Lindsay Acura in Columbus, OH

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Lindsay Acura in Columbus, OH.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Lindsay Acura, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Lindsay Acura in other cities in the Ohio.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(614) 863-2885
Address:5880 Scarborough Blvd, Columbus, OH, 43232

Reviews on Lindsay Acura

Jim W. | 2015-04-08

I went to Lyndsay Acura to look at a vehicle they advertised on line.   After I explained my trepidation to the salesperson about buying a used vehicle, it was explained to me Lyndsay performs a 136 point inspection to verify their vehicles are in excellent working condition.  The 136 points must not include verifying the windows roll down correctly or that all the lights on the dashboard actually light up when they are supposed too.  After I pointed out these flaws to the manager, he explained each vehicle was thoroughly inspected and I could rely on Lyndsay quality.  I then demonstrated their lack of detail was glaringly obvious by the M&Ms, popcorn, and pretzels in the back seat that they missed when allegedly cleaning and inspecting the car.  The vehicle condition was described as "excellent" on their web page, but it had numerous stains on the carpets, seatbelts, and headliner.  Needless to say, I did not buy the vehicle and I will not be visiting any Lyndsay dealerships again.

Matt P. | 2015-04-02

I recently traded in for a used TSX from Lindsey Acura. There was a chip in the windshield I asked that Lindsey fix as part of the sale which they agreed to since it is directly in the line of sight while driving. After their "repair" the chip looked worse and they refused to do anything else. My salesperson Frank Garcia said I should turn it in to my insurance to get the cost covered. I will not return to this dealership as they are unethical and have poor customer service.  For their "family values" advertised they have no loyalty to someone who has been loyal to the Acura brand (3 purchases in the last 4 years).

Do yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere.  I would give 0 stars if it was a option.

Mike B. | 2015-02-06

Refraining from using names here. Two stars for credit to Salesman B for being a nice guy, and for their incessant speed of scheduling you in.

My experience started when I used the "make offer" feature of their website. I offered the $x for a vehicle that was listed for $y on their website. I was immediately (called back within five minutes) contacted by Salesman A who insisted that I come in and they can work with me at that price as long as I was making a trade. I clearly stated the condition of my current car, and clearly stated that I was not willing to pay more than $x on the car I was interested in. Salesman A said would "let the team know" about my "situation". Let's get one thing straight, I don't have any "situation", I'm just trying to get a fair value, and just because I can afford a new Mercedes doesn't mean I want to drive one.

So Salesman A sends me an email the next day to confirm I was still coming in (made an appt. for the following day), I confirmed via email that yes I was. I then received a call from Salesman B before I arrived saying he would be the one to take care of me. Ok, not sure why the handoff but it really doesn't matter because Salesman A told the "team" about my "situation".

Arrived at the dealership, Salesman B wrapped up a call and greeted me. Did a bit of paperwork and then joined me for a test drive. Car was in order from drive. We looked at an alternative two vehicles as well, including a car that smelled like burning rubber after we drove it (to which Salesman B vehemently insisted would be checked out immediately).

On to the "negotiation". I say negotiation in quotes because it wasn't negotiating. Not only would they not come anywhere near what offer $x was. Even when adding in my trade, with their math and tax, I would have ended up paying over $4000 more than my original offer on the website. Even more than the $y price listed on their website itself! They just kept insisting on the $y price, and tried to use a bit of sleight of hand to slide around the numbers for down payment, finance and trade to get me to bite without thinking straight.

We were way off, I was trying to hint that it wasn't working and I was just wanting to get out at this point. But wait, Salesman B took my keys when they appraised my trade! So for the next 1 hour and 15 minutes, I sat there, arguing numbers with Salesman B, as he took repeated trips to talk to Salesman C and D in the back to try and get a deal for me.

Eventually I got my keys back. Just in time for Salesman C to come out and lecture me on what "internet pricing" means and how he can't lose money. In the end, I wasted 2.5 hours of my time to only accomplish a firm realization that this was the least helpful sales team I've ever dealt with.

It all goes back to the website. If I had even a single speck of an inkling from the first callback that there was no way they would even consider my offer, then I wouldn't have wasted my time. So for now, they can take price $y and shove it. I'm now working with a private seller, buying the exact same car, with 7k less miles, for $3500 less than price $y.

