Broadway Toyota-Scion in Portland, OR

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New Toyota Vehicle Sales, Service, and Rental Cars.  Used or pre-owned vehicle sales and service.  Broadway is the onlyway when it comes to sales and service.  Broadway Toyota has a convenient location, friendly staff, 30,000 square foot indoor showroom floor.  Whether you're servicing or purchasing a vehicle, you can enjoy our convenient  shuttle service, the Onlyway Cafe, or any one of comfortable lobby's that provide free WI-FI, HD Cable TV, and a play room for children.


Established in 1984.

We offer one of the most comprehensive parts and service department in the automotive industry. With over 75 years combined Toyota knowledge our Parts Department is the most experienced in the Northwest! Stop by our Toyota Parts Department, email them, use our online form to order toyota parts or call them at 503-284-1105

Broadway Toyota-Scion

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 239-3912
Address:55 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR, 97232
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Broadway Toyota-Scion

Heather R. | 2015-04-22

Sadly, until recently, I actually loved this place. Buying the car was easy and the service had been great. I actually got that express service they like to talk about so much and they always took care of my tire problems quick and easy. This is why I did two stars instead of one.

Unfortunately, everything lately has been horrible. This last time, and I want to be clear, I HAD AN APPOINTMENT, I waited almost three hours for an oil change. I get you can get busy, but this is what appointments are for so you don't have to wait. And on top of it, they didn't even finish everything. I'm sitting there waiting, with my poor dog, watching people come in and out while I sit there like a fool. I tried asking, no one knows anything and I couldn't even get my car because they had just started working on it.

Now, I sent several emails and made several phone calls and no one even came back to me. A simple, sorry we screwed up, please come in and we'll finish what you paid for, nothing. Specifically emailed the service manager more than once and nothing, which really is absolutely not okay. I think the thing that bothers me the most is what else have they not been doing.

I also have tires that are supposed to last 50,000 miles but even at 40K, I'm kind of afraid of them and they won't talk to me about that either. I guess they really don't want my repeat business, which is funny with how much they can call and write and bother me about needing my car. Unbelievable really and I just don't feel safe in my care any more. Time to find another car company I guess.

I did finally figure out what the problem was, if you don't have the actual service desk people sign you in and people come out from the office side, they don't put you in the express service queue and you are screwed. Doesn't change the fact that they didn't do everything on the work order that I paid for but does explain the time.

I might as well go to Vancouver Toyota if this is the case but the problem there is not only do you wait just as long every single time, they never seem to be able to do things like fix tires.

Jnet C. | 2015-03-23

After an equally exhausting afternoon with Gladstone Toyota, we thought Broadway would be different. I was upfront with what we wanted to spend on the new Tacoma we were looking for and once again found ourselves being pushed past what our budget would realistically allow. We were offered an insultingly low price for our very nice trade-in vehicle and basically was told we wouldn't find another truck for this cost anywhere else. Also, the $15,000 I was interested in financing mysteriously turned into almost $18,000?
Something tells me the other half dozen Toyota dealerships in the area *might* just have something that will work for us AND respect us enough to work within our budget. Thanks but no thanks, guys!

Nick R. | 2015-03-17

Miscommunications, poor time estimates, long waits... Terrible experience all around. They had my car for two full days to replace a bolt on my seat. Nobody was on the same page. Three different people told me three different things. Huge inconvenience.

Jason H. | 2015-02-16

My last car buying experience was 13 years ago and really left a bad taste in my mouth even after that many years.  The past two weeks I had been bracing myself to start the process anew.  I did a ton of research on line.  I explored quite a few local Toyota dealers in the area, looking as far out as Salem.  I ended up giving my business to Broadway.  They not only gave me the best deal on my Prius C, but also the best trade-in value.  More importantly, the environment at the dealership was fantastic.  There was no pressure.  I felt respected.  All in all just a fantastic experience.  I couldn't recommend them more!

I am H. | 2015-02-16

This is for the service side. Needed to get a headlight replaced. Called ahead and asked if I could wait and was told they could take care of it quickly. They did just that. Was in and out in less than fifteen minutes. Quick and friendly service without the nickel and diming your customers pay big dividends later with customer loyalty.

Terri L. | 2015-02-15

I spent $1,000 and got absolutely zero customer service.  I needed new brakes and got four new tires as well.  I specifically told them I would wait for the car.  I told them more than once I would wait for the car because they balked when I first told them.  I waited, and I waited, and I waited  After four hours I noticed my car was parked backwards between two handicapped spots.  I started looking for service personnel and asking them if my car was finished, they ignored me and walked around me and said someone would be with me soon.  Eventually I was able to corner a woman who said it didn't matter if the car was in the parking lot the paperwork probably hadn't been finished.  I asked her to please check and my car had been done for an hour.  She pointed me at the cashier and I waited until the people behind the desk finished their conversion and paid up and left.  I also complained about my car being parked between two handicap spots ... they just shrugged.  Absolutely nobody discussed what had been done with my car.  This is my first bad experience with Broadway Toyota but it was a doozie.

Greg B. | 2015-01-14

Twice they made me promises over the phone to try and lure me out there. Each time their story changed and the sales manager (Tim Hogan) was outright rude and confrontational.

The first time they promised they could get me a new vehicle from another dealer that same day and match the price of another local dealer. After I arrived and they began to look into it, not only did they say they could NOT match the price of the other dealer, but the vehicle they promised to be able to get was no longer an option as it had $3K in modifications done. This was sloppy, but perhaps they were having an off day.

The second time they called me right before I was about to buy from a local dealer who had the vehicle I wanted coming in over the next few days, and they said they had the vehicle I wanted there in stock and they could match the price I was getting. I arrived and looked at the vehicle, and the had 150 miles on it already. It was also slightly dirty inside and did not smell new. I told them I was disappointed that they failed to inform me of this before coming down there, but that if they could offer a discount, I would purchase. They refused, and even said that they were having second thoughts about honoring the price we had discussed over the phone. The sales manager (Tim Hogan) even went so far as to call the salesman from the other dealership a "Liar".

Needless to say, I went and purchased from the other dealer, and was very happy. If I were you, I would avoid Broadway Toyota (Specifically Sales--the service department is OK, but there are better in the area).

Daniel W. | 2014-12-11

I brought my 2004 Toyota Prius into the service department after buying it used. It needed a 600 dollar sensor replaced and at the time I stated to the nice man that I wanted to get all of my scheduled maintenance up to date. He said there was no scheduled maintenance that needed to be done, but to come in at 80,000 miles to get my plugs and wires changed. A few months go by, I drive the car quite a bit. I take it to a jiffy lube for an oil change and they inform me that I'm 23,000 miles overdue for a transmission system flush. Basically, I'm pissed that I wasn't informed of this at the dealership, which is supposed to be more knowledgeable. I'm trying to resolve the issue with the dealership and keep getting put on hold and switched from one person to the next. An apology would be nice, instead I was told that "we assume you had service elsewhere". How could you assume that when I spoke in length with the technician about how I had just bought the vehicle used and wanted to get all of my scheduled maintenance up to date, and was willing to pay the going rate. Long story short, don't trust the "professionals", make sure you learn as much as you can about when your scheduled maintenance is so you don't have to rely on their crappy assumptions and terrible advice.

Leslie J. | 2014-12-04

Great. Greeted promptly and got on my way to work quickly.  Service was completed as promised and no one tried to upsell me on any services or products.

Penny R. | 2014-12-02

THANK YOU for the excellent service each and every time we bring our vehicle in for regular maintenance.  Everyone is always professional and prices are affordable.

Patty H. | 2014-12-02

I recently purchased a beautiful FJ Cruiser from Broadway Totota and it was a great experience.  I felt fairly treated and truly appreciated.  
because I originally came in to service my older Toyota, then decided to trade it in, there were several steps involved:  From beginning to end,  Broadway Toyota was a WELL OILED MACHINE.
I never had to tell the person I was sent to why I was there, they already knew and were taking care of things.
Thank you to Ronita, Kylar, Eric, Kristina, Sammie and Liv.  You all did such a geat job.
I love my car!

Jacob C. | 2014-11-30

I had the pleasure of working with a gentleman by the name of Ian in the internet direct sales department. He was professional, very prompt in his responses, and highly informative.

If you decide to start your purchase process on the internet and you are helped by Ian, you are in good hands.

Ted H. | 2014-11-21

I scheduled an appointment with the service department to diagnose a check engine light. I arrived early and the service technicians immediately told me they were backed up and is have to wait 90 minutes. One technician finally found my appointment and said they'd 'squeeze' me in.  However, it would take them nearly 4 hours to diagnose my check engine light. I spoke to the technician to try to understand his logic, but couldn't. Frustrated with the lack of empathy and professional integrity that I have come to know from Toyota, I decided to leave. Still disappointed from this experience, I called to speak with the supervisor at Broadway Toyota, but she was unavailable. I spoke to her assistant who assured me of a call back which never happened. I took my vehicle to Atomicauto on NE Sandy and they diagnosed the check engine light in under 5 minutes and didn't charge me a dime. Broadway Toyota wanted to charge $95! Don't go to Broadway Toyota!

Roger M. | 2014-11-19

Recently concerned with braking on my Tundra. The brakes shimmy when pulling a trailer (7,000 lbs.) downhill on a 6% grade. I  was able to met with the extremely proficient mechanic in the shop to look at my Tundra with the wheels off. He showed me the rotor run-out was slightlyout-of-spec, pads sill at 40%, but the vehicle would still be safe to drive as is. Because I pull a trailer a lot, I decide to turn the rotors and put on new pads.

While in the shop the mechanic spotted some oil leakage on the timing cover. which was covered under warranty.

So I have been servicing at Broadway. My truck has 45,000 miles. I am pleased with the level of service from the front door to out-the-door. Honest, dependable service and my service writer, Tyson, is extremely good at explaining technical issues and holding my hand--I am a "picky" customer but nice--well what do you expect from a former engineer? The diagnostics, the analysis, just the facts.

Jerred H. | 2014-11-10

I don't usually do reviews, but my experience with Broadway Toyota was so good I think they deserve some public praise.

I was dreading having to go car shopping as it can be a pretty awful experience.  However I ended up having far and away the best experience of my life buying a car.  

I was following up on a print ad lease deal on a Prius.  I went to the website and didn't see it on there, so I started up a live chat with one of the internet sales team members, Giulia Dattilo.  I asked her about the special and she quickly checked on it and said it was available.  I arranged a time to come in.

Giulia was fantastic.  She was easy going, no pressure.  At no point did I feel like anyone was trying to make an extra buck off of me.  She also knew exactly what she was doing and everything happened efficiently and effectively.  I was test driving a qualified vehicle within a few minutes of getting there.  We ran the numbers, had a very civil negotiation, and made a fair deal.  

I was driving away in my new car less than 2.5 hours after arriving.  I didn't know buying a car could ever be this easy, or, dare I say actually enjoyable.  

Great job Broadway Toyota, and great job Giulia!  I could not be more satisfied.

Stewart Y. | 2014-11-05

Try to go elsewhere if you can.  I've been there 4 or 5 times and it's always a negative experience.  Here are a few examples:

When I came in for an oil change, I asked them to check my battery as it died once.  They said it was ok.  But, the battery died a couple more times.  I brought it back and asked them to check it again.  They said it was fine.  A few days later, the battery died and I had to wait for AAA for 1 1/2 hours.  The battery was completely dead, and had to be replaced.  Did Broadway Toyota even look at it?

I had a slow leak in a tire.  I asked them to inspect it when I had my car serviced.  They said the tire was fine.  It kept leaking, so I asked them to check it again, and they said it was fine.  I brought the car to a tire store, and lo and behold, they found a nail in the tire.  Did Broadway toyotoa even look at it?

I made an appointment for a oil change for 8 am one morning,  when I brought it in, they said it would be ready at 2:00!  6 hours for an oil change?  They said they had lots of other cars.  Ok, then why did they give me an 8:00 appointment?  

There are lots of other reasons I will not go back.

Tara M. | 2014-10-31

I had a headlight bulb that was burned out. It was changed and done almost before I could sit down in the waiting area.

