Hugh White Honda in Columbus, OH

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Hugh White Honda is one of the oldest Honda dealers in the United States, selling new Honda cars since 1971! Originally, we were located on Broad street at Cleveland avenue. Hugh White Honda was dualed with Hugh White Chevrolet. In December of 2003, Hugh White Honda constructed and moved into a new "state of the art" facility. This new environmentally friendly and modern building is triple our original size. Customers say the new location is much easier to get to, we are a quick drive from most anywhere in Columbus, right off of I-270 & Georgesville Rd.


Established in 1971.

Hugh White started in the auto business in 1914 in Zanesville, Ohio. With a tradition of delivering Quality and Service for nearly 100 years, you will find our customer satisfaction ratings among the highest. Our customers have enjoyed midnight service for over 20 years! We offer service until midnight Monday - Thursday, Friday until 6:00pm and Saturday service until 3:00pm. New Customers will be pleased to find that we typically stock 550 to 700 new and used vehicles in any given month. If we don't have it, we normally can get it with in 48 hours!

Hugh White Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(614) 922-1111
Address:1360 Auto Mall Pkwy, Columbus, OH, 43228
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Reviews on Hugh White Honda

Chaca P. | 2015-03-28

I have never received such poor customer service at any other business establishment in my whole entire life.
I came in for my routine maintenance, oil change and tire rotation the usual but I also asked the service technician (I will keep his name private for this review) to check for some additional things such as vibration in my steering, slow acceleration and I feel like I'm not getting the gas mileage as I should be. I also mentioned the car being louder than the norm. I purchased this vehicle a little over a year ago, brand spanking new! Hondas are known for being gas savers and wonderful daily drivers, reason why I made my purchase to begin with. I felt like it was time for a more thorough check as its reaching more mileage.
Back to my experience, so before he even bothered to check the car he explained how gas contains a lot of alcohol in the winter and ya-da-ya-da which could be the reason why I don't get the gas mileage as I should, in my head made completely no sense. As far as the car being louder he actually opened up the hood and listened but his reasoning for the loud noise was "this is normal for the sound of these models." Did I mention I bought this car brand new only a year ago! I drive the vehicle everyday I believe I would know what normal is or else I wouldn't have addressed the issue to begin with. As far as slow acceleration he stated it was due to my floor mats? I'll just leave that one for you to decide my reaction.
Anyway, as he goes to sign off my paperwork to me he clearly states we will go ahead and do your oil change and tire rotation if we need to do anything more the car may not be done until 530-600pm we will give you a call and let you know. It was approximately 130pm when I checked my car in. So I left my car there and hung around the area for about an hour didn't hear back so I leave. I assumed maybe there was an issue with my car as hours pass and I decide to call them at 530 to ask on the updates. Then he goes to tell me "oh yeah we are finishing up your paperwork now. We found no issues at this time. We even burned out the tires when we took it out." I don't even burn out my own tires!
One thing you need to know about me I am OCD when it comes down to my car, exterior/ interior whatever the case may be. If I'm trusting you in the hands of my vehicle I trust it to come out the way it was or even better. I was happy to hear that they found no issues but I was very unhappy no one gave me a call to let me know what exactly was going on within that 4.5 hour duration! No way does it take that long to do an change oil and rotate tires.
So like I mentioned it was already 530PM when I had called to check on the status of my car as I'm headed out the door to pick it up. I arrive at 600pm and no one in the service department is anywhere to be found. The cashiers office is locked up and my car is sitting outside in the lot no way for me to access it. The technician had just spoke to me and stated it was ready for pick up and I told him I was on my way. I literally show up twenty minutes after our phone conversation and no one is there to check me out. I'm pretty much stranded! What kind of business leaves their customers behind?
A man from the dealership end walks over to me and he somehow finds a way to the service office and digs my keys out for me. I am beyond furious about the whole situation at this time. After he checked me out he seen how frustrated I was but then again he really didn't seem to care either because he was closing up shop as well. Like it was a normal thing that situations like these happen often. He told me to call in Monday and speak with the service manager. Matt will definitely be hearing from me!
And then it gets even better!!! Already upset I didn't get a phone call, no one in sight to explain what was actually done to my car, no one there to give me my car or check me out.. First thing I do when I got to my car I looked at my whole entire body of my car because all I could think about was the tech stating they burned out my tires. Really no way to tell if my tires were even rotated. My rims on the other hand? Damaged! I am still upset, I could barely get any sleep last night.
Way to run a business!! The decision I made a year ago to purchase this brand new car and to be treated like this is above and beyond my head right now. I'm trusting you with my car and the feeling I get in return for such poor quality service is disgusting. The cherry on top was getting into my car and finding my things laying on the floor and I didn't even receive my complimentary car wash. This location has the worse quality service and it hasn't been the first poor experience but it is definitely my last! Lesson learned. I will never come back here nor recommend this place to anyone. Westerville where I originally purchased my car will be where I will be continuing my services from this day forward. So much for good local service Hugh White!

