Toyota Direct in Columbus, OH

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Toyota Direct in Columbus, OH.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Toyota Direct, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Toyota Direct in other cities in the Ohio.

Toyota Direct

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 588-8496
Address:4248 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH, 43230
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Toyota Direct

R B. | 2015-04-22

Great salesperson and nice car.

The bad part was finance people messed up something with title that I didn't catch while signing mounds of paperwork. When I went to title and register car in the state of residency the title work was screwed up, so I now have an expired temp tag and no registration.

   After dozens of phone calls, the general manager finally got involved and I believe may have finally resolved the issue six weeks later. He seemed to care but I should have never had to work that hard to get this fixed.

Jade J. | 2015-02-27

I can only speak for the service department but I've always had a great experience here. I've dealt with close to all of the different service reps that work there & they're all excellent! The waiting area has free wifi & coffee/snacks. I would recommend coming in early or during the week because they can get busy. They send out coupons pretty often & will usually knock down prices for you if you negotiate. I've been to many different Toyota dealers for service & this place is by far the best!

Edward G. | 2015-01-21

I've had two experiences with Toyota Direct.  The first was a couple years ago when I had my Camry serviced there.  They did a fine job.

The second was more recent, when I was looking to buy a car.  I said we were about to have our third child and were looking for a minivan or a bigger SUV.  The car salesman wanted me to look at Corollas.  This made no sense, and we quickly left.  Despite the fact that there were several deals that interested us from Toyota, we were so put off that we just scrapped the plan and went in a different direction.

Hung C. | 2014-08-27

Nick was my sales person.  He had made leasing a car very easy.  They have probably biggest inventory in town so great selections.

If I were to buy or lease again, I will go there.

Michael G. | 2014-03-29

Express oil change is not so express.  

They quoted me 2.5 hours.  I was there at 945 am on a Thursday, I even called ahead to make sure.

Ask when you call.  And make sure.

I took my 19.95 oil and rotation coupon to Grismer.

Mary M. | 2014-02-23

Our lease was ending on our Toyota (leased originally in another state) and were shopping around to see if we wanted to buy out the lease or move to another vehicle.  The salesman told us we'd get a 2.9% APR on a buyout and we decided it was worth keeping our reliable car-- of course, when we got into signing the forms, the manager told us there way "no way" he could get us under 3% and that we were misinformed.  He got a call during our meeting in which he complained about a customer wanting forms faxed too early-- he said "I have until the end of the month to send them."  

The call turned out to be foreshadowing for our own experience because, after buying out our car for more than we'd hoped to pay, we were told that the paperwork wasn't processed quickly enough and we couldn't get new plates.  The dealership told us to go to the BMV at 4pm on a Friday, who sent us to a second BMV, who then told us that we couldn't get plates without paperwork from the dealership. (By now, it's 5pm on a Friday and we have no chance of doing any of this.) Our plates were expired and the Toyota company told us that this situation happens frequently-- I wouldn't have been upset if they'd told us ahead of time! We could have applied for an extension on our temporary tags and not driven across town illegally.  

After a lot of negotiating, the dealership gave us a rental car for the weekend. (The manager offered to let us drive our car illegally and promised to repay us for any tickets or infractions we potentially got on the way-- WHAT?) We ended up using the rental car for 5 days until the paperwork came through-- involving another trip across town to the BMV to finally get us legally driving our car we bought out for more money than I'd hoped to spend.  Live and learn, but I'm definitely not buying from Toyota Direct again.

We do use them for routine service on our car and the service department has been great to us so far.  They do try to upsell sometimes, but I've never felt too pressured and don't feel like their suggestions are unreasonable.  I'm giving them a second star just for the service department.

Daniel K. | 2013-06-16

I had an appointment for 1:30 but 3pm rolls around and the work on my car had not even begun. Will not return

Steve R. | 2012-10-31

I brought my car in for a recall this morning as well as a few other small items. The staff was helpful & the facilities clean.  I was only charged a small fee for a diagnostic to determine what items were causing the "mysterious noises" under the car.  Turns out the heat shield had come completely loose so they reattached it.  This was a relief as I was worried it would be an open ended problem given the inconstancy of the rattle.  The only complaint I had was that while I got there for my appt time @ 7, the car just sat in the back for at least 45 min before anybody touched it.

