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Acura of Portland by Dick Hannah is your Acura sales and service leader in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington metro region. Dick Hannah Dealerships has been family-owned and continuously operated since 1949 - a remarkable feat for an auto dealership. Our longevity and ability to thrive during a sagging economy is predicated on providing superior quality cars with unbeatable customer service to every guest who walks through our doors. Our steadfast commitment to quality has carved out a favorable reputation among local residents that is second to none. We call it "the Dick Hannah difference".

The Dick Hannah name is highly distinguished within the Portland and Vancouver community. Our dedication to maintaining a superior reputation is exemplified by our commitment to satisfying you - our loyal customers. Acura of Portland embraces the challenge of ensuring that every sale is conducted in a friendly, low-pressure environment - so why hesitate? Contact us today!


Established in 1974.

William "Bill" Hannah founded Dick Hannah Dealerships in 1949 after becoming a partner in a Studebaker dealership in downtown Vancouver, WA.  Known as Hannah Motor Company, Inc. -Bill's son Richard "Dick" Hannah eventually joined the business and helped acquire Jeep in 1960, Honda in 1974 and Subaru, VW and Acura franchises in the 1980s. By 1985 Dick Hannah had purchased 26 acres that eventually became the Vancouver Auto Mall. Expansion persisted rapidly thereafter with the acquisition of Chrysler, Toyota,  Kia, Dodge and Hyundai franchises throughout the 1990s and 2000s as well as the opening of two Dick Says Yes Used Car Superstores  and three ProCaliber Motorsports dealerships.
Dick Hannah remains involved with the dealership but his children Jason and Jennifer Hannah have directed daily operations since 1997. The remaining managers consist of highly tenured employees dedicated to creating a progressive environment that embraces technology, creativity and customer-focused policies.

Dick Hannah’s Acura of Portland

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 252-2872
Address:12030 SE Stark St, Portland, OR, 97216
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Dick Hannah’s Acura of Portland

David R. | 2015-03-09

Got a good car, but service was poor. As an example, after purchasing the car I looked at the gas tank and there was a quarter of a tank. I pointed this out to the salesman who said that it wasn't policy to fill the tank and that I had half a tank already (I pointed out to him that it was less than a quarter of a tank). Granted, I should have negotiated this before the purchase but I just spent 10s of thousands of dollars so assumed I wouldn't be driving off the lot and directly to a gas station. Not to mention that $30 worth of gas would have made me a satisfied customer. Not a big deal but there were a lot of little moments like this which added up to a negative experience and made it clear that customer service was not a priority. In the future, I will not be going back here.

B A. | 2015-03-05

Terrible customer service. Especially a female receptionist I dealt with. Good luck taking your car here for work.

Jen W. | 2015-03-02

Update - Tony, the GM at Dick Hannah contacted me this morning and they have resolved this and taken it one step further and the deal was able to go through and we are keeping the car.  I appreciate Tony's professionalism.

I have never taken the time to write a review on Yelp, but this time it is necessary.  We bought our car on February 11th from Dick Hannah.  Everything was relatively smooth.  When we left with the car, there were a couple of things the finance manager needed from us.  Proof of pay, etc.  No problem we got that to him and never heard anything else.  Anyway, after two weeks, I noticed that the car I had traded in, was not paid off yet, and was about to call and follow up.  But, Tuan, in the finance department called us and explained he may not be able to get the loan to go through because I have a 1099 guarantee of income, not a W2.  I understand the financing part, but we were completely up front from the beginning and Tuan knew this information, this is not our problem, that he assumed the bank would accept it.  After a few more days of going back and forth, Tuan called and asked us to return the car.  My fiancé and I live over an hour from the dealership, are getting married in two weeks, have five kids and both work full time.  We cannot just drop everything and drive over to the dealership.  We politely asked for Dick Hannah to return my trade and pick up the car we had purchased.  This was their problem to come and get the car, we upheld every part of the contract.  Tuan said, "no problem", only to call back and say he couldn't and we have to bring it in.  I still have the car and they will need to come pick it up at my house.  That is the very least they could do in this situation.  To top the whole thing off, the night we drove the car home, we found a fresh dent, in a very odd place on the car.  We had not seen the dent at the dealership and it would have been hard to miss.  Although small, its in a weird place.  The only thing we could think of that night we drove it home is that when the gentleman who filled up the gas tank at the dealership, had to of hit something?  We knew it was our fault for not finding the dent prior to driving off the lot.  The next day or two, my fiancé called the dealership and asked if there was anything they could do, of course they said, "no".  But, now they are saying they want to see the dent and we may have to pay for it too.  This is absurd!!! We just want this deal to be done and then to pick up the car and give us back our down payment.  We are business owners.  We know that deals fall through, but it is when a deal falls through that is outside of your control, is when you get an opportunity to make up for it in the most polite way possible. This has not happened.

Slavik P. | 2014-12-03

Horrible horrible horrible. Let's say I'll never come here again. I don't even think this place deserves 1 star on a review. Took my TL in for transportation fluid drain and refill. Get my car back and my 2nd gear started making a loud knocking noise. Told them they said bring it on in. So I did, they had my car for the day, did absolutely nothing to fix the problem but worse. Now not only my 2nd gear knocks but while my car just sits in neutral, 1st gear, 2nd gear and 3rd gear. Feels like my engine is going to fall apart. They called me saying it's nothing serious the knocking noise should go away. The hell it did. They took it for a joy ride, fu*ked up my transmission and now their asking over $3000 to inspect it and figure out what the problem is. Bunch of morons working there. I'm 100% not satisfied with anything that they did. Gave me a big hole in my wallet. Thanks a lots. If you want your car done right. Stay way from this place.

