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We've Taken our Service Experience to a New Level
We want to make service into a feel good experience. Both for you and your Volvo.
OK, we know that servicing your car might not be your favorite thing to do. But it can bring you peace of mind and be really good for your Volvo too! At Jim Fisher Volvo, we are focused on providing you with the very best in service. We call it Volvo Service for Life, and it includes a lot more than you would expect from a service shop: complimentary computerized diagnostics, complimentary software updates, two-year parts and labor warranty, and significant savings on Volvo On Call Roadside Assistance. And, as you would expect, your Volvo will be taken care of in the best possible way, by expertly trained Volvo technicians who have the most current factory training, and use superior Volvo methods and Volvo Genuine Parts. Just like always.


Established in 1957.

The story of Jim Fisher Volvo began in 1957 with dinner at a Vancouver, Washington hotel. Fifty-three years later you'll still find Ruth Fisher at the dealership almost every day, managing the company that bears her family's name. A second generation, Jim Jr. and Jane, are as passionate about Volvos as their parents and are both active in the company's management.

Known for its iconic neon "Big Blue Volvo sign", the five-story Jim Fisher Volvo building houses Oregon's largest selection of new and pre-owned Volvos. With our entire inventory of new vehicles displayed indoors, we offer customers dry shopping, even during Portland's rainiest months.

Our philosophy from the beginning has been to put customers first. Whether you call, visit or contact us online - you'll love the way we treat you.

Jim Fisher Volvo

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(971) 361-8383
Address:2108 W Burnside St, Portland, OR, 97210
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Jim Fisher Volvo

Robert S. | 2015-03-31

had my wife's volvo annual service for $900, then 10 days later the car would not start, so she was stranded, then jumped battery, took car back to Fisher where they said battery totally dead, not capable of taking a charge. Fisher failed to check battery during $900 annual check up, and then did not accept any responsibility for inconvenience, tow truck, or $220 for new battery. Looking for new service center for Volvo.

Tracey M. | 2014-12-11

Best car shopping experience ever!! After talking briefly with a salesperson on the phone to share what I was looking for, my salesperson Tom went out in search of the car for me. Just a few minutes later he called to let me know it could be available soon with nearly my exact specifications. I have a very busy schedule, and we were able to communicate about the purchase the way I needed to - text messages and emails between meetings! I spent about 45 minutes in the dealer on the day my car was ready for pick up and all of the paperwork was perfectly prepared and ready for me. I LOVE my new Volvo and am so grateful for the painless experience that has made my vehicle upgrade just that much more enjoyable!  I highly recommend Jim Fisher!

L B. | 2014-11-25

We highly recommend the service team at Jim Fisher Volvo.

We were visiting Portland from out of town. On our drive to Portland, the engine started running very rough.  We called the service department from the road while we were still en route. Unfortunately that was the Saturday before Thanksgiving week and the service rep we spoke to said they had a very full schedule due to all of the holiday travelers. However, they would do their best to take care of us.

First thing on Monday morning, I took the car in. I was helped by Paul Collins who could not have been any more helpful. He listened thoroughly to the issues I raised and said they would do their best to not leave us stranded without our car for the return trip home.

They far exceeded our expectation by having the car repaired much before we could have even hoped for. Paul gave a really clear and helpful explanation of the cause of the problem and the repairs made.

The whole team at Jim Fisher Service Department are fantastic!!

Amos H. | 2014-11-23

They are not actually open on Sunday as advertised here. I checked first and found out after driving from north portland.

Sarah P. | 2014-11-20

I highly recommend working with Nick (Nikolay) Tsytsyn. We bought our 2003 XC90 used a few years ago and have had a gammut of usual and unusual problems. Unlike the guys at Herzog-Meir that were condescending when I was not happy with how much things were starting to cost, Nick is completely understanding. There's no "well you bought a luxury car" snobbery, just someone who knows the car well and is willing to take the time to answer your questions.

He always tells us what's wrong, what they can and can't know and/or do, the parts and labor breakdown, and what he would recommend. We bought this car to get us through the next few years, and don't always want to sink money into it for things we can live with working oddly. Nick gets it and we are never pressured to leave the car or do repairs we aren't comfortable with.

Consequently even though I would usually shop around a lot for price, we just stick with the dealership, because good service is worth it. If we ever brave a newer XC90 Jim Fischer is where we would go because the service has been impeccable. The only reason I don't give it five stars, is because we've had so many problems with our Volvo it's hard to give it a five star recommendation. But the humans are awesome.

