Walt Sweeney Ford in Cincinnati, OH

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Walt Sweeney Ford in Cincinnati, OH.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Walt Sweeney Ford, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Walt Sweeney Ford in other cities in the Ohio.

Walt Sweeney Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 869-3901
Address:5400 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH, 45238

Reviews on Walt Sweeney Ford

Chris H. | 2014-09-13

Bought a 2011 Ford Fiesta from this place.  NEVER AGAIN.The car has had a few issues here and there but not that bad.I got my oil changed from here all the time and they would always take too long or mess up my scheduled time.  This one time I made sure to double check with the lady at the front desk saying "I need to be there at 3"  She replied that ok we have you for 3!  I went their and the guy then told me I was an hour and a half early when I showed up at 2:30.  I told him no I made it for 3 and he said it says 4 on here.  I asked him well since I'm early can you still get me in before?  He said well we can get you in at 4.  I can't believe he'd reply with such a smart ass remark.  Another time which was the last time I went there I had this noise coming out of my A/C.  I asked them to look at it (Within 2 years of my car under like 18,000 miles)There was a leaf in their and they took it off and charged me 100 bucks for it.  I was so pissed they charged me 100 bucks when I could have gone to a local car shop and had it down for half that price.  Mainly when thats not my fault the leaf got in there.  It's not like I am driving down the road trying to hit every leaf pile I see.  I was living in the city for crying out loud!!!  We barely even have trees!!I have never gone back and I told everyone I know who wants a Ford to NEVER buy from this place.

Update:  They saw my bad review and called me to see if they could work things out.  The guy who called left a voice mail and I called him back but he couldn't talk so they said he would call me back.  I waited 2 days and no call back so I called him again.  Once again he couldn't talk so they had me talk to someone else.  She was nice but basically said "Sorry nothing I can do for you but if you could erase your post that would be very appreciated."  Then she said the man would call me later this week.

1 month later and I still haven't had a phone call.... What a joke for a dealership.  I even called back and left a voice mail for the gentleman about how my car had all these issues that have come up.  STILL NO REPLY.  Here is a tip everyone reading.  If you want to know you are buying from a good company/person try to observe that they take care of all the little jobs that need to be done.  If they don't then you know that you could be one of those jobs that they won't take care of.  

They wanted me to erase this post because they didn't want people to realize that they are looking at the bottom line and they just don't care about their costumers.  Please save your money and buy your car from anywhere else.  Do not buy from Walt Sweeney.

David C. | 2013-06-15

I bought a Groupon deal for three oil changes, tire rotations, and discounts on some other services at Walt Sweeney Ford. Here are the experiences my wife and I had redeeming our Groupon voucher:

- We got an oil change and tire rotation for my wife's car. The customer service people were cold and unfriendly, making us feel very unwelcome. Later we discovered the mechanic rotated one of the tires incorrectly. It was a directional tire and he put it on the rim facing the wrong direction (rotating opposite the direction of the arrow stamped on the tire).

- I later took my car in for an oil change and tire rotation. Again, the customer service people were cold and unfriendly. Sometime after, my left-front tire started making a strange grinding noise. I took my neighbor, a mechanic, for a test drive and he feared the axle was shot. When he took a close look, he discovered two lug nuts were missing and the other lug nuts were loose. The folks at Walt Sweeney Ford were the last to touch my car's wheels when they did the tire rotation. I fixed the problem by getting two new lug nuts and tightening all of the lug nuts on the vehicle (others were loose, as well); however, what may be the long-term damage to my car from driving with missing and loose lug nuts? Has my axle or other parts been unduly worn and torn by the wheel violently shaking over the course of at least several days?

Even though we still have one more oil change and tire rotation left, after these experiences, we will never take any vehicle to Walt Sweeney Ford ever again. Also, we thought about contacting them directly to request a refund of our voucher price or other compensation, but we felt like that would be a form of hush money and it is much more important to warn others about our experiences. Their negligence could have caused, and still could cause, severe damage to our vehicles or our safety, and we don't want others to face the same potential risk to their personal safety.

Liz A. | 2013-04-28

i had an excellent experience here.  i got the car i wanted for the price i wanted with the financing i wanted.  i think it helps a lot to do your homework ahead of time as anyone who doesn't is not going to have a good experience at a dealership (or with car buying in general).

the staff was professional and friendly without being overbearing, and everyone i worked with was knowledgeable and helpful.  although car buying can be stressful, my experience with walt sweeney was great.

noel s. | 2010-07-14

I bought my car end of lease from them from another state - I live in California. While they helped me get financed, the sales and finance people didn't tell me I would have to process the paperwork at the DMV myself at a later time. Usually car dealers do this for you.

So they sent the paperwork 2 weeks after my registration had  already expired and several things were not properly filled out. So I had to pay penalties for the registration being late. If I had known they were not going to be taking care of the paperwork myself, I would have paid the registration in advance. Plus I had to resend the paperwork to Walt Sweeney again and go back to the DMV one more time at least.

I asked them to comp the penalty costs and they refused.