Premier Ford Lincoln in Brooklyn, NY

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Our Ford & Lincoln dealership is located smack dab in the middle of Brooklyn and we're the oldest Ford dealership in Brooklyn. We're also Brooklyn's ONLY Lincoln dealership. We Pride ourselves on serving the Brooklyn community for over 30 years! Customer Satisfaction is our Number One Priority!


Established in 1980.

Premier Ford Lincoln has the pleasure of proudly serving all of Brooklyn as its oldest Ford as well as Brooklyn's ONLY Lincoln Dealership.

Premier Ford Lincoln

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 381-4515
Address:5001 Glenwood Rd, Brooklyn, NY, 11234
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Premier Ford Lincoln

Matthew S. | 2015-04-24

Don't bother making appointments here. They don't honor them. Online it says you can drop off the car with the list of repairs on the print out you bring. The service advisors don't even bother to look at that.  Overall general experience. Very stagnate and sluggish in the morning. They even have a bouncer/security at the door of the service lobby. Already let's you know how many angry customers this service department has had. I'm a warranty customer who had clutch work done at another dealer. They did not even want to take a look at the transmission/clutch for a diagnostic. I was all too quickly hurried out. I have no clue what "quality" work they do here because I didn't get a chance to experience it. What a shame.

Miguel D. | 2015-03-27

Fixed all my problems with car. Was given a loaner car until my car was fixed. Not left without a ride.

Bruce S. | 2015-01-13

I lost my only key to my Ford 500. I spoke with Richard who was my service advisor. Richard told me that i would have to have my car towed to his Service Department. I did this and Richard was able to get me a new key and remote within a day. I was sick but i managed to pick up my car the next day. All in all, I am happy to have my car back thanks to Richard and The Premier Ford Lincoln Service Department..

Jermaine J. | 2014-09-18

All Around Greatly Improved! Customer Service is simply the best! Service department goes above and beyond for me every time I appear and I can see the same treatment bestowed on other customers. Management attends to your every needs promptly. Sales Department sells you a Ford/ Lincoln instead of a dream which is what makes them the most outstanding team of sales team. It goes to show that Ford/Lincoln is truly the life blood of Americas Auto industry and will be that way for a very very long time to come. I have a leased 2012 Ford Fusion so I know what am talking about when it comes to Premier Ford/Lincoln. Kudos for such a great job!

Melanie D. | 2014-05-30

My husband and I have been premier ford customers for years. I went there in 2013 when my Expedition broke down in order to fix it, it would of been 10g. I started to cry because I loved that truck and in all honesty it wasn't worth to fix But Winston and Rick were so understanding in calming me down I actually went to the sales Dept too see about getting a new car. Me and my husband went there on Feb 16th, 2013  we felt so pressured about doing it that I ended up with something I didn't want.  I understand your busy. I don't like being treated as just anyone since we've purchased numerous cars from them. Because I needed a car desperately they used that to there advantage. If I would've known what other cars there were I wouldn't of taken this one.  All in all Winston and Rick need a raise in the Service Dept. They are the best at what they do. No matter what problem I have now with my Explorer they take there time and really look at the issue at explain to me what it is or isn't and it's fixed. Unfortunately after dealing with the sales Dept. I think my time with premiere ford is over. They don't know how to treat loyal customers. I've been unhappy with this truck. I guess you live and learn I won't make the same mistake twice, there are other Ford dealerships in nyc. But I will definitely miss the service department.  Unless Premier makes it right then we are done. I don't like being taken advantage because of a situation I had if the time was taken with the sales dept. I'd be in a different car. Also Teddy is great in the sales dept.  I think he's the finance guy.tge service Dept. Gets 5 stars the sales dept.  Gets 2 for Teddy.

Colleen T. | 2014-05-27

I wish there was a zero star rating option because that would be more appropriate for this dealership.  This place is miserable. It's dirty and unorganized...and the remodeling just makes it worst.  The salespeople were unknowledgeable and not helpful.  My sales guy did not live up to any of his commitments re: when my new car would be ready nor what the fin

I went to Premier because they had the make and color of car in stock that I wanted.  But I regret seriously not just waiting to buy my car from another dealer.

Avoid this place if at all possible.

Tom L. | 2014-04-11

Although I arrived later than some other vehicles, Winston, the customer service representative recognized the work required for my vehicle was not a very lengthly list and proceeded to work with the mechanics to expedite the process in order to get me on my way as I decided to wait around rather than leave and come back for my car. He was attentive during my description of the concerns, did not ask me to repeat myself and made sure the information was delivered to the mechanic in detail.

Peter C. | 2014-04-03

My experience here was really good, I went in for a check up and was very well looked after by Rich who made sure I got my car back promptly. Car was serviced well - no complaints at all!

Gerry G. | 2013-10-28

I went there to take care of a recall problem parts &labor were all covered no cost to me. They did try and get me for breaks $400!  I was in & out in 1 1/2 hours.

Dave C. | 2013-09-11

Avoid this dealership.

