Lindsay Honda in Columbus, OH

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Lindsay Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(614) 864-5250
Address:5805 Scarborough Blvd, Columbus, OH, 43232
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 12:00 am
  • Saturday: 7:30 am - 12:00 am
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Lindsay Honda

Liz M. | 2015-01-26

Around the end of November 2014 , I bought a used car from Lindsay Honda.  Although it was an older car, it was newer than the one I had and appeared to be in very good condition for its age.  It looked clean under the hood and ran nice and quietly the day I purchased it.

This month (less than two months after I had purchased it), the vehicle began to have some problems which needed to be repaired immediately if the car was to remain in driveable condition.  First, the exhaust pipe became disconnected from the muffler to the point that it was dragging on the ground.  A week later, the car started to sound like a motorcycle again when the  front pipe started to leak.  I had to take it into the shop yet again for repairs.

I contacted Lindsay and was advised to call Wes Campbell, one of the managers.  I called him today and, a few seconds into the call, it was made pretty clear that he would rather not be bothered with me or my car problems.  Great customer service... If he had at least humored me and pretended to give a flying you-know-what, I might not be feeling so regretful about having done business with Lindsay.

To make a long story short, buying a used car from Lindsay Honda was a horrible mistake.  I would advise anyone to think twice about doing business with them.

Perhaps I might have had a better experience with one of their new cars, but when the time comes for me to upgrade I will most likely take my business elsewhere.

Matt E. | 2014-12-16

The professionalism of the sales staff at Lindsay Honda is greatly lacking. Pamela's extremely rude demeanor cemented our decision to never purchase another car from Lindsay Honda again.

Our car was coming in for maintenance and Pamela offered to update our lease if we turned it in early. When we sat down she literally threw us a number with a "take it or leave it" attitude. She didn't even provide a breakdown for the lease trade-in. Since our lease was over mileage we heard the "penalty fee threat" if we didn't take this deal. We have been over the mileage in the past and have yet to pay a penalty. When I mentioned this to Pamela she replied with hostility and said "good luck". Stunned by her blatant disregard towards us and unwarranted attitude simply soured the remainder of our evening after ending a long work day. With only 9 days to the Christmas holiday it was truly a waste of our time and energy.

Fortunately, Lindsay Honda's service department is not under the same management as per usual the service dept. provided us with a much better experience.

Cathy S. | 2014-10-28

Awful experience with trying to get my honda in for a recall.  They played a game of sending me to the 800 number.  Corporate told me that Lindsay Honda could help with entering my VIN# and I would have not issues getting the vehicle serviced immediately.  I called Lindsay Honda Service they told me they could not help me until I got something in the mail.   Horrible game..   Corporate confirmed that my vehicle needed serviced.  They told me to call and schedule that nothing was needed.   Why would anyone want to go to Lindsay me.   I'm not having them do the clearly confirms why after this incident.

eric c. | 2014-09-13

Just leased our 3rd Pilot from John Przybyl at Lindsay Honda.   John is professional, courteous,  and delivers what he says.   We could have bought the car from other dealers but John makes all the difference and we know Lindsay will take care of us should any problems arise.   Have a great time in the UP!

The Chiudioni Family

David S. | 2014-09-03

I purchased my 2007 Honda Accord here 4 years ago before leaving the state. I am as equally pleased with the service department as I was with the sales department a few years ago.  Plenty of comfortable seating in the waiting area and several televisions to pass the time.  Great Honda dealership, I don't understand how this place gets low ratings.

Karen W. | 2014-08-02

I don't understand how the others gave this place a terrible rating. My husband and I were in to Lindsay Honda and bought two, yes two, new cars. I was wanting to replace my 11 year old Civic and he was wanting to find a car that got better gas mileage than his 15-18 mpg Chevy Trailblazer.  Sure enough we did!

What was awesome about our buying experience was our salesperson, Otis Tate. He took the time to explain everything to us and not rush us through the entire process. I really didn't want to look at too many cars and make the whole decision process more confusing. I was happy to get what I wanted for my trade in and a good deal on both my CRV and Accord. :)

If you go there looking for a new or used car, be sure to ask for Otis!!

Katherine H. | 2014-07-12

We have bought two cars from Lindsay Honda in the past.  We have a growing family and decided to go look at a Honda Odyssey and Pilot this evening after looking at other options.  When we got there we had two eager sales people rush onto the lot, and when we told one of them that we wanted to test drive the two vehicles they went inside got the keys, and came back out.  I then stated I wanted to drive the car and then we had to go inside to sign the typical release.  I'm not sure why the salesman was surprised I wanted to drive the car, and it took forever to get the paperwork done.  While my husband was waiting outside he stated to the MGR that we had bought two previous cars from them and once I made a decision we intended to buy a car.  He did note that the vehicle we were about to take for a test drive was all scuffed up, needed vacuuming and had an odor to it.  Really, this is your test drive car? Well, they wouldn't let us drive the car off the lot by ourselves, sighting they just changed the policy today.  Neither of us likes to have the salesman in the car when we test drive because we like to be able to talk about pros, cons, what we like about the car without someone interjecting.  They were firm we could not take the car off the lot.  Needless to say, we're going to find out tomorrow if Marysville is closer than we think.

