Speedy Rent-A Car in Brooklyn, NY

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Established in 1982.

started off with a car rental and now we do trucks as well

Speedy Rent-A Car

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(718) 783-0800
Address:800 Union St, Brooklyn, NY, 11215
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: 8:00 am - 11:00 am

Reviews on Speedy Rent-A Car

Alex K. | 2015-04-10

These guys are worthless. If I could rate zero stars I would. I reserved a car with them and showed up to a locked empty lot when it came time to pickup. Nobody answered the phone when I called repeatedly to figure out what happened. You should stay far away.

Iva D. | 2014-11-13

This is the best car rental in New York, hands down.

The cars are not amazingly new but I love the neighborly, human approach to their business.  Every time I have rented a car from the, it actually ends up costing LESS than what I imagined.  They do not nickel and dime you on the little things or waste your time.  I love it, love it, love it.  So sick of the corporate experience and this is teh perfect antidote.

Gina R. | 2014-07-27

Even though their cars are not as good as some other rental places in Park Slope and nearby neighborhoods, Speedy is our go-to Rental. It is a mom-and-pop place and it shows in the good ways too: the owner and manager is trustworthy and reasonable. I have enough corporations in my business life, it is so nice to interact with an actual businessman. We've had situations where we needed a car at the last minute, or we feared we might not get back by the agreed upon time, and Mr. Speedy did all he could to help us out. When local businesses are run by decent people, this is what you get.

Steve C. | 2014-03-30

So from what I can tell by my experience and other reviews, it seems that people that had issues are picky. Rightfully so, but this place is not for picky people. If you are looking for a good clean reliable car that will get you from A to B with hassle free quick service than this is the place for you.

I stumbled across this place while looking for car rentals in the Park Slope area. I choose not to have a credit card so this usually makes it difficult. Hertz wanted a credit check and wouldn't do it until it's time to pick the car up, and Enterprise wanted my first born and a signature written in blood. After learning this I had all but given up until I walked by a little place called Speedy. I walked into their very nondescript office and inquired about a rental. He said all I needed was an actual debit card (not prepaid) and my NYDL. Great news for me, so I made my reservation for the following week.

I came in to pick up the car on a Friday morning. He took my ID, ran my card, had me sign the very basic rental agreement (note: if you are using debit you must get the insurance, no biggie) gave me the keys and off I went in my 2013 Camry, no walk around, no up selling bs. The low air light was on so I just checked the air pressure in the tires and that was it. There was a half a tank of gas, just enough to get out of the NJ, NY area before filling up so I didn't have to pay a fortune. There were a few minor scratches in the car but the interior was clean and the car ran and drove perfectly and I'm not very picky.

Towards the end of my vacation I decided to extend my trip through the next weekend. I called them up, gave them my name and they said "ok, just return the car by Sunday night or Monday morning". I was probably on the phone for about 30 seconds. Awesome.

Returning the car was also a breeze. I think I was just a few miles over the limit and left just under a half tank of gas, I also left the car exactly as I found it without vacuuming or anything. There were no hidden or extra charges or any other issues. I handed him the keys, he checked it quickly, I made my next reservation and off we went.

I will be using this company very frequently as we tend to try to get out of the city as often as possible. Quick no hassle service and a good reliable car will keep these guys at the top of my list.

Leo L. | 2014-02-05

The worst car rental experience ever. Awful customer service. They advertise "rent a car by the hour" with a big sign at their store front window. I requested to rent  a car for a few hours as advertised and I was informed that this option wasn't available because it was raining, my reaction was "???"

I then asked to rent a car for 1 full day instead and was told that they do not accept debit cards? I informed them that my card was a credit/debit card and could be processed either way, I was told "yes but no".

I do not recommend this car rental establishment, I felt discriminated and they do not rent according to their advertisement or policy's and rent to whoever they want whenever they want.

I recommend visiting Hertz on Union Btwn 8th & 9th ave just 2 blocks up.

Filip V. | 2013-09-21

I go to the location in the Gowanus and it has always worked for me.  This is a small to mid-sized location that offers good cars at a great price.  If you're looking for white- glove treatment go somewhere else. This is Brooklyn and these guys do a good job and you can't beat the prices.

Elle O. | 2013-08-26

I love these guys. Totally laid back and very reliable. The price is significantly cheaper than zipcar if you're renting for more than a few hours and they also offer hourly rates (comprable to zipcar). It's no frills as others mentioned. Not a lot of walking around cars and noting dings. I've had a car once or twice with dog hair in it but nothing weirder than that. It's just a few blocks from home so really can't beat it.

