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BMW Portland

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 226-0380
Address:2001 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR, 97201
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on BMW Portland

Ruby T. | 2015-04-25

If you liked being ignored, this is the place to go. I've read the reviews and should have stuck by it. I literally ended up walking out of this dealership. I don't mind waiting, but with no form of acknowledgement at all, is horrible customer service in my book. Thanks, but no thanks!

John S. | 2015-04-24

Service is decent, not great and also not bad. Pretty good turn around time and prices are what you would expect for a dealership. The only complaint I have is that when you schedule a service and then show up for the service (either early or on time) you still end up waiting 1015 minutes before you speak to the Service Advisor. Their work is okay through, never had any issues on that end.

Courtney W. | 2015-04-20

I took my older x3 into BMW of Portland to get a relatively minor repair completed that  couldn't be done at local shop.  The repair went fine but along with it came a long list of other "needed" repairs I should consider totaling to over $4,000.  I declined and had the local guy check out.  Of this list only about $300 was necessary.  Most of the other suggestions weren't at all critical and one - cracked belts - was flat out inaccurate.  I believe BMW Portland is overly aggressive about suggesting unneeded repairs.

Aaron G. | 2015-04-08

I have to say, from the first contact through the entire process, my experience with Jared Schafer was nothing less than exceptional.  He knew every detail about the 335i, from the technical specs down through the lease terms.  Additionally, he has been instantaneous on his email and text replies to my questions.  He made the experience very easy and one that I will absolutely return for when I lease my next BMW.  In fact, when I do return, if Jared has been promoted to manager, I would hope that he will have trained the other advisors on his skill set.  Additionally, I will definitely refer my friends and colleagues his way for their BMW purchases.   I have, too, own a business that relies 100% on customer service (plastic surgery) and this is the kind of treatment that I try to emulate in my practice.

Jennifer G. | 2015-04-07

BMW of Portland deserves ZERO stars. BMW of PDX LOST my car after it was suppose to be towed into the service department and then had me sit in the waiting room for over TWO hours with my child without telling me what was going on. I had to lose my cool in order to get assistance. Eric, my service rep, would not speak to me. It was only until I talked to manager that I got a very half hearted effort to resolve my issue. They FINALLY found my car and gave me a loaner. When I returned to pick up my car, I RAN OUT OF GAS two blocks from the dealership. I called the service manager, Jeff Klein, and explained my trouble and he was very apologetic for my inconvenience. He offered me a tank of gas and a free battery for my trouble. This would have been an ok resolution had I not been turning in my lease within the month! I also had an issue turning in my car. I was told it would take 15 minutes and I sat in the waiting room again with my infant son for close to an hour where something was going on in the backroom that I was not informed of. I felt there was a bait and switch with some charges at lease end and again had to lose my cool before anyone would even consider talking the issue through with me. I ended my lease and RAN from BMW of PDX. They are an awful company. Don't be deceived by their remodel. Stay as far away as you can from this BMW dealership. They are horribly run and will make HUGE mistakes and refuse and explaination or recovery for lost time for their errors. AWFUL BUSINESS!!!! Ugh, I have the hereby jeebies just thinking of how angry this company made me, be warned if you decide to chose BMW. They do not care about their customers, even if you try and take it up with them.

Flory W. | 2015-04-04

I love cars! I buy cars, like I buy shoes, with passion! This would be my 2nd BMW.  One reason we stopped here 1st instead of going straight to the 1st dealer we went to, was because it was closer to our home, and we just wanted to see what they've got. Since this will be my car, I did all my research online before deciding what style, brand, colors, comparing one after another. I knew what I wanted!  I was prepared.  Yes, I was comparing apples to apples, if you get my grip.

I let my husband did the test-driving, since he'll be driving MY car 90% of the time.  Sale was fast, and I'm ready to go home.  I'm happy with the purchase.

Why minus the star?  We were told:  we'll be getting a survey about our new purchase, and anything below 10 would be failing. Felt pressured already, so I gave every questions a 10!

Yes, I'm not being honest, but that's why, I'm giving minus a star HERE!

Thien H. | 2015-03-30

Went here to buy a BMW from the used cars. Right away our sales rep (Justin Nguyen) was very helpful from the very beginning. Clarified everything and was nice and straightforward. The price on the car was higher than the eprice but when I pointed it out he was quick to lower it to the eprice. Negotiating prices was very straightforward and quick. Usually I dread negotiating but we came to a consensus very quickly. I was happy with my purchase and definitely recommend seeing Justin Nguyen if you're going to buy a BMW.

Ma T. | 2015-03-29

I had been looking for a particular BMW for some time, and was excited when I saw the car advertised on the Internet at BMW of Portland.  It was advertised in a few different sites, so I immediately sent an email and connected with the "Internet sales coordinator", Dave, who gave me the "e-price" for the car, which was only $250 less.  No big deal, I was still interested in the car, so I set up an appt to see the car late that evening.

When I arrived at the delaership, Dave passed me off to another guy.  We talked a bit and they were very freindly.  We were going totake a test drive, so he asked us to wait a few minutes so he could run down the street to get the car.  50 minutes later, he comes back with the car.  Lots of excuses, such as the carr was behing a lot of other cars, had to get the keys, etc.  If they know I am coming to take a test drive, why wouldn't they at least get it somewhat close to available???

The car is dirty, which he warned me about up front.  He stated that they still needed to detail it, etc and that they would do that and touch up any minor scratches before I got the car if i bought it.   Why would they advertise it if they were not ready to show it?   I am starting to wonder......

We drive the car, notice some minor things during the drive, to which the sales person states that they would take care of if I bought the car.  We get back to the dealership and do a good look over of the car, because I am ready to buy it.  I notice a few other items, such as one tire is completely mis-matched, etc.  Again, he replies that they will take care of before I drive home.

Negotiation time.  All good, I am excited to buy the car.  The first price he quotes me is higher than the advertised price and the "e-price".  I am starting to wonder more.....  He starts the user car dealer typical dance, going back to his manager, which happens to be related to him BTW...  brother, cousin or something.  I was hoping to avoid some of the  typical used car sales stuff by working with a BMW dealership, apparently not.  We start doing the back an forth dance getting the price down.  At some point, his "manager", cousin (whatever he is), comes over and states that they can't sell me the car right now.  This is after we are negotiating the price!   His reason is  that the car has not been checked out through their formal process and inspection.....................  Help me understand this.   You get a car, advertise it, let people test drive it, negotiate a sale and you tell me that you are not sure it is a safe car, or if your price is right due to the possible work it might need.   That is also when the sales person told me that many of the things they said they would take care of before I drove it home, would probably cost me extra.

In the end, they take a deposit from me to hold the car, they take a few days to go through the car, and then refund my deposit and say the car will take too much work and they can't sell it.  My attempts to get calrity on what the issues were and what the costs they were saying forced them to not sell the car have not been answered.   I appreciate that they would not sell a car that was not safe, but I am not sure why we got so far before that was discovered, along with all the "errors" in statements and committments that were made by the salesperson.

