Tansky’s Advanced Autobody in Columbus, OH

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Tansky's Advanced Auto Body and Paint specializes in collision repair. We are the only Toyota Certified Body Shop in Central Ohio!

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(614) 793-2080
Address:2475 W Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH, 43235
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Tansky’s Advanced Autobody

Bruce B. | 2015-03-04

2006 Camry towed in for not starting. Diagnosis- key synchronization bad. Tried to upsell very expensive maintenance not required at present time.

Paid for repairs made and came back the next day to retrieve Camry with another person. It would not turn over, battery was dead (was a Toyota replaced battery still in warranty). Called about non starting the next day and was promised that if I returned key at noon, it would have the battery replaced by Saturday 4 pm. I did so, received no call that it was ready.

Monday I was called and told the battery was fine, I related that it would not crank the engine and the service advisor said "We'll check again" Then called back and told me the key would not open it, I told them to keep trying that was indeed the key to that vehicle. Later I received a voice mail saying the battery was replaced under warranty.

I was lied to on three occasions, the first time when the initial diagnosis was made, Service Advisor said battery tested fine. Second when I was promised the battery would be replaced and ready by 4 PM on Saturday and third when the Service Advisior said they would check the battery again.

Automotive batteries do not go bad overnight, I had related that the battery was low and needed to be jumped to attempt to start prior to having it towed in. To miss checking the battery on a a vehicle towed in for not starting is to miss a major part of due diligence in diagnosing the problem with any vehicle.

Trust is something that a business tries to build with potential customers by public imagery and testimonials but is lost on an individual basis in an instant when a lie, misdeed or omission is discovered.

Wendy S. | 2014-11-13

I got a front bumper cover replaced. Mike helped me get a Toyota brand, and only charged me the after market price.
He was very quick with the repair, and even with the repair being Toyota Certified, it was cheaper than 2 other places that I got quotes from. The car looks wonderful... I'm as happy as I can be given the situation :)

Alaina S. | 2014-04-19

After I had a horrible experience at Toyota West in Columbus, Tansky took me in and provided a new 3rd Gen. Prius as a rental!! They were willing to replace my hybrid battery with a refurbished one instead of a new one (West refused to do this and put up a huge fight about it.) THANK YOU TANSKY TOYOTA!!

Richard N. | 2014-01-16

Service dept is working very hard to solve a difficult problem.

Mingqun L. | 2014-01-03

Bought three cars from this dealership. Sales are nice and service department is great.

Jeff B. | 2014-01-03

I purchased a 2011 Toyota Sienna from Tansky in October 2010. It was a very pleasant process and Korey Law was very helpful. I have been taking my minivan to Tansky for regularly scheduled service (I now have 45K miles on the vehicle) and have been very impressed. While my service representative has changed a few times, everyone has been very helpful and the prices have been very reasonable. And the recent remodel is wonderful -- I can work in comfort while my car is being serviced. I have several kids and they always give me a candy bar for each one of them too!

Billy C. | 2013-12-15

My parents needed some help when looking for a new car and were treated like royalty at Tansky Toyota! The staff was very kind and helpful, they made sure all of their questions were answered to their satisfaction and took the time to give them quality customer service. Way to go Tansky!

D H. | 2013-03-18

Called to get a quote on a rear axle seal. Was quoted a price 100% above 2 other shops. I would prefer a Toyota dealer do it because of the quality of repair, but when I asked the tech to break down the price for me, he wouldn't do it. Once I explained to him that I knew what was needed and didn't understand the high labor/parts costs he gave me attitude and said I should probably take it somewhere else... which I'm now happy to do.

Tammy P. | 2012-08-02

Fantastic buying experience at Tansky and was very fortunate to have Warren Mead as my salesperson. He was extremely knowledgable about the Scion FR-S and extremely nice and laid back. Scion's Pure Pricing makes the experience that much better.

Ariana E. | 2012-07-17

I've taken my car here twice for yearly servicing and have loved my experience. I generally schedule an early Saturday appointment and drop my car off the night before. The last time I went I requested an inspection. Of course, there was a long list of things that COULD be fixed. I told them I simply could not afford all of that work and they were very honest as to what really needed to be done (safety concern) and what could wait or was simply cosmetic. They talked me through each service that needed to be done, why it needed to be done, and what it meant for it to be done. I really appreciated the extra time taken so I could understand what exactly I was having done. If you're worried about long waits, I would recommend just dropping your car off rather than spending time sitting in the dealership! Also, if you choose to walk-in, remember that scheduled appointments will take priority even over a simple oil change.

Sandy e. | 2011-12-27

The best car buying experience I have ever had.  If you buy a car here, ask for Warren Mead.  He is by far the best,--patient, no high pressure at all, knows everything about the cars.

Tekkie N. | 2011-12-24

It took very long for an oil change and tire replacements. Most other people typically wait about 2-hours for that kind of package service, but here it was well over three hours.

It has a nice waiting room, and I trust them to get the work done, but the time spent waiting when you drop your only car off can be a pain. You have to walk across the parking lot to Panera or Barnes & Noble and hope you don't appear to be loitering.

R K. | 2010-12-19

I requested price quotes on Corolla, Elantra, Civic, and Sentra from almost all Columbus area dealers over the net, and decided to get a Corolla for low price and reliability. Tansky's was the first to set me a time for visit, and committed to match the quote I got from Germain. Well, there of course was some at the spot haggling still to be done but they eventually did match the price promised, and I was very satisfied with everything. Well, that was before the finance guy kept pushing me to buy this and that for extra for tons of money, and eventually made me swallow the GAP insurance whereas I could have gotten it for so much cheaper from my insurance company.