James S. | 2014-10-21

Very trustworthy team, excellent service and they saved me from making a worthless repair when other places tried to take me for a ride.

The best car service I have ever received.

Took my Volvo into a place in Washington and they told me I HAD to fix over 3K worth of stuff with a bunch of names I didn't understand nor did they care to explain.

Went to Jim Fisher based on a friends rec and they told me in an understandable way what was actually wrong with my car. Also they said that one item wrong with my car would cost 1.5K not because of the parts but because of how long it takes to get to that part of the car (taking other things out to get to the issue).

They were honest and said they could do it but that it wouldn't make a difference on the safety or condition of my car in any important way.

Another time I called them when I was on a road trip and having a car issue. They walked me through looking at a few things and told me what I needed to do to get back on the road with a few things from the auto parts store I was near in california - Free of charge, knowledgeable and nice.

Gretchen G. | 2014-09-23

I have been so unimpressed with the customer service I have received at Jim Fischer. Echoing the comments of some other customers, their "team" customer service concept is a nightmare and I can only guess that it's something that works for their side of things. From a customer's perspective, it's inefficient and cumbersome. I just called trying to schedule an appointment for a 30K service. This should have been a 30 second phone call, but instead I'm asked to hold for my "team leader" who I've never had a good experience with and I don't care one whit about. The guy who finally picks me up off of hold simply tells me that the other guy is busy and I'll have to leave a message--to make an appointment? What the heck is up with that? Additionally, they are extremely slow and always run over their estimated finish time by approximately 2 hours, I constantly feel upsold, they did a crappy job on my alignment...blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately, while I'm under warranty, I feel stuck as the other dealer is heck and gone out of my way. The minute my 50K warranty is up, I'm going back to my local shop. I'm a loyal Volvo owner, but I will not buy another car from nor have one serviced at Jim Fischer. If you have choices, go elsewhere.

B C. | 2014-08-17

I do not plan on buying a volvo again. We bought a SUV a few years ago. Nothing but issues. Fisher volvo service department is a joke. Here's what to expect.
1). Do not count on being done anytime near. The time they give you in the service dept. last two visits were over 1 hour late.
2) specific problems were not fixed on several visits.
3). They call after the service and tell you that volvo may contact you. They ask if everything went well. When you say no, it's as if they didn't hear you. They explain how they would like a good review.
4). A depreciating car.....way faster than most.
Not a good place to do business. Too many other dealership/brand choices.

Matt F. | 2013-12-07

Excellent service! We needed a front axle replaced on our xc90 t6 and they were able to complete the work in a timely manner. We received a complimentary rental car for the night. Thank you Jim Fisher! We will have all of our service done here from now on.

Aaron W. | 2013-12-04

Great service! We took our car to them today for the first time, and I am very impressed. Fair prices, great customer service and a 2 year Volvo parts warranty. We will definitely be returning. Their prices are actually not much (if any) higher than some of the Volvo specialty shops in town, so why not go there?

Melv N. | 2013-10-30

Excellent Service!  We have two Volvos and they always do amazing work. Our cars are always done on time, cleaned and ready to go.  Nick, Marvin and the rest of the guys couldn't be any nicer.

Andrew F. | 2013-10-01

JF did all my service since purchase.  Got to 105,000 miles on my S60 and got an estimate of $2,100 for my 105,000 service.  

Decided to shop around...highest estimate I found elsewhere (for the SAME EXACT WORK) was $1,000 and I ended up having it done for $700.  Not a case where mechanics disagree - this is the exact same parts and labor.  

Jim Fisher, you can mark things up 300% for someone else from now on.  I won't be back.

Andrea B. | 2013-09-19

I have been a customer and huge fan of Jim Fisher Volvo for about eight years.  The customer service has always been stellar.  Nick, particularly, was responsive, honest and went over and beyond to help me out earlier this week when I brought in my car.  My Volvo S60 had its 'check engine' light illuminated for some weeks and, as a result, did not pass DEQ inspection.  Nick ensured that my car was fully repaired and would pass DEQ on the second-go around.  The repair cost much less than the original estimate I had been given by a repair shop down the street from my house. It was definitely worth driving out of my way to bring in my car to Jim Fisher!

Doing business with Jim Fisher is a pleasant experience.  Everyone is friendly and professional and the company truly lives up to its standard of providing exemplary customer service.  Thank you, Nick and the rest of the Jim Fisher team!

