Fenton Nissan West in Oklahoma City, OK

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Nissan Sales and Service

Fenton Nissan West

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(405) 495-4700
Address:8800 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City, OK, 73162

Reviews on Fenton Nissan West

Sofia L. | 2014-10-11

My left front tire fell off in 2013 due to the service department failing to replace the lugnuts! In 2014 I was stranded in Dallas due to a flat tire caused by a wobbly rim as they had once again failed to replace the lugnuts in a different tire! I lost confidence in driving the vehicle and traded it for a Kia. When I was owed a refund from Nissan for a cancelled extended service plan they drug their feet and then sent the check to the wrong account! It took days to clear up. Through all of my issues they have remained rude and defensive,  never apologetic for their lack of competence!  AVOID!

Eric F. | 2014-05-31

I almost upgraded them to a 3-star, because in the end (SPOILERS) they apologized and fixed our most recent issue, but then I realized: Nah, they screwed up again, 2 times, and I had to play the pissed off customer card to get things set right.

So I bought my car in 09 from them, we almost bought a used car from them, and a lot of my car service has been done there, most of that is in my old review (assuming you can read old reviews).

This update is regarding a Nissan Owners Appreciation month mailing I got.  FREE OIL CHANGE AND MULTI-POINT INSPECTION!  Sweet right?  Sure... except my car has 1700miles on this last batch of oil.  Seems like a total waste of an oil change, and the coupon expires in a month.

So my wife and I drive up there, meet a really friendly car salesman and ask him some stuff.  Great seeming guy, really personable (even if his giant status makes my being a short guy feel like a Hobbit standing next to a Treant.).  One of those questions is: "Is there any way we could use this coupon on my wife's NON-Nissan vehicle, even though it says its' for MY Nissan?"

He, not being a service guy, says "lets go find out" and walks me to the service department.  We ask the guy there, and he says "sure, why not?" and we are DELIGHTED.  But the service guy is busy, so we go back to the sales guy's desk and he asks if we wanted to make an appointment for my wife's car.  So we do for Monday.  Memorial day Monday... I asked "can we do that?  are you guys open for Memorial day?"  He thinks about it then says "oh of course, I work at 10am!"

Well cut to Monday, we show up, and go figure: the service department is CLOSED for Memorial Day.  (Screw up #1)  I meet a guy from financing, I think his name was Gene or something.  Very calm an eager to assist kinda guy.  He apologized, explained that the new guy was new, and offered to make it right by giving us the oil change for free... except it was already free...  So he offered to fill up my wife's car with gas.  (SPOILER: She got about a half tank of gas out of the deal, which was fine.  $20 or so is $20 or so.)

So we come in the following weekend to have the oil changed...  I drove my Nissan up to go to the mall while they worked on her car.  My wife =/= happy when I walk to the service department.

"We're sorry, but this coupon is ONLY for your Nissan you bought here."

COLOR ME SHOCKED!  I would have NEVER GUESSED that the coupon that specifies it's for my Nissan is FOR MY NISSAN.  Except that we asked, on a whim, if they would honor it for my wife's car which was overdue for an oil change, and they said YES.  Their sales depo said YES.  Their service depo said YES.  Their finance depo said... well they didn't chime in but they didn't say no!

Anyway, after stressing my wife out, and making me want to HULK SMASH the showroom floor for all the hassle, their management agreed to honor their original answer of "yes we will allow you to use this coupon on your wife's car" and all was right with the world.

Honestly I would have added that 3rd star if only they had either:
1. Honored their agreement without hassle,
2. Simply said "sorry, it's only for your Nissan" the first time.

The whole Memorial Day thing didn't bother me much because the guy in finances jumped on the problem and made it right, plus the mistake was a totally understandable "new guy" mistake.  I mean, he WAS right... Fenton WAS open on Memorial Day, just not the service desk.

John N. | 2012-12-17

The salesperson, Rex, refused to state a price on a Nissan Altima that we were looking at for my nephew. Forty five minutes that we will never get back due to Rex's misogynistic arrogance; unwilling to even answer my sister-in-law's questions directly or honestly answer my brother's queries regarding availability of a six cylinder in black.
After taking several more minutes to "double-check", Rex suddenly found 2 black autos in inventory. He then walked away for a considerable period of time. My brother and sister-in-law, tiring of his sales shenanigans, walked to where he was. Rex again asked if my brother was ready to purchase a vehicle tonight (as if this were a contingency to enable him to know the price) and tried to steer them to his manager.
It was at this point that we had all had quite enough, and left.

Destenie H. | 2011-09-11

Awesome dealership!!! Great service department.