Elizabeth P. | 2014-11-24

These guys make it so easy and pleasant, you almost have no idea you're buying a car. It was far easier than trying to buy a cell phone, which I never thought I'd say. We worked with Jose, who was personable, knowledgeable and helped us find the right car, even though it took a couple of trips and involved nabbing a car from another Dick Hannah location. The financing officer, whose name escapes me at the moment, was a lot of fun and very efficient. They handled all of the paperwork for us at the dealership and faxed it to our credit union, which was beyond helpful since my husband and I only get one weekday together every few weeks to handle our affairs during normal business hours. There was one issue with the passenger seat that was discovered during our test drive but they assured me that it would be taken care of for us, and are following through on that promise without any backtracking or hesitation. Khalila at the front desk very quickly helped me work out a little hiccup that I encountered. I am incredibly impressed with how they do business and I will absolutely recommend them to everyone I know who is in the market for a car. Thank you so much for making a daunting task so incredibly easy.

Shane C. | 2014-11-04

They've been in the business for a long time, for a reason. Will totally do business with them again in the future.

Paul D. | 2014-10-22

My wife called and got a sales person - Norine L. and she really took great care of us. Got my wife the exact car, and really went over the top with service. Nice facility and I really like the delivery area, all covered and well lit, they washed the car before delivery.

Emilie B. | 2014-10-13

I bought a used (new to me) Acura TL from here a little over a year ago. I cannot believe the mark up and lies that come along with this place. Not only will I never purchase another used or new vehicle from them, I'd discourage any friends, family members or strangers from doing so as well.
This was the first time I have purchased a vehicle on my own (I went alone). The only positive thing to take away from this was the fact that it was a HUGE learning experience.
A few things that have happened to me in the little over a year I've owned this car:
The battery was shot in less than two months after I purchased this car. It wouldn't even hold a charge. There was battery acid all over it. Didn't look like it had ever been cleaned. (In this case, they did replace the battery free of charge, as they should) This lead me to question what other things were missed... I didn't know the buttons on my steering wheel were supposed to light up because they never have but when I took it in for a headlight replacement (which I'll get to later) they were listed in the $3,000+ suggested maintenance recommended.
Starter dies after a year. They wanted $700 for a remanufactured starter. Took it to a shop in Happy Valley... The remanufactured starter was $340 w/ install.
The latest... My headlight went out. Called them and was quoted $295 for the light and replacement. Went to O'Reillys, bought the headlight for $90. Then called and asked for the price for installation only... $75. Took it in on a Saturday morning before heading to the coast for a long weekend. (They spent more time talking me into trading in my car than talking to me about the issue at hand) As soon as I arrived at the coast, I received an email stating that the fuses were blown and that now the headlight install was going to cost almost $900. I declined. This is when I got the 7 page list detailing the $3,000+ work that needed to be done.
Again, I took my car to the same shop in Happy Valley  where I had taken it for the starter. In an hour and a half they did an oil change, rotated tires and installed my now working headlight. $35 for the oil change. $25 for the headlight install... No blown fuses. Really Acura? You guys are a JOKE.

Kim D. | 2014-09-17

This is my second time purchasing an Acura at Dick Hannah, my first time experience was okay. Not to bad but not amazing, the second time around which was today made me feel like I should write a yelp review since I never do! I was in contact with three amazing gentleman, Brad (Sales Manager) Taj (Car Seller) and Mark (Internet Sales Manager) and an lovely women Kathy (Parts)!

I originally came in to buy a used TSX but after looking around and asking a million question I settled on purchasing a brand new ILX.

Everyone I came into contact with were all so very helpful and polite. Brad and Taj was very patient and understanding, knew my situation and worked with me to make sure I got the best deal possible for my car. There was absolutely no pressure into buying the car.  All in all this is possibly the best car purchasing experience I've ever had and I have been to several dealerships.

I would recommend anybody to come to Dick Hannah Acura, not only do they have a wide selections of Acuras they also have many great deals and a good selection on used cars. There are straight forward without being rude and will definitely do everything in their power to make sure you get the car of dreams at a great price!

Ashley K. | 2014-08-15

Kristina Barrera is the best sales representative I have ever worked with.
Though the car was not an Acura she tracked down the car I wanted and brought it to her dealership.
Kristina was all about my needs as a customer. Kristina's professionalism went above and beyond my expectations.
It was worth driving to Dick Hannah Acura of Portland Oregon to make a deal with Kristina Barrera.

Bill F. | 2014-08-01

So Tony H wants to relieve my frustrations. Sure Happy to call. As a matter of fact on Aug. 1st did so 3 times.Ten am, 10:15 and 4:30. You get a trumped up answering service. Why no Tony don't have your last name or extension. And when hold for operator , told none available, 3 times. Yes left message, My number. So again annoyed. Suggest that this isn't working well Tony.

Ron Jardine A. | 2014-07-26

Worst place to have your car serviced.  Went here for their express lube service.  Took 2 hours just for an oil change.  I am will never go back to this place.

