Plaza Hyundai in Brooklyn, NY

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We want you to leave our showroom so excited that you're head-over-heels for Hyundai! At Plaza Hyundai, we feel our biggest triumph when we see our customers drive away with a smile on their face. Our motto is: Great cars, great prices and most of all a great car buying experience! With this New York Hyundai Dealer, you can count on meeting enthusiastic sales professionals who will offer you competitive prices and financial packages to ensure that you can purchase a great Hyundai completely stress-free. Our customers travel from all over the tri-state area and beyond to enter our no pressure atmosphere. Our website is designed to enhance your online shopping experience. We make it easy for you to research preferred vehicles, outline your wants, and apply for financing before you even set foot in our showroom. Get ready to grab the keys and test-drive our 2011 and 2012 Hyundai Sonatas, Elantras, Azeras, Santa Fes, Genesis Coupes or even our new luxury model, the Equus.

Plaza Hyundai

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 340-0224
Address:2740 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11210
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Plaza Hyundai

Susan R. | 2015-04-10

This is the worst car dealer in the five Boros. Went in today to get a quote on a new lease.  Everyone working there is shady. Three ring circus with all clowns. No one knew a lease price???????  They they had the colossal nerve to ask me " Well how much do you want to pay"??  Are they kidding????  Stay away from this place.  Shame on them.

Phil L. | 2015-03-06

A bunch of crooks who only interested in selling selling and selling.  Bait and switch is their sales tactic, be aware! They will sell you anything you don't need or wanted in the first place. There is no parking but in the crossing streets/blocks far from the dealership. While looking for parking they (Sean) called me from the dealership to come and park in front of the dealership since there was an available parking spot ( double parking with the other new cars), they (Sean) told me it's okay to park there and to go inside to try find me a good deal, isn't it why I came for? Anyways after dealing with their lousy sells skills which we are all aware of already, we couldn't find a mutual deal so I left the place. When going back to my car I noticed a parking ticket for $115. I went back inside and let the manager know, after a short argument he  (Richard) the manager ask for the ticket and stated that he "will take care of it..). It happened about 3 weeks ago and as for now the ticket issue wasn't taken care of. So I just called then and this other crook who introduced himself as "Gandy" is denying any of this to happen and said that "it would have  being talking care of if I would have bought a new car...and told me to call Richard tomorrow since he is out today and he is the one who told me that he will take care of it..
I learned my lesson!!! read and learn!

John J. | 2015-02-20

Horrible experience here, giving them 2 stars, and not 1, only because I finally got a fair deal here, after a ton of B.S, which I didn't even wind up buying the car here, but I was able to use there offer to bargain with another dealership.. Here's my experience:

Im from staten island, back in 2013, I was new to a career, in which I'd have a lengthy daily commute, and there was a probationary period for new hires. My current car (2004 mazda 3, 80k miles on it) was stalling out alittle, so I decided I needed a new car for reliable transportation. I decided to go with a Hyundai accent, as its very reliable, great warranty, and great on gas.. the perfect commuter car, AND its not an expensive car. I had the money, and was going to buy the car in full, and trade in my mazda. I did my research, and started calling dealers, asking them, yes or no, if they can give me the car for my asking price. I called plaza, and the sales person told me he would sell me the car for my asking price. I asked the guy again, are you sure, because I don't want to come all the way there, from SI, if you can't gimmie this price, just say no if you can't. But he assured me he'd give me the car for my price.

I get down to plaza, and right away it starts. The guy I spoke to on the phone, didn't exist, there was no such employee by that name there, but I was told another salesmen can help. He told me he can give me the car for my price, but theres other standard features that come with the car which would cost an additional $700. I got angry and stormed out of there. the manager then came after me and apologized and begged me to come back. I spent about 2 hours bargaining the price of the car, when plaza reluctantly agreed to give me the Hyundai accent for the price I wanted.

I test drove the car after this, and was happy with the car and knew I wanted to buy it. I didn't trust plaza though, that they were giving me the deal I wanted, I figured they would probably try to undercut me on my trade in to make up for it.

So now we go to bargaining my trade in, the guy offers me $2K for my mazda. I shoulda did my hw on how much my mazda was worth, but I had a feeling I could get more than $2k. I told the guy im not buying the car from him unless he gives me more than $2k for my mazda. So the manager starts whining, and says what do you want $3k for the mazda? he then offers me $2750 for the mazda. What a retard, going up so much just like that.

