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Autos Direct Online is a streamlined, "no-waste" e-Dealership developed and maintained with an overwhelming focus on delivering the lowest possible price for a quality pre-owned vehicle. You will also find an honest, low- pressure sales approach from our friendly staff, and an accurate, forthright representation of that particular vehicle in our descriptions, including any defects or flaws. Our vehicles are acquired from manufacturer sales, off-lease outlets, auctions located around the U.S., and other reliable dealers' trade-ins. The vehicles are immediately inspected by an independent, certified technician, and are then driven by Autos Direct Online ownership as a quality control measure. They are then fully detailed, pictured for internet presentation, and stored in our climate-controlled and secure, 118,000 square-foot warehouse, until sold. Vehicles are then offered to the public, and are shown on an appointment only basis.


Established in 2008.

For years, while employed at traditional, franchise dealerships, we watched as the public consistently overpaid for pre-owned vehicles. As time went on and the power of the internet began to emerge, the solution to this injustice became clear. Remove all of the reasons that force franchise dealers to overcharge for their vehicles. At Autos Direct Online, you will not find an overpopulated sales staff, standing around, soaking up large salaries. You will not find a staff of porters or lot attendants, collecting their hourly wages, and you will not find an overpaid sales management team, looking for every opportunity to increase their bottom line, since that is how they generate their paychecks. When you arrive to pick up your quality pre-owned vehicle from us, you will not pick it up at a huge, newly renovated, dollar- draining facility that forces the dealer to demand large profit margins on each customer purchase.

Autos Direct Online

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(440) 305-7360
Address:4371 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH, 44109
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Autos Direct Online

Ella N. | 2014-08-06

First off, most of these good reviews are from customers that were paid or offered incentives, as gas cards, to write good reviews.
We went to this dealer because of the prices. Because it was our first car, we didn't know any better.... They refused to disclose to us that the vehicle that we purchased has an R title, or salvaged title. And they refused to show us he physical title, saying it had already been sent to the bank, which we came to find out was a lie. It had been in three accidents and the 'report' on the vin number that we were given, by frank, showed a clean title. When they bought our car from the salvage yard and had the work done by their own, it was a complete and total hack job and the electrical work wasn't done properly either. We purchased it without any airbags at all, which frank told us was just a glitchy sensor... Thank Jesus I got, in writing, that they would cover THAT. The rims were corroded beyond repair, which frank also told us that it would not affect the drive of the car. Not only were they dishonest, but they illegally sold the car... They did not obtain ownership of the vehicle before they sold it. We couldn't get the vehicle registered in our state until three months after we had been driving it because they didn't have the title, nor knew where it was or who had it. Not only all of this, but instead of checking my credit once, they authorized, fraudulently on my behalf, at least 7 different hard credit checks....
We have had nothing but trouble contacting the after the sale, even to get the title!, and the car has been in the shop of the 4 months that we've had it, at least twos months.  And we've put far far more into it that what it's worth, even brand new.
Never ever again will I step foot on their lot or recommend anybody go there.
I just feel sorry for anyone who reads this that has already been there and purchased a vehicle from them. I really hope they start reading into the law bc we had more than enough evidence to get out of our loan, return the car (if they drove 6 hours to pick it up), and get all of our money back, plus reimbursement for time, money, and aggravation after the fact. If we had the time and money for court, I would've. We're just paying it off and distancing ourselves as far as possible from that joke of a dealership.
Good riddance to anyone who gives them any of their time and money in the future.

Sarah P. | 2014-07-09

My husband found a Hummer online and fell in love.  Where was it located??? You guessed Cleveland, OH at Autos Direct.  I told him he was silly to buy a vehicle online without seeing it in person or test driving it, but he did it anyway and so our adventure to Cleveland begins.