Doug C. | 2014-02-12

I wouldn't bother to step foot on this place if I were you. I was looking for a new car and contacted the dealership because they had one in particular that I was interested in. I advised the salesman of this this and he said that was great and set up an appointment to come see it so he'd make sure he was there to help me through the process. Low and behold I make the 30+ minute drive to get there for him to tell me that the vehicle sold that day but he didn't tell me because he still wanted me to come out and check their other vehicles. Yeah no thanks. Bought one from Byers Kia in Delaware and would definitely recommend them.

JA A. | 2013-09-17

Just had the worst experience with Lindsay Honda car sales. I purchased a 2010 Mercedes E 350 on September 10, 2013. There were no issues that I felt when I test drove. Two days later, there was a dragging from the front right brakes. Also there was a loud noise coming from the steering column. Upon checking the fluid level, I saw that it was empty. I put some fluid in and the noise stopped. I took the care to Crown Mercedes to look it over. They found that the power steering reservoir is leaking onto the front right brakes. Those need to be replaced. The reservoir is replaced by Crown as it is under warranty. I called Lindsay who said that upon their inspection of the car, there was no such leak. Though Crown Mercedes is replacing the reservoir Lindsay refuses to even help with the brakes replacement. The right brakes are covered with power steering fluid and also pads are improperly worn and rotor is rusted and corroded. Lindsay says that there was no evidence of a leak. Sales manager Reggie Crumer was of no help at all. I will have to pay out of pocket over $700 to fix my brakes and I haven't made the first payment on the car yet.

Steve F. | 2013-08-12

My brand new Honda Accord has now experienced two major mechanical failures. The last of which was caused due to human error. My vehicle broke down over 200 miles from home on the highway in the middle of nowhere with my spouse and 3 children in the car. I contacted this dealer, the one that last worked on the car, and the very same one that sold me the car, to help me and my family. They completely blew us off and would never return any phone calls. When we visited salespeople always intercepted us, to keep us from speaking to management. We were promised to be contacted and never were. We called on several occasions to speak to someone about our issue and we were repeatedly sent to a voice mail box. This voice mail box has a message asking to leave a message but never indicates who the voice mail box is for. Never once did we go in to the dealership angry or distraught.

After repeated attempts to even just get a simple answer to some questions they have left my family and me feeling abandoned. I will never return to this dealership for any reason, and they will never get my or my families business again.

Now after almost being in the shop for nearly 30 calendar days the car now has another problem.  I'm left now trying to find a new dealer farther away from home to take the car to.  

After reading other reviews on Yelp about this same dealership I morbidly take comfort in knowing that I'm not alone.

Elizabeth W. | 2013-07-15

Why did I give it 1 star?  Because I couldn't give it zero!

If you value traits like honesty and integrity, then I suggest you find another dealership.  I guess I was naive.  I assumed smiling salesman Isaiah would be genuine and up-front about the condition of the car I bought.  I even thought that when I discovered these issues within the next few days, he and Lindsay Honda would be willing to fix these things because it would be the right thing to do.  

I was very surprised when Isaiah brushed off these "purely cosmetic" issues.  Front bumper popping out?  I clearly did not do this the day after purchasing the car, but apparently they wash their hands of you once you leave the lot.  When I tried to talk to them about the issues, Isaiah and his supervisor merely stayed quiet and attempted to walk away without any sort of compromise.  If they weren't going to take car of it, they should have at least given me a discount on parts or labor.  However, despite their emphasis on "Do we have your business?" during the sales part, afterwards they have no interest in retaining it.

Clearly Lindsay Honda operates in a pre-Internet era where I will only tell my immediate acquaintances about my bad experience, not Yelp, Facebook, etc.  I will not be taking my car back to be serviced.  The gas to get to Roush Honda in Westerville will be worth it.

