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67 acres of automotive awesomeness with thousands (really, THOUSANDS) of new and used cars in stock and ready for you. Choose from all of the NEW top name manufactures and every other make and model at the Ricart Used Car Factory. We are a family-owned and people-driven business that has been serving Central Ohio for over 60 years. Our service departments work on ALL makes and manufacturers and is even open late (8pm Mon-Wed) for convenience. Great prices, fantastic selection, and incredibly cool team members make this the best place to shop for cars in Columbus! Ricart was voted as one of the Best Places to work in Ohio for two years in a row! We were also awarded the 2013 and 2014 Ohio Dealer of the Year by Dealer Rater. Come to Rt 33 and Hamilton Road to see why we say..."We're Dealin!"


Established in 1953.

Paul Ricart Sr., moved from Erie PA, to Canal Winchester Ohio where he purchased Solt Ford in 1953. Paul raised his sons Fred, Rhett and Pete at the dealership and taught them about cars, the business, and most importantly - customer service! Ricart moved to Rt. 33 at Bowen Road in the early 70's, and eventually (to the present location) at Rt. 33 and Hamilton Road. Fred & Rhett took over the business in the late 70's and grew to be the largest Ford Dealer in the World by the early 90's. Rhett handled fixed operations while Fred became the celebrity spokesperson of the dealership with his "We're Dealin" phrase. The third generation of Ricarts' began to get involved in the early 2000's and now Rick (son of Fred) has become the new spokesperson, and Jared, son of Rhett continues to carry the torch of fixed operations.

Ricart Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(614) 836-5321
Address:4255 S Hamilton Rd, Columbus, OH, 43227
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Ricart Mazda

Steve T. | 2015-04-06

I'll start by saying that a "One Star" rating is too high - there just isn't a negative number to choose from.  Secondly, I think that all of the ratings posted with four stars or higher on this site for Ricart, are either employees, or paid actors.  

I wanted to buy a Mazda CX5 for my wife, and called Ricart over seven times and left voice mail messages.  Of the seven, I received one call back from Gary, who knew nothing about their inventory for the vehicle I asked about.  He did say that they were expecting a delivery within the next week - helpful to me?  NO!

With my USAA certified dealer plan, I was assigned to Ryan as my salesperson.  Ryan never responded to the overhead pages from the person who answered the phone, nor did he return my calls even after my voicemail stated that I was absolutely going to purchase a car.  He must not need commission to feed his family.  What a joke!

I am going to report the lack of service that I received to USAA, and ask them to remove Ricart as a preferred dealership.  

I went to Byers Mazda's website (10PM), and saved two CX5 models that I was interested in.  I received an email within minutes, and received a call from a salesperson the next day.  I went to Byers Mazda, met the salesperson who contacted me the day prior, test drove and purchased a CX5.  It was one of the best experience's that I have had purchasing a vehicle.  

Bottom line up front:  Don't waste your time with Ricart - the mega mall of BS and frustration.

Mia P. | 2014-09-20

Unfortunately we had a horrible experience here. My bf was looking to lease a Mazda CX5, so he walked into the showroom and Gary started to help him. Apparently Gary left him to sit in the car on the showroom floor with some other guy from the dealer who had no idea the answers to any of his questions. Then he went looking for Gary and he was already moved onto other customers, he asked to test drive the car and they said ok and never came back so he left.

I then called to start getting information about the car, seeing as Gary was useless in the showroom (Even thought Nick left his number and Gary said he'd call him with the leasing information, a week passed and he never called). We left another voicemail with the dealership a week and a half later and still no call back. Finally I called and asked to speak to anyone that could possibly help us.

The dealership finally transfered us to Shane who is in the Mazda sales department. Shane was unfortunately less help than Gary was. He said that he didn't have that car in stock and therefore he couldn't give us a price. Firstly how is it possible that you can't give on a price if you don't have the car, you can still give an estimate of the price. Secondly we had just sat in that very car a week and a half earlier. We gave him the benefit of the doubt that maybe they had sold the car in that week and a half- turns out they HADN'T sold the car, it was still in the same position in the showroom as it had been a week and a half earlier. Anyways, there was so much information that Shane gave us that turned out to be totally wrong. He was the worst.

Funny enough my bf decides to email their online department to ask the questions he has about the car. Within 2 hours he gets an email back saying that they have the car he is looking for (weird 2 hours before on the phone they said they didn't have it in stock) and they gave him a price, and at the bottom of the email it says that it is from our very own Shane that I spoke with 2 hours before. What a dufus!