Very misleading interaction. Felt like I was at a shady used car sales shop in a shady part of town.....and this is a BMW dealer???   What a horrible representation for BMW.

Nicholas Jon O. | 2015-03-04

So I would first like apologize for not driving a BMW and taking my car there for a oil change. I bought my car through lithia and get free oils changes for life and this was the closest dealership. By far the most disrespectful uptight service writers as well unorganized. When u say you are going to call someone when their car is done then do so. I would rather take my car to a jiffy lube then come back here. Doing a good job of keeping up the BMW reputation....

Andrey R. | 2015-02-18

Jeffrey C. of BMW Portland  reached out to me and left his phone number. I've called him 5 times and left 2 voice messages. No response.

Vasili R. | 2015-02-14

This place is 1000% class all the way!  We worked with Sean Riley in service and David Padgalskas for sales and they took such great care of us and I would recommend this group to ANYONE.  They put the right options in front of us, dealt with our two kids under 3 and provided us with a great loaner while our car was in service.  I would recommend asking for David b/c he will go the extra mile in helping you find the right car for you and their financing options can fit pretty much anyone.

Sean H. | 2015-01-17

This goes out to Yazen and Bryan for BMW Portland. They have done a wonderful job helping me getting my first BMW. Yazen was very helpful, friendly, and responsive throughout the whole process and Bryan also did a great job as well when I arrived to pick up the car and complete the paperwork. I'd recommend BMW Portland to anyone who is interested in a good BMW Experience!

Christopher C. | 2015-01-12

Working with Sean Riley was simple, easy, and just RIGHT for service. Whenever you have an issue and need service with a BMW, talk to him. He is the best!

Br P. | 2014-12-18

I recently leased a new 435i from BMW Portland, and I must say that it was the most incredible and easy experience I've had to date.

To be quite honest, the reason I am so pleased with my experience is the gentleman I worked with. Jared Schafer is hands down the best Sales Rep I have ever worked with. His availability, knowledge and integrity surpassed any and all of my expectations. This guy is a consummate professional, and takes his job very seriously. He walked me through the entire process, and answered everyone if my emails, no matter what time of day or night.

So, if you're in the market for a car, I encourage you to reach out to this group.

Julio C. | 2014-12-13

I was planning to buy a BMW and made an appointment to see cars. When I arrived I was asked if I wanted to buy the car that day and I said that I just wanted to see the cars to decide which car I would buy. I asked questions about the cars but the salesman only gave me a booklet with information that I could easily find on internet. I had the impression that he did not want to spend time talking to me. I asked him to show me the cars and the only thing he did was taking me to the garage and showing me a couple of cars for about one minute, he did not even show me the interior of the cars. I was really disappointed with the service and decided not to go back again even though they schedule me for a drive test. I decided to give a try at Mercedes Benz of Beaverton where I received top notch service and I bought a car there.

Eden N. | 2014-11-29

I am a long time BMW driver. I've owned I've owned 9 so far. I have purchased 4 from BMW Portland and is the best dealerships. Admittedly I love BMWs but check out my review of Kuni I don't always love the dealers.

SA: Jared Schafer - I have purchased 3 cars from him. You won't find a nicer lower pressure upfront sales person.

SC: Nathan Forster - Extremely knowledgeable and treats you right. Always explains repairs in an easy to understand way. Never a pressure for a sale.

SC: Ingrid Jackson - knowledgable, and hard working. She really shows how much she cares you and your car getting the experience that you and it deserves. She even cleaned my wheels by hand because the had a bit of break dust on them.

BMW Genius: Eric Devier - Always available to answer any questions and has even offered to come out to my house to program the in car garage door openers. Even when you feel like you know the car, Eric usually has a little extra to add and make your BMW experience better.

Everyone I have dear with are BMW enthusiast.

BMW Portland has me as a lifetime customers.

David M. | 2014-11-22

Buying a car is never a fun thing, but this process truly was fun and I've never been happier with a car purchase. I've owned close to if not over 20 cars and I'm 29 years old. I've had a few great cars but none have been a 'pleasure' to purchase which really impacts the overall ownership experience.

I was the owner of a VW Jetta TDI and it was purchased new so I was being extremely picky in my search for a pre-owned BMW. We started off at Kuni but after driving 5 or more of their certified pre-owned vehicles, we couldn't find one that didn't seem to have mechanical issues. They also said they wouldn't be able to include my partner on the financing. After several trips and several test drives at Kuni we decided to check out BMW Portland.

I met David Padgalskas and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He never appeared annoyed or offended when I decided a particular car wasn't for me and after deciding on one to purchase after driving about 5 different cars, he never came across as tired or pushy. The whole buying experience was truly one-of-a-kind and I don't know that I'll ever be happier with a car purchase. The after purchase customer service is top notch and I simply can't say enough good. The price we agreed upon was fantastic, they gave me exactly what I wanted for a trade and the whole process was quick, easy and fun. THANK YOU!

Robert B. | 2014-11-09

I continue to be impressed with my service advisor Skyler and BMW of Portland. The quality of work and customer service are exceptional. The pricing is fair and if I make an appt. ahead of time I always get a loaner with very few miles on it.
It turns what could be a painful and inconvenient experience into a pleasure.

Lizzy J. | 2014-10-18

We worked with Dean and we were very pleased.  He was very easy going, knowledgeable, and professional.  It's nice to be able to go to a dealership and not feel pressure, but instead just focus on the cars.  We would recommend seeing Dean if you are in the market for a BMW.

Heather L. | 2014-10-05

I recently purchased my first BMW at BMW Portland and it was a great experience. The entire team in BMW Portland is extremely attentive and professional. Client advisor, Wally van Schelt, was an absolute pleasure to work with - informative, patient, and personable. I never felt pressured and always felt that he was genuinely interested in what was important to me in my search for a new car.

Karen P. | 2014-10-03

After a rocky beginning experience, Ingrid, the service manager, addressed my issues promptly. I hope the entire staff takes lessons from her on proper customer treatment and satisfaction!

Pat M. | 2014-09-18

This review is for Service Department. I've been going there for services since I got my E70. The service representatives were nice and helpful until the most recent one. She seemed nice at first, then became a real dishonest typical car dealer who is hungry for your money and brought up all kinds of bad things I needed to replace in the car. She was unprofessional at the end too. No warning lights what so ever showed up. Because I don't know much about the engine, I went to another provider for 2nd opinions. And nothing is wrong with it. Very disappointed with this dealer whom Lithia's reputation stands behind.

Surj P. | 2014-09-02

What is completely remarkable is the service here. We met Brent C. and he took complete care of us. My wife and I needed to get a used car to replace the car that met an untimely demise. Normally a BMW is not even in my vision range as a car to buy and as such would never have thought to get a used car from this dealer. However they had a wonderful Mazda traded in and we bought it.  Before we met these people a BMW was not high in my list, now we will definitely look at one just so that we can work with Brent and these guys again. They sorted out everything and fixed everything and it was the most professional, trustable service I have ever gotten from a dealer.

