Plaza Auto Malll in Brooklyn, NY

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Plaza Auto Malll in Brooklyn, NY.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Plaza Auto Malll, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Plaza Auto Malll in other cities in the New York.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 553-4645
Address:2740 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11210

Reviews on Plaza Auto Malll

Diana B. | 2014-01-22

Larry was at plaza honda was a gem. He was calm and no pressure but once we went to the finance part, it was all downhill. We were quoted one price on the phone and showed up and was quoted 50 more per month with no explanation. I showed a better deal to the finance guy from another local dealership who tried to weasle his way out of his way higher price was tax included but the paper clearly said plus tax which I gladly pointed out.  My husband took out a calculator and did the math which was a good strategy because you can't argue with numbers.

In the end, I told them that they wasted our time by quoting one price and then when we got there changing it. They didn't even check our credit so there was no reason for the increase other than trying to take advantage of us. Ironically the finance guy said we were "all over the place" when in fact, their pricing was all over. He spoke loudly and I just can't get my mind around why someone would want to buy or lease a car from someone like that. If they gave us the price we were quoted on the phone, we would have taken it but not after how rudely we were treated. I felt the finance guy was insulting and I feel bad for nice honest people like Larry who have their sales compromised like that.

Jonathan E. | 2013-09-01

Auto dealers in general have a reputation of being notoriously unethical, so why should I have expected this one to be any different? I wanted to believe them. What got me was the flyer I received in the mail informing me that this particular dealer (about an hour-and-a-half round-trip drive from my home) was willing to offer me 100% OF THE ORIGINAL MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price). I know it seems crazy, but it certainly got my attention just as they intended. Their flyer  made a very compelling statement 3 different times in three different places; each time in large, red, bold, ALL CAPS lettering.

My wife, Georgina and I talked about the distinct possibility that this was a scam, but I called the dealership and asked some very direct questions (just not the most important question, but I'll get to that in a minute:). Really looking the fine print, I even asked, "is this the MSRP for my car, fully loaded as it is, or are you offering the base price (which would be a significant difference of thousands)?" I was informed that the offer would be based on my car with all of it's enhancements being considered, and after taking my name and indicating that they were very interested in talking with me about my car.

Yes, there is a sentence on the flyer, that clearly states, "The only adjustments will be made for mileage, 35¢ to 55¢ depending on models and reconditioning."  Typically, when dealing with car dealers, a statement like that refers to mileage in excess of 12,000 miles per year. My car has 27,400 miles on it, and the car is five years old. I figured that I was well within the safe zone. If they wanted to offer me $23,000 for a five year old car, minus a thousand or so for for minor scratches - I'd be really happy. Wouldn't you?

Without even looking at it, the dealer offered us $10,000 for our car. He gave us that price based primarily on our mileage of 27,400 miles multiplied by .35¢ which, of course, equaled $9590.00 taken off their so called "offer!"
I see this was a deliberate, built-in, intentional loophole allowing them to tell an outright lie, while making it appear that they were being as truthful as possible! OMG!

I went over and captured this quote from the website of the owner of Plaza Auto Mall "ALWAYS WORK HARD, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR WORD, AND ALWAYS BE GOOD TO PEOPLE."


We were more than annoyed, and we left the building. A few minutes later, after having examined the flyer which we were told explained it all very clearly, we walked back in and asked to speak to Marcello Scarrino. This is the same Marcello whose name appears on the flyer, (printed on 100% Recycled Material - or so they say) which informed us that their research had indicated:

"Recently we have seen an increased demand for certain vehicles, and our research indicates you could be driving one of these vehicles. If so I have an incredible offer for you. I am willing to purchase your vehicle for 100% OF THE ORIGINAL MSRP base price when your vehicle was new! You read that correctly , we will buy back your current 2003-2011 vehicle for 100% of the original base price as listed in the current National Automobile Dealers Association™ Guide."

As you might imagine, Marcello and I had quite a discussion. He informed me with a blank, though seemingly sincere look on his face, that they were, after all, a car dealership and that the reason they sent out ads was to bring people into the dealership to sell them cars, and wondered aloud how I could have even thought for a moment that they would offer as much money for a used car as for a new one. I wondered aloud the same thing, but then there was all their research to be considered, indicating that there was, "an increased demand for my type of vehicle." With a straight face he said, "well, millions of people sign up for the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes every year." Further, he said, "we're here to sell cars and that's why you got that flyer. It was just to get you in here." He's right I suppose, I should be reading all advertisements as if they were legally binding contracts, right?

Interestingly, there is nothing on that flyer that is overtly offering to sell me a car.
There are however

There it is then, when dealing with this Honda dealer (or any of the other car sellers owned by Mr. John Rosatti under the catchall name  Plaza Auto Mall) realize, based on the helpful and well considered information provided by the General Manager, Mr. Marcello Scarrino, that it's really very much the same as receiving an important looking envelope that indicates that, "You May Have Already Won!"

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