Dick Hannah’s VW of Portland in Portland, OR

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VW of Portland by Dick Hannah is your Volkswagen sales and service leader in Portland, Oregon. Dick Hannah Dealerships has been family-owned and continuously operated since 1949 - a remarkable feat for an auto dealership. Our longevity and ability to thrive during a sagging economy is predicated on providing superior quality cars with unbeatable customer service to every guest who walks through our doors. Our steadfast commitment to quality has carved out a favorable reputation among local residents that is second to none. We call it "the Dick Hannah difference".

The Dick Hannah name is highly distinguished within the Portland community. Our dedication to maintaining a superior reputation is exemplified by our commitment to satisfying you - our loyal customers.  VW of Portland embraces the challenge of ensuring that every sale is conducted in a friendly, low-pressure environment - so why hesitate? Contact us today!


Established in 1974.

William "Bill" Hannah founded Dick Hannah Dealerships in 1949 after becoming a partner in a Studebaker dealership in downtown Vancouver, WA.  Known as Hannah Motor Company, Inc. -Bill's son Richard "Dick" Hannah eventually joined the business and helped acquire Jeep in 1960, Honda in 1974 and Subaru, VW and Acura franchises in the 1980s. By 1985 Dick Hannah had purchased 26 acres that eventually became the Vancouver Auto Mall. Expansion persisted rapidly thereafter with the acquisition of Chrysler, Toyota,  Kia, Dodge and Hyundai franchises throughout the 1990s and 2000s as well as the opening of two Dick Says Yes Used Car Superstores  and three ProCaliber Motorsports dealerships.
Dick Hannah remains involved with the dealership but his children Jason and Jennifer Hannah have directed daily operations since 1997. The remaining managers consist of highly tenured employees dedicated to creating a progressive environment that embraces technology, creativity and customer-focused policies.

Dick Hannah’s VW of Portland

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 256-3700
Address:12345 E Burnside St, Portland, OR, 97233
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Dick Hannah’s VW of Portland

Donna S. | 2015-04-24

Just have leased our second car within the last 4 years with Dick Hannah Volkswagon. Cort Bailiff was our salesman both times! He provides excellent and knowledgable service and is very friendly and down-to-earth. The best part of the experience was the quick and efficient way it was handled with Cort. No back and forth to the manager 10 or 15 times to haggle over financing details. With him it's done within 30 minutes. Our second car is the eGolf and we are loving it almost a little more than our manual-drive Jetta. If you are looking to buy a VW go see Cort!!

Kristi S. | 2015-04-23

My husband went to the dealership earlier this week and was impressed with the customer service he received from Cort Bailiff.  After discussing our options, we returned a few days later to seriously look at cars. My car buying experiences in the past were far from enjoyable, and left me dreading the fact that we had to go look at cars.  However, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Cort again.  He was patient, helped us find cars that met our requirement, and answered all of our questions.  On top of that, he was funny and made us feel relaxed.  If you're looking for an enjoyable car buying experience with somebody who is knowledgeable, I highly recommend that you go see Cort!

Mary P. | 2015-03-19

I am so surprised to see all of these horrible reviews.  I had an amazing experience with VW of Portland.  Doug Clark, my sales guy was professional, funny, nice.  But I did a lot of homework before I went, so that could be why it went so smoothly.

I learned a long time ago that if you don't tell someone exactly what you want, you won't get it, and if you aren't going to get what you want, then be willing to walk away.

I had applied for a loan for a car, changed my mind, and sent them a link of exactly the car I wanted that was on their lot, and Mazda CX-5.  They came back with a good payment, great interest rate, and they had most of the paper work done when I got there.  My car was there, I test drove it, said I wanted it , signed some papers, and Doug congratulated me.  We added it to my insurance, I got the DMV and contract filled out, and drove away with my new car.  It did take a couple of hours, no doubt, if you give them your exact parameters before you get there, you will get the car you want.

This is my first time actually buying a car at a dealership, and it was awesome, and not scary at all.

By the way, there are laws protecting you from the "you can't have your keys" ploy.  It is against  the law to do this, so, tell them you either get your keys or you call the police for false imprisonment.  I did not have a trade-in, so this was not an issue.

Anyway, I loved Doug and Jay at VW of Portland.  Thank you guys for a great car buying experience.

Ren S. | 2015-03-10

Update on Dick Hannah Volkswagen:
I've been working with Travis the sales manager on getting the problems resolved. The information they received when we purchased the vehicle he is still saying is needed.
When the issues with the vehicle came up service wise, I was told IF there were any costs, the dealership would cover the costs on repairing the vehicle (seeing the check engine light came on the day I bought the vehicle).
Today, Travis told me they will not honor that. These people are crooks.
I've began looking at other vehicles at other dealerships. These idiots deserve to be shut down.
Thankfully I have all their empty promises in texts for proof if they want to try to screw me over any longer.

Jacob D. | 2015-02-18

Brought my car in to have the glow plug harness checked.  I have had issues with the harness in the past causing hard starts.  While it was in I went ahead and had them check the oil.

They call me back telling me that the diagnostics they ran indicate that the fuel filter needs to be replaced.  I asked if they had checked the harness yet.  He said no.  I told him to be sure and check that, since thats why i came in the first place.

The day after i pick up I have a hard start.  So i called them up and asked if they checked the glow plug harness.  They say no.  

So after a $350 they didn't do the one thing I really came in for in the first place.

In summary:  They really suck.  Go somewhere else.