Willy E. | 2014-08-26

Bought an X1 through BMW's European Delivery Program, for pickup in Munich in May.   After researching how different dealers on the US West Coast handled the details we went with BMW Portland, working with David Padgalskas.  David's knowledge of the process, his timely coordination of the details with the manufacturer, and his frequent communication with us were all superb.  The fee charged for his service was very reasonable (and favorable compared to other dealers), but mostly David was simply a pleasure to work with.  The dealership overall seemed good and professional in our transaction, but we can't comment on vehicle servicing because we live in Seattle and will stay local when it's time for maintenance.

We recommend the Munich pickup if you can find the time and want a vacation in Europe.  It's a fun way to buy a new car, and we're wondering when we can do it again - working with David again of course.

Robert E. | 2014-08-11

I had my car serviced here twice and was disappointed after the first time but after the second time I'm certain I will never take my car there again.
Both times at drop-off in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon I had to wait in their 'waiting' area for at least 20min. And I had made an appointment.
Secondly, they have no clue what they are doing. It took them 3 days to troubleshoot an active steering fault. They gave me all kinds of explanations, sold me a new battery for couple hundred (although the old one was still good) and it still did not fix it. Just googl'ing for 20min on the internet if found the answer in BMW service bulletin and it is fixed now. Their service prices are out of this world. My advise, take your car to an independent mechanic if it is out of warranty. These days they have all the information they need to competently work on your BMW without charging twice or 3x.

Kate Z. | 2014-07-18

I started my process of purchasing a used BMW online.  A lot of my research paid off when it came time for chose not only the car but the dealership from which I purchased it.  BMW Portland was the SECOND dealership I went to.  I started at the big name BMW dealership in town, the one with all the ads on TV and Radio.  I contacted them online and showed up for an appointment later.  I didn't meet with the person I corresponded with but was handed off to someone who was clearly non-plused to help me.  I was urged to cars above my price range, that was generous, and hustled off the lot.  The next day I received an email with a link to a I was done with them.
Lucky for me, I went to BMW PORTLAND!  I emailed with Matt, who met me at the dealership the same fact 45 mins later.  He showed but SEVERAL BMWs all in the 300 series which my email indicated was what I wanted.  He showed me BMWS in the range of years I requested in my email.  I was NOT hustled off the lot, Matt spent several hours with me, listening and providing direction when asked, backing off when my partner and I were discussing with one another.  The next day, Matt and I texted about the 3 cars we narrowed it down to, we can in again drove them again and made a GREAT DEAL that left me super PLEASED, super confident and feeling GREAT about.  My BMW was deliver clean, fully detailed, and full tank of gas so I could hit the road for a 500 mile trip. BMW Portland was second on my list to visit, however after my visit - BMW Portland is FIRST IN MY HEART!!!

Jeffry H. | 2014-06-22

We bought a used BMW at a Vancouver dealership, Alan Webb Nissan, that had a very clean background and a claim of a 120pt vehicle inspection. We wanted to be sure that during a 30 day warranty we had a nice solid vehicle.
After $120, (we thought reasonable for this kind of check), we were given a list of thousands of dollars of needed service.
Some of those items we actually did use in a positive fashion to make AW do the right thing, though they eventually refused to complete the whole list of things they had claimed "passed" their '120 Pt' check, (look at my yelp review on AW Nissan).
Some were over-priced silliness..

I do understand that BMW Portland was simply doing what I'd asked and if they had left it at that.. wonderful. However, on of the things that really irritated me was the portion of the estimate that related to a "loose radio knob". The total to fix this issue? nearly $1000.00! When I asked what could cost that much the very polite, (Ingrid?) customer service rep said that "we can't fix just the knob, we have to replace the whole faceplate". (The faceplate from the factory is approximately $800.00, the rest was labor).
We declined to venture into such a silly repair, but I did eventually look into this loose knob. Oddly enough when I looked into this costly repair I found a few very interesting things:

1.) That the faceplates can be found for less than $200
2.) That the swapping out of a faceplate takes less than 10 seconds, Labor?
3.) That this loose knob was actually the thin flat retaining nut that holds the shaft of the on/off, volume knob tightly to the dash had backed off.
Overall time to diagnose and repair= 30 seconds to a minute, ( I had to retrieve my needle nose pliers)
Overall cost to repair this issue= 0 dollars
BTW, in my entire motor-head life of working on my vehicles I'd never had a retaining nut work itself loose.... food for thought.

Does BMW of Portland hire mechanics that can't use better judgement than this or do they take their potential customers as fools?

I went to this dealership for this service because I purchased a brand new 330xi from them in the past. They bend over backwards to sell the air of class and are some of most polite sales staff I'd ever experienced... they 'sell the sizzle' well, but in retrospect I think a few more important things came from this experience...

I don't need a vehicle that requires so much attention and cost for minor repairs
I don't need to be sold an attitude of eliteness
I don't care to spend $1000 to turn a retainer nut


Christina M. | 2014-06-15

My husband and I came here after 6 1/2 years of not owning a car - we had moved here a  year ago from NYC and after going a year without, we decided that it was time to get one. We had narrowed our car choices to four, and BMW Portland was the first dealer we went to. We knew what range we wanted our price to be within, and knew what we were putting down. We test drove the car, Dana Scoles (who others liked here and I can totally see why now) sat down with us, explained some of the financing options. Since this was our first car we've purchased in 14 years (!) we wanted to take some time to think about it. He and one of his managers said, no problem, this is our best offer, think about it, no expiry as long as the car is here.

We went to a few other dealers and drove a few other cars, and the treatment, low-pressure sales, and respect that Dana and the BMW team gave us was phenomenal. For the product we got and the respectful distance the team gave us after we said we needed time to think, that definitely helped get our business. If all BMW sales teams are like this, then BMW has a customer for life with me.

Fernet B. | 2014-06-12

I was about ready to finalize a purchase with Kuni when I stopped in here to look at a vehicle they had in stock on the lot.  After the amazing customer service we received from David Padgalskas it really was a no-brainer in taking my business to BMW Portland when purchasing my first-ever new car.  Ingrid and Eric are killing it in the service department and have gone above and beyond!  Much appreciated!

Bill B. | 2014-05-27

We bought a BMW from David Padgalskas and have only praise for the entire experience. David has integrity and intelligence. We fully recommend him to those considering a new car.

Akash S. | 2014-05-26

I had a fantastic experience buying my first BMW from here. Dana Scoles worked with me and it was a pleasure dealing with him. He knew the details about the car and had it ready for me to test drive when I arrived, even though it was close to their closing time of the day ( I had told him I would be arriving and all my selections). I had most of my questions answered by him prior to making the purchase. He even introduced me to his manager ( Yaz ) who was a nice person to talk with. All through the negotiation process, he was very reasonable and willing to get me the best car experience at the best price.