Shane had promised at the time we were speaking on the phone that he would get back to me by latest Monday at noon about if he could get the car in for us. Of course Monday comes and goes and no call from Shane. Before giving up I decide I will try one more person, I end up speaking to Zane and he was not friendly at all. He did however apologize for the bad customer service and offer me a low price (that Byers beat). But Zane had the same issue, lack of follow up and through. We've never heard back from Ricart so forget them.

I could go on and on about how stupid and useless these people were but forget it. We went to Byers and Greg helped us out, and their customer service was incredible! They also had said that its funny how much business Ricart sends their way with their awful customer service. Don't even bother walking into Ricart- they are the worst.

Andrew W. | 2014-06-29

I wanted to come here and personally thank Jerome at ricart used car mega mall (or whatever the hell they call it). Due to his absolute laziness, I got a 2011 accord coupe (certified pre owned) from another dealership (and with 25k less miles then the 2008 coupe) for 300 more then Ricart was asking for.

Care to read that again? Please do so! 300 dollars and a 3 year newer model with less milage and certified pre owned.

Jerome wasn't just lazy. He was a sloth. He didn't do anything to work with me (had fair credit). Not only that, he kept going back to some credit card bills I defaulted on a long time ago (none of anyones business but my own) and was rubbing it in. Oh, and that other dealership dropped my APR about 10 percent. You know why? They worked hard to put me in a car I wanted.

My brother was in car sales and he came with me. He couldn't stop talking about how awful a place like Ricart is. They are a factory. They don't give a damn about you or working to get you into a car.

Thanks Jerome! One commission you lost. Gotta work to pay them bills!

Eat it!

Katie P. | 2014-06-22

I'm out looking for my new used car. LOL. This place has a huge selection! I think they have one of every car in this place. The cars are really nice even though they are used. The sales people are a bit pushy. But I guess you would have to be to work there. All in all a pretty good place.

Kate C. | 2014-04-01

I have been here about 8 different times over the years. I have never bought a car here. I tried last years to buy a used car here, but found it over priced and the salesman unwilling to negotiate. I then drove straight down to the new car area and looked at a the new model of the same car and found that with a few changes to the options, I could buy it new (2 years newer) here. I had looked on the internet before shopping there and found that both the new and used car salesman were oblivious to the prices already quoted on the online. This just added to the stress of buying a car and I left and did not buy there.

I did buy a new car elsewhere and have the oil changed there and found the service dept. friendly and prompt.

Alisa D. | 2014-03-29

Bought our newest car here last April, and it was a process. Then again, buying a car usually is. Skew staff was pleasant. Be prepared, however. Go in knowing what interest rate you should qualify for, I.e. check your credit first! Know the going rate for the car you want, too. Do your research. I did, and it paid off. Got a fab deal and the car I wanted.
Rick was nice and really knows his cars, especially muscle ones. :)
However, in my opinion, the best part of Ricart is the service department. Had some warranty work done recently, and it was the best experience I've ever had with a service department. Ken was fantastic and kept me in the loop on what was happening with my car. I'm not your average car owner. I know cars, and I appreciate getting straightforward answers. I got them.
They offer coffee and snacks if you choose to wait, or you can take them on the go in the free shuttle that will take you wherever you need to go.
All in all, I highly recommend Ricart and plan to use them exclusively even though I live in Westerville.

Tom R. | 2014-03-09

went to Ricart to buy new car after old car totaled in accident. had copy of their internet pricing for car we wanted and also pricing for car using geico brochure since they were our insurance company.  met with sales person recommended by geico.
he passed us on quickly to a nice guy who let us test drive it. then he passed us on to another sales guy (guess he was the closer).a real jerk, who proceeded to tell us if we didn't finance thru Ricart that the price would be as much as $500.00 more!   I then read all the internet pricing and geico info to him asking him where it said this. he agreed it wasn't in there.  I told him we would not pay extra 500 just because we used our own financing. we waited for over an hour while they called different  banks and he also met with one of the Ricard's who, he says agreed we were right and even if they could not beat credit union we would not have to pay another 500 to use our own financing. of course all this happens after I tell him we were leaving since it has taken them this long to work on financing. this was all done on a Thur afternoon when it was cold and snowing outside so no other customers in their Hyundai dealership.
only reason I gave them any stars at all was that there price was better than anyone else. but you have to to go thru hell to get there.
I doubt it would have been same outcome for someone not willing to challenge them or who had not done their research.

