Curtis Trailers in Portland, OR

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Our business is your vacation!

Curtis Trailers has been serving the greater Portland and Vancouver area with quality and integrity for over 60 years.  With two full service, sales and parts locations you can count on us to help you find your dream RV and to make sure that you get many years of enjoyment living the RV lifestyle.  Let us know what we can do for you!


Established in 1948.

After serving in World War II, Myron Curtis and his wife Betty moved to Portland, Oregon.  They purchased a 16 foot Pierce house trailer to live in.  In 1947 they bought property on the south side of Powell Boulevard at SE 102nd  and began building a small home.

They sold their first trailer and bought a larger one to live in.  Soon after they purchased an army surplus trailer which Myron repaired and painted.  It was sold to finance two more which were also reconditioned and sold, and a business was born.

Excited about the concept of vacationing in a travel trailer, Myron decided to try custom trailer building.  The "Curtis Cruiser" was a 15 foot travel trailer designed and built by Myron and Betty.

The family bought property on the north side of Powell (part of the present location) and moved their small business across the street.  The Curtis Cruiser was finally finished and sold.  Finding the trailer building process costly and time consuming, Myron set out t

Curtis Trailers

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 760-1363
Address:10177 S E Powell Blvd, Portland, OR, 97266
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Curtis Trailers

Dwayne G. | 2015-03-17

The only thing I can hope is that the service after the sale will be as good as it was leading up to the sale. Brandon was our sales associate and Trevor was beyond helpful when we had a question on Brandon day off. We bought a brand new Passport  Ultra light 2400 bhw yesterday and to my understanding it is one of the best selling trailers in the country. We got the best price in the entire country for this trailer. The next best price I found was 4000 more and on the east coast. So far I am overly satisfied and look forward to a long relationship with Curtis Trailer. The sales staff is very helpful and you don't get pressured by a commissions hungry sales associate as soon as you step out of your vehicle.

r s. | 2014-07-21

went in for parts. (mistake 1. don't go to this place for parts.) selected some things to purchase went to the check out counter (mistake 2. no one around to actually check you out. literally the staff was gone as in my wife an I were the only ones in the store.) waited for 5 minutes (mistake 3). called back and was told they only have one person working and he is an assistant manager (WTF he was the most rude and inattentive) called again Monday and Juan the manager was simply to busy to be contacted. I read some other reviews of the parts department and they are spot on. this place needs to address BASIC customer service.
I drove to Troutedale and received a much better experience for a slightly higher (couple bucks) price. I suggest not shopping here for parts and trusting the reviews for new sales and service as it is clear from my experience that they no longer care about customers here.

Carl P. | 2014-07-09

Great parts inventory but they need to work on basic customer service in the parts department.

My travel trailer was recently harvested for parts while parked at my home. I went in with photos of what was removed. The person "helping" me had no interest in working with me and the photos to figure out what I needed. She just stared back at me and kept asking me what I needed. At one point I asked, "What is confusing?" She replied, "Nothing, just tell me what you need."  I ended up purchasing a replacement cable that was too short and missed that I needed to purchase battery cables that were missing in the photo. All of this could have been avoided if she would have spent more time looking at the photos and asking questions. She was supposed to be the expert, not me.

I guess I am used to the helpful customer service one receives at Home Depot.

Lynn L. | 2014-07-09

Curtis trailers saved us on a big 2 week trip with our 5th wheel.  We traveled from Huntington Beach, CA to Oregon and suffered a water pump failure with our trailer, which was still under warranty.  I called on the phone from the road and Dan Farnsworth set us up for  service at 1:00, we were completely repaired and back on the road before 2:00.   The place was hopping busy but they sure know what they are doing and were courteous and efficient.

Loren D. | 2014-06-22

The parts department is very well stocked and knowledgeable on installation questions.

