Atlas Motors LLC in Portland, OR

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We specialize in cars vans trucks and suvs below $10.000.00
Atlas is proud to offer all types of financing from credit unions to banks. We specialize in customer satifaction.


Established in 2001.

Atlas Motors is proud to be the highest rated, large used car dealer in Portland Or. Atlas is trusted by thousands of customers and maintains a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. Our friendly staff has a combined experience of over 100 years helping clients find the right car to fit their budget.

Atlas Motors has a huge inventory of used cars, trucks, suvs and vans.  We also carry one of the largest selections of used vehicles under $10,000! Our inventory stretches over 2 city blocks - with new selections arriving every day, you are sure to find the right vehicle.

We are financing experts and can help with any credit situation. Atlas is a preferred credit union direct member and maintains an excellent rating with banks and finance companies. This allows us to offer many advantages that most other dealers cannot. Good credit or bad credit, Atlas can help.

Atlas Motors LLC

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(503) 444-9741
Address:605 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR, 97216
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Reviews on Atlas Motors LLC

Jade J. | 2014-12-09

I put a 1 star only for the fact I can't choose zero. I went to atlas based on their BBB A+ rating. I found a car I liked and took it home. 1 week later I started smelling burnt oil. Then the front wheel of my all wheel Audi started squeaking. Then some grinding in the steering column. I called them up and I was told we want you to be happy so bring the car in and they would look at it. They said they couldn't promise to cover repairs. When I came in the sales person was nice but said he needed to talk to his boss. He went and through half tinted windows I could see 2 owners / managers flailing their arms and yelling at him. When he returned he said his boss told him that all wheel drive vehicles just make those noises. I feel I was sold a Lemon but even worse disrespected. Not only will I never do business their again, but I will advise everyone I know to avoid that place. I feel sorry for the sales people who have to work in that environment. They should replace the yellow globe on their sign with a yellow lemon. Much more fitting.

Cory B. | 2014-12-04

My wife and I came in to look for us a car found one we like told them what my down payment could be the guy I talk to over the phone said ok then we went in and  test drive the car and started to deal on the car when an other guy came out from the back room and start to do the paper work with us and then he start talking about a higher down payment and jerking us around about our paper work If I could do no stars I would so if you like to be messed around with and screwed over  around and there prices are why high and they also like going from one person to an other with you noting like having 2 or 3 diff sale people at your visit

Chelsie P. | 2014-09-11

They over price their cars!!! Stay away! I went to this lot 3 times interested in a specific car. The first time I went the salesman never told me their asking price for a car that I was interested in, instead he told me he could get it down to my budget price. I did some research and came back to test drive the car... I ended up liking it even more so I made an offer and told them the price the previous dealer had aspired to give it to me for. They gave me a price that was a good $3,500 over the Kelly Blue Book value. So I stuck with my original offer and they brought the car to a price that was still $1,900 more than my offer. I told them I needed to think it over and do some more research. A couple of days later I went back and was very strong in my offer and made the point that the price they had was higher than what it was worth and so it would be stupid to buy it for their asking price... Especially considering how many miles it had and they told me not to trust Kelly blue book. These guys will say anything they can to sell an over priced car to you. They even tried to show me bad yelp reviews for other dealerships come to find the dealer was probably just showing me reviews of their own! I did not buy the car because they would not even make a counter offer and tried to get me to look at more cars on the lot. It was so frustrating and a waste of time!

Matt S. | 2014-01-02

I went to Atlas specifically because they were the only BBB-listed dealer I could find on 82nd- and A+ at that. My experience bore that out.

To get it out in the open up-front, as you might see from other reviews, this place *is* a used car dealership. If you're going in clueless about cars with no idea what you want, how much you want to spend, and no idea about how to use online tools, yes, you're going to get taken for a bit of a ride no matter where you go- it's the nature of the beast. If you're not comfortable playing the horse trading game, I don't think used car dealerships are going to be your cuppa regardless.

That said, these guys dealt fairly and honestly, and in my particular case they went way above and beyond standing by their sale. I bought a vehicle from them and noted a bit of a phantom, intermittent oil smell from it and despite being unable to replicate the problem initially they continued to work with me to get it resolved, providing loaner cars while things were getting repaired and then comping some additional work to the car for my trouble.

In the end I wound up with a vehicle that I am both happy with and confident in for a good price. If you're willing to do your homework and be your own advocate, I'm confident that you can do the same.

Edited 10/2014: A year later I started having some car trouble. I called up Mike over at Atlas just looking for some suggestions on a shop in town to work on it and he responded by asking that I bring it to him so that they could diagnose it for free and get a better idea of what was going on with it, and offered to set me up with a loaner vehicle to take care of me in the meantime. This is a level of service that I would find exceptional from a *new* car dealer, much less someone on 82nd. I hope not to be in the car market again any time soon, but if or when I am, I'll be going back.