I finally had the great deal I wanted on the car. The manager then had the nerve to ask me if I can atleast finance the car since im getting such a good deal. I declined because I had the money to buy it in full, why would I finance it?

I was at plaza for about 5 hours, and I was very annoyed by the nonsense they put me through, so I decided to go home, and try another dealership, then if anything come back to plaza the next day and buy the car..

I wound up buying the car the next day, in staten island, at manfreddi, for a total of $90 cheaper than the great deal I was going to get at plaza. And I didn't have to commute to Brooklyn and pay toll again.

My experience at manfreddi was awful, They pulled a stunt with me as well, (see my review on manfreddi) and I used my offer from plaza to bargain the price at manfreddi.

After I bought the car from manfreddi, the manager at plaza calls me bitching and whining, that I got the car else where for only $90 less, when I was going to buy the car from him.

Bottom line, if plaza didn't lie to me so many times, and play games with me and give me a horrible 5 hour experience there, I woulda bought the car from them, day 1, instead of looking else where.

what does the manager at plaza expect? you play games with the customer, they will play games back and buy the car else where.

Tony H. | 2015-02-12

Nice enough people but 5 1/2 hours for an oil change with an appointment...never again. Oh and I get home and find a lug nut in my cupholder. Great...

Jay J. | 2015-01-03

They are a pack of liars. We were told when we leased two cars that if they were in for repairs they would provide us with a loaner car. This has never happened. There was never a loaner car provided ever. There is always some excuse why they have no cars to give but they are all BS. Plaza has currently had my car for a week already just to change a gasket.. something that any repair shop could do in an hour is now taking a week and counting. I would never buy lease or piss on this company if they were on fire. They are truly the worst car dealership I have ever dealt with and I cant wait for my lease to expire so i never have to deal with the constant lies.

dima g. | 2015-01-03

Horrible customer service, arrogant and rude manager who mistreats his sales person - never again I will step into this s--t hole.

Called ahead to arrange for a test drive for Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and explain that I will have about an hour for this appointment to try the car and talk the numbers.  Person on the phone (Jay) told me that car will be ready at the time I come and an hour is plenty to do what I need.  When I came on time to dealership I waited for 20 minutes before salesperson was assigned, Jay on the phone was not a salesperson but somebody else.  Salesperson had to get approval from a manager for test drive who demanded more and more information before approving test drive.  At the end we were in  the car for 15+ minutes waiting while everybody around was looking for keys of another car that was blocking driveway.  When we were back and in the rush manager came out and blame in front of us his salesperson and refuse to provide meaningful price but offer us a list price / MSRP.  Unfortunately we did not get his name - young, black fellow.  

PS.  Earlier this day just walked in Ford dealership in Bay Ridge with the same goal - test drive + quote.  Left in an hour with detailed quote for lease and buy, after test drive, coffee and 15 minutes discussion of the car options.  Quality service!

Amy T. | 2014-12-30

They outright lied to my face.  I asked them if they had a certain car to test drive and they said yes they had two. We rearranged our schedule that day to try out the car. They didn't have it but immediately steered us towards other cars.  Terrible feeling, we will never buy a car from these guys.

Nicole K. | 2014-08-26

All calls have gone unanswered. They have my business so customers like me don't matter. Off to Better Business Bureau.  I should have listened to the bad reviews and go somewhere else. Sorely disappointed in the total lack of customer care.

Sheraz A. | 2014-03-24

Horrible horrible experience. They lied and told us we had horrible credit when in reality we didn't just to charge us an extremely high interest rate.  Then on top of that they did not honor their promotion at the time which was $50 for test drive.  Salesmen Bryan is OK but took his Sweet time talking to "managers" about offers. Wasted 8 hours at the dealership just to realize at the end they were just another bunch of profit hungry Salesmen from receptionist to finance manager. Do not fall for their interest rates and that you can refinance in 6-9 months if you make your payments ontime. Asked them to give it to me writing with signature they denied it. Im glad I did not get a car from this dealership. Think smart and dont get under pressure sitting in the finance room if your gut says your geting ripped off then dont be scared to walk away! I went from them offering me $410 month on a 2013 hyaundai sonata to settling on a 2014 altima for only $185/month!  Good  luck