I called another dealer in town who represents the brand of TT that I have and they didn't have in stock a $10 canopy clamp that I urgently needed. Their parts person was kind enough to point me to Curtis Trailers. I've been to Curtis 3 times and to date they had the stock parts I've needed and very helpful on my "how to questions". I'll be stopping by this week to pick up a vent cover that I broke.

Andrea P. | 2014-04-30

My husband and I bought a new trailer a year ago (March 2013) from Curtis Trailers. We really like the sales man that helped us. He was great. That's where anything good ended.

We took the trailer camping late spring, through early fall of 2013. We kept finding things that were falling apart. I'm talking everything from the shower walls pulling away from the trailer walls to cupboard doors pulling out of the cabinets.

We took the trailer in with the list of repairs on a Friday and were told we would be contacted the next day about the status. We weren't contacted at all. My husband was the one calling, checking on the status and getting updates.

It ended up that they had to get a new kitchen counter top from the manufacturer. I received a call from the service department saying the counter top was in and asked if I would please bring the trailer back so they could finish the work. We hadn't picked up the trailer, it was still on their lot and had been for 6 weeks.

We went in and picked up the trailer in hopes that it was all "fixed" and ready to go. Their way of getting the shower panels to keep from pulling away from the wall was to rivet it to the wall. They didn't caulk around them, so I'm concerned about them leaking. They also put the magnets on the shower door on backwards. Now the door and the shower frame repel each other. And, if you're taking a shower, there's no way to keep the door closed.

There is also a small dent in the trailer and the siding is pulling away from the metal trim piece.

The door between the bedroom and bathroom kept coming off the track while we were traveling & the track was bent. They did not straighten or fix the track they just added more screws.

We are VERY unhappy with the service here and will not be back!

Jim W. | 2014-04-26

We purchased a 2014 Denali Travel Trailer and had an awesome sales experience.  Unfortunately there was a leak at the water pump.  Their Service Guy Dan Farnsworth was less than helpful.  He took a lackluster approach to the factory problem and didn't care at all.  I finally found the leak during a trip and brought it to Danielle's attention.  She got everything fixed and we're happy customers.  I am a small business owner and know how important customer service can be. Dan could care less, so please ask for another Service Advisor!

Renaye D. | 2014-03-04

Back in the 70's, 80's and 90's my parents would travel from Idaho and deal ONLY with Curtis trailer.  I could never understand why they would come so far until, now years later, my husband and I visited Curtis trailers and purchased our own trailer.  Customer service is  amazing!  The trailer prices are very competitive, and we were completely satisfied with how our salesman handled the entire purchase from beginning to end.  If this type of service is still going after 40 have to know they're doing something right!  Thank you Curtis Trailers....from  generation to generation!

Randy W. | 2014-01-09

My service at Curtis trailers has been good. I bought a new 2014 5th wheel at the end of October. I took it home and did a 3 day camping trip. I found about 6 issues that needed to be fixed. Which were just poor quality at putting it together. I called and made an appointment and took it back in the middle of December. It has been there every since. They have fixed all issues except one. I have three tip outs in my RV and we have a leak on one of the seals. They have fixed it and it keeps on leaking. I am hoping to get it back soon. We were planning on living in it for a while and selling our house. Although the service has been good, I am concerned with the quality on the 5th wheel. I paid $45,000 for this trailer and it already has a leak? That is a big issue for me. It has been back at the dealer longer than I have had it at home.

Claire R. | 2014-01-06

I am new to the RV world, and the people at Curtis Trailers have been nothing but supportive, friendly, and EXTREMELY helpful to me on my journey to full-time RV living. When I found out that my RV had significant water damage, they helped walk me through how I could fix it. I didn't have the money to get it professionally fixed, but multiple people still offered to help me through all of the steps I would need to accomplish to get my coach liveable again. Rick in parts helped me find all of the things I would need to help seal up my RV, and Larry and Danielle in service were kind, patient and very knowledgeable with all of my RV questions. Honestly, I couldn't have done it without them. I will continue to go to Curtis Trailers for all of my RV questions, needs, and service.