Alienwordz A. | 2012-11-23

I was fortunate enough to have NOT purchased a vehicle from Atlas but what I experienced with regard to their pricing practices caused me to write this review. When dealing with them, CAVEAT EMPTOR, Latin and an old business term for "BUYER BEWARE!"

I saw a truck advertised at Atlas on Craigslist for a "reasonable price", it was $2000.00 over Bluebook ($5998.00), so I decided to go look at the truck in person and possibly test drive it. Once I got on the lot and asked about it the price changed. I was told that was a misprint and the price was actually $9998.00 a $4000.00 "misprint" and $6000.00 over Bluebook. That was a red flag enough to make me leave the lot after a discussion that was reduced to trading insults with someone claiming to be the manager. Please take their pricing practices as a warning. This is not the first time I have experienced a price switch at Atlas.

I did take a close look at the truck and as a mechanic it was apparent the truck would have needed at least several thousand dollars worth of work to make it somewhat roadworthy and possibly safe.

If they had only been a little reasonable with their pricing practices and sold it close to Bluebook  I would have purchased the truck and fixed it up and made it my daily driver. I will not deny a business the opportunity to make a reasonable profit on a sale but to ask three times the Bluebook full dealer retail price is insane and insulting.  

The truck is still sitting on the lot unsold and I laugh every time I drive by. They do not seem to understand the principle of selling volume at a reasonable price and being honest about the condition of the vehicle. They would rather be stuck with inventory for months and take advantage of one unsuspecting buyer than having inventory turns. It was still there today with the same price on it. Guys get a clue. And maybe someday they will when the Attorney General of Oregon takes a look at their business practices and acts on complaints.

ATLAS, TAKE A DEAL WHEN YOU HAVE A REASONABLE OFFER GIVEN TO YOU AT A REASONABLE PROFIT. YOU LOSE THE LONGER THE VEHICLE SITS UNSOLD ON YOUR LOT. Simple business sense which I am not sure you have coupled with insulting prospective buyers is not a way to make money. Also, don't sell junk no matter how good your detailers can make it look.

Emma S. | 2012-08-30

i purchased a car from atlas in 2011. upon buying the vehicle they ran a carfax, or so they said...the reading they showed me showed a clean title but in reality my car had been totaled AND has the wrong odometer reading. SKETCH AS FUCK.

Al M. | 2012-07-11

"Why don't you name a price and we'll see what we can do." This pathetic statement is indicative of the horrible sales practices of this horrendous car lot. In the 40 min we were there, we got the full gamut of the Hard Sell style of car sales. We got the pass-off (where a salesman trades you off to another when his pitch isn't working), we got the closing games (leading final questions, and positive leading questions with attending head nods designed to get you to agree with the salesman), at least 4 attempts to get a phone number (nope), and various other sales shenanigans that made me feel dirty long before we left.

We were there for a specific purpose, of a car. We knew our price range and as that was the very first thing we asked for, the first salesman was kind enough to show us a car they had stickered for twice that amount. "I'm sorry, did I say 10K?" "No." "Why did you show us this car?" "Well I think I can convince them to take less." "Will they take half?" "No." "Next."

I had coached my partner here to not show any interest in anything, regardless of her actual interest, once the dude had walked us through the lot without a nibble, he then brought us to where they kept their recent they had bought from someone but hadn't inspected or priced. Many of which were clearly in such bad shape they would end up at auction for sure. Apparently deciding that the lady I was with would prefer a Gigantic Land Whale (while not actually knowing for whom the car was being purchased, since we declined to engage in small talk), he proceeded to pitch a Lincoln that had just been traded. I asked how much they wanted. "Why don't you name a price and we'll see what we can do." After we declined to do so, he passed us off. The dude he passed us off to, tried the 'friendship' tack, even going so far as to tell her "you remind me of my mother." Are you kidding? (She said after we left "even if that was true, what woman would ever want to hear that?") When dude #2 just pissed us off more, and we were clearly about to walk out, they passed off one more time, this time to the 'owner' (probably not) who tried every last thing to get us to stay on the lot, including the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard on a car lot outside of a bad 80's movie about used car salesmen, "I guarantee you can search 82nd all day and not find as good cars as these. You should just buy one of ours and save yourself the trouble." Wow.

We left, never to return, and I will say that even in absence of the hard sell, I wouldn't go back because every car was WAY overpriced on sticker, and the attitudes and general smarmyness of the people would leave me feeling that I simply couldn't trust them not to sell me a lemon.

