Jim Keim Ford in Columbus, OH

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Jim Keim Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(614) 888-3333
Address:5575 Keim Cir, Columbus, OH, 43228

Reviews on Jim Keim Ford

Sara P. | 2015-04-22

I bought my car from Jim Keim at the end of January. It was a very easy process. The salesman was very knowledgeable and not pushy at all. I just took it in for its 90 day inspection (which was free, I didn't know they provided that service!) and the service department was amazing! Very friendly and great customer service. One of my rain guards had came loose and I had to remove it because it was flapping and I was afraid that it would fly off while I was driving. They replaced it for me, no hassle at all.

I will definitely be taking my car there for servicing in the future.

Joseph I. | 2015-04-12

I know I've already reviewed them once... But we just bought another car from Jim Keim. Our sales guy from the last purchase, Eric. wasn't in, so Randy and Bob took care of us. Both were stand up guys!

They knew everything about the cars we looked at, and Randy even spent a good bit of his time finding us a car on the lot that had a little more off the sticker.... And it was the exactly same car as the one we wanted. Bob searched and searched for additional incentives for us too when we sat down at his desk. That's how you're supposed to sell a car!

We are satisfied, repeat customers. I recommend these guys to EVERYONE looking for a new or used car.

Cool J. | 2015-03-27

I really like taking my car for service at Jim Keim.  I just went in for an oil change and tire rotation.  The online process to make an appointment was really easy, the folks who work at the front desk are friendly, and they expain things well, even when they're telling you that everything on your car looks good.  The price was good, too.  I feel completely comfortable taking my car here for service.

Elizabeth L. | 2015-03-13

I've been coming to this place for years. I wouldn't dream of ever going to another car dealership. The service is always 110%. The staff are always friendly, professional, helpful and genuinely care about you and your vehicle.

Julie S. | 2015-02-06

I am always very satisfied with my experience at Jim Keim Ford. Everyone is very friendly and professional.

Julie F. | 2015-01-21

We've bought two cars here in the last 3 years, and they are very nice. The service department is also excellent.

Roger R. | 2014-09-26

Have been briniging my wife's Mustang for service here for a number of years. At my recent 150K mile oil change, they noted the car didn't need ANYTHING extra! First time a dealer has not tried to sell me something additional.
Customer Service guy Travis Nukes is by far the BEST I have run across in over 40 years of car service. Courteous, knowwlegeable and efficient.

Rachel G. | 2014-09-25

I bought my 2014 focus here last year and could not have asked for a better experience. I had very specific search criteria online, and the best result showed up at Jim Keim Ford. Since I knew exactly what I wanted, I was prepared to fight off any sales pitches that you expect from a car lot, and was surprised when I got none of it. What I did get were the keys to test drive, and then when we pulled back in to the lot he gave my husband and I privacy to talk. Not pushy at all. And the actual purchase process was just as easy.

I don't live near Hilliard, but because I had such a great experience with purchasing my car, I took it there for servicing. It was easy to schedule an appointment online, and they have reasonable hours to do so (not many places are open until 9:00!. The service department is just as great as the sales floor. Very friendly, and also not pushy in up selling anything that you're not asking for. Prices seem reasonable, considering I know nothing about the going rate of an oil change and check up ($39.99) ... Seems right? And a free car wash!

Only downside for me again is that I do not live close, so to get to the location is a pain. Even so, I will definitely be returning the next time a service is needed!

Gil G. | 2014-09-24

After much research and shopping we bought a new Expedition from Jim Keim. It was the best experience we've had buying a vehicle. Bob Kistler couldn't have been more helpful throughout the process. Every department, from sales, to appraising the value of our trade-in to financing was polite, efficient and professional. Their advice and recommendations were approipriate for our family and budget.
We highly recommend them when you're looking to buy a vehicle.

Nancy D. | 2014-09-24

I definitely paid too much for my Ford Edge (of course, I'm a lady), but the service I receive from you is excellent.  When coming in without an appointment, I get my car fixed quickly.  The service guys are GREAT!!!

Brian W. | 2014-09-22

I hate buying cars! but it's something we seem to do more than we should. Me and my wife have bought vehicles from Jim Keim ever since they were "Bob Keim" on North High Street many years ago.

Just this past weekend, we bought a 2008 Ford Focus from the used lot for our son.

What I like about Jim Keim Ford: They don't pressure you to buy all the extras that other dealers try to tack on to the price. Other dealers try to get you to buy seat and paint protection that is an ungodly markup on everything. Not here. You get only what you want, and what you ask for, with no pressure.

The sales staff is awesome, and very friendly, and they make sure you know about the vehicles history, and gladly work with you if you have any concerns.

Ben C. | 2014-08-22

I've been taking my car here for service for a few years now. They have always been honest with me and the prices for service are surprisingly reasonable. Repairs have been done well, and the one time they messed up with flushing the brake fluid the advisor owned up to it, apologized profusely and gave me a rental car while they fixed it at no charge. If you have a Ford, this is the place to go.