Debra M. | 2013-07-16

Before shopping for a new car, I read the reviews for Jim Fisher and Herzog Meier (sp?) on yelp. I opted to go with Jim Fisher based on the good reviews and frequent mention of Doran Arehart. I first spoke with Doran over the phone to screen him for his demeanor and customer service. He passed that test with flying colors. He was well spoken and especially well mannered, so I knew I wasn't going to be dealing with a shrewd car salesperson.

Fast forward to several trips to the dealership and phone conversations, he continued to impress with not only his pleasantries but his top notch service and exceptional knowledge of his product.

Doran really made the entire process painless (car shopping can be a dreadful thing in my book) and actually quite enjoyable and simply NOT stressful.

Ultimately, Doran did everything to get me the car I wanted and it was delivered  impeccably clean and with a full tank of gas at time of pick up. He even took the time to show me all the controls and program our iPhones with the car before driving off in my fabulous XC70 wagon.

Doran Arehart is a class act and many car salespeople really need to  take a lesson from his book. I can't recommend him enough. Thanks Doran!!!

Diane C. | 2013-06-19

I have a Saab and had an oil leak, which left me downtown searching for 1040 weight synthetic oil.  I couldn't find any in the local gas stations, but finally thought of Jim Fisher Volvo, figuring they would have it.  A phone call to service and I was assured that they did.  

When I got there, they sent me down to parts and helped me out.  Yay.  Success.  Very friendly service here, too.

Day saved!

Ruby T. | 2013-04-10

I'm basing my ratings in regards to my recent car purchase from Jim Fisher Volvo. I worked with both Jane and Doran. I have to say this is such a pleasant surprise. As I make my phone calls through dealership asking information in regards to the Volvo C30 T5 R-design, I pretty much narrowed it down to Jim Fisher and Herg Meire (hopefully I spelled that correctly). Well first time I called to Herg Meire, my call got disconnected, and finally on the second call got connected to a sales person named Doug. He said he needs to call me back to get more info, which I said was fine. Missed his first call and I called him back as soon as I can. When I finally got a hold of him "he says he's somewhere upstairs and that he needs to call me back". THIS GUY NEVER CALLED ME BACK!. So finally decided to give Jim Fisher I call, spoke with DORAN. Let me start off with this guy knows a lot about cars, especially the particular model I wanted. I told him I'm just inquiring and would like to stop by sometime on a Sunday to see the car and just get numbers. I told him I'm still not sure just wanted to see what they have to offer. Got there on Sunday and met Doran. He made sure to answer all the questions I have in regards to the car, showed me all the stock they have, difference, packages and stuff, by the end of the day, he got all my numbers ready including an appraisal for my trade in value. Not once did I ever felt I was being pressured to make the decision to go and buy the car right there on the spot. He gave me the info, with his card and simply told me to give him a call if I have any other questions. Thought about it over night and decided to come back the next day to make the purchase. Jane met with me and my dad and went over all the information, Doran wasn't scheduled to worked until later that afternoon but since my dad had work the afternoon and we needed to get the purchased done early morning, Jane got all my paperwork completed, get the car I wanted detailed and ready for pick up by 1:30 pm. Me and my mom came back to pick up the car around 1:15ish and Doran was there (Jane gave him a phone call, and with no hesitation he came in earlier than his normal shift that day). He made sure to spend a good 20 Min's (or more) explaining ever detail about the car! I was happy since I never really read through the manual. Every button was explained to me = ) I was one super happy customer! Best car dealership's purchase experience! Now once I get my first service done I will be back to give them a review base on service/ and parts. I'm hoping it will be as excellent as my first visit purchasing my car! = ) Will definitely recommend them to all my friends, family and co workers!

Julia H. | 2013-02-23

First and foremost, I think very highly of the technicians at Jim Fisher's service department this review is NOT for them. This review is for the customer service reps who are terrible at their job.

I believe strongly in dealer maintenance. I think you pay a little extra, but its worth it in the long run. I have dealt with Jim Fisher for 5+ years because they were conveniently located close to my home and work. I am done for several reasons:

The first "team leader" that I was assigned to was extremely condescending. He never attempted to act as if I was a valued customer, despite my 5 years as one, and had no sense of professional communication skills. He mumbled through potential issues that "might" be causing the service light to light up, and then casually asked me to authorize up to $1,000 EVERY TIME. Um, no thank you. Can you please just plug it in to the damn diagnostic machine and call me with the results?

I actually had to call the service manager and ask to be taken off his team because he was so infuriating. What's the point of having teams if you don't get customized service???