Chris B. | 2014-10-28

First experience buying a new car at Broadway was fantastic hence why we returned on Saturday. Still ended up buying a used car on Sat but only after a God awful experience that began after being deceptively promised a certain vehicle would be there for us to look at. So off we went traveling from Salem to only find THAT vehicle in the process of being sold to someone else. What happened to pulling it out back so no one would look at it? Any way long story short, a local news station has been notified and looks like they will be developing a story:) Make a bed; lay or should I say "lie" in it. Should be interesting.

Norievelle D. | 2014-10-28

I'm just going to go ahead and start this review by stating how much work needs to be done on my tiny and old Prius: about $4,000.00 worth.  Ouch, right? Sure, that's a lot, but I feel really good about it being in the hands of these guys. Eric from the service department has walked me through the entire thing and updates me regularly. There has been no pressure to make fast decisions and definitely no pressure to make any particular decisions. He has also made sure to help me make informed decisions by going over the options, and what it all looks like realistically. It's pretty clear that I'm attached to my car. It's the first and only car I've ever owned, and he even has a name. During a phone conversation, Eric picked up on that right away and assured me that all will be alllllright with my little car. They've also helped me with accommodations to ensure my life doesn't have any unnecessary interruptions because of all the work that has to be done. I'd never had any troubles getting rides to and from the dealership, and they helped set me up with another (and more fancy) Prius to drive around-- definitely needed with balancing two jobs and life. I sleep well at night, knowing that one of my most important tools in life is in very capable hands. PS-- they actually have good coffee in the reception area....

Casimira T. | 2014-10-22

There was some confusion about a verbal quote that set me back a bit. BUT in the end I think I got a fair deal that was the best available price. Josh was great.

Lowell G. | 2014-10-11

This addresses the sales side of their business. They use the two step process. Friendly salesman followed by intimating, arrogant, mediocre sales manager. Their initial offer always merits a counter. Rather than being open, intelligent and honest about how to create a win win situation, they entice you with a car, get the credit app done well before the deal is close to being done, and use "tried and true" sales "techniques," to close the deal. Their care for the customer is no further than the distance to the cash register. Stay away!

Stacy G. | 2014-10-06

Exceptional!  Austin and Andrew seemed to genuinely care about  me getting my issue resolved.

Adriana A. | 2014-10-04

These guys! I need a new tire mounted on but I had to be at work! They did it in quick time and delivered my key to work! Thank you to everyone there for the 5 star service! If I ever get married, you're all invited!

Mary G. | 2014-09-01

Great experience! Rodney was very helpful and the process was painless. It only took two hours to lease a new car. Best car leasing experience I've ever had!

Chuck C. | 2014-08-31

Their website offered a 2014 Prius 3 for $21650. Several other dealers told me it was a "deal of a lifetime" ...if it was actually true. I called the Internet manager and repeatedly asked her if this was a bait and switch tactic. She assured me the price was accurate.

As I started my 3 hr. drive to Portland she called me and said there was a mistake and the price quoted was actually for a Prius 2. A Prius 3 would cost $23000. I'm glad she called to correct me but I would have been livid if I had driven all the way to Portland for naught.

I hope this was an honest mistake and not their usual way of doing business so beware if the deal sounds too good to be true!

Albert R. | 2014-08-31

I don't make time to write reviews, but want to do this to save some people a lot of money.

Three times within the last five years, the Service Department at Broadway Toyota has fabricated problems that supposedly existed on my 4Runners, each of them estimated to cost more than $1500.  

Luckily, the first time such an estimate was given to me, the manner in which it was delivered was so unprofessional and unconvincing (estimate was not written on official letterhead document) that I had to get a second opinion.  Sure enough, upon going to another Toyota dealership in the Portland metro area, they confirmed that the problem did not exist. (I will not divulge which dealership confirmed this, as my purpose is not to promote an alternate dealership than Broadway - just to prove that they have highly unethical business practices)

The second time I took my 4Runner back to Broadway Toyota three years ago because the window had been broken in an overnight theft downtown.  Once again, upon finishing the window, they diagnosed a rack and pinion problem.  Because of my past experience, I checked this with another dealership and they did not find that problem.

Just two weeks ago, I took my 4Runner back in for another window fix, and the bill for that small job came with a diagnosis for an exhaust manifold crack.  I almost believed it, thinking that by now they should have paid off their facade remodel expenses and didn't need to fabricate problems to drum up Service business.  Fortunately, I checked again with another dealership and they did not find the exhaust manifold problem.

For the sake of your family and friends who drive Toyota's, DO NOT LET THEM GET THEIR STICKY FINGERS ON YOUR VEHICLE.  So far, my household has saved more than $5000 by not believing them, and I hope you do too.

Kristin W. | 2014-08-22

I'll start by saying that I don't often review businesses, but after the service I received at Broadway Toyota today I felt compelled to share.

First, let me say that I was very skeptical about buying a new car when I walked in. The only car buying experience I've ever had was at a sketchy used dealership and that was probably the worst consumer experience I've ever had. However,  my experience at Broadway was pretty much completely opposite of that. I'll just highlight some of the best aspects:

1. I was not pushed to buy a more expensive model or upgrade from the Prius c I was already pretty set on buying. At all. I cannot emphasize enough how much I hate that kind of crap.

2. The sales rep I worked with was probably one of the most professional and genuine people I have ever made such a large purchase through. I left actually feeling good about it instead of kicking myself.

3. Even the finance people were kind and professional. I wasn't put through the drill routine regarding every single aspect of my credit history. Expecting this kind of treatment was what really made me extremely anxious about purchasing a car. They really made every effort to get my payment as comfortable as possible.

4. Overall, A+ performance from Broadway Toyota! I'll definitely be back! (:

Kristin W. | 2014-08-10

Great service. Clear communication and follow through. Hallelujah. My little car is running great. I just moved my business from another Toyota dealer/service provider (12 years) to Broadway - it's closer and much better.

Tim M. | 2014-08-07

This review for service only

If I could give zero stars I would...  This was the single worst experience I've ever had at a dealership, and I will never go back to Broadway Toyota for any reason.  The incompetence runs deep, and they lack customer service skills even at the management level.  Best find someplace else to have your car serviced!

Anna B. | 2014-08-03

Many people dissuaded me from buying a car at Broadway.  

I don't like being told what to do.  

So when it came time to replace the Ashtray on Four Wheels, I looked 'em up.  I'd had a good experience there as a spectator with a friend in the past.  

I ended up going to physically look at cars after an easy, breezy online inquiry turned into a pleasant email correspondence with one of their sales people.  She was super detailed, understood what I was looking for, didn't pressure me at all, and had lots of great suggestions.  

The actual car-buying experience was typical, I'd say... the same old song and dance when everyone does a silly back-and-forth on the price even though you both (if you did your homework) know full well what the dealer is going to let that car go for.  I did have to haggle up a little on my trade-in value, but other than that, nothing negative or noteworthy to point out.  

PS, buying a car takes ALL FREAKING DAY, if you did not know that.  

Paperwork, financing dept, sales peeps were all very professional, patient, knowledgeable, and helpful.  The offices are nice.  Hours are accommodating.  There's a little cafe for snacks and coffee while you're waiting.  The whole operation spreads over a few different buildings.  

I haven't been in for service yet, but the system seems pretty efficient via email/online booking or option to phone it in the old-fashioned way.  I even got a follow up call and email just to see if I was having fun in my new wheels.

Edwin T. | 2014-07-22

I called to get a quote on replacing the starter in my truck and from that initial contact to the end of service I had a great experience. Their service rates we competitive with other shops that I called and they were amazingly efficient. Plus they had cookies in the lounge and wifi. Hard to beat that little touch.

Uriah S. | 2014-07-18

Terrible sales tactics, went in to get a trade in value on a vehicle I planned on using for a brand new Camry purchase instead got yanked around for 30 minutes then sat down with the hard sell guy who said"what do I have to do to sell you this car today" BS....still have not received the trade in offer from them. Stick to Ron Tonkin, purchased my Tacoma from them and the experience was great and no slimy sales crap

Matthew S. | 2014-07-09

I recently moved to OR from the midwest, and this was my first time visiting Broadway Toyota. My experience here was excellent. The staff was really welcoming and had a very professional yet friendly demeanor. Erik was thorough yet concise in his explanation of the service process, as was the younger gentleman (whose name I didn't get) that walked me out after the service was completed, right on time. By making me feel like a long time customer right off the bat, the awesome staff here has ensured that I will be.

Eddy O. | 2014-05-30

My experience at Broadway Toyota was exceptional. I will not hesitate to recommend this dealership to others. They have the rare combination of providing good value along with friendly, courteous staff. The process was smooth and quick. I felt comfortable working with the entire dealership team. Broadway Toyota has gained a new, loyal customer. My sales person was Giulia. She is knowledgeable, thorough, friendly, and easy to work with.

Bryan W. | 2014-05-29

Worst sales experience ever. The manager ended up mocking me when I asked a question and then he stormed off.

Tuany N. | 2014-05-18

My mom just bought a new 2014 corolla LE from salesman Kito Songvilay and he was the nicest and most professional car salesman ever! He beat the internet price by over $2000 and even beat Beaverton Toyotas price to. The got the best "Wow" experience when he personally delivered the car to our house in Hillsboro! That's what I call Wow!!! Thank you Kito for your persistence and hardwork, my dad will get a new Rav4 from you soon!!!

Hannah L. | 2014-05-13

This review is for the service side only, which so far has been fantastic. I've been in twice for both of my Toyotas (is there any other car anyone should buy?!); I can't remember the first service advisor I saw, but my second time around I worked with Carly. She was fantastic; very professional, friendly, and informative. Everything was explained in terms of cost, work, and so on. Once my car was getting checked out they discovered a brake pad issue (I'd suspected something might have been happening due to recent squealing), and she clearly explained what they could fix and the implications of not fixing it in a very neutral, non-fear-inducing way. Much appreciated!

I've always found the service professionals easy to communicate with, and both times my cars have been finished on or before time. I like the online scheduling option, though it doesn't always go through; the second time I used it I never got a confirmation email or call and ended up calling to check in with the dealership the morning I'd asked for service. They were able to work me in anyway, but it would be a tiny plus if that system were consistently instead of occasionally reliable.

There's a shuttle (if you need to travel within a seven-mile radius), a comfortable waiting room, and the dealership itself is close to several transit options so it's easy to get to or leave from. Hopefully I won't have to be in too often for too much, or need a new car anytime in the near (or far) future, but I'm glad that this is the spot I'll cultivate that relationship with nonetheless.

Heidi W. | 2014-04-25

My service experience was stellar! Carl was great and listened to my stories of woe with my Prius battery and bad service experience with another local dealership.  He went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of.

Richard A. | 2014-04-25

I purchased a Prius here in late march.  The only reason I picked them is because I did not need to finance the car and the were the lowest price.  The customer service was poor at best.  The finance manager was unbelievably condescending and disrespectful about us wanting to buy cash.  Acted like we were criminals because we didn't want to take on debt we didn't need.
The sale person Adam was nice but dishonest in a few things along the way.  He promised us two free tanks of gas and has not even returned calls or text to get them after one time he said he couldn't do it that day.  I know it's probably a bit much to ask a sale person to be honest or to do what he says but a guy can hope.
I would not recommend this dealership unless you have financing or cash ready to go.  They are the stereotypical dealership with slimy salesman and overbearing finance managers.  
Makes me glad I only buy new car every 10 or 15 years!

Jeff B. | 2014-04-24

I am brand new to the area and brought my Tacoma in for service. I had an appt and was greeted professionally and courteously. They explained everything that was to be done, expected cost and timing. A quick call about another service item with a full explanation of the item and cost. Everything was completed on time and without a problem. Great service, professional and courteous. Thanks.