Emma M. | 2014-06-03

My husband and I went to sell our E60 BMW M5 that we ended up selling at another dealership. Dick Hannah wasted approximately 3 hours of our day and we waited while many times we watched a large group of employees multiple times waste our time by just standing around talking and laughing. They would not negotiate and basically laughed in our face. They extremely low balled us and we so unprofessional. My husband and I are young yes, but not stupid and EXTREMELY disappointed in the service or lack there of that we received. I will never return and hope that this review shines a light on their true sense of character as a dealership. They had a front desk guy that was dressed extremely unprofessional with tons of tattoos take our car for a ride without telling us or asking and wasted a bunch of gas. They told us the car needed new brakes and tires and thats a down right lie. Overall I rate this place a complete ZERO. What ever you do don't go here, go to the Ron Tonkin dealerships which are down the street and made up for the horrible day we had just had.

Charles M. | 2014-05-19

Another Horrible Dick Hanna Dealer...

IF you wanna see my true thoughts on another Dick Hannah dealer, check out my review of there VW store in Vancouver.. D-Bag Hannah!

So, the sunday after the fiasco at Dick Hannah VW in Vancouver, I came out to there Acura store.. Figuring it was a luxury brand, I thought I would have better luck.. WRONG!

I had fallen for a 2008 Lexus RX350. But I knew it wasn't going to work, but wanted to try one other dick hannah dealer. I also spotted they had an RDX and wanted to try it on for size as it was cheaper.

The salesman was extermely nice and friendly. We took out the RDX with no issue and it just wasn't for me..

SO I told him my whole store about the Lexus at VW and he grabs the nearest manager, who is smoking an e ciggerette on the sales floor. BLECHHH... This manager is very curt and un friendly. I explain what had happened and what I wanted. He just grumbled and said that they probably couldn't do it and was just cold over all.. After pushing a bit more, he walked back to his computer and checked things over.. He comes back with $15,500.00 but "The car is probably sold, they just havent heard back from the guy (ME!)"... I explained $15,500 was out of reach. $15,000 or nothing.. He grumbled more and very much belittled me, made me feel like an ant. He then curtly said "Well if I have take $15,000 I will, but we are loosing money and then we get into trouble and blah blah blah".. So what piss off a customer and have them walk??

We talked abit more(while he is ifddling with that e cig) and suggested I drive the other LExus RX they had... I thought about it and agreed too, but knew it didnt have navigation which I wanted. After driving that Lexus and seeing it was FWD not AWD, I nixed it.. The salesman was nice and offered to try and work on getting the 08.. I politly told him I needed lunch and left..

I had a bad gut feeling it wouldnt have worked out in my favor and I am 90% sure they would have gone back on there promise to sell me tat car at $15,000.000

If some one had been honest and showed me a floor plan sheet or something showing there cost I would have been ok..

The staff is just so cold and un friendly. Place has a depressing feel.

Dick Hannah lost a good customer

D L. | 2014-05-13

Our 2006 MDX had a battery replaced under warranty a few years ago. It recently went dead again and needs replacing. Since the battery was replaced under the vehicle warranty, they will not pro-rate it under the battery's warranty.
I will not buy a new battery from them as I can get a better battery with a better warranty without excuses from Costco.

MyatH M. | 2014-05-02

Bought a used RDX back in 2010 and they forgot to give me the key to the set of wheel locks. I had noticed the small compartment in the center of the lock set was missing, but didn't think much of it as I never had the opportunity in my life to replace my own tires.

A few years later when it was time to replace the tires, I found out the missing compartment once held the key! Yes, silly me! After calling Acura of Portland, the agent simply told me he couldn't justify giving me a new key since the purchase was made years ago. I'm sitting here thinking why it matters I bought the car years ago. The key never came with it!! Can't they justify a small sum for having sold me an EXPENSIVE car?? Besides, the car was CERTIFIED, which was supposed to be "the closest thing towards a new car", quoted by their sales agent.

What a shi**y way of doing business with them! I would never, ever buy another car from them again!

If you're looking for a new Acura or certified used ones, go to Ron Tonkin Acura on SW Canyon Road! I've been going there for all the maintenance services needed for my RDX. Ron Tonkin will treat you right!

G H. | 2014-04-17

We purchased a new set of tires with a lifetime replacement guarantee for our 2008 MDX with 51,000 miles at the time. We were told that to be able to use this guarantee, service needed to be done at their dealership. The issue arose when we had 3 services done at an Acura dealership out of state during an extended vacation. Now we are being told the dealership will not honor their replacement guarantee because of the service we had done elsewhere. The service we had done was to maintain the 100,000 mile Acura warranty we had purchased when we purchased the car. When speaking with the Service Manager at Dick Hannah Acura, he insinuated that it was our fault for not complying with their replacement guarantee even though we had service done to comply with Acura's warranty.  A dealership with no customer service
and not willing to help there customer's

Kate M. | 2014-02-12

We bought our brand new MDX 14 at Dick Hannah's in July, soon after the release date. Everything was going fine with our service- we got a great price which they matched & beat, sales person was energetic and firm and they treated us well.  However I hope to be treated well afterwards when you hand someone as $50K check for a brand new car.

Why I give them a 2 is because of the ongoing issues I have discovered from the time we picked up the car to take it home. We knew what car we wanted and did all the homework during the sales process.
1. The day we picked up the MDX there was paperwork issue because the girl who originally did it wasn't there- that was resolved quickly.
2. Our sales lady wasn't there- she told us there was an emergency in her family and to ask for X person. When we asked for him, he had no idea who we were and what car we were picking up. Employees were seriously walking around trying to figure out why we were there and where our car was- hello, to pick up our already paid for brand new car. (We haven't seen her since, so we do wish her the best. )
3. No one helped us with our navigation package, even after being told that they would walk me through it when we picked it up. I'm still trying to figure it out.
4. We were sold on the Accuralink and all it's services! However 7 months later I just found out the dealership never linked our car. Nor do we get the services for free. We have to pay for a yearly premium package. It has been a pain to set up because the car is partially registered under my partners name, even though the car was purchased by both of us,
5. The car had pen marks and scratches when we picked it up day 1- they did buff them out, however I was made to feel uncomfortable and rude for asking. Again, after we just handed them $50K.
6. We are experiencing issues with the electronics of the car which is Honda's issue- however I am made to feel naggy ever time I bring it up to the service department.
7. Oil changes are expensive at the dealership-

I do like the free monthly car washes! I wish they offered more detailing packages for their customers!