Matt E. | 2014-07-19

Great experience! Bought a new F150 and it was probably the smoothest experience I've had buying a car. Bob McQuade and Dino D'Aurello are the guys to see when you show up. They were up front and didn't play the whole back and forth game I hate so much about car buying. I told them exactly what I needed and where I needed to be price wise and they gave me a few different options. I highly recommend and will use Jim Keim Ford.

Bill K. | 2014-01-17

Very surprised with the sales group here.  Went in to look at a new 2014 ford escape and let them know I was working on finding the right price.  2 days later the person I had been working with called me to see when I was coming to pick up a car and when I let him know I had found a better price at a different dealer instead of attempting match or beat that he simply grunted and hung up on me!?!  A surprisingly childish reaction from what should be a company attempting to gain and retain business.  Will not go back or recommend anyone else does.

Amanda J. | 2014-01-08

Jim Keim Ford isn't my standard repair/dealer location.  I broke down on I-70 about 50 miles away, and this was the closest Ford Dealer.  If I ever break down on I-70 again, I'm coming back here.

The tow truck guy dropped my car off there on a Sunday night, and apparently, we had just missed them (Maybe if it didn't take 4.5 hours to tow me, we wouldn't have had this problem, AAA  [grumble]).  So I checked into a hotel and headed over there the next morning.  The guys working there were SO NICE.  Really.  The nicest set of mechanics going as well.  They promised to keep calling and updating me, and they sent me over to the Hertz rental car place that is in the dealer.  Awesome.

The Hertz rental car guy, Grant, was awesome.  I'm not 25, and therefore, have major issues renting a car in most states.  He waived the underage fee, which for the record, was exorbitant.  It would have been $35/day for a Ford Focus, but I spent the extra $20/day for bumper to bumper insurance.  So definitely not bad price wise.  When I couldn't figure out all of the controls in the Ford Focus, one of the mechanics helped me out.  Sweeeet.

Two days later, I came back to a totally repaired car.  It wasn't cheap, but are car expenses ever cheap?  They were really nice, though.  And since the rental car place was closed once I returned, they took the keys so I wouldn't be charged for an extra day!

My ONLY upset was that a few weeks later my car did not pass inspection because there was too much rust underneath.  As they fixed a rusted part to the transmission, I wish they would have told me.  I never would have paid for the repair; I would have just sold it there.

A few weeks later, I got a card in the mail for a free oil change!  Too bad I had to sell my poor little Ford when it didn't pass inspection a few weeks later...

Tim T. | 2013-09-23

This place needs to get it together. I bought a car here August 2013. When I bought it, they ordered me a key (car only had 1 key and I wanted another) and I ordered a grille (wanted a different look). The used car sales experience was smooth! Dealing with Service, Parts and Collision leaves a lot to be desired.

I showed up to get a key programmed, DRL's deactivated and a SYNC/MyFord Touch update. Also, the detailers needed to get some scuffs out they missed. I was told the process would take 1-1.5 hours. It lasted nearly 5 hours! They couldn't find the key they ordered, when they did, it didn't have the internal key. They thought it has to be laser cut (they don't have the machine to do this) and when I showed them that was not the case, they were able to cut the key. Then parts said my grille was locked in the body shop but after 15 mins they were able to get it.

I then came in for a grille swap. Showed up at 7:30a, and the body shop is closed still. It didn't open until closer to 8a, which is not the posted hours. A "Tire Pressure Low" light came on so since the body shop was closed I took the vehicle to service who checked for leaks (found none) and filled the tires with air then took the car to the body shop. This took about an hour. 45 mins later and the body shop still didn't get it in, it just sat there. Finally got out of there 3.5 hours later

Things to note:

Jim Keim Ford is anti-gun (no guns signs posted all over). It's funny that a copy of "American Rifleman" was in the waiting area and my salesperson had spent ammo shells on the desk. If I would have known of their anti-gun stance, I may have done
business elsewhere.

Bring something to do. The programming in the waiting area TV sucks as does most of the reading selection. They show cartoons and old shows from the 60's.

They did do the grille install free and gave me the other key free.

Douglas C. | 2013-06-29

This place does good work, but for the life of me I just don't get all the enthusiasm reflected in the other reviews. Every time I taken my vehicle there, the guys at the service desk act as if they are incredibly bored and don't really care if customers are there or not. This latest trip allowed me to experience a mechanic conversing with a service desk person about internal problems ( bitching about someone he works with) upon entering the area. Not very professional behaviour in my book. Also, Ive been hearing all this hoopla about the improved service area and waiting area....sure appears to be the same old place to me! One bright note....the young lady working the cashier area is very nice and professional...maybe she should give lessons on appropriate behaviour in front of customers to the other people employed there. Another piece of advice to the sales people...when people waiting for service and are walking around the showroom looking at the shiny new autos, you may want to interact with them instead of acting as if you are too busy to bother. Never know, it may result in a future sale!