Steven C. | 2014-04-24

I contacted Broadway Toyota to purchase a white four-door 2014 Toyota Tacoma four-wheel-drive pick up truck for my business. I spoke to a "Senior sales associate", named Adam. He spent the first few minutes telling me how important customer service was to him and his dealership. He kept repeating over and over that he wanted to "earn my business". He also repeatedly stated how great his prices were. I had done some research and I was prepared to pay about $32,000 for a 2014 Toyota Tacoma with the options that i wanted.. I told Adam that I had a discharged bankruptcy in 2011 but that I had a large $10,000 down payment and that I wanted to finance approximately $22,000. I told him that I could also put down some additional down payment, if necessary. He was supposed to call me back the following morning at 8 o'clock with some "final numbers". He never did call me back even though I left him a message the following morning. His "finance person" did, named Eric. Eric told me that "they had a great 2007 gray Toyota Tacoma four door with 61,000 miles on it, that they could "get me into". I told him that I wasn't interested in a used truck with 61,000 miles on it, I had called for a brand-new truck. I told him that I had a large down payment and he acknowledged that, but said the bank would feel a lot more comfortable if they were to lend me money on this truck rather than the new one. When I ask him how much I was paying for the used truck, he actually told me that he didn't know. He told me that I should just focus on the payments which were going to be $350 a month. At that point I asked to speak to a manager, because quite frankly, I was in stunned disbelief that they would allow this person, Eric, to even deal with a customer. Enter Jake, a manager, who it turned out, had actually structured the deal. I asked Jake if he knew how much I was paying for the 2007 used Tacoma with 61,000 miles on it, and to my utter amazement, he said 32,000 something. After hearing 32,000, I didn't really focus on the hundreds. I told him that a competitive Toyota dealer had quoted me a brand-new 2014 four-door Toyota Tacoma that was better equipped than their used 2007 Toyota Tacoma with 61,000 miles on it for, $32,049. I ask him how is it possible to buy a brand-new Toyota Tacoma including a sport package and navigation for less money than their less equipped, seven-year-old Toyota Tacoma truck with 61,000 miles on it. At that point Jake morphed into the typical BS used car manager that he is. I feel stupid even putting this down in my review but he actually said this, so I will. Jake told me, that Toyota's hold their value so well that you can get this kind of a resale value for a 2007 Toyota Tacoma. In the case of Broadway Toyota and the mind of Jake, that 2007 Toyota Tacoma with 61,000 miles on it had actually increased in value over a 2014 with no miles on it and much better equipped. Of course we all know that Jake is not stupid, but he obviously thought that I was. When I asked to speak to the owner, I was told that the owner does not speak to customers. That is my Broadway story. If you want to be treated like you're an idiot, from arrogant sales people, and pay the highest prices in the city of Portland, compared to other Toyota dealers, "Broadway is the only way". On the other hand, if you are looking to be treated with respect as a customer, do not waste your time at Broadway Toyota because it will be an extremely frustrating experience.

Paul B. | 2014-04-23

I love this service department.  They fixed my damaged Toyota Highlander for free.  I ran over a huge tire tread which damaged the undercarriage of the car. Thanks for the awesome service and the cafe was an added bonus.

Rob C. | 2014-04-21

I'm a salesperson, myself, so bad sales tactics really rub me the wrong way. Salespeople like this give our industry a bad name.

I came in having never even had a car payment before, but the exact car I wanted was a 2012. Noting that I was just browsing, but sincerely interested in this car, they made the savvy move to sit me down with two salespeople and try to sell me on the car immediately.

When I said I needed to ask my girlfriend (whom I have lived with for years), they said not to worry about it. I wonder what their respective relationships look like...

When I said we were looking at homes and wanted to not be over-leveraged, they said they'd call my mortgage broker, right then.

They wouldn't budge on the price, but they lowered the price one week after.

I bought the same car through another party two weeks later. While my interest rate is slightly higher, I felt better being able to evaluate the car without someone trying to force me into a $20,000 loan on impulse alone. No thanks.

V F. | 2014-04-19

I was shocked at how terrible their customer service was. The woman I talked to was very condescending and even told me to go somewhere else when I was just hoping to have a vehicle inspection before driving across country. I am definitely taking my business somewhere else.

S. H. | 2014-04-17

I've now bought two cars from here, so I feel like I have a strong perspective... my first experience was efficient, but uneventful (a good thing when buying a car!), but my most recent experience was remarkable enough that I decided to review:

Lyle, the person who worked with me the most and from whom I purchased my latest car, was so energetic and enthusiastic without coming on too strong; he was honest, fun, and actually turned the experience so many of us dread into a fun time.  Lyle had just the car for me and was able to clearly and concisely explain everything from the finances to the fuel efficiency without skipping a beat.  I knew I was in good hands and I would highly recommend this place and this sales person in particular!

Anna R. | 2014-04-17

Expensive and great service until they have your sale.

Brianna F. | 2014-04-15

I just want to voice my disappointment with my experience at Broadway Toyota Service a few weeks ago. I brought my car in for a safety recall and a tuneup which I was assuming would cost me approximately $50 and much to my surprise, when I arrived to pick up my car, was told the charge would be $425 which was not explained to me. Luckily I am able to afford this charge but I think it is completely unreasonable to not explain such charges to customers from the beginning. I was asked about a $140 for spark plugs which I declined but was never told that the service charge for a tune up would be $425. Be careful to always ask what the charge is before you turn over your keys!

Alex K. | 2014-04-01

Last month I began a search for a 2014 Tundra Limited Double Cab (without the TRD package) for my boss. I found the perfect truck in silver at Broadway Toyota while I was searching . It was listed for $39,8XX on with a MSRP of $41,959. I called and spoke to Michael Todd in the Internet department on 3/16. I confirmed with him that the truck is a Double Cab without the TRD package and asked him what pricing they are willing to do, as I had seen people getting $4-5k off of MSRP. He told me that $38,658 was his bottom dollar on this truck, and that was including Toyota's current $500 rebate. He looked up the Tundra and found out that it had a hold on it from the fleet department but said that it was usually easy to get that hold taken off for us, and if not he could get a replacement truck with the same specs. I agreed to come look at it with my boss at 5 PM on that same day.
I arrived at Broadway at 5 PM. The truck was exactly what we were looking for, and we told him we wanted it. Mike then says he will look for a matching truck. I inquired why, and he said he had talked to the fleet department and that there was no way to get the hold off of this truck, and that he would be taking it from another customer if he did. Instead of explaining this in a polite manner, Mike decided to take the condescending approach. He comes back a bit later and tells us that he has found the exact truck we want, and can get it in 24-48 hours. He says $39,000 is his bottom line! So much for the $38,658 that he quoted me over the phone. I make him an offer of $38,000 for the truck, and tell him we are paying cash for it. He again becomes condescending, starting off with "you know how this works right?" and says that he would actually be losing money at that price; the truck needs to be transported from northern Washington to get here. He explains that he could easily do $4-5k off a truck sitting on his lot but not this one. He tries us to talk us into TRD package truck at this point, and I turn him down, as we don't want the TRD package and had already explained that to him. My boss agrees to go ahead with the $39k offer, as he wants this deal done sooner than later, and doesn't want to get into a further fight with Mike. Once we are walking over to finance, Mike tells us that the truck is in transit currently by Toyota and may even arrive that evening (Sunday), or the next day. As we are saying goodbye, they tell us that we'll see you on Wednesday or Thursday. No explanation for how it went from Sunday/Monday to Wednesday/Thursday for the truck being delivered. I tell Mike to call me first when it gets here. Wednesday comes, nothing from Mike. Thursday comes, no update, no call, NOTHING. I call Mike at 11:10 AM, and he tells me that he sees the truck in their inventory, and is checking the lot to see if he can find it. He says he will call me back in 15-20 minutes. No call back, NOTHING! I call him back at 2:55 PM, NO ANSWER. I leave a message. Nothing happens. I then call him back at 5:00 PM, NO ANSWER. I then call their main line and speak to Lyle and tell him that Mike is not returning his calls and that the LATEST our truck was supposed to be ready was Thursday, and I had received absolutely zero updates. He apologizes, and offers to look up the truck. Eventually they find it, and Jake calls back (Mike's boss). I asked him if he ever talked to Mike about what exactly is going on, and he tells me that Mike stopped by this morning to make sure they were getting this deal handled for me (very funny!) and then tells me the truck will be there Friday and be ready for us by 3PM, as it was getting on a flatbed from EUGENE!
The next morning (3/21) I call Mike on his cell phone at 11:27 AM and he finally answered (he had made no attempt to call me back previously) He apologizes and tells me he lost his phone (I gave him my phone number on day one, and he could have called me back ON ANY OTHER PHONE. When I left on Sunday evening, he even confirmed with me he had my phone number.) I ask him why it had taken 4 days to come from EUGENE, with no phone call (first it was northern Washington, now Eugene, they can't quite get their stories straight). He gives me a story about how they assigned ownership of the vehicle while it was sitting on the lot in Eugene and they have bad blood with the dealer down there, and it had to be PPI'ed twice, etc, etc. and the lies and bogus story grows larger and larger. Mike then offers to throw in a full tank of gas for my boss for our trouble. I call him on this and say, "Isn't that already included?" He admits it is, and offers to throw in "one or two more tanks of gas if my boss is in the area."
We finally come down to pick up the truck and I ask that he put the extra gas in writing for us, which he does, though in a grudgingly manner.
The point is, if you want customer service, not to be lied to, and anyone to actually call you back, don't go to this dealership!

Gabrielle G. | 2014-02-05

Had a bad experience with the service department. Brought my truck in for 30,000 mile service. Was supposed to cost $243. Was charged $350 for items that were already taken care of on my last oil change. (Air filter, differential fluids) unfortunately i had to go to work, so my boyfriend picked up the truck and paid. When i found out the price and saw the work order i was upset. We went back to complain but they already had the money and said there was nothing they could do about it.
I bought the truck at Vancouver Toyota, and never had any problems there. This was the first time at Broadway, i will me making the longer trip up to Vancouver from now on.

Erin C. | 2014-01-23

This review is about the service department, not sales.  I've been taking my 2007 Prius here for the last few years and have never had a bad experience.  The other day I had it scheduled to go in for the routine maintenance and a recall replacement.  My service advisor was Rick and let me tell you, he was awesome.  Very personable, didn't treat me like an idiot because I'm a woman.  I had showed him before I left that the rearview mirror had fallen off  multiple times, and the last time it took a chunk of the windshield out with it, he said he would see what he could do to fix it.  After a few hours when I returned to pick it up, as I was walking in the door Rick was walking out for the day.  He said "Hey! Let's get you checked out."  He went over everything they did maintenance-wise and explained the recalled part and then he told me that he drove my car down the street to an auto glass repair shop and had them fix the rearview mirror-FOR FREE.  He didn't charge me at all.  I was blown away by his efforts and I left very a very happy customer.  I will definitely continue to take my car there and I'll be asking to work with Rick.

Kyle S. | 2013-12-09

I was lied to by the finance guy who told me my warranty covered Every part of the car.   Twice i have brought my car in for them to tell me it isnt covered. Won't be purchasing another car from this dealership.

John F. | 2013-12-06

Lots of bad reviews on here, most seem to deal with sales rather than service.  Bought my car out of state and have only brought it here for routine servicing and recalls.  I find their staff friendly, attentive, quick to average in the speed of service/repairs, and accommodating of my scheduling needs when dealing with recall items.  I also love how they will install new bulbs for free because the design of the Prius makes it impossible for me to fit my giant hands into the cozy engine compartment.

Yes, they're a little more expensive than an independent, but unlike most dealerships I don't feel like the staff are out to rob me or are completely inept.  Now that my car's past the warranty period I may shop around a little more, but only on price and not on service.

Gregg K. | 2013-11-16

I recommend that you look elsewhere to shop for a Toyota.  We were looking at a Prius IV, used, selling for around $22,000.  For that price, we thought the sale should include the Toyota Certified Warranty.  We were told that this car was in great shape but that they could not give us the Toyota Certification because Toyota limits how many Toyota Certified cars they can have and they had reached that limit.  When we finally received the 160 point inspection report that they do before they put a used car on sale, it clearly stated that this car did not qualify for Toyota Certified status due to "excessive body panel refinishing".  That did not stop them from trying to slip an extended warranty into the loan (for $2299) without mentioning the additional cost.