So, we arrive at the dealership and my first reaction is Run! EWWW! GROSS! Do you not have a cleaning crew?  Seriously?  I used to work at a car dealership and if we let our show room, work area or floors look the way theirs did, we would have been fired on the spot.  Hello????  Have you not heard of Clorox?  Cuz you need to buy 200 cases of that stuff.  It is NEVER ok to make your clients feel like they want to hose themselves down with hot, soapy water because you are too lazy to clean.

Anywho, I believe our salesman's name was Steve.  We had a trade-in (a 2002 Jaguar) that we had towed up to Cleveland before we arrived & the first thing he said to us wasn't, "Hello nice to meet you." or "Glad to see you made it up here ok." it was, "I told that tow truck driver not to leave until I drove that Jag to make sure it ran ok because if it didn't I was going to ship it straight back to Columbus."  Well alrighty (insert bad name here).  Nice to meet you too.  

Next is the way the salesmen & manager were dressed.  I mean really.  When is it ever ok for the general manager to wear an almost see through yellow t-shirt with holes in it and dirty jean shorts and worn out sneakers.  There was another salesman there that had on an old, orange, faded polo shirt that looked like he had worn in 100 days in a row.  There was only 1 gentleman there that looked like he had any sense.  He had on a nice (not faded and stained) black polo shirt and some khaki pants (and unfortunately it was not our salesman).

Third up are the cars!!! The main reason everyone is coming to your facility is to buy cars.  Can you pretty please tell me why all your cars look a hot, disgusting mess?  Why they have dirt/dust all over them?  You know when someone is coming to buy a car.  You need to have it DETAILED!!!!  

Seriously, I was so disgusted by the way the cars looked I made it known--loud and clear and I think everyone on the lot and in the building heard me.  There is never an excuse for this laziness.  You are not a private owner selling a car, you are a dealership.  Have some pride.

The only thing great about this visit is the 4.39% interest rate we got on our used 2007 Hummer.  It was even lower than our credit union could give us.  Oh, and my husband loves his gas hog of a car.

Jessie B. | 2014-06-24

I purchased a vehicle from this dealer about a month ago. I can't say it was an awful experience, but it was definitely interesting. I started reading the horror stories others have posted on Yelp and other review sites AFTER having given them my $500 nonrefundable deposit on my vehicle. I was very concerned and even considered letting them keep my money and going elsewhere - however, I decided to go ahead and purchase my vehicle. Although it boasted a 'clean' carfax, there was clearly some minor bodywork done to the passenger side so I believe it was in some sort of accident at some point. They claimed not to know anything about this and after looking it over, I decided to just take the gamble and hope for the best. My vehicle came to me missing all floor mats, dirty, in need of an oil change and alignment, A/C not so great. bald tires, stinky. These are all things I was aware of and having saved a little over $4k, I decided it was worth it to be able to replace things as I go instead of putting all the money down at once at a regular dealership. I have driven over 2000 miles and it thankfully runs great. I think if you're looking to save $$ and buy something used to get you through for a few years, this is your place. I did not and would never buy a vehicle online, so i can't speak for others that have had negative experiences with that.

This is not a regular dealer, it is a broker. They get cars and sell them at prices that will move them as fast as possible. There is no playroom for the kids or coffee bar with pastries. The sales people do not hold your hand, they are simply just there to expedite the deal. If you agree upon a lower than listed price, they dissolve the 'limited' warranty they offer. Their goal is to sell you the car and get you out of there as quick as possible. I can't blame them, it is clearly a successful business model. But don't expect perfection - there is always a big risk in buying used, no matter how or where you go.

Lisa L. | 2014-02-24

Juan Rosario is a con-man. If he is your salesperson, run in the other direction. He will blatantly tell half truths and smile at you the entire time. He told me that my car had been serviced after I had given a $500.00 "commitment to buy" down payment. He called around a week later and said that the car was all fixed and ready to go. I asked for the service papers. He insisted that there were no records when they use their own service department. I asked several more times and he just casually dismissed me. He assured me that the check engine light was fixed when they replaced the gas cap. He assured me that they had balanced the tires to address the shaky ride when we tested it on the freeway. He DID have the front window replaced and after hearing the other horror stories, I guess I am lucky. Three days after purchasing, my son keeps hearing a cracking noise when he turns the corner. Took it to my mechanic, the front right axle assembly needs to be replaced. The wonderful thing about all of this: Karma is a bitch.

