Beaverton Infiniti in Portland, OR

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The only thing better than your experience purchasing your new Infiniti  will be your experience at Beaverton Infiniti

* Test drives brought to your home or office
* In home purchase program
* Two years basic maintenance on all new Infiniti's purchased
* No questions asked 5 day return policy on used purchases
* 3 month / 3000 mile power train warranty on all pre-owned vehicles.
* Complimentary Infiniti Personal Assistant
* Factory trained techs and Genuine Infiniti parts
* Over 40 service loaners available including the all new Q50
* Complimentary pick-up and delivery for major services
* Licensed Massage Therapist and Manicurist on staff to pamper you
while your car is tended to
* All oil changes now include a complimentary
 - Car Wash
 - Vehicle Vacuum
 - 29 Point Inspection
 - Factory Recall Check


Established in 1963.

We have been in business at this location for over 47 years, and we are one of the original Charter Infiniti Stores in the U.S.

We are the Beaverton, OR car dealership that caters for a whole variety of clientele. We understand that all of our clients have different financial situations and have done our best to ensure that our cars come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and that their price tags vary as well. We not only have an amazing selection of brand new cars but have also acquired an impressive selection of used vehicles that are just as fantastic.

Because our customers are so important to us, we'll also take the time to find you some great financing options if you need them.At Beaverton Infiniti we do our best to find a reasonable loan that enables you to purchase the car you've always dreamed of.

If you would like to get in touch with us please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Beaverton Infiniti

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(855) 866-2602
Address:9500 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, OR, 97225
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Beaverton Infiniti

Alex H. | 2015-04-23

My husband and I went to Beaverton Infiniti to look at a car that they had on their lot. We found the car using their helpful online car look-up tool.
Camron met us out front of the dealership and was super nice and easy going from the beginning. He asked if we wanted to test drive it. There was no huge hassle that can sometimes occur with the test drive process. After the drive we went inside the beautiful dealership complete with refreshments and cookies. We then talked numbers. Everyone there made it so easy and comfortable. There was none of that back and forth for hours stuff. Andy the finance guy made everything super smooth as well! We LOVE our car and we will for sure see these guys again when we are ready for another.

Erik W. | 2015-04-01

I just purchased my 3rd car from the team at Beaverton Infiniti. I have never had an easier buying experience. From the service department to the sales team, every interaction is easy and professional. Loaner cars are always available and my car always come back to me cleaner than when I left it. The new Q80 is a great ride.

Sandra D. | 2015-03-26

Always very friendly and accommodating when I show up for an oil change unannounced . My car is always returned washed and vacuumed! They have done a great job of maintaining my 2007 Infiniti M35 ! I love my car!!

Christian A. | 2015-03-22

Having move here from the East coast, dealership options were limited. I brought my G into price some Stillen parts after getting conflicting information on the phone. I had one person tell me they won't order or install, another said yes.  My old dealership, Infiniti of Charlotte did a lot of Stillen work.  O was in the area, spoke with Parts, and they said they would price and get back to me. That never happened.  I did not get the sense they were willing to work for my business. I did get a front license plate holder installed.  That was quick, they were nice, bit the lack of a call back leaves a bitter taste. I had much better responsiveness back East were there were more Infiniti dealerships.  I absolutely love the car and the brand, just not sold on this dealership.

Michael W. | 2015-02-04

Love the dealer experience at Beaverton Infiniti! Great people, massage, mani/pedi, the works!  Can I move in?

Laura F. | 2014-11-14

Top tier.  Rental is always available and is a fun option to my usual car. Amber is a true professional. She really know her stuff. Service is quick and thorough.

Kelly P. | 2014-11-05

A month-and-a-half ago we bought a used Cadillac from this dealership. We were very satisfied with the whole transaction & even bought the extended warranty that they said covered everything except regular wear & tear & driver negligence.

So, two weeks later when the battery needed replacing, no problem, we paid to replace it. Now just over a month after buying this vehicle, the front headlight went out. Took it in to have it replaced (cuz you cant change it on your own without taking apart the whole engine) & Firestone let us know that the problem wasn't the headlight; it was a short in the wiring to the headlight mostlikely caused by a faulty gasket in tbe headlight housing.

