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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(513) 830-8426
Address:12105 Omniplex Ct, Cincinnati, OH, 45240
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Reviews on CarMax

Anita H. | 2015-01-16

I was recommended to check out Carmax's appraisal service... My first ominous sign should have been the very meek girl that came to greet me. She did not introduce herself and I could barely hear what she said. After telling her why I was there we began the appraisal process. She sounded like she was reading from a script, but executed it poorly. She never asked if I was in the market for another vehicle or offered to show me anything that she had for sale. After waiting about a half hour I received my appraisal. Ha! What a joke! I know my car has higher miles on it (95k) but the thing is in beautiful condition fully loaded and well cared for and serviced. They were $2500 below the dealership that I was trying to trade in with. When I asked the girl about it she had no explanation for why it was appraised that low. When I mentioned that it might be because of the miles she said, "sometimes it has nothing to do with the miles." Really? So my car that's never been wrecked always been serviced on time and is in like new condition is that low because of what reasons then??? I will never know, or care to know because I will never be back there and I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone I know or anyone I dislike for that matter. Terrible service.

Heidi F. | 2014-06-16

I have had two cars appraised by CarMax and have sold one of them to CarMax.  The first car I had appraised last year, and ended up selling it for significantly more on Craigslist.  This was a 2007 with 90k miles. The car I just sold to them over the weekend, I had valued by Beechmont Toyota on a trade in and they weren't able to get close to the offer CarMax gave me.  This was a 2012 with 16k miles. CarMax seems to really value newer low mileage cars.

I made an appointment to have my car appraised on Thursday night.  Once I arrived, there was a bit of confusion on who would help me, but once that was figured out the process was very smooth.  After I answered the questions, they told me it would take 30-35 minutes to have my car appraised.  After about 15 minutes, they were ready with an appraisal.  I walked out that night with their offer in hand, good for 7 days.  

Once I decided I was going to sell my car to CarMax, it was a pretty simple process.  I walked in and went back to the cashier's desk with my keys, driver's license, title, registration, and appraisal.  They took my documents, I pulled my car around to the service window, they took my plates off for me, and I went back inside to sit down and sign a few papers.  I would say the whole process took about 30 minutes.  I said goodbye to my car, and walked out with the bank draft.

Definitely the easiest car selling experience I have ever had.

Lia G. | 2014-04-22

I had a great experience selling my 2002 Acura MDX to CarMax. The process was super streamlined and everyone I encountered was helpful and polite. A day after I sold the car I realized I left my EZ pass attached to the windshield. When I called to report what happened they offered to mail it to my house! Big thanks to Jeremy and Ashley for walking me through the car selling process with kindness and ease!

Sam S. | 2014-02-20

I did, in fact, get a car from Carmax here. Before I did that, this is what happened:

I called the dealership. talked to a guy named Trey about a couple of cars online. One of them, a Smartcar, was up in Dayton. he said they could transfer it in. he ran financing, and came back with what sounded like "6.5% apr".
I arrive at carmax, ready to sign papers and go. I have a letterhead from my boss with income, my old car ready to go, and a pen to sign with. So far, so good!
Unfortunately, that "6.5% apr" is actually "24.7% apr". I am appalled. It's rediculous, but their no-haggle policy means "it's final". Also it means "We decide how much we want you to eat our butt."
There' s a problem. They won't accept my letterhead from my employer. Unfortunately, my work is closed, too. also unfortunately, I *need* this car today.
They appraise my car. I am offered a price that is less than half kelley Blue Book value. I am told CarMax 'doesn't use Kelley BlueBook" which, again, allows them to screw people over. Why should they use what is considered to be the definitive car value reference when they can appraise at lower? Anyway, my car appraisal is good for 7 days.
I call my boss and meet him at the office. He prints me a new pay stub and comments, when I mention the apr, that it's "appalling". At least I'm not crazy on that one.
I get back to the dealership. We go over a few things, seems like a good deal. We take the car for a test drive aaaaaand...I hate it. We start looking at a few other cars. I can't get financing on any because carmax apparently dislikes my average credit.
7:00 pm
I am tentative about this whole thing. But, with a lack of another choice, we start paperwork.
I contact my insurance and get it changed from my old car to my new car.
We've waited for financing to get back to us, and the offer is aofficially made, and I'm ready to sign and get out the door.
There's a problem. They need an electronic registration for ym out-of-state car. And it's $20. Oh, and they can't group it into my financing. They need a card with $20 right then and there. I don't have one on me. they tell me they can't finish this deal.
I get understandably upset and stand up, saying this whole thing is ridiculous. The sales manager looks at me and says "You can either calm down and we can talk, or you can leave and you'll never do business with CarMax again." I ask what? He iterates: "We'll put you on a 'do-not-do-business-with' list and that'll be the end of it." I am shocked, angry, upset. I call my friend to see if he can bring a credit card with $20.
The manager can't wait for my friend to show up and tells me to leave. I call my insurance and change my policy back, and for doing so I get charged $37.

