Kings Toyota in Cincinnati, OH

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Established in 1987.

Kings Toyota has been in Business since 1987 and is currently the #1 Toyota Dealer in Ohio with the Biggest Indoor Newcar Showroom in the Nation. Kings Toyota just received the President's Cabinet Award from Toyota Motor Sales USA, which is an award given to the Top 12 Toyota Dealers Nationwide ranked by Sales and Customer Satisfaction Index.

Kings Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(513) 683-5440
Address:4700 Fields Ertel Rd, Cincinnati, OH, 45249
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Kings Toyota

Evan L. | 2015-02-06

Expect to deal with liars, cheats, and thieves. Employing your typical "salesmen", they will tell you anything to make the sale. The car I bought is outstanding, but that's a review for Toyota manufacturers. When I bought my car, I filled out the paperwork with my salesman Steve Skolnick and then he sent me to meet with the "financial manager" to discuss add-ons and extended warranties.

I discussed the extended warranties with the financial manager, who was trying to up sell me on a 100,000/10 yr all inclusive warranty. While going through the details, I inquired about Kings providing towing servicrs and a rental car to me in any case of an inoperable vehicle, and even specified in the case of an accident. The "financial manager" advised me that no matter what the circumstances, I will always receive towing and rental - even if I was at fault in an accident. He even went as far as to tell me to CANCEL these services with my AUTO INSURANCE!! Well, it turns out after I agree and sign the papers that the "financial manager" blatantly LIED to me just to make the sale. I called my insurance agent and he advised me to double check the towing and rental coverage through Kings because he said that sounded very unlikely.

I sent Steve Skolnick an email inquiring about this and he told me that towing and rental was only for standard maintenance and not for accidental causes of any type. So basically Kings LIED to me and advised me to CHANGE MY INSURANCE COVERAGE to fit their LIE just so they could make the sale. After asking Steve Skolnick why the "financial manager" wasn't honest with me, I never got a reply back. See below for the email correspondence between Steve Skolnick in regards to this issue. Edited out my personal info, everything else is exactly as sent/received.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Evan *****"
Date: Nov 14, 2014 3:53 PM
Subject: Re: follow up
To: "Stephen Skolnick"

Since I didn't get a reply from you, I went ahead and made sure I explained in detail what happened when Toyota contacted me to review the dealership. I will be contacting someone at Kings about the issue as well since you can't resolve it for me. Any chance for referrals has been lost.

On Nov 10, 2014 11:22 AM, "Evan *****" wrote:
OK that is not what your finance rep told me. I asked him that specifically and he said yes it was all inclusive. So... he told me I could cancel those on my insurance because I had it through you guys. Definitely not happy about that, not a fan of deceptive sales tactics. Since that wasn't what I was told, how about my age and total amount of rental coverage ler day? I am 23 so there is usually an underage fee applied when i obtain a rental. Is that all inclusive as well regardless of total cost per day?? What about the towing? What specific circumstances does that apply to and how far does the tow take me? What was the name of the finance rep I worked with? He did not give me a card and I need to know due to these issues in case I do decide to refer someone (which i dont feel confident in right now) so they know not to work with him.

On Nov 10, 2014 11:13 "Steve Skolnick" wrote:
Only for a repair. Accident rentals are between the policy holder and insurance company.

To: Steve Skolnick;
Subject: Re: follow up
Sent: Mon, Nov 10, 2014 3:51:41 PM

Had a question come up from my insurance agent. I know my warranty includes a rental, is that only in the case of needing repairs or also if I am in an accident?

On Nov 10, 2014 9:39 AM, "Steve Skolnick" wrote:
Good Morning, I hope you were able to get your new kitchen counters in without too much of a problem. I tried to call you but apparently your voice mail is not set up. I want to say thank you for coming in and working with me to purchase your new Corolla. I hope the Corolla will be enjoyable for all of your driving needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can assist you. Have a great week.    -Steve Skolnick+-
Kings Toyota
4700 Fields Ertel Rd
Cincinnati, OH  45249

Anthony G. | 2014-12-10

If there was a Negative Star I would have given it to them.
I should have read the other Yelp reviews before buying a car there! My mistake...

The salesperson had no knowledge of the car I wanted to buy & then a second salesperson came to help & he couldn't answer my questions about his own product either !
I had to look online to get the answers & he told me the "OFFICIAL TOYOTA" site was wrong. He simply wanted to sell what he had in stock & not what I wanted.

I've been told all the Kings Mills dealerships are owned by the same guy. A friend of mine worked for Ford & told me his goal is PROFIT ORIENTED ONLY!
Of course she told me after I complained about my experience...

"SERVICE" is a word many business' have forgotten about. Make a customer happy & they will tell everyone.
Make us "UNHAPPY" & the word will get out FAST!

Obviously they made me "UNHAPPY" why else would I take time to write this to warn as many people as I could?
We spent $30,000 on a New Camry & once they got our money we meant nothing to them!

The managers are egotistical & believe they are above all the customers.