Mike M. | 2013-12-29

Just drove my car home from Autos Direct Online.  Fantastic experience and very thorough and excellent customer service.  Any time I needed info they were there on the phone or text ready to provide whatever I needed.   I live in Kansas City and bought a car through them.  I flew up to Cleveland and they were right there to pick me up, take me to their location, take the car for a test drive, finish paperwork and drive my new car back to Kansas City all in under one hour.  

Really a great experience - thanks guys.

Snehal H. | 2013-09-18

If you dont have time to go into details I would frame them in one word - AUTO  DIRECTS IS NO OTHER THEN A FRAUD. STAY AWAY.
They sales cars atleast 10-15% cheaper then anywhere else you find but think twice how they do this :
I was one of the victim of these cheat company . Here are some of the details about them:

1- They photoshop the pictures so car you see in pictures on their website dont represent the correct condition. It would be much dirty, with dents and scratches.
2-Their carfax/autocheck report says clean title but it doesn't mean it was never in accident. Normally they buy accidental cars from auction and repair them in their body-shop so there wont be any accident history you would find.
3- They will pretend nice and professional before you pay them and once you pay- you will be just unknown for them. They wouldn't respond your mails or calls.
4- No matter what commitment/promise they give you about car, either verbally or In writing - they will not honor it.
5- They are very smart in documentation so you wont be able to sue them or get any claim legally.
6- Don't wonder if you find some great reviews about them- they offer rewards to write good reviews.

If you are interested to know more or want to know specific to my case I would be happy to share details- they sold me clean title car which I found was in major accident and need $2000 of repair. They gave me in writing to pay for tail gate fix but after I bought car they never attended my call or responded my mails. I am spending my time to write this honest review so that I can save people from this cheat company. After-all its hard earned money !!! you may write me on if you want to know more but if you still wish to be trapped by their low price and classic marketing presentation-choice is yours but I can bet you will be writing similar review after a month.

Tom Y. | 2013-08-17

I like the idea of a very personalized buying experience.  I called as I had to drive 2 hours to get there, and asked questions about the car and all pics were good and the sales guy said I will be satisfied that the condition matches the pics.  I set an appointment and arrived at the dealership right on time.  The sales guy had 2 or three folks he was helping.  He had no calendar or schedule he was keeping and that dealership was pure mayhem.  They said the reason behind appointments was for them to have the car out of the warehouse and ready to go.   It was not.  We waited 30 minutes for someone to "dig it out".  

We then had about 2 minutes with our sales guy and the car was in horrible shape!  There were scratches and dings all over the car and a fresh scrach on the door that happened when he pulled the car out.  The sales guy said they can fix all those dings and scratches and if I put a 500 dollar deposit on it he would send it out to be "cleaned up and repaired".  He said that is there philosophy.  Dont clean the car or fix it until someone puts money down on it!!!!

The sales guy said, "I know the vehicle is not as nice as they told me but for $500 they would get it all patched up".  Yea, NO.  

Customer Service is dead!

Mike B. | 2013-05-03

I decided to purchase my 2002 VW Golf from Autos Direct Online because the condition of the vehicle was far better than anything I had seen on the market.
What I got in return can only be summed up as the worst, most frustrating car experience I have ever encountered.

Service: After wiring my money, my sales person completely vanished. I never spoke to him again. Upon his recommendation I used their shipping service despite it being more expensive than the competition. I was told my car would be shipped in 7-10 days. It took 3 weeks.

