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Hyundai of Portland by Dick Hannah is your Hyundai sales and service leader in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington metro region. Dick Hannah Dealerships has been family-owned and continuously operated since 1949 - a remarkable feat for an auto dealership. Our longevity and ability to thrive during a sagging economy is predicated on providing superior quality cars with unbeatable customer service to every guest who walks through our doors. Our steadfast commitment to quality has carved out a favorable reputation among local residents that is second to none. We call it "the Dick Hannah difference".

The Dick Hannah name is highly distinguished within the Portland and Vancouver community. Our dedication to maintaining a superior reputation is exemplified by our commitment to satisfying you - our loyal customers. Hyundai of Portland embraces the challenge of ensuring that every sale is conducted in a friendly, low-pressure environment - so why hesitate? Contact us today!


Established in 1974.

William "Bill" Hannah founded Dick Hannah Dealerships in 1949 after becoming a partner in a Studebaker dealership in downtown Vancouver, WA.  Known as Hannah Motor Company, Inc. -Bill's son Richard "Dick" Hannah eventually joined the business and helped acquire Jeep in 1960, Honda in 1974 and Subaru, VW and Acura franchises in the 1980s. By 1985 Dick Hannah had purchased 26 acres that eventually became the Vancouver Auto Mall. Expansion persisted rapidly thereafter with the acquisition of Chrysler, Toyota,  Kia, Dodge and Hyundai franchises throughout the 1990s and 2000s as well as the opening of two Dick Says Yes Used Car Superstores  and three ProCaliber Motorsports dealerships.
Dick Hannah remains involved with the dealership but his children Jason and Jennifer Hannah have directed daily operations since 1997. The remaining managers consist of highly tenured employees dedicated to creating a progressive environment that embraces technology, creativity and customer-focused policies.

Hyundai of Portland

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 802-1930
Address:12345 E Burnside St, Portland, OR, 97233
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Hyundai of Portland

Jennifer M. | 2015-04-01

Is this a car dealership? Yes, so no it's not an easy process but compared to my other experiences I was happy to work with these people.

They had a good selection and fairly strait forward answers. The process took longer than I wanted but they were busy as it was a Saturday at the end of the month.

When I got the car home I did find a few scratches (I mean the cars are packed like sardines!) but they promptly scheduled a time to fix it.

I would buy from them again.

A C. | 2014-10-03

Dick heads said they would vacuum and clean the outside of the car after repairing the shift and emissions recall issues,  which was free of charge.  They had called me in, telling me it was done, but when I returned on my bicycle, 30 min away,  it had not been washed/vacuumed, and they already knew I did not have time to wait with my bike sitting there in the open.

Cora L. | 2014-09-27

This was the fourth Hyundai dealership I've worked with. The first three provided horrid customer service but I have been nothing but happy with Hyundai of Portland and I won't take my business anywhere else. It is easy to schedule with them online. Their waiting area is clean and comfortable. On occasion they also service my car in as little as half the expected time.

Professor X. | 2014-09-24

$100 for an oil and filter change.{Check out the photo of the bill I posted.}
The car is 6 months old. Arrived at 8am. Didn't leave until 10am. I've purchased 4 cars from them in the last 3 years. For me, this was the last straw. Never again.

Kelle P. | 2014-08-29

Oh no, another tail light went out and WHY DID I EVER COME BACK HERE. still FYI, there is nothing "quick" about their "quick" service that they offer or even rave about online. It's going to take them 2 hours to change a tail light bulb. Great.

I don't understand why/what is happening here. Lack of service workers, or what. Kind of odd that I "needed" to be escorted to the customer lounge by two  unsmiling women. So over this, someone remind me to give the dealership in Beaverton my money rather than this place.

Yeah they believe in nice, but it takes 2 hours to change A LIGHT BULB

I think 2 hours is there minimum wait time. The first two times here I was quoted 2 hours even with an appointment. This place just isn't worth it. (Also, please don't call me multiple times to "resolve" this issue)

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: after some mad side eye when the lady who walked in 20 minutes after me was given her car keys back, I got "bumped up" on the list and was out of there in 35 minutes. Now we're talking. But still weird that 4 different people told me I was being bumped up, like I got the memo the first time.