The service department has also been equally impressive on their front whenever I needed any help from them. I have recommended this place to many people, and they had mentioned having an equally memorable experience in a relaxed environment while making their BMW purchases.

Scott O. | 2014-04-24

Our experience leasing our 2015 x1 x28i from David Padgalskas at BMW Portland was, by quite a wide margin, the best car buying experience we've ever had. From first contact to keys in hand, there was never a single moment of frustration or a hard sell on anything. He answered every question we had with total honesty, and made our convenience and satisfaction the number one priority.

As we live in Salem, almost all of our communication prior to picking up the car was done via e-mail, which is exactly how we wanted it to be. We made an offer to purchase the car at what we believed was a very good, very competitive, but fair, price, which he accepted, and within days the exact car we ordered was in production in Germany. There was no haggling, no sob stories about unhappy sales managers, there was no trying to convince us on other options or models. We did our research and knew what we wanted, and he respected that. It's exactly how buying a car should be, but almost never, ever is.

David was entirely willing to work out the smallest details of the financing and put everything in writing prior to placing the order, leaving no doubts or questions as to how everything would work out (any dealer who isn't happy to do this for you should be avoided at all costs). And when the car arrived, there was not a single surprise--David followed through 100% on the initial deal and made no attempts to modify it in his favor--something else that is sadly rare when buying a new car. Just when we thought the experience couldn't be any better, he even threw in a few accessories and extras at no cost to us. Superb!

David was always patient, courteous, and responsive in all our communications, and there is no doubt that when the time comes to get our next BMW, there is only one person we'll be talking to: David Padgalskas--he has more than earned our trust. If you are a serious car enthusiast and want a great deal on a great car with no hassles, give David a call (or shoot him an email).

Patty W. | 2014-03-06

I just bought a pre-owned vehicle.  They delivered it to me sparking clean, shiny, and with a full tank of gas.  When I asked about a second key fob it was delivered in ups a week later.  David Padgalskas, the salesman was kind and easygoing. applied no pressure to seal the sale.  He and the finance person made sure that I got a financing that worked with my budget.  I am a very happy customer all the way around. Laural, the sales manager was friendly, came out to meet me and communicated with me after the sale to see if everything went well.  If you've ever owned a BMW you know that they are quality cars and don't need to be sold, they sell themselves. Thanks everyone, keep being yourselves!

Mike R. | 2014-02-16

For the service department:

Fast, friendly service. I was greeted as I walked in the door and my issue was quickly addressed by someone with a smile.

The parking lot was a bit tight, but I think that is because they were/are under construction.

The parts department also has a great selection of stuff in stock for you to fill up your BMW with.

IZaiah T. | 2014-02-13

I am appalled by the Low quality of service I received at this business. I was trying to get my vehicle fixed for repairs on my vehicle. The following repairs are unsatisfactory, incomplete, failed, or sloppy. I had my panoramic sunroof repaired because it was not functioning and the repair cost way more than what was quoted. The seal around the sunroof frame is failing and separating from the body of the car after just couple of months of light use. I tried to bring this concern and they stand behind the absolute crap reassembly of the part. They refuse to acknowledge the poor job they did to try to save them the loss of labor to fix the part which after paying thousands of dollars should be brand new. Multiple repairs they have performed were not done properly and had to be re repaired including another over 1k in labor and still is not properly done. They replaced the emblem on the rear of the vehicle and visibly scratched up my paint really bad around it. I have attempted to resolve these issues and have met with nothing but resistance and condescending attitudes. The GM with an over exuberant sense of self importance said he would make sure they would do right by the guarantee they have and has since completely ignored me. Including refusing to return calls or be present when I was told to bring my vehicle in for repairs. They spent more energy trying too demonize me than make any real attempt at fixing this. I have sunk nearly $7000 into the repairs for this car and Im told by another BMW certified mechanic that the repairs they made will not last. They tout a unconditional guarantee but fail to honor the high standards they set or stand behind the work they perform. I STRONGLY ADVISE anyone reading this to please shop somewhere else, and get better customer service and Quality of service from anywhere else.

Jen A. | 2014-01-28

See BENJAMIN at BMW Portland!!
We were looking for about a month for a specific car for my daughter at a very specific price all over the country INCLUDING auto auctions. We found it online at BMW Portland.  I called and spoke with Benjamin who treated me as though I were spending brand new BMW money even though I was spending Pre-owned non-BMW money!  We had several telephone calls back and forth (we are a little high-maintenance :)) and flew in the next day to make the purchase.  Benjamin was waiting for us at the security checkpoint at the airport with ice cold bottles of water waiting in the car.  We found the car to be immaculate and freshly washed with a full tank of gas, which was MUCH appreciated as we had a long drive ahead of us.  The process was quick and painless and we were off to deliver to a very happy college girl!  Benjamin even followed up to see how she liked it and I really appreciated that.

While I was waiting I overheard a customer picking up his vehicle from the service department.  The lady that assisted him was really friendly and knowledgable and he seemed more than pleased as she told him the extra things they did at no additional cost.  That was also impressive.  

If I could take .25 of a star away, I would, based on the man who handles the paperwork.  I understand up selling and add ons-I spent many years in sales myself.  However, I didn't appreciate his tactic that seemed a little less than honest.  BUT that didn't put enough of a damper on my experience to warrant a whole star.

I highly recommend Benjamin if you are looking for excellent service and a rep who goes the extra mile!

Jospeh M. | 2014-01-25

Just got my car back today after had been in the dealer for almost a month. The cost was almost $7,000, but BMW took care of that. The service advisor: Sean Riley is a good model for others. They replaced a new engine wiring harness that was broken. Will update with the car

After the svc was done, I was called to pick up my car. It was needed a new Mass Air sensor, also was charged for 2 hrs diagnostic. I drew a car back home with my families; my wife and son. On the way home, was up the hill, my car was starting stalling, then shut off on me...freaking anxiety attack coz the big SUV was driving behind me. We were so lucky the driver could pull a good stop, otherwise, it will be a disaster. We were so mad with BMW. My car has been running well, never ever done that to me at all. That was a freaking fucking anxiety moment, since now I am still in shocked. Don't believe it BMW dealer.

I think I am fed up with BMW cars and dealership. The question is " why do such an expensive car, keep breaking down easily???" I have been working hard to pay off these cars, and expected a premium package like product & service , but by far that is not even meet the expectation. I have owned a 2001 Z3, 2006 X3, and 2006 330i. I always buy in full cash at the time and signing. I also owned a 2002 Toyota Celica, and have never been in shop for almost 4 years.
05/10/14 at 2:32pm
Brought my car in for topping and tires air pressure checked. I met a young guy name Sun, I don't remember his name well.
He took my car and about 15mn later, he brought it back. He told me it was done. I was impressed by that. He told me he checked and topped the tires air pressure, also topped off .25 on oil.