Car runs great- only one recall in 7 months so far,

Modele O. | 2014-01-11

(Just to give you all some context, I was looking at a Black, Blue, or Silver 2014 ILX in the Tech Package at their special 0.9% financing rate, and I've got 10K down for a down payment. Okay, now for the review.)

I recently relocated to Portland for a job, and was looking forward to buying my first car (in Oregon, too! No sales tax!). I've always wanted an Acura, so I went to Ron Tonkin Acura in Beaverton because it showed up in Google first, was closer to work, and it was reviewed higher than Dick Hannah. Unfortunately, since I just moved, they were reserved about the cashier's check I presented and said it would take up to 10 days to get my car.

Frustrated, I called Dick Hannah on the spot and told them my dilemma. I spoke to a salesmen named Jose, who got his sales manager, Brad, on the phone. I asked them very standard questions regarding the car that a consumer would ask a dealer: Do you have the car model I want? Year? Color? This price is what I'm looking for, can you do it?

They ASSURED ME THEY HAD IT ALL! "We haven't sold any cars today, and my manager is motivated to get this done for you." That sounded like good news, and I was excited. While I couldn't come in that evening,  I told them I'd come by tomorrow evening to handle it all.

The following day, I asked a very gracious co-worker (who barely knows me, so huge shout out to that guy for going through this with me) for a lift across town, both of us leaving work early and canceling meetings to ensure I got to the dealer before they closed. I touched base with Jose and he said "Yeah, I'll be there, and my manager Brad knows you're coming, so everything will be good."

This is where everything got really, really bad.

I get there. Jose is busy with a costumer, which is fair. He tells me to go into the office and ask for Brad. I go and ask for said Brad, and they point to Brad driving away in his SUV, heading home for the day. Some dude behind the desk says he'll be in contact with Brad via phone. Whatever that means.

Jeff, another salesman who is literally no condition to be selling cars to anybody, at all (long story there), attempts to show me the car I wanted. Turns out, they have NO 2014 ILX's except for two white versions. I told Jose I don't want white. He even mentioned the white cars over the phone, and I said, "Nope."  I know what I want, and  I came here because you said you had it. Left work early, drove through rush hour, to get to SE Portland to buy a car that you guys don't even have. I'm so mad, and I'm pleading my case, but Jose (who is no longer with a client) has disappeared, and the guys in the office won't call Brad up. I'm assed out. Jeff is saying some nonsense about having his hands tied, this and that, and he says he's got some 2013 ILX's with no miles on them that he can sell to me at a great deal. At this point, I'm like, whatever. Let's see what he's talking about.

He tries to sell me a 2013 ILX Tech Package for more than Ron Tonkin is selling the 2014 ILX Tech Package for. I quickly shut that down, because that was ridiculous, and I'm not about to get played by this guy. I guess Jeff had ran out of salesmen ammo, because next thing I know, he's apologizing profusely and I've got a new salesman helping me. Mark. He prints some stat sheets out regarding the 2013 and 2014 and begins to tell me that the two cars are almost identically the same, and that the resale value on a 2013 with x number of miles on it versus that of a 2014 with x number of miles on it. I...didn't know where he was going with that, but I let him talk. Mind you, my colleague whose given me a ride, is witnessing all of this. We don't even know each other like that yet. I mention to him that I'm good for now, so he doesn't have to wait for me. I'll figure out getting home. Jose has still not made an appearance. The dealer is about to close. Okay, let's keep going.

Mark goes out to show us the 2013 Tech Package and I say, alright, talk to me about prices. He gives me a ridiculous price, but I'm looking to to bring it down, so I put the paperwork in to see what the deal is. He comes back to me and says, "I've got good news, and I've got bad news." Of course, I ask for the bad news first. He says that my credit isn't good enough to qualify for that 0.9% financing. I call his bluff, seeing as how I have the paperwork from the other dealership that proves that I do indeed qualify but he's not giving up. "Ron Tonkin will NEVER GIVE YOU THAT 0.9%!" His exact words. He's saying my interest rate will be 11%.
As I get up and grab my belongings, I reach my hand out to shake his, and he keeps trying to talk deals to me. I'm not listening to any of it, so I dip, .

This morning, I went back to Ron Tonkin Acura and bought my car. Huge shout out to Samuel Kim over there, he was super patient with me, and to Joe over there as well.

Mark called me this morning. I "miraculously" qualified for that 0.9%.


Go to Ron Tonkin. Ask for Samuel Kim.

Tom M. | 2013-11-10

I have improved my rating for Dick Hannah's Acura of Portland because I'm very pleased with the service that I have received. I'm treated like a valued customer.

Fred E. | 2013-09-11

I've owned 3 Acuras, and brought my first Acura to them for service.  Later, I bought an Acura there for my wife, and then bought another a year later when my first Acura was stolen and stripped.  We've had the last two Acuras serviced there since 2006 for one and 2007 for the other.  So, we've been a long term customer.