When I picked up the vehicle, everything seemed fine until I checked toyotaownersonline.com and realized that they did not perform the stuck accelerator recall service. So in 2-weeks time, I was back at the dealership, although the service was no hassle. Just out of curiosity, I checked a few other in-stock vehicle VINs randomly and realized that Tansky's simply do not perform the recall on in-stock vehicles!!! Are they nuts?

The bottom line is -
1. I recommend Tansky's for the price. Check price first, and they will negotiate as long as you stick to your gun.
2. Do not buy absolutely *anything* extra from the finance department (the guy who does your paperworks). It's all rip-offs.
3. Before taking delivery of the vehicle, check toyotaownersonline.com to make sure that your car doesn't have an open recall. Make them perform the recall before pick-up, if needed.

Robin M. | 2010-11-10

My husband and I narrowed down our search to an Accord or Camry. We LOVE our Honda and have owned 3 (1 new and 2 used). We decided to go with the best deal. And, by far we got the best deal at Tansky's Toyota. Immke Honda was just not willing to budge. The customer service at Tansky was really nice. Korey took care of us, was not creepy and was not pushy, and Kyle his manager was willing to work with us on price. And the finance guy was helpful and nice.

Ella M. | 2008-05-20

Now, I can't vouch for their new car sales department, but I -can- for their used/pre-owned department.

Back in 2006, I drove a POS Olds Cutlass Ciera that my father had to work on at least once a month, be it to replace the CV joint, the temperature gauge, jimmy rig the cig outlet, install a button so the wipers will work...you name it, I'm sure he fashioned something to fix it or did...for the time being.

To make it short and sweet, I blew the car up.  Temp gauge malfunctioned on my way home from Dayton, thermostat locked shut thinking the engine was cold, but it was so hot, the gaskets fused together and of the 6 cylinders, 4 were firing as I smoked into Columbus.

I decided at that point that I wanted something pretty specific in a car--I wanted an import with good gas mileage, a 5 or 6 speed manual transmission, I wanted it to be either white or black, clean, no external damage, and a nice paint job.  It had to have 4 doors, and idle quietly enough that 1, it didn't blow my eardrums like the Cutlass did, and 2, I could sneak up on my little sister after school and scare the bajeezers out of her.

Mike Garvey was the Internet sales guy at the time, and when I wandered onto the Tansky Toyota lot, they simply put didn't have what I wanted.  There was a green Jetta with some electrical issues and a Celica soft top that was -OK- in my book, but ultimately, I left poor Mike with a phone number and a big long list of what I wanted with the minute hope and prayer that something would roll onto their lot as a trade in.

In the next week, I received a thank you card from him for stopping by, and a courtesy voice mail to let me know he hadn't found anything yet, but that he was keeping an eye out for me.  To me, that was above and beyond anything I'd ever expected from a used car salesman.

The week after that, I was sitting in the middle of my Sociology Class at OSU and my phone started buzzing like crazy.  I left the hall to answer it and Mike sounded all excited saying the, and I quote, "Perfect fit for you" just rolled onto his lot as a trade in for a new Camry.  He said it was a white Honda Civic LX Sedan, 5 speed, and that it was in impeccable condition.  I scheduled an appointment for that weekend, and he'd kept the car back in the service bay the whole time rather than on the lot so I could see it first.

Well, he was right.  "Eryss" as she's named now, was the perfect fit for me, and to this day is still one of the best investments I believe I've made.  The previous owner had put a lot of obvious time and effort into keeping the vehicle clean, maintained, and aesthetically pleasing.  It had a triple clear coat over the standard stock paintjob, and all of the little knicks and scratches that scathed the front bumper had been cleaned, sanded, primed, and touched before re-sealing.  The interior's dash was leather and supple--the previous owner had made it a point to keep the leather oiled.  There was a newer sport clutch installed, and there were new Toyo Tires with the warranty information in the glove box.  Maintenance records were meticulous in the manual, and the Carfax was clean.  The carpets and seats were clean, and the previous owner had been a non-smoker, which was a HUGE bonus in my book.  The trunk was clean, the spare had never been used, and all the roadside tools, jacks, etc were neatly organized.

The dealer admitted they hadn't done much to the car to prepare it for sale, and lowered the 'list' price of the unlisted vehicle accordingly.  I never felt pressured by Mike to buy it, but I feel like he was more concerned over whether or not the car would be sufficient to my needs, which it turned out it was.

At the time, I didn't know how to drive a manual, and since the dealership is RIGHT off of Sawmill, he was patient with me while I scheduled for one of my parents to look the car over, too.  After fighting with my father over who would actually get the buy the car (him or me, lol!) I finally won out and I brought the car home on June 19th with no money down, Tier 3 financing (my credit was great for my age, but eh for financing, but still got 11.95%) and with tax title and licensing, a little over $11K.  I even got $200 trade in for the blown up Cutlass!  I really wouldn't have been able to do it without Mike's help and assistance above and beyond what would normally be expected.  As far as I know though, he no longer works there.  :-(

Tansky's was great, and from what I gather, their salespeople are really laid back and understanding that if you come onto a lot, YES you're looking to purchase a vehicle, but IMMEDIATELY may not be what you had in mind.  I've ushered 3 people into Tansky over the past 2 years, and I know that 1 of them bought a car there.  They don't ruin the back of your car with applique advertisements, but if you keep their plate frame on, you get free washes when you stop by.

I -HIGHLY- recommend this dealership!!!

Lana G. | 2007-09-02

Had a very pleasant experience looking at a few cars there. One of the sales people (John) met us outside and was VERY helpful. We accomplished all we needed to accomplish in about 20 minutes. Got all the information we needed without being pushed to make a purchase.