Car: ADO says on their website they disclose any vehicle flaws. Here's what I found when my car arrived (all undisclosed and actually photoshopped in the online images):

1. Car was keyed in 3 places with 24" S shaped swirls. (scratches this size and this deep significantly lower any chance of resale value this car would have)
2. Armrest is broken off
3. Windshield is cracked
4. Key Housing is broken
5. Radio is missing 3 buttons/Speakers are blown/Antenna is missing

Lastly, within 24 hours of having my car I was disabled on the side of the road. And one week later I still don't have a functional car. So far the catalytic converter, airflow sensor and throttle sensor have all been replaced and my check engine light is still on.

If you purchase a car from Auto's Direct, you're literally gambling. Check out the reports... you'll find plenty of people like me, who wish they made another decision.

A G. | 2013-01-10

I would like to believe that all these + reviews I see online portray ADO accurately, unfortunately my experience with them was so bad that I don't think a good business would ever let such a thing happen and am suspicious that their business practices are routinely anything but honest, here's why.
I bought a 2007 Audi from them on December 3rd with "clean" carfax and my sales person, Mr Dan Caldwell stated except for a wheel cap that they would replace "everything else was functional and OK". The car was delivered on the 16th. I drove it 3 miles and it stalled in the middle of the road and was towed to the mechanic where I was told the car was 'very sick', had been in an accident and that many pieces/parts were missing that would have been easily identified by a qualified technician. Mr. Juan Rosario, head of sales, then gave me his 'word' that they would either fix the car or buy it back, but the next day the owner, Mr. Vince Hugo, wrote me stating, "sorry for the inconvenience, but we cannot help you with the car." He sited the 30day/1000mile warranty saying it did not cover the problem, but my position is that the car was nonfunctional at the time of purchase and that their "independent expert technicians" that they purport to check their cars are either nonexistant, not expert, or very sloppy. I am proceeding with the legal steps to stop these guys from ripping anybody else off.
They are misrepresenting their product and their services when they send a vehicle to someone that stalls 3 miles from the delivery site and they claim it has been checked out by their  "expert technicians" and it is false for them to say that their cars are reported in with "an accurate, forthright representation of that particular vehicle in our descriptions, including any defects or flaws." I have reported my experience with them to at least 5 other web based review sites including autotrader, , google+, and the State of Ohio's Consumer Protection Department. I would recommend anyone that has similar problems with them do the same and make sure to mention by name all those persons that you did business with at AutosDirectOnline,
North Carolina

Erynn M. | 2012-05-12

We went to look at a car from this dealer. The car was described in good condition and when asked to describe flaws the man said it was in great condition and all the write up stated full disclosure of flaws. When we drove 3.5 hours to see the car, it was in MUCH worse condition that stated. Furthermore, it took them several minutes to locate the keys and they eventually showed us the car dirty, covered with mud. The sales rep was unhelpful and kept leaving. Anytime we wanted to discuss the imperfections in the car, he stated "well it's a used car" however this was not as described previously. Overall, extremely disappointing, I would NEVER recommend them to anyone.

Lindsay F. | 2010-11-03

I purchased my new car from Autos Direct online in October 2010.  This is the 3rd  vehicle that my family has purchased from ADO in the last 2 years.  We have always experienced a friendly, honest & enthusiastic sales staff.  Also, the prices and quality of their products are extremely competitive when compared to those of other pre-owned dealers.  It is for these reasons that we have made the 45 minute trip from our home to visit Autos Direct Online as our first stop when car-shopping.  

All business transactions have been easy, smooth, and quick.

Additionally, their website is incredibly user-friendly.  It is very easy to navigate and browse their selection of vehicles.  Every listing also provides 40-50 clear, color photos so you can really see the details on the inside and out of each vehicle.   All vehicles test-driven were as described online.

Cars we have purchased include a 2002 Lexus RX 300, a 2001 Lexus RX 300 & a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe.

We will definitely look to purchase from ADO in the future and continue to recommend them to others.


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