We decided to buy it anyway (it's a nice car) but they did not tell us until we were taking possession of the car that it only came with one key.  We were told that the car was a lease return and it only came to them with one key.  So, they made their problem into my problem.  I knew these Smart keys were expensive but I did not realize that they would cost $350 (I bought it elsewhere for $300).  

I wrote to the general manager to let him know that I was unhappy with his sales people.  I must assume that he condones the deceptive practices since he has not replied.  Honestly, I would have been surprised if he had responded.

This dealership, while very close to my home, will make no more money off of my purchases.  Any repair work for this car will be done elsewhere. In addition, we will be in the market for another car(most likely a Toyota) in the near future but it will not  be purchased there.

Catherine M. | 2013-11-06

The customer service at Broadway Toyota is the reason for one star and really less deserving than that!  I was promised all weather car mats and I called today, one week after my purchase, and told them to ship them to me as I have no intention of ever setting foot at that dealership again.  Yes one week later and still have not delivered on what was promised.

I was cornered at this dealership for 5 hours on Tuesday Oct 29, had to ask for water and they gave me a 2 oz cup, no snack and was hammered and haggled for hours until I received $500 less than what I wanted for my 5 year old Scion that had 60,000 miles on it.  I had forgotten my water bottle, had come straight from work and not eaten. Tim the GM, doesn't smile and didn't even thank me when I left.

At 10:30 PM, I was transferring all of my belongings out of my old car by myself with a hurt shoulder and not even given a bag to do so.  My car was not detailed, I drove it off the cold wet lot at 11:00 pm in tears.  I was told at 10:30 that I would not be driving my own car home, that I had to take the new one home.

Two days later on Halloween when I lodged my complaint about how I had been treated to the salesman, I did not hear back from him but received an email from Glen and then I was given a number to call Mike and Mike told me he was horrified and would get back to me and never did.   I just spent $24,000 on a car, you'd think they would call me!!

The finance guy at the end, was flipping through computer screens and changing numbers here and there to make the "deal" work out the way I had been told when we settled on a price and.  I felt I was worn down through abusive torture techniques, low blood sugar and tired, so I wouldn't notice.  And I walked away with not one piece of paperwork that I signed.  I called today, one week later, to inquire and was told they would look into it.  Haven't heard back.

This is my first hybrid, it would have been nice to be shown how it all works, you know to be given some pointers in how to use it.

When I bought my first new car from Gladstone Toyota back in 2009, I was not haggled.  I was encouraged and supported by my sales rep and I came the next day to pick it up and it was sitting on the showroom floor, all shiny and proud and I got to drive it off the showroom floor through the big doors.  It was a ceremony and I felt appreciated.  I will return next time to Gladstone even though it's out of the way from where I live.  I'd walk to Gladstone than walk next door to Broadway.

Unbelievable that people are treated this way.  They can bite me!  Oh wait, they already did.

Catherine M
Portland, OR

Taylor B. | 2013-11-04

I was in the neighborhood and decided to find out what my 2010 Toyota Prius V would be worth on trade-in as I am considering using Car2Go or Zip Car. Having already blue booked my car, I had a pretty good idea of what it would be worth to a dealership (give or take $16.5 as it blue books at $17,250).

I initially spoke with Jeff Dixon, who seemed like a nice enough guy and he acknowledged that the vehicle appeared to be in "excellent condition". He did however note that the vehicle was high mileage at 50k for a 2010 vehicle. I quickly dispelled that tactic by stating that the average driver puts between 12k and 15k miles on a vehicle annually. Thus, using elementary level multiplication the vehicle was on the very low side of the national average. He quickly conceded the point.

Now, the one star experience... The sales manager, man I wish I remembered his name, offered me $12k for the car. That's a whopping $5,250 under the KBB trade-in value. I asked how he arrived at that number and he showed me the KBB print out for, wait for it, the WRONG car without any of the high price features that mine includes (leather, navigation, heated seats, back-up camera, etc...). Mind you all of these features were installed at the time of production by Toyota. I quickly pointed out his error that 1. The price he was quoting was for the wrong car and 2. That he had failed to include all of the amenities of the vehicle. The sales manager played dumb and quickly worked out a new number of $16k but again failed to include all of the amenities of the vehicle. I told him I wasn't interested in playing games and that if he worked out an honest and accurate number he was welcome to give me a call.

What a waste of time. I have a hard time believing that the sales manager, who deals with cars for a living, made an accident in quoting me for the wrong car, an error in the favor of the dealership by over $5k. This place is a joke and now I know why they have a 2 star rating from over 50 reviewers. I just moved here and this place has effectively lost my business in one 30 minute interaction. In the words of Toyota, I will go places, but it certainly won't be here.

Tracy N. | 2013-11-01

I had informed whoever helped me that I bought the free oil changed for 2 years for my car and luckily the technician who worked on my car caught that she was going to charge me. I don't like that she was trying to make me pay but I definitely appreciate the honesty from the technician his name is Andrew Ma. I would definitely recommend him and recommend that everyone asks for their car to get worked on by him.

K L. | 2013-10-16

I understand that car dealerships are just a generally negative association for most of us. This 1 Star review is aimed squarely at Broadway Toyota's Service Department.

I'll describe the situation later for those interested, but in short, Broadway Toyota wasted my time with an embarrassing and easily avoidable screw-up, and I've had no communication from them in the week since to apologize or make the situation right. They lost a three-year customer this week, and short of calling them myself to say so, I'm writing it here. In 2013, with choices in dealerships and sites like Yelp, they don't deserve my business if they can make such a stupid mistake and then not follow up with an ounce of effort to keep a customer.

Here's what happened: It's October 2013, and all the Portland Toyota dealerships are running a tire special of Buy 3, Get 1 for $1. Even with the added mounting/balancing costs, this is a great deal (that I will take advantage of with a different dealership). I made an appointment over the phone with Broadway Toyota a week in advance. With that service rep on the phone, I specified the exact tire I wanted - the factory original for my car, a completely normal request.

I showed up a few minutes before 7am for my appointment a week later, confirmed that the note had been left on my file stating which tire I wanted, and gave them my keys. My rep found me at 7:20 to tell me they didn't have the tires in stock. Again, factory originals during a heavily advertised tire sale, in which I gave them a week's notice of what tire I wanted. He told me he could have the tires in the building a couple hours later, but I couldn't afford the extra hours. I couldn't extend my time off from work that morning and didn't have a last-minute, alternate way to get to work if I wanted to leave my car there for the day. He took the name of the man who scheduled my appointment over the phone and assured me he'd run this incident "up the ladder" and that I'd hear back from them. It's been 8 days, and I haven't heard a word. I was prepared to ask for a discount on an alignment in order for them to keep my business, but they would've had to put the effort into a phone call. It just would've been the right thing for them to do. I don't have time to be jacked around, but I'll make the time to prove a point, and this is Step 1.

I've reschedule with a different dealership and made the same request for tires. I told them what happened with Broadway, and the service rep laughed over the phone - presumably about how embarrassing it is that Broadway Toyota wouldn't have had my factory original tire during a tire sale. I'll keep my fingers crossed all goes well later this week, and if so, I'll be sure to give that dealership a good rating.

Julie D. | 2013-09-24

To our knowledge we didn't leave the dealership with two plates. Our van was registered with no issues after purchasing it and no mention of the plate being missing from DEQ, so there was no reason for us to check. I found out the plate was gone from a neighbor a while back who happens to work for the city of Oregon city and warned me we could get a ticket. Today I went to register my van and DEQ wouldn't register my van, they told me we should have left the dealership with two plates and that was Broadway Toyotas responsibility. I called and spoke to someone today. Wish I would have gotten her name. Instead of trying to help me figure out what could have gone wrong, she assured me the plate had been stolen. That was the only logical explanation she could think of. Her computer told her that we definitely left with two plates and that was that. She couldn't help us anymore, not her problem anymore. I hung up the phone and drove to DMV to get myself new plates since I got no where with their "customer service" person.
We got our plates and my husband went out tonight to put the new plates on. GUESS where the second plate was. Oh the logical place that most people would check for a second plate. UNDER the little cardboard Broadway Toyota piece that every car comes with. Kudos Broadway Toyota for not having enough sense to double check and make sure we left with two plates. Also thanks for helping me waste $30. I already swore we'd never use your dealership again and after, i'll make sure everyone that will listen will know never to step foot in your sleazy establishment.

Rachel C. | 2013-09-24

We had horrible experiences both in the service department and in the sales department.

For the service department, they lost our car and we waited there for hours with little help, no follow through and after 4 hours of waiting, we finally went home because they could not find our car. Hours later they let us know that they screwed up our name and that is why they could not find us. We were without a car then for 2 more days since they found it at the end of the day Saturday and were closed Sunday. No one seemed to care that they could not find the car. We called the service manager and he seemed immune to the complaint so he must receive many complaints from customers. We will not be going here again.

For sales, this place offers a horrible, pushy, rushed buying experience. Everything seems so desperate and they you feel like you have to do everything so fast. They act like they are going to negotiate and then they fail to do so. They send you to that strange back panel where men glare at your with their hard stare and say, we cannot do anymore, we have to sell a lot of cars and so the most we can do is give you $2000 for your trade. It was awful so needless to say we did not buy a car there, but we did find another local Toyota dealer and bought the same car the next day at a dealership where they treat you with respect and do not rush you and push you and are willing to negotiate.

Zachary J. | 2013-09-23

This has got to be the slowest, least customer-service oriented Toyota dealership/service I've ever encountered.  Even if you schedule an appt for an oil change, you'll be stuck at least two hours while you wait.  The upside is that they have a cafe across the street and free wi-fi - the only reason for giving them one star.

Sherry S. | 2013-09-19

We "actually" (I would be pantomining the quotations around that  word big time in person right now) were only looking. That's what my husband told me even though there is a new car in the garage now and the old one disappeared.. hmm.  

Getting back to this place, ya it's a big switcheroo with these guys. That's with all car places though right?
You sit, you wait.
They bring a scrap piece of paper over to you with numbers all over it.
You say no, they say wait.
They come back with that same piece of paper with scratches off the old numbers and then some new ones.. on and on.. bait and switch..
Sometimes they take the new car key with them,
sometimes they leave it on the table.
I find it very uncomfortable myself. They all wipe their brows and tell you how hard they are going to work to get the numbers you want..  

Horse trading in this day and age just has me scratching my head. Why do we still do this archaic way of buying cars?  I mean we don't do that with our groceries, our sundries, our furniture.  And you know it's all theater. I just don't like being the straight guy and not knowing my lines. I don't get paid for my part in this play.

They have a great finance person who went through the paperwork like a knife goes through butter.

The sales guys played it out to the closing. We had to go back for missing items because hubby had to take everything out of the old car and in his haste left it. We were told someone would empty the car. It wasn't happening so he went out and started it and got given a bag for the items. We were supposed to go back the next morning but our salesperson was going to be late. These things don't help raise the stars.

We "plan" on this being our last car though so we will not have to be part of the charade of car buying anymore.

Hum a few bars with me will you?…

Douglas C. | 2013-09-16

I've bought two cars here, and the two experiences were as different as night and day.  I don't like buying cars because it's too much like negotiating with the Ukrainian Mafia - a very fluid and volatile situation - like drinking a toast to friendship while a pile of big 45 autos and Tokarev pistols lay on the table.  Buying a car is a short con anyway you cut it, and you're the mark, and if you think you're getting a good deal, you're the biggest sucker in the house.

The first experience (a 2009 Prius) was a gentlemanly and smoother sort of con like something out of Patricia Highsmith's the "Talented Mr. Ripley"  We knew they were making money on the deal, but Tom Ripley was such a nice young man, and perhaps he'd use that money to buy a nice Hundertwasser oil painting.  Wouldn't it be nice to help Tom buy such a lovely and priceless painting?  We left feeling happy!