When we bought our cars, they enrolled us in their tires for life program.  Basically, if you have your car serviced there, they would give you new tires when the old ones needed to be replaced.  We were surprised when the time came to replace our tires that they didn't replace them with the Michelins that came with the car or an equivalent tire.  No, they gave us a brand no one has heard of.  It wasn't the same quality.  Didn't handle the same, etc.  It made me wonder about the dealership.  I noticed the extras they would do for customers seemed to diminish and then stop, and I noticed some wonderful service techs all left.  Made me wonder even more.

Most recently, we brought one of our cars in for service....an oil change and, for some reason, the glove box would not open.  We must have opened that glove box less than 10 times in the life of the car, and usually the car had only the driver in it.  Our extended warranty ran out last January, but I know Honda will step up and take care of things that should have worked regardless.  Sadly, that wasn't the case even though I found lots of others on the internet with this same exact problem on this same year and model of car.  Hmmmmm.

Well, Dick Hannah came back to us with a list of items that all of a sudden needed repair.  My wife took the car there, and she knows little about cars.  One item was the windshield washer container apparently couldn't hold fluid or didn't work in some manner.  When my wife declined the repair, she brought the car home, and sure enough...no fluid visible in the container.  That's odd because I regularly check this along with my tire pressure.  Well, I thought I'd test it out myself, and so I filled it up with fluid.  No leak.  I ran the car for a while and used the wipers and sprayed the windows.  No leak, and the sprayer/wipers worked fine.  I called the Service Manager, and he couldn't explain it, but he said to use it for a week and see what happens.  I did, and no leak.  Everything works fine.  I called him back and asked that he call me to discuss.  He didn't.  He had his service rep call who knew nothing about any of this.  The service rep told me the mechanic who found "the problem." probably couldn't remember the incident or the car by now, so no use in contacting him for an explanation.  I had earlier volunteered to drive the car there so they can see that it's not been repaired.  It's in the same condition as when they saw it.  The service manager, when I talked to him, declined.

This whole thing doesn't feel right to me.  My wife told me she never wants to go there again.  I feel disappointed by what happened, and I wonder how this could have come about?  I should have checked here for others' comments on the business, and then I'd have known.  I'm sorry to say I would avoid this place if at all possible.  I've reported this incident to Honda HQ., but they have little direct control on their dealers.

Fuchia M. | 2013-08-13

Follow up on previous post. So getting oil change and come to find out now car is in safe to drive and only 1700 to fix everything. Seems my wheels are too big for tires. Mind you that's how I bought it. Another customer screwed.

Tanya F. | 2013-07-20

So I went there to look at a used Kia they had on the lot today. The sticker price was 14,888, but I told our saleswoman we were trying to keep it closer to 13,000 if possible. She immediately told us she could go as low as 13200, which sounded great! She went and asked her manager, and he confirmed they could do that. We had one other car we wanted to see at another dealership, so we did that and talked it over and decided the Kia was a better deal. We go back, sit through all kinds of financing paperwork (even though we were pre approved through our CU), then the sales lady goes to the main office, comes back out to us, and starts going over the pricing and monthly payments. Without even mentioning it, she had CHANGED THE PRICE BACK TO STICKER PRICE of 14,888! She tried to gloss over it, like we wouldn't notice! When I stopped her spiel to ask why it didn't say 13200, she said that after checking again there was absolutely no way they could go below that sticker price due to all the maintenance just done on it. She tried to tell us that if we just extended the loan time, the payments would be manageable. It was the most insulting thing I've dealt with in a long time. How big of an idiot do you think I am, it really seemed like she thought if she talked fast enough I wouldn't notice! We left, but not before she wasted hours of my life by misleading us.

Mishee D. | 2013-07-06

Driving through Portland and our SH-AW light came on.  Called other Acura dealers and they said they can't help because they are closing in 1 hour.  Dick Hannah service dept was friendly and they told us to come over and they will look at the car.  Hubby went and they looked at the car and reset something for free.  Friendly service department - even for a stranger passing through.  Thanks for giving us peace of mind for our drive home!!

Julie L. | 2013-07-05

These guys are great at maintaining the stereotype that people who work at car dealerships are jerks.
Here's what happened... My sister had purchased a car from this dealership 2 1/2 years ago for 24,000. This past year, she passed away, and I took on the task of being the executor of her estate. I took the car into the dealership to get a quote for what they'd pay for it. I received an offer for 11,500. OK, I understand that cars depreciate quickly and that the dealership has a high overhead, so I was agreeable to that amount and didn't try to haggle. Three weeks later, when I received approval from the court to liquidate all assets, I took the car back.... The buyer offered me 7,000!! At that point I handed her the appraisal that her coworker had printed out just 3 weeks earlier, and she acted completely surprised, as if they didn't have a copy of it on file. I spent over two hours there, and when I finally asked for the keys back and started to drive away, the buyer ran out and knocked on the window. Guess what? The supervisor had just approved the original 11,500 offer. So, I got back out of the car, back into the showroom, and waited... and waited... and waited. Everything seemed like it was getting processed. Thennnnn, the buyer asked for my address, and said, "We just need to know where to mail the check." Great idea, I'll leave the car and the title and just wait on a payment. She gave me a story about making sure the title is clear (which I know they don't need to retain the physical title to obtain). She also couldn't give me a timeframe for how long it would be for the payment to be issued.... not even a guess on days or weeks. No thanks.
I left this place absolutely exhausted with my disdain for dealerships fully reinforced. Thank you, Dick.