Richard W. | 2014-01-11

In April 2013 i leased a 2013 sonata which was financed by Hyundai finance. in November i decided to payoff the lease, was told by my salesman i had to come back to the dealership to do same as this was the only way it could be done. i found out later this was false. Hyundai Finance quoted a payoff price of $23,645.17 (taxes included). Plaza jacked up the price to $27,101.98, adding unnecessary fees and taxes. In December Hyundai Finance started harassing us for payment. Contacted Plaza in person and by phone countless times about the $21,800.52 check they supposedly sent to Hyundai Finance and cannot trace. Up to this date (1/11/14) this pay off check has not reached the bank and we are being harassed for late payments and penalties. I went into Plaza on December 27 to demand my $3,456.81 which i was cheated out of when they actually sold me back the car and pocketed the difference between the payoff and 'sale price'. A manager decided to refund me $2,008.35 for over taxing, I want every red cent of my hard earned $3,456.81. If i don't receive my money in a timely manner i will be contacting every every ave to expose Plaza's foul business practice. i have been getting the run-around for near 2 months and has have enough. now its in the hands of my lawyers. The once friendly collecting Plaza staff has become sour when it's time to pay back. I bought a 2008 4Runner back in '08 with no hassle so i was expecting a similar experience. This is it for me and this dealership. Beware! watch your figures and double check EVERYTHING. Follow your gut feeling like i should. Don't be fooled by the PLASTIC SMILES. Don't get JACKED UP like me.

Nuvie E. | 2014-01-02

4.5 hour oil change! went in for change and requested an ecu update be done for improved drivability. 3.5 hours later, oil change had been done and imbecile service advisor frank shanley could not care even if you paid him to. 1 more hour and advisor named Mark comes back telling me he cslled hyundai and there is no update. problem with that is you have to plug yout computer into the car to know if the ecu can get an update. stay away!!!!!!!!!! stay away!!!!! stay away!!!!!!

took another 30 mintes after psying to get my car. that is 5 hours and only an oil change completed

Michael C. | 2013-10-09

The best thing I can say about them is they are not as bad as Guiffre.  

1.  They weren't that sleazy. At times they were professional and personable. But the whole thing took hours and hours.  Not sure if that is standard, but it was like the worst day of our lives sitting in that dealership.  We couldn't believe each step took so long.

2.  The price and inventory were bad.  The sell was a hard with the whole ask my manager in the other room.

3.  They didn't come close to the price the internet site that sent us to them quoted or what they said on the phone.  From my experience every car dealerships number 1 goal is to get you to come to the showroom. Absolute BS.  I had like 4 different dealers all tell me about price and inventory that didn't exist to get me in there.

4.  We were in a bind, starting a new job in couple days and needed to drive and the leasing price was pretty low, so we took it.  

5.  We knew the job was temporary like 1.5 years, and they told us we could opt out of the lease halfway through.  I took notes, wrote it down at the time...even the penalty price.  It was a not so nice surprise when I found out that in NOT a thing.  That was just a lie they said to close the deal. When I showed them my notes, they were pretty upset with me, like I was cheating them.  Really sucked.  

6.  Luckily for us, the car was in amazing shape still with super low miles and the buy back price wasn't too bad, but we still took a hit.  We shouldn't have had to pay that.  They shouldn't cheat people.  I learned a lot about buying a car and hope to never have to do it again.

Ana S. | 2013-04-10

Bought a car in jan 2013, great people. Lester and Mikhail really took care of us.

Chris M. | 2013-04-01

This dealer sucks!!!!  They give you a low quote but when its time to buy then try to charge you a high interest rate and low ball you on your trade.  They also avoid your phone calls and promise they will call you back.  Dont waste your time with Plaza Hyundai.  They tried to offer me an interest rate above 7% when my credit is good.  I ended up buying my 2013 Tuscan at Atlantic Hyundai on Long Island and at the interest rate of 1.9%  Big difference from 7% plaza was trying to push on me.  Dont be fooled by the 5 star ratings for  plaza.  They have there employees write up bogus reviews.

yanizka l. | 2013-02-02

Their repair service is the worst i have ever experienced in my life. I went in for a tire change and they checked the tire for me. After checking the tire they explained that the tire was flat (obviously), then explains that a new one would cost $205 plus a $110 diagnostic fee. The only way i wouldnt get charged a diagnostic fee is if i get the tire changed at their location. So i agreed. After agreeing to change the tire there, they explain that they didnt have the tire and i would have to wait a couple of minutes. A couple of minutes turned into an 1 1/2 hours. After the long wait and speaking to the manager (who was no help), they explained the machine to change the tire was broken and they would have to fix that first. THIS IS THE WORST REPAIR EXPERIENCE!!! i will never go to this place again and i think you should avoid it at all cost!!!