The second trip was more like Jim Thompson's "The Grifters".  There was that pile of automatic weapons and drugs and incest, greed and a very last chance for Roy to make it big - a big score - but in the end everyone is dead and you're standing in a pool of blood firing a big 45 auto into the dark, screaming "Roy! You Son of a Bitch - I'll kill you, you bastard", while bullets are crashing through the windshields of new hybrid cars and Roy, crawling on his belly, is desperately trying to reach his Hummer to get the hell out of there.

Michael K. | 2013-09-08

I have a 92 Toyota Pickup and needed to get a replacement driver-side seat belt. I ordered it through this dealer expecting it to be overpriced. It was, but not a big deal.

Issues arose after I ordered the part. I did not receive a call about the part arriving. Not until waiting for a couple weeks or so did I call and ask if it was in. The guy on the other end responded with a simple "yes". No, "Oh sorry, we shouldve called". I asked if they usually called when parts arrive and he had nothing useful to say.

When I went to pick it up the guy in the parts department didnt say a word. I simply said "I need to pick this part up for [my name]." He went and grabbed it, dropped it on the table, and went back to sitting and chatting with his coworker.

Overall, terrible service! Definitely will not be returning. I will just deal with driving to a farther dealership.

Emily C. | 2013-09-01

Service Department

I drive a 2004 Toyota Corolla in good condition. I took the car into Toyota for a recall and a general servicing.

I was told a replacement for my flickering headlight was going to cost $220.00 in parts and labor. I declined. I was also told I needed a new drive belt and would be charged $170.00 in parts and labor. I declined.

I took the car to a private repair shop and was charged $48.00 TOTAL for parts and labor for my headlight repair. I was also told the drive belt was not in need of replacing.

Just be aware of possible overcharging and up-selling.

Greg M. | 2013-08-20

Here's their game:

Step 1: Offer you enough on your trade in to "Pay it off", justifying their scumbag low balling using custom tailored low-ball "Blue Book" print outs on your trade-in.

Step 2: Sell you a vehicle "On Sale" that's overpriced at that sale price (even if it's really nice).

Step 3: Refuse to negotiate because the car you want is "on sale" and your trade "will just end up at the auction block" and give you a runaround that wastes your time.

Step 4: Send you on your way with your new car and try not to gloat about how much they just bent you over until you leave.

Step 5: Your trade is on their used lot in 2 weeks for TWICE what they gave you for it, not the auction block.

Go elsewhere and save yourself from losing all sorts of money and time. The used car market is hot and supply of good vehicles is low. Reputable dealers and private parties are willing to pay good cash for your trade in.

Broadway Toyota on the other hand will play you like a moron and send you on your way with a big old bag of profit in their pocket.

annie t. | 2013-08-20

Wish I had read yelp reviews before I went there.  Worse experience ever.  The classic "bait and switch".  Car I emailed about no longer available but oh, they have another vehicle, similar in miles, one year newer, 1000 more.  We get there and they show us a completely different car hoping I wouldn't notice.    The "other vehicle" couldn't be found anywhere.  Buh-Bye Broadway toyota.

Ashley C. | 2013-08-15

Service Department

I really do not like going to the dealership for repairs BUT when I go to this location I have been greeted so nicely and taken care of by all of the staff ESPECIALLY by Cody. I've been in 3 times in the last 3 months for separate concerns. This last time I was concerned about my battery and they did a test & it showed it needed to be replaced. I was out of there in 20 minutes.

Friendly staff will always keep me coming back.

Thank you Cody!

eric u. | 2013-08-02

Very disappointed.  Bought a used Prius from Broadway Toyota one week and a second used Prius from them the next week a year ago.

I knew the second one didn't sound right.  I bought the extended warranty on the second one too.  Was told.. don't worry.... you have extended warranty.  Anything will be covered.

Well, the second Prius is basically a lemon.  They told me the extended warranty wouldn't cover the catalytic converter that went out or more than likely the auto locks that are all shot.  I tried and tried to resolve it w/ them w/ no luck.  They told me the extended warranty I bought on the second Prius was different than the first one.

Wasted like $2500 on the extended warranty.  They wanted $2500 for the catalytic converter.  They wanted a ton for the auto locks to be fixed IF it wasn't going to be covered by the warranty.

I over paid for both Prius's.  Way better off imo to buy a Toyota on Craigslist and more than likely be WAY ahead financially.  I will not deal w/ Broadway anymore as I feel they are liars and I feel they stole from me.  Kazaam, my sales person, cares but he is powerless against the rest of the folks there.   I offered them time and time again the opportunity to do the right thing and they chose not to take care of their customer.

Leslie W. | 2013-07-24

Do yourself a favor and use a car service.  We're like most people--don't buy a lot of cars and aren't trained in combat like the hungry salesmen who eyed us like they were vultures and we were dead pigeons (turns out they had us pegged).  We wanted a new car, which would have been my first ever new car, but they wouldn't show us a new car since they had a used car (read: more money for them) that they had to get rid of before they could move the new cars out on the lot.  They did take us to a back room to look at a new car but said we couldn't drive it.  The salesman lied (or exaggerated or was ignorant) about a lot of details and stated that many of the standard features were upgrades that made the car worth much more, and of course the mpg was way, way overstated.  

Buying a car is one of the most expensive things a person purchases in his or her lifetime.  It's too bad the salesmen are all about Buyer Beware and their own bottom line and too bad they don't represent their products truthfully.

Sorry we went here and hope someone can learn from our mistake.  I wish you could buy cars on Amazon, where at least you could easily check for lies and misinformation and compare costs.

Jorge H. | 2013-07-08

I spent a few weeks looking around for a new toyota or honda and had various experiences via email and in person at other dealerships.  Not to get into too much detail, but the other places were high pressure suck fests.  So I emailed this dealership requesting a quote, and I ended up with a salesman  named Dan Roemmich (pronounced Remmick).  He was great.  Laid back.  Former military, if that matters to you.  I would recommend requesting him by name.  The email quote was honored.  He was still a bit of a salesman at times, but overall he just seemed like a laid back guy who was there to show me the car.  For example, he offered the extended warranty, I declined, and that was it.  There wasn't any of the high pressure sales tactics like repeat the sales pitch three times, and get three no's before you let it go.  The only downside was the car had floor mats which added some cost.  There was no negotiation on just taking them out.  In the end I think I got a pretty rocking deal on this car; I got a lot of quotes, and was reading tons of internet message boards about prices, so I don't mind the floor mats. They're actually pretty nice.

After the salesman, the finance guy was alright.  Pretty laid back too.  I don't remember his name.  He was a little more pressure on the warranties and various accessories, but when I told him no, that was essentially it.  The big thing for me was not researching the prices of extended warranties enough before hand.  If you don't do that, you have absolutely no idea what it should cost or what other people are paying.  So I declined.  You can add the toyota warrant until the 3yr/36,000 mile point, so it's not a rush really.  The only reason to add it at the time of purchase is to have the warranty price financed.  

Then I got the loan and drove off in my car.  I also got a free coffee from their little cafe; it was good.

Amethyst G. | 2013-06-20

Took my 2007 to the dealer for work for the first time (have relied on Jiffy Lube for upkeep over the last 6 years), needed some bodywork, seatbelts, and general tune-up/service (who knows).

pros:  Erik, the mechanic that checked it in, did assessment, reached out a couple times with progress over the day and 1/2 they worked on it - was very personable, laid out the discoveries and what was needed, and ranked them in order of importance.  They hooked me up with a free rental while they had my car (due to the amount this was gonna cost me!) and were efficient.  Also, the woman who rented me my car (I can't remember her name) was SUPER friendly and defied previous reviewers comments about people not caring).  The other people who made initial contact and final contact with me were nice as well.  My car is fixed and driving well.

cons:  if you are not educated about cars, it can be pretty hard to navigate between what I really needed, and it's expensive.  I put a lot of trust in Erik that I needed the service package, and I had NO idea that seat belts were SO expensive to replace (thanks dog who chewed through 2 of them!).  so, I feel like I was taken care of and received the service I needed, but - I know *nothing* about cars except you're supposed to put oil in them, and there are a few more "suggested" things that I just passed on after the price got up there.  The couple of people at the desk when I picked up/paid for car were a little flat and I can see where those previous comments might have come from.  Also, for the amount of money I spent and just as a nicety, I sure wish they would have run a vacuum through it before I picked it up.  Just, you know, so you feel like you are in a nice, "new" car after spending so much.

Diane C. | 2013-06-19

I went for a test drive (I'm looking for a hybrid)...drove a Prius IV.  The young man who worked with me was very pleasant and said he drove a Prius himself.  Two of my problems with the Prius were the limited visibility out the back window and the steeply sloping front end (which made it impossible to figure out where the car ended).  When I expressed these concerns, the answer was "you'll get used to it".  Well, if it bothers me now, I think it will bug the %^&* out of me later.  

The salesman was pleasant but not really a 'closer'.  Their loss.

Renate F. | 2013-06-18

pleasantly surprised by Erik Duncan who gave us his undivided attention in buying a new Camry Hybrid; we were expecting the very typical sleazy feeling you get in a car dealership but this wasn't that way at all, nice guy, friendly, knowledgeable, professional.

Bernd M. | 2013-05-30

I took my 2004 Highlander in because the wheels were making a humming sound when I was driving. When they called me with their estimate, I nearly fainted. My right wheel bearing would need replacing. Fine, ok...for over $600. But. they also noted my brake pads were at 3 cm and would need replacing. I knew that, but they were going to charge over $900. The big surprise was the transfer case (whatever that is) was leaking and would need to be totally replaced for $1834! The final total would come to $3394.06.

Now, here's the reason why I am nailing a one star review to these swindlers. I took my car to Expert Auto repair and guess what? My transfer case was fine! And they were able to replace my damn bearing AND my brake pads for a little over $600!!!!!

Moral of the story: if your warranty is lapsed, do NOT go back to the dealer for any repairs whatsoever because they will lie and cheat you out of your hard earned money.

Aaron S. | 2013-04-20

Worst customer service ever! Went to the parts desk and they guy acted like I was just bothering him... I always use toyota parts and am fairly knowledgable about what I am getting and have good understanding of the part I am asking for. I had read that they have poor service but this place was between work and home so I thought I would try it. I will go way out of my way to purchase parts at another dealership.

Pamela S. | 2013-03-19

So, I can now review the SERVICE DEPARTMENT.  I had the misfortune of having a small furry creature move into my engine compartment.  This little bundle of rodentness ate the wiring for the traction control system and the ignition system.  

I had my poor Rav towed into the dealership because my fiancee, who is a Master Tech of European cars, would have had to special order parts and it would have taken days for him to fix it.  Broadway put their own Master Tech on the job.  It took about 2-3 hours and he did a great job.  Some of the wires had been eaten down to the nubs.  I didn't know if they could have been replaced at all, but this guy did it!  

It has been three months now and there hasn't been a hiccup in the repair.  None.  I'm thrilled.  More importantly, my Master Tech fiancee was impressed with the quality of the work.  That rarely happens.  

It just reinforced my liking of Broadway Toyota.

Kaitlyn P. | 2013-01-30

Yesterday was my second time visiting this Toyota for recalls. The staff at this location aren't really memorable, but they seem okay. The person who took my phone call in service apparently gave me an inaccurate completion time to do the recalls. This rating is only higher because the service guy swore to me that completing two recalls, changing my oil, and re-keying my car would be impossible to by the time they stopped working for the day. Somehow, he made the impossible happen and got all of that done in about an hour.

I think that it's pretty hit and miss here, but if you need service work, you can expect them to get the job done with an average experience.

Heather J. | 2012-11-22

I purchased a 2012 Toyota highlander from Leanna woods and had the best experience. I recommend not only purchasing from broadway Toyota but make sure you ask for Leanna woods as well. She was very quick on answering all of my questions, she was knowledgable and extremely nice as well. I ended up picking up my car late at night after a long day at work and had my kid with me. I expected to be stressed when doing the purchase but actually they made it very pleasant bathe manager Pete Sweeney was very funny to he had me laughing the whole time. Make sure you go here and I'm sure you will have a great experience.