Charlotte S. | 2015-02-09

Only reason I give two stars because the tech who brought my car out was very helpful. Why it's getting low stars is I called and made an apt for oil change and to get my up coming 60 k check up and a tire vibration chdcked. When I went into waiting area there were couple distressed people saying they got quoted 1 hr for oil change and been there 2-3 . When I was called up for my car only the oil change been done and nothing else had been addressed and I got blown off and told to go to ford for the rest although I had bought my car with dick hannah. I always go to the one in Vancouver instead normally which I took my car to this after and within one hour they told me my tire was due to a system update and oh I had an oil leak which why did they not tell me about huh... never will I go the vw again.. also they didn't even switch my wiper blade yet I asked them to

Willy B. | 2015-01-24

Worst damn dealership ever! I wish the people running/working the parts and service department could get their shit together. I really wish I could give this place zero stars. Every time I've ordered parts from them it is never the projected time they tell me (as in over a week!)

So here's to you Dick Hannah, fuck off!

Mike W. | 2015-01-24

Was told that the sale price online required financing through VW Credit.  Another VW dealer told me that they had several customers go to them complaining that VW of Portland was requiring a Lease through VW credit to get the sales price. I emailed the Internet sales person at VW of Portland and asked them about that. She told me that the sales price required VW credit for either a purchase or lease.  When I arrived today the sales person told me that I was required to lease to get the sales price. Very sleazy tactics.  I would never recommend anyone shopping here.  They also low balled my trade by $6000 below KBB trade in value.

Jeanne M. | 2015-01-17

I stopped by just before closing to check out the e Golf - the new all electric model just out. The salesman (Steve) was very nice, was honest that he didn't know much about the car (few do), shared what he did and took my questions with a promise to get the answers. I was shocked to see the listed price was about $5,000 over the MSRP (which I was familiar with before I went in). They're in demand and only being sold by certain dealers in the country, so clearly Dick Hannah was aiming to capitalize on that. The next morning I called the dealer in Gladstone and was given the MSRP right off the bat. Nothing squirrelly, no pressure.  I called back to Dick Hannah and spoke with Joe, the manager, and explained they'd lost a sale by trying to take advantage of the situation. He was polite, but gave me a number of reasons -- additional costs the dealers have, it's better to lease anyway, "the price includes no payments for a year," etc. No payments for a year? A slick way to get an additional $5k in the long run, along with the additional interest you pay for that. Classic dealer tactics. I'll go to the Gladstone dealer. I hadn't checked the Yelp reviews beforehand, but the ratings on the two clearly demonstrate the difference.

Martie F. | 2015-01-14

I went to Dick Hannah looking to purchase a 2015 Golf TDI. It started out great, very helpful and surprisingly low pressure. I came back to actually purchase the vehicle I test drove, and it was the beginning of the end.

I was originally in contact with Scott who was a pleasure to talk to, and he was out for a few days so he put me into contact with Melanie for further interactions. Melanie is awesome. I really do respect her, and I can tell she was really trying to help me out. So I appreciate that.

As a fair warning, one of the methods used to negotiate at Dick Hannah, is a sheet of paper with 2 lines that intersect to create 4 sections. They'll basically ask you how much you want to buy the car, and the monthly payments you hope to have.
Once they write down that number, they'll create a signature line and a phrase similar to, 'I agree to pay the amount circled.' If they accept your offer. So be sure when negotiating that you're aware of the number you're about to put down. It can benefit or hurt you.

When I went back to negotiate, everything was going fine, we did the "sign this to agree to pay the circled amount you said" and after a little back and forth, we reached a number that was presented with "+additional fees" I said a lower number than that, Melanie talks to the manager, comes back and says that she can only honor the new offer made by me, if I finance through VW credit. That couldn't be agreed upon.

I got up and left the dealership, but I forgot to ask what the additional fees comprised of. So I went back inside and asked about it. The fees consisted of a dealer prep fee and the DMV 4 year plates fee. It actually wasn't that bad, so I was willing and ready to purchase the car on the last number presented from the negotiation (pre conversation about financing through VW Credit).

CONTEXT: The initial number I used to negotiate from was an online quote from the website that I had brought up a couple days before after my test drive. When we had spoken briefly after the test drive, Melanie informed me that in order to get the online pricing, it had to be financed through VW credit. Okay, understandable. I'm going through my credit union, so I have no interest with financing through the dealership. We talk for a few minutes longer, and I'm ready to leave. This is where I'm told that they'd still honor the price, even if I went through my credit union. I was still waiting for my approval from my CU, so I told them I'd return once I hear back.

When I told Melanie that I would purchase the vehicle for the last negotiation price that didn't involve me financing through VW credit, she then became a little distraught and mentioned how it was a long day and that she had to check something. She went back to the sales manager, who I believe was Alex, I hear them speaking and see them interact as I'm oddly standing at the reception desk and not sitting down at a table. Melanie comes back and states that, now, in order for me to get the price that was presented to me last without financing through the dealership, I would in fact have to finance through the dealership. Or else, if I used my credit union, they would have to tack on another $1,000.

From the initial test drive, I was told about the caveat of receiving the online pricing, but still offered the price without having to finance through them. Then, when I come back to buy the car and we are negotiating with full knowledge that I have pre-approval from my CU, they flip the story back to me HAVING to finance through the dealership in order to get the price we negotiated at first and wouldn't budge.

I get it, I mean it was an "ad-price" so it had the fine print, but don't tell me you'll honor that price no matter what and even still negotiate knowing I'll be using my credit union, to just flip it around and try to force me to finance through something I made very clear I was not interested in. It must suck to lack integrity.