Brooks V. | 2014-12-30

This review is specifically for the Lindsay Acura Parts Department.  I stopped by today to pick up a part for a Honda Acura that my husband, Matt, was working on at his shop, Delaware Automotive Service, in Delaware, OH.  

No other dealership he called had the part and the representative Matt spoke with, Bill, was great over the phone and guaranteed that the part would be waiting for me when I came to pick it up.  

When I arrived, a nice gentleman, who was a member of the sales team, greeted me at the door and walked with me back to the Parts Department. True to his word, Bill had the part right up front and ready for me when I arrived.  I was able to grab the part, pay the cashier and be on my way back to Delaware in less than 5 minutes.  

Although the trip took me about 40 minutes one-way, it was made pleasant by friendly service from the Lindsay Acura team.

Wendy M. | 2014-12-10

Lindsey Acura is unable to sell Acura certified pre-owned vehicles any longer. They have lost this capability from Acura. You can verify this as well by visiting Acura's website and searching the "certified pre-owned" inventory. They will try and sell you a "better warranty". This is why their cars are listed at a much lower cost. View the hidden reviews at the bottom for similar reviews! The shadiest dealership I've ever visited!!!!!!

Lisa H. | 2014-12-01

When I walked into Lindsay Acura Sat, Nov.29 ,with  no intention of buying a new car let alone leasing  a new car. I knew exactly what I wanted and there was no changing my mind. After 4.5 hrs, I left there leasing a brand new Acura RDX.  I can only attribute this to my fantastic, honest and informative sales consultant, Chris Capuano. He went into great detail about  the pros and cons of buying vs. leasing.  After I had all the data, I ended up trading my vehicle for a 2015 RDX. Chris stayed well over closing time to make sure I was comfortable in the vehicle and helped me program and sync data.  I actually cut it short because I felt badly keeping him there so late.  I made an appt. with him to come back on Mon. Dec 1, and after 2 hrs, I felt like I had owned the car for years.  That is what I call Supreme Customer Service!!!!!!!!!

Joey G. | 2014-12-01

Service advisors are always thorough, helpful and honest whether youre calling to make the appointment or when dropping off the vehicle. The service is always affordable and quick too.

The waiting room is very comfortable and stocked with snacks and soft drinks so it helps make the wait go even more quickly.

Sara M. | 2014-08-09

Had a really great experience at Lindsay Acura today! Everyone was really nice and helpful!! Thank you Wayne! We are extremely happy with our brand new MDX.

Dave M. | 2013-03-21

Picked up my fourth Acura from Lindsay a week ago. As always, service was courteous and top notch. Tim Grafentine did his usual good job of listening, offering alternatives to meet our needs and letting us make the decision. Couldn't be happier.

Melanie M. | 2010-12-27

The Mister and I just bought a used Honda Element from Lindsay Acura, and couldn't be happier! We were treated wonderfully throughout the entire experience. Being the last week of the year, the place was hopping. However, they were very accommodating and went out of their way to make us feel at home. There was no pressure, and they definitely went the extra mile to make us a fantastic deal. Would recommend to anyone!

Ka T. | 2010-04-22

So i take my car in to buy a simple license plate bracket for the front of my car.  The guy was real nice offering me the screws and what not.  I declined certain ones cause i thought i had already had them on the care and it wasn't needed and i don't want to be wasteful.    

My mistake, i went back and ask kindly if i could get these two little brackets that my screws went into and now they want to charge me $5 bucks a piece for them.   Are you serious??

Neil R. | 2009-04-03

My car alternator was dying on the way to the Arena District last Saturday night and I barely made it to the garage on Vine Street and had my car towed to Lindsay Acura and told them what the problem was.  They diagnosed my car to have a bad battery but did not take a look at the alternator which was also a problem.  They put in a new battery and sent me on my way.  Two days later my car dies and i call them to complain that my car died again and I needed service and once again had to be towed to Acura on my own expense.  They finally tested the alternator and guess what... I needed a new alternator.  

Anyways the cost of the new alternator was $500 but they gave me a nice 2009 TL to take out while my car was being serviced.  The person I worked with also took off 10% from the service.  It is expensive but I wanted the job done correctly and I hope I do not have any other problems.  

Overall I would have gave them 5 stars but because they did not diagnose the issue the first time and I had to pay another $88 to have the car towed the second time really upset me but they were reasonable and friendly which calmed me down a lot.  Very friendly people and good customer service but they could have done additional testing to prevent the 2nd tow.