I have no way to get of work. I call out of work and explain the issue.
4;00 pm
my roommate gets home and we drive an hour to the Dayton store. There, we go over more cars, talk about options. It turns out the 7 credit checks they did on me at Cincinnati damaged my average credit so now it's below-average. In other words, the ONLY car they will let me finance is the STUPID SMARTCAR.
They can't transfer the smartcar in from Cincinnati. I will have to go and get the car the next day. Oh, also? Apparently CarMax totally accepts income verification on letterhead.

I arrive. I have my papers in order and ready to go. Once again, I am told they will not accept letterhead verification, but I have my pay stub as backup. I finally get the only car CarMax will finance me for: the smartcar.
I am told they have to appraise my car again. i tell them my offer is supposed to be good for 7 days; they tell me it's 'not in the system'. They appraise my car again. The do appraise it for the same amount, but it's still less than half Kelley Blue Book.
I drive off with a smartcar I don't want, a damaged credit score, $112 in insurance policy-change fees, and they don't even give me the bank draft I am due as part of my trade in.


Laurel L. | 2014-01-30

Best car buying experience I've ever had! Ask for Rex Porter, he's fantastic with zero pressure. Also, I got a more than fair price on my trade in. I could not be happier!

Alexander P. | 2013-08-16

I am writing this based on my VERY BAD experience at Carmax, from the perspective of someone that was trying to sell/ trade in a car. I admit a bit of negative bias because things didn't work out as I had hoped.

I think this place is a well-oiled machine. One that takes advantage of people who are in desperate times and need to quickly liquidate their car because of a tragedy.

When I brought my vehicle in, it was on the idea that I could get more from Carmax than from BMW on a trade in. The system they have set up is choreographed to perfection: you sit down, give them your keys, they send out two inspectors that spend X minutes examining the car. Meanwhile, the salesman drones on and tries to interest you in something they have on the lot.

Anyway, the offer comes back low. When I decline the offer, the guy tells me they think they found evidence of an accident and a swapped rear door - he asks me if I have knowledge. If I walk away, they will input the notice of damage into the VIN number and the value will drop in X days. Floored, I simply walked out the door.

In my opinion, their is a difference between high pressure sales techniques and downright coercion. I'm glad I didn't actually NEED to use their services, but I can imagine how persistent they would be if I showed any interest at all (I got multiple followup calls after leaving).

Overall, I will say that they cars on the lot seemed to be a pretty low prices. They also had some sort of extended warranty that you could get with the cars that was unique to Carmax. If you're a buyer, this is probably a completely different story. However, because of how I was treated I won't be back to do either.

Heather J. | 2012-08-20

If I could give it 10 stars - I would. I HATE buying a's awful.

I went last night to Carmax and it was wonderful. Seriously. It was easy, no-pressure and actually enjoyable!

They gave us an EXTREMELY fair price for our car and I liked that it wasn't tied to me buying a car from them. If I chose to go elsewhere - they'd still buy my car. The sales and finance process was also so simple and enjoyable.

I'll never go anywhere else.


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