Knowing we had the extended warranty, & that this was not due to driver negligence or normal wear & tear, we took it to Beaverton Infinity. Well, guess what? First they said that headlights are not covered. Well of course, but this isn't a headlight problem, it's a wiring problem. Called & spoke to them explaining this & then they said its a problem with the body of the vehicle & not a mechanical problem. What? Wiring is definitely mechanical/electrical!

One thing I guess they are not worried about is whether we will ever buy a car from them again. They were nice enough to give us a brand new loaner car which we are loving. In fact, we were thinking of maybe trading in the Caddy for one like the loaner we were given...but definitely will not do so now!!! Not with this kind of run around & customer service!!

Will do a follow up review & let everyone know if anything is ever done to make us once again a satified customer :(

So the repairs have been made to our car & we went to pick it up on a Saturday. My husband inquired as where to go to pay & the reply he got, from two different employees, was that there was mostlikely nothing due as there was no paperwork attached to the work order. They said that if an error was made and any money was still owed, we would probably receive a call on Monday. Well this is now Tuesday morning & we still have not received any call saying to come pay for the work done to the car. My husband is planning to call & double check, & thank them if this is the case. Once again a satisfied customer & will mostlikely consider this dealership when buying our next car!! Btw, loved the Qx60 we were given as the loaner~that's one nice ride!

Barbara M. | 2014-11-05

I had reached the end of my lease on a G37x (awesome car, drove problem-free for 3years) and went to Beaverton Infiniti to trade it in. Jon Hanson and Casey Graves helped me find a new car quickly with a combination of web and at-the-dealer searches. The trade-in and the purchase process was hassle-free and Jon helped me secure great financing.

In addition, their service department is way above the level of most service depts. it's easy to schedule, they don't try to sell you extras, everyone is friendly and the waiting area is luxurious and customer-friendly.

I highly recommend this dealership for either an Infiniti or a pre-owned vehicle as well as for service.

John C. | 2014-09-18

I just got back from this dealership without a deal for the used Audi Q5. I tried to get the best deal. Instead of the deal, I agreed to pay the full price for the car with 4 year and 48,000 miles  warranty.  Also got fair trade in as well.  
We went down there to pay the deposit. On inspection, I saw that the front tires were Michelins and the rear tires were Dunlop. In AWD, all tires must be matched tires. has opinion about "matched tires" in AWD system. I am quoting the site.
"This makes maintaining the vehicle manufacturer's recommended tire inflation pressures and using "matched" tires on all wheel positions necessary procedures to reduce strain on the vehicle's driveline. Using "matched" tires means all four tires are the same brand, design and tread depth. Mixing tire brands, tread designs and tread depths may cause components in the vehicle's driveline to fail."
When this was pointed out, the manager said I should buy the car and replace the tires myself. I politely pointed out that it was the dealer's responsibility to sell properly equipped car. So the deal broke down because the manager declined to sell the car that has been properly equipped. I hope no one buys that car as is because if the AWD system fails, it will be an expensive fix. The Infiniti dealer needs to fix the tires and mark up the price of the car. That will be the correction thing to do in my opinion. From what heard about those guys, I am sure they will. They do have a good reputation in this town. If they did not, I would not have even considered doing business with them in first place. If you happen to see this car, please look at the tire.
I am giving these guys three stars because I still like the sales guys. My interaction above was with the manager.

Larry D. | 2014-08-26

I have an immaculate 2009 FX50s and I'm VERY particular on who works on my car.  This car has been from Florida to Northern California and I recently moved to my current location here in the Portland area. All repairs (which by the way have all been very minor) and maintenance has been completed by none other than a Infiniti dealership to date.   Beaverton Infiniti by far has them all beat hands down!!  First of all I made the appointment online, which was a breeze and a very user friendly website. I was able to pick my date and time and request exactly what I wanted done, with optional special instructions, which worked out perfectly for me.  

Their staff was very friendly and efficient throughout my entire visit. I arrived 15 minutes late due to underestimated traffic, but they took my car in almost immediately after I checked in.

My service advisor (Hollie) was very attentive and confirmed my requested repairs and maintenance with me upon arrival, and she also kept me updated throughout the whole process.

