Performance Kings Honda in Cincinnati, OH

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Welcome to Kings Honda! Located in Cincinnati, OH, Kings Honda is proud to serve Monroe, Loveland & Fairfield Ohio. From the moment you walk into our showroom, you'll know our commitment to Customer Service is second to none. We strive to make your experience with Kings Honda a good one - for the life of your vehicle. Whether you need to Purchase, Finance, or Service a New or Pre-Owned Honda, you've come to the right place.


Established in 2008.

Formerly knows as Century Honda, Performance Automotive Network purchased this location in 2008 and changed the name to Kings Honda

Performance Kings Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 671-8193
Address:4521 Kings Water Dr, Cincinnati, OH, 45249
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Performance Kings Honda

Sarah B. | 2015-03-12

Don't trust there used car inspection! I got my car inspected thru them and they listed minor problems that were easily fixed. I buy the car then two days later the transmission is going out. I take the car back to them because I was told over the phone that the inspection would be free because I had just paid the $112.00 used car inspection. They obviously overlooked a very important detail because I'm no mechanic but transmission problems don't just appear out of no where with no warning. I drive 45 minutes to "performance" kings Honda for my 10:00am appointment. I'm informed that I have to pay additional charges because the problems I had were fixed. ? This still doesn't make any sense. I could see if they told me my transmission was bad and I replaced it and still had the noises but there inspection print out didn't list transmission repair, if it had I definitely would not have bought my car!

Chu P. | 2015-03-06

Thanks Kings Honda for recommending American Auto Glass (AAG)!  I broke the tale gate glass on my 2013 Pilot, wasn't sure who to contact to get it fixed.  I called Kings Honda and they recommended AAG.  AAG was very prompt to provide a quote and came out to our house to replace the glass the next day.  I appreciate the great recommendation.

Dawn S. | 2014-12-16

Drove almost two hours from KY for a used car, and got a good deal, which is why I gave them two stars.  After more than three weeks, still no paperwork from them to transfer the vehicle into my name, or into KY from OH.  After calling, they are supposedly overnighting the Title to me.  If I receive it by the end of the week, I will have exactly one business day remaining on my temporary tag to get the vehicle transferred.  Huge inconvenience, since my scheduled is packed, school is out, and it is the week of Christmas.  MAJOR FAIL!

Evangeline W. | 2014-10-08

Hate the salesmen here! I wanted to buy a car, they never called me and they sold the car I wanted for a lower price! Really disappointed. I had Rick and he wasn't helpful at all :(

Randy D. | 2014-02-28

Kings is a ripoff. I had them check my daughters Accord there for the brakes, they said it needed 590 dollars of work plus perhaps 1400 dollars for an ABS module. I balked and took it to a BBB shop, there was nothing wrong with the brakes and they charged me nothing. My wifes Odyssey transmission failed for the SECOND TIME and they quoted $4800 dollars to fix. An Angies Liist trans shop qouted $3000 for the same job. AVOID KINGS HONDA. They are not honest, they want all your money and could care less about being honest.

Shawn F. | 2013-11-22

I purchased a used 2008 BMW 535xi from the Kings Honda dealership on September 28, 2013. Along with the purchase, I received a 3 month / 3000 miles warranty that covers 100% of both parts and labor. Shortly after purchasing, the car began having an engine rattle, so I took it to the BMW dealership (since they are the experts, and where I plan to use for all my maintenance needs), to have the car fully inspected and determine what the rattling was. After the inspection, the BMW dealership told me that the Engine Turbo Chargers are not performing properly, and are actively failing. BMW said that the Turbo Chargers will completely fail soon, and it is imperative that the Turbo Chargers be replaced. I took my car back to Kings Honda since the warranty is with them. After inspecting, Kings Honda agreed that they "found noise coming from turbo charger", but refused to fix the broken Turbo Chargers because "turbo charger is currently working". That is not how warranties work. The Engine/Turbo Chargers are not performing as they are expected, and will completely fail. My warranty fully states the the Engine is fully covered at 100% ("Engine: Cylinder block and all internal parts, head assemblies, head gaskets, timing case, chain, gears, belts and sprockets, harmonic balancer, oil pump, water pump, turbocharger housing and all internal parts, turbocharger actuator"). So clearly, Kings Honda is not honoring the warranty I have with them. The service rep told me to that I needed to speak to a Sales manager (Andy) to dispute this. I have called several times, leaving voicemails, but he has never returned my calls. I also contacted an attorney (no legal file claimed, yet). The attorney said that the Dealership is acting illegally by not honoring their service warranty agreement. I am giving Kings Honda one last chance to honor the warranty before I pursue legal action. I expect King Honda to honor their commitment to the Service Warranty that I have with my auto purchase from their dealership. Kings Honda needs to cover the warranty and have the Turbo Chargers in my car replaced, and promptly. Or, they can purchase the car back from me, at the amount that I paid plus money that I already put in the car. Otherwise, legal action will be pursued.