Alise B. | 2013-06-23

Spent over 2hours!!! Waiting for a car wash after scheduling for a mini detail which I didn't get because the detailer wasnt in, yet i scheduled with their company not online!!!!!!!. You'd think they would know that before scheduling me?? Only good thing was that they found a nail n patched the tire. extremely slow service!

Tera K. | 2013-04-23

I would have to say that my experience with Dick  Hannah Acura started out good,I enjoyed Matt our Sales person he was extremely friendly, professional and helpful we appreciated his professionalism. We bought a used car and we were offered the full  warranty for 3  months or 3000 miles on all major systems, we were also offered the Loyalty Rewards Program. We had a new guy help us with signing our papers and he never went over the EXTENDED WARRANTY although we were told we opted out of this, If we opted out of this weren't aware. In the first 30 days we had a trim piece fall off the front driver door it had been broken and they put it on with double sided sticky tape. In the first 30 days we had a driver side light cover in fall off it was also broken, the abs light came on as well as the service Air ride control and Tire control message flashing. We took the car in and we were told that none of our mechanical defects where covered and it was going to cast over 700 just for the air compressor. We were told that the trim piece and marker light couldn't be replaced. We were told that we should have purchased the extended warranty!?! The Sales manager called my husband a liar he told him he should have got the EXTENDED WARRANTY. We only had this car a little over a month and the DEALERSHIP isn't the least bit concerned about what we may think about the car they sold us or their lack of empathy for the situation. My husband asked him, So your motto is (WE BELIEVE IN NICE). I guess that doesn't apply today? The sales manager didn't respond. We asked to have the car put outside with the keys locked in it. We told them we would pick it up. Brad the Sales manager was more then happy to do that for us. I received a call from Rob in the Services Dept. he was very nice and he did have empathy for our situation but unfortunately that didn't lower the cost of the repairs on our NEW/ USED CAR. We could have chosen any dealership we live near Auto Row, we chose them because we thought dealing with a larger dealership might be the better option. We now believe that it really doesn't matter when it comes to buying a used car. I believe this dealership should have offered to cover some of the cost. Beware of this dealership. They don't BELIEVE IN NICE!

Ashkan J. | 2012-12-17

Very dishonest people. We purchased our new honda at the Vancouver dealership and we were told our oil change and any service maintenance will be free when we bought the car.. They lied about their free service and we found out when we scheduled our first service with their Acura dealership . Sam who was our service guy was extremely rude and not helpful in so many ways. He was on his cell phone the whole time and was not happy about the fact that I was asking about the free service I was supposed to have .

Jessica N. | 2012-12-06

I don't know the experience of others with their purchase of a new vehicle, but I can honestly say my experience wasn't an ounce that bad. Never have I purchased a vehicle on my own based on my own credit worthiness, but they were helpful with the entire process.

Drew helped us the most, he was absolutely delightful. I enjoyed his energy and his knowledge on the vehicle, although I might've known too much myself but it's all due to research of the car I wanted.

They're on top of things: paperwork, drive test (first drive test and I was hooked), and keeping you informed.

I'm enjoying my new whip to this day, but as much as it is about the vehicle it's more of the customer service that I received. Phone call a day or two later checking on how things are going, thank you cards for my recent purchase, and just overall a great experience.

Warranted, I might've had a better experience than most others since I purchased a new car rather than used or traded a car in. However, I can't compare my experience to others without experiencing both sides myself.

Might I add that although we signed the contract at a different APR when I drove off the lot. Their finance found a lower APR and had me come in and re-sign the new contract. That's great! My experience was great and I foresee my Acura family growing.

Cherie R. | 2012-04-17

I bought a used car here and was really low balled on the offer on my used car.  I new what I wanted to pay and it mostly worked out in the numbers after they "discounted" the car they were selling me.  The salesman was a typical salesman.  I expected more and they were doing the song and dance as expected.  

I have to ask 5 times for the loyalty rewards program which I think is way overpriced.  You have to do all of the service through their dealership and oil changes start at $39.99.  Then they tell you what you need to do ever other oil change, to remain in their "free tire program".  My husband and I priced it out and if we paid their prices, compared to other shops for the same services (or not doing what they ask....like a $79.99 inspection most other shops do for free...) we would pay for the tires 2x over.  

It went something like this....1.  oil change, then 2.  $79.99 + oil change, then 3.  oil change, then 4.  $299+ oil change, ever other oil change there was an additional charge for "inspection" or for changing something that doesn't need to be changed.

My husband took it in for the first oil change this past Saturday and waited for 3 HOURS.  I am not kidding. We asked to have it washed and it was done horribly.  They can't even wash a car?  

I have always bought used private party and off Craig's List.  Well Craig, I am back.  This dealer is just like other dealers.  Sneaky and below par.  Worse than other dealers.  

I received a call from the "quality control" people yesterday and asked how my service was this weekend.  Boy, did she get an ear full.  Not that she could help me or  tried to make things right.  Her response was, "I will put a note on the directors desk and would you like his voicemail."  Let's see if he calls me back.

Alex B. | 2012-01-25

Lies!! Lies!! and more Lies!! Avoid this place like the plague that they are. If you want to feel helpless, this is the right dealership for you. They will definitely make you feel that you have been raped 10,000 times over.