Alayne W. | 2013-01-24

Having had a few previous grueling, dishonest experiences buying a car at a dealership, I didn't have high expectations when I went into Plaza Hyundai looking to purchase my next car. To my surprise, my experience here was very favorable and easy.

I came in with a specific model and price in mind ( the base model Accent). I was assisted immediately by Allen Sully. He was very straight-forward with all of my questions, and got me a test drive for the car I was interested in without wasting any time, nor  did he try to convince me to look at something in a higher price range.

When it came time to talk numbers, I told them the price I wanted to pay (it was way below MSRP, the car was on 'special' since it was the last of the 2012 models they had in stock). And Allen didn't try to sway me, at all. I paid what I wanted to, not a cent more (not including sales tax, of course).

The finance manager, Manuel Arenzo, was also very helpful and honest when it came time to set up financing. The APR rate Hyundai was offering to finance the car was a little too high for my liking, so he looked around at what other banks were offering for auto loans, and found me the best deal possible.

I left a happy customer, with a brand new Hyundai Accent in tow. I was in and out in about 2.5 hours, very reasonable, as far as the whole car- purchasing process goes.

I highly recommend Plaza Hyundai, Allen, and Manuel,  if you want an honest and accommodating  experience buying a new car.

Yelena S. | 2012-11-04

My husband and I leased a 2013 Sonata 3 months ago. After spending about 5 hours at the dealership we finally reasoned with the manager for a deal that was affordable to us. Hurricane Sandy caused us to loose our car. When we reached out to Hyundai, they told us over the phone that we would receive the same deal as we previously had when we would come in to make a new lease. When we arrived, of course the person we spoke to mysteriously disappeared and were greeted by another individual. We explained our situation and also told him that we spoke to someone who promised us the same deal. He went to his manager to see if this would be possible. He came back to us with an amount that was so way out of what we could manage to afford. We asked him if there was something else he can do. And he would not budge. He proceeds to tell me "you have to understand that we lost a lot of inventory". We stormed out with a promise to forget Hyundai existed. After staying outside for some time, another lady storms out outraged, screaming "your taking advantage of people". These horrible managers taking advantage of people during a time of need. DISGUSTING!!! We later went to Staten Island where we received a reasonable price for a Honda.

Tziporah S. | 2012-07-01

Rude and incompetent customer service. They refused to order the front license plate mounting gear for my Accent. They actually said "Hyundai doesn't make that". So, we took our business to a different Hyundai dealer and they had no problem getting us the parts we needed without all the hmming and haaaing.

Karla M. | 2012-04-16

Very strangely, went into the dealership and was there for about 30 mins and no one approached me re buying a car, which I was ready to do.

Pamela A. | 2011-04-28

After several less than pleasant dealership experiences, we were thrilled with Anthony and Evan at Plaza Hyundai. They really listened to what we wanted and helped us find the car that matched our budget and our taste. We are thrilled with Plaza Hyundai!

Ivy C. | 2010-12-02

These guys are great.  I am happy to be the first to review them.  I got my first brand new car through these guys and I am very happy.  I had went to another dealer and had a pretty rude experience, and was completely put off about the whole ordeal.  When I came to Plaza Hyundai, I was greeted by Mark, one of the managers and he hooked me up with a saleman named Joe T.  Joe was terrific.  He took his time to put my nerves at ease about the process.  Helped me to see the pros and cons and to address my fears about the commitment of a new car.  Mark was excellent in helping me understand how both leasing and buying worked, the benefits of either and helped me make a decision that I was comfortable with.  He didn't make me feel pressured at all.

The only reason I'm taking away a star is because of the amount of time I was stuck waiting with the financing dept.  I had made an appointment to come do my paperwork and to pick up the car for right about 6pm and wound up being the last person out the door after the dealer had long been closed.  I was disappointed at how late I got out.  I wanted to go show off my new whip!!  

Overall I would absolutely recommend these guys.  I am very happy with the car and the service that I received.