Marissa C. | 2013-01-20

This is another review for the service area, as this is where my husband and I have been taking our Ford for its service work for the past few years.  There is consistently good service, on everything from oil changes to brake replacement.  They are friendly and efficient, but focused on doing quality work; a great combination.  The prices are a touch higher than some independent shops, but we've always been very happy with the quality of the work.

Jim Keim Ford also stands behind their work.  After picking up the car when it went in for a brake fluid flush, we found that the brake pedal felt a little funny and was behaving irregularly.  A phone call to them immediately resulted in prompt apologies and a request to bring it in again at our convenience so they could evaluate it and see what happened.  They redid the flush and completed a new inspection, at which time they discovered a part needed to be replaced.  The part was provided and installed for free.  It is most appreciated that they were proactive about fixing the problem, and extremely polite about it too.

Ashley C. | 2011-11-11

Loved the service department here.  Great customer service.

Sean G. | 2010-06-22

I am reviewing the service department only, as I do not currently have experience with the sales end of the business.

I've been taking my seven year old Ford Taurus to this dealership for service for many years.  With over 180,000 miles on my vehicle, it needs a little more service than others, in addition to the regular maintenance.  Although it has an expired warranty, I hope to squeak a few more serviceable years and miles out of this car - I own it!  Regular maintenance is the key to keeping the car running, especially as the miles start to creep up.

Each visit is consistent: check-in (where they determine what's wrong and if you're waiting or picking it up later), an official estimate that you read and sign, and then the wait.  They seem to be pretty fast on services like oil changes, and obviously take more time for more in-depth stuff.  My experience with this dealership's service department runs the gambit.

If you have to wait, they have a nice waiting area with a television set, a few tables and chairs and a small play area for children. They also have coffee for your caffeine fix, and bathrooms right next to that - perfect!  I believe they have open Wi-Fi, but I also have my own aircard for Internet, so I don't use theirs that often.

If you can't wait, but you need to leave your car, they have an in-house rental car agency, which can be really helpful.  I've had one or two insurance-related service events where the other driver's insurance paid for my rental car for a few days, and I appreciated having that inside the dealership.  They've worked closely with the insurance agencies, too, so even less stress.

If your existing car is annoying you, you'll also be a few feet away from the sales department which would be more than happy to sell you a car or truck.  The nice thing is that in all the years I've been going to Jim Keim, I've never been pressured - at all - to buy a new vehicle, when I'm perfectly happy with the one I own.  There's a pretty good chance that if I decide to go with a Ford for my next car, it's this consistent lack of pressure that will make me feel comfortable buying my next car from this dealership.  Neat how that works, eh?

If the amount of service is over the initial estimate, they will always call you.  I believe this is a state law, but it's cool that they always do it, and take the time to explain the services and the prices over the phone.  You agree, they continue work at the discussed price; you don't agree, and you settle up with a diagnostic charge, and you're on your way for a second opinion elsewhere.

They have a decent parts department, which seems pretty average on whether the part you need is in stock or not, but there are plenty of places for them to transfer/source parts from locally, so it's rarely more than a day or two on odd items.

Once the work is complete, they call you - I love their easy to remember number (888-3333) - and let you know you when you can pick it up.

I like bringing my car to the same dealership each time because they maintain a record of service and, in some cases, warranty information for things like tires.  Jim Keim uses a nice computer system which keeps track of when each vehicle was in, and which work was performed.  I'm sure this is standard across Ford's service departments nationwide, but it's just nice to know someone's keeping track.

Time flies, and I often forget auto-related items.  This dealership sends me postcard reminders for upcoming service events.  Sometimes these postcards also include coupons for specific items (discounts on service or products like tires) which I like.

One of the intangibles of this location that I appreciate a lot is that they seem to have really low turn-over.  Same managers and employees have been around for many years.  I like that.  High turnover isn't a show-stopper by itself, but seeing the same people month after month gives confidence.

The cashiers are always cool, and learn to know their customers over time. I believe these are also the people who follow-up after the service, to make sure everything's okay.

Once, I had to work with the service manager and he was as helpful as he could be within the limitations of any business.  I believe the issue was small, and the resolution ended up being a discount.  Once out of countless times - not bad.  In contrast, one dealership I went to before Jim Keim, which will remain nameless (mainly because I forget their name), kept leaving tools in my car.  Like actual tools, in various hidden locations of my car.  I believe I still have three or four tools from that place kicking around - from the same service event!  I figure if I drive home and find a pair of vice grips attached to my motor, they're mine.  No such oddities with Jim Keim, thankfully.

I've owned four cars over the years, and taken each of them to many dealerships across the country.  This dealership is hands-down my most favorite.