A sale could have been made, a negative review could have been avoided and trust could've been gained. I do recommend Scott and Melanie. You two were really a great help, too bad how things turn out.

Oh, one last thing that made me feel sick, when I went back into the dealership, no one was at the reception desk and I was standing there waiting, and I overheard some things about me that was being discussed behind in the office. The dealership was basically empty. I could hear a pin drop, but it was just Dick Hannah dropping the ball.

D C. | 2015-01-13

Had to have warranty work done and as such was forced to go to Dick Hannah, although I chose the Vancouver location as opposed to the Portland location. It was initially a bumpy start (the usual non-commital statements and passing of responsibility), but Nate turned it around. It did take an extra day for repairs, but the communication was seamless which lessened the frustration factor.

Emily C. | 2014-12-28

The stereotypical nightmare car salesman sold me my car. Once I gave them the keys to do the appraisal on my old vehicle I would have had to rebuy my own car to get them back. They kept me there for hours. I tried to leave over and over again. While I signed the contract I feel like mental exhaustion played a huge role. The sale price was nowhere near the vw advertised MSRP and they convinced me I was getting a good deal for my trade in (it was really just negated by their price gouge). Worse, everyone at this dealership seemed to be working together to take as much money as possible from me. After what seemed like the fiftieth contract negotiation where they told me the APR I was getting, somehow on the final paper it had changed going up 1.5%.

I love the car. But I will never go back there.  Not for service or car washes or any of their bullshit. Even looking at the car makes me feel slightly ill. I hope the money they made off me helps them sleep at night. If I could have that day back I'd have never gone there. The used car dealership i bought my old car from was better than the snakeoil operation they run here.

They told me to "be nice" on the survey. Funny how I never got one and have never been contacted since I bought the car. This is my second vw and I'm really disappointed.

Louisa K. | 2014-12-15

I wish I had kept my Toyota. My 2005 VW Jetta has been nothing but a headache.
-private purchase, had the car only 6 months
-has major driveability issues, prev diag check with small, friendly auto repair could not determine issue, advised to take it to a dealership
-I scheduled a 9am appt for today
-dropped it off last night with nice sales dudes
-left detailed info re: issues & contact info on my drop off envelope (this car is jacked up)
-no phone call or voicemail follow up from the service department. was told "my technician wouldn't lie about that"
-i finally call at the end of my work day to find out the car has not been looked at
-annoying, but the excuses of trying to figure out what the strategy going forward was RIDICULOUS
-did not talk to the technician, was said to have an appt with Rick, turned out to be Brad tech, who yelled out answers for Rick to relay (weird)
-this relay of two people talking and talking about things i didn't know was confusing, which made Rick irritated
-he needed confirmation to bill me for 2 diagnostic checks because he thought there were 2 issues, not 1. (not sure if this is normal for cars at a dealership)
-without my confirmation they could not work on the car. fine. i get it. i was initially even ok with the double bill....but i changed my tone once his rude tone showed up and was totally uncalled for.
-Rick says his jargon should be "common knowledge" as to why the initial charge would be more than i expected
-Rick talked over me continuously throughout the conversation (he was determined to be heard)
-i wouldn't have a problem with waiting a day or even a week if he had talked to me in courteous tone, not covered for his technician/department who did not call, and proceeded to talk to me like i was an idiot. not good customer relations
-this service dept is way too busy to provide friendly and effective service. even the sales guy said they were too busy
-Rick obviously needs a vacation or needs to learn how to educate his customers in a positive & constructive manner
-i've had a toyota for the last 11 years and have been blessed to avoid all this service issue junk. Rick's lingo does not make sense to someone who's owned a reliable car
-for a dude talking down to a chick in a male/female conversation the way he did came off as sexist
-if i talked to customers at the end of a busy day like Rick did, I would feel terrible about myself. it's the holidays, and this guy either hates his job or loves making people feel devalued as an elitist
-this place is the walmart of service departments. take a number, get in line, and we will get back to you with some fluff.
-if i could i would give the service dept a zero and the sales guys a 4. I didn't buy a car but they at least talked to me like i was a worthy human being.
-don't buy a vw. not worth the hassle.

Alejandro S. | 2014-11-11

Be prepared to wait 20 minutes to talk to anyone.

Free car washes can take 90 minutes--you get what you pay for.

Andre G. | 2014-10-27

Went there to get informations on their VW exchange program. I was particularly interested in getting my current car appraised to determine if an early trade would make sense. At the beginning everything went fine. I test drove the VW Tiguan I was interested in. This one is advertised just a little above $31k. After they ran my numbers the best offer they could come up with was a full buy out of my current lease (which I was happy to see), but at a sales price of the car I test drove of $39k!!! I understand that it wouldn't be possible to have them buy out my car and give me the lowest red tag price, but 9k over advertised price, and almost 4k over MSRP is simply ridiculous. I would have liked for them to be honest by telling me that there is a negative equity which, if I would go and buy the car, would have to be added to the sales price (which still should not get me close to $40k). I am sure they will not get my business, or any of my time.

Belmont M. | 2014-09-29

Huge regret that I bought a car here. Nothing "friendly" or different - old school pressure tactics, Jedi mind tricks, won't honor VW advertised terms. Buyer beware, don't make my mistake.

If you schedule repair you may wait for hours before anyone touches your car. Just because VW is great.

Basically didn't deal with a single decent person at Dick Hannah, and the nearly universal one star reviews suggests I'm not alone in my dismay.