Amber M. | 2014-08-11

My honest evaluation of Dick Hannah is they have a very nice sales department but I will never buy a car from them again because of the requirement to use their service department.
Every time I have brough my car in for regular service appointments I am greeted with rude behavior and I am never advised of a pick-up time or how the work is going. My most recent experience involved them having my 2012 Elantra for over 8 hours for an oil change and then without calling to let me know it was finished they called 1/2 an hour before they closed wondering if I was going to pick up my car or did they need to make other arrangments.

When I dropped my car off I had an appointment for service and a loaner car. I spoke to Ric who stated that my actual service representative was busy helping customers that "actually bothered to show up on time", I was 20 minutes late. I am in the military and in full uniform, all the other customers were staring at me when I was spoken to this way. Ric quoted me $1,000 for the 60,000 mile service; part of it was for a timing belt that my car doesn't have and he also quoted me $200 more than my car's service actual charge should have been $ careful. I wish I could say that this was an isolated incident but I am treated this way every time I am there and I spoke to a female family member who also bought her car there and she said the same, exact thing.

My final frustration was three days after I dropped my loaner off (that they tried to charge me for) I noticed that my computer was missing. I called the dealership to see if they had found it and they said they had and it was in a corner of the service department.....they never even bothered to give me a courtesy call to let me know I had forgotten something.

Jennifer R. | 2014-07-15

I am very dissatisfied. I do not recommend whatsoever. In September 2013, the a/c went out on our '08 Accent. We were just out of warranty. We had the a/c repaired with Hyundai of Portland.

Fast forward to June 2014, the a/c goes out again. We live in Beaverton now and we take the vehicle to Beaverton Hyundai. They diagnosed for free. The part that Dick Hannah had replaced last year had gone bad, but parts have a 12 month/10,000 mile guarantee.

We take it to Dick Hannah/Hyundai of Portland. They diagnose the problem as a bad control panel and quote over $500! (And they offer to waive their $180 diagnostic fee which would make the repair over $700!)

Well, we didn't do that. The warranty was honored elsewhere for full repairs. The part from September 2013 was the wrong type of electrical connector. Too much electricity was going through the too thin of wire and it burned out and took other pieces with it.

Again, I'm displeased. My lawyer says I can't sue for breach of warranty since I am not out financially. I say, beware! Stay away!

I've got the paperwork and part to prove this.

Marjory B. | 2014-02-05

I brought my car in here for an oil change.  Per the Hyundai of Portland website, their Service Xpress is "quick and convenient" and claims "you'll never have to settle for those quick lube places again".  No appointment necessary.  I detest quick lube places.  They always screw something up and try to upsell crap you don't need.    

I decided to stop here since I was nearby, a little overdue for an oil change and needing to get it done before making the trek up to Seattle this weekend.  I was helped fairly quickly, and it was explained to me that there were a lot of walk-ins this afternoon, so the wait would be about an hour.  Ok.  No big deal.  I wasn't in a rush.  

So I sat in the lounge area, which was nice enough, for almost 2 hours.  One employee chatted with me a few times as he passed in and out, but that was the only interaction I had with anyone during my wait.  You would think that they'd have given some sort of heads up that the services were taking about twice as long as they estimated.  

Anyway, when my car was finally ready, a different gentleman than the one I first encountered thanked me for being patient and advised they were not running the car wash today (don't know why, maybe because it was freezing cold outside?).  That would have been kinda nice to know up front because the complimentary car wash was kind of why I went out of my way to come here instead of just getting my oil changed closer to home.  Whatever.  He then advised of the cost and when I should bring my car back.  

So I paid, and he asked me if I had any questions.  I said no, assuming that if anything had come up during the multi-point inspection that comes with the oil change, he would have said something.  They are the car people after all.  I know when I need to bring my car in for routine maintenance and when someone is trying to rip me off, but if there are legitimate concerns, then aren't they supposed to go over that with you?  Then I just stood there because he hadn't handed my car keys or my credit card back to me.  They were underneath his copy of my receipt.  I had to ask for those back.