Brady S. | 2015-01-17

I bought my first car from this dealership several years ago during one of their big used car sales events, and I remember the sale associate being very pushy and insistent on several cars that were well out of the budget range of a kid making a little over minimum wage. The Malibu was nice for a first car, but what about that Toyota over there for 225/month? What do you mean the Toyota isn't as safe? Why sell it, then? Wish I had chosen something less expensive.

Well, I totaled the Malibu out several months ago and returned to Hugh White early fall to submit paperwork to refund the extended warranty I had on the vehicle. I explained my situation to the first associate I found, as I needed direction to the finance department. First thing the associate did was assume I wanted to purchase a new vehicle. My father experienced the same assumption a week prior when he went to cancel the warrant on a vehicle he just traded in at another dealership.

Finance manager didn't seem friendly or personable. Might have been having a bad day, who knows. I'll give them points for a nice facility.

Adam H. | 2014-06-02

After having a deer jump in front of my car I was put in a bind to find a new/used car unexpectedly.  I had stopped on Thursday and was greeted by Tony he showed me a few options and wasn't pushy or full of shit.  After leaving there I went to a couple other dealerships and decided Hugh White was the place to go. Went back yesterday and met with Tony again, did a few test drives.  Mulled the car overnight and went back today to get the car. The whole process was hassle free and low pressure.

John F. | 2014-01-24

Recently I received a letter in the mail from this establishment.
The letter was from "Dave" the general manager and it was in the form of a back and forth email conversation from his colleague about how they wanted to buy my car.
A car that has NEVER been in their establishment, nor have I.
It was clear that the dealership was using Hondas warranty database system to find local owners of specific vehicles that they wanted.  
They were "going above and beyond" offering me black book value for my car... yes black book. A book that dealers use to purchase cars at auctions.. usually thousands less than a vehicle is actually worth.
Basically this dealer is poaching people to sell their cars for far less than they are worth.
Invading privacy and abusing the purpose of the Honda Warranty Database for personal gain and profit.
Avoid at all costs!!


Anthony S. | 2013-02-03

I just purchased my first vehicle from Hugh White Honda. I worked with Nicole Valent online, and she was very good to me. Never pushy, even when I was going to go with another dealership. It turned out that the other dealer could not deliver and Hugh White got the vehicle I wanted, so I came back.  

I reached out to Nicole once again, and she was helpful and professional. We negotiated a deal and had me come in where things were handed off to John Fitz-Gerald. John was no pushy either.

John did a great job of setting my expectations for all of the steps of the process. After the test drive, it was only 45 minutes and I was on my way home. I had pre-arranged financing and knew exactly what I wanted, so the rest was just formalities. Hugh White made the rest a piece of cake. I'm sorry I wasted my time at that other dealer.

Shawn M. | 2012-08-25

If this app existed back in 08 and i had an android Hugh White would get a five star. So this rating took points from them.

I went there years ago and the sales rep was nice, polite, and very helpful. Unfortunately Benny doesn't work there anymore. So today my girlfriend and I go there to look at some cars for her.

We walked around for a while before being approached. Which this didn't bother me. After we talk to the sales rep (older guy, thinner, white hair all over), does some minor questions, we mention going inside and talking financing.

He proceeded to say my lenders would not lend to you. As if he knows her credit status. What an arrogant person. After this we didn't even want to go inside to talk to someone else. It made both of us mad to the point we don't care to go back there again.

This gives them minus three stars from the experience i had back in 08. If i wasnt including the 08 experience, they would get a 1 star.

Laura D. | 2012-05-24

After a terrible experience buying my 2008 Fit from Immke Honda (which I think is gone now), I've been going here for all my maintenance for the past couple years. Matt Baker is the Service Manager and he's always friendly and happy to answer my endless questions. All the employees are friendly and helpful, I can actually say I trust them with my car.