OurGan G. | 2014-09-19

I put this off for a year, but these fuk faces pulled a bait and switch on my wife. Agreed on a new at the time 2013 tdi jetta sportwagon in white then when filling out the paperwork changed the vin number and we ended up with a 2012 silver one. I fought and fought with these pricks and wish them all to burn in hell. We hate the car, hate how it drives and when we see then for the upkeep we reiterate how much we hate the car and them but as everyone knows, dick hannah doesn't care. The worst part is I only went to them because they advertise a "corporate buying deal" through my work. There was no deal at all. Just headaches and frustration. My next step is to complain to my place of business to have them remove the deal to prevent any of the 5000-10000 co-workers I have. There slogan is some bullshit about being nice- it's cause they get away with being crooks

.....So as you can see they did respond to sound nice and helpful. Like they are trying but we did go back and forth with them for weeks and all they offered was a measly gas card for a bait and switch.

Carl S. | 2014-08-17

I just walked out of your dealership after being passed off to a different salesperson than the one I had been emailing with for a week, then offered such a low end offer on my like new trade in. I am extremely disappointed. The only other time I ever left a dealership was Ray Reece, after a similar experience. That time I went to Dick Hannah VW and made my purchase there. Looks like I am off to your competitor with my business.

Jennifer Y. | 2014-08-10

I have owned or leased seven VW's and never had an issue when it was Rey Reece. In  2012 Dick Hanna VW called and asked me to trade my 2year old Jetta in and they would give me a deal etc., and  since I wanted a Beetle I agreed. When I got there they completely ignored this and used high pressure tactic to get me to buy a completely overpriced car. They also ran my credit over 20 times without my permission! They were doing this to get me deal with a monthly payment I wanted. I only found out through credit companies mailing me alerts days later! They were complete, dishonest sleaze bags. Unfortunately I have to go there for service. I took the car in yesterday and they tell me I need tires! The car has 20k miles and the tires are fine plus I was told when I bought the car I was in the free tire plan. I guess that was a lie because it was discontinued! The service guy tells me the tires I have are very low quality and  they only use high quality tires on the VW's they sell. When I informed him I bought the car from that very lot he shrugged. Les Schwab said my tires have a good 20k left. These people are liars and thieves. Beware! Avoid like the plague.

ryan s. | 2014-07-26

If you like non listening, non helpful, money hungry, robotic salesmen, then this is the place for you.

my wife, our newborn, and i came here today and asked for help lowering our monthly payment on a lease we have. we spoke to 4 different robots, asking for help. we explained to each non feeling, non listening robot, that we wanted to simply lower our payment, and change from a lease to buying the car. instead of hearing us out, they brought us around a brand new 2014 Jetta to test drive. we kept telling them we didn't want the new 2014 Jetta. we asked for all the options they had, including pre-owned vehicles. yet the only option they would give us is the new one. one of the robots finally had some sort of glitch in his programming and admitted that they had (14) 2014 models to "move" in the next week and asked how low of a monthly payment would it take to get us in one of them.  it became very clear that meeting their quota was far more important than listening to us, or god forbid, helping us.

also, as soon as we arrived, they took the keys to our car, to "appraise it" and this was the hardest thing to get back. they dont want you to leave without them making their sale. each time we asked for our keys another salesperson came out to give us their pitch to sell us the new car.  the 4th robot finally gave us back our keys once our baby started crying. it turns out robots hate when babies cry.
WHATEVER YOU DO, DONT GIVE THEM YOUR KEYS. they will hold you hostage.

the only way i could feel better about this situation, was if i would have taken off my babies diaper full of shit, opened it up, and put it in my hand, so that when i got the last fake hand shake from the manager - my hand full of shit would have matched their own.

by far the worst customer service we have ever experiences anywhere ever. we left feeling dirty.

this place is supper sketchy.
stay clear of this shark tank.

Toby R. | 2014-06-14

Just starting the search for a new car.  Website showed cars not on the lot, so wasted the time driving here in the first place.  Then typical high pressure sales, attempting to get signatures on spurious documents throughout the process, bringing in managers to shake hands as if that was a transaction.  Sales do not have to be this way.

Steve L. | 2014-06-07

They had a car listed for $20500. I gave them a all  Cash offer of $20000. and they turned it down. Then they told me that if I wanted the car you would have to pay the sticker price. And that they did not want a all cash sale. They let me walk for $500.00 and the salesmanger would not shake my hand.

Danielle H. | 2014-04-27

I went looking for a new beetle and to trade my 2013 jeep. The initial ride was great, they showed me all the bells and whistles to the car, which they have made a lot nicer in the newer models. We went to go talk numbers and that's where the problem began.

The car price stated $27,000, but I had seen an online price of $23,996. When they initially gave me the numbers, they tried to sell the car to me for $30,000!! No way! I then showed him the sales price online, which he tried to say wasn't the real price of the car, but since it's on the website they would honor that price. Then went back to the manager to see what they could give me for my top of the line 2013 Rubicon Wrangler. He comes back to say 'to make it easy' why don't we just do an even trade of $23,996?? First of all, I understand that is an undervalued price for the beetle, but it undervalues my car more than that. I told him no way that I'm taking $24,000 for my jeep, so he comes back with the manager. He initially told me that they would just pay the rest of my loan on the car, which sounds great at first...but think about it! Why is my car only worth the rest of my loan? The manager then tries to tell me my car isn't worth more than that, that they will never be able to sell it and they would need to auction it. We went back and forth and I finally said there was no way I was going to take a deal like that.

Overall, this felt incredibly shady!! How did the price of this car go from $27k to $30k initially? Felt scammed and I definitely won't be buying a car from them.