Then I got in my car, and the service tag was still hanging from my rearview mirror, so they had to come grab that out.  I pulled out into the parking lot, stopped at the stop sign, flipped my headlights on, and noticed an indicator light on the dash that was not on before I brought my car there.  It was just my fog light indicator.  I never turn them on so I didn't really know what it was and checked my manual before driving back into the service center.  Come on guys, can't you leave things the way you found them?  I mean, it was just one annoying thing after another.  First the length of time, no car wash, forgetting to hand my keys and card back to me, and now that?  But wait, there's more...

Fast forward 30 minutes.  I'm now at home and take a look at the receipt with the inspection sheet attached, and there are a whole bunch of technician's comments.  What?  Why was no attention brought to that while I was there? There are some minor things, like replace wiper blades, that I am aware of but there is also a recommendation to replace tires.   It is my own fault for not looking over this paperwork before I left but seriously?  This is part of your job.  Tires are a big deal.  My tires only have about 26,000 miles on them so I'm a little skeptical but still would have appreciated a discussion and an understanding why.  If all of my tires should be replaced immediately, why would you not let me know since I requested a tire rotation?  Logically I am going to want to replace my tires as soon as possible and not want to PAY for the old tires to be rotated if they are coming off anyway.  Right?!  

The people working here seem nice enough, but I have serious doubts as to whether they really care about their customers.  I'll never bring another vehicle back here. They are pretty much on the same level as those "quick lube" places as far as I'm concerned, only they take a whole lot longer.

Don B. | 2013-08-15

Buying a new car is an interesting process. For the uninitiated, it can be a serious trial. Even for an experienced buyer, it's still a tough process. My recent purchase at Dick Hannah (aka Hyundai of Portland) was kind of a Jekyll and Hyde experience.

This dealership falls squarely into the high-volume, high-pressure category (with the other category being no-haggle). I actually have had two separate experiences here.

1. Walk-on:

After doing a bunch of research on vehicles I narrowed my choice down to a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, and this dealership had the color combo I wanted. I walked on the lot on a Saturday to chat with someone about pricing and do a test drive. My salesperson was more than happy to run me out for a test drive but as soon as we got back to the dealership the pressure was on. I explained I had no time to buy a car that day and would not be able to make any final decisions, however as soon as I was in the building it was an all-out war with them trying to get me, in every which way possible, to agree to buy a car before I left the lot. No amount of assurance from me that they had the car I wanted and that I'd be back would change that. They busted out the dreaded 4-square sheet and started in on the old numbers game. No amount of assurance from me that I wanted nothing to do with a 4-square changed this. I walked off the lot.

2. Internet sales:

I went home and did a bunch more research. I re-read the classic Edmunds article (an absolute MUST READ for anyone in the market for a new car -… ) to steel my resolve. I then reached out to all three Portland dealerships for quotes. Best price, cash quotes. Dick Hannah came in with the best price (nod to T&C - they had a competitive price but not the colors I wanted). So after confirming this price included the accessories and trim I wanted, I went back in to meet with my internet sales rep, Holli McCollum. She was plenty helpful. I had let her know in advance that I wasn't particularly happy with my inability to get a best-price quote the last time I was on the lot, and she was straightforward with me. Bravo.

My experience didn't end there. Regardless of the fact that I was offering cash (I had pre-approved financing through my credit union at an excellent rate, so there was no question of haggling for dealership financing) the manager still busted out the 4-square and tried to play numbers on me. The only real variable was a potential trade in. That didn't stop them from trying to "work the numbers on me" via the 4-square including financing. In the end, after a little haggling on the trade in price, I got what I wanted out of it, and the rest was set. It took some serious pushing from me. Throughout Holli was helpful and patient with my unwillingness to play the numbers game. (it was the manager doing most of the 4-square action).

Once we worked everything out (I got the car for the price I was quoted, and traded my old Hyundai in for the bottom end of what I was willing to take) I was ready to drive off in my new whip. However there were a couple of kinks - a few small scuffs  on the dash, and a couple of other things that can happen when a car's been test driven a few times.