I was finally presented with the final invoice and although they didn't charge me on a couple of minor repairs (which I really appreciated) the oil change was a bit on the high side,  I mentioned it to Hollie and explained what I previously paid at other dealerships and she immediately made the price adjustment without any problem. She also provided me a very nice documented report of my free safety check and all of the recommended maintenance repairs.  She was able to explain them thoroughly and answered all my questions satisfactory.

All of the service staff was very friendly and efficient throughout my entire visit.  They have a very comfortable waiting "LOUNGE" and if I didn't have previously scheduled commitments, I could of hung out there a little longer.....LOL!

Last but not least my car was presented to me absolutely clean and vacuumed and for anybody that has a black car knows how hard that can be under time constraints. Some may agree that in some cases the best car washes don't always clean your black car right without leaving water spots and all kinds of streaks, so that being said, I was actually pleasantly impressed.......BONUS!!  

There's not a doubt I will be back there again for all future maintenance and repairs, and maybe even my next new infiniti...  Thank you Beaverton Infiniti for keeping the otherwise lost art of customer service ALIVE!!!.

Rachael R. | 2014-07-22

I took my I35 into these guys for a check engine light issue (crankshaft position sensor) that I thought should have been covered under a recall, but it seems to be my luck that, although I have the exact problem in the recall, my VIN wasn't in the series. Be that as it may, they fixed the issue for a very reasonable price and completed the work in about 3 hours, including the diagnostic and replacing the passenger airbag (another recall).

The waiting area of this place is really nice, with snacks and drinks, and even a person to make you an espresso. I guess they also do massages and manicures, but I didn't take advantage of these extras.

Overall, I think they did a good job at a reasonable price and would take my car back to them for service.

Linda F. | 2014-05-13

I recently bought a used G37 coupe at Beaverton Infiniti. Brian Carew is an excellent sales person and the process to purchase the car couldn't have been easier. Because the car needed some repairs, they dropped the car off at my house a few days later. I immediately discovered that it was leaking oil. They took the car back and paid for the $3K in repairs.  So far so good. The only problem I have is that the repair took a week and I kept calling each day (three days straight) to find out what was going on. The receptionist took my messages and said someone would call, but no one ever called back. Then one day, someone called and said the car was ready and they dropped it off at my house an hour later with a receipt with a list of parts on it. But that person didn't know what was fixed. I can sort of figure it out from the list of parts, but I would have liked to have spoken to the mechanic about what was wrong with the car.

Patty G. | 2014-03-26

Just an update to say I continue to receive mailings from this business despite having called probably 6 times now over what I think is 2 years, asking to be removed from their mailing list.  Again, I'd like to give less stars, but that seems petty just because of mailings.

Tamara B. | 2013-12-05

Just had a GREAT experience at his dealership. On a road trip with my daughter the "check engine soon" light came on. Beaverton was the closest dealer on our path so we called ahead to say we were on our way. Eric met us, knew we were coming, had our car scanned, corrected and on our way again free of charge in 20 minutes! Beautiful waiting area (perfect pit stop - nice bathrooms and complimentary drinks). Infiniti lovers - go visit these guys!

Ben H. | 2013-11-26

A truly stellar experience. Purchased a 2010 G37 Coupe through Brian Carew and couldn't be happier with the car and customer service. The whole experience was relaxed and professional and I never got the "hard sell" from anyone. Jake Jones in finance was very helpful and patient in working with my situation. The service department was able to work me right in with no appointment to have some warranty work done on the car and had the new parts ordered and installed promptly.

The true highlight actually came a couple weeks after the purchase when I realized the previous owner had repainted half of the front bumper, leaving one half with semi-new paint, and the other half with 50k miles of rock chips... Didn't look so hot. Took the car down to Beaverton Infiniti and showed Mike Peters, the general sales manager, and he immediately confirmed my concerns and assured me they'd get my bumper evened out, at no cost to me. Alex Roosevelt facilitated the process of getting my car to Canyon Road Auto Body and it was a breeze. Within a few days, I had my car back and boy, it looked incredible.

It would've been easy for them to just brush me off and tell me that's what you get with a used car, especially at the price I negotiated down to, but they didn't at all. They immediately stepped up and took ownership of the issue and had it repaired to a very high standard. It's very clear these guys are here to help you, even weeks after your purchase.