John W. | 2014-03-26

We bought a new 2006 VW TDI Jetta from Dick Hannah in Vancouver, WA.    
Before buying a car from them, just ask them about their "Customer for Life" program they used to have.  Ask them why a "Customer for Life" program would end?   They now call it the "Dick Hannah Loyalty Rewards Program."     They pretty much divorced us from the "Customer for Life" program.    They didn't hold up their end of the deal.   They no longer gave us roadside assistance, even when towing our broken down car to them for service.  They stop offering free tires too.  They did give us 10% off parts and service, but this is not a big deal when their service costs are outrageously high-priced.    Their excuse was that the program changed.    I would think a "Customer for Life" program would honor customer loyalty FOR LIFE and not end after 36,000 miles or 36 months just because the program changed.

We followed their "Customer for Life" program guidelines exactly,  which meant getting all your service done at their service department.  

This review comes after our 2006 Jetta with 77,000 miles needed a new clutch and timing belt and brake work.   The work is getting done elsewhere.   I'm taking it to Heckmann and Thiemann on Powell Blvd where the estimate was $2800 and not giving them $6100 to do the same repairs.  

My advice,  do your homework and get the rock-bottom lowest price on new car from them and then go elsewhere for service.  Portland has plenty of honest, reputable and certified VW repair and service businesses.

Leni S. | 2014-03-03

After previously driving only used cars, I went to look at Hyundai Elantras or Accents. The saleswoman was  nice and answered all my questions about their cars and also showed me some trade in cars they have for sale. But they appeared to steer me away from Accents, or only had one on the lot.
I would have been an all-cash buyer but they were strongly arguing that there are price advantages for financing. They They came back with a printout for the net total price for buying an Elantra (including all their fees) of about $23,000, when I know that the MSRP price of an Elantra should be about $17,500. What sort of irritated me is that they wouldn't let me keep this printout that would let me examine why the price was so high - I speculate that they included all sorts of options that I wouldn't have wanted such as heated seats, sunroof of GPS. In any case, this price shock caused me to walk, and I got a pretty nice recent used car for $12,000. In retrospect, I think it was a mistake to let them know I hold a middle class job or let them run my credit information because this is what may have triggered them to initially 'highball' and see if I wanted to pay this high price. It would be better to show up looking poor, and rehearse acting like you probably can barely afford the car.

Alyx W. | 2013-12-08

can I give zero? that's that I want to give.

so I go in to get my headlights replaced. now let me clarify, I'm perfectly capable of doing that myself. but because VW is the devil, my headlight buckets were stuck so it was a last resort to go to the dealershit (sorry I'm not sorry) to get a little extra elbow grease to get them out.

a) they wanted to charge me $16/bulb to install bulbs that I had bought earlier that day somewhere else, uhm hi, like I said, could've done it myself but your cars are directly imported from hell.

b) changing my headlights would approximately take an hour and a half and I'd be stuck at the dealershit (idgaf) where there was a constant rotation of sales people bombarding me with questions.  I'm also positive the last guy who tried talking to me didn't even work there.

but wait, there's more!

c) the creme de la creme of my day if you will... they tell me my headlight buckets are broken and therefore just perma stuck. that'll be over $500 in labor and parts. I'm sorry, what? you see, BEFORE I got to the dealershit (stfu) nothing was broken, it was all just plain 'ole stuck, so he tells me that and I say hell to the no am I paying $500 and leave in a tiff, which was then thwarted when they let my battery die (hella awkward) so after being stuck there for over an hour with no end result and frustrations, I leave. only to make the mistake of not looking under the hood before I left. because when I got home, everything was seriously broken, there were bits of plastic in my hood and the levers that lock the headlight in were completely torn off, by what looked like some pretty good force. so these idiots broke my headlights themselves and wanted over $500 to fix when I know for a fact the parts (yea, they broke both sides) that they manage to mangle in an hours time are under $50.

and that folks, is how I feel about this dealershit.

Brenna M. | 2013-12-07

Avoid this place like the plague! They said it would take an hour and they would update me throughout... I ended up sitting for TWO hours and never heard from anyone .
Also, when I made my appointment and told them what I needed down, I was told it would be no trouble and wouldn't take any extra time. I get here and they can't even do half of my service because they didn't order the parts.
They told me what I wanted to here on the phone to get me in and then went back on everything they said...This place is a joke with horrible service!

Joe P. | 2013-10-21

Do  not waste your time  with their sleazy tactics  and lifetime tire scam.  After calling and specifically asking if they had a marlin blue or mineral grey Hyundai Santa Fe sport 2.0  turbo  with AWD,  the salesperson "Jeremy"  put us on hold to check. 30  seconds later he came back on the line and replied they had both  olors on  their lot.  We told him we were headed there from Hillsboro and he replied  he would see us when we arrived there.

When we got there he  somehow supposedly forgot we were coming to see him and had "just left"  right before we got there.  Not only did they not have either color,  but tried to insult us with  the "sales manager"  stating this wasn't the first time "Jeremy"  had lied to a potential customer, his boss was going to hear it and he would no longer be employed there.  Funny since I have a voicemail from him,  more than a month later,  and he still DOES  work there.  As if that wasn't enough the "sales manager"  tried to push their awesome free lifetime tire warranty.  Read the fine print and you see it requires you to get ALL  of your services done through them,  including oil changes.  Those $500 tires  every 4  or 5  years will likely cost you MUCH,  MUCH  more.

Don't be fooled or taken in by their dishonest practices.  See  Marcie at Vancouver  Hyundai and tell  her the owners of a beautiful marlin blue Santa  Fe  sent you.  They'll treat you right and with respect.  If I  could give a rating below 1 for  DICK  Hannah I  would and I will suggest to Hyundai they disassociate themselves from  them  as they are giving them a bad reputation.