First, the salesperson told us that THEY will take care of any expenses of the vehicle that we trade in because I was trading my car in that was in another Dick Hannah shop. Nope. They asked me to pay for the expenses that was incurred. In essence, the salesperson went back on his word even though I told him that there was an account that needed to be settled with the other Dick Hannah shop. It was around $200.00. They really shouldn't make their customers hope and smite their hopes into bits.

I bought a pre-owned vehicle and you know how they tell you that it goes through this 100+ point inspection. Lies!! Luckily we had the mechanics at Firestone in Vancouver (See my review about them) check the vehicle out. They saw an oil leak which would have cost me $1296.00 (see photo). The service report also stated that the vehicle was "very low on oil" (see Photo). REALLY?? 100+ point inspection huh?? How can you miss the oil?? LIES!!

Lies!! The salesperson also told us that it was a vehicle with one owner, a few days later I asked for the Carfax report (the very same one he showed us), which I think he purposely did not give us, and it was actually a vehicle that has had two owners. Lies!!

They also told me that the vehicle will be spotless and be like brand new with everything working when i got it back. Guess what? You guessed it. LIES!!! When they called me to pick up the vehicle, everything that I wanted fixed like the windshield washer spout and the side safety lights were still broken. How can you miss those on a 100+ point inspection. LIES!!!

When I had the chance to actually drive the car off the lot, the temporary tags had expired and no one told me so I thought I'd bring it to the DMV. Come to find out, the dealership has not sent any of my paperworks to the DMV like they said they would so I ended up driving back to the dealership. This was close to the holidays and there is nothing better than sitting in traffic due to someone else's incompetence.

And good luck having someone return your call. So again, if you want to feel that you were raped 10,000 times over, this is the auto dealership for you.

Alicia P. | 2011-12-05

I am going to average two separate reviews:

-The Sales Guy Tony Lockett Jr- He was amazing He was nice and friendly without being the stereotypical car salesman.  The car was originally from Vancouver at a different Dick Hannah and he brought it to this showroom.  I knew I was going to buy the car before I checked it out, but didn't feel any pressure at all. We initially made contact by phone and e-mail and his responses were prompt and friendly.  He was chatty and we talked about family, holidays, kids, etc.  I thought being the car I was purchasing was a used 5 year old car he would be nice, but rush me out to he can sell a $40K Acura and make a bigger commission.  I had to come back three times and each time he remembered my name, the name of my friend I went with to buy and took a minute to chit-chat.  When I needed something minor fixed he 'massaged' the system a bit and has me taken care of on the spot, 10 minutes later it was complete.

-The finance people- (I will leave the 2 names out)- I had been pre-approved and came in with it all ready to go.  I initially meet w/ finance guy and signed the papers easily and smoothly.  I received a call a few days later stating there was an issue with it and to come back, I refuse to do so as the voice message states that the monthly payment is now about $45 higher.  Long story that took 2 weeks short: The financing was done incorrectly (this is per the bank staff), they didn't sign the right forms, they applied on my behalf for other loans so I have received more than a dozen letters from banks (thanks for ruining my credit!), they didn't hand in any of the paperwork with in the 6  weeks they had to do so and were forced to make the 1st payment for me (thanks!), they sold me the car for more than 110% their cost (which was the major stipulation of the original loan I was pre-approved for) so I had to decide; return car I have been driving for 6 weeks or change the terms of my loan...so now I am paying more monthly, but less over time because the term was shortened.

I really enjoyed working with Tony, the receptionist and other staff was very nice- but the finance staff (who continuously told me something opposite of the bank who stated at one point "I don't think they know what is suppose to happen.")

Olivia J. | 2011-08-03

This is for the service department. I really don't appreciate being told that my car repairs will come to over $1,000 with a scare tactic/threat that it won't pass DEQ with the check engine light on. Seeing that I was flustered and totally overwhelmed with this inflated quote, the service guy then proceeded to tack on more "recommendations" for my car which brought the total to a $2000 minimum.  Probably hoping that I'd just get hysterical, lose my mind, and hand over my credit card to make it all go away!

So Dick Hannah sold me a used car "in really good shape, just some cosmetic flaws! Guaranteed safe to drive by our crack service department and experts," and it's pretty much is falling apart 3 years later. Done with them! I ended up taking it to a place I found on Yelp, and they fixed it for $265.

And yes, if I could, I would give negative stars.

Rand S. | 2011-08-03

I just traded in my car for a different used car at Acura of Portland and except for it taking a long time to get the paper work done it was a decent experience.  

You have to remember that buying a car from a dealer is at best a royal pain in the ass.  Acura of Portland was one of the least painful dealer experiences I have had:

They didn't pressure me to buy the car or to buy any additional things like window etching or extended warranties.  

The negotiation process went reasonably fast.  I got an okay deal.  

Dick Hannah provides some perks that other dealers do not:
Customers for life rewards program
3 day return for a full refund.

Frank M. | 2011-06-23

They get 1 star only because I can't give zero.

I spent a day haggling over price with a salemsan named AT.  That happens, no big deal.  He tells me that even though his sales manager doesn't want to do it he'll meet me in the middle.  I agree.  He says "I have the keys in my pocket, I'm moving the car to the back of the lot and putting a sold sign in the window.  The car is yours.  Let me talk to my manager and call you back in 10 minutes."  I offered to come over with money but he says no, we'll do it in the  morning.  He calls me back an hour and a half later (not 10 minutes later, as promised) to tell me "I've got good news and bad news.  The bad news is the car sold.  The good news is I found another one two states over that I can get for you."  When pressed on how the car could have sold when 'it was mine' and the keys were in his pocket AT explained that the fleet manager had a client and he had pull.  Stop to think about that - any time you make a deal with this guy it isn't a deal because someone else 'with more pull' can override your deal and take the car you thought you bought.  Outrageous.  