The place next door we went to said "did you go to Atlas Motors?" "Yep." "We love them, they're our best salesmen." Pretty much.

Halley M. | 2012-07-10

Worst Experience Ever! one word LEMON!!! This is where you buy a car that breaks down before your high interest rate loan is paid off.... They also market craigslist, so do your research!

E Z. | 2011-01-06

Atlas motors had a Honda advertised on Craigslist but they didn't list a price, so I called to ask about it. The guy on the phone mentioned he had a few Hondas, asked which one I was interested in, and said he'd call me back with a price. He quoted me $6800 for it.
When I asked to see the Carfax, the salesguy also told me that because it costs $30 to print out a Carfax report, they don't like to do it unless they have a serious buyer, and suggested I test drive the car first.
I came in for a test drive, liked the car, and said I'd like to have a mechanic look at it. This is when things got shady. They said I couldn't take the car to a mechanic without paying for it first. But I'm not going to buy a car that a mechanic hasn't inspected! So they said I could write a check, and they wouldn't cash it until I came back from the mechanic and agreed to buy the car. Still felt shady to me. How could I negotiate a price on a car that I knew nothing about mechanically?
Then it turns out the guy on the phone "accidentally" quoted me a price for another Honda, not the one I test drove. So the car I wanted was actually $8500. The negotiation involved talking to like 4 different people and dodging a lot of manipulative mind games. I didn't really know who was in charge. I would suggest a lower price, the salesguy would go talk to another guy, and the other guy would go talk to some mystery Wizard-of-Oz person in a back room sitting behind a door with one way glass on it.
In the end, the second guy said that it was their fault for mis-quoting me the price over the phone, and they'd honor the $6800 price. (Which was nice, but then again, their price of $8500 was pretty outrageous, compared to the Blue Book value of the car.) Were they playing games, or being considerate? I'm not sure.
I told them I'd think about it, and went home.
They called me EARLY the next morning (woke me up), to say, "It looks like it's gonna be a great day today, a good day to buy yourself a new car and drive around in it." I told them I thought paying to have a mechanic inspect the car was stopping me from pursuing the car, and a manager called me back and said I must have "misunderstood" what they said - I could take the car for a couple of hours for free to have it inspected. So I came in to get the car and the Carfax report.
But it turns out I also "misunderstood" about the Carfax - I had to pay for it. They were just trying to save me money by suggesting I do a test drive first.
My mechanic said the car looked fine, clean, in good shape, but that one of the fenders had been replaced.
The Carfax showed a history of an accident, but a relatively minor one followed by the requisite repairs. At this point, I was seriously interested in the car, and narrowed it down to this car and one from a private seller.
I had an appointment to check out the other car later that day, and the folks at Atlas all seemed annoyed that I was looking at other cars. They said "What can we do to get you to not look at that other car?" and I named my ideal price for the car, and the manager's face actually turned bright red.
In the end I went with the car from the private seller, because it was a better car for the money. I was also weary of dealing with Atlas' high-pressure, manipulative tactics. Ultimately I knew I could navigate their aggressive approach to sales, but I didn't really want to. I had to play mind games with a manager just to have him let me take the car to a mechanic, after all.
They continued to call me about the Honda, and when I got to talk to them directly I reported that I'd bought another car. The salesperson sounded disappointed, but he understood. There was no guilt trip or anything, and he wished me well.
All in all, this place has a good report with the better business bureau online, which is more than most dealerships on 82nd can say. But at the end of the day, this place walks and talks just like a used car lot. Pushy, passive-aggressive, intentionally confusing, and time-consuming. They took me on a lot of tangents. Had they made the experience faster and more convenient, I probably would have bought a car from them - I didn't even see the ad for the car I bought until 2 days after I test drove a car I loved at Atlas. My advice to them is to cut out the bologna and be straight with people, to save everybody time and energy.
So if you go here, be sure to be well rested and ready to navigate their tactics. You'll probably get a decent car for a good price, but you (and your nerves) will have to work for it. If you're willing to hunt around on 82nd, then I would say this place is worth checking out.

raevyn C. | 2010-03-25

If you like overpriced cars and aggressive salespeople, this is the place for you!  The salesman's manager yelled at him for trying to help me while I was on the lot, I assume because I'm "alternative" looking and he assumed I didn't have the money for a truck. I gave my number to that salesman to get info on a truck I was slightly interested in and they have continued to harass me for two days, trying to bully me into coming in and buying the truck. After I twice told them to stop calling, the manager told me they'd stop when I came in. Unbelievable. I was only somewhat interested in their truck and it was out of my price range, and even if it was perfect, I would not buy from these jerks.