M W. | 2012-09-03

I went to the shop to have a diagnostic done on my Toyota pickup. Told the mechanic  the various problems I knew about. I also told him I wanted the compression checked and I wanted to know what the diff gear ratios were as it had no tags. He said no problem. When I picked the truck up, the 'diagnostic' was a few sentences long. It listed the same problems I told them when I got there, and they didn't do the compression test and said they couldn't check the gear ratio. Then why did the mechanic say "NO PROBLEM"?

When I picked it up, they said THE TRUCK HAD NO MAJOR ISSUES. They told me nothing I didn't already know (such as oil leaking from the timing chain cover/oil pump and front main seal).  I took it to them because I could tell the truck had other issues, but I didn't have time to look for myself. Needless to say, I didn't believe them and told them so.

Since they couldn't do a good job, I went ahead and looked anyway. Found a huge vacuum leak in the EGR the VERY NEXT DAY. They knew the idle was rough, but they didn't bother to check for vacuum leaks.  A few days later I find out that the timing chain guides have been chewed through and that the timing chain is cutting into the cover and putting water in the oil. The truck also started smoking continuously. I checked the compression and found one cylinder was lower than others... verified it wasn't the head gasket, and along with the noise from the valve cover (more so than usual) points to a valve issue.

Was that so hard? I'm not even a mechanic. Thanks a lot for taking my money for nothing, Broadway Toyota-Scion! Clueless and uncaring employees is usually a sign of bad management and a poor work environment.

Stay away from the shop! If you buy a new vehicle here, get your work done elsewhere. My Toyota pickup is a far far simpler vehicle than any new Toyota out today. It doesn't even have a computer, automatic transmission, ABS, A/C, fuel injection, etc... If they can't even diagnose it properly, think of how many problems they will miss on yours.

cy e. | 2012-08-06

I was charged more than $300 for a Prius battery. The battery itself was $199, I paid for more than an hour of labor to 'test the starting system' and -- when they agreed with me that the battery needed replacing -- the installation of the battery.  And that process only took two hours.

Beth G. | 2012-08-03

I haven't yet figured out a way to keep car-buying from being a nightmare.  However, we did fine at Broadway Toyota.  We'd been looking for a Honda CR-v and totally got the run-around--terrible service, no return calls, one sales associate didn't show up for our appointment.  So we went to Toyota instead, and found 1) a sales associate who listened to what I wanted and found it for me, 2) a sales process that was your traditional "no we can't do that, ok if you are going to leave we'll try again" back and forth--Not fun, but at least I knew how to play that game.  3) When something went wrong, they fixed it PRONTO.  4) Everyone was quite nice and 5) one month later our service experiences (after-market installs, plates, etc) have been quite pleasant and helpful.

Pete H. | 2012-07-21

Very disappointed with the sales management here. We had a decent salesperson, and we had narrowed down to purchasing a used car. Sat down to talk about the price. She went to talk to the sales manager to see what kind of deal we could work out. She came back and said they've had the car 74 days now and there was absolutely nothing they could reduce on this price?  WTF?

Are you seriously expecting customers to not negotiate a dime on a used car price at a dealer???

We said to email us if they wanted to make some kind of deal, but I'm certainly not going to pay a "take it or leave it" first price on a used car.

This was a colossal waste of time.

Will not return to here for car shopping.

Looking now at all the rest of the "one star" ratings here, I can totally understand.

Bonnie P. | 2012-07-20

I recently was in the market for a new Camry and knew the exact car I wanted. I called Broadway Toyota and was told by one of their sales people that they had the "exact" car I wanted and that they would beat another dealerships price quote. I drove an hour there to find out they lied and did not have the exact car I wanted but they could order it and they could no longer match the price I was given from another dealer. We spoke to the sales manager and he had a horrible attitude. We left and bought a car from the Toyota dealer in Vancouver, WA that night. The dealer in Vancouver treated us with respect and gave us a great deal on the car. I will never go back to Broadway Toyota and will make sure to tell anyone I know in the market for a Toyota to stay clear of this shady, dishonest dealership.

Alec G. | 2012-07-09

I have realistic exceptions, with this having been said I had a dash board light installed in my 94 Toyota truck in their service center; it was a big head ache.  It took 6 hours, cost $105.00 and they tried to up sell me.  If you do not break down right in front of the place choose else where.  They even charged me a "shop fee" with this transaction. It's obvious that if you get service done there that you are paying for a lot of stuff that doesn't have to do with your vehicle.

Doc B. | 2012-05-21

I have purchased two cars from them.  The second one has been a little rough to say the least.  The transmission went out on my sequoia after 20k miles.  When I took it in, they were confused.  They had an engineer take  look at it, then called me asking what I had done to the car.  They figured that there must have been some rear end damage, therefore causing the transmission to fail at the rear seal.  Keep in mind I bought this as a NEW CAR.  So, after notifying local media (Tribune and Mercury) they backed off, looked through some paperwork and realized that they had in fact had a "scratch repair" done, but no rear end damage to speak of.  They had my car for 2 weeks while this was going on.  I met with the general manager, and service manager, they assured me this was the not the way they do business.  (blaming a customer for ruining a car that he had paid a lot of dollars for, then finding out they were at fault)  Fast forward to today....I bring it in for an oil change, the first time I have returned.  They remember me, there is some small talk...uncomfortable.  They call me to let me know my car is ready, I return to find it in their lot WITH THE WINDOW ROLLED ALL THE WAY DOWN, IN THE POURING RAIN.  Idiots.  Seriously, of all the people this could have happened to?  After all the crap you guys pulled with me?  It felt like a retaliation.  I spoke with Grant, the service manager.  "Hey, you remember me?"  "Yes, you have the Sequoia."  "Well, your guys just left my car in the pouring rain, unlocked, my window down.  Is this funny to you guys or what?  My car is soaked inside."  Same apology I have heard before.  I honestly don't know what to think about this place.  They seem like a place that is invested in staying in business, but the obviously make some REALLY STUPID mistakes with customers that should be more valuable.  I would not buy another vehicle from them...and I plan on calling the general manager tomorrow to tell him what happened.  I do not expect him to take my call, or give a crap about my experience.  Travel to the suburbs for your next car.


Shocker, no call from the general manager.  I have given it 2 weeks to see if he returns my call, but as expected, he does not care.  Trust me when I say i left a detailed message for him with his assistant. She assured me he would be getting back to me lest week.  I will never buy a car from them again, nor will any of my friends if they listen.

Timothy O. | 2012-05-15

LOST MY TRUST: Before a month ago I would have been giving Broadway Toyota a 4 star review, but unfortunately my last experience was not a good one.  I have a 2000 Toyota Landcruiser that I have had serviced there for 4-5 years.  After bringing the car in for a leak in one of my differentials (a bad gasket install they had just done for me, so they did pick up the service for free!) they pointed out that both of my exhaust manifolds were cracked and quoted me $2,200 to replace them both; so much for my free service!  Usually I would have had the work done as I have trusted them and like to take care of my car; this time I looked into it and got a second opinion.  Bottom line is one manifold was cracked and I had it welded with very good results for $600.  So they either lied or severely misdiagnosed both manifolds being cracked and they did not offer an alternative to have it fixed.  Neither outcome from them was acceptable and I have lost trust in them and am likely done with them after all these years.

F B. | 2012-02-21


Good: Not much.

Bad: Inconsiderate salesman, not forthcoming with necessary info, pretended to be unable to negotiate, denied that paying cash in full on the spot warranted a deal, revealed anti-customer bias when challenged.


After looking online I contacted them to ensure a particular vehicle was in stock.  It was, so we headed out, a 1-hour drive one way.

Upon arrival, the vehicle was pulled up to the building.  The salesman who we'd spoken to over the phone (Adam) was tied up with another customer, and he handed us off to Scott.

We went for a test drive.  Scott came with us, and took the front seat, relegating my sister to the back seat.  Poor form, Scott.  Ladies - and potentially paying customers - get the front seat.  The drive was otherwise uneventful and we were happy with the car.

We offered a tired '94 minivan for trade that I had purchased six months ago from a private party for $1500, honestly not expecting much.  Still, they offered just $200.  Ouch.

I wasn't desperate to buy anything, we were just looking.  I wanted to negotiate.  Scott sat down and just started in on paperwork.  I let him go for a few minutes but eventually had to stop him to see what he was doing.  He seemed surprised that we weren't sold on the car at face value.  Amazing.

Well, I said, what can you do on the price, as I am pre-approved for financing from my bank and can just write a check on the spot.  Scott tells us that "cash is no longer king", and they prefer to finance us.  Since when??  My experience has always been that you can get a good deal by making a no frills pay-it-all-now purchase.  Not in Scott's world, he wanted to talk a deal if we financed in-house.  I asked him if he could beat 3.87% for 72 months.  He didn't know, but said he'd check.  OK, why not, go check.

So he gets back to me and tells me that I could get a loan through them and tossed out some monthly numbers and durations, none of which were apples-to-apples with my 72-month preapproval, and did not provide a finance rate for any of them.  I had to ask what the rate was, and he either wouldn't tell us or actually didn't know.  Both possible answers were fails.  You don't talk loans without the INTEREST RATE front and center.  Amazing.

Moving on I asked about the price again.  Online the car was priced at $15.8K.  He's got the mirror hanging tag on the table that shows the advertised price in large numbers, and in smaller print a price prior to some sort of markdown that is well in the $16Ks.  He says the car is already marked down, what do I want him to do about it, it's really supposed to be $16K-whatever so I've already got a deal in the bank.

Really?  You advertise a car at "X", and then claim upon arrival that it was actually "Y", and you can't negotiate the built-in pre-negotiated "X" down at all with a guy paying cash?  Amazing.  And he keeps up with the "what do you want me to do?" excuse as we chat like he's helpless to do anything.

That was enough, we got up to leave.

Scott quickly took our info to someone up the chain and they promptly worked out a new offer that was substantially better on price and trade-in but not enough for me to write a check.  That and I now had a very low expectation surrounding future service from them.  I don't like games, we should have seen these numbers a lot earlier.

Incidentally, during our "non-negotiation" my sister gently argued some of his nonsense, and I tried to cool her off.  Scott agreed with me, saying to her about me "hey don't hurt him, help him."  Really? Think about that for a second.  Scott had just clearly verbalized that he was going to be harder to work with because my sister was unhappy. Scott, when customers are unhappy, you try to make things better.  You don't reveal that her actions are going to "hurt" me in the process.  Amazing.

No thanks.  Not recommended.  I should have checked Yelp first.  The only things done right were that the car was ready to test drive and Scott brought us coffee.  Whoop de do.

FWIW, the next place I went (Toyota of Olympia) has a great Yelp rating and I ended up driving three hours one-way to pick up a nicer car (and paid $19k - that guy got a better commission than the one Scott and Adam lost), and was overall very happy there.  Thank you Yelp!

Susmit J. | 2011-12-23

I am giving them a 4-star rating though I did not buy a car from here. So, please note
* I decided not to buy a toyota car and hence, did not do business with them
* this review is only for sales department: particularly, Ellen Couch

This was the first dealership I visited and I not only felt welcome but also in a very trust worthy environment.

Ellen was very forthcoming about all information about the car. She also got me in touch with her finance manager to know more about extra warranties and service contracts.

I got in touch with her over email and she was always prompt and helpful.

I take off one star only because as a customer who did not purchase a vehicle with them, I do not think I should give a 5 star rating and skew judgement of others. You never know how things would have turned if I had pursued the purchase with them, and got into some sock later.

Jake J. | 2011-09-29


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that there was a bland "sorry we didn't meet your expectations and we'd like to talk to you about it" response from Broadway Toyota to my review. So I sent an e-mail in, taking them up on their offer. Thus far, I have gotten NO REPLY. Consider this a reminder that there are plenty of other Toyota service centers around town. Broadway is not the only way, contrary to what their commercials say.

Kount T. | 2011-09-04

I leased a new Prius at this dealership on Aug 6, '11.  My sales person, MAX HANLEY, was super!  MAX was very informed about the vehicle, he was appreciative of my needs and he was completely courteous.