Joe L. | 2012-08-14

This small, no frills rental outfit may not be for the faint of heart, but if you can get past the casual and nonchalant nature of their operation, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I have rented from both Hertz and Enterprise in the Park Slope area, and each have their merits.  The former have a nice fleet of cars, a good location, and are backed by a solid company with a reputation you can generally trust.  They also have Sunday hours, which makes weekend rentals a bit easier to manage, but their prices are commensurate with all the above perks.  The latter also have a nice fleet of cars, though the location is less desirable, and they are also an established company with a solid rep.  They do not have Sunday hours, which means weekend rentals need to be returned on Monday mornings, which is a pain in the ass.  Their prices are not quite as lofty as Hertz, but they are still considerable.

Which brings me to Speedy.  I have only used the Park Slope office, but they have other locations in Borough Park, Greenwood, and Long Island City.  The Park Slope branch is ideally located on Union St, b/w 6th and 7th.  They are a small business with a limited staff.  Their systems appear somewhat archaic and rudimentary, yet their record keeping is apparently spot-on.  Service is friendly, helpful and accommodating.  I did not get a good sense of their fleet, but for a full weekend rental (p/u Friday morning, d/o Sunday evening), we were quoted $250, inclusive of tax (insurance declined), for a Toyota Camry.  That is a good deal from where I'm standing, don't know about you.  To make matters even better, they have Sunday hours.

The kicker is that there is no overly formal rental contract.  There are rules, which you agree to abide by when you get the car and sign off, but it's very simple.  We were given the car with a full tank, and the paperwork said we were allowed 150 miles.  When I inquired about it, I was asked where we were going, and was then told that we could have 550 miles.  Huh?  A bit curious, but seemed fair enough to me.  Also, there was no screening process.  The woman handed me the keys and said, "There are a few dings and scratches on the car, we know about 'em.  As long as you bring it back without any new ones, you're fine."  How progressive of them!  They kept their word.  Sunday evening drop-offs are done at the parking garage next door, and you literally just give the attendant the keys and that's it.  No check-out process or damage assessment.

If you have a little faith in humanity, Speedy just might be the right car rental place for you.  After having tried all three options in my immediate vicinity, there is no question where I'll be taking my business moving forward.

Lindsey F. | 2012-08-02

Do not do business with this company!!! Completely unreliable and unprofessional!
We had a reservation for a minivan for tonight. They called at noon and said the van is not available and that they cannot get one from another site. They refused to give us a deal on 2 cars (since we need to transport 6 people to a wedding tomorrow).
We then reconfigured plans and asked them to find one full-sized car for us-significantly altering our plans. They said they do not even have a car available! Unbelievable-they left us in the lurch with a few hours to try to find another car for our trip.
I will never recommend them and never do business with these people again!!

Victor S. | 2012-08-02

BEWARE!  Take your business elsewhere.  We were called 6 hours before pickup that the minivan we rented was unavailable.  We have a wedding tomorrow and were planning on transporting 6 people!  Company refused to give us a deal to compensate for the huge disservice and inconvenience they caused.  Then, they promised a deal on one car which they ultimately they did not even have available.  Long story short, we had to completely rearrange our plans for the weekend.  DO NOT do business with this company.  If I could give zero stars I would.

Creek B. | 2012-08-02

NOT RELIABLE!!!!! Booked a van several months in advance. They called the day before pick-up - no van and no replacement vehicle.

s m. | 2011-07-14

never never ever use this company, i tried to rent from the queens location on northern boulevard. i made reservations a month in advance and called the day of to confirm to pick up the car at 6pm. when i arrived there was no one there the front door was not locked and the place was a complete dump! the hours posted on the door were 9-4:45 so my reservation for 6pm did not mean a thing. i called the main office and the guy spoke in a heavy voice and wasted my time telling me that there's no way i could have made a reservation for 6pm and then he told me to go fuck myself after i yelled at him that i was going to miss my best friends wedding because of his company's bullshit.

High Standard S. | 2011-06-25

I've rented cars and vans from Speedy at a few of their locations over the years. The staff are casual and the prices are cheap. Sometimes I have to pick up in one location and drop off in another. The Fourth Avenue guys always wear dark sunglasses whenever I see them in the morning in their dumpy office. I am not sure what that is about, but I like to see the eyes of the person I am giving money too. At times they have waived certain policies and been flexible. I have nto been stuck with any of the drama reported in the scathing City Search reviews.

ben p. | 2011-06-06

watch out
read the fine print.
they're just waiting for you to miss something so they can charge you extra

Bret H. | 2011-04-09

I have to say :) this place will test your nerves, but ultimately, I think they're solid.