I have owned a Viper, a Mercedes convertible, a Mercedes 4 door Sedan, a Porche, a Range Rover,  & a Scion XD from a dealership out of the country which offered awesome customer service.
But here in Ohio at King's I was talked down to as if a person with a Latin name knew nothing about cars. I was insulted & treated like crap.

For excellent service try the Chevy dealership in Milford & the Land Rover dealership in Blue Ash; they treat their customers like ROYALTY.

Avoid this dealership at all costs. After I complained all they said was sorry because the manager scolded them but still offered crappy service!

"WORDS" mean NOTHING people!    

Good Service or proper  "ACTION" speaks louder than FAKE words.

Wake up Kings Toyota.

If you want to increase sales:
1)  improve your customer service
2) increase employee knowledge of your products
3) improve your cheap waiting area.

Check out Castrucci's waiting room then we can talk...

Sarah R. | 2013-04-07

I bought a car from King's Toyota in 2005, and had a terrible experience.  My new Toyota occasionally wouldn't start immediately from Day 2, and they blew me off.  I quote:  "Honey, we sold you a brand new Toyota, and brand new Toyotas always start."  The problem never replicated itself in front of them, and so it was never fixed.  

My husband bought a truck last weekend, and we made a courtesy stop at King's Toyota - even though I REALLY was against shopping there.

And true to form - we showed up, and I was *completely* ignored.  The guy trying to sell us our truck (Bruce B.) actually asked me, "Can you change seats with your husband so I can review this sheet with him?"  In shock, I changed seats, and he proceeded to completely ignore me while he reviewed the document with my husband.

We walked out 3 minutes later.  It's 2013.  Do you really think that women have no say in the car purchases their family makes?  I am really shocked that misogynistic behavior in 2005 has not improved at ALL in 2013.  TERRIBLE JOB, KING'S TOYOTA.  

Go buy your cars someplace else.  We drove straight to Performance Toyota and bought our truck there.

Sarah F. | 2013-03-15

This is the first time my husband and I have bought a car.  We decided on a new Scion xD and did most of the research online.  Scion has a "pure price" policy so the pricing is very straight forward.

Buying a car is a pain, but I think we lucked out with our salesman Gregory.  Our needs were simple.  He wasn't pushy at all and, perhaps seeing the shape of our trade-in, knew we weren't going to splurge on fancy extras.  We had just bought a house as well so it was all about budget.

He took us for a test drive and demonstrated some of the fun gadgets that come with the car.  Perhaps we were easily impressed.  We had been driving a 2002 Subaru and I had recently donated my 1995 Camry.  However, it had a lot of features for a low end car.  That 95 camry is one of the main reasons I knew sticking with the Toyota brand was a good idea.  He was also willing to put up with our ridiculousness at having to take pictures with the old and the new car before we drove off.

As others mentioned, they offer free car washes and oil changes for life.  That's a nice perk, although they are a bit out of the way from where I live.  Toyota also has a really nice college grad program which offers a $500-$1000 rebate and an automatic higher credit ranking.  The extended warranty was also surprisingly reasonable, coming out to only $6 more a month for a complete 7 year warranty.  It's been two weeks and we LOVE our car.  I'll update in the future regarding service when we take the car in.

Michael H. | 2011-12-14

I bought a new Corolla here 2 years ago.  I did all the 'negotiating' with them online, which took all of the hassle out of buying a new car.  I had already done my homework and test drove a car a car at a competitor.  

I wasn't happy with the price though (at Kerry Toyota), so I walked away and told Kings what the offer was.  They gave me their bottom offer, which was much lower, and included free oil changes and car washes for life.  Sold.  I picked up the car, signed some paperwork, and avoided all of the typical crap that goes along with buying a car.  Now I show up every 5,000 miles for my free oil change.

Rachel R. | 2011-08-25

So this was one of the first dealerships I stopped at on my journey of my first "new" car... And it didn't start out so great.

Maybe our sales guy was new, not so sure, but he was ready to go and energetic, and was getting me to fill out info about my trade in car, and after that was done, he found out that I didn't have it on the lot right now... minus points for not listening. He also talked to my fiance more than me, even though we made it clear that this was for me, he was just along to make sure all 6'6" of him would be able to fit in it.

Their used used cars were a little... atrocious. They had with a crumpled hood and another with half the paint peeling, and the prices... wow... just wow... and not the good wow. And then I found barely used cars for more than they were asking for for a brand new one! This is definitely not the place to go for the price. And he didn't really listen all that well. I mentioned I liked a few cars on the lot as we were walking, but he paid me no mind, even though I had mentioned I was willing to move on the price for a nicer vehicle....

But when it came time to leave, there was just not much chance at that, there were all these other things he thought of every time we tried to leave...

Josh G. | 2008-02-12

"We are a high volume dealership and you pay the price we tell you" means DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE.  Other dealerships WANT your business and will work with you to make you happy.  KINGS is one of the biggest dealerships in the state and CAN AFFORD TO LOSE YOUR BUSINESS.  Don't even bother driving by.