Michael W. | 2013-06-21

I would not buy a car from here unless you want to get ripped off. I bought a 2006 used Honda Civic from here. WIthin a day the front bumper pops out a little on the drivers side. A very small cosmetic looking thing.  I took back to the dealership within a couple of days and asked them to fix. They supposedly did. Then within a couple of days the front bumper pop out again. So my wife took it in again.  This time they told us that they could fix but they were going to charge us.  What I don't understand is why it was not fixed properly the first time. I called in over the phone and try to speak to the manager and got put on hold for 10 minutes only to get a voicemail. And they never called me back.  They say that they do this huge inspection of the car before they sold it to try and put are minds at rest. However they did not catch this. That is really shady. The funny thing is that we have two hondas and I will not be getting them service by Lindsay Honda. I am not all impressed with this place. I would not buy a car from these guys. They should of fixed the problem before they even put the car on the lot for sale.  STAY AWAY.

Emily H. | 2013-05-26

Car dealerships in general are The Worst, and buying a car is generally The Worst, so when my old tin can took a dumper and I was forced to find something new, I was a little stressed.  That's probably putting it mildly.

I can't say that I sought out Lindsay for any particular reason other than that a trusted coworker said she had done business with them in the past and gave them the thumbs up because they were no-haggle and easy to work with. Music to my ears. As a customer, I don't need to be wooed with cookies and coffee and treats, nor do I need a buying "experience." Let's just get down to brass tacks and move the transaction along.

That's exactly what Lindsay did for me. I made an appointment and met with my salesman, David. I told him exactly what I wanted and what my price range was, and in no less than two hours, I left with exactly what I came for: a brand new car at a reasonable price with windows that roll down.

(Of course there are other bells and whistles on the car, but after what I'd been driving before, this is kind of a big deal.)

Ian M. | 2013-05-01

Been here several times and can at this point give this rating without feeling bad or like i'm passing judgement too soon, or just being a jerk...i'm truly not, they have earned this.

In the past year, I have purchased one, and leased two other cars from this dealer...that's 3 "sales" just from me. I've sent friends and family and sold several others, so i'm a good customer to keep, and I don't ask a whole lot in return. Honesty, respect, and good customer service will keep me coming back.  

I can say without a doubt that the sales experience had been fantastic, and I felt like I got great service and value. The service department has been a complete opposite of my experience with the sales department. Service has been a mess, a comedy of errors, it's a hassle every time I come in, and i'm not "that" unreasonable customer. I know things take time, i'm patient, I wait, I drop cars off, and in the end I feel like ever trip here is a battle. A fight to just get done what I need. I'm a car guy, I grew up working on cars because I had to, now I don't and shouldn't have to argue with someone to just get what I need done complete. I read my manual, know what the cars need, and I maintain them accordingly to the letter of the requirements.

I've been in for appointments for 20 minute oil changes that turned into 2 1/2 hours in the waiting room. (and been called all but a liar by the service manager when I mention this) I've been in for a door rattle in the wife's car twice they just can't or won't fix. I've been in for a simple oil change and tire rotation to have them try to high-pressure sell me more services that aren't required.

I'm to the point now that my wife and I will be going to another dealer for service, I have had enough of the frustration and buffonery here... do yourself a favor and do the same. I don't feel comfortable sending my wife in alone to have anything done, she's very uncomfortable there. I am happy to drive to the other side of the planet for better service, but it sure would be nice to come here since it's so close.

Matthew B. | 2013-04-17

Really nice until you say no to all the warrenties and other crap they try to sell you when you are closing with the finance guy.

Sharon C. | 2013-04-08

I have a 1998 CRV and it was recommended I go there to have it checked out since the "check engine light" kept coming on. 3 hours later, I was told it might cost $4,500 to have a head gasket replaced and I was better off trading it in. Instead I paid them $350 to fix some new cables which could be a "start" according to the mechanic. The check engine light was still on when I left and my car was running poorly just like before. Basically nothing changed.

I held off caving in to some of the pressure I felt about trading it in for a new fit, and called my parents. They told me I could take it in to their mechanic. 1 week and after paying my parents' mechanic only $250, my car works great. Their mechanic told me I needed some new valve replacements and it should be fine for another 50,000 miles...oh, my parents have been going to this guy for over 25 years and he knows. his stuff.

Thanks for nothing, Lindsay Honda.

Bryant M. | 2013-03-11

Like being pandered? Love poor customer service? Then Lindsay Honda is the place for you!

Before we dive into the story, I think it's important to know who I am as a customer: I'm a very stereotypical millennial, so I hate even having a car in the first place. I don't want to negotiate on price, and I can't stand to be pandered because I'm not a "man's man."

Now, let's talk about my experience today at Lindsay. I have never had my car serviced since I bought it three years ago. I do the typical oil changes and tire things, but other than that, I'm clueless. So, today, I drove out to Lindsay (where I bought my car) to see what I needed to do.

I walked in to the service shop, and the bearded white guy at the reception desk just kinda looked at me. I had to approach him, and he was beyond unfriendly. I told him my story and admitted my ignorance with cars, and asked him for guidance. He completely blew me off and told me to read my manual. I told him that I'd already tried that but was still confused, and I told him he was not being helpful. He just looked at me dismissively and told me to talk to my salesperson - if I remembered who it was.