Alyssa F. | 2013-02-28

I've been dreading buying a new car, because of how long it takes and the exhausting process of negotiating, etc.
On the other hand, I was driving around a 22 year old car, so it was only a matter of time...
So when my car bit the dust on Monday, I was super stressed out and couldn't figure out how I was going to research prices, test drive, and work, let alone how I was going to get around while doing that!
I requested a few quotes online and Kings came in the lowest, and it was the closest to my work, so I went over there on a long lunch break to do a test drive. I met with Bob, who had sent me the quote online, and we went on a test drive, and he told me that they actually had the car I wanted on the lot, so if I wanted we could get everything tied up that day.
But, I had to go back to work. When we got back to the showroom, Bob, and Nate, the Internet sales manager, told me that I could fill out the application and get approved while I was at work and come back after work to finalize! That was the best news ever. I only spent a total of maybe 2 hours at the dealership, one hour during the initial meeting and test drive, and another that evening to sign the papers and drive away in my new Civic!
Bob is so great at what he does. He has been in the business for almost 30 years, is a great listener and is able to anticipate your needs in the car buying process. I was also really impressed with the deal I got without any negotiations! Bob and Kings Honda have changed my perception of the hassle of buying a car. I recommend them to everyone.

Galina G. | 2012-11-20

I go there every time when I need an oil change or something else. The people, who work there are very kind and friendly. One of the guys - Kirk, even remembered me from the last time.
The atmosphere is also very nice and you can enjoy tea, coffee, cappuccino... ,. reading magazines or watch TV in the waiting area while your car is ready.
The oil change cost me $35.00 and totally worth it. They provided 150 days of renewable Drive-Sure® Sign and Drive Roadside Assistance and Emergency Rental Car Coverage.  So, I am pretty happy to there every time.

Mark R. | 2012-09-25

This the second day I been in for a recall on two different cars. So far I been pleased with the service department, and I must say they have a relaxing waiting area. The service staff was really friendly, I even noticed them greeting someone else really friend, with a great smile that it made me smile as well. Overall great experience with service department ( thanks to Tammy), but no experience with sales. Other than the one person who said hello to me in a friendly matter.

Ashwin K. | 2012-04-17

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I am not someone who usually write a review.  I own a Honda Accord 2009 and I would like to say first that "I haven't had any problem with the service they have provided to my Honda Accord yet", considering I did service only twice. That is why I am giving a 2 STAR.

My vechicle's extended warranty was expiring in April. I checked with many warranty providers and finally got a good deal from King's Honda. I didnt think twice with the deal I have received. I purchased the extended warranty on Jan 17. I was told it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get the extended warranty card in my hand. Then comes the worst experiences. I called Kings Honda after 4 weeks. THey told me to wait for 2 more weeks. I waited 4 more weeks again. Not to mention how hard it was for me to get a hold of someone to express my concern. I called almost 12 times. Atlast somebody called back and said it will be taken care of and I should get the warranty card soon.

Again, calling every other week, I finally got the Warranty Card on April 12. Finally up on arrival, the warranty Start date is Jan 17 2012. I have lost 3 months of my Warranty period. I have specifically stated I want the warranty start date to be this month because I was not able to use the Road Side assistance which comes along with the Warranty Card, when I needed one.

Very poor customer service.

Eriza O. | 2012-02-14

We took our leased car into its regular maintenance. The window developed a stress crack. Service dept took a look and said it would be free to fix. We didnt even ask, they were the ones who brought it

Tim M. | 2011-12-27

The car we got there is awesome. The service department was good. The sales department was shady. We had to ask several times to see the final price sheet after negotiations, they were hesitant to explain how they got to the bottom line we agreed upon. We made an appointment with the sales department to have a dura-steel coating put on the car. They said if we called a day before the appointment we'd be able to get a loaner. We called the day before and the sales department said we wouldn't need a loaner because the procedure is only 45 mins. When we arrived for the procedure the service department had no record of our appointment. Also the service department said this procedure takes 2 hours minimum. It appeared that the service department was upset with sales department for giving the bad 45 min estimate regularly.

Harshal P. | 2011-07-28

I own a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid and normally only get serviced at Honda Dealerships.

Bad experience with Service Dept:
During 60000 mile maintenance they forgot to do a CVT transmission fluid flush. Transmission started juggering loudly.

Checked the transmission fluid and there was only 1 quart instead of 3. I took the car in to Jeff Wyler in Colerain and they did a full transmission that fixed the issue.

From now on only going to Jeff Wyler; never going to Kings again even though I work right by it.

Caroline C. | 2010-06-21

This is the new location of what used to be the Honda dealership in Montgomery.

I took my Honda here for a regular oil change at 7:30 on a weekday. I immediately noticed that the service entrance is much larger (3 bays, about 3-4 cars deep), but there was still a huge line from people dropping off their vehicles (Attack of the Odysseys!) for service for the day.  I had a wait a little bit before I was greeted by a service representative.  It wasn't that long of a wait, just something I hadn't run into at a Honda dealer yet.

Once I took a seat in the waiting area (coffee, water, soda) and picked out a few magazines (Us Weekly, need I say more?) it wasn't that long before my vehicle was ready.  Maybe about 20-30 mins.

Here is the best part... the oil change was $21.69!  Really? That seemed way less than it used to be.  Plus, I really like their "Status Reports" that use a color-coded system to show my vehicle's condition/need for replacements.  

Check out was easy and fast.  The only thing that seemed off was that I wasn't offered a complimentary car wash like at the older location.  I could've asked, but I was in a hurry.  Maybe next time I will remember to get that.