Seriously, please do not write-off these negative reviews as just sour grapes because some people didn't get the cars, or financing, or deals that they wanted. This dealership is really bad news.
I won't even add the star that Gloria did because the junior sales guy was so friendly and nice and eager and a just little pathetic because he wanted so badly not to suck at his job.
One example among many: any basic question I asked about packages or options or color availability and he would stop, act as though I had asked a VERY unusual question and start reading through the sales brochure to try to find an answer. (Slowly.)  The brochure he had just given me.  About one of Fords most popular vehicles. That he had clearly never read.  And most of his answers turned out later to be incorrect anyway.  The rest of the time it was as if he were reciting generic car sales lines off of cue cards. (Slowly.)
I won't go into detail about senior sales or management except to say that they were progressively more disrespectful, disinterested and disdainful as I went higher up the sales and management ladder. I would rather hire a Burmese python as a babysitter than buy anything from these guys.
Car dealers are...well, car dealers. I get that. I expected some friendly dishonesty, a bit of sleazy eagerness, and a bunch of sales guy pitchman-ship. No problem. This is not that. This is a crunchy candy shell of pathetic ineptitude wrapped around a soft chewy center of greed and sleaze.
You have been warned.

Jahed J. | 2013-08-15

This place is full of shit.!!! The service department doesn't know what the hell they doing??? Got there at 7:30, For simple oil change they kept my car 5 hours n still it wasn't done. The service manager are very rude & not friendly at all. Things that are covered on warranty, they want to charge u for it.  I would highly recommend people there not to go.

Susan J. | 2013-05-23

Do your best to avoid this place. It is really horrible. Had a complicated leasing issue with my 2012 Ford Focus, spoke to them on the phone several times about it and set up a time to come in. I came in for the scheduled time and they were so "busy" Meaning like 1 or 2 customers! They completely "forgot" about my issue. They then put me on speaker in the middle of the dealership with Ford Credit. It was absurd and couldn't have been more unprofessional. I have never seen a worse dealership!! If I could give them NEGATIVE stars I would.

Dan A. | 2012-09-12

I had a simple service matter and I came to Premier because Ford told me it was equipped to handle it easliy.  They told me on the phone that if I got there early I could have my car back the same day.  I go there at 11:30 AM, not as early as I hoped, so they told me it could NOT be done that day.  But it was not ready the next day either.  I had the car detailed while it was there, and when I got it back it was dirty superficially in several places (so who knows what else they missed).  Getting to the dealership, which is not close to any sub way, was a terrible experience in large part because they offered bad directions.  They did offer me a ride, but the rides were never quite ready until I was already on my way to or from the distant subway.

Gloria D. | 2011-10-26

They get a two-star and not a one for 1 reason...The guy who helped me was insanely inexperienced, and I do not feel that was his fault. He is just trying to make a sale. However, the management there is another story...

My experience...

I had my financing all worked out BEFORE arriving. The reason for this besides the obvious? I am currently working on my credit, paid off all of my debt and am keeping a very close and protective eye on hard inquiries. Rather than going to the dealership and having them run my credit 20 times with different banks to get the best rate, I did it myself prior to going to the dealership.

I locked in my rate, my loan, and the car I wanted. My one mistake? I did not go to a certified dealer (through my bank of choice) as I did not know there was such a thing at the time...

So, I get there, explain my situation and tell them I DO NOT WANT YOU TO RUN MY CREDIT. YOU CANNOT GET ME A BETTER RATE THAN I HAVE ALREADY ACHEIVED FOR MYSELF. They agreed to work with my bank for me and NOT run my credit.

I went there on Sunday afternoon, looked at the limited inventory they had for the car/model I wanted, picked out a few options, but was told that they have others in a lot down the street that is closed on Sunday. OK, fine. They said they'd work with my bank to lock down the financing, I could come back on Monday night after work, sign the papers and drive off.

Not so much.

I arrive on Monday night only to be told that my bank will not work with their dealership. So, I packed up my crap and left.

After I left, I called the bank and they explained that the reason they do not want to work with that dealership is due to their "shady business practices."


Also, they ran my credit when I specifically told them NOT TO, which pisses me off beyond any semblence of normalcy.

"Shady business practices" seems like the tip of the iceburg. Stay away... Go to Bay Ridge Ford, or Manhattan Ford instead. I am having a MUCH better experience with the latter.

Collwyn C. | 2011-07-26

I was considering purchasing a Kia Soul when I heard that a Ford Fiesta might be a better choice. This dealership wouldn't even work out a lease quote without a deposit first. Never had any dealer ask me for money in order to give me a quote.

Anonymous n. | 2010-07-03

BUYER BEWARE. This place is BAD NEWS!! I scheduled an appt to test drive a 2011 Ford Fiesta Hatchback online. VERONICA called me to set the appt up to drive the HATCHBACK. VERONICA called a day after my online request to schedule a test drive for the car which I WAS very interested in buying. We scheduled a test drive about a week away. I live in Park Slope and needed to rent a zipcar to drive over and make the appt b/c the place is far from me and a friend took off work to come with me. VERONICA kept calling me to make certain I was coming-I assured her I was coming several times..... I showed up at my appt time and the FORD FIESTA was NOT even there!!!!! They offered me a Fiesta sedan to look at. They expected to get the new HATCHBACK I specifically requested to see in another 30 days!!! I was livid!!! It was an obviously devious plot to get me in the door. It was not necessary since I was already interested, very interested in buying FORD. VERONICA never returned my phone calls asking for an explanation-I wonder why?? The whole experience makes me NOT trust FORD especially this lot. The manager Scott was apologetic and VERONICA was conveniently not on site. It was the start of the Fourth of July weekend. So, thanks for starting my weekend off. I hope you get  fired VERONICA!!! I will be copying this review and reposting once you take it off b/c I know businesses can do that. Anyone reading I would not trust the antics behind this place. They are obviously full of crap!!! BUYER BEWARE.