Eskridge Lexus of Oklahoma City in Oklahoma City, OK

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Established in 1989.

Our passion is providing you with a world-class ownership experience. We share the thrill our customers get from owning and driving a Lexus. Whether you come in for a new or pre-owned Lexus, to have your vehicle serviced or to arrange financing, we are committed to providing a Lexus experience that keeps you coming back. We were chosen as one of the first Lexus dealers in the United States and have proudly served the greater Oklahoma city area ever since.

Eskridge Lexus of Oklahoma City

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(405) 755-9000
Address:700 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK, 73114

Reviews on Eskridge Lexus of Oklahoma City

Tanvier P. | 2015-03-27

I can't believe I'm reviewing a car dealership lol. My husband and I went to look at cars as we have a growing family (one year old and child on the way). I have to ask him for the gentleman who helped us, but he was sooo nice!

Coming from the east coast, you're hounded by sales people before you can put your car in park. This gentleman gave us great and more importantly, honest advice about the car we're interested in. I think he said something about starting up golf courses in the area and doing this job to past time. We also shared stories about our families.

We'll more than likely go back in a few months to purchase a car from him.

Robbie G. | 2015-01-30

Worst customer service experience I have ever had in my entire life owning ANY VEHICLE.  Wes the service manager is a joke.  He has no customer service skills, yelled at me, apologized, using an excuse of "having a bad day" as to his reason for getting upset at me.  These guys have no idea what they are doing.  Took them 3 weeks to diagnose my car and returned my car broken.  Refused to fix it so I had to take it to Jackie Cooper who felt SO BAD FOR ME they fixed it for $25.

Because of Wes and his inexperienced crew, I WILL NEVER BUY A LEXUS AGAIN afraid that I may have to come back to this dealership (only one in town) if something else happens (god for bid).  Hopefully no one will have to experience what I had to experience.

Philip B. | 2015-01-05

I always dread the hard sell from car salesman.  I have taken an approach that explores an honest price for the vehicle and then tell the salesman, the tis my price.  I did that last week as I purchased a certified 2011 TX350.  They tried to pry me away from the price I thought was fair, but I made it clear up front that i was not going to negotiate on the price.  They met me on the deal and Don, my salesman treated me with respect and did not try to twist my arm.  the result is i got what I thought was a fair price on my purchase and am driving an absolutely wonderful vehicle.

Holly S. | 2013-08-01

Eskridge saved us! While road tripping from Wisconsin to Arizona, our car broke down. There were no parts or mechanics in the area to help us in a timely manner, but Eskridge said if we could get both towed to them that they could help us. They held our car and trailer overnight and began work first thing in the morning. Unfortunately they called saying there was an extra part that they were missing and wouldn't be able to complete the job for 4 days. While we were trying to come up with a backup plan to get us home, they called us back with a solution of taking the part out of one of their own vehicles for us. We were on the road by 2pm that afternoon! Thank you for everything Kerry!

Kevin L. | 2013-04-18

Nicely pushy is a good way to put Eskridge. They love to always be around and talking about some reason why you should buy this car. Besides that it is your typical dealership. The person who helped us, Mark, was nice and patient. We had lots of questions and he answered them well. But I still felt as if he was pushing us to buy the entire time. The kicker is that he called me several times after I told him that we were no longer interested.

Jessica I. | 2011-11-15

I know what you're thinking...taking your car to the dealership is a rip off.  It probably is.  Maybe I'm just a sucker for excellent customer service and easy scheduling, but even when it comes time to pay the bill here, I don't feel like I'm not getting my money's worth.  For those of you who didn't follow my double negatives there...I mean to say I'm happy to hand over the dough.  

I love being able to hop on the internet and schedule my car service needs with ease.  If a computer or smartphone isn't handy, you can call and schedule the service just as easily.  The first time I did this I anticipated a long line of cars and exhaust fumes, similar to my previous experiences at Longo Toyota in El Monte, CA.  To my surprise, I drove up to find my name up on a screen and a nice looking service man ready to open my door.  I was ushered in to speak with my Service Consultant, who offered me a cold beverage and listened to my car complaints.  He gave me an estimate, had me sign a few papers and we were out the door heading towards my loaner vehicle (which happened to be the newer version of the car I drive, nice one Lexus, always keep us wanting more).  I was in and out in about 20 minutes.  

Since I'm a lady who doesn't know much about cars, this set up is ideal for me.  When my car stops working I don't want it to interrupt my life.  I don't know why my car is not working and I'm not going to pretend to understand what needs to be done to fix it.  I love that Eskridge Lexus of Oklahoma City keeps me distracted enough with their bells, whistles, and loaner cars that I don't have to worry about it.  If your service isn't one that warrants a loaner, the waiting area is also quite nice.  There are comfy chairs, magazines aplenty and cold and warm beverages if you've a thirst.  I'm sure I could pay less money going to a trusted independent auto repair shop, but I'm not sure they could match the level of convenience provided so that having a broken down car isn't such a hassle.  This, to me, is worth the money.