This is where everything changed. They bent over backward to ensure I was happy with my new purchase. It was like the potion had worn off and Dr. Jekyll was back. The level of service went through the roof. They immediately jumped to address every little question and concern I had. They wanted to make it right and make me happy.

I'm 100% satisfied with the service I received from this point on, and that's where my dilemma comes in. I almost expect the car buying experience to be the other way around. Bend over backwards to make me happy to get the sale, and once I'm the owner, then drop the level of service. Not push and prod and ignore my desires to forego the 4-square and deal straight with me, then once it's done turn on the charm. It's so weird. I mean, this is a $$$$$ purchase - something the average person doesn't do often. I'm not that interested in getting pushed around. I figured once I had made clear I was only willing to negotiate on X and Y, they wouldn't continue to try to push on the other variables.

I am happy with my new ride. I'm happy with the level of service from Holli and the follow-up from the service dept. I'm happy with the price I got and okay with my trade in price. I'm happy because they did everything they could to make me happy... ONCE I'd made my purchase.

I wish dealerships would give up on the 4-square and these old tactics, but that's where they make their $$ (aside from the back-end financing, trade ins, and service, of course). In the end I'd buy here again since I know what I'm doing. The folks are friendly. And their work to make me happy in the end is endearing.

Lovey L. | 2013-05-27

went for o2 replace, and I gotta tell you, I was not feeling very confident about my choice to come here.  2 days later my car is ready but is making a weird sound.  turns out another part got broken.  I understand that things happen so I spoke to their tech...they ordered the new parts gratis, gave me a rental for days n' days, and fixed up the car.  9 days later I drove away.  There was oil spilled on the engine so I was afraid I would have to take it back when I smelled the burn, but it just burned off and all is well.  I feel that they tried hard and I am satisfied.

Nate Z. | 2012-08-06

I think I've been pretty lucky in dealing with last dealerships and service departments, however dealing with this particular dealership definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

All three brake light's in my wife's 2007 Accent went out. Now, there was a recall on 2007 Accents due to brake light switch failures--but, according to the database, my wife's car did not fall into this category. Understandable.

Now, the service department's initial response was to replace the brake lights--not to check if there was a larger underlying issue since all three brake lights went out at the same time. So, AFTER replacing the brake lights, they found that it was, in fact, a problem with the brake light switch--thereby raising the price of the service. They charged us $9.00 for the part. They also charged $95 for the service--that's A LOT of money for a process that should have taken 20-30 minutes, TOPS. We shouldn't be charged for the time that they spent on a blatantly wrong diagnosis. Wouldn't it seem a little weird that all three brake lights went out at the same time?

Also, my wife has an extended warranty that the service department made NO EFFORT to look into--in fact, they kept on denying the fact that she had an extended warranty, while all they needed to do was call the Hardin dealership in Anaheim to verify this.

This place just seems shady, and I'd avoid this dealership unless I absolutely need to go here. I do not feel they had our best interests in mind, and that's really unfortunate.

Maybe the lady one of the other service reps was flirting with got a better deal--he seemed to be working with her graciously despite some sort of misstep. This certainly was not our experience.

Candice Z. | 2012-08-06

Worst experience at a Hyundai service department! I brought my car in because all my brake lights were out. I repeatedly told them that I had an extended warranty that would most likely cover the part (since I was 99% sure all 3 of my lights didn't burn out at once), but by time they decided to call and confirm the warranty the office was closed. This meant that in order to fix my car I had to pay the full price myself. I will not only be calling my warranty to get this taken care of, but I will be contacting the service manager in the morning to tell him what a horrible experience I had. The customer service here is terrible. They treated me like I was dumb and had no idea what I was talking about until they finally let me get the warranty from my car. I even told them to contact the dealership in Anaheim, Ca where I bought the car from, and had regularly serviced over the past 5 years. But they refused and just kept telling me that they had no record of me having an extended warranty. (Side note, I contacted Hardin Hyundai in Anaheim, and they said they would have been more than forthcoming with the information if Dick Hannah's had contacted them.)

