Godz Isle Auto Sales in Portland, OR

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Godz Isle Auto Sales in Portland, OR.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Godz Isle Auto Sales, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Godz Isle Auto Sales in other cities in the Oregon.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 761-4753
Address:15847 SE Division St, Portland, OR, 97236

Reviews on Godz Isle Auto Sales

Bryan H. | 2011-04-16

Buyer Beware.

They sell cars 'as is' for a reason. The salesman was not forthcoming about the previous abuse the car had been through. I even had a mechanic take a look at it and it checked out.

About 3 weeks later, the problems started. Engine misfires, catalytic converter failure. I've spent hundreds of dollars trying to get this fixed and it still has not been solved. The mechanic working on it even asked me if the odometer was correct, saying that the condition of the engine was more consistent with a car with an extra 100k miles.

I suggest you stay away, you'll throw away money if you come here.

William B. | 2011-01-13

I found a car these guys listed on craigslist. I live in Seattle, they are in Portland.

I'm VERY interested in the car and ask for more pictures than the 4 low-res craigslist ones, Daryl's response? "My camera isn't that great." Again, I call next day when he's "in the office" and ask if he can just send me the originals that were posted to craigslist. Turns out, his camera isn't bad. The exterior looked great so I call him the next day.

I then ask for interior shots and if I get those then I'm very likely to close on the deal. At the same time I ask if I can pay a mechanic to check it out (this is Tuesday).

Wednesday rolls around and I set up the mechanic at around 10 am. I also ask for the interior shots again. At this point I'm calling 3-4 times a day because I really want this car. I also ask for a scanned copy (or fax) of the carfax, "We're not that technologically advanced". Okay... Instead he just reads it to me over the phone. Wednesday afternoon he says, "i wasn't able to make it to the mechanic, but I'll do it first thing tomorrow".

Thursday rolls around and guess what call I get? "We sold the car." In my head I'm screaming "what?! Is this f*cking amateur hour? Are you guys retarded?" But instead I decided to post this on Yelp. This stupid f*cker Daryl decided to not inform his coworkers that he had a very serious buyer coming down in two days and instead had it sold to the first person who would take it.

Now, as a sleazy businessman, I can see this being okay. As a decent human being and someone interested in customer service, this is outrageous. I would never buy from these as*holes. Not only was it hell getting any traction with them, they sold the car AFTER I had already paid and set up an appointment with the mechanic to check it out. Sounds pretty serious no?

Susanna L. | 2010-06-07

I bought a 2001 car here this week. It was quite a bit ($1000- $1500) under blue book.

It was well-priced and Daryl was fairly easy to work with. I didn't feel pressured to buy the car but there were a few sticky moments when he wanted a non-refundable deposit to hold it for a couple of days (I wanted to take it to my mechanic but they aren't open on the weekend) and then, though he had accepted a card for the deposit, he wanted cash or a cashier's check for the actual sale because he said he didn't want to pay the 3% fee that the credit card company would charge, so I had to go a fairly long way at the last minute to get the check, which was a little annoying. Isn't a credit card company fee a normal cost of doing business?
On the other hand, he did offer to swap out the flashier, more expensive wheels I didn't particularly want for another set, saving me an extra $200 or $300.
On the whole it was a positive experience and I've got a car I like at a really good price and I guess that's the bottom line.
I will add though that all the Jesus stuff all over his business, on signs, bumper stickers, posters everywhere were pretty off-putting. If it weren't for having seen the car on craigslist, I would never have gone in based on the company name and signs.
(Their website doesn't seem to be working at the moment)