Sofia D. | 2012-07-31

I came in last weekend because my maintenance light was back on and I wanted to get it checked out. I also wanted to get a quote for new tires and see if I needed a new battery. Both of which I will need in the next few months, I did get great prices for the quote for the tires but there was no pressure to buy right there and then. AND they washed my car for free after I had everything looked at. Will definitely come back here to buy my tires!

Rebecca B. | 2012-04-13

I am extremely disappointed in this car dealership. I tried to work with them in 2006 for my Scion and ended up going to Germain and getting a great deal and positive experience. We live right near Easton so it would be easy for us to get a car through there. The salesman was very nice and I liked him a lot -  Michael was his name.

We came in on a weeknight and after going through all the rigamarole, we couldn't get approved for the car because the bank wasn't open and they had to submit it first thing in the morning. They were going to call me right away at 10am and let me know. I called them at 11:30am the next day and Drew said he was waiting for the bank  and would let me know. They called back to give me the terms.
Originally, when asked what they could do to get us to drive home in a Camary that day, we said $0 down and $350/month payment. They said they could accommodate that - but when it came down to it they wanted $2,000 and a $365 payment. Anyway - I thought the whole experience was weird. The finance guys are all buddy buddy with each other and it makes you feel like you are interfering with their social life by asking questions. They also tried to tack on a $15 gap insurance monthly fee that I can get through our car insurance for much cheaper.

We went back again to finalize the deal after we negotiated what we thought and then they weren't going to give us the trade in value we asked for which was $500 more than they wanted to give us to trade it in. They refused to haggle on the car we were turning in - even to meet us half way so we left.

No one from the finance department ever came over to ask us if we had questions or try to remedy the situation. They left a 3 year lease deal on the table for $500 on our trade in. We ended up leaving and after we left they called me at least 8 times while I was at other dealerships driving other cars to tell me that they would give us the $500 for the car.

The entire deal was done in the middle of their showroom with everyone around to hear our conversations and finances.

Poor customer service. Period.

Our sales guy should have stayed at Germain. Go to Germain if you want to be treated right at a Toyota Dealership.

Evalyn C. | 2012-01-20

First and foremost, let me point out that this review is strictly of the facilities, internet sales department, and the financing department. I haven't had any experience with the service department yet, but I'll be sure to write a review when I do.

Something I've noticed here on yelp and other reviewing websites, people hate pretty much every car dealership or repair shop in existence. My theory is that people have these preconceived notions and unbelievably high expectations that, of course, none of these places can ever live up to. That, or the only time people review such places is to whine. This is unfortunate because it makes places like Toyota Direct look bad and, after my experience, I find that really saddening.

The facilities:

I arrived on the lot to find it was much bigger than I expected. Organized in a fashion that makes it easy to walk around and explore the many car options, the lot is a sight to see. The building is open and bright with plenty of seating for waiting on car servicing or meetings with the financial staff. The receptionist who greets you just inside the door is pleasant and very helpful. She alos makes a pretty good cup of coffee I came to find out today.

I'm including the website under "the facilities" because that was my first interaction with Toyota Direct. It's well organized, sharp, and has many very helpful clicky links and is easy to navigate. All important things when you are starting your car shopping online.

The internet sale department:

Greg Gee was fantastic. He had the car ready and waiting for me when I arrived. Ready to show me all its fun features and practical points. He answered all my questions before I even knew I had them, honestly. During the test drive we chatted about the manual transmission, the power to RPM ratio, the TV show TopGear, and the choices for financing. It was probably the most enjoyable and least awkward test drive I have ever been on. Greg is such a friendly guy and so very not typical car salesman in that he isn't pushy at all that he made me comfortable and took away much of the stress of buying.

The financing department:

I cannot say enough good things about Perry Singh. He is a patient, friendly, incredibly helpful financial world genius. With a few things from me (paystubs, a current billl, etc), he was able to find the financing company that would not only finance me and my student loan debted self, but also one that would finance me for much less than I had expected or been quoted by any other dealership. He always greeted me with a nice smile, a handshake, and by name, showing that I wasn't just someone on a piece of paper making him money. I don't know about you, but I seriously value that in sales and financing people.