I think it's pretty effing ridiculous for them to charge $95 for labor when they only worked on my car for 30 minutes (we sat there for well over an hour before they even looked at my car). That's $200/hr! The part was a measly $9.33! So $104.33 total for something that would have been covered by my warranty!

Every other Hyundai dealership/service department I've gone to in California have treated me great. The guys here were just plain rude. Honestly, I wouldn't have even come here if I didn't need to get my lights fixed, especially since a 2 star business on Yelp just seems like a place to avoid.

Oh and asking me if I "really want them to fix it" is just dumb. It's illegal for me to operate my vehicle with no brake lights! And it's almost 6pm at this point. Of course I want you to fix it, but I also expect to be treated with a bit of respect especially when I inform you that I paid $1200 for an extended warranty from HYUNDAI!

I've always been taught to go above and beyond when working in customer service. These guys act like you should be happy that someone is even there to help you when you arrive. Whatever you do, do not come to Dick Hannah's for any kind of service.

Gibran R. | 2012-05-20

The manager of Dick Hannah's Hyundai of Portland did contact us and did explain, in person, how this was not the usual course of business regarding our previous experience...yet the service half-truths and lies continued. This was unfortunate as we wanted to believe that it was an honest mistake. It wasn't an honest mistake, but a dishonest sales tactic.

Basically we were told all used cars came with the "customer for life" service package that included free stock tires, free windshield wiper blades, free monthly car wash, free oil changes...except that it includes a service charge of $100 for "bolt tightening" every 5,000 miles. This charge was reveled to us *after* we bought the car and only at our first 5,000 mile servicing. We, of course, didn't have to pay the $100 service charge, but it would void our warranty and the "customer for life" service package. What a crock. Do not buy anything from Dick Hannah!

Susmit J. | 2011-12-23

The review is particularly for customer service at sales department. I did not buy a car from them.

They quoted Hyundai Protection Plan Platinum for 7 years at 2700 dollars (saying it could even be 3000). This was also the price of their own local wrap coverage. The price for HPP can be checked online and the true price is 1122 dollars as of today. I take off two stars for that.

On reaching the dealership, the sales person flatly denied existence of their advertised car. I asked him to check on their own website. He showed me used car listing to prove the car did not exist or was sold. I was clear from start I was in market for new car. This could be a simple lapse. I asked him to look at the new inventory listing and he then did find the car. He was amazed at the price and made an ugly sales pitch of "it will probably end today". I take off one star for this sales person.

The sales person I was supposed to actually meet at the appointment was a no show. Again, it is holiday season and it is understandable. But he used the "weekend price only" sales pitch which I just hate.

They refused to share any information about protection plans or vehicle care plans. They did not realize that I knew answers to many questions I asked - for the purpose of evaluating trust worthiness of those I really did not know about. They told me there was no vehicle care plan from Hyundai which is again a lie. I take off one star for that.

I do not care much for attitude of people but this place made me feel particularly unwelcome. This is subjective and I would not penalize them for this.

This place needs to realize customers are not stupid or crazy.

John C. | 2011-10-09

WOW! Really! If this gave me the option  to choose 0 stars...
I went in to change my head light and rear license plate lights it took over 1 hour to get it changed. I understand they are remodeling and backed up, but getting this same service at Beaverton Hyundai only takes them 5 minutes including no labor fees.
They even told me at Dick Hannah that they charge the same prices for their parts and services as Beaverton Hyundai. Later to find out no they don't! They tried to charge me for labor for the 30 minutes they took on changing the bulbs! From experience changing my lights about 5 times, I know it only takes 5 minutes at most.
As I complained his co-worker sitting next to him tells me "we can take the lights out and put your old ones back in" I said " then take them out" but the guy that was suppose to take care of me said "then we will just not charge you for the labor".  Sigh... I will never go back there again! The Beaverton location will change the headlights at no labor charge only for the part.
Hey Dick, you can call them to verify what I am saying is true. Here is the number (503) 641-2889 and ask for "service department".
PS. You can also send your service department employees to take a training class on "Customer Service Skills, Human Relations Skills and Decision-Making Skills". You just lost a future customer and all the people I know will know about your business.