I took off on a Freeway to my cousin house. Suddenly the air pressure light was on, so I pulled over to check. I don't see the oil was topped off either. Man I had to turn around to let them re do it. It was a hassle because I was stuck in the busy traffic with my 3 yr old son.

I came in again. He said he checked the oil was ok. That just speechless to me because he said he added the oil, and then he said he did not add the oil because it was ok. God damage, don't even expect this way at this place.

This review specifically for Ingrid Jackson and the service manager Jeff Clark.

Jeff Clark,
It was pretty amazing experience to meet and talk to Jeff. He told me he has been working there more than 30 yrs. his job is to fulfill the clients's expectation and satisfaction. That is his main priority and I felt that when we met. It is not easy to be in that position and to do what he has been doing because clients's expectation and satisfaction are the extremely difficult to accomplish it. We all have a different taste :). However, he has been doing a wonderful job there. Thanks a gain Jeff.

Ingrid Jackson( client advisor),
You guy gotta meet her, demand her as your client advisor. She has been doing an amazing job there. I have switched some advisors like Brooke, Skyler, Will, and Jerry. These advisors are a good advisor, excluded Will Grenier. I don't like the way he works. It was a nightmare to work with Will.

Linda H. | 2014-01-23

I had a great experience purchasing a car from here recently. Dana Scoles was pleasant to work with, upfront, helpful and made the car buying process an easy and stress free experience. I was able to research and check out their inventory online and communicated with Dana via email until I was ready to buy, which saved a lot of time since I was able to do most of it virtually. 5 stars for the car buying portion. I've only had my car for a week so I will see how their service department ranks once I find out and will update accordingly then to rate that side of the business.

Chris J. | 2014-01-05

Client adviser Dan Fajardo went the extra mile to help my wife and me find the right car at the right price, and then went even farther when we needed to work out a solution to a service issue while we were on vacation.  We are very pleased with the service we received at BMW Portland to date.

John S. | 2014-01-02

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Even though you have a brand new bmw with warranty up the ass they have to bullshit you and try and get as much money out of you as possible. I had Ingrid as the service advisor, first she said it was 3400 to fix my vehicle but than it was 2200 full of shit! They work on commission and it's obvious! Do not come here!

Ellen W. | 2013-12-07

Ian was a great sales associate. The service and parts department have always been helpful and we've had nothing but good experiences here with all of the business we've done. We will continue to return!

Michael D. | 2013-11-29

This review is specifically for David Padgalskas (Client Advisor).

I was shopping all around for a 4 Series quote, and dealing with David at BMW Portland remotely, but right off the bat I noticed his stellar customer service. He quickly got me the best deal he could, called me, and was extremely helpful at every single turn. We even had some fun banter about the 4 cylinder versus the 6 cylinder engines, and automatic vs manual.

Compared to all the other BMW dealers that I dealt with, David was the most forthright, quick to respond, and professional out of them all by a mile! Definitely recommend hitting him up if you are in the market for a BMW!

Sam M. | 2013-10-16

I've been a BMW owner now going on my 10th year, wonderful cars to drive and own, but they do require a bit of expertise to repair and troubleshoot.  Since they are technical automobiles in and out, having a service adviser that can work with you to fix any problems is very important, but having one that will communicate with you openly and timely is paramount.
Rarely do you find an adviser of this caliber and expertise, but I have been fortunate enough to find such an adviser at BMW Portland, her name is Ingrid Jackson.  I can't say enough good things about Ingrid, her experience, and the service she provides.  Given my background as a 'shade tree mechanic', Ingrid has been wonderful to work with in discussing technical issues and helping untangle the myriad of BMW specifications and protocols.

To summarize, I would highly recommend Ingrid Jackson to anyone looking for a service adviser - you won't be disappointed!

Kandra L. | 2013-10-11

The service I had received was fantastic. They accommodated my needs and showed me on the computer a layout of what they could do for me for financing. They had 4 different options for me to choose i.e...Extended warranty, without extended warranty, gap coverage, and extended warranty with gap coverage. Everything was honest, nothing was hidden all information for financing was shown to me, before ever being finalized. Yazen Albustany, and Dave did a great job, and were so helpful.  My husband and I had a horrible experience with another car, from another dealership and BMW Portland was a breath of fresh air and again so honest and not pushy! My husband and I Will are buying our next car from them, and many more into the future.

Chris M. | 2013-09-11

Review is for pre-owned car sales and specifically Matt Palumbo (client advisor):

I just purchased a used car from this dealer and had a great experience all around.  The car was not a BMW but was the type I was looking for.  Matt was very professional from the start and focused solely on making sure I had ample time and information for my purchase.  

During my shopping, I visited many other dealers and became used to the run-around sales pitch and upselling.  This was not the case with Matt.  He did not once try to sell a different car than the one we came in to test.  This is hugely refreshing in the internet age when you are typically visiting a dealer for a very specific car.

I cannot speak to the issues others have had in previous reviews but can highly recommend asking for Matt if you are interested in one of their inventory.

Robert K. | 2013-09-10

Took my BMW in to look at a suspected fuel pump issue and a few other things.

Immediately, they tried selling me other things, which I understand. They are running a business, but they quoted me $100 to "reclip a sensor" and $130 to replace the microfilter.

I purchased an OEM microfilter for $23, and it looks like it should take me maybe 15 minutes to install. 5 minutes for someone like a BMW technician who has probably done it 500 times.

Just because I drive a BMW does not mean I will pay ridiculous prices to have my car worked on. I even told the person helping me that, and she literally had nothing to say. As if I caught her red handed.

My anugus was not peppered. NO THANKS JEFF.

Laurie A. | 2013-09-10

After contacting BMW Portland about the bad customer service we had, they issueed me a reimbursement check for the expense of having to have keys made. We got the exact car we wanted at a good price, but the customer service wasn't what I expected from a BMW dealer. I'm hoping my letters to their management will help make for better experiences for future clients.

Erin U. | 2013-04-09

We planned a 2 week road trip to the states after purchasing our BMW X5 and were very sad the day we went to leave. We went for a quick oil change and discovered the coolant in our BMW was leaking thru a small pressure hole in the top of the tank. We were told we could drive with it like that but that it wouldn't last long. We decided to embark on our adventure that day anyways and made our way to Portland. We googled the BMW repair and drove there from our hotel the next day. The location was great and the service was exceptional! We first called and had a bit of confusion over the phone and email but were eventually told to just get the vehicle there and they would make sure it was fixed in time. This was only a couple hours before closing, so we got there right after(finally) getting that email, which is definitely the only reason it loses a star. (Slow response and brief non detailed emails). That being said upon arrival it was a breeze. We dropped the x5 off and walked a block away and got our nails done :-) Upon return the bmw was ready to go and the price was great! We even got a few things from the little store and our vehicle has performed like a champ ever since that day. It is also much more expensive in Vancouver to get the exact same thing done so I highly recommend it, if you happen to be driving on vacation in American. Oh and Portland has no sales tax which is also huge and kept us an extra day for shopping. Thanks BMW and Portland!!