I work at a car dealership myself and love to help people, and they truly did everything I would have wanted to do myself, had the situation been turned around.

Thank you Beaverton Infiniti and everyone I have worked with for such a positive experience. I couldn't have asked for more.

Joe C. | 2013-10-30

Excellent experience!    I just purchased a new QX60 after putting off a new car purchase for years after a bad experience at Carr Chevrolet!  The entire team was professional, low pressure and really made me feel comfortable.   There were no "sales games" and Brian C., in sales, was very thorough and professional.  He made sure the paper was complete and answered all my questions and showed me all the fetures on the car.   Overall, I would highly recommend them.

Also, as mentioned in other reports....great facility, waiting room, bathrooms, etc.

Kim L. | 2013-10-21

Just had my first and best service experience! Came in with a partly functioning driver seat belt latch after having just bought my new used 2013 Infinity from another party. Came in at 4:30, was out by 4:50 with a brand new seatbelt latch installed under warranty. It was so easy and perfect I didn't have time to do some work I had planned to do while waiting! It kind of felt surreal! Great job and thank you service team!

Good G. | 2013-06-24

Went on line and schedule a service for my Infiniti in about one minute. Great.
Rolled up on time. Someone greeted me. Went to the lounge and the Service Adviser was in within 5 minutes and reviewed the service to be done. Rolled out of there about an hour later with oil changed everything inspected and car washed (for free).
What more can you ask for? Just great. Everyone is attentive and keeps you informed.

M M. | 2013-06-23

I don't know why anyone would be confused in the Service bay. Its clearly marked and the service consultants' offices are right in front of the car. I am greeted the minute I park & open my door. If I have additional questions about the car engine or interior, they are immediately addressed.
The lounge is clean, comfortable & well stocked with snacks & beverages. My only 'complaint' is I want to have a wider variety of magazines to read (although I make good use of the time paging thru Wine Spectator!), hence the four stars.
The car is returned to me washed,vacuumed & floor mats shampooed.

I've bought three Infinitis from this dealership. I'm sure I'll be back for my next one!

Sarah B. | 2013-05-23

Beautiful lounge!  You can tell they value the customer.  I agree that when you pull up for service you get out and just sort of look around for what to do/where to go.  Once someone spots you, then it's usually smooth sailing from there.

Deb F. | 2013-04-27

This facility looks amazing and feels really high end, kind of like their cars. I've been an Infiniti owner for many years now and love the cars. Beaverton Infiniti is the ONLY Infiniti dealer in all of Oregon, so I don't have a lot of service options, if I want to go the dealer route for service. I have not bought a car here so I can only comment on the service department.

Compared to the dealer I went to in California, these guys aren't quite as good with the process part of getting service. Here, I drive up into the gorgeous covered service bay, get out of my car, and...look around. Where do I go? Who do I talk to? The service advisor offices are empty, and the lounge area has no receptionist. It's rather confusing. I mill around and finally someone asks if I need help, and tells me to wait in the lounge. Guy comes back and has me sign some papers for the loaner car, and sends me on my way. But he's not my service advisor...I don't even know who he is. Coming to pick my car up, I drive up, and someone in one of those advisor offices asks if he can help me. He's not my advisor either, but he does find the paperwork and gets me checked out. I guess it's just not that clear who to see or what to do when I get there,

But they did a good job on my car. Prices are high but they're always a bit high at the dealer. The waiting area has free wi-fi if you are waiting for your car. Quite a comfy lounge with coffee, water, pastries in the mornings, and sleek couches and tables and a tv. It all sparkles.  My car is washed and vacuumed after service, and they gave me a gold foil-wrapped chocolate bar imprinted with Beaverton Infiniti for the road.

Larry L. | 2013-04-23

Sales department is ok. If you want a better experience dress better. Don't laugh - it's works. I did an experiment in college for a psych class and you'd be surprised the results.  Also never take your car there to be serviced unless you don't mind blowing obscene amounts of money on repairs that you don't need.  If it's for a recall then you're usually obligated.  And as a guy I get that guys help attractive women first, but at least call the backup lackey to help us, ok?  I'll go there again to buy a vehicle, but don't like how arrogant some of the employees are.

