Golden Rule Auto Sales in Tallmadge, OH

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Established in 1997.

We are a family-owned wholesale dealer in Tallmadge, OH. I am married with 4 children. I started this business with a different vision in mind-a vision where my name is more important than money. I run my business based on principles of honesty, integrity, and most of all the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Also I wanted to keep the prices down, so I saw the need to eliminate a lot of the overhead that most dealers have. By doing this, I have a much smaller markup on my cars. All of our cars come fully inspected.  We are a very unique dealership. We will not have a negative transaction no matter what! We have a 100% possitive feedback on eBay and a A+ rating with the BBB
It can be a stressful thing buying a car, and even more so buying it off the computer. We want to eliminate any worry. You can save a lot of money through us because of the way we run our business. Two practices that make us different than most Ebay dealers.

#1 We don't practice shill

Golden Rule Auto Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(330) 715-1555
Address:922 Southeast Ave, Tallmadge, OH, 44278

Reviews on Golden Rule Auto Sales

Maria W. | 2015-04-18

Zero stars! Drove 3 hours one way to see an 07 Lincoln Navigator we were told was in excellent condition per the sales rep, he also sent a video that he personally took with his cellphone of all the dents, dings and imperfections he personally did or did not see, as the pix on the website were only showing the perfect points and the video attached to the vehicles website was a man and his family talking about small business for the first 4 minutes, seemed like an advertisement, so we clicked off. His video only showed 2 small imperfections that were manageable.  As I reinterred to the sales rep we were driving 3 hours and had every intention of purchasing and driving it home today if the vehicle was as pristine as he said it was, absolutely no rust at all he said, it's in excellent condition!!!
Upon arriving, noticeable rust around the 2 rear quarters and tailgate. Many dings and scratches- inside was a real shocker- headliner needed to be fixed, clock was knocked into the console, rust inside underneath dash, passenger door had an air leak and the DVD player didn't work and the vehicle was dirty. When we pointed these things out all he could say is "didn't you watch the video and not the one I sent you, the one on our website that shows all the damage..." *Like I mentioned I specifically asked him about damage and he said just one ding- he said they had a reputation to uphold and all we asked for was honesty - well we didn't get it - he basically laughed in our face saying you should have watched the video and not the one I sent....and then had the audacity to say, so your not taking it???? He thought for sure b/c we had driven 3hrs one way we'd buy it and he wouldn't even budge $500.00 for the inconvenience or misrepresentation.  What a Joke! Had a great meal at Texas Road House though! Buyer beware! Liar, liar pants on fire!

c m. | 2015-04-13

if i could rate lower I would. terrible customer service. Total unprofessionalism. I would never do business with this company and this man, and I suggest you stay as far away as possible. I have never had anyone tell me that because of the high amount of phone calls they get a day, they dont have time to deal with customers. Sent me to the website and didnt want to deal with me at all. How do you buy a car off a website without being at the dealership, seeing the car, meeting the salesman.
a all around horrible experience
Golden Rule auto sales operates by rules that are tarnished

Alan T. | 2012-11-13

Jason is a friend of mine and has been selling used vehicles for as long as I've known him.

I've seen him help a lot of people out through the years and cut deals for others to their benefit -- or help them legitimately make a better decision on a vehicle based on their real priorities (he'll get you a family van that fits your needs instead of prodding you toward the ego boosting high-dollar truck). He's up front about the shortcomings of vehicles when there are any, and the guys at his shop do a great job looking vehicles over and fixing whatever needs attention to bring them up to good condition before selling them.

I really feel comfortable pointing people their way, just having a bit of knowledge of the ins and outs of their business and how they resist the shady stuff that used car dealers get sucked into. It's really respectable. They probably don't turn as much profit per car because of it, but hopefully sell more vehicles because they're not marked up ridiculously and they're careful to not buy and sell crappy cars.

I bought a minivan (Chrysler Town & Country) from Jason this weekend, and my experience was great. He took the price range I was working with and basically helped me waft through my smorgasbord of priorities to see which ones I could get for that cost, then sold me a perfect fit. I actually ended up with a lot more than I expected for my dollar amount, and my wife and I are pretty stoked on our new unashamed-to-be-parents ride.

I'm a programmer by trade, not a car guy, so it helps to have a resource I feel like I can call to get a straightforward recommendation. Even if you don't plan to buy from them, I'm sure Golden Rule wouldn't mind anyone calling them to ask if another dealership or car seemed worthwhile. Ultimately, though, if they recommend one of their own cars, it's really a good suggestion for you. You don't have to worry they're screwing you over. They buy cars they believe in as a matter of principle, so it makes their sales pitch more of an honest proposition than a slimy smoke and mirrors spiel.

I don't usually write reviews online, but since Golden Rule does a lot of selling through the Internet, I wanted to try to put something out there that people could find that gives a more thorough glimpse into how they do business. I imagine getting a car from a stranger over the Internet is a terrifying process, so if there's any way to help make that process less terrifying for someone, I hope this review accomplishes it. I and several friends in the Kansas City area have bought cars from Golden Rule, and they've earned all of our recommendations. I'd be willing to keep buying from them as the years go by and as long as they're still in business.