So, I walked next door to the showroom to see if somebody there could be more helpful. When I entered the main door, the guy who sits immediately to the right asked if he could help me. Once he figured out that I wasn't there to buy a car, he also dismissed me and told me to read my manual.


Am I crazy for wanting somebody to walk me through what maintenance I needed for my car?

While I was in the parking lot, I went to their website on my iPhone to try to send them feedback. I clicked on the "contact us" link, and simply said I'd had a bad experience and wanted to share my story with somebody. About 15 minutes later, I got a call from Brittany saying she'd read that I was interested in buying a new car from them. Ummm? What?! When I told her what my feedback actually said, she asked if I could email them the entire story.

No, no Brittany. I won't email you the entire story. I don't want another phone call to talk to me about buying a new car. You all can read my feedback here on Yelp instead.

Do these people think I'll never need to buy another car someday? Well, I definitely won't be going back to Lindsay Honda. I'll be driving to Westerville to see the nice people at Roush Honda.

Jen M. | 2013-02-09

I'm really giving 5 stars to two different departments, so let me suss them out:

1. Service dept - Yesterday morning at 9:15 am, I noticed that my Brake Lamp Warning Light was on. I needed to be to work by 11, but I figured I'd swing by Lindsay Honda and buy the bulb so that I could install it that evening. When I pulled in, the service tech (Lee) cheerfully quoted me the price on the bulb and offered to install it for free. I explained my time crunch and he assured me that it would be no problem--plus he offered to wash my car, and while we were at it, I asked him to replace a headlight too. By the time we'd settled on all this and gotten all the estimate paperwork signed, it was about 9:45. Lee offered me a beverage and showed me into the very nice--but very full--waiting room. I was worried that I'd be "behind" all those people, but I felt better when I looked out the window into the service department and saw that it was enormous with eight or ten cars being serviced at once. I was still skeptical that I'd get my car back in time, but sure enough, Lee came into the waiting room at 10:25 with my checkout paperwork. Considering the high price one pays for OEM dealer parts, I appreciated the great customer service--not only that they squeezed me in but that they didn't lie about what they could or couldn't do for me.

2. Pre-owned department - I first visited the pre-owned department in March 2012 when I was shopping for a "cute ute" for my husband. We test-drove two Honda CR-Vs, and our sales person was efficient but not pushy. That's one nice thing about Lindsay Honda--because they sell about a zillion cars, they don't have a lot of incentive to unnecessarily hover over your transaction. If you're a serious buyer, they'll take care of you. If you're not serious, they're not going to try and talk you into something you don't want to do. Although we ended up buying a Toyota RAV4 for my husband at another dealership (it had a very rare combination of features and we drove halfway across the state to find it), our other car broke down a few months later. So in late May 2012, we went back to Lindsay Honda to the same sales guy. I described exactly what kind of car I was looking for--an old Honda similar to the one I'd driven in high school and to which I was very nostalgically attached--and even though that's a low-dollar car for which they've got dozens of potential buyers, my sales guy never pushed me to consider a more expensive car. He showed me the three vehicles on the lot that met my description, including one that had literally been traded in hours ago for a new car. It turned out to be the one I wanted, and the manager came out and negotiated an excellent cash price. I was impressed that the manager came out and spoke to my husband and I directly instead of hiding in the back and "going through" his sales guy, which I've experienced at many other dealers. But even so, this was obviously a risky move since we didn't take the car to a mechanic before purchase. The mechanics at Lindsay Honda were very straightforward about what they thought of the car--for example, they said it needed new brakes on all wheels--but they claimed that the car was fine other than routine stuff like brakes that you'd expect on a car of that mileage/age. I've now driven the car for nearly 9 months, and it was exactly as described/promised. I would definitely buy another car from Lindsay Honda.

Matt G. | 2012-08-23

This started out as an enjoyable experience, but then when a purchasing decision was to be made it went quickly downhill. Out of every new & used car dealership I had been to, this was the WORST experience.

I went to inquire about a car that seemed to good to be true on the used car lot, and it was. No biggie though, it was an offshoot manufacturer's version. We started looking at other cars and found a decent one to look further into.

Long story - short, when we sat and talked about the decision, they were assessing my trade in (which took about 30mins), and then when he came back with an offer, he was already filling out ppwrk for me to buy.

The price had been significantly higher than what we agreed upon and the trade value was insulting (I know trades don't get much at times). When I told him, I felt like it wasn't a good deal, they held my ID and car key for 30mins stalling for time.

Then their manager came out and tried another 10mins to try and convince me to buy the car. WORST experience I have ever had.