Carl T. | 2013-03-13

There's not much more I could have asked for from the team at BMW Portland!  In the end, I got the car I wanted (a used 530XIT) at a very fair price.  Along the way, my family and I were treated extremely well by the entire BMW Portland team.  Our concerns were addressed clearly, our needs were heard and met, and the arrangements were made based on our preferences.  I'm not sure what else you could ask for from a car dealer!

If you're interested, here are some specifics about my experience:

-  I submitted a web inquiry about the car, and ended up communicating via email with Eric Devier.  He was very quick to respond to my requests for info, even during off-hours.  I appreciated his friendliness, and the fact that he didn't try to pressure me to come to the dealer.
-  I coordinated with Eric to stop by on a Friday for a look at the car.  He was waiting to greet me, and introduced me to Ian Killough, the Client Advisor who would help me with all things regarding the car.  Very nice transition from the Internet team to Sales.
-  Working with Ian was fantastic!  He's incredibly friendly, extremely knowledgeable about the cars (and not just the BMWs), and was very respectful of my questions, concerns, budget and time, which I really appreciated.  He's also got a great Irish accent.
-  Ian and I took the car for a test drive, and I loved it.  I tried not to show it, since I didn't want Ian to pounce, but he didn't pounce.  Matter of fact, he wasn't pushy, at all.  I told him I'd like to come back on Sunday with my wife and daughter, and he said that'd be wonderful.  I was expecting a, "What is the price that will make you with this car, today?" line, but instead he was happy to do whatever I wanted to do.  How refreshing is that!
-  On Sunday, Ian had everything all set for our test drive, and answered all of our questions as we drove.  Once we were done, it was clear that we wanted the car, which meant that we had to brace for the dreaded negotiations.
-  While we did have to do some of the old-school "Let me take your offer to someone in another office," business, it actually wasn't too bad.  We got within $400 of our price on Ian's first trip, and agreed to split the difference on the second.  All-in-all, a very fair deal.
-  Once the price was settled, Jim Mertz helped us with the financing and service plan analysis.  They have lots of options, and Jim was happy to walk us through all of them.  Just be sure to ask about the Lifetime Oil Change plan; it's the only one we jumped on.
-  Due to lots of customers in the store, as well as some site construction that forces sales people to walk approximately 3.5 miles to get a printout, the total time we were there was close to 4hrs.  When the people we needed were available, things went very quickly and smoothly.  While we waited, Ian went out of his way to make us as comfortable as we could be - including finding an empty office for my wife to nurse our daughter, getting some snacks for us, and keeping us well-hydrated with water.  Again, Ian and everyone else at BMW Portland really wanted us to have a great experience.
-  When we finally left, it was in a freshly washed and prepped car with a full tank of gas...and we couldn't be happier!
-  Oh, and Ian has promised to search out some rubber floor & trunk mats for our new wagon.  We were prepared to recommend him before that offer, but that would certainly cement his place at the top of our list for car sales!
-  And, just to show how everyone got involved with helping, I stopped by the next day to drop off a check and Laurel Kessler, the Sales Manager, came out to the new car to help get my iphone connected via Bluetooth!

Michelle S. | 2013-01-16

WE just purchased a certified preowned BMW from BMW Portland, and we couldn't be happier with our experience. Our client advisor, Ian Killough, was funny, kind and knowledgeable. He found us a great car at a reasonable price. The entire process--even financing--was painless. We actually enjoyed the experience, which is great since we had been dreading it. I see other reviewers have has issues with the service department, and I can't comment on that. Given the helpful and friendly nature of all the people we encountered, I can't imagine we will have any problems with service in the future. Two thumbs up!

Nigel R. | 2013-01-04

The service department is incompetent and management is unresponsive. They always try to upsell and overcharge for everything. Do yourself and your car a favor and go to Kuni!

David S. | 2012-12-04

Worst Customer service and dealership EVER!  
First off, i live a few miles away from them so its logical that they could do my service for my "under warranty" 2007 CPO 328 wagon.  Before the switch over from Rassmussen to Lithia, they WERE a friendly and decent dealership. Lithia is filled with lazy salesmen and a terrible Service dept.  Brooke in the service dept. was to rude to me and could care less about my car or its problems.  By all means its worth it to drive the extra few miles and get your car worked on at KUNI BMW.  Their staff has always courteous and their service to my car has always been top notch. My car has a under warranty issue that needed addressing and i gave LITHIA another chance.  Brooke so rudely changed my mind! A month ago i was in to possibly trade in my 07 and upgrade into another 09 or 10 CPO. I couldnt get help to look at preowned and once i did i was left in the garrage without any help.  Are you not in the biz to SELL cars?!?  why leave customers alone to wonder?!?  
ALSO get a few loaner cars LITHIA!  

Thank you KUNIi for terrific and honest work!

Dan G. | 2012-08-27

This review is for sales (back when it was still called Rasmussen BMW).

Tyson Vilhauer got me into my dream BMW 135i space gray on first try (October 2010).  I had visited two other Oregon BMW dealerships who tried to sell me what they had in inventory and not the 1 BMW that I wanted.  

Tyson was the epitome of courteous, professional and efficient sales service.  The test drive was great.

On delivery day Tyson picked me up from my local car rental office, set up all the bells and whistles for optimal driving joy.  

Best car buying experience of my life!  I look forward to purchasing my next BMW through Tyson.

--Dan G. (Corvallis, OR)

Aaron H. | 2012-08-15

I was introduced to Rasmussen BMW in 2008, after purchasing a late model vehicle from a private party in Eugene, Oregon.  Admittedly, I was leery at first at the thought of having a dealer maintain my new toy, but I'm happy to say that the service department exceeded every expectation I had, and then some.  Then in 2010, my clutch began to slip, with the car only having 21k miles on it, and the warranty period had expired.  Here comes the being leery part my complete surprise, the Tech, my Service Adviser and the Shop Manager/Foreman went to bat for me and the repairs were done under Goodwill, saving me thousands of dollars.

Having this great experience, it only made sense that when it was time for a new vehicle at our house, we chose BMW of Portland to start our search.  We never made it to another dealer.

After deciding on which vehicle's we were interested in, we made the trip to the dealer to take the next step.  I have to say, this ranks in the top 3 of my purchasing experiences.  At the dealership, we were introduced to Tyson Vilhauer, who could not have made the experience any better.  He listens more than he talks, and you truly sense that he feels his job is to have YOU satisfied when all is said and done.  Tyson never 'suggested' any equipment, or other vehicles, rather he allowed me to explain what we wanted and how much we were willing to pay.  

Not one time did we feel uncomfortable or pressured during the process.  In fact, when all was said and done, we felt as if we were talking to an old family friend.  

The name on the building may have changed, but my experience continues to be all positive when dealing with this organization.  They've earned my family's business.