The new "team leader" I was assigned to apparently never answers his phone, so I talk to his voicemail a lot, or when I call and ask to speak to someone else, I'm told I will have to wait for him, because I'm assigned to his team. PLEASE change this system, it doesn't work! Then there was the time that he left me sitting in the waiting room for 30 minutes. Oops, forgot to tell the driver I needed a ride.

I finally snapped when I actually had an urgent problem - my car smelled like burning oil, but no indicator lights were on. I took a deep breath, dreading the call to Jim Fisher. I called at 7:05 am, so you'd think this may have alerted the service department to the urgency of my call. Instead, I was asked how many miles were on the car, and when I said "94,000" the sale team member scoffed and said I was WAAAY overdue for my $90,000 tune up and that he could schedule me for that in a week. He didn't even ask why I was calling, and when I told him that I actually needed to get in earlier due to the strange smell, he rudely said "oh, I guess you can come in this afternoon and we'll do our best to fit you in."

I called Herzog Meier two seconds later and experienced more professionalism and friendly service in 5 minutes, than I had experienced at Jim Fisher in 5 years. I drove 20 minutes out of my way, just so I didn't have to deal with crappy service. And when I dropped my car off, they asked me to authorize $150 worth of service, and had called with a diagnosis before the end of the day. It ended up being an expensive repair, but I was HAPPY to give my money to someone other than Jim Fisher.

Donald D. M. | 2013-02-20

I had not looked at J F Volvo reviews before.  I am astounded to read the several negative ones.  I have been a regular customer since 1970 and have bought  several new cars from them.  I have used their service only over the years.  Paul and Corey , service managers, have provided   Absolutely excellent professional and personalized attention to all of my many visits.  (For years  Claude, the legendary V and MBZ mechanic was available.  Since his retirement  the other  excellent mechanics have always done fully complete service to our cars.). Having been treated fairly and honestly consistently for so many years, I won't even consider another dealer.
    As I said, reading some negative reviews about this place just seems unreal to me.  I can not recommend them more highly.  They may not be the least expensive service provider , but I'll bet they are the best.    Donald

L J. | 2013-01-14

yikes. i called the service department today and spoke with a woman who at first was fairly helpful but when i began to tell her the rest of the story she sort of went crazy. granted i was on a roll telling the story of my car's ailments, but i was just trying to give her the details she asked for. all of a sudden i hear her breaking into loud shouts "HOLD ON, HOLD ON, HOLD ON" and then the line went straight to hold music. i have had volvos for a long time and this was the first time i called this particular place, never again!

Søren S. | 2012-11-11

Jim Fisher Volvo is not only one of the largest and most respected Volvo dealers in North America, but also does some of the best work around - at competitive prices!!!  

I live 6 1/2 hours away, but 1/2 hour from another Volvo dealership that is less than desirable.  Hence, I do minor things like oil changes myself, but happily drive the Volvo 350 miles to Jim Fisher's in Portland.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest and need a reliable place to have Volvo work done, this is the garage.  

Normally you cannot make such a claim for a dealership, but in this case it is more than true. I have checked prices at other recommended Portland and Seattle garages that specialize in Volvo, and they have been the same or slightly more - so why not take it to the Volvo certified garage?  

I have even called them to ask advice with them knowing I am six hours away and not going to be able to just stop by - and probably will do the work myself.

Cate G. | 2012-11-08

Dear Potential Volvo owners: beware of working with salesman Jon Shelley. I have just had an experience with him that defies description. Let us just say he is  extraordinarily incompetent and extremely challenged in the communication department. Steer clear of him.

Elizabeth H. | 2012-09-18

I bought an XC90 from Jim Fisher last year and have been less than impressed ever since.  The sales man who I bought the car from was ignorant and arrogant and I regret giving him my sale.  For the most part the service department has been less than stellar as well.  I have had to catch their mistakes with charges that they gave me that should have been under warranty.  Nick in the service department is the only person who I have dealt with that I have been satisfied with.  He has been more than helpful and has great customer service.  I love Volvo's and live close to downtown, but if I purchase one in the future, I will definitely go to another dealership.

Lisa A. | 2012-08-13

I've bought or leased FIVE Volvos from Jim Fisher.  The salesman was great and the purchase of cars goes smoothly.  The service dept USED to be great. White glove treatment from start to finish.  There HAS been a change in the past few years.  My most recent Volvo started making a funny pinging sound long before the warranty expired.  When I brought it in at 36000 miles I reported the problem and asked them to look into it.  When I got the car back with the service done, there was a note that they thought the sound was "no problem."  Everytime I brought it in I said "it's still making that noise."  They always assured me it was nothing, maybe quit using Costco gas etc....I felt like they were saying you silly woman, you know nothing.

