Cable Volkswagen in Oklahoma City, OK

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Specializing in all your Volkswagen Needs.  Volkswagen New, Used, Certified Sales.  All of your Volkswagen Parts and Accessories, and Service for your Volkswagen.  We also have a Certified Volkswagen Body Shop for any accidents that might arise.


Established in 1965.

Family Owned and Operated first run and started by Mr. Gale Cable and currently Owned and operated by his son, Greg Cable.  Greg's son John Cable is the General Manager.  Cable Volkswagen is one of the last Family owned and operated New Car Dealerships in the United States.

Cable Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(405) 787-0433
Address:4710 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City, OK, 73122
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 6:30 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Cable Volkswagen

Carlos L. | 2014-11-08

I own a 2013 GTI and when I found out this VW dealership was APR friendly, I knew I had to make a visit. I live 5hrs away in TX and let me say it was worth the drive! I originally had scheduled an appointment to have my car tuned with APR's software..when I got there I found out they also had one of APR's cold air intakes so I had to take advantage and got them both. I would highly recommend this place and will continue to do business with them for as long as I can. Ask for Jerry or Travis!

Kristi R. | 2014-08-29

Had a great experience here today.  Friendly,  helpful staff gave me a loaner and fixed my car :)

Curtis T. | 2013-12-26

Typical used car dealer. Slimy, make you wait excessively, pressure for an up-sale, etc. what was most frustrating is that our dealer continuously contradicted himself regarding 'the best option for us.' Having a complicated credit situation doesn't mean that we are stupid and aren't aware of the games that you are playing.

Jim R. | 2013-12-02

So, my POS truck that I've absolutely positively run into the ground finally gave up the ghost. Now, let me state a few things for the record:

1. I really try to avoid material possessions.
2. I hate driving any more than necessary on a daily basis (vacations are a different story; car commutes are needless, stupid wastes of time).
3. I hate spending money on depreciating assets (if you don't know what this means, pick up a decent personal finance book IMMEDIATELY).
4. I was raised around cars, and can do just about anything that a car needs. That said, I'm no longer at the point in my life where I HAVE to work on cars, therefore I choose not to do so. That doesn't change the fact that I know a little something.

I decided to adopt the wife's vehicle, and the search began for a new car deal. After some research, we decided on a Tiguan (tig-wan). Started the deal on the internet, financing in hand. Cable was first contact, and they handled it like pro's. The internet sales manager was offsite, but handed us off to an in-store sales rep (Dave the Canadian). Dave took great care of my wife, and we made an appointment for the next day to sign the deal. I took care of the financing while Dave showed my wife the details on the vehicle. We were treated well in every way.

Bottom line, Cable handled the transaction like absolute pros. They made their money in a fair, even-handed transaction, and we got a great vehicle without feeling like we needed to power-washed after we left the lot. Recommended.

Dave L. | 2013-08-07

I was in OKC for work, and my Touareg's check engine light came on.   I went directly to the closest VW dealer which was Cable.   I did this because I'm used to such great service from VW dealers like my hometown dealer Lewisville VW.  

I pulled into the dealership and it's normal for a service person to come out, but none did.   I walked up to an older gentleman, and explained about my CEL.   He said that they didn't have anyone available and offered me an appointment for Monday, this was Wednesday.   When I said I was just visiting, he told me to go ahead and drive the truck and went back to his computer.  I walked out and started to draft this review.

A nice lady who was a service consultant came out and offered me an appointment for tomorrow, but I'm driving home tomorrow and politely declined.  

I'm giving this dealership one star because obviously the service staff know about this guy, or they wouldn't have come out and tried to help me further.   That older gentleman is the kind that gives dealerhships bad names.  

I cannot recommend this dealership just because of the interaction I had there.    This is unsatisfactory for any VW dealer to do this.

Doug M. | 2013-05-09

I came in and purchased a pre-owned Nissan around the first part of April that Cable had advertised on their website.  Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase experience.  Jim Ramsey and John Cable could not have been more helpful or professional.  Follow-up has been great and I highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a good used car or new Volkswagen.

Julie S. | 2012-10-28

I give the Cable service team a pat on the back. I've had to have a handful of things done to my car the last few weeks, so I've spent some time with them. They have a good set up and I like the way they do things. When you check in for service, you're assigned to an advisor. This person walks you though the process; they are the ones who call you to tell you what the diagnosis is, what it will cost, and answer all your questions.

My person the last few weeks was Tammy, and she did a great job. It was so great that this one person had all the info and history on my car and could explain things to me in regular terms. On one of the charges, she found where I had been overcharged by about $2.00. She called the service department and had them change it back, and I really appreciated that level of attention to detail. Every time I picked my car back up, they had washed it for me. I know it takes work for them to do it but I appreciate it so much.

I'll only buy my cars at Fowler, because they support all the things I care most about in this city. But it's nice to know I can have my car serviced at Cable when needed and will be treated with the same courtesy and care that Fowler taught me to expect!

Milton A. | 2012-09-06

Took the wife's 2005 Jetta in for repairs on Tuesday. Turned out to be a bad transmission valve body and two bad CV boots. Unfortunately the 7 year/100k mile extended warranty period had expired on it costing us over $2100 in repairs. Not bad seeing as it's been paid off for three years now but still hurts the wallet. The turn around time was good. Justin, the service desk person was nice as well. A better job could've been done washing the car and I wouldn't have minded someone running a vacuum cleaner on the carpet given the amount of dough I just spent but overall a decent experience. I hope this helps you decide. Cheers!

Steve R. | 2012-07-10

My service rep Mark is a great ambassador for @CableVW! He is knowledgeable, experienced and courteous. I appreciated their washing my car but would've loved for them to vacuum it instead of add more dirt inside. Minor though.