Jimmy D. | 2012-08-14

I currently own my third BMW and I repeatedly return to BMW Portland for their outstanding level of service. In particular, Tyson Vilhauer has always gone above and beyond to ensure that my experience is outstanding. Having worked in the car business and now heading up a customer experience division at one of Oregon's fastest growing companies, I am a particularly critical consumer and pay attention to all the little details.

E.L. B. | 2012-08-09

I've been a customer of BMW Portland (formerly Rasmussen BMW and MINI) since 1999.  I'm on my sixth vehicle from them.  The name changed after Lithia bought them in 2011.  

My new CA Ty Vilhauer took over my account after the transition.  He smoothly handled the purchase of an exceptionally rare BMW that I had ordered 14 months earlier.  The dealership did not try to capitalize on the hype surrounding the car and attempt to mark it up, like other BMW dealerships were doing.  Ty made sure that the car was prepped for delivery and well taken care of during the 10 days before I could take delivery.

Ty and I are now friends.  I can text him a question or concern about my car and he always responds.  I have referred him other clients who have all had good experiences with him.

Warren P. | 2012-07-28

Strong Service, Finance and Sales department. Dealership if upscale and well staffed. The best part of my experience is dealing with Tyson Vilhauer who is professional and fun to work with.

Steve H. | 2012-07-09

My wife and I have purchased 2 new vehicles from Rasmussen BMW (now Lithia Motors dba BMW of Portland), a 2004 525i, and a 2005 X3.  The 525i has 90K miles on it and the X3 just passed 60K.

We brought the X3 to BMW of Portland last summer because the air conditioning and thermostat weren't working.  A service advisor contacted us and said that they had thoroughly inspected the air conditioning system, didn't see anything wrong, and indicated they would re-charge the system and add refrigerant.   And then as has almost always been the case since warranty expiration we were informed another problem was discovered during inspection - with the brakes.   We were suspicious but approved the work because what were we going to do, not fix the brakes?   $221 of the $873 invoice was for what we understood to be a thorough inspection of the air conditioning system.  

The X3 air conditioning worked for the remainder of last summer but when my wife tried to use it on one of the first warm days in May it once again failed.  We left the X3 at BMW of Portland as we were heading out of town on vacation.  A service advisor called later that morning and informed us that they had diagnosed the problem - a leaking air conditioning evaporator - which would cost $1,984 to repair.   And, as usual,  they had found additional problems (belts cracking, intake boot cracking, oil filter housing leaking) which added $881 for a grand total of $2,865.  We had put less than 6,000 miles on the X3 since the air conditioning/brake repair last summer when we were told that the air conditioning system was functioning perfectly.  We were livid.

Sensing our frustration the service advisor said that BMW of Portland was running a coupon promotion with which he could reduce the cost 12% to $2,521.  Resolving to not let this ruin our vacation we grit our teeth and gave the go ahead.  The service advisor assured us that our vehicle would be ready to pick up a week later when we returned from vacation.  

You can imagine our dismay when we received an e-mail the day before we got back in town indicating that the X3 would not be ready the following day but a loaner would be available.  When we inquired why the vehicle would be not ready the service advisor replied that the dealership would incur a 20% premium to have a missing part delivered overnight.  When we asked why they would need to overnight parts when they had the X3 for a week he replied "I am so sorry to concern you with that email I was just trying to explain how our parts ordering takes place"

When we went in to pick up the loaner the next day we repeated our outrage at the cost of repairing a system which BMW of Portland supposedly thoroughly checked last summer.  The service advisor told us he would check to see if there was anything that could be done to reduce the cost of the labor.  We said we would appreciate anything he could do.

The next day the service advisor sent us an e-mail that the X3 was ready to be picked up and the charges came to exactly the amount we reluctantly agreed to pay a week prior, no mention of a further cost reduction.  I replied and asked about the additional cost reduction he said he would pursue the day before.  I closed the e-mail with the following "both of our BMW vehicles (purchased from your dealerhisp) are nearing replacement.  Though we love the vehicles based on this experience as well as a few others, the last place we would consider buying replacement vehicles is from Lithia".  Neither the service advisor or anyone else from Lithia replied.   We would experience the same avoidance behavior the following day when my wife went in to pick up the X3 and pay for the repairs.  She asked the service advisor about the cost adjustment he told us he would pursue.  The service advisor told her that he would check with his manager and that his manager may call to discuss further.  Neither the service advisor or his manager have called.

For many years I worked in a position in which I had to communicate 'bad' news to clients.  I understood that my credibility was on the line (as well as the very real possibility of losing a client to a competitor) in these situations and it was imperative that I do what I committed to do for the client.  The vast majority of these situations were resolved satisfactorily for the client and my employer largely because I did everything I told the client I would (and could) do.

My wife and I clearly understand that there is a cost associated with maintaining our vehicles.  As previously mentioned prior to the above scenario we had become highly suspicious based on service regularly costing 2 to 3 times the estimate based on BMW of Portland finding problems in addition to the issue we brought the vehicles in for.  Based on this latest experience we will find another service provider.

Luis D. | 2012-05-15

Workers are friendly and professional. Not happy about the over price in repairs and services. Paid top dollar for inspection. Would love to have my spare change untouched. They always want to do things to my car; however, they cant give me a explanation of what exactly they do. When i spend hundreds on my car, i would love to get an explanation of repairs. Would complain about the new coffee machine but its the last time they are seeing me.

Giatano C. | 2012-05-10

Brought my z3 for an estimate on the brake service lite coming on and was told "we don't do that". Leave it in the shop, we'll fix it and tell you (and bill you for) what we find. It would be somewhere near $1600. Wouldn't look and tell me if its the front brakes, rear brakes or just the lite. Rasmussen (previous owners) never had a problem with this. I took my business elsewhere and had it done for $172.00

Tim D. | 2012-04-10

Part 1: First impressions are this place is first class.  Once greeted, I was with Mr. Rob Temple, my Service Advisor promptly.  We discussed the services I requested and he actually tried to talk me out of the oil change I wanted as it technically wasn't scheduled for 13k miles.  For reasons not necessary to discuss I kept the oil change in addition to the brake service.  I signed the quote and went for great coffee just down the street.  I will post Part 2 "the post BMW Portland experience" later.... Part 2: Well, after a spontaneous shopping spree in the parts department for my wife and her car accessories I was called back into the service area by Mr. Temple.  We discussed what was serviced, and more importantly we discussed what needed to be done.  There was no "up-sell", nor was there any pressure to do more services on the date of this appointment.  Mr. Temple gave me a good timeline on when the next items should be done and that was that.  My wife's car was serviced, washed and released without pressure.  This was a first class improvement over the reviews of the past.  It appears they have "fixed" the problems previous reviewers have mentioned.