Josh Q. | 2011-08-09

I got a call from the service manager a couple of days after the experience.  He said he was getting a lot of heat for this and needed to make it right.  Among other things I was going to get a deal and get a loaner car for the day.  The whole dealership made me feel awful for requesting my loaner and the information desk guy on the sales floor even called the other salesmen over and said "this guy thinks he is going to get a loaner for a hitch install on a car he didn't buy from us."
I went back to get my car that evening and despite my quote of $276, my bill was $651.  The service manager was really rude to me and tried to say that they had only quoted me labor.  After I said it didn't make sense that someone would just quote labor when you called for an installation he said "well why did you even come here to get your hitch installed if this isn't where you bought your car?"

Kyle J. | 2011-07-27

I got a recall on my 09 Honda Fit (The Black Pearl).

I made an appointment with Hugh White because it was closest to my house and the salesmen at Immke where I bought The Pearl left a bad taste in my mouth. I called a week in advance and scheduled an appointment on Tuesday (during my vacation) to get the recall fixed. Over the phone I was told it would take three to four hours.

I arrived before 9 AM and gave all my information (IE contact info). They asked when I needed it by and if I'd stay there. I said that I was going to lunch with my mom and they said they'd call me when it was ready.

My mother and I went to breakfast. We went to a movie. We went to my house. We went to the Art Museum (It was a lovely day together). At 3 PM I decided to call the dealership. They said, oh! It was ready. Why did they not call me?!

I get to the dealership. Get everything in order, the worker at the desk gives me my key and has me sign. She then looks to see where my car is and remarks they didn't write it down. For the next sentence please imagine an analog clock or like you're trying to point out a hot guy/girl to a friend. She proceeds to point 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock and says, "It will be either be there to all the way back there," did not offer to help or call the service guys to help figure out where my car was.

I did a lap around the building before I found my car.

Karen W. | 2011-06-05

This is definitely a place to go to get work done on your Honda, only if it is covered under the warranty that you purchased for your car. I bought a Civic at another Honda dealership, but the folks here were very friendly to answer my questions and to accomodate me to get my car in for repairs. I would definitely bring my car here for oil changes and such.

Valerie B. | 2011-02-02

It may seem odd for someone to write a review about a car delaership, when she didn't actually buy a car there - but here goes.

I had it in my head I wanted a pre-owned Toyota Matrix and HW Honda had one available.  My salesperson, John Fitzgerald, was knowledgeable, considerate and helpful.  I test drove the Matrix and knew that I wanted one, just not that particular one.

He asked me where else I was looking, I said Toyota Direct, he recommended a sales person and said if there was anything else he could do to help, just call.  The person he referred me to ended up selling me a great car and it was a great experience.

If you're looking for a Honda or a pre-owned car that Hugh White is selling, I would recommend this dealership to anyone.  Ask for Fitz!

Carla D. | 2008-12-26

Upon graduating from college, I desired to find me my first real car.  Until then, I'd only had a hand-me-down.  I knew what I wanted - either a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic.  The trick was finding the right place to buy it from.  With a college student size pocket book, I could not afford to buy new.

After researching dealers in the area and then calling, I came to Hugh White Honda.  Hugh White actually has two locations:  one on Broad St and one off of Georgesville Rd.  I chose to check out the one off of Georgesville Road.  I'll admit that I don't know that much about cars.  One of the things that I liked best about Hugh White was I didn't feel like I was being taken advantage of.  Other car dealers when I had them on the phone were nothing but pushy salespersons, which made me mad and so I'd hang up on them.  Rather, Hugh White Honda treated me like a human being and sought to take care of me.  

Granted, they weren't willing to bargain on the price of the vehicle, but I felt like they did sell me something decent.  The price wasn't actually bad to begin with.  The car was in decent shape - no rust, nothing was falling off, it didn't look like it had been in an accident and even had an official-looking sticker that read "Ding Free".  After testing it out, the car drove fine:  no steering problems, no engine problems, no problems at all.

They also pointed me toward all sorts of deals, including an extended warranty on the vehicle.  Normally, the warranty is less than a year, but they told me about a way to put on a two year warranty instead.

Because of being treated decently and knowing that Hugh White sells decent vehicles, I would certainly recommend this dealer.