Funny  how I  see a  lot of apologies  for their  tactics and behaviors to the low  rating reviews,  but  nothing changes.....

Rather than  stating  you understand  and changes have happened,  be specific.  Have  your  sales tactics been changed so they are reputable (easy for me or other consumers to verify)  and does  Jeremy still work there  or was your response like all your others  to poor  ratings -  designed  to blow smoke up  the consumers  rear end.  If you see no reason to change your sleazy  tactics  then at least own up to them.

Ron S. | 2013-09-22

Very helpful people! They provided a lot of support with my purchase. Noe has been my salesman for over two years and has been great.

Kevin C. | 2013-08-26

I was shopping for a car with great gas mileage that could also hold our dog in back, and it came down to the Jetta Wagon or the Prius V.  I visited both dealers on 122nd and the difference in sales experience was jaw dropping.  At VW of Portland, I ended up being shuffled between 3 different sales people, they took the keys to my trade and wouldn't give them back when I said I had decided on the Prius.  It was pressure and games all the way.

The experience at Ron Tonkin Toyota was fabulous.  No pressure, professional, I dealt with ONE sales person the entire time, and they didn't low ball my trade. VW of Portland offered me HALF what the Toyota dealer offered for my trade (a difference of $8000), even tho the trade was also a VW!  I would not go back.

Brian C. | 2013-08-22

I have been here three times to discuss parts, and service with these people. Each time they act like I am just annoying them. I was told they couldn't help me and maybe I should try EBay. I will never return here and encourage people to do the same.

August W. | 2013-05-02

Signed the papers on a used 2010 Prius and was told it would be "detailed" and ready to go that evening. Came to pick it up and the seats were soggy, glove box broken, windows coated with an oily film and a headache inducing stench of chemicals. Plus nearly every idiot light was on with a glaring 'check hybrid system' warning. That can't be good, right?
Thank goodness for their three day "Peace of Mind" program that allows you to return a car and get your refund, only, of course, after their used car goombahs try and pressure you in to taking your lemon home and tell you they have enough profit in the car to take $1,000 off.
Know your rights people, THEY offer a three day return option, it ain't a law.
Oh yeah, AND they FUC#ING LIED to me about my credit score. Shame on me for assuming that there are a few car dealers out there who aren't scumbags.

Ester T. | 2013-04-26

Worst customer service.  I bought a 2011 Routon back in July 2011.  After 3 weeks of having the car, the car was in the shop 3 times a misfiring piston?.  The 3rd visit, they caused a HUGE dent on the passenger side.  I called and went down and of course they said someone would get a hold of me to get this matter fixed.  For 2 months not one person returned my call.  Instead I went to McCollum's Auto body were they fixed it for free.  They tried calling DH to see if they could get reimbursed the $250 for fixing the car.  They said, WHY? We .could have done it for $20.  Then why didn't they?  The car has had major problems.  Everyone at Dick Hannah is very inconsistent.

Now, I was told I had tire replacement.  I was turning on MLK and the front right tire blew.  I lost control of the car and almost hit a semi truck.  I had to drive onto the side walk in order to not be killed or kill anyone.  I didn't drive up onto a curb and the tire blew the tire blew on it own.  I got the car towed to DIck Hannah in Portland.  They were suppose to call me at 4 but not one person returned my several calls.  Until this morning to tell me that it will cost me a over $1300. Why? Because of an alignment adjustment and new rims.  How about the free tires?  NO! I didn't read the fine print and Rocky blames the fault of the sales guys for not informing me.  I will get the free tires after 2 major services.  Great! Never again.  They are thieves and dishonest.  We are paying for a $32k piece of crap.

Nicole G. | 2013-01-22

I scheduled my apt for 9am on tuesday, by 4 pm on tuesday they had not even diagnosed the problem!

Took my VW here, explained the problem to the service department, they called the first time said the problem is XYZ and the cost is 500$, I said do it (mistake). after that they called an hour later now there is another problem, the fix another 500$... well I was already in 500, so I thought might as well go another 500. The next day picked up the car, drove it 2 blocks (no kidding) and the check engine light came back on after dropping 1000$.

The next day after dropping it back off the new problem wa 650$ to "maybe fix the problem" I wish they had told me it was 1650 to maybe fix it originally, than I wouldnt be out the 1000$ I spent the first time. So annoying!

David M. | 2012-12-17


Came in recently to test drive a couple cars, and this dealership confirmed every stereotype you can possibly imagine about car dealers. We were very clear that we were just in the research phase and still going to several other dealers. Nonetheless, they started asking for all kinds of personal information when all we wanted was a ballpark price on a lease. The line "what price would it take for me to put you in this car today" was even uttered. The usual tag-team action with the manager happened (who it must be said was much more professional than the sales guy).  I also had a terrible experience at Herzog Meier a couple years ago, so if you are in the market for a VW in Portland, I guess Armstrong is the only option.