Andrew A. | 2012-01-18

I sensed that service had waned after the last three appointments for our Mini AND BMW, then two people indicated they felt the same.  I found out that dealer ownership had changed, so there seems to be a connection.  I can't put my finger on it, but definitely feel upsold every time now.  Before, there were few surprises.  Now, there's always a big one that adds 25%+ to the estimate, just like cliché mechanic stories.  Maybe the car is getting older and it's just a fact, but it's also the attitude of one of the advisors: he seems to be in constant sales mode, fast talking, etc.  Some have recommended an independent company in NW, others Broadway Imports in NE.  Rasmussen seemed less corporate than Lithia.

Clif B. | 2011-08-27

It was the best car dealer in town when it was Rasmussen BMW, new ownership's changes are sensible in someways & barely tolerable in others.

Why I have to wait 20 minutes to pick up my car  each time is beyond me.

They need more x6 's loaners 4 sure .

Mary G. | 2011-06-16

This review is for the service department.  We just moved to Oregon, and we were issued 2 license plates.  We purchased the MINI in Arizona, a state that only issues 1 license plate.  We needed holes drilled in to our bumper, so we could attach the license plate holder.  We called the service department, and they told us we did not need an appointment. We dropped the car off, ran to another dealership to take care of our other vehicle, and when we returned, the car was ready to go. Overall, a good experience.

Luciasur S. | 2011-04-12

This is for new car purchase sales at this dealer.

I traveled with my partner to test drive a BMW X3 this month.  The car was great, but it's in high demand, so one must place an order through them.  My partner put down a deposit and we were advised the order would be placed expeditiously.

Four days later my partner was advised that "due to the equake in Japan", he'd have to order the technology package for an additional several thousand dollars to get the car.   Internet research showed that while this car is made in the U.S., the technology package is made in Japan.  Thus, one could reasonably assume the technology package was more difficult to get (if made in Northern Japan), not a requirement for purchase!  Inverse logic.

Quite frankly, this was a change in terms on which the deposit was made.  It seemed to be upselling pure and simple, and I felt as if it was crassly being done misusing the plight of the people of Northern Japan.

My partner cancelled the order, not wanting to do business with anyone conducting business in this type of manner.

Katherine G. | 2010-03-13

I should have never come here in the first place.  Dealing with under warranty issues was very frustrating in this establishment and their waiting room is uncomfortable and draining at best.  
One Example: The e-brake was failing to hold my car on my 1.5% grade driveway over night.  At one point, the car slid back into the gate and needed $1,200 of body work.  Rassmusen had refused to fix this problem on *2* prior accounts of me bring it in and they refused a third time when confronted with pics of damage stating that it was my fault for not angling the tires and that the break worked fine for them.  Now I wish I that threatened lawsuit.  Perhaps they would have fixed my car.  

If you have a mini, go to Dynasport Mini Cooper.  It will be better for your heath and the health of your car.

Matt M. | 2010-03-08

Service Department is pretty amazing here.  As it should be.  But what sets these guys apart is the availability of loaner cars and the ability of the service advisers to pull strings for you to get you car done.  What that means to me is that I save time, which in my life is a huge plus!

Yunny D. | 2010-01-20

This review is for their service department.

I have a 5 series and it has been out of warranty since July '09 so I have to pay out of pocket for every service.

Well my oil change light came on and I was ready to get that changed at Rasmussen.  I made the mistake of not asking how much it was going to cost when I scheduled my appointment.  So when I sat down with the service advisor, he starting mentioning that the car needed other service done to it.  

I then asked how much this was going to cost.

My simple oil change was going to cost $230 because he included in my service order a standard scope which is $60 and then an intake cleaning (change of air filter) which was another $50 so the oil change alone was $120.  But everything else made the bill a whopping $230!

I asked him about the services and the necessities of it and he made it seem like this was standard with any service performed to a BMW, so whatever service I would need I would always be charged for the standard scope, otherwise how would they reset the computer with it?

This is not true.

I decided to walk away from this appointment and look into it some more.  I don't know why this service advisor thought that upselling me was a good idea.  

I called around and found that Rasmussen was charging a very high premium even just for their oil change.  Most places will charge around $99 but Rasmussen charges $119.95 and that doesn't even include a premium synthetic oil, they use the same synthetic that everyone else uses.

I called Kuni and they quoted me $99.95 right off the bat and I asked if there were any additional charges and they said "no" and they use the same oil as Rasmussen.

When I went to Kuni the service advisor did not try to upsell me on services and when I asked him about the services that Rasmussen was trying to charge me for he said, we try not to do any unnecessary services when it's coming out of pocket since the computer in the car will let you know if you need anything to be done.


I asked about the air filter and he said it looked fine, they shook it and if it was black then they would have recommended the change of filter but it was fine.  Saved me $130 just going to Kuni.

Mike G. | 2009-04-29

In the past year along we have had 4 different customers take there BMW's in for either warranty and/or service work and have been treated poorly or had their vehicle damaged!

We have personally had a X3 in for warranty work and had it damaged....It went in for a poor operating sunroof and came back with a still not working sunroof and a damaged drivers side door panel, a horribly damaged hood and drivers door! (this was finally agreed to be paid for by them! but come on!!!) Our last vehicle was in for service and had a cut on the leather interior and scratches on the drivers door panel and console!

This is NOT what someone wants for the BMW!

These people do not get it!     We just sold a Mini Cooper to a great guy that was going to buy a new one from them but they treated him so poorly he called us and wanted to see our slightly used one and bought it on the spot! He relayed his story to us and realized it was time to review this place!

Do not shop or get your vehicle serviced here....If you do get service done here then PLEASE document the condition of your vehicle BEFORE you take it to them and watch the mileage....

Please be careful.......KUNI is THE place to go!

Rob D. | 2008-10-11

This review is for their service department.

I have been to both BMW service departments (this one and the other establishment on the west side of the hills in Beaverton).

Having had several less than favorable experiences at the establishment in Beaverton (whom I will not name here because I would embarass them if I went on about their service department) I will only go to Rasmussen BMW's service department...

Having had over 18 years experience in various forms of customer service and customer support myself, I have a very high standard when it comes to service.

I am reasonable and compassionate, but I really think that customer service is an area that many places are lacking.

From the time you walk into Rasmussen's service department, you are greeted with smiles, polite greetings, and its all very prompt.

I have worked with several of the service advisors, all are very professional and courteous, but one has become the example of excellence in customer service; Jerry Makinster.

Jerry's communication and humanity make him an invaluable member of the service team.

On several occasions when I have had more challenging technical issues, he has had his technician (Niles) speak to me directly. Niles is superbly trained and know his stuff inside and out when it comes to BMW vehicles and their intricate workings.

I only wish that they worked on more than BMW's because I would be there with all of my family and friend's vehicles.

Kudos to Rasmussen BMW for maintaining a service department by which others should use as a standard.

Veronica J. | 2008-05-31

Aside from not being able to locate one of the cars I wanted to test drive, I had an all around good experience test driving a mini here.  Our salesman drove us all over town in a fancy BMW trying to find the mini.  Oh well, they found it later and NOW we can go back and dive it!

Very friendly staff!