AMAZINGLY right AFTER the warranty expired they were quite concerned about the noise.  They suggested I spend $700 to 1500 to pull the engine and test it.  Of course they wouldn't honor the warranty although they admitted the records showed I had complained numerous times about the noise.  They were rude and obviously wanted to avoid any liability for the car's problems.

Like many others, I gave up on their service dept.  I took the car to a private repair shop and they cleaned out the injectors and did a couple of low price (less than $200) repairs.  That was 36000 miles ago and it's running fine.

I might buy another car from them but I'll have it serviced elsewhere.

john b. | 2012-07-06

Very helpful and knowledgeable folks with a fair price. Jon was very patient in helping me to learn about these fine cars and determine the best Volvo for my needs. Thanks again Jon!

Sarah B. | 2012-06-19

I had a non-urgent problem with my Volvo (it was running, but acting up and the engine light was on).  I also needed a second key made.  Since I needed a loaner, I had to wait a couple weeks for my appointment, but that was fine with me.  I was loaned a brand-new Volvo SUV with only 2500 miles on it.  That made me a little nervous--I didn't need something so fancy.

I like that I had one contact person, start to finish.  The person I first spoke with to schedule the appointment (Rich) was the person I dealt with the entire time.  I liked not being passed around.  

They fixed my main problem quickly, but the key issue took days--something to do with software that I know nothing about (and don't care to).  They worked on it for hours and hours over 4 days to get it resolved, but they hardly charged me anything for all the time they put in.  That was the best thing.  

When I picked my car up, they washed it.  Nice--one more thing I could cross off my list.

I was originally going to take my car to the Volvo dealer in Beaverton, but the guy who answered the phone there was very smug and condescending toward me that I decided against it.  Rich at Jim Fisher treated me with respect, so they got my business.  I'll definitely take my car there again the next time.

Elle K. | 2011-08-21

Customer Service is an oxymoron here.  I've taken my Volvos here for over 15 years. It finally occurred to me that I don't have to put up with their condescending attitude, and prickish demeanor.  I have other (good) options.

Michael V. | 2011-06-30

Call ahead for an appointment, great service, quality job. They got me on short notice (30 minutes) to fix a recall issue on my V50. Oil changes and every other service they have quoted or performed for me have been way less expensive than at other Volvo dealerships in the Northwest.  I drive about 5-6k every month and I've been to almost every Volvo dealership in Oregon and Washington at least once, short of an emergency I bring my baby to Jim Fischer.

Patrick R. | 2010-08-31

ive brought my '03 XC90 here several times for both routine maintenance and major work, brought my car in for emergency repairs - i'll spare you the details but everything about the service was outstanding, i'll be back

Jason C. | 2010-07-26

I have also given up.  I have been to Jim Fisher for about 9 years and the service in the service department gets worse with each visit.  I do not want to bore you with ever little detail, but I own a small business and if treated my customers this way, I would have been out of business a long time ago.  Sorry, they even use to try, but that is even gone now.  Service Manager is a true jerk!

Paul C. | 2010-07-19

I'm glad others have had good experiences with the service department at Jim Fisher, but after 9 years we have given up and taken our business elsewhere.  After this weekend when I had an emergency and needed to figure out a way to leave them my car and get something else to drive and haul my stuff that was in the Volvo wagon, I found Jim Fisher's service "advisors" to be typically arrogant, unhelpful jerks.  (I'm sure the technicians are really good)  All they could say is "well, do you want the service or not?"  Geez, I was clear that I was in a bind and couldn't just leave the car and my things on that saturday afternoon.  Could you help me in return for me buying the car from you years ago???

Anyway, we're very happy with the independent shop in Tigard that now services our Volvo.  We may go back to Jim Fisher to buy a new car one day, but we sort of like Barrier in Seattle more Jim Fisher.

Vote with your dollars!  Reward bad service with no repeat business!

Stanley T. | 2008-09-30

I've been back to the Jim Fisher Service Department twice since my original review. Both visits (routine maintenance) were handled courteously in a timely manner. And, believe me, I know bad service experience - it's happened to me in spades. I'm sorry others haven't experienced the same quality as I from this dealer. I have to go by my own experience and will continue to return.