Gregg C. | 2013-09-12

My wife and I have been customers of Curtis Trailers for over 10 years. The Curtis travel trailer specialists impressed us when we first met them at a large trailer show. They were friendly and very knowledgeable. They asked us what our needs and wants were regarding our camping plans, and then they showed us what would eventually meet our needs rather than trying to sell us something more expensive. We sold that trailer last year and immediately went to Curtis Trailers in Aloha again, where Mike O'Brian gave us more professional help. His professional help resulted in us buying a fantastic Cougar trailer.
When it comes to service, Curtis Trailers is again the best around. Linda, in the service department, is always there with a big smile and a great attitude. We know that we will get the best professional service in the business when the service crew is there for us.
Last, and not the least: the parts department. Again, the folks behind the counter and out in the aisles are there to give the best help.
We can't say enough good things about Curtis Trailers. So, to conclude: take our advice, go to Curtis for the best in the trailer business.
Gregg & Lee Ann Childs

Brittany B. | 2013-06-07

I am usually a very skeptical buyer when it comes to sales folks. However, I must say Robby and Trevor at Curtis Trailers were awesome! We never felt ANY pressure or salesy talk. They were honest, straight forward and even recommended a lower cost trailer because it was a safer bet for our rig. They could have easily made more money but it was clear our safety an enjoyment of pulling the actual trailer was number 1 concern. I can't say enough great things about this place. Trevor spent about an hour with us after we bought it going over tips and tricks he uses for trailering.

They have earned lifetime customers with us!

Sandra L. | 2013-05-10

Curtis Trailer is great.  We have purchased 4 trailers from Vaughn Nelson over the years and have been completely happy with every one.  If we ever decide to buy another after this one we will definitely return to Vaughn and Curtis Trailer.

Brandon J. | 2013-01-23

I had outstanding customer service from Rick.

My food cart suffered a break-in, and we needed a new door ASAP. They couldn't get one in stock for a few days, but he managed to find another dealer in town that did have one in stock. Although they didn't benefit from the purchase, they still managed to help me find what I needed. I'll be going back to Curtis for all other supplies from here on out!

Mary G. | 2012-08-14

Excellent to work with both buying a trailer and having repairs done! They even stayed in contact with me when I had another dealer do the repairs.

Cezary W. | 2012-08-13

We just moved to Portland and had a mishap with our popup trailer - door latch broke down. I googled Curtis trailers as a place close to our new home. I dropped our trailer to have the door latch repaired - after 10 days we got it back and we paid $500 for this minor job! 2 weeks later another mishap: cranking mechanism broke down. I knew already that Curtis trailers is an expensive place, but I wanted our popup repaired asap so I towed it over there. After a 2 week wait period I got a call that they can not repair our trailer because there are no available fleetwood parts. However, they will be happy to take my broken popup as a downpayment for a new one. Ridiculous! When we showed back to take our popup away, we learned that we must pay $178 because this shop is unable and/or unwilling to repair our pop-up! Common, this ain't a rocket engine, there are many people who do those kind of repairs with aftermarket parts! Complete ripoff! Avoid Curtis trailers at any cost!

Connie A. | 2011-10-07

This is the second 5th wheel I have bought from Curtis. Our salesman was excellent, knowledgable and great to work with. We just recently purchased our second 5th wheel. You get the 30 day warranty on used . The batteries were shot, the seal in the toilet was bad and the dvd player was horrible and our dvds kept freezing up. Curtis replaced everything for us and we could'nt be more happy! The service department is great as well. Nice staff at Curtis.

raevyn C. | 2010-09-23

The parts department is great. Good selection, friendly staff, decent prices. However, was so not wowed by the service dept. They told me they worked on vintage trailers, then after 3 hours they told me they couldn't do the fixes because it was old and they charged me $50. Later, I also found out they blew water through the system, in spite of me telling them  a pipe had been removed, so my carpet was saturated. Thanks for nothing.