AT then proceeds to tell me I have to pay the full price if I want the other car transported from two states away.  Beat down, I agree.  AT then hangs up to have his sales manager finalize the deal with the other dealership.  He calls me back 10 minutes later to tell me his sales manager has spoken to the other sales manager and the car is mine.  I ask if I need to do anything more and again offer to come over right then to put down money.  He says no, the dealerships have to work out the details of their trade but the other dealership knows we have that car; the car is mine.  We make arrangements to meet the next morning to complete the deal.  I ask to meet with him at 9am and AT asked to do it at 10am so he could spend that hour getting the paper work together, etc.  I agree.

The next morning comes and I load up the wife and kids in the car to start making the drive.  At 10am - just a few blocks from the dealership - the phone rings. It is AT calling to tell me the car is gone.  His explanation: the other sales manager looked up his inventory online and it showed the car was still there.  That sales manager walked the lot this morning and realized the car had sold a few days ago and the inventory had not been updated. [side note: this explanation is outrageous.  Virtually every dealership in the western US had an inventory of about 3 of the cars we want to buy.  No way this guy can't keep track of 3 cars).   AT then invites us to come on over and test drive different colors or cars, at which point I was done.  

In total, AT and DH Acura are horrific.  I have bought new cars before - incluing one from a high volume, high pressure place - and these guys are EASILY the worst.  They are a compilation of the worst things you have ever heard about car dealers and salesman.  They lied.  They manipulated.  They played games.  They allowed us to drive all the way across town before telling us what was probably the truth all along - they never had a car in the make and color combo we wanted.  

I will never buy a car from them and encourage everyone else to avoid them like the plague also.   Save yourself the trouble - rectal exams and dentist appointments would make for far more enjoyable experiences.

Cindy Q. | 2008-01-03

I can't weigh in on car buying at Acura of Portland to support or counter LA to PDX's review.  My review is based on the service department.  I bought my Acura from a private party, but have had it serviced at the Acura dealer 3 or 4 times.  Every time was fabulous service.  I can't say the price was fabulous, but the customer service goes above and beyond.

Here's what you can expect:
The roll up door opens upon my arrival and I drive right in.  I'm never left out in the rain, looking for a service parking spot or ever have to wait in a line.

I get a free loaner car (always a brand new Acura to try out--they know how to keep you in their cars!)

My service team leader, metro-sexual Jason, always greets me with a smile and by name.

I am called periodically throughout the day as needed to give me updates and ask for permission before moving ahead with an unexpected repair cost (ok, so maybe I just like this part because I get to talk to Jason again).

Upon picking up my car, I am offered chocolate and then the bad part... the bill.  Oh, it's a five star expense!  Ouch.

However, I always get to drive home in my fully washed and vacuumed car.

The repairs, by the way, were expected types of things that wear out on cars (belts, filters, etc.)  I never had a major mechanical failure on an Acura before its time.

Nonetheless, I have just gone hybrid and had to leave Acura.  If only they made an MDX that was a little more(or a lot more)  fuel efficient.

I'm really going to miss Jason.

LA to PDX .. | 2007-06-08

These guys really have a set of balls.  I took my car to trade for a used vehicle and did my due diligence before hand by determining the fair market values of both cars.  Upon arrival, I was seated while the salesman worked the deal with his boss but was stunned when he came back with the offer for my car.  it was literally 1/3rd of the actual value according to Kelley Blue Book and local sales of similar cars.  The most insulting part of the ordeal was that they told me they looked up the blue book value on my car, but what they actually did was quote the LOWEST POSSIBLE CONDITION and used that as their guide, ignoring the actual condition, mileage, etc.  My car is still under factory warranty, flawless in every way and needs nothing.  Not a dent, ding, scratch, or mechanical problem as it has always been dealer serviced.

To add greater insult, their car, which I valued in my research in the upper condition level, was actually missing stereo and grille parts, leaking brake fluid, had a serious suspension fault, and a few other flaws.  Despite this, they valued their car at the highest rating, rather than a lower/mid level rating as it should have been.  This was a discrepancy of about $6,000.

At this point I knew I was going to be posting a review here, so I wanted to see how far they would go so I gave a counter offer that was just as insulting as theirs.  Oddly, they didn't appreciate it.  Hmmm, the Golden Rule much?

OK, so they still refused to accurately value either car, but then refused to negotiate the price at all.  I don't mean they wouldn't take a couple thousand less, or even a couple hundred, but I was told the prices are concrete and they didn't budge by even $1.  Remember, the total value difference from what they offered was $13,000 from what it SHOULD have been based on ACTUAL condition of both vehicles.  Insane!  It was rather comedic watching these douchebags go back and forth with each other thinking they were going to take advantage of the kid with the nice car.  It was like watching an episode of a poorly written sitcom.

The car I own is a rather expensive German vehicle unrelated to Acura, and so was the one I was considering, it came in on a trade according to them.  In the end, I am now understanding the vast difference in quality of service between these entry level Japanese guys and the big boys at my usual dealership.  You really do get exactly what you pay for.  I feel sorry for folks who come in here looking for a solid family car and are on a budget.  The guys at Acura can surely sell Japanese cars all day long, but when it comes to high end makes, they are in WAY over their heads.

Basically, if you want to get ripped off, insulted and otherwise made to feel inferior, shop at Acura of Portland.  These guys are real idiots.