Kings Mazda Kia in Cincinnati, OH

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Kings Mazda Kia in Cincinnati, OH.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Kings Mazda Kia, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Kings Mazda Kia in other cities in the Ohio.

Kings Mazda Kia

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(513) 683-4088
Address:4544 Kings Water Dr, Cincinnati, OH, 45249

Reviews on Kings Mazda Kia

Charlie T. | 2014-09-29

We found a used car at Kings Mazda for what appeared to be great condition for less than what we had been seeing at other small used dealerships. It was a great find -- the mechanics of the car seemed sound and both the interior were in very good condition. We felt better about going to a "big" dealership because the small guys seemed like they had less experience, less business, and less ability to get us financing quickly.

That being said, in the end, I was dissatisfied with them and felt a little bamboozled.

The salesperson seemed nice and normal. He wasn't overly clingy or too heavy handed. That was appreciated. But I wish he had followed through on some things I had said during the test drive. I feel really regretful I was not more insistent on checking on every little thing. He also did not seem to know much about the specific car itself or the model. I knew more from researching it online than he could tell me.

We discovered some issues that we feel the dealer should have or did know about.

First, they quibbled over a few hundred dollars and tried to convince us it was no big deal because that's just a few bucks a month. Okay; I'm not an idiot, and I went to college. The total price does make a difference.

This quibbling over a few hundred bucks is what really annoyed me after I found out the following.

1) The car did not have more than one key. Getting additional keys made was more money ($300) than what they quibbled over.

2) The car did not come with any rugs. That was another $200 out of pocket that I had to pay for after the fact.

3) I had mentioned how bad the brakes felt, how much I had to push to get it to stop. Turns out, they were rusted fused and we need all new brakes ($800).

4) There was also a hole in the muffler and that was another $700 replacement.

5) I failed to notice a long dent on the passenger side. That was my fault. I am not going to pay to get it taken out.

So basically, this car is costing me off the bat another $2000.

Mohandes F. | 2013-11-23

If you are hoping for a dealer you can work with on an open and honest basis, go elsewhere.  Very very disappointing.  Borderline dishonest.

Cincinnati Girl D. | 2013-06-06

one start is generous. absolutely do not do business with this dealership! shady shady sales tactics. horrible, horrible, horrible. awful, awful, awful. check their bbb is pathetic!

Rachel R. | 2011-08-01

This was the first dealership I sat down at to work on some numbers, and was seriously ready to leave that night in my new car... The Car Dealership Gods thought something else...

Dave was nice enough, didn't tag along on the test drive, listened to what we liked and didn't like, and was knowledgeable enough. We sat down to work numbers and after he got all our information and went to the financing office, we sat there in his cubicle for over 45 minutes!! with not even a "this is taking a bit" or a check back to see how we were doing.. nothing. We just  sat and sat, and I'm pretty sure we could have left and no one would have noticed. What I did notice as i went out to the car to grab my purse and a water bottle, was that he was sitting down to paperwork with some other guy!! If he was coming back that's great, you don't have to hold their hand through paperwork all the time. Get a manager to help out Jeez....

I would have given this place a straight up 2 or 3 stars, but the fact that when he finally got back to me with the payment the next evening, the payment was $40 more a month than what i figured it out to be based off the sticker price, before trade-ins, down payment, and rebate! Tax and title are not $40 a month more for 6 years buddy. I told him I needed to be a lot lower than that and to get back to me... that was 2 weeks ago. Still nothing...

Jack R. | 2011-07-28

Out of the dealer ships that we went to this one was OK.  We were looking for a car for my girl but the salesman was talking to me more that to her.  She did do a couple of test drives and found out she liked the Rio.  We sat down to get a price and to see what the monthly rate we could get and we sat there for almost an hour waiting.  Our salesman it turns out was showing a car to other people.  When he came back he didn't even know anything about the payments or anything and blamed it on being after five o'clock and the banks weren't open.  I work for a bank and know better than this.  He then said that he would give us a call the next day.  He did call us back but we were already looking somewhere else.  We were thinking about driving something off the lot but they missed out on this.