Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc in Tulsa, OK

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc in Tulsa, OK.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc in other cities in the Oklahoma.

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(918) 660-7700
Address:5330 E 31st St, Tulsa, OK, 74135

Reviews on Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Inc

Rhonda S. | 2015-03-25

I just finished speaking with the Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer of Dollar Rental Car.  Her name is Joy Jones.  Let's start off by saying she was NOT a pleasure to speak with and if I could give no stars, I would.  She was very, very rude and condescending to the point where I stated at the end of our conversation that maybe our company should take our business elsewhere and she said, "I think that's a great idea!"  I was nice to her throughout the entire conversation and from the very beginning she was annoyed with me even calling.  She was not interested in the least to hear what I had to say.  She should not be working for the COO as her customer service skills are awful and a poor representation of her COO.  If you can, rent your vehciles from another company, please do and AVOID DOLLAR!

Raphael S. | 2013-10-28

Below is a copy of an email I sent to DTG regarding a problem I had with a recent rental.  

Please stop harassing me.

I have received 3 phone calls and this email from your Security Department, implying that the car I rented in Milwaukee on August 16th was not returned to Birmingham Airport when it was due, when in fact, it was returned - On Time and with a full thank of Gas.

I made multiple phone calls to Thrifty yesterday and I spoke to numerous agents, "Jesse", "Flor" in the "Security" Department, and "Ashley", who works at the counter at the Birmingham Airport, who confirmed that the car was returned on October 23rd, at 10:02 AM.  I was assured that this would be taken care of by this morning.

Instead I received another phone call and an email this morning implying that my contract had expired and the car would be reported as stolen.  

I have been on the phone with Thrifty and/or people masquerading as Thrifty employees since 12:25 today.  It is well past 2:00 PM.  I was again put on hold for the 5th time today at the Security Department (866-791-1489), with an inane recording that keeps repeating "We apologize for the delay.  All representatives are currently assisting other customers.  Your call is important to us and thank you for waiting." Obviously if a call that is important to you is put on hold for over 30 minutes (I have a clock timing all my calls), your customers can't be that important to you.

After spending a total of over 5 hours on the phone attempting to resolve a matter totally our of my control, I give up.  I am considering charging Thrifty for my time and deducting that from what my charges were for this rental.

I also give up my status as a Blue Chip Member for over 25 years.  I give up ever wanting to rent from Thrifty, even though my last two rentals in August and September, each one a week long, were very satisfactory.

I expect an answer from a human being before the end of today, who cares about Thrifty's Customers, past or present, and not another automated call, harassing me.

Lorraine P. | 2013-07-30

I received a response back to my letter of disappointment and I am appreciative of Thrifty's attempt to satisfy my complaint. It's a long story of exactly what happened but briefly, I was disappointed in the fact that the counter person continued to badger me about the added insurance even after I said "no" and  they insisted that I take the pre-paid gas because "gas is so expensive these days" (as it turns out, they charged me over $5 per gallon for the privilege to bring the care back empty...a little disengenuous when I could have filled up the car with gas for $3.79 per gallon). That really ticked me off. When I went to return the car to a different location than where I rented the car (which they knew I was going to do in advance with my reservation), Icouldn't find it where it used to be and where the online address indicated it was located! I called their 800 number in a panic and was told that Thrifty was now Dollar in that particular location and they "may not take the car back" but I could try. Here I was, ready to fly home and I'm being told on the phone, after being placed on hold a few times, that the rental car place may not take my car back, even though Dollar and Thrifty merged and the online address still said it was a  "Thrifty" location.  They did end up taking the car back but I was sweating bullets after having talked with their customer service department. In any event, I got a partial refund and a letter of apology from them. They tried to rectify the situation and for that I am grateful.

Brian M. | 2011-03-04

Stay away from Thrifty rental car in Latin America/Mexico

I purchased a car rental from Thrifty, in the Cabo San Lucas area, from an on-site representative at a resort I was staying at. My rental started on Thursday and was to be returned on Sunday of the same week, dropping it off at the airport. I purchased the rental at a good price and chose all insurance coverage available.

My credit card was pre-authorized for a little over $600 to be held until the car was returned. Seemed like a standard normal purchase- and then the nightmare began!

I checked out of the resort hotel on Friday and elected to stay at a hotel in downtown Cabo San Lucas for the remainder of my stay. Well, by Saturday afternoon all of my money was gone. Thrifty elected to increase my hold from $600 to $4, 159.34- NOT PESOS, BUT DOLLARS!!! Can you imagine this happening to you? For most people, holding over $4, 000 of your money would likely ruin your entire trip... you would be wiped out!!! Well, it is three days later and this money is still being held, and this is only one of two major problems still remaining unresolved.

WHY did Thrifty decide to hold over $4, 000 of my funds from me? Well, I went to the closest Thrifty office and they said they have been "trying to look for me." First of all, I had NO voice mail OR e-mail from Thrifty, so I don't know who they were contacting, but it sure wasn't me. Secondly, I had NO reason at all to report to Thrifty on my whereabouts. I was scheduled to drop off my car on Sunday, at the airport. This was Saturday. So, again, what was this company thinking? Obviously, they thought I possibly stole their car. The nerve! Even after several times of directly asking WHY, no one at Thrifty gave me a direct answer on why my hold was increased.

To make matters even worse, I had somehow lost the car keys on Friday night, between my trip to local shopping and back to the hotel. It is very possible that the keys were locked in the car, but this issue also remains unresolved. When I went to the Thrifty office, first to scream about the additional money they decided to hold without ANY notice, warning, or warrant, I informed them about my lost key.

First, they wanted to get to the car "right away." The Thrifty supervisor and an intimidating larger male co-worker drove me back to the hotel I was staying at, with a camera, took pictures of the car and then called the "manager." At this point, I felt like a prisoner and not a customer. I did nothing, but was being investigated. I cannot describe the feelings I had about this situation and this alone will prevent me from ever dealing with this company for the remainder of my lifetime.

THE WORST IS YET TO COME: Finally, even though I purchased all of the insurance available, including insuring personal belongings, I was told that for loosing the keys I will be charged an additional $380.00. You heard me correctly. Not only am I being treated like a criminal, but NOW Thrifty is stealing from me! There is no way that is will cost Thrifty $380 to replace a lost key (and it may not even be lost, but simply locked in the car).

The supervisor told me that the insurance does not pay for "negligence." Are you serious? Did she just call me negligent? Wow.... And, where in any fine print does it say that you should be responsible for anything after you spend the extra money to purchase all of the insurance. Isn't that what insurance is for?

Again, I am back home and none of this has been resolved. Everything I have told you here is a fact. This is the 2nd time I have made the decision to use Thrifty in a Latin American country and it is the 2nd time that something "very shady" has occurred, where I end up feeling robbed rather than helped at a time of need.

I sent two e-mails to the CEO, the Senior Vice President of Operations in Latin America, and the VP of Global Sales and Marketing for the parent company of Thrifty Rental Car, who also owns Dollar Rental Car. No resolution from them; not even a reply back. I guess they care more about my $600 than how I was treated.

I encourage you to take this information into consideration when comparing Thrifty to other car rental companies. I can tell you, for me, I will always choose to pay the extra $10 per day, or to walk the extra few blocks, to work with a brand name that I can trust... not Thrifty Rental Car.