The long and short of it, if you are in need of a nice used car and fancy a Toyota, definitely take a gander at what Toyota Direct has to offer.

Tim W. | 2011-12-07

I have had three major problems with Toyota Direct.  The first issue occurred when I first started going there.  My wife and I had just purchased a brand-new car, and were getting the first oil change.  While waiting for the car to be completed, one of the salesmen continually tried to sell us ANOTHER new car.  We politely told him we were not in the market, but he wouldn't give up.  Eventually we had to just walk away.

The second issue was that one of the service employees swiped my debit card twice.  I told him that there were two swipes on my debit card, and he didn't even care.  Having worked in the banking industry when I was younger, I asked if he would call my bank to say he only meant to swipe the card once, and he refused.  My bank was able to cancel one of the authorizations, and Toyota Direct submitted only one charge, but the guy was a rude jerk.

The third issue occurred when I tried to change an appointment time.  The service employee on the phone continually referred to me as "Dude" and talked over me while I was explaining what I wanted to do.  He claimed he couldn't hear me, but was extremely rude about it.  I told him that companies should not refer to their customers as "Dude," and he scoffed and said, "Just tell me what you want, sir."  Assuming he was inviting a tirade, I cussed the guy out and explained that, in a free market economy, poor service could likely lead to a business failing.  He continued to scoff, chuckle, and attempt to talk over me while I leveled the pissed off rant he clearly wanted, but I managed to get my appointment cancelled and off the phone with him.  I called back in a few minutes to talk to a supervisor, and the young lady I spoke with seemed more interested in being shocked than in remedying the situation.  I told her I would never go to Toyota Direct again.

Although the mechanics and technicians seem competent, the customer facing employees have no idea how to talk to people.  I will do everything in my power to avoid this place, and recommend the same to anyone considering going here.

becca p. | 2011-09-07

eh this place was okay, its only saving grace was the mechanic that worked on my car, he was the nicest guy and listened to me and what i had to say. The service writers on the other hand were complete aholes and figured that since i am a female i didn't know what i was talking about. On top of that the guy who drove my car into the shop didn't even know how to drive stick. On a brighter note they were very quick, but beware tho they will tell you the work takes longer than it actually does, and when you leave they will call you half an hour later to tell you your car is done. I have had better experiences at Toyota service centers but that was in CA. I guess if you need the work done you gotta go somewhere.

PS they don't leave windshield stickers to tell you when to come in for your next oil change so you better keep track yourself.

Elizabeth D. | 2010-12-15

I would love to give this place 5 stars because, on first glance, this seems like the car service center you've always been wanting. Clean, friendly, experienced. Oh, how I wish their policies and customer service were the same.

They fixed our van's hatch latch this past summer and did a fine job. However, when we went to use the same latch after it started getting cold here, it promptly snapped, breaking in the same place as it had before. Because they assured us on the phone that all of their repairs have a 1-year warranty, we made an appointment and took the van back. They then told us that because it had broken because of the cold, they would have to charge us the same $250 we had paid the first time around to fix it.

Our van is a 2003 Sienna, so the first latch lasted through 7 Winters with no problem at all, under normal use. It broke in the Summer, apparently having worn out. Understandable. 5 months after having it replaced, it broke because of Midwest Winter temperatures? I don't think so - clearly the part was defective. However, when this was pointed out to them, they blamed our use of "whatever force" (read: excessive) in opening the hatch while it was frozen. No excessive force was used. Their solution was to  sell us the $70 part and they would leave the back door panels off so we could fix it ourselves, if we wanted to. Well, they happily took our money but put the car and panels back on tightly, so that it is near impossible for us (with a drill) to get them back off to fix our car.

We won't be going back. I don't like being blamed for their clearly defective part, and for them ignoring their own 1-year guarantee policy, especially on what is a relatively cheap repair, to them. Seriously unfortunate experience.

UPDATE NOTE: After a few days of going back and forth on this issue, the GM called the "head office" to ok the repair under the warranty. They finally ok'd it and fixed it (saying they didn't want to lose a customer because of a technicality), but their poor communication and slowness to get back to us about caused us to leave 1 day later for our Christmas vacation. I have given them one more star for agreeing to fix it, and we might use them in the future after much deliberation.