The dealership was very professional, as well.  I certainly recommend the dealership and MAX HANLEY to anyone considering a Toyota purchase/lease.

molly f. | 2011-08-30

NOT TO BE TRUSTED. I made the mistake of returning to Broadway Toyota to get my car serviced for a recalled part. I also made the mistake of not making an appt. As a walk-in customer, I made [explicit the reason I was present. I was very clear that I was NOT there to trade-in or buy a car on several occasions. I requested to get my car serviced only. Instead, the salesman Jeff filled out an appraisal form for my vehicle. He then sent out Sayed whose first question was "So you're here to trade-in your vehicle?"  This is the second time in two years I had a bad experience there. They tried to pull a fast one after my clear, communicative and direct expression of my presence at the dealership.

Nicholas M. | 2011-07-20

To put it bluntly, the customer service here sucks.

I scheduled a 90,000 mile service appointment last week on my 2005 Tacoma. I asked at the time how much the service would cost. I was told it would cost $199-249. I dropped the car off today. Later, I received a call from Rick in service. He tells me that the service is $289, and that I also need new sparkplugs ($119) as those are replaced on a 30,000 mile interval. Why I was not told of these costs when I scheduled the maintenance and directly asked what the cost was? Frankly, it seems fraudulent. I've taken my truck to Toyota dealers for service since I purchased it new, and am shocked by this treatment.

Lindsey M. | 2011-06-20

Went to my appointment for my oil change and after 1 hour and 20 minutes of waiting - I was told that they hadn't even started on my car. Thanks for wasting my entire morning. Not very smart you guys.

Plus I was told about ANOTHER recall for my vehicle so next week I have to back for the oil change and the recall repair and waste ANOTHER day.

Really, really unimpressed with this service at this dealership. Unprofessional, badly run. I'll find an alternatative and not come back. I would recommend to anyone to avoid this location.

Mark S. | 2011-06-10

I've used this dealership twice, for service on my Toyota Echo.  Both times I felt the service was good.  

Everyone I had contact with was friendly and helpful.  The service manager seemed interested in helping me keep costs down and my car was ready on time.  

I was most impressed with the technician/mechanic, he certainly appeared to be trying to get it right.  I noticed that when he test drove my car after new brakes, he took the car back in for a few adjustments before handing the car over to me.  They also told me that they thought an axle bearing was possibly defective, based on a sound they heard.  They were correct, which could have caused me to be stuck on the side of the road had it not been detected.

While waiting for my car repair to complete, I walked into the sales area and they offered me a test drive of a new Toyota Yaris.  Both of the sales people were like salespeople, but they didn't strong arm me or act overly aggressive. They really listened to me and allowed me to say I was just taking a look, so far.  The test drive was great!

A few days after my car repair, I got a call from the service manager, asking if everything was going well with my car.  Again, I felt this was a genuine follow-up, which gives me the confidence to buy a car here.  

I think Broadway Toyota is trying to do good business, so I recommend them for service and buying an excellent Toyota!

Elizabeth H. | 2011-06-10

We moved to Portland from overseas and contacted several dealers in advance to arrange to buy a car the day we landed.  We were looking for a Prius or a Scion.  Several dealers responded and kept us updated with available cars although Broadway was the least responsive.  That said, as soon as we landed and while waiting to get our rental car, we called several Toyota dealers to find out what they had in stock and found that Broadway had the MOST (used) Priuses (Pri-i?), so we went there first.  Found a perfect selection but got a call from another dealer while there and decided we should check out the car he had.  So we went to the other place and found that during the time we left, went to lunch (the dealer was going to lunch, so we did, too), the car was sold and wasn't what we expected anyway.  We called Broadway back and we went back there and worked out a good price and got amazing attention--all we needed--nothing more nothing less.  Thanks to Heather who sold us the car and Rod who explained it (we remembered about 20%, but Rod said we could come back and we sure hope he meant it!).  We love the car and appreciated the entire experienced with Broadway.  We have our fingers crossed that the service will be as good--and that we won't need much of it.  Good first day in our new 'home town'.

Scott L. | 2011-01-14

Okay, I procrastinated a little bit - my experience with them was in August 2010 and it was with the used car department, but my New Year's resolution was to get these done . . .

I really wanted to like this place. They advertise on my progressive radio station and I like their commercials. The guy with whom I was working was great. He let me test drive three cars, and even told me that the Prius that I liked had just been listed on sale for 18,900 the weekend before and he thought he could get his boss to honor that price. Nope. The "boss" came around and offered me a deal at 21,500. I said no thanks and left. The next day, they had listed the vehicle on craigslist for 18,900. Sorry - I just don't appreciate "games." Not going back here anytime soon. The two stars are for the initial sales person. The boss gets zero.

Geranium L. | 2010-12-09

Just purchased a pre-owned {7,000 mi} 2010 Toyota minivan {my 3rd purchase from Broadway Toyota} and within a month and a half it started driving funny.  Took it to the service department assuming that the platinum warranty I purchased with the vehicle would surely cover the issue. After several days I was informed that rats {yes, rats} had "destroyed the main engine harness" leading to a misfiring engine.  

Not only was I disgusted but also horrified when I learned that the warranty I had purchased would not cover the damage and that the repair would cost $2,700!!!  Obviously I asked if they could prove that the damage was not existing when I purchased the vehicle because, after all, it was pre-owned and I don't have rats or evidence of rats near my home.  They said, "No, we can't prove that".  Still they wanted to charge me $2,700.

Fast forward a day, I picked up the car and took it to Jay's Garage. Within 1 hour they had FIXED the problem and it cost me $120.40

I want to let you know that yes, it really was a rat and yes, the rat had chewed a #4 wire which was leading to misfire in the engine.  But, COME ON - Broadway Toyota was going to charge me thousands to fix a problem that was clearly NOT as disastrous as they claimed and on a car I had just purchased.  

As a previously loyal customer I will never purchase from here again.  I own a business in town and would never treat a customer in this way. They could not prove the damage was not pre-existing and they were going to charge me an exorbitant amount of money to fix it.

I would highly recommend going elsewhere for your vehicle purchase.

PS. Jay's Garage in SE is the best mechanic in town.  Honest and quick.

Karen E. | 2010-10-27

I'll start this with saying I'm only reviewing the event space attached to the dealership. The space is really big, has nice bathrooms, though only one toilet per room, no stalls. For an event this is a problem. There is a food area to bring in your food prep and serve as well as some high stools and tables to sit at. There is a lounge area and seating there as well with big screen tvs.
Parking is a huge problem.  All the overflow cars from the dealership are in the lot behind the event room. This leaves you with street parking which for us ended up being on the other side of the dealership 3 blocks away!

I wouldn't be back for another event here, especially the fashion event that was the reason for me going there to begin with. That was a complete waste of time and money. Who goes to an event that starts 2 hours late!

Jennifer M. | 2010-10-18

I'll be back, even though I live in Seattle. I've sent my family there, even though it's not their closest dealership. I recommend their service department to everyone, including you!

I spent many hours trying to track down a warranty issue for my 2005 PZEV Camry. With one call to Broadway, Austin took the ball and ran, hunting down conflicting warranty conditions and resolving the problem for me, and I'd never been a customer of Broadway. Austin won them one. I'll be back any time I need anything.

Thank you, so much, for helping me with my emissions problem. My car passed emissions and your service was amazing. I would love if others took your lead and provided good information, great prices on service and a great deal of good faith. You rock. I'll be back.

Amy L. | 2010-09-03

Broadway Toyota is... barely adequate. If you need an oil change, it's fine. But I tried to get them to give me a price to replace a broken tail light, and it was just too much trouble. I asked on the phone when I made the appointment, I asked the girl when I dropped off the car, and then I asked a different girl when I was told my car was ready after the oil change, and I *never* got the estimate! Crazy! It was a simple fix and a $300 part, but it was too much trouble for them to actually find out what it would cost. The last girl told me that the guy who would know was at lunch - too bad.

I also looked at buying a car here, but the salesman gave me the heebie-jeebies. Strange, limp handshake and very shifty eyes. Maybe he was just nervous, but he made *me* nervous, so I ended up going elsewhere. I felt bad about it, but that's a lot of money to spend with someone who makes you feel really uneasy!

Dan L. | 2010-08-25

This review is in regard to Broadway Toyota. After hearing a lot of advertising on the radio I went down to find out about a new car. I didn't think to check here on Yelp so I rolled in. I explained that I am ready to buy a car right now and if he could tell me about specific functions of the vehicle. He pretended to know about the car which was easy to see through-in fact, I feel I knew much more about the car than he did which is odd since I'm not the salesguy. He seemed reluctant for me to go on a test drive since the car was parked indoors. I started to walk out sensing his disinterest and he offered up the suggestion if I would like to go over some numbers. Unbelievable-he'd done nothing to sell me the car. When buying a car I'd like to know for sure what is on and not on that car. I'd like to see some enthusiasm as though me being there was worthwhile for him. I'd like to actually test-drive the car I'm considering buying.

Like I said, I'm ready to buy right now and considering my second choice mainly because of the sales person. Toyota was my first pick but not after going to Broadway Toyota. Don't believe their radio ads.

N J. | 2010-08-09

Recently, I had my car serviced for a major maintenance at Broadway Toyota. When we dropped our car off in the morning, my husband asked a guy who took care of us whether our car would be ready at 3:30 that after noon, and the answer was yes. So we went out to do some errands and went home to have lunch. There was a message from them, so he called back to talk about the progress. My husband asked him again if we could pick up the car at 3:30, and the answer was, again, yes. So we went there about 3:30 to pick up the car. It was not ready at the promissed time, and they kept us waiting without telling us how much longer it would take. We were getting nervous because we had to pick up our son at 4:00 and I couldn't even sit down and relax. The car was finally ready at 4:10, but I was 20 minutes late and got charged for late pick-up. I emailed the customer service about this, but no one responded. They completely ignored my complaint. But instead, they emailed me with solicitating email with some new offers that had nothing to do with my complaint. Shame on them! I love Toyota, but I would never go back to Broadway Toyota again. There are plenty other dealers in this area.

Sam B. | 2010-07-17

TOTAL SLEEZEBALLS. I don't want to spend a lot of time telling you how much time my wife and I wasted here and ALL The LIES they told us, but here are a few things to be aware of:

1) I forgot his name, but you'll be able to tell by the amount of perfume he wears- don't believe a word he says. He'll tell you anything that he thinks will sell a car, and this seems to come from the top down. So, it doesn't really matter his name, because they ALL lie about everything.

2) They showed us a car and said they'd bring it down to our price. Then they did a bait and switch and said it was a different car. After a lot of back and forth, and promises that they car had already been inspected, they finally confirmed that it had NOT been inspected. This is something that I asked them to PROVE. They made me wait forever, hoping I'd give up on it and buy an non-inspected car.

3) They'll tell you anything. Just don't believe it. And whatever you do, don't buy a used car from them. If you feel you need to buy a car from them, buy a brand new one. And make sure it is brand new. I wouldn't even believe them if they say it is. They may have turned back the speedo.

If you want to buy a Toyota (and we did buy one on CL), I recommend going to Wilsonville. Read their GREAT reviews online. I went all the way down there for my first oil change on my used Prius and they were very helpful, had a shuttle to take us places, and a free massage on Wednesday. They had high prices for extra work, which I passed on, but they are more up-front and honest I felt than Broadway.

If you need any kind of work done on your car, I'd recommend going to Dweyer Auto in Sellwood. They are AWESOME, fair priced and give great service. Very honest I felt. And they have a coupon for labor on Yelp. And you can recycle batteries there. And they have a lending library, and free bumper stickers. Remember, that is Dweyer- NOT BROADWAY.

Kellie P. | 2010-07-14

The positive parts:  Connie in financing is wonderful and I walked away with a great vehicle.

The negatives:  my sales person AND HIS BOSS seemed to panic when I stated I was not interested in a used vehicle (which I had already vocalized at the start).  After more than an hour, they heard me and seemed willing to build to order a vehicle.  Another hour later, I finally found out they have ONE new vehicle I was looking for  (**really???  Could you not have just told me that from the beginning?!?!**)  which actually matched most of my desires.