Mark K. | 2014-03-07

I don't like shopping for cars.  But sometimes you have to get one.  Anytime you go to a dealer, you have to be prepared- prepared to be pressured, and prepared in terms of knowing what you want, and about all your options.

I had done my research, but I had to cram a little when my second car broke down, and Sweetie pretty much insisted we get something more dependable for my long commute.  Looked around online, narrowed my choices down, and headed down here mainly so that we could see everything in one place.

Ended up at the used car section, where one of the Ricarts eventually sold us a newish used car.  The used store is small, but decently laid out.  Staff weren't too pushy.  We drove several cars, didn't feel rushed or pressured.  Eventually got a decent deal.

Had to go back a few days later for a tire pressure issue.  Appointment was fast, service staff was friendly, and things were fixed, for free.

This is a huge place- a stoplight, a Subway, etc.  Go prepared, and prepared to walk away.  Be upfront with what you want, and skeptical of what they're saying.  Maybe do as I did, and have someone along to consult with.  Also, I think Sweetie did a good job of distracting the salesman so that I could focus on the drive and have time to think...

Allie D. | 2014-01-10

My husband and I have had a real mixed experience with Ricart. My first experience was with a salesman that all but laughed at me after telling him what we were looking for on our budget. Understanding that we had done a ton of research and knew there were plenty of vehicles with low miles in our price range, being told by this salesman that he wasn't sure he would be able to help me, I was immediately turned off.  Not only that but he complained about other employees and lectured me on how young people don't have much of a work ethic. Awesome...thanks for that.

But, after finding a car we were both interested in on Ricart's website, my husband and I gave it another go requesting a different salesperson. We ended up buying a car from Jeff Aldridge... He deserves 5 stars. He was incredibly helpful, not at all pushy, and accommodated us even though we showed up about an hour before closing on a Friday. Wonderful!

On our most recent experience, we took the car into service as it is still under their warranty due to a problem with the tire. Warranty didn't cover it due to there being 2 nails in the tire. Not sure where picked those up, but I get it. We ran over the nails we pay to fix/replace the tire. HOWEVER, repairing the tire was not even presented as an option but paying $290 to replace the tire was. Not a chance, so the spare was put on, damaged tire left in the car, and after 2 hours my husband left. We took it to a tire shop who told us that one of the nails hadn't even punctured the tire and they were able to repair it for a whopping total of $15.

Long story short.... Beware. I think it's pretty hit or miss with the sales people.  I would, without a doubt, recommend working with Jeff. He will take good care of you and deserves the commission he makes. I won't ever take the car back to be serviced at Ricart unless it's necessary for the warranty.

Red D. | 2013-12-30

While I did get a good price on a good used vehicle I do have some complaints.  First, I was preapproved through my bank for an auto loan therefore would not need to have a shotgun credit report ran by Ricart.  Ricart agreed with this and specifically said they would not do it....they did.  I was pretty disappointed when I saw this on my report.  Secondly, the salesman, Josh, said the vehicle had Stow N Go seating when it did not.  He was pretty uninformed about the vehicle all the way around.  On the the test drive he wouldn't stop talking....this is the time to listen to the vehicle, not you dude!  The used car showroom setting is pretty unprofessional:  Way too many salesmen milling around in a big group talking to each other and smoking by the doorways.  You pretty much feel like you're at a meathead house party where the guys all wore the same outfit and no girls showed up.  I more than likely will never buy another vehicle from Ricart, mainly due to the fact that they are not men of their word.

Dan M. | 2013-12-26

I bought a 2012 explorer on 12-2-13. Picked up the vehicle on 12-7-13. On 12-10-13 I received a phone call from my  salesman saying that some paper work came up missing and that they were overnighting it to me. A week goes by and no paper work. Call the dealership speak to my salesman and he tells me he's been in contact with finance and I will be getting it shortly. A few days go by and nothing so I by pass the salesman and contact finance. Was told that my finance person was on vacation so right then and their my salesman lied for no reason. Finance person says he will overnight new paper work and should get it the next day. Got new paperwork next day dropped it in FedEx box 20 minutes later. Four days later I call finance and  finally get a hold of the person who was handling my paperwork. She tells me its not their. Call fedex and they tell me the box I dropped it in was cleaned out three hours after I dropped it in. Call dealership back and speak to the woman again and ask for the tracking number so I can help locate the paperwork. She explodes on the phone and says its probably in another building and she will take care of it on Monday. Long story short I paid for the vehicle in full. I have no title so I cant get plates. My temporary plate expires on 1-1-14. I had to cancel my out of town Christmas plans because I have no real plates and really have no claim to the vehicle if I were to get in a accident or if the vehicle was stolen. I have a new vehicle in my driveway that I'm paying insurance on and will soon not to be able to drive it due to someone just leaving work on her desk because her vacation was more important than me being able to register and get plates for this car. Merry Christmas Ricart and fuck you very much for screwing me on my Christmas vacation. This was the easy sale that  you could possibly have had and you still managed to screw a customer.

