype, stereotype!
Boy did they look us down like a dog...  

1.  We were never greeted at ALL.
2.  We were looking around lost in the FRONT MAIN lobby.  Nobody came and helped us.(Good solid 15 minutes)
3.  We had to grab a sales person.
4.  He never said formal hello, and never introduced himself or shook our hands.
5.  Even worse, he started to talk business without offering us a table.
( I had to tell him that it may be proper for us to have a table?)
6.  He never offered us a drink.( Every dealer I went and bought a car always offered us a drink, IE Honda, Mitsu, Mazda.)
7.  He clearly looked us down with his tone and treated us like we are a joke.  ( Little did he know that my friend was ready to buy 40k$ car in CASH with his car as a trade in...which he owned straight out.)
8.  When we finally met a decent price that we wanted this came out   "We are being honest and you guys are not." (Exact quote. We clearly said that's the LEAST amount we like to see.)

Really?  Calling us customers liars?  After all this negative experiences?


We just picked up all our stuff and walked away that instant.

Remember, this is Lexus of Portland where they supposed to have one of the best services.

I know I should know better about stealerships, but we are fools at times when we still have hopes that things will be different...not here.

What can I say?  I guess I can say congratulations for making my first 1 star review.  This is truly remarkable feat.  

Even one of those shady 82nd dealers would treat customers better.

Really, you guys are amazing, in ways you guys can't even imagine.

E Y. | 2010-12-29

My experience with Lexus of Portland is limited to their service department, but I came away very impressed.  I purchased my Lexus second hand and needed to get some minor adjustments done to the electronics.  Initially, they quoted me a typical hour's worth of labor, but when I got there, they provided the service free of charge and even included a car wash/vacuum service.

The fact that I hadn't even purchased my Lexus from them and yet they still provided that level of service was impressive.  The only reason why I can't give 5 stars is because it took longer than their initial estimate.  They were busy in the shop, but I think that that should have been accounted for since I had made an appointment in advance.