I was repeatedly given a guarantee that there are NO discounts on this vehicle...and a new best friend strapped to me every time I pulled out my find out they LIED.  I contacted the GM regarding this and not even a promise of education.

Grand total time wasted: 5 hours.

Grand total money lost from not going somewhere with integrity: $4k

Do yourself a on.  Head up to Vancouver or down south!!!

Yunny D. | 2010-04-23

I have to agree with Rick and say that their financial people are very sketchy.  After 6 hours of negotiating, being 8 mos pregnant and finally getting to the paperwork, the extended warranty was sold to us as if it was a win win and that if we decided not to use the contract it would be fully refundable.  

But he failed to mention that this is only after you have the contract for the full term of 84 months!!!!  Otherwise the refund is pro-rated.  

We ended up not even keeping the car a few months past the two year mark and now have to try and get the refund amount which is not going to be the an actual refund which was how it was sold.  I was told that it would be a simple refund request but it turns out that I have to go back to the dealership that I detest and prove that the car is no longer in our possession.  

The financing guy never once mentioned that we would lose money if we wanted to cancel early.  This is about failure to disclose, which this dealership seems to know a lot about.  I would stay far far away from this dealership.  I wish I had known the first time around.

Estelle B. | 2010-03-24

Oh hello, my whole dealing with Broadway Toyota was good right from the start. First, got to book my appointment online which I love cause oh hello I don't like talking to people on the phone. Second they have an automatic door that opens for you to drive your car in to get serviced. Third everyone encountered was friendly and helpful. Fourth decent magazines. Oh hello, I shall return when the Toyota needs some loving.

Jeff Z. | 2010-01-22

I went to the service department here a while ago to see if a recall was still being honored on my vehicle. The first woman I asked was much too busy looking at MySpace to really care about me, and instead asked another bored looking gentleman who was too busy eating a sandwich to go find the service manager and instead told me that it was not being honored.

Except that I then called Toyota USA's toll free number and was told that it was in fact still being honored and that I was lied to by the service department. So don't think that just because you go to the dealership (or stealership), you'll get good service. Or honesty.

Bob T. | 2010-01-21

Pulled into the service garage, my car door was opened and i was greeted by name. Nice start to my day. They offered me a ride to work; called to get OK to replace a wiper blade and had it ready on time with no hassles.  also, they confirmed the appointment and sent me a reminded via email.  Not the cheapest place but has to be the best service!

John T. | 2009-11-20

Learned the hard way that Broadway Toyota's service center is not reputable or ethical.

11/19/09 7:40 a.m - Bring car in for oil change and inspection.  Quoted $49.50.

11/19/09 4:38 p.m.  - Whitney called with many additional repairs, quoting a new price of $600.  I was told my radiator fluid was not adequately protecting my engine, that I needed to replace my transmission fluid, and that I needed new brake pads and my rotors resurfaced. The service center would not be able to do the service until the next day and that they could offer me a complimentary rental car until service was completed.  I agreed to the service, but ten minutes later I realized I had been sold services that I didn't need. I had a new factory radiator installed at Royal Moore Toyota in Hillsboro after an accident a little more than a year earlier.  I doubted the new radiator needed servicing.  I also began to doubt that other services were necessary.  (Royal Moore has since confirmed that I would not need this service after little more than a year and scheduled maintenance for this is at 100,000 miles.)

11/19/09 5:03 p.m. - Called back at 5:03 to ask that they not perform the radiator flush service and was told that it had already been completed.

11/19/09 5:23 p.m. - Arrived at Broadway Toyota service center to pick up rental car, but decided that the situation with the radiator didn't sound like Broadway Toyota was being truthful.  I asked to pay for the services that had been completed and that I would get the rest of the needed services performed elsewhere. I was told by a customer service representative that my representative Whitney had left for the day and that he would not be able to help me. I asked if the brake service had been started and was told he didn't think so but he couldn't tell for sure and that the mechanic who worked on my car had already left for the day so he could not find out for sure.

11/20/09 7:35 a.m. - Whitney from Broadway Toyota calls to let me know that all the services had been started and that I could not cancel any services at this time

11/20/09 8:42 a.m - Whitney called to say all services had been completed.

I was charged $33.66 for the radiator fluid and $46.29 for the labor on the radiator.  I was charged $30.25 for transmission fluid and $59.70 for the labor on the transmission. I was charged $88.45 for brake pads and $242.50 in labor for the brakes. The total labor cost for work performed between 4:38 pm to 5:00 pm and 8:00 am to 8:42 am -  1 hour and 4 minutes of labor was $347.49 .

I felt frustrated at the way I was treated by service center employees, I feel like I was overcharged for some services that I didn't need, and others that I am not sure if I needed. Toyota has built a great reputation for  cars that are long lasting and well built Broadway Toyota service center undermines this reputation. I will never go back and would not recommend Broadway Toyota to anyone.

Kevin W. | 2009-10-19

I took my Scion Xb into the servicing department for its 30k maintenance checkup and was pleasantly surprised by the awesome service that Broadway Toyota provided.

They got my car in the same day and had it done in a couple hours.
They even had a little cafe with free wifi where I could get some work done while I waited for the car.

The staff was really nice. I worked with Jeff Parker. They recommended that I had some extra things done, but did not push me or pressure me into more work.

I will be taking my car back to Broadway Toyota for any more servicing needs.

L W. | 2009-08-26

Well informed albeit, pushy salesmen. I wanted to information gather on the Prius and before they would let me test drive I "had" to fill out the Toyota credit application. I refused and started to walk and only then I was kindly escorted to the nearest Prius.

The drive was lovely and the man that rode with me knew his stuff, it was the sales manager that I had a problem with. He was rude and condecending and said the max trade in they would give on my car was 10% of it's actual trade value. As if!

I went to Beaverton Toyota and was so pleased with their service I bought that day, and got more than my cars retail value in trade.

I do have to say they have a friendly and knowledgeable service center that I would highly reccomend. Just steer clear of the sales team.

amanda l. | 2009-08-20

Broadway is NOT the only way.  

If there was a no star option I would choose that.
I am giving one star because I love Emily, one of the service dept. managers.  She is always so kind.

I have purchased 2 cars at Broadway Toyota.  The first time was a pleasant experience.. so I went back and unfortunately encounted a really terrible, I'm never EVER going back experience.  When I arrived, I was passed along from salesman to salesman.  I guess a single 30-something woman is not their ideal customer?  I actually did like the salesman that was "stuck" with me.  He was a father to 3 daughters and treated me like I was his daughter.  He seemed to be honest.  

I was lied to several times by the sales manager.  One example: After receiving my quote, the manager said that he wouldn't be there on Monday when I was going to come back.  (He was there.  I think he wanted me to buy right then, right now!)  The manager also said that he would save my paperwork for when I returned.  OF COURSE the paperwork was missing when I returned.. and an entirely different price was quoted for the car.  After finally getting them to agree on the original agreed upon price, I went into the financing dept. AND THERE WAS MY PAPERWORK from the earlier visit.  

After my purchase, I received an online survey, and gave lots of 1's to 3's  (out of 10's).  I had a terrible experience and this was my outlet to express myself.  One week after the survey had been submitted, I had not one, not two but THREE phone calls from Broadway Toyota staff members regarding my experience, which actually triggered my bad experience with every phone call.  I told the last guy that these phone calls were HARASSMENT and he quickly hung up.  I never received another one after that.

Each one of them said "we just want you to be happy".  

I'll be happy choosing another dealer next time.

Clare S. | 2009-08-11

This is a review that may need to be updated at a later date, but for now, they are getting 2 stars.  One star is for Ken, the salesman who helped my mother purchase her new 2010 Toyota Corolla.  The other star is for Angie, although she couldn't help us, you could tell she wanted to.

My mother just bought her first new car EVER.  She's driven clunkers her whole life and after her last clunkers engine blew up, she finally decided to spend the money and get a new car.  When she wanted to buy this car, there was an army there to assist her with everything from start to finish, the problem is, as soon as you drive off the lot, not one of those people wants to help you anymore.

My mother bought the extended warranty AS WELL as the maintenance warranty, AS WELL as the dang car coating.  My mothers is a salesman's dream, I swear.  Upon purchase she was supposed to receive 2 keys for the car, but they were out of the keys so she could come in later and they would have one for her.  Too bad she flushed her's down he toilet only 3 days after getting the car.  It was totally her own fault, but hey, she gets 24 hour roadside assistance with the warranty.  

Here is where the trouble starts.  No one could find her paperwork and they refused to help her.  They told her that most likely her paperwork hadn't been processed, but she can pay for them to come get her car.  Why has she already started paying for a warranty that she can't use then?  Cash for clunkers is apparently making everything run behind, blah blah blah...she didn't trade in a clunker, so why are they telling her this?  So leaving her new car in her abandoned parking lot at work, she takes the max home, I pick her up and we drive to the dealership.  Everyone at the dealership just thinks it's funny.

Literally while my mother is on the verge of tears they are joking and laughing about it.  They tell her to call in the one will help her.  We finally ask to talk to someone in management.  This apparently was the magic word.  She is now in a rental car, with Toyota paying for it and an angry manager at Toyota that was wondering why none of his staff handled this properly.  They won't have any keys in stock till Friday, so maybe my review will be updated but at this point, I say Boo on Toyota for trying to take advantage of my momma!

Chad S. | 2009-07-30

Service, service, service!  Funny that's the name of the department and they actually live up to it.  My wife and I just had our highlander stop starting and had it towed to Broadway Toyota for repair.  They were over the top with keeping us informed.  Douglas (our awesome service guy) kept us posted on the progress of our vehicle twice a day for 4 days.  Our vehicle problem was very rare and took them an abnormal amount of time to figure it out.  Douglas let us know that it was uncommon for testing to take so long and actually reduced the amount of billable hours simply because they had a learning curve.  DID YOU READ THIS..."Reduced the billing hours!".  OMG I about fell down.  I am extremely happy with Broadway Toyota and they have earned my business!!!

rick r. | 2009-07-13

Broadway Toyota stole $1500 from me.  Their schmarmy salespeople sold me an extended warranty to be refunded after 7 years if it's not used.  You only have 30 days to cash that in.  Sorry, I don't keep calendars for 7 years in the future.  Not that they were clear about 30 days to begin with.

Stay away.  Their sales "team" attempted bait and switch as well.

C T. | 2009-05-16

I don't suggest that this will happen to everyone, but my bad experience with the internet sales department is beyond my wildest imagination.

I wish I remembered the person's name with whom I had to unfortunately speak. He was clearly not interested in selling me a car. As opposed to greeting his customer, he simply mumbled his name and then went "What's up?" I thought to myself: "What is up is your attitude."

In any case, I held my tongue and asked the following instead: "I am interested in buying a 2010 Camry LE, and would like to ask you a few questions."  He did not acknowledge my question and sounded indifferent. By indifferent I mean I imagine he was perhaps waiting for an important phone call; perhaps I interrupted his reading, or woke him up from his nap, I don't know. But I felt like I was talking to someone who had his eyes fixed upon TV screen, and went "uh-huh," "yeah?" "man, I don't know."

I am sure that there are really nice people there. I happened to catch a bad one on his bad day. For my unpleasant experience, I will not recommend this dealership to any of my friends. I thought about calling bad and asked to speak with the owner. Well, I decide to come to Yelp.

Kristina K. | 2009-03-27

A nice bunch of salespeople and cannot say enough about the friendly service. We know the auto industry needs a boost, but we were not pressured into purchasing. We told the salesperson our intention of looking and we still were received warmly. He was helpful in providing tips about how to locate our future Toyota. We will be returning to Broadway Toyota because of our pleasant experience.

P S. | 2008-12-20

I'm mostly commenting on the service department here.  I've had great treatment from their service department, have received prompt call-backs when I signed up online to get an appointment, etc.  They have been great.

Trav15t .. | 2008-11-25

Matt Fast at the internet department was top-notch when helping me acquire my Prius... Could not have imagined a better experience.
Call 503-284-1105