Joel C. | 2012-11-11

Bought my car successfully with some minor hiccups...
During my test drive it had everything ie. Floor mats
When I got home with my new car I notice I don't have floor mats
I go in the next afternoon after work and asked Tan ( the salesman ) what happened to my floor mats plus my oweners manual is missing...
Tan says " oh that model doesn't come with mats ....you gotta buy them for 85$ ...and their should be a owners manual in the glovebox...well I show him that it didn't have one and I want the mats that were in the car during the test drive that magically disappeared while I was signing papers .....Tan " ok let me take a look and I'll call you later today ..
Never received a call .....I was informed that dick Hanna didn't promise me anything after I signed papers...
2 months later I get a call from Josh in finance who says they charged me wrong for my plates and I owe 148$ and if I dont pay before the end of the month the dealership will send it to collections..
I call and ask for Josh....he's off for 3 days ..so i ask for the general manager ....nobody seems to know who is in charge at dick Hanna ..
I call Josh today and have a conversation that informed him that the finance company says I owe nothing unless stated when I signed the contract and they owen the car now.....Josh kept beating around the bush saying he would check into it and see if I already paid...
I said 4 times I will be paying nothing and if I had to go down there it would not be a good thing......
Josh called me back apologizing and that they would take care of it ...
I will never buy a car from dick hanna again ..

Raye M. | 2012-07-27

I hate this place.  They were great when it was Ray Reece VW.  Service was fast and reliable.  Now it takes weeks to schedule an appointment and they don't seem to be able to fix the problem the first time around.  They have put in a nice, large waiting room.  Which is a must because they keep you waiting both to drop off your car and pick it back up!

Jeremy M. | 2012-06-29

What  to say about a stealership. Oops, I meant DEALERship. ;) My experiences in the past with dealerships have been hit or miss. I have owned a BMW, Chevy, Ford, Honda and 2 VW's. Out of all of those, VW has always been the best in terms of how they treat me. I mean come on, its a dealership and their first order of business is to lure you in and sell you a car, right? Either way when I visit VW it is usually because I need a part replaced. I did not buy my VW from them so this review is more or less based on their service center. My first visit was to pick up some radio knobs for my Passat. I stopped by and was greeted by a nice advisor who was quick to assist me and get me setup with the order. I needed 5 and guess what they cost? 12.00 bucks! WTF! The advisor even knew the price was outrageous so he hooked me up with a 3 for 5 deal with was nice of him. Still expensive but the fact that he helped me out really said something.

My next visit was to replace the hydraulic arms in the trunk that aid in lifting my trunk. I went in to find out what the damage would be to replace and was happy to learn that there was a "silent" recall in relation to my problem and that it would not cost me anything. In a matter of no time, I was setup for a service appointment and left with a happy wallet. A few days later I dropped the car off and in a few hours I was back with a fixed trunk. All in all I am extremely pleased with the service I have received on the few visits with Dick Hannah VW. Maybe one day I will buy my next VW from them. Until then, whenever I need service done, this is the place I will hit up.

Kat K. | 2012-06-03

Bait and Switch  ... Before my fury abates I must write about my experience today, 3 June 2012.

Yesterday afternoon I found a white 2009 Passat station wagon here at Dick Hannah website, this location on E. Burnside. I called and talked to "Chris" to confirm it was there. It was and I made an appointment with him for 10 AM today to buy it ... I've been looking for a white Passat wagon for some time now .

I got there on time but no one could find "Chris" and no one could find the car! About four people tried to sell me something else: something with better mileage, something newer, et al. I said I was there only to buy the car I came to see.

And then The Finance Man approached me and told me the car had sold last night.

So why hadn't invisible Chris called to cancel my drive? Why was the car still on the website?

Frankly, I think the whole thing was a set-up. Passat wagons are hard to find; white are nearly impossible.

Bait and switch!

Needless to say, I would never ever patronize Dick Hannah's VW of Portland.


Lindsey G. | 2012-05-21

Dawn, Jay, and the entire crew at Dick Hannah of Portland were great to work with!  They didn't haggle, they gave us a fair price for our car, and they were constantly in touch with us while we waited for it to arrive.  When we went in to sign the paperwork, it was very streamlined and easy.  I would highly recommend Dick Hannah Portland to anyone looking to buy a car!

Al C. | 2012-04-16

Absolutely SICK of getting your phone calls when I have told SIX different people this is a wrong number! I get that you use an web lead system but there should be some way for you to note the error.  Shows me you don't give a dam that you are interrupting my work with your calls. Going on for three days now. What must the real buyer feel like when they let the dogs loose on them?
Actually I have bought a car there in the past. Sales gal hit another car pulling our new car out of the parking space for us to take it home!
Wanted to keep and repair that no problem. Seriously? I just bought a new car not a scratched up one.
Then she absolutely hounded us with phone calls for a good review. He'll no!
Have no intentions of doing business here again.

Hannah L. | 2012-02-13

Ashley is AMAZING! She knows her vehicles, she doesn't oversell, and she is a very confident woman and sales person. I was ready to buy until her manager came out and felt the need to explain my purchase to me. I had asked him for clarification on why I was spending 32k on diesel Jetta that vw.com says is worth 27k after destination charge. Tan started to talk fast and became very condescending, before I could answer he was pressing me to answer a new question. His exact words were "You don't get this??? This is simple math." This put me on the defensive. Tan fits the stereotypical "dealer" reputation. The next afternoon I received an apology phone call for the way I was treated, that speaks volumes about the situation. Again I can not reiterate enough how great Ashely is. She is down to earth and I wish I could have dealt with her directly. I called Herzog Meier the next day and they lined up a very seamless transaction. I have to say their  managers professionalism won me over.

D'Arcy W. | 2011-12-29

If a dealership can hook me up with a service loaner on a Sunday and call the service manager on his day off to help me- they got a customer for life.