I called about two weeks in advance to book a car for 2+ days, a weekend trip down to Maryland. Over they phone, they told me $197. Not bad at all. So I go down to pick the thing up, and the guy is very friendly. He asks how far I'm going, and I tell him. He says 'oooh.. you might be over the 500 mile limit.' I don't say anything right away, and he picks back up 'don't worry though, we'll take care of you.' He also tells me that with taxes and (optional) insurance, the rental comes to $240. At the end, he says, 'don't worry that the car is dinged up, we know about it.'

I get out to the car (which is dinged up), drive off, and I realize the gas tank is 1/4 full. I look down at my contract for a hint on whether I just got screwed out of a tank of gas, and I see that the mileage limit is -150-. Now I'm very alarmed :) but vacation awaits. We'll just have to see how this goes. Two days later, I get back to the place at about 4pm, and it is -closed-. Some nearby parking attendants tell me to just leave it on the street in front of a hydrant; this happens all the time. Now I'm sitting here thinking, the car is going to be towed and I'm going to end up paying the ticket, and they're going to count the car as returned when it comes back from the pound.

Amazingly, none of this ever happened. I was charged $240 like it was alright. All I can say is, if these guys were a bit clearer about how they like to handle stuff, I would recommend this place without hesitation. As it stands, pregnant women and people with heart conditions may not want to ride this ride. But, I had what turned out to be, fiscally speaking, a great experience.

T L. | 2010-11-14

Awesome!  Saved our car-renting asses!  Without a reservation, we walked in, after a horrible Enterprise experience, and Speedy saved the day!  They took our atm-credit cards, as no other rental car-ery in NYC would, and we were off!  Price is the same as other name-brands - about $200/weekend.  Love Speedy!  Great customer service!  Total Friendheart!

kevin j. | 2010-01-27

I'm uncertain whether the employees here are incompetent or indifferent, but my advice is to avoid Speedy Rent-A-Car at all costs.  The cars must be acquired by police auction or worse.  They show signs of wear, neglect, stains, etc.  My rental experience was a nightmare.  The person I spoke to on the phone wasn't clear on what type of ID was required, forgot to include a GPS system that was paid for, and set me up with a car with squeaky breaks.  There is no orientation towards customers, or any sense of urgency resolving problems.  Rent at your own risk....

reale s. | 2009-09-17

I used Speedy as an alternative to zip car for a long weekend, as the prices were significantly cheaper. The car left a little to be desired in the way of bells and whistles, but it was a ford focus, so you get what you pay for. The costumer service was great- especially when the day I was supposed to return the car it got towed. It was in the impound lot for 3 days, and Mark at Speedy did everything he could to get that car back for me, and to not trouble me too much. When it was returned I thought he would charge me for the extra 3 days, and he did not. This is a great alternative to zip car if you are living in the Brooklyn area!

Jeff T. | 2009-08-31

OK, it sure ain't sexy.

But it gets the job done.  I was looking for a minivan to rent for a long weekend and a roadtrip with five friends.  Dollar Rental Car was the only agency with anything that size available, but charges an absurd $55/day surcharge if your driver's license has a Brooklyn zipcode.  The total cost would have been $1,028 plus change.  I walked into Speedy and the guy quoted me $425 including insurance and 1,000 miles.  

"Really?" I asked.  "$425?  That's it?"
"Yeah," he said, idly twisting his peyes.  "Why?"

I'd read several terrifying reviews on citysearch about the sketchy quality of their cars, their shoddy maintenance and vomit-scented interiors, but we kept our fingers crossed.  The van we got was generally fine, a Ford Windstar with one seatbelt that was jerry-rigged and nonworking, and a crusty piece of bread in the back, but aside from that it was definitely worth saving $600.

Mary M. | 2009-06-08

I was close to booking a Zip car for my week end excursion but was shocked to see it would cost me $500 for an average car. I guess they charge a lot more for a week end block of time. I decided to check out the local rental place and noticed Speedy had a few good reviews on Google so figured I'd call to get a quote. It was 1/2 the price to rent a similar car and that included insurance! Sure, the cars aren't the coolest or newest, but it did the trick and saved me a lot of money. Staff was pretty nice as well

patrick m. | 2008-10-02

Awful service. They treated me like I was an idiot over the phone but still told me they had a car that fit what I was looking for. When I arrived, they changed their tune and tried to charge me twice as much. Don't go here!