Craig F. | 2013-04-19

I have had poor experiences at car dealers as I am sure many people have.  I just had a great experience purchasing a car at Beaverton Infiniti.  I may have had to travel 2 1/2 hours when I have a dealer in my neighborhood but it was well worth the time spent.  They created a loyal customer out of me.

Jyoti N. | 2013-03-18

Great waiting lounge with cookies and coffee :-)

Anon Y. | 2012-06-24

-Great selection
-Nice looking dealership

-I could easily tell the sales agent seemed annoyed for my request to do a test drive on a another comparable model
-Difficult to decipher the warrantee terms of the used
-Lots of packaging or bundling over-priced features which helps them negotiate discounts and the bottom-line
-Used (pre-owned) or those types with a high shelve life (stays on lot) and high depreciation were unrealistically valued.

This dealership just wasn't worth the time. Slimy sales tactics and inability to clearly outline purchasing terms made me bail immediately. After visiting a competitive dealership, it was light-and-day difference. Don't waste your time.

Christine N. | 2011-08-07

My experiences with Beaverton Infiniti since I bought my car there a couple years ago have been nothing but outstanding. The initial purchase was smooth and hassle free, but what really has made me a delighted customer is their service department. Tony and team are awesome, and every time I go in for maintenance it's a pleasure to be there. Whether I need a loaner or recommendations of nearby places to grab a bite, they are always helpful and communicative.

Most recently, I forgot my access badge for work in the loaner I had, and the team there shipped it back to me, as it's a 45-minute drive from my house and I was feeling under the weather. I could not be happier with their above-and-beyond approach to customer service.

Cheryl D. | 2011-07-06

I lurve my Infinity Dealer, from the initial sales to the maintenance and repair this dealership is number one in my book!

My Sales guy was wonderful when he sold me my first Infinity and when I went in to buy number two he remembered me by name two years LATER!. He still calls to check on me and even offered me tickets to Circe De Solei when they were in town last year.

The Service Department is just as wonderful as the Sales Department, my favorite is Tony, he always takes care of everything and if it will be more than a few hours he will hook me up with a loaner car. They even enjoy it when I bring my dog!

The parts department guys are the best as well, once I ordered a part and when picking it up asked how to install it, he asked where my car was and just walked right out and installed it for me right then! How great is that.

The new facility blows your mind, it is gorgeous absolutely beautiful and the waiting area has it all, couches, TV, wi-fi and pop, water, tea and cookies! They appreciate the customer and it shows. One other neat thing is that they wash and vacuum your car for you when you while you are there!

I highly recommend this dealership!

Jen K. | 2011-01-21

Don't hate the player, be prepared to play the game.

Car dealerships are like beauty salons. Your mileage will vary based on your interactions with the staff. Some you click with, some you don't. Some interactions will leave you thrilled with the results and others may end in tears. In both cases, a poor experience can last a really long time and the reviews can be scathing.

The short story is that it took me roughly one year to choose a car. I test drove cars all over town with a focus on German and Japanese brands. This was coupled with exhaustive research both on the internet and talking to owners of the different cars that made my short list.  

Even with all of my research and planning, the process can be incredibly frustrating if you are (a) particular and (b) patient. I had to walk away from another car manufacturer since they started dictating that all drivers in the Pac NW only want AWD in 2011 and stopped shipping other models to our region. I have endless admiration for my friends and family who just walk into a dealership and drive away with a car the same day. Wow.

My experiences at this dealership ran the gamut. I didn't hit it off with the first salesperson and on subsequent visits made sure I spoke to someone different. I had to find a someone who was equally patient with me, since I am a car buying handful. Once you get to negotiating your deal, do your homework. Every car dealer is going to do what they can to maximize their profit. That is the nature of the beast.

This location isn't great and can't compare to the luxurious showrooms at BMW, Lexus, Audi (brand new in Wilsonville) and Acura. But the good news is that they are moving into a new facility this March. This is the only Infiniti dealership in Oregon, so your options are limited unless you are open to working remotely with other dealerships in Washington or California. Yep, I did that too.

I'm very happy with my car and if anyone is considering purchasing an Infiniti, send me a PM and I'll pass along the name of the salesperson who had the patience of a saint and saw me through the process with professionalism and a sense of humor.