K S. | 2013-12-18

Extreme waste of our time and the guys working the used car store at their main location were not willing to budge one cent on their "internet price" per used car manager Steve.  

Left this joke operation and bought from Lindsay Acura who are excellent and professional.

John E. | 2013-11-29

I scheduled an appointment and dropped my 2013 CX-5 for a number of warranty issues, and to have the oil changed (which included tire pressure check and rotation). The car went in with no malfunction indicators, just a few miles after I picked up the TPMS light came on. I was on my way to Costco, their tire center verified there were no punctures, and found the tire pressure was off on all 4 times. They adjusted the pressure, but the TPMS light stayed on (the manual has no instructions for resetting it). Eager to fix the situation, Angie -- the service manager -- has me work with Greg to setup a day/time to pickup the CX-5, drop a loaner, recheck everything and fix the TPMS problem. They had it all day Friday, and returned it with the TPMS light on -- they assert the light was off, but came on around the corner from my house, and the porter returned it without saying anything. Ricart offered to pick it up and service it a third time, but despite emails and phone calls to Angie and Greg, I was not able to schedule that before a 600 mile drive on Wednesday. I would not do business with Ricart again under any circumstances.


Zachariah H. | 2013-06-26

I would give Ricart a 2.5 star rating if I could.

I did a great deal of research online when I began shopping for a car.  I knew what I was looking for, and I searched every car search website I could find on the web until I found a couple of specific used vehicles I was interested in.  As it happened, the two that I wanted to look at were both at Ricart.  Because of this, I can't speak to their ability to help you find what you want because I went there with this already in mind.

I liked my salesperson, Ryan Poellnitz, because he was polite, low-pressure, helpful, and available; however, I didn't get such a good vibe from some of the other people I dealt with (for example, the guy who did my paperwork was pretty rude simply because I made him wait a few minutes for me because I was on the phone with my insurance company).  Once I decided which vehicle to buy, I had my old car appraised and applied for financing.  The trade-in value I was offered was terrible, so I declined to sell them my car.  I went to Carmax and got more than twice what Ricart had offered me.  

Regarding financing, I was given a range of estimated monthly payments based on the duration of the loan and my down payment.  My wife and I asked repeatedly what the actual APR would be on the loan, and were never given an answer, aside from "pretty low, like in the single-digits."  What does that mean?!  I have excellent credit, so I was expecting no more than the current state average, which was just over 4% APR at the time.  I decided to look elsewhere for a loan, and ended up getting one from my bank (Chase) at less than 3% APR.  My wife (who is a mathematician) easily determined that, based on the payment estimates we were given, the loan Ricart tried to give me was somewhere around 12% APR - a horrible offer!

I was able to talk them down on my vehicle's price, but only by about $150 (they say they don't haggle, but it doesn't hurt to try).  I was told the vehicle would be detailed and filled up with gas before I came to sign the final paperwork and drive it away.  As it turned out, they didn't wash it (though it was already very clean) and didn't put gas in it.  This wasn't a huge deal, but didn't leave me with a great impression.  I was also told that there were no floor mats for my vehicle (which is only 2 years old) - this seemed odd to me.

Although I had mixed feelings about my experience with Ricart, I was very happy with my car purchase.  After owning my car for a little over a week, however, I became aware of a very loud rattle coming from the rear outside of the vehicle.  I got underneath it myself and wiggled things around and eventually determined that the rear brake calipers seemed loose.  I took the car back to Ricart (after being promised over the phone that any necessary repairs would be free).  They looked at my car and told me that whoever had done the inspection had removed some brake hardware and NEVER REPLACED IT, which was causing the noise.  They had to give me a rental car for the night so they could order the parts they needed.  The repairs were made free of charge (if they hadn't been, this would be a one-star review), and I picked up my car the next morning.  

Overall, I think Ricart is worth dealing with if they happen to have the car you want, but I would not go there to begin the search.  Do your homework ahead of time, and if you decide to shop with Ricart, keep your head in the game - I get the feeling they try to take advantage where they can.


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