Lacy C. | 2011-10-30

Dudes I spend some GOOD $$$ on my diesel tdi.  I waited on a list even to get it and so when I go in for a FULL day of repair and get handed a max ticket WTH.  No rental? No drive to and from work?  This is SUPER inconvenient and a major problem.  I bought a much cheaper Mazda and they always give us a rental for the day...you can't take 20 bucks out of the commission you made from me to make my life a TON easier?  

Guess not..

Oh and the service department...srsly.....didn't know what oil to use.  SERIOUSLY.  Also were not up to date on Volkswagen's own recommendations (to check the fuel filter if you must know) and when I brought it up they stated it is not included in my warranty..even though Volkswagen now states you should check at regular intervals.  I had to show them the memo on the website...

It should not be my job to keep up to date on your job....

Oh and the guy who monitors their Twitter....It is a very douchey move to only re-tweet my one praise for your company (when I went to the vancouver place they at least had a waiting room) and NOT include my 4 other tweets that had my complaints.  

Dear Volkswagen: Its cool to rest on your laurels but if you continue to allow a monopoly to sell your cars in p-town there are gonna be a TON less VW's in the future driving around.

Kara K. | 2011-10-30

You know, each time I went to this place for a repair or just maintenance on my vehicle, something went wrong. The call center would give me a quote for a service that turned out to be inaccurate, something that was marked as being checked wasn't, service appointments ran long, things like that. The staff did their best to remedy whatever went wrong but in the end, it was always a headache. My car was supposed to be ready by the end of the business day, which it was- but the staff didn't call me until 10 minutes before closing. Needing my car for work the next day, I raced down there (I live close) but the employee on the phone seemed irritated that I was coming to get it. It just wasn't up to par, especially for a dealership that has been in the business for a while. The dealership does a survey for each customer visit, and the manager there told me that if I rated them as anything less than a 10, it was grounds for them to get into trouble. He told me management watched the customer surveys really closely. It was awkward because I didn't want any one particular person to get into trouble, but I didn't want to feel pressured to lie about my service experience on a survey, either. So instead I wrote a letter to the manager of the service department so he could get honest feedback without me worrying if someone would lose a job, and I never heard back. I think that bothers me the most- some sort of response would have been nice. No one likes the feeling of being ignored or dismissed especially when they take time to give feedback for no other reason than to help the business improve. It's not like I want to go somewhere else, this place is super convenient for me. But in the future, I will be trying some place else.

Drew L. | 2011-06-10

First service appointment at this dealership.  

"45 minute" appointment for standard service took TWO AND A HALF HOURS.  "Guaranteed finish time" overrun by an hour and fifteen minutes.  Not a word of explanation or apology.  

Capital F fail!

M K. | 2011-06-07

Horrible horrible horrible horrible service!!!!

Made an appointment to get warranty service done, explained while making the appointment the issue, took my Touareg in 4 days later (enough time to order the needed part and by the way this is not a convenient location, but the closest VW dealership) made the service person check to see if they indeed had the part in stock before making the long trek back on the MAX (this  has happened before with them) just to find out they didn't have the part. Service person said would order and would be in 3 days later.

Two weeks later...no call, called to find out the status and they had no record of anything except the car had been brought in for service on the original appointment date, but would check on it and call back. Two days later and again nothing! Unfortunately, because the work is under warranty, they or another dealership have to do the work.

So needless to say I won't be getting another Volkswagen if this is the type of service I have to deal with and for the price of a Tourareg, I'll get myself a BMW, not that I prefer one, but service will definitely be my first priority when purchasing my next car!

And if Dick Hannah's sales people are anything like their service people I would NEVER buy a car from Dick Hannah!

Janie B. | 2011-05-29

My mother and I had a horrible experience today at Dick Hannah VW portland.  She had been emailing Ashley that morning and had what she thought was an agreed price from the manager Mike.  However, when we got there the price was not what was negotiated in the email.  Mike is a real salesman too, the definition of sleazy slimy car dealer.  I would not recommend anyone go there ever. IF you want a VW go to Armstrong VW in gladstone and deal with Diamond Bill or Casey!

Clare S. | 2011-02-15

After shopping with my mom at Broadway Toyota (see earlier review) for a car, I was somewhat dreading the car buying purchase for Mike S. and I to get our own new car.  Dick Hannah Volkswagen though was oh so different then what we expected on a few different levels.

1. Our salesman, Cameron was great.  Not once during our whole visit did we feel like he was being pushy or "carsalesmen-y" (you know what I mean).  He knew our budget, which didn't fit for all of their cars, but he really didn't seem to mind and was happy to have us test drive a couple different models.  From start to finish he was great.  Their location didn't end up having the color combo that we wanted, so he drove to the Vancouver Auto Mall to get it for us.  5 stars easy for Cameron.

2. Mike was our numbers guy.  A liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle too pushy for my liking, but I get that it's his job.  He REALLY wanted us to get in a car and kept asking us what it would take.  Well, in the end it took a couple thousand dollars and then driving to get the car in the color we wanted, but he got his job done.  He realized pretty quickly that although Mike S, was purchasing the car, whether or not we were going to buy it laid in my hands.  

3. I hate that I can't remember out financiers name. She was great, and I'll update this once I get her card at home.  Not only did she get us a better rate then what was originally quoted, but she really got us in and out of there as quickly as possible.

Overall, great experience.  I LOVE our New Jetta TDI, it's really a great car.

Madeline P. | 2011-01-19

I received above and beyond service at the new VW of Portland (the old Ray Reece dealership).  Service Manager Todd and team provided great communication, fast service and were mindful of my busy schedule.  They're conveniently located on the MAX Blue line so it's easy to drop off my car and head downtown to work.  They even have a shuttle service too.  They won my business - thanks Todd!